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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 3/14/05

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Mike: I woke up this morning, first thing I do is check the machine. There's not even a message. All right, I've been going out of my mind.

Jennifer: I didn't mean to make you worry.

Katie: I tried to tell him that you were probably okay.

Mike: Thank God. The last few hours have taken years off my life.

Katie: He's not kidding. When I ran into him at Java, he was a mess.

Mike: Where were you?

Jennifer: I was -- Mike --

Katie: Oh, I'll go get some O.J.

Mike: Hey -- look, I thought you were gonna be home after the party. And I realized it might run late, but -- look, I wake up at 5:30 in the morning and you are not there --

Jennifer: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Mike: Every bad scenario I've ever heard was running through my mind. All right, I even banged on Craig’s door, thinking he might have seen where you went.

Jennifer: I have to tell you something. But I want you to promise me something first.

Mike: Anything.

Jennifer: Promise you won't hate me.

Henry: Ow!

Craig: I like you, Henry. So first, I'm gonna ask nicely -- what was that for?

Henry: Because you lied to me, Craig. You made me go through this stupid charade.

Craig: We're doing this stupid charade so Katie can be happy.

Henry: That is such -- you don't want her and Mike back together so she can be happy.

Craig: Why would I go to all this trouble?

Henry: You want Mike away from Jennifer so you can seduce her.

Craig: Henry, you are so wrong.

Henry: No, I'm so right. And the first person I'm gonna tell is Katie.

Craig: Henry! Henry!

Paul: Whoa, whoa, wait a second.

Mover: Excuse me. I'm on a schedule.

Paul: Where are you taking this?

Mover: Storage, like everything else.

Paul: No, this is my home. You can't take this.

Mover: I got my orders, pal.

Paul: Of course you do. Rosanna.

[Knock on door]

Cop: Paul Ryan here?

Paul: Yeah, that's me. Is my ex-wife having me arrested for squatting?

Cop: Not arrested. Just --

Paul: Just what? Just evicted.

Jack: Thank you, Tom. I appreciate it, yes. All right, bye. I just got permission to keep Keith for another 24 hours.

Holden: Even though the prints on Julia’s watchband didn't belong to him?

Jack: I didn't say the D.A.'s office was happy about the lack of evidence, Holden. But Tom and I, we've been working together a long time. He knows I have good instincts.

Holden: Yeah, and what are your instincts telling you?

Jack: That Keith was involved in Julia’s murder.

Holden: Okay, fine. Fine. So what happens after the 24 hours? What if you don't find any more evidence?

Jack: I've got to. There's no way I'm letting him walk.

Lucinda: Holden -- Holden -- can I speak to you please?

Holden: Lucinda, not right now. I'm kind of busy.

Lucinda: Are you too busy to hear about a visit I just had with your wife?

Holden: I will deal with her later.

Lucinda: And when are you gonna deal with Luke? Because the kid's in trouble and he needs his father to do something before it's too late.

Lily: The fingerprint, did you hear anything else about it?

Luke: They said the lab forgot to dust a few things, and when they finally did, they found the print. Jack was pumped.

Carly: But he didn't say who the print belonged to?

Lily: Or where they found it?

Luke: Julia's watchband. I mean, why are they looking for evidence anyway? I mean, didn't they arrest the brother?

Carly: Well, the evidence that they have is completely circumstantial. But a fingerprint -- now, that could make a very strong case against Keith.

Lily: Or destroy the one that they have.

Luke: Mom, where are you going?

Lily: I'm going down to the police station. I just need to know what they have.

Carly: Are you out of your mind? That fingerprint they have could belong to you.

Lily: If it does belong to me, then I will confess.

Luke: Mom!

Carly: You can't do that.

Lily: I don't have a choice.

Luke: Yes, you do. Everyone does. This all happened because Dad chose Julia over us.

Lily: I'm not choosing anyone over our family.

Luke: Well, you are if you're gonna go down to the police station and tell them everything that happened.

Lily: Julia is dead.

Luke: Yes, I know she's dead. But me, I'm still alive. And Faith and Natalie, they're still alive. We need you, Mom. We need you to choose us.

Holden: Lucinda, I know that Luke is angry. I know what's going on with him. But --

Lucinda: Please, could you just look up for five minutes from your midlife crisis and see what's really happening?

