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Aaron: Wait, back it up a sec. You're going where?

Alison: To Seattle with you.

Aaron: I'm leaving tonight, Alison.

Alison: I know, which means there's like no time to pack, so --

Aaron: No, no, no. Ali, we've already been through this. I don't know how long I'm going to be out there for or when I'm coming back.

Alison: Don't worry, I talked to my mom and, miracle of miracles, she thinks that I should go with you. And I've already told Dusty that he'll have to make do without me for a while, and he's okay with having someone fill in for me.

Aaron: You've done all that?

Alison: I couldn't let you go to Seattle alone, could I?

Aaron: I'm expecting this --

Alison: You can shower me with kisses after I finish packing.

Aaron: Ali -- honey, you got to understand something. I would love for you to meet my family nothing would make me happier.

Alison: But --

Aaron: This has to be a solo trip. I can't take you with me.

Faith: Mommy's home, Mommy's home!

Emma: Oh, Lily.

Faith: Mommy!

Lily: Oh, I missed you. Oh, you look so beautiful. Hi, how are you? Oh, it's so good to see the both of you.

Emma: Welcome home, Sweetheart. Welcome home, welcome home.

Lily: Those are the most incredible words Iíve ever heard in my world. Hey, let me look at you both. Oh, you look so beautiful.

Emma: Oh, thank heavens. Thank heavens the bail worked out.

Lucinda: Once we get the charges dropped, then this nightmare is over.

Lily: Look at you. You look so great. Hey, Luke.

Luke: Welcome home, Mom.

Lily: You have no idea how great this is. To be here with all of you, this is -- this is just heaven.

Holden: What? You have something you want to say to me?

Luke: Yeah. What are you doing here?

Jack: Well, we found out where that last call to Juliaís cell phone came from.

Keith: Yeah, right, it was a phone booth.

Jack: Yes, it was a phone booth outside a convenience store on the corner of Division and 14th.

Keith: Okay. Did you check it out?

Jack: For what?

Keith: Oh, come on, man, you know, fingerprints. Somebody would have seen something around there --

Jack: I got somebody on it now, but you got to remember, hundreds of people could have used that phone since that time, okay?

Keith: That's all we got, Jack, otherwise, we got a dead end here.

Jack: I realize that, Keith, but you got --

J.J.: Dad!

Jack: Hey.

J.J.: Hey, Uncle Keith.

Keith: Hey, what's going on? What are you doing down here, J.J?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. I thought you were playing with Parker. Don't tell me they were fighting again.

Carly: No, no, they were getting along fine. I got a call from a social worker who told me to bring J.J. here.

Jack: Social worker?

Carly: Yeah, I thought that it had something to do with Keith.

Keith: No, I don't know anything about a social worker.

Les: Well, you can say hello to her, she's right here. That's my boy J.J. J.J., This is Christine. She's a very nice lady, she's gonna spend some time with us. Oh, and it's all right here in black and white.

Carly: What does it say?

Jack: The court has granted Les supervised visitation.

Les: Oh, it's just a temporary thing till you got me full time. But don't you worry, before you know it, I will be your full-time Daddy, J.J.

Mike: You want me to be the --

Barbara: To take responsibility for Jenniferís child. Claim the baby as your own. It's the perfect solution.

Mike: No, no, it's out of the question. And if you think that's going to get us anything but trouble, you need to go back to that hospital that you were in last year.

Barbara: You know, you're the one who's not clearly here. You two love each other. You've started a life together. No one would know that this baby is not yours, so why would anyone have to know?

Mike: I would know. And so would Jennifer.

Barbara: We need to protect her.

Mike: From what?

Barbara: From Craig Montgomery and being tied to him for the rest of her life.

Mike: Lying's not the answer.

Barbara: You know, maybe I was wrong about you. I thought you loved my daughter, and that you were looking out for her.

Mike: I am, but Iím not going to sit here and make up a bunch of --

Barbara: Well, maybe at one time, but not now, because all I see is a guy who's only looking out for himself.

Paul: What do you want, Jennifer?

Jennifer: Well, if you asked me a few weeks ago, even a few days ago, I would've said a life with Mike and a successful career.

Paul: And now?

Jennifer: Now, I'm just exhausted. You know, I can't eat, i can't sleep and I have all these conflicting thoughts just crashing around in my head, and I just want to close my eyes and make them all go away.

