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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 4/12/05

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Luke: Just admit it, Dad. You're disappointed Mom took back her confession, aren't you?

Holden: What is that supposed to mean?

Luke: Oh, like you don't know.

Holden: No, I don't know.

Luke: If Mom stayed in jail, it means you have a green light to go find another girlfriend!

Lily: Luke --

Luke: This is what you want, isn't it? Having a family just drags you down. You want to go off and -- and be a free man, don't you?

Holden: No. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I never saw you kids as a burden, and I never would.

Luke: Oh, that's why you barely lifted a finger to keep Mom from going to jail.

Lily: Luke, that's -- Luke, when I decided to plead guilty, I pushed your dad and everyone else away. I wouldn't let anybody else help me.

Luke: Except for Keith.

Holden: What are you saying?

Luke: I'm saying, it's kind of lame that Juliaís brother did more to clear mom than you did.

Keith: Did you track down that pay-phone? Good. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I'm at your desk. Yeah, I'll stick around 'cause I'm very anxious to find out who made that last call to Julia. That's our best chance of getting Lily off. Right. Okay, bye.

Lucinda: Hello. Please tell me -- since when has my daughter's welfare been your concern?

Keith: Um --

Lucinda: I'm Lucinda Walsh. I'm Lily's mother.

Keith: I'm Keith. I'm Juliaís brother.

Lucinda: I know perfectly well who you are. You are the man who railed at us at the hearing, saying that you would destroy the family. What haven't -- why haven't you piloted yourself back to Chicago, isn't it?

Keith: I'm just trying to help.

Lucinda: Oh. As a shark helps a wounded swimmer?

Keith: I'm trying to do the right thing. Believe me.

Lucinda: Believing you is not an option. Not to me.

Alison: So, that settles it. You're going to Seattle to be with your family.

Aaron: I don't remember my mom being sick a single day when I was growing up. And now she's in the hospital and it just -- it just bums me out.

Alison: And that's why you need to be here.

Aaron: I want to be here, too.

Alison: Okay, so, then let's figure out when you're coming home. I am going to write it in the calendar and start crossing off the days.

Aaron: Ali, that's the thing -- honey, I don't know when I'll be back.

Alison: Of course you donít. What am I thinking Caleb and your mom need you and you should really -- you should stay as long as it takes. I just -- I wish that I could write down a date and say this is the day that Aaronís coming home.

Aaron: Hey, I'm still here. Okay? Right now. So what do you say we make the most of the time we've got?

Barbara: What Craig doesn't know won't hurt him.

Jennifer: Which is exactly why I'm taking care of this before he finds out I'm pregnant.

Barbara: This is your baby. Have it. Simply don't tell Craig that he's the father.

Jennifer: I've already made my decision, Mother. I'm not going to keep doing this dance with you.

Barbara: This is not a dance. This is real life and this is a real baby growing inside you. And you're acting like you're breaking a lease or something!

Jennifer: That is not true! How dare you assume -- you have no idea how hard this is for me!

Mike: You just don't know when to quit, do you? Jen is an adult. Treat her like one and leave.

Barbara: Honey, honey, I'm not trying to hurt you. I'm just trying to prevent you from being even hurt more in the long run. Okay, I'll be the bad guy here, but I'm not going to leave.

Mike: Fine. I'll take her out of here so she doesn't have to listen to you anymore.

Jennifer: No, Mike. I canít. I can't leave. I'm keeping my appointment.

Bev: Are you ready Ms. Munson?

Barbara: I'm Barbara Ryan. I'm Jennifer's mother. How do you do? I don't think that this is the appropriate time --

Bev: How do you do, Ms. Ryan? I'll just need to talk with Jennifer alone, if that's okay? Are you the father?

Mike: No, I'm not.

Bev: In that case, we should talk privately in my office.

Barbara: About terminating her pregnancy? This is completely irresponsible.

Bev: When and whether or not your daughter becomes a parent is, by law, her choice to make.

Barbara: She is far too emotional to be making an informed choice.

Bev: Well, that's exactly why we have private intake interviews.

Barbara: To encourage her to terminate her pregnancy? And then, if she does that, it'll be making the biggest mistake of her life.

