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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 3/10/05

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Security guard: Hey. Excuse me, sir. All flights have departed for the night. Time to move it along.

Henry: Right. Thank you. That's great. Craig's got the world at his feet. He's sipping champagne somewhere. He owes me. Yeah, he owes me big time.

Craig: I know you've been busy holding Dusty Donovan’s hand ever since he started working at Worldwide, but tonight, I thought you might actually disengage long enough to pay some attention to Street Jeans.

Sierra: I beg your pardon?

Craig: I know Dusty needs constant attention. I get that.

Sierra: Oh, well, if that's your opinion about him, then you really don't know him.

Craig: Oh, I do. But you don't have any idea because you're letting yourself get played like a banjo.

Sierra: Dusty and I have a business relationship.

Craig: Oh, I can tell. And, frankly, I could care less. But if you care anything about our daughter -- if you care anything about Lucy, then you'd better watch your step, because I don't think she'd understand what's going on between her mother and her old boyfriend.

Barbara: Hitch your wagon to Craig Montgomery’s star, and your life as you know it will be over.

Jennifer: Now I know you're delusional.

Barbara: Honey, don't you remember what it was like? We're family -- you and me, your dad and will. We were a family, and then along comes Craig Montgomery, making promises he couldn't keep, seducing me away from my life.

Jennifer: Mm.

Barbara: Have you forgotten what he did to our family?

Jennifer: That's not quite how I remember it.

Barbara: He destroyed my marriage, my career --

Jennifer: Oh, now, let's keep the story straight, Mom. You were the one who walked out and left your children without a mother.

Barbara: I didn't walk. I was pushed.

Jennifer: Oh, please. You were dying to leave that life, to get out of the kitchen and pour every inch of your existence into B.R.O. you wanted Craig. You chased Craig. And then you got burned. So don't blame your shortcomings on him. All right? I know the truth. I was there. And I know exactly who's to blame.

Rafael: Mr. Reeves --

Scott: Oh. Bud, call me Scott.

Rafael: I'm the brother of the little girl who sent you that demo tape of herself.

Scott: Yeah?

Rafael: I just want to apologize.

Scott: For what?

Rafael: She's from out of the country. She thinks coming to America means she's gonna be an instant star. So don't feel like you have to listen to this tape of hers.

Scott: Oh --

Rafael: She's just a kid. She doesn't get it yet.

Scott: No, it's no big deal, man. She's a cute kid. I'll give it a listen.

Rafael: Yeah?

Scott: Yeah.

Rafael: Well, that's real nice of you. Hey, Aaron? I was wondering if I could take off early --

Aaron: We're actually getting ready to clean up now.

Rafael: Yeah, but Celia took off again. I --

Aaron: Rafi -- she was fine the first half dozen times it's happened. I'm sure she's fine again. Let's get a full night's work, and we can all be happy. Cool?

Alison: She's his little sister. He's just trying to take care of her. Let him go, Aaron.

Casey: Hey, what's up? I was just about to nuke some pizza. You want a slice?

Will: No. No, thanks.

Casey: What's up?

Will: Nothing. I was just in the neighborhood. I figured I'd stop by -- hang out.

Casey: What do you want to do? Video games?

Will: No, you'd kill me.

Casey: True. DVD?

Will: Maybe later.

Casey: You're a real party in a can tonight. So, did something happen between you and your mom?

Will: No. Nothing like that.

Casey: Oh, so it's you and Alison.

Will: Give me a break.

Casey: Whatever's bothering you is because of a woman. Don't try to deny it.

Will: Since when did you become the expert on male and female relationships?

Casey: Well, I may be no expert yet, but -- I don't want to brag, but I do know how to make a certain young lady very happy.

Will: Yeah? Celia?

Casey: She came running over here a couple hours ago, saying Scott Reeves, this country singer, is down at Metro, and she wants to give him a demo.

Will: Does she even have a demo?

Casey: She did when I got done with her.

Will: Well, that's great.

Casey: Yeah, and now that she knows that I'm in her corner and that she can always count on me -- I mean, who knows? It's like you and Alison, you know? It's kind of nice having a chick as a friend.

Will: So -- so you like her like her?

Casey: What's not to like? I mean, she's gorgeous. She's talented. She's fun --

Will: Yeah, just don't let her know you think so.