Holden: If there was something wrong with Luke, Lily would tell me.

Lucinda: Would she? Because I went to talk to her about Luke, and she was evasive and distinctly uneasy.

Holden: Look, he's just -- he's having a hard time with the separation. That's all it is.

Lucinda: He's telling lies, lies, silly lies to me.

Holden: All right. All right. I'll talk to him.

Lucinda: And when you do, would you please ask him what was it that he was burning in my fireplace? And don't believe him if he says that it was the term paper, because it wasn’t.

Holden: Why shouldn't I?

Lucinda: Because it wasn't paper. And because he sneaked into my house like he's some kind of cat burglar, and when he was discovered, he was guilt personified. The kid is hiding something big.

[Holden remembering]

Holden: Why were you over at Julia’s?

Luke: I was just passing by. I saw the cops. I wanted to know what was going on, okay? It was nothing.

Holden: The officer didn't seem to think it was nothing.

Luke: That's cause he was a jerk. And you're a jerk too if you don't believe me.

Holden: You said that you talked to Lily about this?

Lucinda: I tried to. I couldn't get through to her. And she and luke closed rank against me, treated me like I was some kind of a stool pigeon. I never got a satisfactory answer to why he wasn't in school.

Holden: Lily said that she gave Luke permission to skip school.

Lucinda: Maybe she did, or maybe she just said that because she didn't want you to know that he's playing hooky because you've been unpredictable of late.

Holden: Okay. Thank you. I will get to the bottom of this.

Lucinda: Oh, darling, thank you. Thank you.

Keith: Why am I still here? Those prints weren't mine.

Jack: The D.A. says I can keep for another 24 hours.

Keith: I didn't kill my sister, okay? And evidence isn't just gonna suddenly turn up. It's over, Snyder. Let me go.

Jack: A lot can happen in 24 hours.

Keith: Yeah, like what? You and your friends can railroad me? Set me up? You were supposed to be a good guy. My sister told me that you were fair and honest. Of course, she was always a lousy judge of guys.

Jack: Oh, shut up.

Keith: Listen, I want a lawyer.

Jack: I'll make sure someone notifies him.

Keith: Why are you stalling? So that the real killer can get away?

Jack: I would never do that.

Keith: Sure you would, if it was somebody in your family. And we both know that it is.

Lily: Nothing is more important to me than you and your sisters.

Luke: Well, then, don't confess.

Lily: I have to do what's right. If I'm responsible for Julia’s death --

Luke: You're not. I am.

Carly: No. No, no matter what happens, never say that again.

Luke: I trashed Julia’s apartment. I mean, that's the only reason you were there. You were there to make sure that I wasn't getting into trouble. And then Julia walked in.

Lily: Yes. And I lost it with her. I lost control. That is my fault, not yours.

Luke: Mom, do you honestly think the police are gonna understand that you were there just to protect me? I mean, Jack's already suspicious. If you go down there --

Lily: I just want to find out what's going on. That's all.

Carly: Fine. Well, you ask Jack what's going on, and what if he says, "Oh, Lily, it's funny you should ask. We found a match on that print. It seems to be yours."

Luke: They'll arrest you, Mom. They'll lock you up. I mean, that was the only reason you were at Julia’s apartment anyway, is just 'cause you wanted to make sure I was safe. It's all my fault.

Lily: No, stop it. None of this is your fault. You were only at Julia’s because you felt threatened. Your father and I were having problems. You just -- you just got caught up in the fallout.

Luke: I wanted him back. I wanted us back.

Lily: I know, and when you didn't get that, you got upset. And you went to her apartment and you trashed a couple of things. But that's where your involvement ends. You didn't make me break my restraining order. You didn't make me push Julia.

Carly: Wait, wait a second. We are getting way ahead of ourselves, Lily. We don't even know that you're a suspect.

Lily: When I pushed her and she hit her head, she was knocked unconscious. Because of that injury, she died. I have to take the consequences.

Carly: Not alone you won’t.

Lily: I'll protect you.

Carly: Yeah. I know that you'll try. But if the police nail you, they're gonna take a good, hard look at me and they're gonna find plenty, because I was with you every step of the way.

Lily: I know. I'll tell them that it was all me. I did everything.