Bev: Well, I'm not sure you understand what we do here. We don't push anyone to do anything. This is a place where women can come to explore all of their reproductive options.

Barbara: Oh, I'm quite familiar with the double-talk at places like this.

Bev: Actually, our mission is quite straightforward. We believe that every woman has the right to medically accurate information about what's going on inside their body. We also feel they have the right to physical and emotional support so that they can make the best decision for everyone involved without pressure from anyone. Now, would you still like to go with me?

Barbara: Jennifer, please think about what you're doing.

Jennifer: Damn it, Mother, what do you think I've been doing since I found out?

Barbara: You're not being rational!

Jennifer: And you would recognize that how?

Mike: Barbara, stay out of this.

Barbara: You stay out of it, Mike! It's a family matter!

Bev: All right. Time out. Obviously there are some unresolved issues here that cannot be handled.

Barbara: You are trying to brainwash my daughter.

Bev: Ms. Ryan, I'm going to have to ask you to leave the premises.

Barbara: I will not! She is carrying my grandchild.

Bev: I will call security.

Mike: That's a good idea.

Jennifer: Actually, no it's not. It would just make things worse.

Bev: Fine. Why don't you call me once things have settled down?

Jennifer: You mean, you're not going to see me?

Bev: Not today. Give me a call and we'll set up a confidential appointment.

Mike: I'm taking you home.

Barbara: Paul? I need to see you right away. Things with your sister have gone from bad to worse. Need your help.

Alison: Aaron, I've got so much to figure out before you go.

Aaron: You are officially on break right now. Come on.

Alison: When did you do all of this?

Aaron: While you were shutting out the world. Come on, sit down.

Alison: This is so sweet.

Aaron: A candle for every year I've known you.

Alison: I can't believe it's been so long.

Aaron: Yeah. And that's when we first met.

Alison: I remember. The year you were running away from me.

Aaron: And that's when you were running away from me. [Laughter] And that is when we finally got our act together. You saved my life, Ali. Everything I want is right here.

Alison: Except now you have to go.

Aaron: It's not forever.

Alison: Of course. And that's why I decided the best thing to do is keep myself busy around here while you're gone. So I made a list of improvements I want to make.

Aaron: Oh, yeah? Well, let's hear them.

Alison: No, you're just going to have to come back to see them in action.

Aaron: Oh, really? Well, I know how to make you talk, so you better tell me.

Alison: Aaron, stop. No. [Alison crying]

Aaron: Oh, Alison.

Lily: Okay, this has to stop. There is enough blame to go around to everybody.

Luke: Mom, if you're saying I messed up, I already know that. Okay, it was stupid to say I killed Julia when I didnít. But, but at least I did something to keep you from going to jail. What's Dad's excuse?

Holden: I get that you're angry.

Luke: Oh, really? Wow.

Holden: I think we need to go home and we need to talk about this in private.

Luke: I'm not going anywhere with you.

Lily: Oh, okay. I think that your father is right. I think you both, you need to sit down and just put everything on the table. Okay, I'm going to go talk to Tom and see what happens next.

Luke: No, I am not doing this. I'm not going to let him sit me down and give me load about how -- how people make mistakes and how we need to get past this!

Lily: Okay, Luke, you might not get past it right away, but you should start listening to each other. What harm could it do? Okay?

Keith: Look, you've got me all wrong. I don't have an agenda, I just want to get Lily home to her kids.

Lucinda: Oh, really? Now what -- what has happened? Have you had an epiphany? A change of heart? No. I doubt that. And I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you.

Lily: I trust Keith completely. He's helped me more than anybody. I think you owe him an apology.

Lucinda: Lily, are you hell-bent for martyrdom? Why do you take this man's side?

Lily: Because he's been a real friend.

Lucinda: Well, pardon me, dear, but I may go back to doubting your sanity.

Lily: You just have to listen to me, please.

Keith: Listen, it doesn't matter what she thinks about me. That's not real important.

Lily: Yes, it is important. All right. I haven't been honest. With anyone. For weeks. I didn't want the truth to come out, but it is coming out now.

