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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 3/29/05

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Lily: I know you don't want to hear this, Carly, but I'm sorry. This is not what I wanted.

Carly: You made it happen.

Lily: What's the charge?

Carly: Accessory after the fact. What did you expect? You confessed to murdering Julia. Well, that makes me your accomplice, doesn't it?

Lily: This is just wrong. Just --

Carly: Then tell them the truth.

Lily: I did tell them the truth. I killed Julia.

Carly: Tell them the truth!

Lily: I did what I had to do.

Carly: You think that you're protecting Luke with this phony confession of yours. Well, if Luke needs protecting, if he has -- if he has done something, he needs help.

Lily: Help he will not get not like that!

Holden: Thanks for coming by, Jess.

Jessica: I finally got a copy of the arrest report. How could Lily confess without calling a lawyer? What was she thinking?

Holden: That's why I called. Lily -- her state of mind -- she's not rational.

Jessica: What do you mean "not rational?" Do you have evidence that could get this confession tossed?

Holden: Maybe.

Jessica: How do you want me to proceed?

Holden: I want you to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

Katie: I don't get it, Jennifer. How could you put Mike through this? To sleep with my brother, of all people?

Jennifer: How did you find out?

Katie: That's what's bothering you?

Jennifer: Oh. Oh, Henry. Henry must have told you.

Katie: Who told me is not the problem. What you did is the -- how could you? How could you cheat on Mike?

Jennifer: How could anyone cheat on Mike?

Katie: Oh, you can save the tears. You're gonna need them for later, 'cause we're gonna tell Mike.

Jennifer: What?

Katie: Either you or me, or both of us. Why did you think I was here?

Jennifer: I didn't think.

Katie: Well, Mike deserves to know the truth. Where is he?

Jennifer: Out.

Katie: Then we'll wait.

Jennifer: He knows.

Katie: What?

Jennifer: Mike knows about Craig. I told him everything.

Mike: That is for sleeping with Jennifer, and for blackmailing her about it. Don't move. Don't move. Don't do anything. Right now, you answer to me.

Craig: All right, big boy. I don't know what you heard and from where --

Mike: You trying to figure out your story? Jennifer told me. She told me everything. Your only option right now is the truth.

Craig: How do you know she told you the truth?

Mike: How could you take advantage of a woman in that situation?

Craig: What situation was that? Did she tell you I plied her with alcohol, and just had to take advantage?

[Craig chuckles]

Mike: No, no. 'Cause she took full responsibility. She's not you. She doesn't look around for other people to blame.

Craig: Oh, really?

Mike: Yeah. It doesn't mean you don't deserve that blame.

Craig: Hey, hey. I'm a free man. You wanna blame me because she came looking when her boyfriend wasn't around?

Mike: I'll take my hits for my part.

Craig: Well, goody for you. Then you be guilty, 'cause I'm not. All right, now, would you like to give it a rest?

Mike: Oh, yeah, yeah. It's such a little thing. And you're such a grown-up, you couldn't be bothered, not unless there was some blackmail involved.

Craig: Well, maybe she also told you I suggested she keep her mouth shut and we all move on and forget about what happened one night.

Mike: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, she'd keep her mouth shut, and she'd keep you here in her company when she can't stand to looking -- I'm sure you had a long list, but that's over.

Craig: Why is that? Oh, do you want to play like a grown-up now, or do you only do sucker punches?

Mike: Much as I would love to beat you to a pulp right now -- I've got something much worse in mind for you.

Jennifer: Of course I told him. I had to.

Katie: Why now?

Jennifer: Does that really matter? Mike knows. That's the important part. He knows everything.

Katie: And he left.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Katie: You sound surprised.

Jennifer: Oh, no, no. He didn't -- he didn't leave leave -- he didn't leave me. He just went out. I think he needed some time to, you know -- and me, too.

Katie: So what now? Is that yours?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Katie: Oh. So, you're moving out?

Jennifer: No. I was going to leave, but now I'm staying.

