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Mike: Okay, tell me what you have to tell me, but make it quick, because this is a really good present.

Jennifer: Well, um --

Mike: Okay, that's not quick enough. Come on. All right, look, I promise to be the perfect boyfriend and listen to everything you have to say right after you open this.

Jennifer: This is so sweet.

Mike: Well, if I'd known the bow was gonna get to you, I would have made it bigger. Jen?

Jennifer: I really, um -- I have to tell you this, okay?

Mike: Okay. What's the matter? Is it something to do with Singapore? Is it work or something?

Jennifer: The night of the Street Jeans party --

Mike: What about it?

Jennifer: The reason that I didn't come back here --

Mike: Jen, I told you -- I told you, I'm really -- I'm fine with that. Okay, you were ticked, and you had every right to be, me walking out on you like that. So, you took a night for yourself.

Jennifer: I wasn't by myself, Mike! I was with Craig. All night.

Casey: I was thinking Saturday, movie, maybe a late snack at Metro.

Celia: How late? Knowing my brother, I'll have a 6:00 curfew.

Casey: Okay, I was thinking Saturday matinee, lunch. How about that?

Will: I think you let him get off easy. You should make him buy you flowers and candy.

Casey: Dude, stay out of this. So?

Celia: So, ask my brother.

Rafael: No. No, I don't have any hotel experience, but I'm a quick learner. And if you just -- no --

Celia: Maybe now is not such a good time.

Will: Yeah, Case, let's go.

Casey: You want me to give up without even trying? I mean, how lame would that be? Don't worry. I can handle your brother.

Celia: Since he lost the job at Metro, he's having a hard time finding another one. So, he's kind of grumpy.

Will: Why don't you just wait until he's in a better mood?

Casey: We could be, like, 30 by then. Hey, Rafael, what's going on?

Rafael: Where's my sister?

Casey: Around. Can I talk to you?

Rafael: What, Casey? What do you want?

Casey: I'm sorry. I don't mean to bug you. Look, can I take Celia out to a movie on Saturday?

Rafael: No. No, it wouldn't be okay. Now go away. Please.

Will: At least you gave it a shot.

Celia: Maybe you can ask again later. After Rafael gets another job.

Casey: Yeah, but that shoots down the movie. I mean, your brother's not going to get a job by Saturday.

Will: Maybe there's a way.

Alison: No way!

Will: But you'd really be helping Casey out.

Alison: Aaron fired Rafael. I can't rehire him.

Will: Yeah, but Caseyís dying to take Celia out. You know how that is -- being in love, you know. And the only thing standing in their way is Rafael. He's so mixed up about his job situation right now, he won't even let Casey ask for a date.

Alison: We're so busy, we could use the help.

Will: Well, will you talk to Aaron?

Alison: Well, now's a bad time. Aaron's got family stuff to deal with.

Will: I've been there. I am there. What kind of family stuff?

Alison: His brother got arrested.

Will: Luke? For what?

Alison: Murder.

Holden: I know what Luke has said, but I just don't think that he did this.

Tom: Well, we lifted his fingerprint off the corpse. How do you think that happened?

Holden: I don't know. Maybe he's trying to protect Lly.

Tom: Maybe lily's trying to protect him. Are you sure either way?

Holden: No, I'm not.

Aaron: Hi.

Holden: Hey, thanks for coming down.

Aaron: How's Luke?

Holden: Not good. Maybe you can change that.

Aaron: How?

Holden: By getting through to your brother. If he's lying about killing Julia, then we need to know. Maybe you can go in there and try and get him to tell the truth.

Lily: So, I'm going to do everything I can to help bring Luke home.

Faith: And he'll read me stories?

Lily: Yes, of course, he'll read you stories.

Faith: And Daddy will come home, too?

Lily: Well, I think what's going to happen is Daddy will come home with Luke, and he'll take care of you and Natalie. And then -- I think Mommy will have to go away for a little while.

Faith: Why?

Lily: I could've helped her, but I didnít. I could've called 911, but I didnít. I could've opened the door -- you were right there, knocking on the door -- I could've opened it and let you come in and help her, but I needed her to die. Because if she was dead, then I could get my life back.