Carly: You could lie under oath? No, exactly. You can't do that. You're not made that way.

Lily: It isn't right. You didn't hurt Julia. I did.

Carly: I don't think Jack is gonna see it that way.

Lily: I'll think of something. Just -- this is why. This is why I didn't want anybody else involved in this.

Carly: Julia started this. She went after my husband, and when she couldn't have him, she went after yours.

Lily: And you helped me fight for my marriage. And I will never forget that.

Carly: I wasn't gonna let you fight alone. Not after what that woman put me through.

Lily: I just need this nightmare to end. Please.

Carly: Okay. If that's what you want, then -- it's time to tell the truth.

Lily: Really? I should go down to the police station?

Carly: And I'll go with you. And I'll back you up. I'll tell them that Julia attacked you, that you were just defending yourself.

Lily: What about Jack?

Carly: He'll be mad and hurt and who knows what else, but hopefully he'll be able to forgive me.

Lily: I can't -- I cannot -- I can't do this. I just can’t.

Carly: You and I made a pact. I am not about to break my word. We'll take my car.

Lily: Look, I don't know how long I'm gonna -- what -- where are you going?

Luke: I'm going with you. If Carly’s going, so am I.

Mike: Jen, there's nothing that you could do that's gonna make me hate you.

[Jennifer remembering]

Jennifer: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, what have i done? Oh, I wish -- Mike, last night --

Mike: Wait, I mean, I think I know.

Jennifer: You do?

Mike: Yeah. Did you go to the office? I was gonna check there, but I thought you might be designing some dresses. I didn't want to interrupt anything.

Jennifer: Oh, if only you had interrupted me --

Mike: Then I'd be getting in the way of greatness. All right, and that's the last thing I want to do. See, I'm getting the hang of this fashion mogul boyfriend thing.

Jennifer: Oh, Mike --

Mike: It took me a little while, but I get it, okay? When inspiration hits, nothing can get in the way. But please, next time you're gonna pull an all-nighter, just call me. Just be honest. That's all I care about. You know that.

Jennifer: I'm so sorry.

Mike: It's fine, okay? It's over.

Jennifer: But I made you worry. And I treated you so badly, and you've only ever been good to me.

Mike: Look, when's the last time you had some food? Yesterday? Okay, food first, then apologies.

Craig: How can you be so selfish?

Henry: Selfish? Me?

Craig: You want to ruin Katie’s one chance at happiness?

Henry: No. I live for Katie’s happiness, Craig. That's why I'm gonna tell her the truth.

Craig: What truth?

Henry: The truth that her only brother cares about no one else but himself.

Craig: Henry, that is so wrong, and she knows it.

Henry: No, Craig, Craig, I saw Jennifer doing the walk of shame out of here by the early morning light.

Craig: So we had a breakfast meeting.

Henry: In bed?

Craig: No, no, no.

Henry: Come on, Craig, she was putting her -- back on her top on the way out.

Craig: So what? It was a long night for everyone.

Henry: Yeah, it was. Did you tell Mike about this early-morning business meeting? Because you know what? He told Katie that Jennifer didn't come home and he was worried about her. He came by here and knocked on the door to see if she was around.

Craig: Well, Mike would jump to the wrong conclusion.

Henry: Would he? Would he, Craig? I wonder. I wonder why he would jump to the wrong conclusions. Hmmm. Was this like a dress-down Friday at the office?

Craig: A lot of women in the world, Henry.

Henry: Oh, come on. Come -- man, you are quicker with a lie than anyone I know, really. Lies -- it doesn't matter, though. Mike was worried sick about Jennifer, he was crying on my wife's shoulder, and meanwhile, you were doing the silk sheet shuffle --

Craig: Calm down, Henry.

Henry: I will not calm down. I cannot believe I trusted you. What was I thinking? I'm not gonna trust you again, okay? Get out of my --

Craig: Henry, Henry, Henry, Henry, Henry -- [Henry screams] Henry! Henry!

Mike: Hey. Whatever it is, it's going to be okay.

Jennifer: No. No, it's not going to be okay. How can it be okay when --?

Mike: When what, Jen? You are scaring me.

Jennifer: You remember when we both admitted how nervous we were to be so happy?

Mike: Yeah.

Jennifer: We were right to be nervous. 'Cause one minute, everything was okay and now -- just everything's changed.

