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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 3/15/05

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Jennifer: Wow! Well, now I know why no one was at the gatehouse.

Paul: Nothing left to guard.

Jennifer: Paul, what is going on?

Paul: Spring cleaning came a little early this year.

Jennifer: Oh, Paul --

Paul: Don't "oh, Paul" me. I'm a big boy.

Jennifer: But it still hurts.

Paul: Ah -- not for long.

Jennifer: Well, I'm glad you called. What can I do? Hmm? What do you need?

Paul: I didn't call you for me.

Jennifer: Yeah, right.

Paul: No, really, I'm gonna be fine. And from what I hear, you're the one that's in trouble.

Sierra: Oh, thank you.

Craig: Relocating the office?

Sierra: Well, for this morning, yes. You know, I have a lot of work to do, so you can just spare me one of your life lectures, all right?

Craig: I'm supposed to be meeting Jennifer. But she didn't show.

Dusty: And the other night? She was looking for you. What's going on with you two?

Aaron: We need to start every day like this.

Alison: Three hours late because we can't get out of bed?

Aaron: No can't -- wonít. It's a choice.

Alison: A good one.

Aaron: Uh-huh. If we could just get Rafi to open up every morning for us, we would be set.

Lou: No, you wouldnít. Rafael didn't show.

Aaron: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Rafi isn't here?

Lou: Not yet. I did the best I could opening up this morning.

Aaron: Thanks, Lou. Do you know what that was? Hmm? That was the last straw for Rafael Ortega.

Will: Got any pin-ups of Celia in there?

Casey: Come on. Screensaver on my laptop. That shot from her demo.

Will: Nice.

Casey: So what are you all happy about? Alison smile at you?

Will: Better. Things are cool again.

Casey: How'd you manage that?

Will: I defended her to my mom.

Casey: And Alison was all impressed by your forceful nature, huh?

Will: Hey, whatever.

Casey: You're her hero, man. Now if I could just be Celiaís hero.

Will: Dude, you are her hero. You got a car stolen being her hero.

Casey: Yeah, but I don't think her brother sees it that way.

Rafael: Glad it's a half day today.

Celia: Really? I don't think so.

Rafael: Well, yeah, I checked with the office. It is. So you be here, waiting for me, when class is over. Where're you gonna be when I come pick you up?

Celia: Here, waiting. Alone. With no friends. Because I look like a geek.

Rafael: Celia, only if you did. Only if you did. I'll see you later, okay? Be good.

Mean girl #1: Who let you into our bathroom?

Carly: There he is.

Jack: Hey, little man!

J.J.: Carly made me wear a tie.

[Jack laughs]

Carly: I did. I told him that all the men at the funeral would be wearing ties.

Jack: Yeah, she's right. You see my jacket over there? I've got a tie in the pocket.

J.J.: Really?

Jack: Really. All the guys are going to be wearing ties. 'Cause that's what your mother would like. And that's what today is all about. It's about what your mom would like.

Carly: And I'm sure she would think you look very handsome.

J.J.: So do we go to church now?

Jack: Soon. Soon. In the meantime, I think there's a little something in that jacket for a boy named J.J. you might want to check it out.

J.J.: Really?

Jack: Really. Go for it. Rough morning, huh?

Carly: Well, he hates doing what I ask even on your average day, but this -- this is much worse.

Jack: Thanks for being good to him. To both of us.

Carly: Come on, Jack. I'm happy to.

Jack: Happy enough to do me one more big favor?

Carly: Whatever you want.

Jack: Come with me to Juliaís service.

Lily: Oh.

Holden: Hi.

Lily: You look nice.

Holden: Thank you. I stopped by to talk to Luke.

Lily: He's not here.

Holden: Did he head to school early?

Lily: Uh, he's skipping school today. And don't worry. I did give him permission to stay home. It's a teachers' conference -- half day.

Holden: Then why isn't he here?

Lily: My mother sent a car for him, and he left before I could stop him.

Holden: You would've stopped him from seeing Lucinda?

Lily: When my mother is on the tear, yes. I would.

Holden: I can't believe how worried Lucinda was about Luke yesterday when I saw her. Maybe I ought to go over there and --

Lily: No, no, no, no. No, he's been through enough. You all just have to back off and leave Luke alone.

Luke: You rang, Grandma?

Lucinda: Yes. Yes, I did.

Luke: Ah, well, is there anything I can help you with?

Lucinda: Actually, all the chores have been done. In fact, I cleaned out the fireplace myself. And look -- look what I found in the fireplace.

