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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 3/7/05

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Paul: Okay, the flight to New York’s been delayed, but it's not going to affect my connection to Santo Domingo. I'll be there by nightfall. And I'll be on Rosanna’s trail by tomorrow morning at the latest.

Emily: Okay, I hate to bring this up, but there's a really good chance Rosanna’s not there. She could have sent the divorce papers, Paul, and left.

Paul: She'd have to wait at least 72 hours to make sure that the papers were filed. There are some laws there.

Emily: Yeah, for normal people, maybe. But Rosanna Cabot, CEO of Cabot Motors? She probably paid somebody to stay for her.

Paul: Why would she leave? I signed the papers. For all she knows, I'm done with her. What?

Emily: She knows you. She knows you well enough to hurt you in the worst possible way.

Paul: I know that's what it looks like, I just -- I feel like we don't know the whole story.

Emily: There is no more to the story. Paul, she drugged me, remember? She used me.

Paul: You know, I understand that that's what you think. But there has to be another reason.

Emily: What about all the horrible things she said to you? What other reason could she have had for saying those things? For any of it? Except to take revenge on you. She couldn't forgive you for what happened to Cabot, so she set out to punish you the worst way she could think of.

Paul: Yeah, I don't understand it all, either, right now. But I will. I'm going to find Rosanna and I'm going to figure out what really happened.

Emily: What if she doesn't let you do that?

Paul: Not an option.

Emily: What if she refuses to see you? What if she runs and hides? She's already done both those things.

Paul: I won't give up. I will find Rosanna if I have to look for her until the day I die.

Alison: I was not fighting your battles, Will.

Will: Yes, you were. You were putting a spin on my life story so Celia wouldn't think I was a murderer.

Alison: Is that what you want her to think?

Will: No.

Alison: Well, then, why did you set it up? She only asked me because you were all "you'll find out about me, you'll hear stories." Did you want her to think you were some sort of a mystery?

Will: No, of course not.

Alison: Well, whatever you said, you got her pretty confused, and she asked me, so I told her the truth. And then when she hears stories, she'll know the facts. What is wrong with that?

Will: What's wrong with it is you keep thinking you have to stop letting people make fun of me, or misunderstand me, or whatever, like I'm some kind of loser.

Alison: That's not true.

Will: Well, stop acting like it is.

Alison: I can't win with you!

Will: I'm not asking you to win with me. I'm asking you to stay out of my life, okay?

Alison: Okay.

Will: Good.

Alison: Fine.

Celia: It's lunchtime! I'm ready to roll.

Rafael: Celia, you roll nowhere without my permission. Where did you think you were going?

Celia: To lunch, with Casey.

Rafael: Uh-uh. No way.

Keith: Where's J.J.?

Carly: He's inside. Jack just told him about Julia.

Keith: The boy's mother is dead and he's got to hear it from somebody who's not even family?

Carly: Wait a second. Jack is family as far as J.J.'s concerned.

Keith: Yeah, well it took him this long to get around to telling him?

Carly: Well, he would've told him sooner, but he was busy with the investigation. He wasn't in such a hurry to break the child's heart. You know, nothing I say is going to be right with you today, I know that. You must be devastated to lose your sister.

Keith: Well, you know what,

J.J.: Mommy's dead.

Keith: I know.

J.J.: She's in someplace called a morgue. Does she have to stay there?

Keith: No, no, not for very long. Listen, why don't you go get dressed and we'll talk about it, okay?

Jack: He's got a lot of questions. Some of the answers got muddled, that's all.

Keith: That's all right. We'll straighten it out.

Jack: Listen, if you're going to talk to him, you don't have to take a drive. You can do it right here on the couch, that way you won't be distracted by the road, that's all.

Keith: Hey, hey, hey, hey. This is not a visit. I'm taking J.J. out of this godforsaken town.

Jack: What?

Keith: Yeah. J.J. and I, we're never coming back to Oakdale.

Holden: The last time I know that you saw Julia -- was at her apartment. It was that night that I was supposed to come here to the house and spend some time with the kids, except that I was late.

Lily: Yes.