Mike: Jen, are you telling me that you're not in love with me anymore?

Jennifer: No, I'm saying that I have made a mess of everything, and it's made me realize that I -- how very, very much I don't want to lose you.

Mike: Good, good. I don't want to lose you either. Look, just as long as we're straight -- wait a second, weren't you going to tell me something yesterday? It sounded really important.

Jennifer: Yesterday, I --

Mike: Yeah, yeah, you were going to tell me something and then we got interrupted.

Jennifer: Oh. Oh, no, it was nothing.

Mike: Well, it's something to me.

Jennifer: Mike, it was nothing, I -- I had a fight with my mother, and -- and then I saw you and Katie at Metro. Hugging.

Mike: That's what all this is about? Jen, hey, Katie and I, just, we're friends.

Jennifer: But I -- I didn't know that then. I saw you and I thought --

Mike: Oh, so you started pushing me away?

Jennifer: I was hurt. And I was confused. And so I just -- I threw myself into my work and just pretended like nothing else mattered.

Mike: That's why you got all cold and corporate on me?

Jennifer: I wanted to show you that I would be fine if you wanted to be with someone else. That I had a life.

Mike: Jen, I'm sorry.

Jennifer: No, no. You have nothing to apologize for. I should have asked questions and instead, I just --

Mike: Jen, Katie and I are in a good place. It's called friendship.

Jennifer: I know that now, but last night --

Mike: Okay, let's just forget about the last 24 hours. We had a misunderstanding. It doesn't change anything. Hey, I still love you.

Jennifer: I love you, too.

Mike: Then that's all that matters.

Jennifer: You don't know how much I want to believe that.

Emily: Hello? Anybody home -- wow. Repo man pay you a visit? Did I miss something? Like a "for sale" sign in the front yard?

Paul: No, no sign. Just this.

Emily: Rosanna evicted you? I'm so sorry.

Paul: I never liked this place, anyway. So many bathrooms to clean.

Emily: Wait a minute -- where are you going to go?

Paul: To my apartment.

Emily: Is this what Barbara meant at the airport when she said she knew all about Rosanna?

Paul: No, she knew about a letter -- my mother got a letter from Rosanna. It was a list, really. All the reasons that Rosanna hated me. All the reasons Rosanna hated my family.

Emily: I'm so sorry.

Paul: Yeah, so am I. I really should have kept the promise that I made to myself after Rose died.

Emily: What promise was that?

Paul: I swore I'd never fall in love again. But I did, and look where it got me.

Emily: You didn't deserve this.

Paul: Mother says that I'm not meant for love. Who knows, maybe the old battle-axe is right.

Emily: No, don’t. Your heart has been broken, but it will heal and you can love again.

Paul: I don't want to. Not now. Not ever.

Lily: Okay, Luke, you cannot come with us. It is not your job.

Luke: No, it's Dad's and he's gone, he started this whole thing.

Lily: Carly --

Carly: Yeah, okay. I'll be in the car.

Lily: Luke, please --

Luke: Mom, I can handle this. Just let me come to the police station with you. I just -- I need to know if you're okay. You need me.

Lily: Yes, I need you here. I need you to be with your sisters.

Luke: What am I going to tell them if you end up getting arrested?

Lily: Hug them. Tell them I'll be okay, that everything will be okay.

Luke: How am I supposed to do that?

Lily: You have to do that! You and your grandmother Lucinda and your grandma Emma. You have to stick to a routine, keep things normal.

Luke: Okay.

Lily: I love you.

Luke: I love you, too.

Lily: Look, we're going to get through this. Everything's going to be okay.

Luke: Mom --

Lily: Just -- please be strong.

Luke: I will.

Jack: Ralph, take him back down to the tombs.

Keith: Hey, you don't really want to find the real killer, do you? 'Cause it's easier to pin it on me than someone you love, right?

Jack: Hey, you okay?

Harvey: Harvey Dugan, Texas Rangers. I have an arrest warrant for a woman in your jurisdiction.

Jack: Yeah, Detective Jack Snyder. What's the name of the woman you're looking for?

Harvey: A Julia Larrabee.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Mike: What's going on? You do want to move on, don't you?

Holden: Did you lie to me? About Luke?

Lily: Luke?