Casey: Are you out of your mind?

Will: Well, no. But once she knows your weaknesses, then she could take advantage.

Casey: Fine with me.

Will: You say that now.

[Knock on door]

Casey: Celia!

Celia: I know it's late, and I'm really, really sorry --

Casey: Don't worry about it. Is everything all right? How'd it go with the demo?

Celia: I hate my brother.

Casey: Why? What happened?

Celia: Casey, I can't go home tonight. I need to stay here with you. Can I? Please?

Mike: Okay, so you're not the best cook in the world. You know, there's always take-out.

Katie: I'm a fabulous cook.

Mike: Of course you are. I mean -- I just thought that when you said you couldn't be the wife that Henry wants and deserves, you meant that --

Katie: I'm not talking about in the kitchen.

Mike: Oh. You're talking about some other room?

Katie: The one with the bed in it.

Mike: But the way you two were going on about having a family, I just assumed --

Katie: Oh, Mike, I feel so awful.

[Katie sighs]

Mike: Well, I'm sure you're not the only newlyweds with these kind of issues --

Katie: It's not like I don't love him. I do.

Mike: So maybe the timing's just not right yet.

Katie: No, there's not going to be a right time. Not for Henry and me. Not like that. Oh, God, I got him into a marriage, which is supposed to be the best time of your life, and now I'm breaking his heart, and I just don't know what to do.

Celia: It'll just be for the night. Until I can make other plans or straighten things out with Rafael.

Casey: Well, my mom's already asleep, and I'd have to wake her up to ask for permission.

Celia: Can't you? Just this once?

Casey: I kind of have to save the waking-up thing for emergencies. I mean, if I wake her up right now, all I'm going to get is a lecture, and you don't want to be here for that.

Celia: This night keeps getting worse and worse.

Will: Why?

Celia: I gave my demo to Scott Reeves, and he was being so sweet. And then Rafael showed up and told me I looked like a streetwalker.

Casey: You look great.

Celia: That's what I thought. But when Rafael gets angry and macho like that, there's no talking to him.

Casey: So you took off?

Celia: I couldn't stay there after he'd embarrassed me. I ran out. Found the bus that would take me to your house. Do the buses run all night?

Casey: Yeah, but you can't ride the buses all night.

Celia: It's too cold to sleep outside, and I don't have any money for a hotel.

Casey: So what are you gonna do?

Celia: I'll think of something. 'Night. And thanks again for the demo and everything.

Casey: Celia, wait. Maybe there is something I can do.

Alison: Try to put yourself in his position. What if Luke was suddenly your responsibility, and you're in charge of his health and his school and where he lives and who his friends are, and suppose Luke was out of control and he ran off somewhere? All you want to do is go out and find him. But what if your boss wouldn't let you leave until you've hauled the trash out to the garbage? How would that make you feel?

Sierra: You have a filthy mind.

Craig: Sometimes.

Sierra: How dare you? How dare you suggest that there is anything besides just friendship between me and Dusty? And, really, how dare you bring Lucy into this, as if I had something to hide?

Dusty: What's going on?

Sierra: Nothing.

Dusty: Are you all right?

Craig: It was a private conversation.

Sierra: It was an insulting conversation. You are incredible -- I give you a job. I give you my trust. I give you forgiveness. And this is how you choose to see me? To hell with you.

[Cell phone ringing]

Craig: Hello?

Henry: It's Henry.

Craig: Hello, Henry. How are you?

Henry: Well, I'm really glad you asked me that, Craig. I'm really glad you asked that.

Dusty: What was that about?

Sierra: Nothing for you to worry yourself about. You know Craig.

Dusty: He said something to upset you. I want to know what it is.

Sierra: What, are you gonna go beat him up for me?

Dusty: It's not like I need a reason, but it would help to explain something to the cops.

Sierra: Really, it's fine. I can fight my own battle. I got to get going.

Dusty: It was something about me. Right? I'm a big boy. I can take it.

Sierra: I just think that we need to keep our distance from each other for awhile. Effective immediately.

Barbara: I never thought I'd see the day when my daughter would be defending Craig Montgomery’s deplorable actions. The fact that you've taken his side against me is proof that you're headed for a disaster.