Holden: You came by looking for me. By the time I got there, you had already attacked her. That's what I walked in on. And you said -- you said that you wanted her to die.

Lily: Yes.

Holden: Lily, I need to know.

Lily: I meant it. I wanted her dead. God help me, I meant it.

Margo: Did you tell Celia what time lunch was?

Casey: Will's bringing her, but she had to wait for him. Mom, come on, they're not even that late. So when they get here, don't make it a big deal, all right? Because this whole little lunch thing is already a nightmare.

Margo: What nightmare? Some sandwiches and a salad --

Casey: Yeah, right. It's like a probation hearing.

Margo: No, no. I don't cook for those.

Tom: And I would always argue for a longer sentence.

Casey: You know, Celia’s not going to get you guys' sense of humor if you keep saying things like that --

Margo: What? We'd embarrass you? Other than the fact that our mere existence embarrasses you?

Casey: I'm toast.

Tom: What was that?

Casey: Just keep one thing in mind -- Celia is a guest in our country, so be nice. 'Cause we need as many friends as we can get around the globe.

Margo: Oh, we got a smart boy. You're such a smart boy. Listen, smart boy, can I remind you why it's so important that we have this little lunch, if you ever want to see this little girl again?

Tom: She's actually not that little. You see, because of her, you took the car without permission, to Chicago, where it promptly got stolen.

Margo: And you got you fired from your job, a job that you needed to keep, so she's not really a good influence, this Celia.

Casey: You know what, that's totally unfair to her, though, because none of that was even her fault. If you think about it, those were all my decisions.

Margo: Yeah, well, those are decisions that you didn't used to make before you met this not-so-little, little girl.

Tom: I mean, what is the big deal? We've always met your friends.

Casey: Not like this.

Tom: What, you mean, like, formally?

Casey: Yeah! I mean, you guys are like, ready to pounce on her. You know what? Actually, just be normal. Can you do that? Not normal like us, but like normal people would be. Please? Just don't be weird when she gets here.

Margo: When -- if she gets here. At this point, I'm not sure that's gonna happen.

Celia: You have to let me go.

Rafael: I do?

Celia: It's lunch at Casey’s house.

Rafael: I have to let you go to a boy's home, in the middle of the day, when everyone's at work? Celia, don't you even see these things coming?

Celia: Casey's parents are going to be there.

Rafael: Yeah, right. Is that what he said?

Celia: What his mother said. She invited me.

Rafael: Yeah?

Celia: And she's on the police force. Did you know that? It's lunch with mr. District attorney and Mrs. Detective. I'll practically be under house arrest.

Rafael: Okay. And how are you gonna get there? Are they gonna send you a squad car?

Celia: Will Munson’s going to drive me. He got me home safe once already. I think we can trust him. Is that a yes?

Rafael: You come right back here after lunch, okay?

Celia: Yes sir.

Rafael: And Celia, be nice about the food. Mommy did spoil us on that one. Mrs. Detective might not be such a good cook.

Celia: I'll eat every bite and say nice things. Thank you. Will, are you ready to go?

Will: Yeah. Are we done here, Alison?

Alison: Yeah. Very done.

Celia: You still want to go?

Will: Sure.

Rafael: See you after lunch. And Will, she's coming straight back here.

[Rafael sighs]

Jack: I can understand you not wanting J.J. growing up in Oakdale after what happened. But you need to understand --

Keith: Look, look -- I'm gonna do something that Julia couldn't do. I'm gonna protect J.J. from people that can't be trusted. That's what I'm gonna do for my sister. I am gonna protect J.J.

Jack: You need to understand, though, Keith. I love J.J., too.

Keith: I don't care how you feel! Julia made it clear that she didn't want you around J.J. anymore.

Jack: I'd be careful with that, Keith! Julia also made it clear she doesn't want you around J.J. either.

Keith: That was one argument, okay. She told me that if anything ever happened to her, she wanted me to take care of J.J. And what she didn't want was having her son grow up in a house with a woman who hated her!

Carly: Isn't this just a little premature? Let's not upset J.J. any more when none of us knows what happens next.

Keith: I know what happens next.

Carly: You do? Are you sure?

Keith: Yeah.