Lucinda: Great, well if you're finally interested in the truth, why can't you just recant this damn confession?

Lily: That's what I'm trying to tell you. I have. I recanted my confession. Because of Keith.

Lucinda: No.

Lily: Yes.

Lucinda: You're -- you're serious? You told everyone? Jessica, everybody, Margo?

Lily: I did not kill Julia.

Lucinda: Oh, finally. Oh, God. Finally.

Lily: There's something you have to understand. Keith didn't let me stay in prison and he lost his sister in this horrible way. And I understand that. I understand that better than anybody -- to want revenge. But Keith looked past that. It was more important to him to find out what happened than to make me pay.

Lucinda: Well, that's very commendable, dear. But you still recanted your confession.

Lily: Yes, I did. But because of Keith. He convinced me to stop lying.

Lucinda: And how did Keith accomplish this miracle?

Keith: Well, I got Luke to admit that he didn't kill my sister.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, Luke was covering for you.

Lily: I know. I know. And I was covering for him.

Lucinda: I begged you. I begged you, didn't I? I begged you. You were just making things worse.

Lily: I know, but we were afraid! We both knew what the cops would think about the situation. So we did what we thought we should do. But we were afraid. Have you forgotten what it's like to be afraid?

Lucinda: Have I forgotten? No, I haven't forgotten. But, honey, if only you two could have had half the faith in each other that -- that I have in you.

Lily: You were right. You're always right.

Lucinda: Yeah. Okay.

Holden: Let's not make this about whether I did enough to get your mother out of jail. You are smart enough to know that my hands were tied.

Luke: I've seen you go around rules before, Dad.

Holden: Name one.

Luke: Okay, how about the rule that says you're not allowed to have a girlfriend when you have a wife?

Holden: Your mother and I were officially separated. I never lied. I never kept any secrets. I don't know. Maybe you're just not old enough to understand all this.

Luke: You left your family, Dad. Maybe I'm not allowed to say this because your girlfriend is dead, but that was a pretty lousy thing to do.

Holden: No. I left the house. I left my marriage. But I never walked out on you kids. I would never do that.

Luke: But we love Mom. And maybe you didn't love Mom enough to help her, but -- but -- you know what? Maybe that means you just don't love us either.

Holden: You heard your mother, she wouldn't let me help her.

Luke: You know why? Because she didn't trust you, Dad. How could she after what you did?

Holden: Okay, fine. Maybe that's fair to say. But let me say this, turning on each other is not going to make things better. We are still a family.

Luke: Who is?

Holden: You, me, Faith, Natalie --

Luke: But not Mom!

Holden: If you're asking me whether we're going to be living under the same roof --

Luke: No, right? See? You wouldnít.

Holden: That doesn't mean that we can't help each other that we can't be there for each other, look out for one another.

Luke: I'm sorry, Dad. I've seen how you look after your family. And thanks, but I can live without it.

Alison: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get like that. I just need some time to get used to all this.

Aaron: Its okay, Ali. Since I got to go tell Holden, that will give you some space. And then we'll meet up later for a real good-bye.

Alison: You booked your flight already?

Aaron: Yeah, I got the last flight out. But we still got a few hours, okay? And I'm going to use those few hours to show you how much I miss you. All right? Yes? Say yes.

Alison: Yes. I'll meet you at home.

Barbara: I knew you'd come.

Paul: You knew if you sounded the Jennifer alarm, then I'd come running. So what have you done now?

Barbara: If it takes you thinking that I did something terrible to get you to reason with Jennifer, then so be it.

Paul: Oh, you must have done something really bad.

Barbara: I just tried to prevent her from ruining her life.

Paul: Jen and Mike are having a baby. It's not going to ruin either one of their lives.

Barbara: That's just the point, Paul. Jennifer is not having Mike's baby.

Paul: It's a false alarm?

Barbara: No. No, she's pregnant. Just not with Mike's baby.

Paul: Okay, it was none of my business before. It is even less so now.

Barbara: You won't think that when you find out who the father is.

Paul: If Jennifer wants to share that with me, she will. Until then --

Barbara: It's Craigís. And the only reason that I am sharing the information with you is that, despite my pleading with her, she is considering terminating the pregnancy. Please, you got to stop her.