Jennifer: Mother, I am not you, and this is an entirely different situation.

Barbara: No woman has ever emerged unscathed from a relationship with that man!

Jennifer: I am not in a relationship with the man! I'm in business with him.

Barbara: Don't fool yourself, honey. You're dealing with the devil. He's telling you you're brilliant and the two of you are gonna change the world. And you believe that. And then, one day, you're gonna wake up, and this wonderful dream that you've created is going to be gone. He will have taken it and everything else. Because that's what he does. You used to know that, Jen. But right now, you're on this high, because you've had this burst of success. Don't let it cloud your judgment. Please. Get away from him before it's too late.

Jennifer: And then what am I supposed to do? Abandon my company and then do what?

Barbara: Work with me. Honey, we can work together. We'll make a great team. We can beat Craig at his own game and get him out of your company. You and me.

Mike: I thought that you and Henry loved each other. That's why you were planning on making a family together.

Katie: We do love each other. It's not one-sided, but -- I was just so stupid. I thought that love would be enough, but obviously it's not. Henry wants a real marriage, and he deserves a real marriage. But I've just thought of him as a friend for so long, I can't seem to make that transition.

Mike: But you two were sleeping together, right?

Katie: Just sleeping. With Henry holding me all night. He never complains, even after I turned him down and I told him that we weren't ever gonna raise a family together. But he just accepts it. I know it's got to be killing him inside, but he doesn't say anything because he's such a good person. And I am turning his life into a nightmare, which is probably why he's having chest pains. I've got to do something to make this right.

Mike: But what? Are you talking about divorce?

Katie: No. God, no. Ending this marriage would kill Henry. But staying in it is destroying us both. Henry is a mess, and I'm a mess. You got to help me, Mike. I don't know what to do. You've got to help me.

Aaron: Hey, Rafi -- listen, if you want to take off early to go find your sister, then go ahead.

Rafael: I'm fired?

Aaron: No, you're not fired. Just come back to work tomorrow, and Ali and I will cover you tonight.

Rafael: Thanks, man. You want to tell me where you ran off to?

Celia: You're already yelling at me. Don't I even get a chance to explain?

Rafael: No. It's time you started listening. You know, ever since you got here, you've been acting like a little brat. [Speaking Spanish ] The way you're dressing. The way you disrespect me. I don't know what you're thinking. But, Celia, this has to stop -- right now!

Casey: Dude -- it's my fault.

Rafael: What are you talking about?

Casey: That outfit? I told her that's how girls dress at school, man. I figured, if she fit in on the first day, it'd be a lot easier for her. And that demo? I told her to make it and show it to Scott Reeves. Dude, she's got a beautiful voice. She'd be crazy not to. So I'm sorry, man. I didn't mean to cause so much trouble.

Will: Hey.

Alison: Hey.

Will: So, you know that argument we had? About how I thought you were treating me like a charity case?

Alison: Yeah.

Will: Well, I've been thinking. And I was thinking about how you've always been there for me and how you've always stood up for me when no one else would. And how you didn't care what I'd done or where I was all those months.

Alison: How could I? My past is just as screwed up as yours. I always thought that's why we were such good friends, because we both could see what no one else could see. The good in each other.

Will: Okay, well, I'm really glad you said that. Because I was wondering, if it's not too late and I haven't completely blown it and you're not still totally ticked off at me, that we could be friends again. Like before.

Barbara: Honey, I'll give you more than Craig ever could. I will nourish your talent. I will give you your freedom. Let me help you, support you --

Jennifer: Oh, you -- you do not support. You manipulate. In fact, you're doing it right now. And that hardly makes working with you a cheery alternative to Craig.

Barbara: Look, I know I've been guilty of that in the past, and I'm very sorry. And I -- I realize I haven't been the best mother these past few years, but, Jen -- don't you remember? Don't you remember before Craig? We were more than just mother and daughter. We were friends.

Jennifer: What I remember is you chomping on the bit to get those charges dropped so that you could insert yourself back into my life. You couldn't wait to come waltzing in here to stake your claim on my company as if you'd earned it.

Barbara: I have earned it. I'm your mother.

Jennifer: I haven't had a mother in years! I am sticking with Craig.

Barbara: If that's the way you want it.