Carly: Because J.J. has a biological father who may have some rights here.

Keith: Ah, Sweeney is in jail. He's got no rights. I am J.J.'s legal guardian.

Jack: You are not taking my son away from me!

Keith: That's exactly what I'm gonna do!

Lily: I was so upset that night. And I was so angry with Julia that I meant what I said to her. And I can't lie to you. I -- Julia destroyed our family and I wanted her gone. That's the way that I felt that night.

Holden: What about last night? How did you feel last night?

Lily: I know what you're saying when you ask me that. And it's -- well, that hurts. It hurts so much.

Holden: Lily, this is all my fault. Your anger toward Julia -- everything has just spun out of control, because I didn't handle things very well. And I am sorry about that. But I want to help you.

Lily: You want to help me?

Holden: Yes. You, the kids -- I still care. I'm never going to abandon you. I would never do that. No matter -- no matter what's happened. But I can't help you, not unless you tell me the truth. All of it. You said that you were at Carly’s last night.

Lily: Yes.

Holden: Is that true?

Lily: Yes.

Holden: Did you -- either alone or together -- go over to Julia’s? Lily? Did you hurt Julia?

Lily: Oh God -- Holden! Oh, my God!

[Lily sobs]

Holden: Start from the beginning. Just tell me everything.

Emily: A little something for you.

Paul: Thanks. I don't think I'm gonna be able to concentrate on travel --

Emily: Oh, you will. Listen, especially page 48. There's a list of estate agents in Santo Domingo and their addresses. So if your Rosanna did rent a house, you'll be able to find her.

Paul: Thanks.

Emily: Oh.

Paul: What's this?

Emily: I still sort of keep my hand in at the paper. One of my editors has a contact in Santo Domingo. He's used on investigations. He's a local guy. You'll like him. He knows where all the bodies are buried. And he'll keep you from being a body yourself.

Paul: Well, that's always useful. Thanks.

Emily: I'm still gonna try to talk you out of going. But if you are gonna get on that plane, at least you'll be well-armed.

Paul: Emily, you've been nicer to me than I deserve. And I appreciate it. Thank you.

Emily: Don't thank me. You didn't do anything wrong.

Paul: Yeah, but you were wronged. Maybe by the woman that you've had to listen to me obsess about for the last few days.

Emily: Well, excuse me, it's not a maybe.

Paul: Yeah, you're right. That was a little --

Emily: No, what she did to me. It's not a maybe. I remember very clearly Rosanna drugging me and hypnotizing me.

Paul: There is no reason why she would have ordered you to terrorize herself.

Emily: She explained it to you already.

Paul: What? That con job? I wasn't buying any of that. Rosanna loves me. I know that. It may be the one thing in the world that I really do know.

Emily: What?

Paul: This scarf -- this scarf is --

Emily: What are you doing?

Paul: Rosanna!

Jack: You can't just barge in here and take J.J. away from me. That's not how it works!

Keith: I'm the boy's legal guardian.

Jack: Legal? Really?

Keith: Yeah. Julia put it in her will.

Jack: I didn't see her will, Keith. I wouldn't know.

Keith: Well, why would you? You were only married to her for ten minutes. I am his guardian.

Jack: We'll see about that.

Keith: I've got proof. I've got documents.

Jack: Good. Let's see that, too.

Keith: Well, I haven't got them on me, dummy! Now, you want me to get the documents? I will, if you insist.

Jack: I insist!

Keith: Okay, fine! Tell J.J. I'll be back. And you -- you say your good-byes.

Jack: I hate him. Can I say that? Can I say that I hate him? 'Cause I really hate him.

Carly: Calm down now. We don't know anything for sure.

Jack: No, I know that. I know that. Something's not right, Carly.

Carly: What do you mean?

Jack: No, it's -- you saw Keith. Can you believe that he just found out that his sister is dead a little more than an hour ago? He's rather focused, don't you think?

Luke: What's going on?

Lily: Nothing. Nothing.

Luke: You're crying. What is he doing?

Lily: I'm okay. I'm okay.

Luke: No, you're not.

Holden: Luke, this is private.