Mike: Here's some tea. Watch out, it's hot.

Jennifer: Can I pour it on my mother?

Mike: Look, I'm sorry. I wish I could have done something. You should not have had to put up with her today.

Jennifer: Please, please. You did everything you could. And I love you for it. This is an impossible situation and you have been so incredible to me, Mike. You've been kinder and more decent than I have a right to expect. And now we have to add my mother to the drama. I really wouldn't blame you if you wanted to kick me out.

Mike: Stop that. All right, look, this is your home. It is the one place you should feel safe.

Jennifer: I just wanted it to be over, like it never happened.

Mike: I know. You take a deep breath and figure out how you can deal with this.

Jennifer: How do you feel about all of this? You know? I dropped a bomb on you and you have been so calm. What -- what's going on underneath all that?

Mike: That's not important now.

Jennifer: Of course it is. This affects your life, too.

Mike: You got some things you got to figure out, so just focus on that.

Jennifer: I am. But when I think about what's important to me, in my life, all I see is you. Okay, and we said that we would make all of our decisions together. So how can I figure out what to do about this until I know where you stand about this baby?

Jennifer: If I have this baby, are you -- are you just going to see me through? Will you still love me?

Keith: You know, everything Lily said is true. The only agenda I have is to find out who killed my sister. Now we've got a lead. Somebody was in my sister's apartment after Lily left. We find out who that was, we will have our killer.

Lucinda: Good luck with that.

Keith: Ah.

Lucinda: Did you talk to Luke?

Lily: Barely. He's still so angry.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, he's just a kid. His world is all topsy-turvy. But you get home, everything will smooth out. You just watch.

Lily: I hope so.

Lucinda: Are you ready? Shall we?

Lily: Well --

Lucinda: What?

Lily: I can't just waltz out of here.

Lucinda: You did retract the confession.

Lily: Yes, of course I did.

Lucinda: Okay.

Lily: But there's some other charges -- obstruction of justice, I'm sure there will be an arraignment for that.

Lucinda: Oh, gotcha.

Lily: And once the murder charges are dropped, I'll probably make bail. Come on, let's hear it. I've complicated everything. Let's hear it.

Lucinda: Chins up, baby. Now that you've come to your senses, nobody wants -- nobody wants you here. I'll just go and speak to Tom. See what I can do.

Lily: Oh, wait. Don't you --

Lucinda: What?

Lily: -- Have something to say to Keith?

Lucinda: Um -- all right, I guess I do. [Lucinda sighs] I don't trust you. But if you -- and you are -- the man who convinced my daughter not to fall on her sword, then you have my genuine appreciation. But I'll keep my eye on you.

Keith: Is she always like that?

Lily: You should see her when she's really cranky. I'm sorry.

Keith: It's all right. You know, she's just trying to protect you, trying to do the right thing. Thank you for standing up for me there. You didn't have to do that.

Lily: I owe you. Thank you for making Luke and me face the truth. There's so much that I'm so sorry for when it comes to your sister. I might not have done that horrible thing to her, but I did some very, very awful things to her that I'm not very proud of. And I can't say I'm sorry to her, so I'm saying it to you. I'm sorry.

Aaron: They told me you were in here. You okay?

Holden: No, not really.

Aaron: Well, you want to talk about it?

Holden: It's Luke. He's so angry. I don't think he's ever going to get over it. Even though things are starting to look better for Lily.

Aaron: Really?

Holden: Yeah, she retracted her confession and it looks like they're going to try and go after another suspect.

Aaron: Well, that's great. Can she go home?

Holden: Not yet, but soon. I just wish I knew what that meant for us. I'm glad you're here.

Aaron: Yeah, me, too. Just don't get used to it. This is lousy timing.

Holden: What do you mean?

Aaron: Um, it looks like I'm not gonna be around for a while.

Holden: You going somewhere?

Aaron: I got a call from Caleb and Mom's sick. So I'm going to head back to Seattle.

Susan: Hey, baby.

Alison: Oh, Mom, I'm so glad that you could come.

