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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 4/8/05

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Lily: Tom, we both know why I said all of those things. I was afraid for Luke.

Tom: Your confession to the police is already on record now. As are numerous statements in court you made insisting that you were Juliaís killer.

Lily: But I never a formal plea.

Tom: There are witnesses, Lily. Look, as a parent, I can respect what you're trying to do to protect your son.

Lily: But, I know that he didn't do it now. I know that. And neither did I.

Tom: Well, here's what you did do. You obstructed justice, you tampered with an ongoing investigation, you made false statements to a police officer, and that list goes on.

Lily: Okay. But that's not murder.

Tom: There's evidence that points to you, Lily. And you know that.

Lily: I know. And I admitted it -- I went to Juliaís apartment. I fought with her. She fell and hit her head. She was hurt, but I did not kill her.

Tom: Well, as your friend, I must be honest with you -- you changing your story now makes you look more guilty than you were before.

Jack: Keith, the reason I asked you to come down this morning -- the department's ready to release Juliaís personal effects. The lab's going to keep what they need. I thought maybe you'd like to keep the rest.

Keith: A watch. I gave it to her on her birthday a few years ago. What's this, an engagement ring?

Jack: Yeah, from me. I wanted her to keep it.

Keith: I'll give it to J.J. the day he makes that -- fatal mistake.

Jack: Yeah. I'd like that.

Keith: Where's her cell phone? Is it still in the lab?

Jack: No, we never recovered her cell phone. We searched all over the day she was murdered, but it never turned up. I just assumed she'd lost it or left it somewhere.

Keith: That's impossible. She made a call here the day she was killed.

Katie: No, but I needed the leg press yesterday. It was supposed to be delivered with that first -- he put me on hold.

Alison: Katie? I -- I know that you're really busy, but I need a favor.

Katie: Sure. What's up?

Alison: It's not for me. It's for a friend. He needs a job.

Katie: Ah, well, I can barely afford to pay myself.

Alison: Just part time -- just to help out. Um, dust the equipment, do the towels? Anything.

Katie: Oh, no, did you and Aaron have a fight?

Alison: No! It's not for me.

Katie: Are you sure? Because I know how hard it can be to work side by side with your man.

Alison: Katie, Aaron and I are fine. I love working at Metro. I don't need the job. Will does.

Katie: Will? Here? After he almost got into a fight with that guy from school? No. I thought they were going to tear this place apart.

Alison: Yeah, but you have to admit that Tyson guy had it coming.

Katie: The last thing I need is cops hauling people out the front door. There was already a murder on the premise here before we took over. I -- do you know how hard it is to rebuild an image?

Alison: Yeah, but Will Munson has a good heart. He just needs someone to cut him a break.

Will: Ali, what do you think you're doing? Stop trying to run my life.

Dusty: Quarterly earnings have to exceed expectations by 15% if we're going to contain costs this year.

Craig: Amazing. It almost sounds like you know what you're talking about.

Dusty: I thought I told you to get lost.

Craig: What'd you get -- "business for dummies"?

Dusty: I like that one.

Craig: Ah, good. I admire your effort, Dusty. Particularly the subtle one you pulled at my office -- substituting Barbaraís doodles for Jenniferís sketches. Genius.

Dusty: I don't know what you're talking about.

Craig: You have something of mine. I want it back.

Paul: I'll get a refill, as long as you're standing there.

Barbara: Oh, don't be smug.

Paul: Don't be annoying. We'll call it even.

Barbara: Okay, fine. Do I have to explain myself again? Do I have to apologize again? My intentions were pure.

Paul: -- As the New York snow.

Barbara: All I wanted to do was to get Jennifer away from Craig. I -- I -- I didn't know buying him out would do all of this.

Paul: Okay, you know what this is? This is revisionist history. And I'm not interested.

Barbara: I know something that will interest you.

Paul: Are you moving?