Jennifer: I've learned my lesson, Mother. I have. You are a liability. Personally and professionally. 'Cause I can do anything, as long as you're not involved.

Barbara: Well, if that's the way you want it, so be it. I won't bother wishing you good luck, because it would be a waste of breath. Because you will fail, and you will fall harder than you could ever imagine. And I won't say, "I told you so," because someday, you will need me.

Jennifer: The day the devil needs earmuffs.

Barbara: Oh, Jennifer. That day may come sooner than you think.

Dusty: So you and I have to stay apart 'cause Craig says so?

Sierra: Well, if he's getting the wrong idea about us, then other people might, too.

Dusty: You're gonna let that loser run your life? I mean, you used to run a country, man. What happened?

Sierra: I know we're friends, and you know we're friends, but if there's even the slightest appearance that there's more --

Dusty: Yeah, you don't want to give Craig the opportunity to have the upper hand if he ever needed it.

Sierra: No, that's not what I was gonna say.

Dusty: But it's true. He just charms you, you know? And then he goes for your Achilles' heel, which, in your case, is Lucy.

Sierra: Maybe he hasn't changed as much as I had hoped.

Dusty: I heard a little bit about what was going on over there. You know you can't trust him. And if he's changed, it hasn't been for the good. You don't need him. How long are you going to let him ruin your life before you get rid of him for good?

Craig: Henry! Henry, Henry, Henry, Henry -- I knew you were crafty, devious and not to be trusted, but you've outdone yourself. Fake chest pains, and just having to fly off somewhere -- brilliant!

Henry: Well --

Craig: Where'd you tell them you were going?

Henry: Well, I told Mike I had to see a specialist, and I asked him to keep an eye on Katie while I was gone.

Craig: You're doing the right thing, Henry.

Henry: I am, am I?

Craig: Oh, you know you are. You are making Katie’s dreams come true. You just stay out of town as long as you can. Let nature take its course, and I'll keep you apprised. You're a prince.

Henry: More like a pauper, Craig.

Craig: Problem?

Henry: Well, I've got nowhere to go. I've got no money to get there. And that's where you come in.

Craig: Henry?

Henry: Yeah?

Craig: I'm not sure I get you.

Henry: Oh, I think you do. I'm the only one making sacrifices here. So tell me, Craig, how far are you willing to go to make your sister happy?

Mike: I don't know what to say. If this marriage isn't what Henry wants, it can't be what you want, either.

Katie: So what should I do?

Mike: I can't tell you that.

Katie: Come on, Mike. You're my friend. You were Henry’s best man. If you don't know what to do, then I --

Mike: Okay. All I can say is this -- if you cannot bring yourself to be intimate with him, and you can't see a point in time in the future where you'll want to, and you don't want a family with the guy, what the hell are you doing married to him?

Katie: I told you. We love each other.

Mike: I know, but it's not the same way. You don't want the same things.

Katie: The only thing that Henry wants is for me to be happy.

Mike: That's probably why he's having chest pains. That's too much pressure. He's realizing that he cannot be the man that you want and need your husband to be.

Katie: And it's making him sick, literally.

Mike: It sure sounds like it. So end it. Set him free.

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Katie: I'm not gonna stand here and tell a man who's also spoken for that I'm still in love with him, that I still want him and that he's still in my blood.

Jennifer: Craig, it's me. Open up. I need to talk to you.

Dusty: Take it from me. He's not worth your troubles or your talent.

Rafael: Is this true, Casey? You're the reason why my sister's been acting like a spoiled brat, with no respect for the way she was raised?

Casey: I'm sorry, Rafi. It won't happen again.

Rafael: Oh, you're right, it won’t. Because if you're the cause for these bad decisions, then I think it's best you stay away from my sister.

Celia: You can't do that.

Rafael: You've left me with no choices. Now, say your good-byes. And stay away from Celia.

Celia: Wait. I'm sorry, Rafael. It wasn't Casey’s fault. He didn't do anything wrong. It was me. He never told me to do any of those things. The outfit, the demo, it was all my idea. Blame me, not Casey.

Scott: Ms. Celia Ortega? You have got a very pretty voice. Very impressive.

Alison: Is that what you really want? To be friends again?

Will: Yeah.

Alison: Well, I'd like that. I'd like that a lot.

Will: Cool.