Holden: What is it that our son did that you feel like you need to cover up?

Jack: You have an arrest warrant for Julia Larrabee? There's gotta be a mistake.

Harvey: No mistake. She's a fugitive and she's coming back to Texas with me. We got a tip. Someone called, said she was living here in Oakdale.

Holden: You must have the wrong woman.

Harvey: It's easy enough to clear up. Is your Julia Larrabee the daughter of Sheldon and Midge Morrissey?

Jack: I don't know -- she never mentioned her parents.

Harvey: Was she once married to a Lester Sweeney?

Jack: Yeah -- can I see the warrant?

Harvey: We've been itching to get our hands on her.

Jack: She's wanted on drug charges?

Keith: Hey, you know what? Sweeney stole those drugs, you know it. You've been hounding my sister --

Jack: Would you get him out of here, please? Get him out of here!

Keith: You're a bunch of liars! Get off me!

Jack: Now.

Harvey: Don't ya love that part of the job? No one loves a lawman but his mama.

Jack: Yeah, well, I hate to disappoint you, but Julia Larrabee was recently found murdered.

Harvey: You don't say. Do me a favor. Give the coroner a call, ask him to send a copy of ms. Larrabee's death certificate to me. Sure would like to stamp this case closed.

Jack: Yeah, I'll do what I can.

Holden: Jack, Julia never told me that she had problems with the law.

Jack: Holden, I understand that.

Lily: Jack -- Holden, are you okay?

Holden: No, I'm not okay. Not after what I just heard.

Emily: Okay, so you're through with love. No more love. Does that include old friends?

Paul: Emily, stop it.

Emily: Listen to me -- you were born to be a husband and a father.

Paul: You can't fix this. You can't fix me.

Emily: I don't think you're broken.

Barbara: Paul?

Paul: Hey, you want to stay here, watch my mom gloat?

Emily: Just remember what I said to you.

Barbara: Oh, thank God you're here. Hello, Emily. Honey, where's all the furniture?

Paul: I don't discuss my life with you. You have five minutes before I throw you out.

Barbara: You really should get a job writing mother's day cards.

Paul: You have four minutes and 57 seconds.

Barbara: It's about Jennifer. She's in trouble. And you and I are her only hope.

Henry: Leave me alone. Leave me alone, Craig. I'm sick and tired of being a shill so that you can indulge some sick lech with Jennifer Munson.

Craig: Oh, shut up, Henry. This isn't about me. This is about Katie and her happiness. Look at her, Henry. Look at her. All alone at that bar, watching Mike Kasnoff canoodle with Jennifer. Maybe she's missing you, Henry. Maybe she's wishing she could canoodle with her own husband.

Henry: Oh, come on.

Craig: Do you want a chance at your wife, Henry?

Henry: What?

Craig: You heard me.

Henry: What is that? You've been telling me for weeks that I have no business keeping my wife, and now you're pretending that you want to save my marriage? What is that?

Craig: I realize it's kind of a 180 on my part --

Henry: A 180? You will say anything to keep me from blowing your cover.

Craig: No, believe it or not, Henry, I'm trying to see this from your point of view.

Henry: I don't believe it. You know what? I want you to get out of the fashion business. You have a career in selling used cars.

Craig: Yeah, but I'm in the fashion business now, Henry. That's why I needed Jennifer back at Street Jeans, and you got her for me. That's why I owe you, hombre. And I want to settle that debt.

Henry: I thought this was about Katie’s happiness.

Craig: It's about all of our happiness. Jennifer came back to the company, I'm happy. Mike and Jennifer make up, maybe they're happy.

Henry: And Katie?

Craig: Gets to keep playing house with you, Henry -- if you keep your mouth shut.

Henry: Let me see if I get this straight, okay? You're saying that you were wrong and that now you've suddenly realized that I am capable of making her happy? Is that right?

Craig: I don't know, Henry. But I believe you deserve the chance to try. And you'll never get that chance if you tell her something that will upset her.

Henry: You are a piece of work, you know? You don't care about her happiness at all! All you care about is saving your own skin!

Craig: Hey, hey --

Katie: Henry?

Katie: Henry? Oh. Great. Now I'm hearing things. Get a grip. It's just because you miss him so much.

Craig: Easy, boy. Easy.