Paul: Jennifer, this isn't going to go away. You need a plan. Do you have a plan?

Jennifer: Well, it would be a whole lot easier if this baby were Mikeís.

Paul: Well, that's significant. Are you saying there's a part of you that wants to keep this baby?

Jennifer: If this baby were Mike's, then he would still be in the equation. One -- one mistake I made and -- and my life is ruined.

Paul: Jennifer, your life isn't ruined. Mike's still here.

Jennifer: Yeah, for the moment. But even he admitted that he doesn't know how he'll feel down the line. And whatever choice I make, I really don't think that he and I can recover from this.

Paul: What does Mike want you to do?

Jennifer: He's been very careful not to weigh in on that. He says the decision is mine. But I know that -- that having this baby will change everything. Having Craigís baby, living with a constant reminder of how I betrayed him, how -- how can you ask that of any man? I mean, could you do it?

Paul: I'm not Mike.

Jennifer: You couldn't do it, could you? It really is too much to ask.

Mike: I don't care what you think about me. I only care what Jennifer thinks. I told her not to make any hasty decisions on account of me, that I would accept whatever choice she makes.

Barbara: And you're willing to live with that?

Mike: Look, she's trying to make up her mind, so I'm not going to sit there and tell her --

Barbara: She's basing her decision on what you're going to do. That's why she ran off to this clinic. She's scared to death that you're going to leave her!

Mike: No, don't -- don't pressure me. Okay? It's not fair to me or to Jennifer.

Barbara: And what about that precious baby she's carrying? Do you think it's fair to it to be raised with Craig Montgomery as a father?

Mike: Fair or not, Craig is the baby's father. There's nothing we can do to change that.

Barbara: We can change that. And we can keep you and Jennifer together and make sure that that little baby is not raised with a lifetime of misery. Just say yes.

Craig: Oh, Bryant, I miss you so. Not a day goes by -- nothing's the same. But I remembered our book. So let's see where old huck is up to. Let's see, where were we? "It's lovely to live on a 90rmz I we had the sky, up there, all speckled with stars, and we used to lay on our backs and look up at them, discuss about whether they was made or only just happened. Jim, he allowed they was made, but I allowed they happened. I judged" --

Sierra: Uh, Iím sorry. I'll come back later.

Craig: No, no, no, no. Don't go. It's our son's birthday. I think we can celebrate together as Bryantís parents.

Emma: Look, sweetheart tonight is a big celebration. We're just -- we're all here. We all here to welcome your mama home.

Luke: Yeah, right.

Lily: Come on. I'm happy everybody is here. Just let it go, please.

Emma: Can I -- can I interest anyone in some chocolate cake and some homemade ice cream? Hmm?

Lucinda: I think we've got at least one taker.

Lily: Okay, cake and ice cream all around.

Emma: All right. I'll be right back. Come on.

Lucinda: Can I help you in the kitchen?

Emma: Yes. Follow me.

Lily: The place looks good. Obviously, Emma kept everything running very smoothly.

Holden: We tried, but -- you are the heart of this home. You always will be.

Lily: Thank you.

Luke: Where's Aaron? Is he working tonight?

Holden: I've been so busy, I forgot to tell you.

Luke: Tell me what?

Holden: He got a call from Seattle and his mother is in the hospital, so he's going to go spend some time with her.

Luke: Well, how much time?

Holden: He's not sure. He doesn't know how long it's going to take her to recover, but it may be a while.

Luke: When's he leaving?

Holden: Tonight.

Alison: Do I embarrass you? You don't want to be seen with me?

Aaron: Alison -- oh, come on, Ali, I just finished telling you how much I wanted you to meet everybody. It's just the timing is just really bad. And I'm going to be at the hospital a lot. And if the news comes back bad about my mom, I'm not sure that they're going to want visitors.

Alison: I know that, but --

Aaron: I've kept them on the back burner for too long. And it's really time that I focus on them. And you understand that, don't you? [Phone ringing] that's my phone, Iíd better get it. It could be news about my mom. Hello?

Holden: Hey, it's me. I'm glad you're still around.

Aaron: Hey, is everything okay?

Holden: Yeah. Yeah, everything's fine. We're having a welcome home party for Lily and I was hoping that maybe you could stop by before you headed out. It would give you a chance to say good-bye to everybody. Especially Luke. I think he really needs to see you.

Aaron: See you in a few.

Alison: You're leaving?