Susan: You caught me at the end of my shift. Oh, sweetie, have you been crying? What happened?

Alison: It's Aaron. He's leaving.

Susan: Oh, I'm sorry. Did you have a fight?

Alison: No, no. It's nothing like that and it's not forever. His mom back in Seattle is sick. He's going to go home to be with his family.

Susan: Oh, I'm sorry. Well, of course he has to be with his family. You understand that, don't you?

Alison: Of course.

Susan: Well, why do you look like it's the end of the world?

Alison: I don't know. Maybe because it happened all of a sudden? But I just -- I have this bad feeling.

Susan: What kind of bad feeling?

Alison: Like I shouldn't let him go.

Susan: You're afraid he won't come back? [Alison sobs] Well, if you feel this strongly about being apart, maybe there's something you should do.

Barbara: Paul, please, she'll listen to you. She respects you.

Paul: Do you think she'll still respect me after I tell her what I think she should do with her own body?

Barbara: She's not thinking clearly.

Paul: You're not helping. I cannot believe that you put so much pressure on her in public about something that was so private.

Barbara: I had no choice. That baby is part of our family.

Paul: What family? You destroyed whatever resembled a family a long time ago.

Barbara: I know that we're not as close as we should be, but maybe if we welcome this baby into our lives, it will bring us all back together.

Paul: How? By her having a baby with a man that she hates?

Barbara: If the baby brings our family back together, who cares who the father is?

Paul: Craig couldn't even leave her company alone without destroying it. What do you think he's going to do to a child that they share?

Barbara: He doesn't have to know. I certainly won't tell him.

Paul: You don't think he can count? Jennifer shows up with a baby in 7 1/2 months, you don't think he's going to be able to do the math?

Barbara: Please, please, please. Just talk to her, all right?

Paul: You know what? I will go see her. If nothing else, to show her that someone in this so-called "family" supports her no matter what she decides.

Barbara: Okay. Maybe that will just give her a little more time to think things through a little more clearly and then --

Paul: Barbara, you stay the hell away from her.

Barbara: Okay. Now for step two.

Mike: This is not my choice. I can't tell you what to do.

Jennifer: No, Mike, I know -- I know all the words, okay? I know that, ultimately, it's up to me but you and I are together. Okay, and as uncomfortable as this is, you and I are both involved. So, I need to know -- where do you stand? How do you feel about this baby?

Mike: Jennifer, I care about you. That's not going to change just because I feel however I feel.

Jennifer: Hurt? Angry? What?

Mike: Look, we've already gone over this ground when we talked about Craig. It's going to be the same conversation.

Jennifer: Only harder.

Mike: Exactly. So why go there today?

Jennifer: Do you want me to keep a baby that's not yours?

Mike: I told you, it is not my choice.

Jennifer: Why won't you tell me what you want?

Mike: Because it's too much! That's too much responsibility! I cannot ask you to make a decision that big based on what I want. Because if you're not completely okay with it, I lose.

Jennifer: How do you lose?

Mike: Because you'd resent me. You'd feel like I pushed you one way or the other and I'm just not going to let that happen. Jen, look, I am sorry, but you're going to have to make this decision for yourself.

Jennifer: It's beginning to feel like if I choose door number one, I get Mike. If I choose door number two, I'm --

Mike: I'm not going to leave you in the middle of this, if that's what you're asking.

Jennifer: But if I make the wrong decision?

Mike: Whatever you decide, I will see you through it.

Jennifer: Because you're a totally stand-up guy. You will put your time in because it's the right thing and it's what you always do. But it isnít everything, Mike.

Mike: What more do you want from me? I mean, I'm here for you, aren't I? I'm not pushing you away, am I what else am I supposed to do?

Jennifer: I need to know that if I have this baby, are you -- are you just going to see me through? Or will you still love me? Deep in your heart, will you still want to be with me?

Mike: You don't know how much I want to say what you need to hear, but I -- I can barely wrap my mi around the fact that you're pregnant. How am I supposed to know what's going to happen in a year?

Jennifer: In other words, if I have this baby, you're not sure if you can stay with me.