Luke: Yeah? Well -- what is it?

Lucinda: This happens to be the remains of something I know belongs to your mother.

Luke: Really?

Lucinda: Luke, why were you burning your mother's glove?

Luke: Well, are you sure it's a glove?

Lucinda: Oh, yes.

Luke: Well, then maybe it's yours. Maybe it fell off, and you didn't even realize it.

Lucinda: No, I gave these gloves to your mother for Christmas. I recognize it.

Luke: Well, maybe my mom didn't like them. Maybe she was carrying some wood, and one came off.

Lucinda: Honey, you do know -- you do remember that your grandmother can fix anything in this world, right?

Luke: Yes.

Lucinda: Well, it seems to me that something is troubling you, and you can't fix it. But you could -- you could tell me. 'Cause I'm on your side. Your side.

Luke: You know what, grandma? I'm fine.

Lucinda: And I don't believe you.

Luke: My only problem is I have to be at a friend's house, and I'm late. I'll catch you later.

Lucinda: No, not if I catch you first! As I said yesterday, you know, I'm gonna find out. I always do.

Holden: Lily, I can't just stop worrying about Luke. He's still my son. No matter how much he hates me. And something is up with him.

Lily: You know what's up with him. And it cannot be fixed by a lecture or some rules. [Holden sighs] When was the last time you slept?

Holden: I don't know. Look, do I still have any say where our son is concerned? Or are you on this same kick with him about me not being his father?

Lily: Of course not! No. You've always been and always will be his father to me. And to Luke. He's just angry. Kids his age, there's always a lot of acting out.

Holden: Lily, come on. It's not like he's 5 and acting out. He's capable of real damage.

Lily: Okay, let's talk to him. Together. Why don't you come inside and sit down, and we'll wait for him to come home? I'll make you something to eat.

Holden: I canít. I've got to head over to Luthers Corners. We arranged a funeral service for Julia. And I need to get over there and set everything up.

Lily: Oh. You've arranged a funeral for Julia. I mean, on top of everything else that you're going through?

Holden: We did it for J.J. even though he doesn't completely understand, it'll help.

Lily: Will it help you? Even though you completely don't understand? This is -- this is a hard day for you. Will you let me help you? Why don't you let me come with you?

Carly: Jack -- I can't believe that you would actually want me at Juliaís service.

J.J.: Jack! I got it to work. And I found it, too.

Jack: Oh, great! Well, then you can keep it. Hey, listen, we've got some time before we go to church. So why don't you find a nice, quiet place where you can learn how to play it?

J.J.: Really?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, yeah, right. Right in here.

J.J.: Thank you so much!

Jack: You got it.

Carly: Wow. It's amazing how kids can shift, isn't it? They so want and need to be happy, they just go right for it.

Jack: And that's what I want for J.J. I want him to have as much happiness as he can get.

Carly: Well, of course you do. That's why I really don't think it's a good idea for me to be at that service. I do not offer him much comfort, Jack.

Jack: But he's warming up to you, honey. Especially with the way things are going right now. This is a good -- a good step --

Carly: Jack?

Jack: I want J.J. to stay with us, Carly. It can't be that big of a surprise. You know how I feel about him. And it's not like he has anywhere else to go.

Carly: I don't know what to say. I know that J.J.'s a good kid, and he's been dealt a really rotten hand. I agree with that. But you don't have any actual claim to him, Jack. We don't know what's gonna happen.

Jack: I have to take care of him, Carly. In my heart, he'll always feel like my son. And I don't want to let him down. So I have to step up. I have to find a way to keep him. Julia thought that I was the best father figure that he ever had.

Carly: All right. Let's just get through today first. Okay?

Jack: So you'll come to the service with me?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, I'll come. I know it won't help J.J. but if you want me there, I will come to Juliaís service.

Keith: You've got no business being at my sister's funeral, and you know it.

Mean girl #2: If she exhales, it's all over.

Mean girl #1: Those security tags will probably leave permanent dents in her thighs.

Mean girl #2: You think she stole them?

Mean girl #1: Either that or she's left them on so she can return them. I mean, come on. Blue light special.

Celia: This is my first day. I don't want trouble. But if you touch me again, I'll rip off those fake silk wraps that you call nails one by one.

Will: Hey, Celia.

Casey: Hey, where've you been? Classes are about to start.

Celia: I had to freshen up. Only thing is, I'm gonna need to get unfresh before Rafael comes back. If he found me wearing this, he'd kill me. This one's mine.