Aaron: I was just wondering if this social adviser had a few minutes to help me out.

Alison: I guess that means, "get back to work."

Aaron: Will, you want to lend a hand?

Will: Yeah. Maybe next time.

Barbara: Well, hello, honey.

Will: What are you doing here?

Barbara: I was upstairs at Java with Jennifer, but you're the one I really need to see.

Will: Why? What's wrong?

Barbara: Jennifer needs us -- more than ever. And I'm afraid you're the only one who can help.

[Pounding on door]

Jennifer: Craig! Craig, it's me. Open up. I need to talk to you.

Dusty: Take it from me, Jen. He's not worth your troubles -- or your talent.

Craig: Henry --

Henry: Katie's happiness is on the line here, Craig, and I need to be around to make sure that I can keep an eye on things. Make sure it goes according to plan. Tweak things if necessary. Make sure you don't louse things up. Which is why I need a place here in Oakdale.

Craig: All right, we'll just pick a room at the Wagon Wheel.

Henry: Why don't you take a room at the Wagon Wheel, and I'll take a suite at the Lakeview? I mean, it's the least you can do, Craig. I'm the one making all the sacrifices here. You, on the other hand -- I haven't seen you do anything. So --

Craig: Henry, you staying at the Lakeview poses problems.

Henry: Hmm. None of which, I am sure, are financial.

Craig: Money is not an object where my sister's happiness is concerned.

Henry: Really? You could have fooled me, Craig, 'cause this -- skimpy.

Craig: All right. Lakeview. But Katie never finds out you're in town.

Henry: No, no, no. I'll wear a disguise. I'll be a great roommate, too. You'll love it.

Craig: Henry, I'm not a roommate kind of guy. Anyway, it's time you got used to sleeping alone. But then, I guess you and Katie -- I'm sorry, Henry. That was probably an insensitive thing to say.

Henry: I'm becoming inured to it.

Craig: Well, there you go. You see? So we get you a fake name. We get you a nice room with bath and find a way to end this well-intentioned yet ill-fated marriage to my sister forthwith and tout de suite. Come on.

Katie: I can't divorce henry.

Mike: Maybe you won't have to.

Katie: We've haven't even been married for a month.

Mike: That's what I'm talking about. Maybe you can get an annulment.

Katie: No, I can’t. I can't do that to him.

Mike: Okay. Okay, what do you want from this marriage?

Katie: I want to make Henry happy.

Mike: Take Henry out of the equation for a minute. What do you want? You think you'll be happy living a life without passion? Without sex? Without children?

Katie: I can change. I'll just make sacrifices. That's what Henry’s done.

Mike: You're not gonna be happy with a life like that. I know you. I know that you want a family. You want a house full of kids. And you are a very passionate woman. Are you -- are you willing to just give up that part of your life? To never make love to a man again?

Katie: I don't know what to do, Mike.

Mike: You -- okay. You got to be true to yourself before you can be honest with Henry. Okay, so let's get back to my question. What do you need to make you happy? Really happy?

Celia: You really liked my voice?

Scott: Oh, yeah. I mean, you've got a lot of potential. You might -- you might need a little fine tuning, some training, experience, but you've definitely got some pipes, girl.

Rafael: Don't sugarcoat it. The sooner she hears the truth, the better.

Scott: I'm not sure what you're getting at.

Rafael: She was out of line handing you that demo. That's not the way things are done and if she wasn't such a kid, she'd have known better.

Scott: Spoken like a man who's never had a dream. Listen, when I first started out in this business, I actually bribed one of Tim McGraw’s roadies to slip a song to him I wrote. Yeah. And when that didn't work, I stowed away in the baggage compartment of his bus to get to him.

Celia: You really did all that?

Scott: Oh, yeah. And more.

Rafael: Don't get any more ideas.

[Celia sighs]

Scott: Look, the point is, you've got to be fearless if you want to get anywhere in this business. So what I can do -- I can pass this demo along to my manager. And if he thinks you've got something, he'll give you a call.

Celia: Really?

Scott: Yeah.

Celia: Thank you. Oh, my God. You're amazing.

Scott: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. I haven't done anything amazing yet. You can thank me when you cut your first CD. You take care of yourself. Take care of your sister.