Mike: Believe me, I'm not trying to make this decision more difficult for you. But, listen, if you and Craig share a baby that is a bond that can never be broken. You know, and being with you means I have to share part of you with him.

Jennifer: And you're saying you couldn't do that?

Mike: I'm saying I don't know. I'm sorry. I wish I could snap my fingers and make this go away.

Jennifer: Please, please, don't apologize because I'm breaking your heart. [Knocking at door] I hope that's not my mother.

Mike: No, whoever it is, I'll take care of it. Hey, Paul. I hope you understand this just isn't a very good time.

Paul: I heard what's going on. I just stopped by to see if Jennifer needed anything.

Jennifer: It's okay, Mike.

Mike: I'll give you two some privacy.

Paul: No, no. I don't want to push you out of your own house.

Mike: No, no. It's fine. I need some time to think.

[Jennifer crying]

Susan: Go with him.

Alison: Mom, I canít. He just took over this place and with him gone, everything's on me. There's so much to do around here. I can't just leave.

Susan: Why not?

Alison: Because -- because people depend on me.

Susan: Honey, managers will be lining up around the block to run this place. Metro will survive. But what about you?

Alison: I thought that you were gonna lecture me on sucking it up and standing on my own two feet. I mean, look at the way you do your life. You've got this intense job and you love me and Emily and Daniel, and you're not crying about being alone.

Susan: Well, guess what happens when you've had a career as long as I have? You learn that knowing how to be alone and independent is very important. But some other things are pretty important, too

Alison: You mean like love?

Susan: Yeah, like love. And not just any old love. But the kind of love that lasts --l love. Don't get me wrong, I love being a doctor. And I always tell myself that it doesn't matter if I'm not sharing my life with someone. But I'm telling myself a lie because it does matter. So if you think that Aaron could be your life's partner, I say hold onto that guy. Because you know what there will be other jobs, other houses, other friends, but you never know if there's ever going to be another guy you love the way you love Aaron.

Alison: Thank you! Thank you, Mom, for saying that. You are so right. Aaron is the most important thing in my life and I'm not letting him go away.

Aaron: Caleb says it's pretty serious.

Holden: Last time I spoke to Caleb, he told me that your mom was sick, but --

Aaron: He knows what you're going through. And I don't think he wants you to worry.

Holden: That's my brother. Your mom, she is very special to me. She was always very special to me.

Aaron: I know she felt the same way about you. Dad, it means a lot that you never walked away from me and that you treated me good even though I was probably a burden. I remember when it was just you and me and I was just a little kid and you were a great dad. And you still are.

Holden: Wish my other son felt that way.

Aaron: Luke will come around. Dad, look how long it took me. I was wild when I first came in.

Holden: I didn't mind. It's been -- it's been wonderful to watch you grow up into a fine young man.

Aaron: Look at my example. Um, well -- like I said, Luke -- give him some time. He'll see things the way I see things and you two will be thick as thieves.

Holden: You call me. All right? You keep me posted about what's going on in Seattle.

Aaron: Absolutely. I bet you never thought I'd say this, but I love you, Dad.

Holden: I love you, too. Keep me posted. Stay in touch. I can't afford to lose anyone else.

Lily: A lot of the attitude that I had regarding your sister, I felt like I was channeling my own sister, rose. Like I was always ready for battle. I think back now and I'm so ashamed.

Keith: You were just jealous, you know? You were trying to keep your family together. You know, I loved my sister and I wish she was still here but, you know, she was no angel.

Lily: Holden thought so.

Keith: Well, he didn't grow up with her. She had this great ability to get what she wanted no matter what. I mean, it was like her special talent.

Lily: Hey, Aaron. How did I miss you coming in?

Aaron: Well, you've got a few things on your mind.

Holden: Aaron came by to tell us that he needs to head back to Seattle.

Lily: Really? When?

Aaron: Tonight. My mom is in the hospital. She's sick, so I'm not sure how long I'm going to be there for. But I have to get going.

Lily: Oh, I'm so sorry. I wish there were something we could do.

Aaron: No, there's nothing. Just take care of yourself and get home soon.

Lily: Oh, absolutely.

Lucinda: Success, success.