Luke: It's about Julia, isn't it? That's the only reason why you ever come here. It's never about us!

Holden: That's not true.

Luke: So what is it about? It is about Julia. She's dead and you think you can just come over here and make us feel sorry for you.

[Phone rings]

Holden: It's Jack. I'd better take it.

Lily: Go ahead.

Holden: Hey, what's up? No kidding. Yeah, yeah. I'll take care of it. All right. I'm stuck in the middle of something right now. I'll call you back later, okay? All right, bye.

Lily: What was that about?

Holden: It's not important. Luke, your mother and I, we need to finish something --

Lily: That's okay, 'cause Luke is staying.

Holden: Lily, don’t.

Lily: No. He stays. Luke is not a child. I will not treat him like his little sisters. You have something to say to me, say it in front of Luke. Just say it.

Holden: It's what I asked you. I asked you a question.

Lily: It sounded like an accusation. I had nothing to do -- nothing to do with Julia’s death.

Holden: When you walked in here, you seemed pretty upset.

Lily: Of course I'm upset. My husband -- the man who I thought knew me better than anybody -- is treating me like I'm sort of killer. I didn't think we could sink any lower. But here we are!

Faith: Daddy! You're home!

Holden: Hey, how's my girl? Oh, it's so good to see you.

Luke: You cannot tell him. You don't have to. I took care of everything.

Lily: What are you talking about? Luke?

Luke: Just don't say anything. Holden will never understand.

Holden: What won't I understand, Luke?

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Jack: Hi.

Joan: Hi. Detective Snyder. I'm Joan Becker.

Jack: I hear you have information on Julia Larrabee's death.

Luke: I'll handle everything, Mom.

Lily: I can't -- I can't stay here, Carly.

Carly: You can't go! It'll be very suspicious!

Lily: If I stay here, I'm gonna crack. I'm telling you.

Barbara: Please don't go chasing after Rosanna.

Paul: I didn't say I was chasing Rosanna. Why would you jump to that conclusion? You're in on this whole setup with Rosanna, aren't you?

Alison: Do you think Will and Celia are having fun?

Rafael: I don't know. I just want her to get back here safe. Without anyone getting hurt or getting their car stolen.

Alison: Or getting arrested. Is this what it's like being parents? It bites.

Rafael: Yeah, no kidding.

Alison: How did we end up sounding like Grandma and Grandpa? I hate it.

Rafael: I know how I got here. Celia is my sister, so she's my responsibility. But when did you adopt Will?

Alison: I didn't adopt. I just act like it. I kind of wrecked Will's life when he was younger in a major way, and I feel like I owe him. And he's a great guy. And he's been through so much, and to deal with high school -- do you remember how brutal that was? I guess we just have to accept that Will and Celia will go through some rough patches.

Rafael: Don't say that.

Alison: I know. We gotta let them make their own mistakes. Man, I feel old.

Casey: So tomorrow might be Celia’s first day at Oakdale Latin.

Celia: They're supposed to let me know by the end of the day.

Tom: Well, it's a very good school.

Celia: That's what Casey keeps telling me.

Margo: Of course, if school isn't such a priority, then it doesn't really matter which one you go to, now, does it?

Celia: I guess you're right. I do have my career to think about.

Margo: Your career?

Casey: She's gonna love it, right, Will? We'll introduce her to people, show her the ropes. Especially in the music department.

Tom: Casey tells us you have a wonderful voice.

Celia: He has very good taste.

Casey: You know what? How 'bout dessert? Mom, Dad, can you help me?

Celia: What?

Will: You are so blowing this.

Paul: So where'd you get this?

Barbara: What?

Paul: This scarf.

Barbara: I don't remember where I bought it.

Paul: You didn't buy it. You somehow got it from Rosanna. Now, where is she?

Barbara: Who?

Paul: What are you doing here?

Barbara: I'm flying to Paris for Street Jeans. Jennifer and I are working together. Isn't that wonderful?

Paul: Yeah, until it all blows up in her face. Now I'm gonna ask you one more time, where did you get that scarf?

Barbara: I don't remember. I've had it all season, Paul.

Paul: You were locked up all season.