Barbara: I am at my wit's end about Jennifer. Do you know that she actually chose working with Craig Montgomery over me? Do you know what that man has done to our family? He's taken me away from my home and from my children, from my company and my bank account. And he will do the same thing to her. We have to save her.

Alison: Jennifer doesn't need saving. Did you see her tonight? People were going ga-ga over her designs.

Barbara: Will you stay out of this, Alison?

Alison: She's gorgeous. She's strong. She's confident. You're just jealous that Jennifer’s the one in the spotlight and not you.

Barbara: I said to stay out of this. I'm having a private conversation with my son. Now, why don't you go do something to amuse yourself? Something like starting another fire and blaming it on someone else. You're good at that.

Will: Don't talk to Alison that way. Don't ever say anything like that to her again.

[Pounding on door]

Dusty: It's probably better just to move on, you know?

Jennifer: Craig and I are in business together. Did it ever occur to you that maybe I have work issues to discuss with him?

Dusty: Definitely. It may look like he walks the straight and narrow, I know. But he's the same snake he's always been.

Jennifer: Isn't it the pot calling the kettle black? Since when did you earn your boy scout merit badge for anything?

Dusty: If you don't want my advice, don't take it. I was just trying to help you.

Jennifer: I don't want your help. Okay? Or anyone else's, for that matter.

Dusty: Aha. So other people have tried talking sense into you. That's good.

Jennifer: Since when is it your business to have any kind of opinion about the way I live my life?

Dusty: Just check out how Craig handles his business. He hasn't changed. That's all I'm saying. If he does, it won't be for the better.

Jennifer: For the last time, Dusty -- and please feel free to inform anyone else who may have an opinion -- my life and my career are not open for discussion with the general public, and that includes you.

Dusty: Well, I was just trying to help you out.

Jennifer: You were trying to tell me what to do! I know! So take my advice -- mind your own business and stay the hell out of mine.

Katie: I had no business asking you to weigh in on this. Let's just change the subject. I'm sorry.

Mike: Give me one good reason.

Katie: Because the truth is a dangerous thing, and we are probably gonna end up saying things that we probably shouldn't say.

Mike: There's nothing you can't tell me. There's nothing you're gonna say that's gonna make me not want to be your friend. Okay, so tell me. What makes Katie happy?

Katie: What do you want me to say? That I still have feelings for you? Is that what you want to hear?

Mike: Is that the truth?

Katie: I got into this whole thing with Henry because I wanted to get a rise out of you. So I thought that planning this big wedding would just make you feel like you were losing me, and you'd fall in love with me all over again. And you'd leave Jennifer, and we'd pick up where we left off, and I would never let you go. But --

Mike: But what?

Katie: But I had to let go of that dream, because you didn't want me anymore. So I'm not gonna stand here, a married woman, and tell a man -- who's also spoken for, by the way -- that I haven't stopped thinking about him, that I'm still in love with him, and I still want him, and that he's still in my blood. I can't say that, and I won't, no matter what.

[Craig sighs]

Jennifer: Hey!

Craig: Oh!

Jennifer: Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have barged in like this. But I just went head-to-head with the beast known as Barbara Ryan, and I really need to blow off some steam. So, do you mind? Do you have any I can't believe it's not butter!?

Rafael: The clothes go to the store tomorrow. And from now on, when you shop, I shop with you.

[Celia scoffs]

Celia: You'll make me dress like a nun. Rafael, this is the way girls dress here in America. This isn't Montega.

Rafael: I promised Mami I'd look out for you, and that's exactly what I'm doing.

Celia: You're not my father.

Rafael: But I'm the closest thing you've got. Now, grab your things.

Celia: Rafael, stop treating me like a baby.

Casey: Bye.

Barbara: What did you say to me?

Will: I said, you have no right to talk to any of my friends that way.

Barbara: Your friend attacked me like an animal at the Lakeview.

Alison: That was a long time ago, Barbara.

Will: And you probably deserved it.

Barbara: I'm sorry to hear you say that, honey. Someday, when I am dead and gone, I hope you understand how much I love you, and how much you need me. And I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive yourself for talking to me like this.

Alison: Don't listen to her. Thank you. You were great. Thank you for standing up for me.

Will: Hey, if somebody wants to talk to you like that, they're gonna have to go through me first.