Faith: Mommy, why are you going away?

Lily: Because it's the right thing to do.

Keith: Here, why don't you take a look at this?

Carly: What is that?

Jack: It's a letter to Julia.

Carly: Who's it from?

Jack: Lily.

Carly: Let me see it.

Jack: Where did you get this, Keith?

Carly: Let me see it.

Jack: Answer my question!

Carly: Jack, what is it? Why are you getting so upset?

Keith: Because it's a one-way ticket for you up the river. Premeditated murder of my sister.

Mike: Okay.

Jennifer: Is that it? Is that all that you have to say?

Mike: Is that all you have to tell me? I mean, I'm going a little crazy trying to fill in my own blanks here. Okay, you were with Craig, and what? You worked all night? You got drunk together?

Jennifer: I slept with him.

Aaron: Hey, bro.

Luke: Don't call me that. He's not my father, so you're not my brother.

Aaron: Being your brother, I don't think you meant it. What's going on with you?

Luke: I'm just so sick of people asking me the same questions over and over again. I killed Julia! Why can't anybody just believe that?

Aaron: Because we know you, Luke. I mean, I've seen you go out of your way not to step on a spider. You expect me to believe that you bashed Julia on the head?

Luke: Well, I did it.

Aaron: Okay, all right, you did it. So you might have lost your cool for a minute. Okay, maybe you got so mad you pushed her or something. But -- why aren't you sorry?

Luke: She deserved it.

Aaron: That boy deserved to lose his mother? Come on. Look, Luke, you didn't do it, okay? Even if you were that mad at Julia, that boy is just a little bit older than Faith, and I know you wouldn't do that to him. So, why are you lying about this? Luke, come on. You can tell me. I'm your brother. Listen to me. I won't tell anybody. I promise.

Luke: You promise? Like you kept your promise not telling anybody about the gloves?

Aaron: Dad was worried about you.

Luke: Well, look what happened! He turned me in to the cops. Aaron, I trusted you. You blew me out of the water. You know what? Just get out of here.

Aaron: Luke, Luke, come on --

Luke: Get out!

Aaron: He's not -- he's not going to listen to me. He found out that I told you about the night I saw him when she got murdered. He's not going to listen to me.

Holden: It's okay.

Aaron: I don't know what else to do.

Holden: That's fine. You should probably just head back to work.

Aaron: What are you guys going to do with him now?

Holden: I don't know. I don't know, but I'll let you know what happens.

Aaron: I wish I could stay.

Holden: Just go.

Aaron: All right.

Tom: Hey.

Holden: What happens now?

Tom: Given that he's going to plead guilty and waive his right to a trial, given that he's going to be sentenced as an adult, he could be in jail in a matter of days.

Holden: Is there any way I can stop this?

Tom: I don't think so. Officer Phelps?

Officer Phelps: Yes, sir.

Tom: Please take Luke Snyder back downstairs.

Holden: Tom, Tom, wait -- wait.

Tom: Hold on.

Holden: Give me one more chance, please?

Tom: Go ahead.

Holden: Luke.

Luke: Leave me alone.

Holden: I want you to look at me. Look at me! No more games! I want the truth. Did you kill Julia?

Luke: Yes.

Holden: No, you didnít. You didn't do it. I know you didn't do it. Luke, tell him. Tell tom. Tell him that you didn't do it. Tell him right now.

Luke: You think you can see the truth just by looking?

Holden: Yes.

Luke: Well, you're wrong! You don't see anything you don't want to see. You thought Julia loved you. She used you. You thought that J.J. kid needed you? We needed you. And you think I didn't kill Julia? That's all just wishful thinking.

Jack: J.J. Okay?

Keith: J.J. is fine.

Carly: Maybe you should bring him back inside.

Keith: No, I don't want him in your house. What, so he could listen to how you cover up his mother's murder?

Jack: I want to know where you got this.

Keith: I got this at Juliaís apartment.

Jack: It's sealed off, Keith. That's impossible.

Keith: Well, you know, they lifted the seals. I went there. I wanted to get some stuff for J.J.