Barbara: No, not now. Especially not now. There's a miracle happening in our midst, Paul. Or should I say, Uncle Paul? I know Jennifer is pregnant. Did you really think you could keep my grandchild a secret from me?

Jennifer: No, no. No, I definitely do want to keep the appointment. I'm just running a little late. Yeah, my car was having trouble. But I should be there soon. Thank you.

Mike: Did you just say you were having car trouble?

Jennifer: Ah -- yeah, for the past couple weeks or so. It's just --

Mike: Well, it looks like someone's gonna need a lift this morning.

Jennifer: Oh, no, no. Actually, I called a car.

Mike: Cancel it. I'll take you wherever you're going.

Paul: Where did you get a crazy idea like that? And why am I even asking you that question?

Barbara: So your sister hasn't told you?

Paul: Told me what?

Barbara: Well, then maybe Iím not the only one in the dark. Maybe Mike is the only one who knows.

Paul: Knows what? There is no baby.

Barbara: Oh, yes there is. I found the proof.

Paul: I don't even want to know.

Barbara: She took a home pregnancy test, and I found it.

Paul: You went through your own daughter's garbage?

Barbara: No. I found it in her cosmetics bag.

Paul: Do you have any pride left at all?

Barbara: Don't you remember when you walked into B.R.O.? Craig was already there. You walked in with Dusty. I'd had an argument with Craig, I picked up the first thing I could to hurl it at him, and it was her cosmetic bag. Everything went flying, and when I went to pick it all up, there it was. I found it by accident.

Paul: How do you know it was Jenniferís?

Barbara: It was her cosmetic bag. I just assumed you knew.

Paul: Yeah, well, you assumed wrong. This is really none of my business.

Barbara: You know -- this is big news.

Paul: Yes, it's --

Barbara: It's Jen --

Paul: It's Jenniferís news. Don't you think she gets to decide when and if she shares it?

Barbara: And don't you think she would want to share it with those she loves?

Paul: Present company included?

Barbara: Oh, please don't start in on me again.

Paul: You subsidized the guy who took away her company.

Barbara: You know that's not what happened. Aren't you at least concerned about your sister?

Paul: No, not at all. If she is pregnant and she wants to tell me, then she will. I think she's probably too busy putting what's left of her career back together to deal with any of this.

Barbara: You want to make this my fault?

Paul: Well, it's remarkably easy, actually.

Barbara: Please don't ruin this for me.

Paul: I thought we were talking about Jennifer?

Barbara: We are talking about Jennifer, but don't you understand? This could get us beyond all of our petty differences. The miracle of a baby can bring a family back together.

Paul: You cannot possibly believe that that would apply to us.

Barbara: Yes, I can. Please, let's try. Let's show your sister how happy we are for her.

Paul: If Jennifer is pregnant, she's not going to be able to stomach a visit from you in the morning.

Barbara: Fine. You be as snarky as you like, I really don't care. Because I will not be entertaining any negative thoughts. Not now, not at this time. You really don't understand what a woman feels like, do you?

Paul: You've got me there.

Barbara: But our Jennifer will. She'll understand everything I feel. She will understand everything Iíve ever wanted for my children. She will know the power of a mother's love. And nothing will keep me from sharing in my daughter's happiness.

Jennifer: Don't you have a meeting with a building inspector?

Mike: I can reschedule.

Jennifer: To take me to a meeting?

Mike: Why not?

Jennifer: Because it's not necessary. I told you, I called a car.

Mike: Why?

Jennifer: Because none of the cab companies could make it out here for at least another hour or so.

Mike: Cab companies cost money. I'm not going to charge you anything.

Jennifer: Mike, no. Okay, you're always -- always doing things for me.

Mike: What's wrong with that?

Jennifer: It's not fair. Okay, sometimes I feel like you just -- you keep giving and I just -- I just keep taking.

Mike: Baby, we are talking about a car ride.