Katie: Do you really think that's smart, Jennifer?

Jennifer: What do you mean?

Katie: Well, this is Mike we're talking about. Do you honestly think he's gonna want you to stay after what you did?

Jennifer: He's the one who insisted.

Katie: What?

Jennifer: Mike is the one who insisted that I stay.

Jessica: Holden, there's a big difference between temporarily irrational and true insanity. I mean, the legal threshold is very difficult to prove.

Holden: I know that. But I think she might be there. When I saw her earlier, she said that she hasn't been the same since ever since Rose died. And it's true.

Jessica: Okay, tell me exactly what happened.

Holden: When I listened to her, I just couldn't believe some of the things that were coming out of her mouth. She said that she wasn't sorry that she killed Julia, that she'd do it again if she had the chance, and that it was just something that needed to be done. But the thing that worried me the most was how calm she was when she was saying all of this.

Jessica: Was she conning you to protect Luke?

Holden: No. I don't think so.

Jessica: Have you seen this behavior before?

Holden: I've been thinking about that. The whole last year, she's been so cold and so distant. Even when she was trying to be cheerful, she had this anger underneath.

Jessica: Well, that could be attributed to grief.

Holden: Isn't grief supposed to go away over time? She's gotten worse. It's like the woman that I've known -- she's disappeared. And the woman who's there now, the one saying all these things -- she doesn't know what's right or what's wrong. And that's the standard, isn't it?

Jessica: Yeah. Yeah, it is. So, now you're convinced that Lily was the one who killed Julia?

Holden: I know this. If Lily did kill Julia, she wasn't in her right mind.

Jessica: We should get a psychiatric evaluation.

Holden: Okay. Great.

Jessica: Maybe, maybe not. In order to get the evaluation, Lily would have to agree to it.

Carly: Did you hear what you just said?

Lily: No, Carly, you're not listening to me. I killed Julia. It was me.

Carly: If you think that I'm going to go to prison because of your lies, you can think again. I deserve a life, with my husband and my children, and I'm not going to sacrifice my children for you.

Lily: Your children will be alive and free.

Carly: Without their mother. Doesn't that matter to you? Is that what you keep telling yourself about Faith and Natalie? That they'll be alive and free? Have you really thought about it? Are you willing to let those little girls grow up without their mother?

Lily: They'll have their father. He loves his children. He will give them everything that they need.

Carly: Except you. This confession of yours is wrong for everybody, and you know it.

Lily: I will not take it back. I canít. I know -- I know this is my fault. And I have not forgotten how you got into this all of this, so I promise you, I will help. I will tell them that I lied to you that night. That you never believed that I killed Julia. That you begged me to call the police, but I said no. That I leaned on you to help me. I forced you to help me, and all you thought you were doing was covering up an accident.

Carly: Lily, that's the truth. Can you still tell the difference?

Lily: I won't forget any details of that night, Carly. And I don't want you to pay for this. Carly?

Carly: Let's drop it, okay?

Lily: Okay.

Carly: Guard!

Cop #1: You need something, Mrs. Snyder?

Carly: Yeah, hey, Reynolds. I -- you know, I haven't called my lawyer yet. You know, your testimony -- your testimony will probably help. I don't have to call my lawyer, do I? I can call anybody I want.

Cop #1: It's up to you.

Carly: Good. Because there's someone else I need to see right away

Katie: Your head must be spinning.

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Katie: So, when Mike says he wants you to stay, what exactly does that mean? That he just doesn't want you to have to find another place to live right away?

Jennifer: No. It means more than that. He really wants us to work it out.

Katie: That's a little hard to believe.

Jennifer: Yeah. Well, mike is a pretty amazing man.

Katie: Yes, he is. Very understanding.

Jennifer: You mean, too understanding. You think -- you think he deserves someone better.

Katie: No, I didn't say that. Oh, well -- okay, maybe I do.

Jennifer: Someone like you.

Katie: What?

Jennifer: Well, that's why you came here, isn't it? To pick up the pieces?