Jack: Forensics went over that place twice. There's no way they would have missed this.

Keith: Well, your corrupt little police department seems to miss quite a few things. Now, I gotta go. Just make sure that everybody that's mixed up in my sister's death is brought to justice. So, do it!

Carly: Jack, what does that letter say?

Jack: It's dated before Juliaís death. It spells out Lily's plot to kill her.

Carly: No! That's ridiculous. It must be a forge or something.

Jack: It looks like Lily's handwriting to me.

Carly: May I see it?

Jack: What, so you can destroy it like all the other evidence in this case? I don't think so.

Carly: Jack -- Jack, Lily did not write that letter. I know she didnít. What? Where are you going? You're not going to arrest her, are you?

Jack: Later. Maybe. I got to get this to the D.A. before Luke is sentenced.

Carly: Jack, if Lily says that she planned it all --

Jack: It incriminates you, too. I know. I'll probably be late.

Carly: Jack --

Jack: I wish you didn't lie to me, Carly.

Carly: Something is not right here.

Will: Aaron's crazy about you. Do you really think he's gonna turn you down if you ask him?

Alison: I'm not gonna put him in that position, will. He's the manager, here. That's a serious thing. I can't ask him to step outside of that to do personal favors just for me, no matter how much I like Rafael.

Will: All right, well, if you don't at least try, what's going to become of Casey and Celia? They could both die old and alone.

Alison: Why are you in here all worried about Caseyís love life? You should get a girl of your own.

Will: Well, this is just practice for when I do have my own girlfriend. That way, you know, when I do, there won't be any worries.

Alison: But you'll still come to me for advice, right?

Will: Yeah, who else? Okay, here he comes. Now's your chance. Good luck.

Alison: But I didn't say I would --

Will: Bye, Aaron.

Alison: Hey. How's Luke?

Aaron: I messed up.

Alison: What happened?

Aaron: I messed up.

Alison: What are you talking about?

Aaron: This job, ali. This club. It's, like, taking over my life. At least it is with Luke. I mean, the poor kid's going through all these problems, and I see it, but I'm too busy to deal with it. And like today, we're at the police station, and I can't even stay to help them out because we're short on staff.

Alison: Okay, so we'll hire more people.

Aaron: I've tried, Ali. Okay, but who do you trust with the register and the stock?

Alison: Well, there's Rafael. I know that you fired him for completely good reasons, but we are shorthanded, and you need more time off, and he does know the drill around here. Can't you at least think about it?

Aaron: Did Rafi talk you into this?

Alison: No, I didn't even talk to him. But, I mean, it'll help you. It'll help me. It'll, obviously, help Rafael. And if he gets deported, won't you feel really, really guilty?

Aaron: I don't know. I don't know, Ali. He's got, like, this -- you know, this problem. Like this A.D.D. or whatever. You know what I mean? If he keeps obsessing over his sister 24 hours a day, taking him back might be more trouble than it's worth.

Rafael: Okay, bye. What -- what are you still doing here?

Casey: I was just getting ready to study with Celia.

[Rafael speaking Spanish ]

Celia: Rafael, that's rude!

[Cell phone rings]

Rafael: Hello.

Aaron: Hey, it's Aaron. Do you have time to swing by the bar?

Rafael: For what? Why?

Aaron: I'll tell you when you get here.

Rafael: Okay, yeah. Yeah, I'll see you. Listen, I got to go.

Celia: Okay, see you later.

Casey: So, where were we? See you, Celia.

Mike: He touched you? Craig Montgomery put his hands on you? I'll kill him.

Jennifer: No, Mike -- wait!

Mike: No, no, he forced himself on you -- is that it?

Jennifer: No, no! I was -- I was obsessed about you and Katie, and I was so afraid of losing you to her that I ended up going to Craig. And --

Mike: Yeah, and he took advantage of you.

Jennifer: No. No.

Mike: Jen, I have seen this guy around you. Okay, when he wants something, he corners you, and he pushes and he pushes, and he won't let up.

Jennifer: He didn't force me.