Lily: What? You talked to Tom?

Lucinda: I certainly did. So call for your stuff. You're a free woman.

Lily: I can't just walk out of here.

Lucinda: Yes, you can.

Lily: And this whole thing is over?

Lucinda: Well, not everything. I tried to get Tom to drop all the charges, but he says he wants his office to look over the evidence.

Lily: Then how am I free?

Lucinda: Bail, darling. You're not a flight risk and I don't want to see you in this place any longer. You ready?

Lily: I can't believe it. I get to go home and see my babies.

Lucinda: And Fenwick is waiting outside.

Lily: What about you?

Keith: My bail was paid. So, listen, if I hear anything, I'll be in touch.

Lily: I thought you were going back to Chicago soon.

Keith: No, no. I told Jack that I would help him find who killed Julia, put that behind us and then you'll be able to move forward as well.

Lily: Thank you, Keith.

Keith: You're welcome.

Lucinda: Hurry up, darling. The children are waiting for you. Also, I've asked some friends over to celebrate.

Lily: Okay. Aren't you coming?

Holden: I'm not sure that I should. It's your party.

Lily: Yes, it is. And that's why you should be there.

Aaron: I smell romance.

Alison: Oh, I spilled a little of my perfume.

Aaron: Ali, we were supposed to spend some time together. I only have a couple more hours.

Alison: Tell me about it. I've been racing the clock but I'm almost done. What time do you think we should leave for the airport?

Aaron: We?

Alison: Oh, my God. I should've called your cell. I booked a ticket on your flight. I'm coming with you!

Jennifer: I've just made a such a mess of things. And Iím so confused, Paul.

Paul: What does mike say?

Jennifer: The same thing he always says, "Whatever you want, baby." And really, he's amazing. He's supportive and he never judges me. But I know he's hurting.

Paul: Well, what does he want?

Jennifer: I don't -- I don't think he even knows any better than I do and that's what's so hard. And you want to hear something really sad? Is that he and I even talked about starting a family. He wanted it more than I did. I just -- I wasn't ready. So this happens. I mean, it just must be killing him. And I just -- I don't know what to do.

Paul: All right, maybe I can help. I think -- Jennifer, if you can, I want you try and forget for a minute about Mike and forget about how much you love him. And just think about yourself. If you were all alone in this world, what would you do? Would you want to have this baby?

Boy: Thanks, mister.

Girl: Yeah. My turn!

Barbara: Adorable, aren't they? I used to bring Jennifer here when she was little --

Mike: Just save it, Barbara. How can you sit here and reminisce about your daughter after treating her like dirt this afternoon?

Barbara: Well, I was a little passionate, yes, but I'm her mother.

Mike: So you keep reminding everybody.

Barbara: Believe it or not, I do know how you feel.

Mike: I seriously doubt it.

Barbara: Mike, no one hates Craig Montgomery more than I do. And there's still a way to punish him and do something wonderful for Jennifer.

Mike: Who says I want to punish Craig? Okay, what wonderful thing can I do for Jennifer?

Barbara: Let her have the baby.

Mike: I'm not stopping her.

Barbara: True, but you're not encouraging her and she won't have it unless you do.

Mike: I don't know if that's true but even if I encourage her and she has the baby why would that punish Craig? From what I understand, he loves being a father.

Barbara: Which is why we donít tell him?

Mike: So you said. But he's a smart guy. You know, what's to stop him from figuring it out?

Barbara: You.

Mike: What?

Barbara: You claim the baby as your own. You're with the woman of your dreams. Come on. I saw you with these kids. You can't tell me that you haven't thought about having children with Jennifer. You have a reputation of always doing the right thing. What could be more right than this? Announce that the baby is yours, marry that woman of your dreams and start the family you've always wanted. It's perfect.

Announcer: On the next, "As the World Turns" --

Les: Before you know it, I will be your fulltime Daddy, J.J.

Jennifer: It would be a whole lot easier if this baby were Mike's.

Paul: Are you saying there's a part of you that wants to keep this baby?

Barbara: And if Craig finds out the truth, he'll be anything but honorable. Jennifer needs you. Don't let her down.

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