Katie: No. No, Mike is just a friend. As for deserving better -- yeah, I do think Mike deserves the best. But that wouldn't be me. I broke his heart. On two continents. [Katie sighs] So, I'm not really one to throw stones. If Mike says he wants you here, then that's enough for me.

Jennifer: Thank you.

[Jennifer crying]

Katie: What?

Jennifer: I just don't know if I can handle you being nice to me.

Katie: Oh, it probably won't last. [Jennifer chuckles] That's a joke.

Jennifer: Maybe.

Katie: Maybe. [Jennifer sobbing] Oh, Jen.

Jennifer: Oh. I know Mike will try. And I know he means what he says now, but -- I mean, Katie, do you really think that he could do it?

Katie: Do what?

Jennifer: I mean, it makes me sick to think about what I did with Craig. And I can't stop thinking about it. How can I expect Mike to forget it?

Katie: Well, he doesn't have the memory.

Jennifer: No, he has imagination, which is worse. I mean, what if he can't ever get the image of me with Craig out of his mind?

Craig: What'd you have in mind, power drills at dawn?

Mike: I was thinking we'll stick around here for awhile. You might not have a lot of time left in this office, so I thought I might let you enjoy it for awhile.

Craig: Is that supposed to be threatening me?

Mike: You think I'm just a dumb carpenter, don't you? How could a guy like you with a big desk, big office ever be threatened by a guy like me?

Craig: I'm not. But it is a nice desk and a nice office. I like the job. I'm good at it.

Mike: Yeah, but you know what? This wasn't just a job for you. It's the only thing that you have in your miserable, pathetic life. It was your last chance and you blew it.

Craig: Oh, actually, no. I've done very well.

Mike: You crossed the line. Now that I know, Jennifer can go to Sierra and cut you off at the knees.

Craig: No.

Mike: What? You think Sierra's gonna choose you over the designer that made this company? With your track record? Hmm-mmm. Take a look around and say good-bye, Craig. 'Cause this is the last time you're going to see this place. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.

Craig: Why? Why do I keep dealing with nitwits? Oh. He'll do it, too. My beautiful deal. All that money wasted. Has to be a way. [Craig laughs] Bingo. Bingo.

Jack: So, you might hear from your friends at school that your mother was arrested today.

Parker: Arrested? Like you do?

Jack: Yeah.

Parker: But that's for bad guys.

Jack: Yeah, most of the time, it is. But sometimes, people, good people like your mom, they make a bad choice.

Parker: Like a mistake?

Jack: Exactly. Exactly like a mistake. And we all make mistakes, right? Except this one was kind of serious.

Parker: What did Mom do?

Jack: She tried to help a friend.

Parker: And that's bad?

Jack: No. No, not most of the time. Parker, you should always try to help your friends.

Parker: This one sounds crazy.

Jack: Yeah. I know, it does, doesn't it? Parker, I don't mind telling you, it's about as crazy as things can get.

Cop #1: You have a visitor. Ten minutes, that's the rule.

Lily: I don't think we'll need that long. I'm surprised you're still here.

Keith: Well, I'll take J.J. back to Chicago when it's time.

Lily: I'll plead guilty. There won't be a trial. It's over, you know. You can go. I can be a show, if that's what you want.

Keith: I want the guilty to pay.

Lily: Well, feast your eyes.

Keith: Are you mocking me?

Lily: No.

Keith: Are you playing me? You want me to shore up your confession, so that your boy walks? I hear you'd do anything for that kid.

Lily: Who's been telling you that? Carly? Is that who you've been talking to? Because she has a vested interest. If I get convicted, she's an accessory to murder. So she needs anybody, but me, to be the murderer. You want justice? You've got it, because I am the killer. Me.

Keith: I'll see you at the sentencing.

Lily: What?

Keith: Well, if you think this is some kind of a trick where you -- 'cause you're a big shot in this town, you'd cop a plea and you don't do any time -- that's not gonna happen. My sister's killer will go to prison.