Mike: Okay, all right, all right. What do you want me to call it? Okay, you want me to say that he seduced you? Okay, it doesn't matter what you call it. It is obvious what he did. And when I find him, he's gonna be sorry.

Jennifer: No, listen to me, Mike!

Mike: What?!

Jennifer: He didn't come on to me. I went to him. He didn't make the first move. I did.

Holden: I had some doubts, but not anymore. I've been looking for a sign from my son, and I think I finally got it. He didn't do this, tom.

Tom: You keep saying that, Holden, but he hasn't wavered from his story since we brought him in here.

Holden: When I asked him outright, he couldn't look at me. I know what that means. He is hiding something. If you can just give me a little more time, I think I can get him to say the words. Just a little more time.

Tom: I can't do it, Holden.

Holden: You're the D.A.

Tom: I'm not the judge. Do you think I want to see this young boy charged as an a adult and carted off to some federal penitentiary? I've known him since he was born. He's younger than my son.

Holden: I know that you're trying to help.

Tom: He's got our hands tied, Holden, with this confession. Even if he changes his mind now, we can't stop what's already been set in motion. Without corroborating evidence that someone else killed Julia, I can't do it, Holden. I can't turn this around.

Jack: Maybe we can.

Tom: What have you got there, Jack, evidence?

Holden: Something that might help Luke?

Jack: It isn't conclusive.

Holden: We'll take anything we can get. This is Lily's handwriting.

Jack: Yeah, I know that, Holden. You might not want to look at that.

Tom: What is that?

Jack: It's a letter.

Tom: Written by Lily? To whom?

Jack: Julia.

Tom: I need to see that. Holden?

Holden: "I've never despised another human being as much as I hate you. You've taken my husband, and I'm going to kill you for it."

Lily: What are you doing here?

Carly: What's with this idiotic letter to Julia, huh?

Lily: They found my letter?

Carly: Oh, drop the act. I know exactly what you're trying to pull.

Lily: I thought I was in the clear, because when the letter never surfaced, I figured that Julia destroyed it.

Carly: Hey, this is me you're talking to. I know that letter is a fake, and I'm going to make sure that the cops and the D.A. and the judge know it, too.

Lily: You have to stay out of this.

Carly: I'm already in it! I'm up to my eyeballs in it! You may be willing to spend the rest of your life in jail, but I'll be damned if you're taking me with you.

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Carly: You wanted Julia gone, but I had to drag you into it, kicking and screaming.

Lily: And thanks to you, my son could spend the rest of his life in jail.

Mike: I understand. And sometimes, no matter how much you want something or no matter how hard you try, there are just some things that you cannot forgive. And you cannot forget.

Lily: I never should have written that letter. I just wanted to scare Julia out of town --

Carly: Save your performance for the cops. I know there is no way you would have written a letter like that.

Lily: Where did they find it?

Carly: What, you mean you forget where you left it?

Lily: Just tell me, please.

Carly: Her brother claims that he found it in her apartment.

Lily: I should've known that they would check her things.

Carly: Oh, stop it. Keith did not find that letter. You somehow convinced him to tell that story and to bring the letter to Jack.

Lily: I have to go to the police station. I have to get a sitter for the girls. Could you please let yourself out?

Carly: You did not write that letter, Lily. At least, not while Julia was alive. And you did not deliberately kill Julia.

Lily: I'm sorry if you're disappointed in me.

Carly: I was there, remember? You wanted Julia gone, sure, but every time it came down to doing something even slightly shady to accomplish that, I had to drag you into it, kicking and screaming.

Lily: Yes, you did. And thanks to you, my son could spend the rest of his life in jail.

Carly: I know you want to save Luke.

Lily: No, you don't know anything. I wrote that letter to Julia because I wanted her dead. And I made good on my promise.

Carly: It was an accident.

Lily: No, I told you that. I needed your help to clean up the apartment and destroy the evidence.

Carly: Well done. You have memorized this quite convincingly. Too bad none of it is the truth.

Lily: Well, there's no way you can prove that. So please leave my house. Or do you want to be here when the police come by and take me away in handcuffs?

Carly: I will prove you're lying, Lily. I will prove it.