Aaron: Holden wants me to come by and say good-bye to the crew. Mainly Luke. He's going through a rough time and I probably shouldn't leave without talking to him. Do you want to come with me, Ali? Alison, please. Don't do this. I'll be back. You know Iíll be back. Seattle isn't forever. Okay? We are. Come on.

Les: Come on, don't you want to spend time with your daddy? He's being shy.

Carly: He's terrified.

Keith: Look, can he do this? Can he demand without warning?

Social worker: Actually --

Les: Look, I'm sorry. I should've called first. But, you know, I was just excited to see J.J. you know, you know what I mean. Next time I'll --

Keith: No, hopefully there's never going to be a next time, Sweeney.

Les: Let's go, double J. Come on.

J.J.: Do I have to?

Jack: Ah, yeah. Everything is going to be okay. All right? We'll be right here, nothing's going to happen.

Carly: That's right. That's right. All you have to do is look through that window right there and you'll see us. Okay?

Les: Let's go, little man.

Keith: All right, look, Iím calling Baldwin.

Jack: All right. That's good idea.

Carly: He doesn't actually have a chance of getting custody of that child, does he?

Jack: I'm going to call Tom. Maybe he can give us a head's up on which way the judge might go. You'll stay here?

Carly: I'm not going anywhere.

Aaron: How's it feel to be free?

Lily: Oh, it's the best feeling in the world! Second only to being here with my family. Thanks for coming by.

Aaron: No "hi," Luke?

Luke: I thought you were leaving.

Aaron: Well, I wasn't going to leave without saying good-bye to my kid brother.

Luke: Dad told me your mom's sick.

Aaron: Yeah. I'm sorry. I would have told you myself, but I didn't have the chance. Everything's going on so quick and I have to pack.

Lucinda: Well, if anybody's in need of an energy burst, there's cake and ice cream in the kitchen. Help yourselves.

Alison: Oh, thanks. Shall we?

Aaron: Go ahead and get me one. Where did Luke go? You know, forget it. I'll go find him.

Lily: You know, I don't know which is sweeter. That delicious cake we just had or kisses from you guys. Oh! I know the answer now. Definitely kisses.

Lucinda: Gosh, if I didn't know better, Iíd -- I'd think nothing had changed at all. I mean, you're all here, everyone's amiable under the same roof, one big, happy family.

Holden: Well, their mom's home. Nothing better than that.

Lucinda: That leads us to the inevitable question. Lily's home. Are you?

Les: Well, son, I got to take off. I'm out of time, okay? But I promise you, Iíll be back. All right? Why don't you give your daddy a hug? Give me a hug. That's right. Come on, J.J. now you be nice to your daddy, okay? Because no matter what happens with this custody hearing? You'll always be mine. I'm always gonna take care of you. You know what I mean? All right. I'll see you soon, J.J. real soon.

Carly: What did you say to him?

Les: None of your business, sweet thing.

Carly: You obviously scared him.

Les: Save it! Look, I know you don't give a damn about my son.

Carly: I care enough to keep him away from a monster like you.

Les: You? You call me a monster? Whoa, whoa. Tell me something. What would J.J. think? Does he know that you stepped over his dead mom's corpse just so you could vacuum up around her? Don't you get high and mighty with me, woman? I know the truth.

Carly: You can hate me as much as you like, I really don't care. But if you love that little boy at all, you'll let him stay with the people that he loves and trusts.

Les: No, not gonna happen.

Carly: Don't you think he's been through enough?

Les: You tell me something else. Do you think, J.J., with all these people that care for him so much and he loves and trusts, how did he wind up with a broken leg?

Carly: It was an accident. Kids, they get hurt when they're playing. It happens all the time.

Les: Yeah, yeah. Especially when the playground monitors at the school, they're too busy yapping on their cell phones to be looking out for kids.

Carly: What?

Les: Look, all I know is when J.J. was living with me, he didn't break any bones.

Carly: Could Julia make that claim?

Les: Well, she ain't here, is she? Now, if you want what's best for yourself, you stay the hell out of my way, Carly. And tell Keith he's gonna hear from my lawyer.

Jack: Hey. Did Les go already? Huh? What's wrong? Did he do something?

Carly: He -- he said something strange. He was talking about the park when J.J. broke his leg and how the playground monitors were talking on their cell phones.

Jack: How'd he know something like that?

Carly: Do you think that J.J. might have told him?