Lily: I will.

Keith: Yeah, you will.

Emily: Oh, my God. Look at you. I'm so sorry. I didn't want to believe it.

Carly: Me, either.

Emily: I cannot believe Lily put you in this position. You, in jail, Carly? This is nuts.

Carly: Well, maybe I won't have to be in jail. Did you bring it?

Emily: Oh, yeah. I had it at home. Here we go.

Carly: Does a tape actually fit in that thing?

Emily: No, this is high-tech digital. Cops use it when they work undercover. We should do a practice run before they take you back down there, though. Make sure you know how to work it, how to ask the right questions. You have to be very, very careful.

Carly: Right. No, I will.

Emily: I know. I know. You will. You're gonna be nervous, honey, so we really should do a run-through. You don't want this to turn into some sort entrapment thing, okay?

Carly: And how do you know so much about this?

Emily: Don't ask. I'm just happy some of my sleazier experiences have finally paid off for a worthy cause.

Carly: You're a lifesaver, Em.

Emily: Let's hope so.

Carly: Don't worry. I'm going to make this work. I'm going to save Lily from herself.

Emily: Well, right now, I'm a little more worried about you.

Carly: I am going to make her tell the truth for all our sakes.

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Lily: No trial! It's a waste of time!

Jessica: You don't know that.

Lily: I just -- this has to end. I want this to end.

Holden: Lily, come on. Let us help.

Lily: No. You canít.

Katie: Mike does love you. And he still thinks that you can make him happy.

Lily: This is very nice of you. Really. But there's nothing a lawyer can do. I confessed. There'll just be a sentencing.

Jessica: We need to discuss this.

Lily: Okay. If you think that there's -- Holden, you really -- you don't have to be here. You should be home with the girls.

Holden: Luke is with the girls. I needed to be here. Jess --

Jessica: Holden told me about what you said about Julia, about the murder.

Lily: It was harsh. I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but I -- I felt that way, and I'm sorry.

Holden: Don't be sorry. How you feel may save you.

Lily: How's that?

Jessica: We'd like you to speak to a psychiatrist.

Lily: Oh, you're going to try an insanity defense?

Jessica: We just want to know how you were feeling, how you were thinking.

Lily: You think I'm crazy?

Holden: We're trying to help you. Don't you want to get out of here?

Lily: I can't even think about what I might want. See, this has to end. I have to go to prison now!

Jessica: Lily, if you weren't in a normal state of mind, it could have affected your behavior.

Lily: You're gonna bring that up at trial? No. I don't want a trial.

Holden: Why? What is your rush to ruin your life?

Lily: No trial! It's a waste of time!

Jessica: You don't know that.

Lily: I just -- this has to end. I want this to end!

Holden: Lily, come on. Let us help.

Lily: No. You canít.

Craig: Special's lobster claw. Youíre favorite.

Barbara: If you don't mind, Craig.

Craig: You're not allowed to handle anything you could use as a weapon?

Barbara: Drop dead.

Craig: You're not interested in what's on the table?

Barbara: And what's on the table besides your tiresome conversation?

Craig: Business! Business. Your lucky day.

Barbara: How's that?

Craig: Your offer.

Barbara: My offer? Oh, my offer to buy you out of Street Jeans?

Craig: Yep. So I can get away and you can work with your precious daughter.

Barbara: Oh, that offer. The offer you said you wouldn't give the time of day to. You know what? You're twitching. That's as close as you get to groveling. Maybe I do have a few minutes just to listen to this.

Craig: Well, that's all you get before I change my mind.

Barbara: What do you want, Craig?

Craig: To come to terms.

Barbara: Why? You didn't want to listen to the offer before. What's changed? Oh, no, have you been embezzling again?

Craig: What?

Barbara: Have you been stealing from the company? [Craig chuckles] Is the roof about to cave in at Street Jeans and you want to get out before --

Craig: Oh, Street Jeans is already the most profitable division of Worldwide.