Keith: You know, I think we'll just wait here for Lisa, okay?

J.J.: I don't want to leave and say good-bye to everybody.

Keith: I know. Well, you don't have to say good-bye now. We're not going to Chicago for, you know, a little while.

J.J.: I don't want to leave at all. I want to stay here. I don't want to leave Dad.

Keith: You know, J.J., I know you like Jack. But you know what? He's not really your father.

J.J.: Yes, he is. Mom said.

Keith: You know, I know this is going to be really rough on you, but we're gonna work it all out. You know, I'm your uncle and I love you. And I'll be there for whatever you need for as long as you need it. Okay?

J.J.: Why can't we just stay here?

Keith: Because bad things happen in this town. They do. So, we just gotta get out of here. We gotta put the bad things behind us.

Jennifer: Afterwards, I -- I guess I was pretty drunk and I'd passed out. And when I woke up, it was morning, and I -- and then I realized what --

Mike: I don't wanna hear any more of this.

Jennifer: Do you want me to go? Mike, at least let me try to explain.

Mike: How can you explain this?!

Jennifer: I don't know! But maybe if I -- if I keep talking, then the right words will come out, and that you'll --

Mike: What?!

Jennifer: You'll believe me when I tell you that I know what I did was wrong and stupid and horrible! And I am so ashamed! And I'm sorry. Mike, you know that you are the only --

Mike: Don't, don't!

Jennifer: I thought that maybe you would understand. Because of Katie.

Mike: What?!

Jennifer: Because something almost happened that night with you.

Mike: And that makes what you did right?

Jennifer: No! I'm just -- I'm saying that you were tempted!

Mike: But I didn't sleep with her! I didn't even kiss her, Jen!

Jennifer: I know! I'm the one who betrayed our relationship, not you! And I know that there is the difference! But -- you told me that the weird thing about that night with you and Katie was that you realized how much you cared for me. And that's what's happened with me, Mike. The thing with Craig -- it was this hideous mistake. But it made me see how much I care about you, how much I love you and how much I can't stand to think of losing what we have. You remember -- you remember what you said? You said that -- that people, even people in love, are not perfect. That you can hurt someone and still love them. Please remember that, Mike. Remember what you said.

Mike: I remember. I also remember what I did.

Jennifer: You did -- you did the right thing. You left Katie, and you came home to me --

Mike: I'm not talking about Katie! I'm talking about something I once did to a different woman that I was supposed to love. I slept with her cousin, and it was -- it was a terrible mistake. You know, a one-night thing, like you and Craig. Too bad that didn't make Molly feel any better.

Jennifer: But you -- you tried explaining to her, right? Like I'm trying.

Mike: Yep. Yep. But she could not see past it. She could not forgive me. Time didn't make it any better. Apologies didn't make it any better. Guess I never really knew how she felt until right now.

Jennifer: Well, now that you've seen both sides, maybe you can understand.

Mike: I understand -- that sometimes, no matter how much you want something or no matter how hard you try, there are just some things that you cannot forgive. And you cannot forget.

Jennifer: So you're saying that, even though you made the same mistakes, that you can't forgive me?

Mike: When Carly and I were together, we were friends. We had a history. We were hurting. But you -- you don't even like Craig.

Jennifer: I know.

Mike: It's not like we were broken up or something. We barely -- we barely had a disagreement. What are you gonna do the first time we get in a fight? You just gonna walk up to the first guy, crawl in bed with him? Oh, Jen.

Jennifer: No, no. And I thought the silent treatment was bad. Why didn't you just slap me across the face?

Mike: I could never hit you.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, why should you when calling me a whore is so much more effective?

Mike: No, I didn't mean for it to come out like --

Jennifer: Don't, don't, donít. Don't apologize. All right? In fact, just keep the insults coming. Because maybe then they'll be what I remember. And then I can just write you off. And I can remember you as a jerk instead of -- instead of knowing that -- you were what I've always wanted.

Mike: Jennifer.

Jennifer: No. Oh, don't say my name. Not like that. Please, don't say it like you did when you loved me. It'll just make what I have to do next so much harder.