Casey: Well, we'll make sure you get back here in time to change. Right, Will?

Will: Yeah, sure.

Mean girl #1: Guess this one needs a friend at the D.A.'s office.

Casey: What?

Mean girl #1: Unless you actually paid for those clothes.

Mean girl #2: Watch your wallet, Casey.

Casey: What was that about?

Celia: Nothing. They're witches with bad manicures.

Casey: Come on. We don't want to be late. Forget 'em. Come on.

Rafael: Hey, sorry. Hey, sorry, sorry. You wouldn't believe what Celia pulled today. She wanted to go to school in those trashy clothes again. I say no. It's a big drama. We're almost late. I just wanted to strangle her.

Aaron: Slow down.

Rafael: I canít. My shift starts in two minutes.

Aaron: No, it started two hours ago. Do you remember that you were supposed to open up this morning?

Rafael: Oh, man. Aaron, I'm sorry.

Aaron: Yeah, well, thank God Lou had the key, or we'd just now be opening.

Rafael: Listen, it won't happen again.

Aaron: No, it wonít. It canít. I'm sorry, Rafi. You're fired.

Dusty: I'm not implying anything. I'm observing. Jennifer was very upset the other night, pounding on your hotel room door, looking for you. Now you can't find her.

Craig: Hmm. And once again, you just happened to be in the neighborhood?

Dusty: Yeah.

Craig: It is none of your business.

Dusty: Okay.

Sierra: And Dusty does have a point. Is everything all right between you and Jennifer?

Jennifer: I'm glad you called, whatever the reason.

Paul: Mommy dearest came by.

[Jennifer chuckles]

Jennifer: Yeah, well, I guess its better she came to you instead of Will. What's her version?

Paul: Well, you're in business with Craig Montgomery, so he's gonna use you up and spit you out and destroy your life before you even know what's coming.

Jennifer: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Pretty much what I told you about Montgomery myself.

Jennifer: The difference is, is that you weren't pawing at the earth and breathing fire.

Paul: Yeah. She left her teeth marks on the mantelpiece, because there was no furniture left for her to chew. So wait until you hear a solution to this crisis.

Jennifer: Oh. I'm sitting.

Paul: Destroy your company.

Jennifer: She has no shame.

Paul: None.

Jennifer: None.

Paul: None at all. She wants to destroy your company to save you and then build it back up.

Jennifer: In her image, I'm sure. Well, would you like to hear what actually happened?

Paul: I'm sitting, too.

Jennifer: We had the big PR event for Street Jeans.

Paul: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: She crashed it. Decided to get up and make a speech in the middle of my presentation. So Craig yanked her out of there, told her to butt out of our business. You know, he -- he actually protected me and the company.

Paul: Not to mention his position in the company.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, that's why Barbaraís on the warpath. If she doesn't -- it's not about me. It's always all about her.

Paul: I'm shocked. Doesn't mean she's wrong. You shouldn't be in bed with that guy.

Jennifer: What?

Paul: Oh, ew, no. What I mean is, I don't disagree with what Barbara has to say about Craig.

Jennifer: Well, you're both wrong. He's not the problem.

Paul: Well, then who is?

Jennifer: Me. I've -- I've messed it up.

Paul: Jen, what happened? What are you talking about?

Jennifer: It's not the business. I can handle that. It's -- it's just my personal life is a shambles.

Paul: Can't be any worse than mine. You got furniture to sit on? Big guy come by and pack up your coffeemaker? Jen, for whatever it is, you should tell me.

Jennifer: It's -- oh, Paul, I mean, Mike is so great. But there are things that he won't understand.

Paul: If he loves you, he'll understand anything.

Jennifer: No. No, there are limits. Maybe not in our family, but in the rest of the world. There is shame. There are lines. There is waiting. You could wait forever and not get another chance.

Paul: Okay. Jennifer, whatever it is that's pulling at you, you need to let it go. And whatever it is that you think that Mike won't understand, you need to make him understand. You need to forget about Craig. You need to forget about Barbara. And if Mike is your chance, then you need to take it.

Keith: You're the last person that my sister would want at her funeral.

Carly: Keith, I mean no disrespect at all to Julia.

Jack: Let me take care of this, Carly, okay?

Carly: All right, I will go and see if Emma can keep Parker and Sage, and then I will check on J.J.

Jack: Thank you.

Keith: Your -- your wife is being so sweet, all of a sudden. And you're buying it, right? You know what would be perfect? If she was to give the eulogy.