Jennifer: No, no, we're not. We're talking about so much more. All right? That you've forgiven me for what happened with Craig. And if -- and if you hadn't supported me, I would have given up on street jeans.

Mike: No, you wouldnít. You're not a quitter.

Jennifer: Maybe not. But, look, i don't -- I don't want to rely on you for every thing that goes wrong in my life. Please, just -- you go to your meeting and let me go to mine.

Mike: You sure there's nothing else going on?

Jennifer: I'm sure.

Mike: Okay. Okay. I'll meet you back here later?

Jennifer: Yeah. Coffee's still hot.

Mike: Thanks. I love you.

Jennifer: Love you, too. [Knock on door] Henry? What are you doing here and why are you dressed like an undertaker?

Henry: Your chariot awaits.

Jennifer: You're my driver?

Henry: I prefer to think of it as "transportation specialist," yeah. Where to this morning?

Dusty: All sketches belong to Jennifer. And Street Jeans. You don't like it? You take me to court.

Craig: All right. Are you Street Jeans now?

Dusty: I run the show.

Craig: "The show." Well, Sierra must see something the rest of us --

Dusty: If you need new designs, I hear Barbaraís free. But you won't steal from Jennifer again.

Craig: It's going to be interesting, Dusty, watching you try to fill my shoes.

Dusty: You mean, clean up your mess!

Craig: Are feeling good about yourself, Dusty? Huh?

Dusty: Not bad. Not bad.

Craig: Are you're boning up on market trends, analyzing material costs versus labor, or are you still just muscle?

Dusty: Some of us earn our money.

Craig: Yes, well it's too bad you can't charge for pride. But I guess settling for my leftovers beats starving to death, huh?

Tom: Your confession is our biggest obstacle. You can't claim you did that under duress. You were more than cooperative with the police.

Lily: And we both know why I confessed.

Tom: And as D.A., I could argue that you're changing your story now because the reality of spending a lifetime in prison is starting to sink in.

Lily: There's got to be some evidence out there that points to the real killer, Tom.

Tom: My case is against you, Lily. There is no phantom suspect.

Lily: But there is another suspect. There -- could you reopen this case? Tom, please.

Tom: With new evidence, I would reopen it in a heartbeat. There's no new evidence.

Lily: I know. And I know that I've done this to myself, but I really want to get home to my children. Tom, how do I do that?

Tom: Well, I'm really sorry, but looking at the case as it stands now, I don't think you will be going home for a very long time.

Jack: Well, I thought it was strange when Juliaís cell phone didn't turn up. I put extra guys on it. They went through the hospital, her apartment -- I sent a team over to the Lakeview, a few stores, gas stations, anyplace she might have used her credit card and left it.

Keith: Well, it doesn't make sense.

Jack: You're sure she had it with her on that day?

Keith: Absolutely. I had a fight with her. In fact, you witnessed it here at the station. And then, I felt bad about it. I was walking out to the car and I was going to call her, but then I saw her on her phone with her back to me. And, you know, I decided not to, you know, bother her.

Jack: All right, listen, we contacted the wireless company. The sent us a list of phone calls that she made. Nothing popped out at me, but I could check it again if you want.

Keith: Well, can I stick around?

Jack: Yeah. It shouldn't take long.

Keith: Okay. Excuse me, can I talk to Lily for a minute?

Tom: Now is not a good time. I'm just going to give her a few moments before they take her back to her cell.

Keith: I won't upset her.

Tom: All right. But I'll post a guard outside.

Keith: Thank you. You okay?

Lily: I really painted myself into a corner. And now, no one will listen to me.

Keith: Well, you could give me a try.

Lily: You've already done so much with Luke.

Keith: Well, you know, he was just ready to come clean, that's all.

Lily: Yeah. But you made me see the truth. I'll never be able to thank you for that. You gave me my son back. The boy that I have known. The boy that I have loved. Thank you.

Keith: Well, I wish you could spend more time with him. What did the D.A. say?