Mike: What do you have to do next?

Jennifer: Leave. I'll pack a few things and then send for the rest tomorrow.


Will: Where's Casey?

Celia: Rafael practically dragged him out the door. Everything is terrible.

Will: Not for long, I bet.

Celia: What do you mean?

Will: I talked to Alison.

Celia: You got Rafael his job back?

Will: Not for sure, but maybe.

Celia: Thank you, Will. You are so cool.

Casey: Hey, dude. I think you're driving my car.

Rafael: Ali. Aaron.

Alison: I'll let you two talk.

Rafael: So what was your phone call about?

Aaron: I was just thinking that -- I was a little bit harsh the other day.

Rafael: Mm-hmm.

Aaron: I've just been overwhelmed with this job and my family. And maybe I was a little bit out of line. So I was just wondering if you -- if you wanted your old job back.

Rafael: No, I don't need your charity.

Aaron: It's not charity. It's a job. You come here. You work. You get paid. You go home. Do you want your job or not?

Rafael: Look, I'm not looking for any handouts. No, I don't want it.

Aaron: Fine.

Alison: What's the matter with you?

Rafael: Look, Ali, I'm not stupid. I know you talked Aaron into offering me my job back. He would have not done that on his own.

Alison: Yeah, sure, I talked to him, but --

Rafael: But nothing. I don't want your pity, okay?

Alison: You -- you -- man. You stupid, arrogant man. Why don't you put away your monster ego for like two seconds and take a look at the big picture? "A," you don't have a job. "B," Aaron has kindly and generously offered you your old job back, which was huge on his part -- huge. And it's totally not charity since, like he said, it's a job. It's not like you're getting something for nothing. And -- where was I?

Rafael: "C."

Alison: Right. "C," if you don't take this job, you're a total idiot, and I'm sorry I went to bat for you. And "D"? That's all I have to say.

Lisa: When you go to Chicago, you promise to come visit me?

J.J.: Can we? What's she doing here?

Keith: What do you want?

Carly: Details about that letter.

Keith: Well, you know, you'll read that when you're indicted.

Carly: You're being played, you know.

Keith: What are you talking about?

Carly: That letter that Lily wrote is completely bogus.

Keith: I'm supposed to believe you?

Carly: Well, that depends on whether you want somebody, anybody, tossed in jail for killing Julia or if you really do want that justice you keep yammering about.

Jack: Well, you've heard my suggestion. Sure you wanna be a part of it?

Holden: It won't work without me.

Tom: If Luke finds out you manipulated him --

Holden: Yeah, he'll hate me, but he'll be outta here. And I will take that all day long.

Jack: Carly thinks Lily faked the letter, Holden.

Holden: Jack, if Luke gets off, then --

Tom: Yeah, Lily goes to prison. So does Carly.

Holden: You sure you wanna be here?

Jack: Let's just see how it goes.

Tom: All right. Are we ready?

Luke: What do you guys need me for again? I'm through talking to you.

Tom: We have new information in this case.

Luke: What?

Jack: Evidence.

Luke: What kind of evidence?

Tom: We can prove that you were lying to protect your mother.

Luke: No, that's impossible. I killed Julia.

Jack: Not according to this.

Luke: What's that?

Tom: Why don't you read it?

Luke: It's fake.

Holden: You know that's your mother's handwriting.

Luke: She didn't write that.

Tom: We can verify that she did.

Jack: We found it among Juliaís things.

Luke: My mom didn't write that letter --

Jack: Why not, Luke?

Luke: Because I killed Julia.

Jack: Your mother wrote the letter, which proves that she planned to kill Julia all along. And that's exactly what she did, didn't she?

Luke: No.

Tom: Yeah, hey. I need a warrant sworn out for Lily Snyderís arrest. Any idea where Lily is right now?

Holden: She's at home with the girls.

Luke: No. No, you can't arrest Mom in front of Faith and Natalie. No, no, I killed Julia. I did it. You have to believe me.

Holden: You can stop this. You can protect Faith and Natalie.

Luke: How?