Jack: Give us a minute, will you? I brought you up here to make you an offer, Keith. If you want to say good-bye to your sister, you can come to the service.

Keith: Are you letting me go?

Jack: No. You'll have guards. I'll make it discreet.

[Keith sighs]

Keith: So you frame me so your wife and her friend can get away with murder, and you think I'm gonna sit in church with a bunch of hypocrites who treated my sister like dirt when she was alive, and now they're pretending like they care?

Jack: A lot of people cared about your sister, Keith, whether you want to think so or not.

Keith: Well, you know what? I'm going to honor my sister by sitting in my jail cell, saying a prayer for her.

Jack: Mr. Morrissey wants to go back down to his cell.

Keith: That's right. I do. But you know what? Let me tell you something here. My sister would still be alive and raising her kid if it wasn't for you. So don't ever forget that, because I wonít. She's dead because she followed you here. So while you're in church saying your prayers, you might want to say one for your own miserable soul.

Holden: Lily, I think it would be very strange for you to come to Juliaís funeral, given how you feel.

Lily: How I feel? I feel sorry for Julia. That she's dead. I feel sorry for J.J. That he doesn't have his mother anymore. And I feel my husband's pain. I mean, your pain has been my pain for half of my life. And I don't know if that ever changes, no matter what else doesn't happen. You really shouldn't be alone today. Okay? So I'll meet you at the church. I'll call around to get a babysitter. Okay?

Holden: Okay. I'll see you over there. Lucinda, hi. How did things go with Luke?

Lucinda: Not -- not really very good.

Holden: Really? All right. Well, I can't talk to you about it now. I have to take care of some things. I got to run. But I'll talk to you about it later, okay?

Lucinda: Okay. All right, Lily, just stand still, just for five minutes. You and I have to have a talk about Luke.

Lily: Mother, we've been through this already. You're making a big deal out of -- what is that?

Lucinda: This is what remains of the pair of gloves that I gave you for Christmas. I think you recognize that, don't you? I do. This is what Luke was burning in the fireplace. Now, please, tell me, why was your son trying to destroy your gloves?

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Paul: Whatever this thing is that you think you can't tell Mike, you need to tell him quickly.

Jennifer: I never said that there was a thing.

Carly: The fingerprint on the watch -- it wasn't yours, and it wasn't mine.

Lily: Then whose was it?

Carly: Who knows? It could be anybodyís.

Lucinda: Well, just answer my question. Why was your son trying to burn up your gloves?

Lily: I don't know.

Lucinda: Well, baby, let's have an educated guess.

Lily: I canít. Not -- not now.

Lucinda: Hey, now, what is more important than your son? What should have your attention more than he, at this point?

Lily: My husband. Any hope of putting my family back together. There's a funeral for Julia today.

Lucinda: You cannot be serious. Darling, you're not going to go to the funeral of that skanky brunette who ruined your family life?

Lily: I'm going there to support my husband. That's all that matters. You want to help Luke? You want to help me?

Lucinda: That's all I want to do, baby.

Lily: Then please baby-sit for a couple -- please, just for a couple of hours. You have some time, don't you?

Lucinda: Well, if I thought it was for a good cause, but this isnít.

Lily: It is, it is. Thank you. Now, I got to go.

Rafael: You're firing me?

Aaron: You've left me no choice.

Rafael: Look, I had to look out for her. But it'll be different now. There will be a routine. I won't let you down again, I promise.

Aaron: That's what you said last time. Am I right, ali?

Alison: Aaron's got to know that you'll do what you say you'll do. He has a right to expect his employees to show up when they're supposed to.

Aaron: Well, great. We're supposed to meet my dad at Juliaís funeral.

Alison: Go ahead.

Aaron: Well, we can't now. I mean, there's too much setting up to do that wasn't done this morning.

Alison: I'll do it. Go on. Tell Holden I send my best.

Aaron: Okay. Thank you. And come back next week and get your last check, okay?

Craig: Everything is fine with Street Jeans. Everything is fine with Jennifer, so don't worry, Dusty. I think you have enough to keep you occupied.

Dusty: No more going on with me and Sierra than there is with you and Jennifer. [Craig chuckles] No doubt, something is up with him.

Jennifer: Love Mike, go home, go to work. I wish it could be that simple.

Paul: Do you love him?

Jennifer: Yeah. I mean, it took me a while to admit it. I was sure I would lose, you know -- but he -- he's just a normal guy, Paul. You know, just a good, solid guy.

Paul: And he loves you?

Jennifer: Yeah. I think so.

Paul: Is there someone else?