Lily: Oh, Tom thinks changing my story makes me look even more guilty. Let's face it, I was in Juliaís apartment. I gave you that letter.

Keith: Yeah, but that's still nonsense.

Lily: I know that. But -- this isn't your problem. I really hated your sister. And I don't mean to be nasty by saying this, but I hated her for breaking up my marriage, for taking Holden away from his kids. And now J.J. has to grow up without a mother, and now, my children might have to grow up without theirs. And maybe there is justice in that.

Keith: Hey -- all right.

Alison: Will, I don't want to fix your life.

Will: Well, maybe you can send a bill next time, like the other shrinks.

Alison: I just don't want to see you make things worse.

Will: Ali, my life is my life. And if Iím gonna change it, then it's up to me. Not you, not my father, not Paul.

Alison: But you're not changing it.

Will: No, that's right. I'm not.

Alison: So, are you happy? Having fights, hurting yourself, being moody all the time?

Will: Sometimes Iím happy, and sometimes I'm sad. Just like you, just like everybody else.

Alison: Well, you don't see everybody else smashing their hands on dashboards or getting hauled off to the police station for fighting.

Will: Well, Iím sorry you don't approve.

Alison: Will, you're a great guy, but you're wasting your life, and i don't like it. Friends help each other out. That's why I asked Katie about the job situation. If you don't want my help, fine. Just don't ask me to stand around and watch you self-destruct.

Will: Ali, wait. Wait.

Jack: I'm glad I pulled those phone records again. We missed something the first time around. I'm gonna have a guard take you to your cell, Lily.

Lily: Well, did you find something in Juliaís phone records?

Jack: You can't be privy to this.

Keith: Why not?

Jack: She's being held in Juliaís murder, Keith.

Keith: I know, but if it's something that, you know, clears her, I think she has the right.

Lily: Please. Please, Jack. Come on.

Jack: There was a mistake when we requisitioned the report. The incoming ones were routed to Tom's office. He's sending them over now. But we have the outgoing ones. And just now, when I double-checked, I realized there was one missing from the original list.

Lily: Most are to Holden.

Keith: To me.

Jack: Check this one out.

Keith: It's unknown.

Jack: There's no caller I.D. listed. Check out the timestamp. That's the exact same -- that's the exact time that Julia made the call.

Lily: I was gone. I had left the apartment already.

Jack: Yes, I know that. You were with Carly by then, right?

Lily: Yes. And if she was making a phone call, it means she was still alive. It means Iím innocent.

Jack: I already put a call in to Tom.

Lily: Unknown. Who is that?

Jack: Only one way to find out.

Barbara: Good morning, Mike.

Mike: Jennifer is not here, and even if she was, she wouldn't let you in, so --

Barbara: Well, then, it's lucky for me she's not here.

Mike: What are -- what are you doing? What's with the gift?

Barbara: It's just something for both of you.

Mike: You think that's gonna make up for what you did to Jennifer?

Barbara: Look, look, I was trying to help her. For the last time, I did not know what Craig was going to do.

Mike: Well, you stabbed her in the back. You almost ruined her.

Barbara: I was trying to get Craig out of her life. Please, I don't want to make this ugly. Not now. Not at this special time.

Mike: Special time? What am I missing?

Barbara: Mothers and daughters -- their special bond, their special connection. Well, obviously, you can't talk about this yet. Jen has told you not to. But I know all about your wonderful news.

Mike: You do?

Barbara: I do, and I'm thrilled. Aren't you?

Mike: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Barbara: Well, obviously Jen has sworn you to secrecy. And I can understand that. It's still very, very early. But I was walking past this little boutique, and I couldn't resist. So I want you to open this, please. I know Jennifer wouldn't mind. Please, Mike.

Barbara: Congratulations, Mike. I'm so happy for both of you.

Jennifer: Oh, really, Henry, this is fine. Right here. Right here.