Holden: By telling the truth. And then I can go home and ask your mother to turn herself in. Don't you understand? You cannot protect your mother anymore, not after what really happened. You can't do it.

Rafael: Ali.

Alison: Don't talk to me.

Rafael: Look, Ali -- even to say I'm sorry?

Alison: I'm not the one that you should be apologizing to. Aaron's going through all kinds of stuff with his brother. And he apologized to you for overreacting. He was trying to take the high road. And instead of thanking him, you got your back all up because of your stupid pride. Well, you can't afford that kind of pride when you need a job.

Rafael: You're right.

Alison: Yes, I am. So -- go over there and ask him for the job.

Rafael: Maybe that's not such a good idea.

Alison: What now?

Rafael: Look, Ali, it'd be great being back here. You know, only -- well, Aaron and I would probably blow up at each other's face all over again. Nothing's changed. And I still have to look out for Celia.

Alison: And that's the only problem?

Rafael: The girl needs 24 hours a day watching her. The girl's wild.

Alison: Well, I know all about that. So let me help. I'll pitch in and keep her out of your hair.

Rafael: You'd do that?

Alison: Yeah, sure. We're a team -- you, me and Aaron.

Rafael: Okay. Thank you. Thank you, Ali.

Celia: I'm so glad you came back.

Will: We were just hugging, because --

Casey: Will, I was just kidding, man. I'm not mad at you. Why would I be?

Will: Right.

Casey: So, what's going on?

Celia: Will may have done something great for us.

[Cell phone rings]

Will: Hello?

Alison: Mission accomplished. Rafael is officially reemployed.

Will: That's great. Thanks, Ali.

Alison: Oh, there's one more thing. I told Rafael that I'd look after Celia sometimes. So if Casey and Celia want to go on a date, maybe we could all go and sort of make it like a group thing. Just until Rafael gets used to the idea of his sister going out with boys.

Will: You mean, you and me go with them?

Alison: Yeah. Will, are you there?

Will: Yeah.

Alison: Well, I've gotta go. We'll talk later.

Celia: What did Alison say?

Will: Rafael's got his job back at Metro, and you two are going on a date.

Casey: Cool.

Will: Only, not alone, not at first.

Casey: Don't tell me Rafaelís coming.

Will: No. I am. With Alison.

Casey: Cool.

[Jennifer sobbing]

Mike: It's cold outside.

Jennifer: I just have to say this one last time. I love you, Mike Kasnoff. I wish -- I wish the best for you. Always.

Mike: Stop.

Carly: First things first. Did you really find that letter like you said you did?

Keith: Well, you seem to have all the answers. What do you think?

Carly: I think that Lily gave you the letter. That she somehow convinced you to say that you found it.

Keith: How'd you come to that conclusion?

Carly: Well, I happen to know for a fact that Lily did not want Julia dead. Gone? Yes. Deceased? Absolutely not.

Keith: Well, you know what? Thank you for your theory.

Carly: I thought you wanted justice. I thought you wanted the right person to pay.

Keith: I do want justice! I want you and Lily behind bars.

Carly: Open your eyes. Think about it. If Lily really killed Julia, why did she come to you with the letter? She's just using you to make herself look guilty so she can get what she really wants -- to save her son.

Luke: No, I did it.

Tom: Between this letter and what your mom's already told us, the state can and will convict her in the murder of Julia Larrabee. And your confession's not gonna change that.

Holden: I know that you're trying to do the right thing. But if you keep lying, your mom won't go free, and neither will you. Protect your mom in a way that will do some good. Tell the truth.

Luke: Why did you guys have to find this letter?! Everything was fine --

Jack: You know what? This is enough, Luke. Did you kill Julia or not?

Luke: I --

Jack: Yes or no!

Luke: No, I didnít.

Lily: Of course, you didnít. I did.

Announcer: Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Lucinda: I don't care what you believe, but I'm not gonna let my daughter be locked away. Not without a fight.

Carly: You call Tom and tell him the truth. That you lied about the letter. That Juliaís death was an accident. 'Cause I'm not losing my husband and my children, because of you.

Mike: Don't go.

Jennifer: Why?

Mike: You walk out that door, that's it. It is over.

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