Jack: There's one way to find out.

Sierra: I'm not sure I'm up to celebrating anything with you. And I'm certainly not going to argue with you here in front of our son, not on his birthday.

Craig: Oh, well, we never argued in front of our children before, so we don't have to start now. I'll give you some time alone.

Sierra: Wait. You don't have to leave. I just don't know what we could say to each other without causing more pain.

Craig: Well, we don't have to say anything. Why don't you pick up where I left off? Huck and Jim were trying to decide where the stars came from.

Sierra: "Jim said, 'the moon could've laid them.' Well, that looked kind of reasonable, so I didn't say nothing against it, because I've seen a frog lay most as many. So, of course, it could be done. We used to watch the stars that fell, too, and see them streak down. Once or twice a night, we would see a steamboat slipping along in the dark, and now and then it'd belch a whole world of sparks out of her chimneys. And they would rain down in the river and look awful pretty."

Mike: You're asking me to go against everything that I believe in.

Barbara: I know that lying is very difficult for you, but I think you just haven't considered the alternative. You and Jennifer have your whole lives ahead of you. And you love each other. You can raise this baby, give it brothers and sisters, have the family that you always wanted and dreamed of. You just have to make sure that Craig doesn't get anywhere near it. Your lie will be for the greater good.

Mike: The end justifies the means. Never been a big fan of that philosophy.

Barbara: Well, sometimes that's the only way. You still have time, Mike. You still have time right now. But if you do nothing, someday you'll remember this conversation and wish to god that you'd heeded my advice.

Mike: Great. Are we done here?

Barbara: Mike, don't destroy three lives out of some misplaced sense of honor and fair play. There's nothing fair about any of this. And if Craig finds out the truth, he'll be anything but honorable. And you will never get him out of your lives. Now is that what you want? Is that what you want for Jennifer? So think about this very hard before you make any kind of decision. Jennifer needs you. Don't let her down now.

Paul: Jennifer, I have always wanted kids. You know that. But Cabot made me realize that where kids come from, who their biological parents are, that doesn't matter. But this is different.

Jennifer: Because of Craig.

Paul: Yes. Jennifer, if you could ignore who Craig is, everything he represents, all the damage that he's done to your family, to Carly, to Rosanna, to you, then you are a better person than I am. So, that's the question, I guess. I mean, can you ignore the facts? And for the rest of your life? If the answer to that question isn't yes, then seriously, how can you even consider having Craig Montgomeryís child?

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Jennifer: All Iím asking is that you support my choice.

Paul: Jennifer --

Jennifer: Can you do that for me because I really do need you to do that for me.

Paul: Oh Ė

Holden: I'd like to come back home.

Lily: I'm not so sure it's a good idea for you live here anymore.

Paul: I just feel that if this were Mike's baby, then you would have a shot at something approaching normal. But with Craig in the picture, you have nothing to look forward to but threats and abusive demands. It's gonna be an all-out war for your time, control of your life, control over your baby. And you combined that with the fact that Craig and Barbara despise one another --

Jennifer: I would protect the baby from both of them.

Paul: How are you gonna do that, Jennifer? You gonna move to the other side of the world? You gonna leave all of your friends and your family behind and then just run off in the middle of the night?

Jennifer: You know, the world looks pretty dark to you right now, especially after losing Rosanna. So, maybe this isn't the time to be hammering you with questions about children --

Paul: Wait, hold on a second. Everything that I just said to you has nothing to do with Rosanna and everything to do with you. Jennifer, I love you. And I just -- I want you to be happy. And I think that you are going to be a spectacular mother. I just wonder if this is the right situation for you because it seems like all of the odds are just stacked against you.

Jennifer: You came here thinking that I should not have this baby, didn't you? So, what was with the whole "what do you want, Jen?" Because you really don't care about what I want. You just want me to want what you want.

Sierra: I remember how much Bryant loved this book. He would stay up all night reading it if he could. He'd say, "Mom, just one more chapter, okay?" You'd think it was the only book we owned, he read it so many times.

Craig: Bryant will always be a 10-year-old boy with a fishing pole in his hand, looking for his next adventure like Huck Finn.

Sierra: I know how much you love your children. By your own admission, you weren't always the best father, but there's no denying your love.

Craig: Those kids are the best thing I ever did. We had some good times.

Sierra: Unforgettable.

Craig: I only wish I could turn the clock back and do it again.