Henry: What? According to my official log, the original destination is 1.3 blocks north --

Jennifer: You know what? I'm going to walk. I really could use the fresh air.

Henry: Okay, suit yourself. Should I wait for you here or pick you up at 356 Chestnut Street?

Jennifer: No. I'll just take a cab.

Henry: This is a round-trip trip.

Jennifer: Yeah. My meeting could really run long, and I really -- I don't want you to wait here. It'd be silly. You know, you could pick up, like, five fares by the time Iím done.

Henry: Fares? Fares are for cab drivers. You know, this is a contract. Now, this is a binding agreement to take care of all your transportation needs --

Jennifer: Henry, I will pay you cash, and you can -- I will give you a huge tip, okay? I'm sorry. Listen, it's just a huge Street Jeans meeting and --

Henry: A little corporate espionage?

Jennifer: We are going over our new product lines, and it's very sensitive material. And I've had a lot of setbacks, so -- yeah, if you can just forget that you brought me here --

Henry: Brought you where?

Jennifer: Thank you. Here. Treat Katie to something special.

Henry: Good luck. Okay, Jen. What's the big secret?

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Henry: There might be a little Kasnoff in the oven. What?

Katie: You know, if she is -- and maybe she isnít.

Henry: Yeah, what?

Katie: But if she is, how do we know whose --?

Dusty: I take my coffee black.

Craig: You're avoiding the subject.

Dusty: I avoid you.

Craig: Yes, I know Sierra likes loyal lapdogs.

Dusty: Sierra gives me nothing. I volunteer for this stuff. I'm hungry like that.

Craig: Ooh. You suddenly have interest beyond tequila? Teenage girls?

Dusty: Teenage girls and destroying you.

Craig: Well, you better be able to deliver profits at the same time. Sierra has a lot invested here. And don't underestimate her mother.

Dusty: Right, I appreciate your concern.

Craig: Well, I am concerned. This is new territory for you. And Jenniferís hardly on terra firma, anyway. Two rookies, a lot of capital invested. If this experiment fails, Worldwide takes a huge hit.

Dusty: My crew doesn't fail.

Craig: Yeah. Of course not. Well, still, I would like five minutes to sit down with Jennifer to try and clear up the recent confusion.

Dusty: No. You'll stay away from Jen.

Craig: You know, I'm not always the big bad wolf, Dusty. Why are you being so protective? Jennifer's in way over her head. Is there something more here than meets the bottom line?

Mike: You think Jennifer and I are having a baby?

Barbara: Yes, and I understand that you want to keep it just in the family for now.

Mike: Lady, you've got way too much time on your hands.

Barbara: Oh. She hasn't told you yet. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just assumed.

Mike: Well, I don't know where you're getting your information. There's no way Jenniferís pregnant, so take your blanket and let's go.

Barbara: I'm sorry. I really am. I have spoiled Jenniferís big surprise. It's just that when I found the pregnancy test, and it was in her cosmetic bag, it just kind of fell out, and I thought if --

Mike: Hey, hey, Iíve had enough. All right? Stay out of our lives. We don't want any trouble from you. And, please, get out.

Barbara: Ask Jen to call me, all right?

Mike: I will.

[Ringing tone]

Jennifer: Good. I was so afraid you'd cancelled my appointment.

Bev: Actually, we're running a little late. We need you to fill out some forms. We need the date of your pregnancy test. When you called, you said it was positive?

Jennifer: That's right.

Bev: And you're here to discuss terminating the pregnancy?

Jennifer: As soon as possible.

Bev: I see. Why don't you fill out those forms, and Iíll take you back in a little while.

Jennifer: Okay. Thank you. Do you think it's possible to have the procedure done today?

Bev: Well, I have you scheduled for a counseling session, but Iíll talk to the doctor and see what I can find out.

Pharmacist: Hello. Oakdale Memorial Hospital Pharmacy.

Jack: Who am I speaking to?