Henry: Did you hear that? Did you hear that? She misses me.

Craig: Yes, I did. Yes, I did. But I'm also thinking how sad she's gonna be if she finds out that you -- the one man she thought she could trust -- lied to her.

Henry: Just a little bit. If I come clean now --

Craig: She's gonna stumble out of here, blinded by tears, right into Mike Kasnoff. And then you'll really lose your wife.

Henry: Like you care what happens to me.

Craig: Like I said. I owe you.

Henry: Yeah, you do owe me, hombre.

Craig: And if you say anything to Katie about me doing anything to get Jennifer back at Street Jeans, the whole town will know -- including Sierra.

Henry: She wouldn't approve of your methods?

Craig: She has no sense of humor about these things.

Henry: That makes two of us.

Craig: Henry, I understand your natural desire to vent. I do. But what if it costs you your wife?

Mike: Hey, I'm telling you -- we're gonna be fine. I don't lie, remember?

Jennifer: That's true. You never lie. But mike, have you -- ever just done something so dumb?

Mike: Give me a few hours, I'll try and come up with a list.

Jennifer: Well, when I -- when I got in that fight with my mom, she told me that I could never achieve the things that she did at my age and that I could lose everything.

Mike: She was wrong.

Jennifer: When I saw you with Katie, I thought that I had lost everything. And so I started acting like it.

Mike: Oh, I get it. I get it. And the walls went up, okay? Mistakes were made. Let's move on. You do want to move on, don't you? Okay. I'm gonna go give my car keys to Katie so she can get home. Then you and I will get out of here.

[Jennifer remembering]

Jennifer: I love Mike so much. And after this, he'll never forgive me.

Craig: If you don't tell him, what's there to forgive?

Jennifer: Maybe Craig was right. Maybe he doesn't have to know.

Katie: Don't you need your car?

Mike: I'm gonna go with Jennifer.

Katie: Oh. So things are working out between you two?

Mike: Yeah. Yeah. Looks like everything's gonna be fine.

Katie: That's great.

Mike: Thank you for being here for me.

Katie: Oh, any time.

Mike: You and I were robbed. But with all the craziness -- I wouldn't trade a minute of it. Hell, I wouldn't trade a second of it.

Katie: Me either. Well, go. Go, be with Jennifer.

Mike: One last thing. There's something you need to know about Henry.

Barbara: I brought this over.

Paul: What is this?

Barbara: I want you to take a look at this, see if you can find some way that we can exert some kind of leverage to bring down her company.

Paul: To get it more firmly under your control.

Barbara: No, to get it -- and Jennifer -- away from Craig.

Paul: Do you ever even hear yourself? Do you realize what you're willing to do to your own daughter?

Barbara: I only want her safe, Paul.

Paul: You're willing to take everything that your daughter built and make her watch it go up in smoke, all so you can swoop in and take control.

Barbara: No, no. Why do you always see things in the worst possible light?

Paul: You don't want me to help you protect Jennifer. You want me to help you control Jennifer.

Barbara: I know you hate me because I read Rosanna’s letter to you.

Paul: Oh, I hated you long before any --

Barbara: But please don't hurt your sister trying to get back at me. Paul --

Paul: Getting Jennifer away from Craig and closer to you is hurting Jennifer.

Barbara: I am her mother. I love her.

Paul: Motherhood will never be an excuse for the lousy things that you do to us.

Barbara: You know, this isn't about my failings as a parent. This is about your sister. Craig is going to use her and throw her away, just the way he did me.

Paul: Yeah, well, you deserved it.

Barbara: Jennifer doesn’t.

Paul: You know, you're right. You're right. She doesn’t.

Barbara: So you'll help me?

Paul: No. Not in a million years.

Lily: Holden? Talk to me.

Carly: Jack?

Jack: We just got word that Julia was wanted in Texas on drug charges. There's an outstanding warrant for her arrest.

Carly: Really? How did you find out about that?

Jack: An officer from El Paso stopped by. Apparently, they got word that Julia was living here in Oakdale.

Cop: Jack, there's a phone call for you in the interrogation room.

Jack: Excuse me.

Lily: I'm sorry. Must have been very hard to hear about Julia that way.

Jack: Yeah, okay, Tom. Thanks. I'm sorry about that. Bye.