Barbara: Then, why do you want out? What's changed? We're not going one step further until you tell me why.

Craig: Yes, things have changed.

Jennifer: Oh. I mean, come on. I know Mike is amazing, but he's still human.

Katie: Yes, but he wants to forgive you. That's gonna go a long way.

Jennifer: Yeah, sure, but -- but he's still going to have the image. You know? And what if every time he looks at me, he thinks about it, and he sees me with Craig?

Katie: He might.

Jennifer: Oh, I was afraid you would say that.

Katie: Well, you're not helping your own cause very much with the tears. I mean, you're making it look as though you think you should be driven out of town. If you can't look at Mike without thinking about what happened, how is he going to forget it? He's not.

Jennifer: So, you're saying it starts with me.

Katie: Yeah, a big part does. I mean, it's Mike, you know? And he's a guy.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Katie: He doesn't want to think about this. He wants everything to be normal again. He wants the girl that he fell in love with, right?

Jennifer: Right.

Katie: So, give him that. Look at Mike every day and see Mike. Not that lowlife human that you'd rather forget.

Jennifer: Is it hard for you to think of your brother that way?

Katie: You can ask that with your mother?


Jennifer: Oh. Yeah. I'm real glad that you came over here to blow me out of the water.

Katie: Well, I wasn't aiming directly at you. Exactly. I just care a lot about Mike, and I wanted to make sure he was okay.

Jennifer: He's really lucky to have you for a friend. And me, too. You know, I didn't really have a lot of girl friends growing up. Wasn't really encouraged in my house.

Katie: Yeah, my mom used to think that only men counted, too. Luckily, I had Margo when I got a little older.

Jennifer: I had models. Yeah, they'd stick pins in your shoes and steal your job from you.

Katie: Well, I guess I'm up on you with that one. So, I'll try to be a good girl friend. Mike does loves you. And he still thinks that you can make him happy. And so, you can. And you will. You're okay, Jennifer.

Mike: Hey.

Katie: Hi.

Jennifer: You're back.

Mike: What's up?

Katie: Oh, I just stopped by.

Mike: You were in the neighborhood?

Katie: Kind of. I just wanted to come by and say hi to you guys. And, yeah, so I kind of drove out of the way --

Jennifer: And she knows, Mike.

Mike: What?

Jennifer: All about Craig.

Katie: The jerk.

Mike: Yeah, he is. Did you know about this today, before you came over?

Jennifer: You know, its okay with me that she knows, as long as you're not upset by it.

Mike: Yeah, I -- whatever. As long as you're okay.

Jennifer: I am. I was real glad that she was here.

Mike: Okay.

Katie: Oh, I should get going, but -- I'm here anytime, so give me a call.

Jennifer: Well, you know, you could stay for dinner, eat something, you know? I thought you were going to get some food.

Mike: Yeah, I didn't there was something else I had to do.

Craig: Sierra and I had a disagreement over a strategy, but it's not about that. It's really about what kind of father, what kind of husband I was.

Barbara: But either way, you lose every time.

Craig: Oh, you are relentless.

Barbara: Don't you think it's time you stopped sponging off your ex-wives as a starting point to a more dignified life?

Craig: Oh, you would know.

Barbara: Do you really think it's wise to insult someone that you need?

Craig: I never said that.

Barbara: But it's true all the same, isn't it?

Craig: I want my freedom.

Barbara: Well, then you need me to buy it for you.

Craig: No. But maybe we can make a deal.

Barbara: I had my lawyers draw up papers before our meeting the other day. I think you'll find the terms quite generous.

Craig: Straight buy-out.

Barbara: Meaning?

Craig: You pay me, I leave Street Jeans.

Barbara: As long as you no longer conduct business with my daughter, or any member of my family. That's the only string.

Craig: You can have them. Send the papers to my lawyer.

Barbara: I'll make the call.

Craig: Now don't tell Jennifer or Sierra, yet. They'll want me to stay. [Barbara laughs] Don't laugh. It's a big loss to your daughter. I hope you're prepared for the consequences.