Alison: Well, right back at you.

Sierra: Oh. So, who won the flexing contest between you and Craig?

Dusty: I couldn't find him. But I will.

Sierra: Well, you don't need to. As I said, I can handle this. And I will, on my own time.

Mike: Katie, look at me. Did you mean that? Do you still love me? Do you still think about me?

Katie: I'm a married woman, Mike.

Mike: This is not a marriage. Okay, you need somebody you can give yourself to on your wedding night, and every night after that for the rest of your lives. You need that passion and romance that you're not gonna get from Henry.

Katie: Yeah, maybe not. But even if Henry and I weren't still together, there's still Jennifer.

Mike: I don't know. We seem to want different things. You know, I want a family, and she wants a career.

Katie: Do you ever -- no, never mind.

Mike: What? What?

Katie: Do you ever think about what things would have been like if there wasn't a Henry or a Jennifer?

Mike: If we could pick up where we left off? I think about it.

Katie: What do you think about, exactly?

Mike: I think about how much I'd tell you that I miss you. And how much I want to touch you. Tell you all the things that I've been wanting to say.

Katie: Me, too.

[Phone rings]

[Katie clears throat] Hello?

Henry: Hey, it's me.

Katie: Hi, Henry. How are you, sweetheart?

Henry: I'm good. I want to let you know that I landed, and everything's fine.

Katie: Good. How are you feeling? How's your heart?

Henry: Oh, about the same, I suspect. How are you?

Katie: I'm good. Mike stopped by to hang out.

Henry: Good. Good. I'm glad -- I'm glad he looked in on you. Um, I got to go. So, I'll give you a ring tomorrow.

Katie: Love you.

Henry: Love you, too.

Katie: You want anything from the kitchen?

Mike: No, thanks.

Henry: Stop it. You love her, and you really love her, and you want her to be happy, then you'll let her go. Yep.

Katie: What happened before that phone call -- I mean, what almost happened, it can't happen again. It would break Henry’s heart.

Mike: Jennifer, too. You're right. I wish to God you weren’t. I wish a lot of things, Katie.

Katie: Me, too, Mike. Me, too.

Jennifer: I am so sick to death of everyone treating me like a child in need of constant supervision. I mean, my God! Do they think that I am so naive that I don't know what I'm doing? This is my company, my idea, my baby. And no one can tell me how to run it, or my life.

Craig: No, no. You can take that from me.

Jennifer: I don't have to take anything from anybody.

Craig: No.

Jennifer: Including and especially Barbara Ryan.

Craig: No. No, you don’t.

Jennifer: I am nothing like her.

Craig: No.

Jennifer: It's not as if Street Jeans is on the brink of disaster. I mean, we're exploding all over the place. We have only scratched the surface of what we can do. We are good. We are damn good.

Craig: Yes, we are. And, tonight, we really gave them something, didn't we? And even mother Barbara --

Jennifer: Oh, to hell with Barbara Ryan! We don't need them. We don't need any of them.

Craig: No, no, no, we don’t. Okay? Now, tonight, we really gave them something, didn't we? Everybody took notice, okay? Except Sierra, who acted like it was just another night on the town, and Street Jeans isn't really going to be another jewel in the Worldwide crown, which it will.

Jennifer: They're just a bunch of backstabbers.

Craig: Yes, all right. Well, listen, you keep your head up. You keep your expectations high, and you listen to your heart. You listen to the public. You saw. They love you. They love your style. They love your grace. They love the package. And you tell those naysayers, "get on board, or get out of the way!" This is your time, Jennifer. This is your work. This is your vision. And you have never been more luminous than you were tonight. And I'm proud to be your partner.

Jennifer: I couldn't have done it without you.

Craig: Well, you tell me what you want.

Jennifer: You lit fire under me.

Craig: I get it done.

Jennifer: I -- I want it all!

Craig: Done, done, done.

Jennifer: Just like that?

Craig: Just like that. You and me, just like that. Whatever you need.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Mike: Have you seen Jen?

Katie: Why? Is something wrong?

Mike: She didn't come home last night.

[Jennifer screams]

Carly: Have you lost your mind?

Lily: I've lost my husband. I want him back.

Keith: We both know that Carly or Lily, or both of them, killed my sister. So stop messing with me, and face the facts!

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