Pharmacist: This is Milt Shepherd, chief pharmacist.

Jack: Milt, this is Detective Snyder of the Oakdale Police Department. I'm investigating the death of Julia Larrabee.

Pharmacist: Yeah, yeah. It's a real shame what happened to that poor girl.

Jack: You were on duty the night she was murdered, correct?

Pharmacist: Yeah, sure I was. I remember seeing it that night on the news when i got home.

Jack: Okay, this number popped up on a list of outgoing calls that Julia made on her cell phone that night. Do you remember speaking to her about 9:00 P.M.?

Pharmacist: Well, I didn't realize it was Nurse Larrabee. She was pretty new on the staff, and we don't interact with nurses all that much.

Jack: Well, you do remember a phone call coming in about that time, right?

Pharmacist: Oh, yeah, yeah. Definitely. You know, the weirdest thing happened when I was talking to her. I remember telling my wife about this later on.

Jack: Yeah, could you come down to the station and give us your statement? I'm not comfortable doing this over the phone.

Pharmacist: Yeah. Yeah, sure, sure. I just have to get somebody to cover for me.

Jack: All right. Thanks a lot, Mr. Shepherd. I appreciate it. And, listen, I need to know exactly what Julia Larrabee said on the night she died.

Will: I know you were trying to help me at the gym.

Alison: No, I was just running your life, trying to fix it. But don't worry, I won't do anything nice for you ever again. You can be as miserable as you want.

Will: I don't want to be miserable.

Alison: Since when?

Will: But I don't want to feel like a charity case, either.

Alison: I get it. You don't need anybody.

Will: That's not true. But if I decide that I do want help, can you at least wait for me to ask first?

Alison: Sure, but if you want to be your own man, then act like it. Admit why you're really mad.

Will: You know why.

Alison: It's not about the gym or me interfering with your life. You're mad because you think Aaron and I are getting married.

Will: Aren't you?

Alison: No, we're not.

Dusty: It goes like this -- you crush a woman's company and steal her work, she doesn't want to sit down with you and work things out. You know?

Craig: This is how it went. When she asked me to leave, I left. I used work we developed together. And now I see you, her father, her brother, fighting imaginary battles for her.

Dusty: It is what it is.

Craig: Mm-hmm. And there's no other reason you're trying to keep me at arm's length.

Dusty: 'Cause you're a loser.

Craig: Dusty, I like Jennifer. I do. She's moody, but I like her. She wasn't herself at the trunk show. She hasn't been herself in a while. And I would hate to think that there's anything seriously wrong here.

Mother: "But the silly bear kept jumping up to catch the clouds. And when the clouds blew in the wind, the bear chased after them, laughing and shouting, 'wait for me!'" That's a silly bear, isn't it? Yes?

Jennifer: She's beautiful.

Mother: Oh, thank you. She came a little early, but she's been making up for it ever since. She's growing so fast.

Jennifer: How old is she?

Mother: She's almost 2.

Girl: I'm 2.

Mother: Oh, yeah, she thinks she's 2. Do you want to hear something strange? I can't even remember my life without her.

Jennifer: Really?

Mother: Mm-hmm. I mean, I was up for partner at my law firm when I found out I was pregnant. I'd just brought in, like, the biggest settlement that we'd seen in four years. I wasn't planning on starting a family, but, well, things happen sometimes, you know?

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah, I do. So, are you here for a checkup?

Mother: No, prenatal. I know. I know. It's crazy, and it's gonna be out of control, but, I don't know, I'm excited. I mean, the kids will be close in age. And I really can't wait to see what the next one will be like. Do you have kids?

Jennifer: No.

Mother: Oh.

Jennifer: No.

Mother: Yeah, I don't think I ever really got it until I had Annie.

Jennifer: Got what?

Girl: Me.

Mother: Yes, you. I don't know how you can be totally and completely in love with this little person that you created. I mean, I'm hopeless. You know, if she has a little fever or a cold, I drive the pediatrician crazy.