Aaron: Hey.

Luke: Billions and billions of stars out there.

Aaron: It's amazing, isn't it?

Luke: When are you coming home?

Aaron: I have no idea. I should have gone back a long time ago. I came to Oakdale and my life changed so much that it's like I almost forgot where I came from. And now my mom's sick. Well, you know, there was a lot of problems back home, Luke.

Luke: There's a lot problems here.

Aaron: Yeah, the point is, is that every family has problems. Okay, but they love us. No matter how much you screw up, or when you feel like they're letting you down, they still love you -- us. You can go a million miles away and nobody's gonna know you and love you like your own family does.

Luke: I guess Iíll have to take your word for it.

Aaron: You've gotta learn to forgive them, Luke. You can't have that anger in your heart 'cause it's only gonna ruin your own life. Not theirs -- yours. And who knows how long we're gonna be on this planet. And if Holden will even still be around when you realize that. People make mistakes. Don't take it for granted that they'll always be there. Just don't be like me and just let everything pass, you know? Before it's too late. It's not worth it.

Luke: I hope everything works out for you.

Aaron: You, too.

Jack: Listen, buddy, I gotta ask you a question. Did you talk to your dad about the accident you had in the playground when you broke your leg?

J.J.: No.

Jack: No. Are you sure about that?

J.J.: I'm sure.

Jack: Okay.

Keith: Jack, you got a minute?

Jack: Yeah, why don't you stay in here and color while I talk to your Uncle Keith, okay?

J.J.: Then, I can go home with you?

Jack: You bet. Did you get a hold of Baldwin?

Keith: Yeah, yeah, that bum Sweeny, and his lawyer are gearing up for round two.

Carly: Well, Lles seems pretty confident he's gonna get a ruling in his favor.

Keith: Why does he say that?

Jack: Did you mention anything to Les about the playground monitors being on their cell phones at the time of J.J.'s accident?

Keith: No, I can barely be in the same room with Sweeny. Where did he get this information?

Carly: We don't know.

Jack: Unless he was there.

Keith: Well, that was a while back. I mean, J.J. would have mentioned something --

Carly: Not if J.J didní't know. Les could have been watching him in secret.

Keith: When was Sweeny released from prison?

Jack: I checked it out once. Maybe it's time I dug a little deeper.

Keith: I think so.

Aaron: Ali, you okay? I'm sorry that you can't come with me. I wish things could be different.

Alison: Of course, I know that.

Aaron: What's got you worried?

Alison: What if you run into an old girlfriend or something? Or you fall in love with someone new? Or you decide that you want to stay in Seattle permanently? What if Oakdale starts turning into the place that you haven't visited in years?

Aaron: No, no. Hell no, Ali. Okay? Never. You know, I have my own list of worries, too.

Alison: Yeah?

Aaron: Well, sure. What if you forget about me? What if some new guy starts working at Metro and sweeps you off your feet --

Alison: Never happen. I'm already swept. You're the only one I want. Shouldn't you finish packing?

Aaron: That can wait.

Lily: I missed being here so much.

Holden: Yeah, I know what you mean. I'd forgotten how much I love this house until I came back to be with the kids.

Lily: Its home.

Holden: Lucinda asked me if I was gonna be moving home for good.

Lily: What did you say?

Holden: I told her that I needed to run it by you first.

Lily: What do you want?

Holden: I'd like to come back home -- for the kids. If that's okay with you.

Lily: If you'd asked me that a month ago, I would -- but I'm not so sure that it's a good idea for you to live here anymore.

Paul: Jennifer, stop it. I don't have an ulterior motive or an axe to grind. Nothing. I just -- if ever there were a right time to have a baby, this ain't it.

Jennifer: You know, there was this woman at the clinic and she -- she already had a child and she was pregnant with another one. And you could tell that it wasn't planned. I mean, she even said that the timing wasn't right, but -- Paul, she was happy. You know? She was excited and loving --

Paul: Great, Jennifer, what does this have to do with you?

Jennifer: I'm just -- Iím saying that I'm not sure there's ever a perfect time to have a kid.

Paul: You had a conversation with a woman at a clinic, and you don't know her family, but you know ours. And you know Craig. On a lifetime of responsibility based on a five-minute chat that you had with a -- and forgive me, but with a woman who's a hormonal mother-to-be?

Jennifer: Listen, all Iím asking is that you support my choice, either way.