Barbara: Do you think she'll be mad at me? You know, I have walked through fire for my children before and never once been thanked. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

Craig: Then we can work it out?

Barbara: Oh, yes. We will.

Craig: Good. Kim, long time.

Kim: Hi, yes, yes.

Craig: It was good to see you.

Kim: Thank you. You, too. Sorry I'm late.

Barbara: It's okay.

Kim: So, what was that all about?

Barbara: Oh, someone let Craig out of his cage.

Kim: I thought you were furious with him.

Barbara: As always.

Kim: So then, why do you look like the cat who swallowed the canary?

Barbara: I just did what had to be done.

J.J.: Dad!

Jack: Hey, buddy. I didn't realize you were going to be here.

J.J.: I made a wish and this is it!

Jack: Really? Me, too.

Keith: Hey, J.J., you know what? I need to talk to Jack for a second.

J.J.: Go ahead.

Keith: Well, I need to do it alone. It's kinda, you know, grown-up stuff.

Jack: Listen, why don't you guys go get a couple of cookies over there? Go. And I want the change back. And be nice to each other, please. What?

Keith: I know how much you love J.J. Listen, I know things have been rough on you right now with losing him and your wife going to jail.

Jack: Yeah, we've had better weeks.

Keith: I can't believe that you really ended up arresting her.

Jack: Really?

Keith: Yeah.

Jack: You pretty much guaranteed it, didn't you, Keith? Lily's magical confession letter. Once you turned that in, we had to go with it.

Keith: You don't think the evidence is legit?

Jack: I had a forensics team in there twice going through Juliaís apartment with a fine-tooth comb. There's no way they would've missed it.

Keith: So what don't you believe -- the letter or me?

Jack: I think the letter is bogus. And I think you had a part in it.

Lily: Hey. How'd it go?

Carly: Fine. Good. My lawyer said that your testimony will definitely help. He said that if I plea bargain, I might not have to spend any time in jail at all.

Lily: Thank goodness.

Carly: Yeah.

Lily: Oh, thank God for that.

Carly: You really are glad.

Lily: Of course. I feel terrible about putting you in this position.

Carly: You just -- you just did what you had to do. I know that I've been hard on you. I'm sorry. It's just, I've been so afraid that I was going to end up in prison without my family. But I get it. You want to protect your son. What mother wouldn't?

Lily: So, you get bail now, right?

Carly: I'm -- I'll know soon.

Lily: You know, it's probably time to plant those bulbs that I got you for Christmas. You put them in the backyard, in your garden --

Carly: You're not actually going to talk about my garden now, are you?

Lily: I can't talk about Julia anymore. What happened that night? I've talked about it so much. I just need a break. Can you understand that?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, okay, in a minute, I just -- there's something that I need you to tell me. Just me. No one else.

Barbara: Pull the file on that deal that we were talking about the other day, and send a contract over to the attorney. No, today, right now. Okay, fine, I'll be over there soon.

[Barbara sighs]

Kim: Well, sounds as if you're going to miss the lobster claw lunch.

Barbara: I am sorry. I know we had planned on spending the entire afternoon together, but something's come up.

Kim: Hmm, having to do with Craig.

Barbara: Well, it's business.

Kim: Hmm.

Barbara: Important business. For a good cause.

Kim: Hmm.

Barbara: Don't give me that look, Kim.

[Kim chuckles]

Kim: I just wonder how many times I've heard that song and dance from you, in some way, shape, or form.

Barbara: I can't talk about this deal until it's closed, but when I tell you about it, you'll be very happy for me, and happier for Jennifer.

Kim: For Jennifer? Oh, no.


Barbara: "No" what?

Kim: Look, you said you wanted to have lunch together so we could get past our differences and mend the family, but nothing has changed. Not if you got some cockamamie scheme going to win your kids back. Because if you do, we know how that goes, don't we?

Barbara: Do you think I've learned a thing?