Carly: Is everything okay?

Jack: There is nothing okay about this day. We pulled a print off the watchband Julia was wearing on the day she was murdered.

Carly: Really? Did you get a match?

Jack: Well, I thought it was Keith’s, but it wasn’t.

Carly: Just because it wasn't his print doesn't mean he didn't kill her.

Jack: I know that, but unfortunately, his motive was shot down, too. When Keith saw that officer from El Paso, it was obvious that Keith knew that there was a warrant out for Julia.

Carly: So?

Jack: So -- if he wanted custody of J.J., he didn't have to kill her. Just turn her in.

Carly: Well, if Keith didn't kill her, who did?

Jack: Got any ideas?

Holden: I thought I knew Julia. I just wish I knew why she lied to me about something like this.

Lily: She was probably afraid. If she loved you -- she probably didn't want to lose your respect. We'll handle this. Okay?

Holden: Did you lie to me about Luke?

Lily: Luke?

Holden: You said that you gave him permission to skip school. But something's telling me that you're covering something up for him. And I want to know why. What is it that our son did that you feel like you need to cover up? Do you have any I can't believe it's not butter!?

Henry: If Katie and I are going to have a chance at a real marriage, I've got to tell her the truth -- that you and I have been manipulating her the whole time.

Craig: Okay, you want to confess, fine. But I hope you like keeping your own company, Henry. Because you're going to be alone until the day you die.

Katie: What is it? What's going on with Henry?

Mike: He's not visiting family. He's seeing a cardiologist in New York.

Katie: What?

Mike: Well, his doctor just wanted to make sure that episode the other day wasn't serious.

Katie: My God, Mike -- he must be so scared. I've -- got to get home in case he calls.

Mike: Okay. I agree, but you know what? You're in no shape to drive. Let me drive you home.

Katie: No, you go with Jen. I'll be fine.

Jennifer: Is Katie okay? She looked upset.

Mike: Yeah, yeah. She's just missing Henry.

Jennifer: Yeah. Missing someone you love is really the worst.

Mike: Tell me about it. Come on.

Barbara: How can you just stand there and let your sister get hurt?

Paul: I didn't say that I was going to let that happen.

Barbara: You said you wouldn't help me.

Paul: And I won’t. I will protect Jennifer. But I will do it alone.

Barbara: Well, you'd better do something -- and fast.

Luke: Have you ever heard of a Mt. Vesuvius, Faith? Well, it is the largest ice cream sundae ever.

Faith: I want Mommy.

Luke: Mommy, uh -- is running an errand.

Faith: Why?

Luke: Well, she'll be back soon.

Faith: With Daddy?

Luke: No. No, Mommy's gonna be coming back alone.

Faith: I miss Daddy.

Luke: I know, I know. Me, too. But -- you don't have to worry. Because I'm gonna protect you and Nat and -- and Mom and -- that's a promise.

Lily: I --

Holden: You lied to me. And I want to know why.

Lily: I said I gave Luke permission to stay out of school because I didn't want the two of you to have something else to fight about, okay?

Holden: Weren't you concerned?

Lily: Luke's been upset. About what happened with Julia, what's going on between us -- he's going through a phase, he's acting out. That's it.

Holden: That's not what your mother thinks. She came here today. And she thinks that Luke is having some serious trouble.

Lily: That's my mother. She overreacts to everything.

Holden: Stop making excuses. Luke is hiding something. Do you know what he was burning in your mother's fireplace? Lily, if you know what it is, you have to tell me.

Lily: I don't know!

Holden: What was it?

Lily: I don't know. I don't know what he was burning in the fireplace, okay?

Holden: I used to know you so well.

[Lucinda remembering]

Lucinda: Luciano Edwardo, what are you burning?

Luke: All right. You promise not to tell?

Lucinda: I only promise returns on investments I like. So you start talking.

Luke: I -- I flunked a test. And I was burning it so my mom wouldn't see.

Lucinda: Lily's glove -- why?

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns --

Jack: Happy enough to do me one more big favor?

Carly: Whatever you want.

Jack: Come with me to Julia’s service.

Lucinda: This happens to be the remains of something I know belongs to your mother. Luke, why are you burning your mother's gloves?

Lily: You all just have to back off and leave Luke alone.

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