Jennifer: No. I mean, not now. There -- there was Katie. But he was -- he was really honest about everything, how he felt. You know?

Paul: Sounds like that hurt.

Jennifer: It did, sometimes. But he never went behind my back. You know, and I -- he couldn't lie to me.

Paul: Really?

Jennifer: Really.

Paul: Well, then you should do the same.

Jennifer: What?

Paul: You should be honest with him. Whatever this thing is that you think you can't tell Mike, you need to tell him quickly.

Jennifer: I never said that there was a thing.

Paul: Right.

Jennifer: Look, Paul, I'm not so sure that honesty is always the best virtue. You know, when he was trying to figure out how he felt about Katie, if he had slipped at some point or done something that he regretted before choosing me, I don't think that I would want to know about that slip.

Paul: You'd know.

Jennifer: Not if he didn't tell me.

Paul: No, you'd know. You'd feel it, even if he said -- even if he never said a word, you'd know. Its better, Jennifer, to just be honest.

Jennifer: How can you be so sure? I mean, what if Rosanna had been honest? What if she had been up front right away in telling you that she couldn't forgive you for Cabot? I mean, you wouldn't have had a wedding. You wouldn't have all these wonderful, happy times. Would that be better?

Paul: That would be better. That would be better than the pain.

Jennifer: Paul, then you would just be numb.

Paul: Numb sounds pretty good right about now, Jennifer.

Jack: Hey, what are you doing back here?

Carly: Oh, I was just giving J.J. a minute with Holden. What took you so long?

Jack: Oh, a long, drawn-out battle with the D.A.'s office. I had to let Keith go.

Carly: What?

Jack: No, not enough evidence to charge him with murder.

Carly: Then you'll find some.

Jack: I tried, honey. Look, I still see him as my number-one suspect. It's just that I got to consider all the options.

Carly: Such as?

Jack: Such as maybe the reason I can't find any solid evidence on Keith is because he didn't do it.

Carly: Why don't you go and spend some time with J.J., too? All right? I'll be right there.

Jack: Okay.

Carly: Hey, what are you doing here?

Lily: I'm here for Holden, for moral support. It's okay. He knows that I'm here.

Carly: You need to start looking out for yourself. You need to be strong.

Lily: What?

Carly: They let Keith go. The investigation is open again. But they have nothing putting us at the scene. The fingerprint on the watch -- it wasn't yours, and it wasn't mine.

Lily: Then whose was it?

Carly: Who knows? It could be anybodyís. It could be old. Who says it's from the night of --

[Lily coughs]

Holden: Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Holden: They're ready to start.

Carly: Okay, thanks.

Holden: Are you sure you want to be here?

Lily: Yeah, absolutely.

Minister: Good afternoon. We are here today to remember and to honor Julia Larrabee -- a woman who had a passion for life, who seized every day and lived it to the fullest, a mother who loved her son with all her heart. Julia was part of our lives for only a short time. But sometimes that's all it takes. The most memorable encounters can be very brief, but their effects can ripple through the rest of our days. In this way, Julia Larrabee will always be with us.

Luke: Mom? Mom? What are you doing here?

Lucinda: Oh, good to see you, too, darling. I'm just here babysitting.

Luke: Where's my mom?

Lucinda: She had to go out.

Luke: Well, you asked her about the gloves, right?

Lucinda: Uh-huh. We didn't get a chance to talk about them, so you've got one more chance to come clean, young man.

Luke: Where'd she go?

Lucinda: She went to the church at Luthers Corners. She went to the funeral of whatever her name is.

Luke: Oh, get out. She went to that?

Lucinda: Yeah, get out. No, I'm not going to get out. I'm going to stay. Yes, she did go.

Luke: Damn it.

Lucinda: Luke --

Luke: That's the last place my mom should be right now. Why'd you let her go?

Lucinda: It wasn't me to make that decision. She felt she should be with your father.

Luke: Right.

Lucinda: Luke? Honey?

Alison: You okay?

Rafael: Am I? Ali, I just got fired.

Alison: I'm sorry.

Rafael: You are, huh? Then why'd you take Aaronís side?

Alison: Because he was right. But I'm still your friend. And so is Aaron.

Rafael: You could've fooled me.

Alison: Look, I can talk to him.

Rafael: You will?

Alison: Yeah, I'll talk to him. But we have to show him how reliable you can be. You help me get this place ready for the dinner crowd tonight. We make everything perfect, and he'll be impressed. We have a few hours, though.