Kim: It's debatable.

Barbara: You don't think there's a part of me that loves my children unconditionally? A part that would do anything for them without expecting a reward?

Kim: That is such a loaded question. Listen, kiddo, I have a feeling that you are itching for redemption, and you're gonna get it any place you can find it. And you're probably well on your way to doing some foolish thing just because it gives you hope.

Barbara: I also know that there are people out there setting traps for my children just because they are Barbara Ryanís children. Now, I'm not going to let Jennifer fall into one of those traps. So you can call it foolish if you like, but I'm going to do what I have to do, and make sure that she is safe. That's all that matters.

Mike: Look, I'll tell you all about it later. Right now, I'm gonna walk Katie out. Just get your stuff unpacked and then we'll sit down and talk.

Jennifer: Sure. I'll see you, okay?

Katie: Okay. See you. Okay, um -- bye.

Mike: No, wait, wait, wait. Thank you.

Katie: For what?

Mike: For today.

Katie: Why? I came over here, ready to throw Jennifer out that door, and all her cute little shoes and ripped-up jeans out after her.

Mike: Obviously, you went with plan B.

Katie: Yeah.

Mike: Well -- whatever you said, I really think you helped her, so -- thank you.

Katie: You want to know what I said.

Mike: I don't have to know.

Katie: But you want to and you're dying to.

Mike: Yeah. It might help. You know, I don't want to violate some confidence.

Katie: I told her to forget about it. Get over it, and be the girl that you fell in love with. And that if you could find it in you heart to forgive her, then she needs to forgive herself. And then, maybe you can both forget about it. Can you?

Mike: Can I what?

Katie: Forget about it? I mean, I'm asking you this as a friend, Mike. Can you live with what Jenniferís done? No, you know what? That's not a fair question. I'm just gonna say I hope you can.

Keith: Let me understand this. If the evidence isn't credible, you don't have to use it, right?

Jack: Most of the time, yeah. But see, someone's been making a lot of noise to some of the higher-ups in the department that I can't be fair in this case, so I'm not allowed to use my instincts here.

Keith: Your instincts -- they say that Lily's innocent, huh? Okay. That's what I thought.

J.J.: Dad, can you help us choose?

Parker: We have to go now.

J.J.: Not yet. Please?

Keith: No, come on, we -- we gotta let Jack go.

J.J.: No.

[Jack clears throat]

Jack: I want you to remember something -- hmm? You remember what I told you? That no matter where you go, I'm always going to be with you. Okay?

Les: There's my boy.

J.J.: No.

Les: Hey there, J.J. Daddy's home.

Luke: Dad. You saw Mom?

Holden: Yeah.

Luke: And?

Holden: She's okay. She's holding up.

Luke: Well, did you and Ms. Griffin help her?

Holden: We couldnít. We're gonna have to come up with another plan. Luke, I haven't given up on your mother. And I wonít.

Carly: I've been in this with you since the beginning. From the moment that Julia started to go after Holden, right up until the night that she was -- that she died. And I know you, Lily. And so, I'm confused. When you came to me, you told me that Julia had had an accident, that she was alive when you left her. And I looked in your eyes, and I believed you. Now, I understand that -- how you have to say that that was a lie. But I need to know --

Lily: Why do we have go over this again?

Carly: Because I need to know. Did I help cover up a murder?

Lily: You mean, did I use you? The only friend I've had in all of this? Did I lie to you, did I miss use your trust so you'd help me cover my crime?

Carly: That doesn't sound like Lily Snyder.

Lily: Who's that?

Carly: Look, what's done is done. You've made your decisions. I've made mine. I'm going to be okay. But I just need to know -- between us -- you didn't kill Julia, did you?

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Les: The law's on my side, for once. So, why don't you step aside and let me have my boy?

Lily: But I will tell you the whole story. Because someone should know the truth.

Lucinda: I don't care what you believe. You just keep believing it. But I'm not gonna let my daughter be locked away -- not without a fight.

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