Jennifer: What about your job?

Mother: Well, Iíll try to go part-time after I deliver. But if they say "no," then Iíll have to resign. I mean, money will be tight, but I don't want to miss any more firsts. I'm sorry. I don't mean to be going on and on about this.

Jennifer: No, no, it's okay. I understand.

Mother: Yeah, I don't know if you really can. I mean, not until you've had a child of your own. Is that good?

Girl: Yeah, I want some more.

Mother: I'll bet you do.

[Mother laughs]

Henry: Say hello to my new best friend, Ulysses S. Grant.

Katie: Is that a tip?

Henry: First of many, my love.

Katie: Wow. That must have been some ride.

Henry: Mm-hmm. Actually, you know, she dumped me about a block away from her destination. And man, oh, man, was jen jumpy as a cat.

Katie: You picked up Jennifer this morning? It's a small world.

Henry: You should have seen the look on her face when I showed up at her door.

Katie: She must have been surprised.

Henry: Yeah. She was horrified is more like it.

Katie: Why?

Henry: I'm getting to the good part. She gave me a destination address, but she didn't want me to drop her off right at the door. She made up some story about a business meeting, secret, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then she warned me not to wait for her, because she didn't know how long she would be.

Katie: Well, that makes sense with everything that happened with Craig. She has a right to be jumpy.

Henry: No, hold off. Hold off for the happy ending there. You see, now, I waited until I knew that she had gotten where she wanted to go, and then i went to see exactly what was at 356 Chestnut Street. And it has nothing to do with fashion or jeans, at least not the type that you wear.

Katie: Where did she go?

Henry: The family planning center. Yeah. I think there might a little Kasnoff in the oven. What?

Katie: Nothing.

Henry: Why do you look like I just told you Snickers had two months to live?

Katie: Oh, no, I was just wondering -- I mean, if she is -- maybe she isnít.

Henry: Yeah, what?

Katie: But if she is, how do we know whose --?

Henry: You mean Craig?

Katie: It is possible, isn't it?

Alison: Aaron and I talked about it, but we're way too young, and we've got so much going on with this place and --

Will: Alison, you don't owe me an explanation, all right? It's your life.

Alison: And it's with Aaron. I may not be getting married right away, but I love him, Will. That's not gonna change.

Will: I know.

Alison: Do you?

Will: We're friends, and you were just trying to help. It's just before, in the hospital or even at home, people would always try to help because they were afraid of what Iíd do or who I might hurt. Paul moved me in with him, and then to Aunt Kimís, and back to Paulís, all because people are saying, you know, they know what's best for me or where I should be or what I should be doing -- it just gets really old.

Alison: So you get mad.

Will: Yeah, I have a really short fuse. And I don't always see what's good for me. Like the fact that I should have a job, and I should, you know, stay busy, meet new people. So, I'll talk to Katie about the gym.

Alison: Great. And not just 'cause it was my idea.

Will: No, sometimes you have really good ideas. And, Alison, thanks. Someday, Iíll return all the favors.

Alison: Just be happy, okay?

Jack: Well, I appreciate you coming down to the station, Mr. Shepherd.

Pharmacist: You know, if I had realized that that was Julia Larrabee on the other end of the phone, I would have called the minute I found out that she had been murdered.

Keith: Why did she call you?

Pharmacist: Well, she had a nasty bump on her head, and she wanted me to set aside some of those instant compresses.

Jack: Was she planning on driving down and getting them herself?

Pharmacist: I guess so. She said she tried ice, but it didn't really help with the swelling. And she had a really bad headache, if I recall.

Keith: Did she -- did she seem upset?

Pharmacist: Upset, no. No, not necessarily. Maybe a little confused, disoriented --

Jack: She was a nurse. She would have known what to do.

Pharmacist: You know, now that I think about it, she wanted to take some ibuprofen. She was asking me some questions about drug interactions, things like that.