Rafael: Yeah, okay. But I'll be back in 20 minutes.

Alison: What?

Rafael: Listen, it's a half a day. I have to get Celia. But I'll pick her up, I'll bring her back here, and I'll get everything ready for tonight. I promise.

Celia: There were at least three nice girls in every one of my classes.

Will: What about nice guys? You have to have guy friends, too.

Celia: Nice guys are easier to find than nice girls. But I have you. And Will. So why do I need more guy friends?

Casey: You donít. We're it. We are the only male friends you will ever need.

Celia: No.

Casey: What?

Celia: My backpack. With my ugly, baggy, big-brother clothes -- it's gone!

Casey: Wait. Did you lock your locker?

Will: Yeah. We watched her.

Celia: Somebody broke into my locker?

Casey: Wait. You sure you didn't, like, leave it in a class or --

Celia: I'm sure. Guys, what am I gonna do? Rafael will kill me. Then he'll never let me out of the house again!

Minister: The darkness deepens lord, with me abide when other helpers fail and comforts flee help of the helpless oh, abide with me

Holden: Hey, thanks for coming.

Aaron: Ali would have been here, too, but she's taking care of Metro. You okay? Stay strong, okay?

J.J.: I'll look for you in the stars every night. Wave to me so I can see you, Mom. I miss you.

Casey: Okay, first, you hide in the bathroom in case your brother comes around, okay?

Celia: Okay. But, please, you have to find my clothes.

Casey: Don't worry. We will.

Will: Sit tight. Run interference.

Casey: You have a plan?

Will: Yeah. I think I know exactly where that backpack is. Just stay here and deny everything.

Rafael: Hey, Hughes. Where's my sister?

Paul: Thank you for coming by.

Jennifer: Oh, yes -- I was a real pick-me-up.

Paul: Jennifer, I would really love to see you happy. I really want that for you.

Jennifer: Yeah, I would just have to give up everything I have.

Paul: Give up the bad stuff. But keep Mike.

Jennifer: If I can.

Paul: Of course you can. Jennifer, listen to me. The reason that your business is a success is because of you. Not Craig. Keep Mike. Start a new business, one that has nothing to do with Craig or Barbara. Come on, you're a big girl now. You can fly solo.

Jennifer: Can I still call you with questions?

Paul: Absolutely. You get those two wackos out of your life, and you can call me anytime you need anything.

Jennifer: I'll hold you to it.

Paul: Please do.

Jennifer: And I will come by and visit again soon. I'm -- I am glad you're moving back to your apartment. Because this brooding hermit thing, it's really not very pretty. So you get three weeks. Tops.

Paul: I've got to take one quick last look around. Maybe you can see yourself out?

Jennifer: Sure.

[Cell phone rings]

Jennifer: Hello?

Craig: Jennifer? We had a meeting, and you forgot. Now, listen, I have our next world conquest, but we have to talk about it.

Paul: Of all the things you would choose to leave behind, Rosanna?

[Paul sighs]

[Paul exhales]

Dusty: Just take a look at the expansion proposal and get back to me. E-mail's good.

Sierra: No, it's not. Look, Dusty, I owe you an apology. I shouldn't let Craig get to me. Look, you are my friend. And I trust you, and I rely on you.

Dusty: That's good.

Sierra: So we're okay?

Dusty: Yeah.

Sierra: Good.

Dusty: You know, what I said about Jennifer -- what I saw -- is true. That's why I said it. Craig had no answer for it. You notice? Something's not right at Street Jeans. Craig's going to screw up everything. You watch.

Jack: You can keep that with you, if you want. Come on.

Minister: Would anyone like to say something before we end?

Holden: I want to thank everybody for coming today. Julia -- she would have appreciated it. She was like that. She always appreciated the gesture, no matter how big or how small. And she was the kind of person who -- who noticed things. No matter what was going on in her life, no matter how full her plate was, she always knew what was going on with you. She was -- truly thoughtful.

Luke: That's garbage! She never thought about us! She wrecked my life. She wrecked our family!

Lily: Stop, Luke! Stop!

Luke: How can you listen to this?

Lily: Stop!

Luke: She -- she wrecked my life! She deserved to die!

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Jennifer: If you don't keep your mouth shut about the other night, then maybe it's best if you find another company to run.

Lily: Calm down. He's very upset.

Holden: Upset? He just interrupted a funeral -- he's beyond upset. Something is going on with you, and I want to know what it is.

Mike: Hey.

Katie: Is this a bad time?

Mike: Depends. What do you need?

Katie: You.

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