Paul: Jennifer --

Jennifer: Can you do that for me? Because I really do need you to do that for me.

Paul: Oh -- you know you can always count on me, always.

Alison: Already? Well, let me get dressed, I'll drive you to the airport.

Aaron: I already called a cab, Ali. I don't want you driving this late at night. And the last ting I want to do is say good-bye to each other in an airport, okay. We'll do it right here, at home. With you looking all sexy in my shirt. Seattle is not forever, okay. I'll be back.

Alison: You promise me?

Aaron: I promise you.

Alison: I'll miss you like crazy.

Aaron: I'll miss you, too. And I'll call you every day.

Alison: I hate this.

Aaron: Look, I'll be back before you know it, okay. All right? I'm gonna get downstairs. You lock the doors when I leave. All right?

Alison: Mm-hmm.

Aaron: I'll be thinking about you the whole time.

Alison: And you'll call me when you get in?

Aaron: Yeah, it's gonna be late though.

Alison: I don't care. I just want to hear your voice.

[Alison sobbing]

Aaron: I love you, Alison.

Alison: I love you, Aaron.

[Alison crying]

[Alison crying]

Holden: You really don't want me home?

Lily: Before Julia died that's all I wanted. My husband to come home, for us to be a family, again. For us to try to make things the way they used to be. But I have to tell you, I had a lot of time to think when I was -- locked up. And you were right. Our problems didn't start with Julia. They started a long time before that. And if we're gonna live under the same roof and try to be a family again, we'll have to earn it. No more going through the motions. No more false hopes. No more impossible expectations. We have to figure out what we really want. What's really important? Not because of some obligation we have to each other, or habit. But because no other option will do.

Holden: Right. I'm gonna grab my things.

Faith: Mommy, Daddy, read us a story.

Holden: Why don't you go sit down?

Lily: It's okay. Just stay one night.

Holden: Okay, Iíll be out of here first thing in the morning.

Lily: Okay, why don't we read the way we always used to read together? I'll read one page, and you can read another?

Holden: All right, that sounds good.

Lily: Okay. "Once upon a time, in a land far, far away --"

Holden: "There lived a little girl, who dreamed of a better place. A place where she could be happy."

Lily: "And she wanted that for a very, very long time."

Jack: Yeah, Iíll talk to you soon, bye. Son of a --

Keith: Come on, what, what did they say?

Jack: Les was released from Statesville a week before Julia was murdered.

Keith: Yeah, but I thought you said --

Jack: Everything -- everything I checked on before said he was still in custody.

Carly: Well, where was he?

Jack: I have no idea. But I'm sure as hell gonna find out.

Craig: Bryant is gone and Lucy is no longer a child. But if -- if God gave me the chance to do it all over again, I'd do things differently, I would. I'd give them the chance to grow, I would. I would be the father they needed me to be.

Sierra: Don't fool yourself, Craig. The one thing I have learned from you is that you don't really change -- not in any lasting way.

Barbara: Did you talk to Jennifer?

Paul: Yeah.

Barbara: Well? Did you get a sense of what she's going to do?

Paul: I hope that what I said got through to her.

Barbara: You told her not to have the baby?

Paul: She asked for my opinion, I gave it.

Barbara: How could you do that?

Paul: It was easy. I just thought of you.

Mike: Come on, come on, come rest. Let's go sit on the couch.

Jennifer: Don't we need to talk?

Mike: You know what, I don't know about you, but I really think I'm all talked out today.

Jennifer: Who've you been talking to?

Mike: You know what, just -- you need to rest, and I just need to hold you. Okay? Come here.

Jennifer: This is perfect.

Mike: Look, I don't want you to think about anything but sleep. Everything else we can take care of tomorrow.

[Mike remembering]

Mike: I want a wife, and I want a home and I want a dozen arms wrapped around me when I come through the door.

Barbara: You can raise this baby, give it brothers and sisters. Have the family that you always wanted and dreamed of. You just have to make sure that Craig doesn't get anywhere near it.

Mike: Baby, you know I want to do everything I can to help you and the last thing I want to do is let you down. But -- never mind. You just keep sleeping.

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Mike: You are ready to become a mom, Iím ready to be a dad. Unconditionally.

Lily: What's with the bag?

Luke: I can't stay in this house anymore.

Keith: I know Sweeny better than you do. I know how to get under his skin.

Jack: Tell me what you got.

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