Jack: Yes, you said something else happened, though. What was that?

Pharmacist: Yeah, yeah. I told her that she should come down to the emergency room, get checked out by them, just in case she had a concussion. She was telling me that she didn't want to do that, and then all of a sudden, in the middle of the sentence, she just stopped. And her voice changed like she was talking to someone else.

Lily: What'd she say?

Pharmacist: You know, I don't remember exactly. It was something like, "what are you doing here?" And then, the phone went dead.

Jack: You didn't hear anything else on her end?

Pharmacist: No, no, nothing.

Jack: No noise, no sound at all?

Pharmacist: Complete silence. Listen, I'm really sorry I can't be of more help.

Jack: No, you've been -- you've been a great help. I'm going to have Officer Meyer take your statement. If you don't mind stepping out into the squad room?

Pharmacist: Yeah, sure.

Jack: Meyer, will you type up Mr. Shepherd's statement and send a copy over to the D.A.'s office? Okay. I really appreciate you coming down.

Pharmacist: I'm glad to help.

Keith: So, what do you make of all that?

Lily: Do you think she was talking to her killer?

Jack: I think we've got to find who interrupted that call, and we'll find the person who murdered Julia.

Dusty: The only thing wrong with Jen, really, is you.

Craig: Hmm. Well, then a little phone call wouldn't hurt.

Dusty: No phone calls. And no visits. And if you go against me on this, Iíll put you in physical therapy for the rest of your life.

Craig: Sierra know she hired a hit man?

Dusty: I look after Sierra's interests.

Craig: Another job you inherited from me.

Dusty: You have no job. Now get out of here before I break your nose.

[Craig chuckles]

[Barbara sighs]

Paul: Granny, you've lost your glow.

Barbara: Oh, please, donít.

Paul: What happened?

Barbara: I took a baby gift over to Mike and Jen's. He didn't even know that she was pregnant. I've ruined Jen's surprise. I've ruined her big moment to tell him, and Iíve made things worse. I know I have. I've got to find her and explain things to her.

Paul: You want to do Jennifer a great, big favor? Don't interfere again.

Barbara: I canít. I can't do that. I can't be like you. I can't just check out on the people that I love the most. I've got to find her. I've got to find her. I've got to talk to her and explain and find out what's going on with her.

Henry: If there is a baby, and if it is Craigís, I wouldn't blame Jennifer --

Katie: She could be at the family planning center for some other reason.

Henry: Wouldn't she go to Memorial for a regular checkup?

Katie: Yeah, I guess you're right. All right, well, I know what we have to do.

Henry: I'll bring the car around.

Katie: No, no, no, no. I mean nothing. We have to do nothing. Just forget that you ever took Jennifer there this morning.

Henry: Are you're serious?

Katie: Very. Craig has a habit of making a mess of things and expecting other people to clean it up. He has no idea how much hurt he leaves behind.

Henry: Okay. Well, you know, let's not get ahead of ourselves anyway. We don't know, "a," that she's pregnant. Or "b," you know, that Craig is the father.

Katie: Or "c," that she's even having an abortion.

Henry: Right. Right. Do you think Mike knows about it? I mean, it could be his.

Katie: Then I hope Jennifer wouldn't make such a big decision without telling him first. It wouldn't be right, Henry. And it would not be fair to Mike.

Bev: We're ready for you, Ms. Munson.

Jennifer: Oh. Did you find out if I could have the procedure done today?

Bev: Dr. Martin said she'd consider it after counseling session.

Mike: Jen, what are you doing here? Are you really pregnant?

Announcer: Next week on "As the World Turns"--

Jennifer: I'm pregnant.

Mike: I figured out that much. What i can't figure out is what you're doing here.

Keith: I have a chance to nail Juliaís killer, but I'm gonna need your help to get the proof.

Lily: What do you want me to do?

Keith: Nothing.

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