Barbara: Is it really so odd that Rosanna and I have the same fashion sense?

Paul: Wow. Okay. And I thought you couldn't creep me out anymore. Have a nice flight.

Barbara: Are you two making a getaway?

Emily: What?

Barbara: Well, here you are, together.

Emily: Oh, so we must be leaving together. You know, you are more twisted than I ever imagined.

Paul: Emily drove me here 'cause I'm on my way to Santo Domingo.

Barbara: Paul, honey, please don't go chasing after Rosanna.

Paul: I didn't say I was chasing Rosanna. Why would you jump to that conclusion? You're in on this whole set-up with Rosanna, aren't you? Tell me.

Celia: What did I blow?

Will: The way you're talking, you sound conceited.

Celia: I do?

Will: Yeah. Like all you think about is you.

Celia: Really? Help me.

Margo: We're here.

Celia: I'd like to say something to you. I'm really sorry about the car, and I didn't know how far Chicago was. I apologize.

Margo: Why are you whispering?

Celia: Because I didn't want to embarrass Casey. He was just trying to be nice to me and all I was doing was thinking about myself.

Casey: Okay, I found the ice cream scoop.

Tom: And time for me to go.

Celia: Me, too. Could you drop me off at Metro on the way? Is it on your way?

Margo: It's on my way. I can drop you off.

Tom: Actually, honey, its a little closer for me.

Casey: Everybody's leaving?

Will: I can stay.

Celia: Thank you so much for the lunch.

Tom: You're welcome. Next time, we just might make you sing for it.

Celia: I'd love to.

Barbara: Paul, you are jumping to conclusions. You said Santo Domingo, that's where people go for quicky divorces.

Paul: I didn't mention a divorce, either.

Barbara: Well, you need to get a divorce from that woman after what she did to you and me and Emily.

Emily: Thank you, your concern is so touching.

Barbara: You need to cut yourself loose.

Paul: If I did go after Rosanna, you're assuming that I would be chasing her, and not asking for a divorce.

Barbara: Don't go on some wild goose chase after a woman who doesn't deserve you. She has hurt you, lied to you --

Paul: Okay, stop it. You can attack Rosanna all you want. I still think it was you.

Barbara: What?

Paul: You behind all of it. Everything that happened to Rosanna, Emily being drugged, all of it.

Barbara: Emily, you know what happened. Haven't you told him?

Emily: Of course I've told him.

Paul: Yeah, I don't believe it. I'm not saying that Emily’s a liar. I'm just saying that there are things that we don't know. But I know this -- no one else makes sense but you. Rosanna had no reason to haunt herself, and you had every reason in the world to do it. Not to mention the special access you had to Emily. It was you.

Barbara: Okay, I don't have to listen to this. I'm not a prisoner anymore.

Paul: Okay, so it's just a coincidence that you're here right now?

Barbara: Oh, yes, yes, it is.

Paul: You're hiding something. And I'm not gonna let you dance your way out of it, not this time. Now, what is it? What's your big secret?

Barbara: Emily, I'd like to speak to my son -- alone.

Carly: I brought you some juice. You must be thirsty. Look, J.J., I know why you think I'm a liar. Because your mom and I didn't always get along. Just like you don't always get along with Parker. But here's the thing -- I tell the truth about that. You know how I felt, right? So when I tell you that I'm sorry that your mom is gone, that's the truth, too. And when I tell you that I'm happy that I can be here with you, I mean it.

J.J.: You wanted me and my mom to go away.

Carly: But not like this. Sweetheart, never, ever did I wish that your mom was in heaven instead of here with you. And now, when you look up into the sky at nighttime and you see those stars, you'll see your mom looking down on you, and she'll always love you and protect you. And she'll always sparkle.

[Doorbell rings]

J.J.: Mom?

Holden: Hey, cowboy.

Lily: Hi, J.J.

J.J.: Just you. Nobody else.

Holden: You got it. Come on.

Carly: Lily, you're shaking. What is it?

Lily: Listen, this is all gonna come crashing down on us, Carly.

Carly: No -- don't let J.J. do this.

Lily: No, it's not him, it's Holden. He came in the house and he started accusing me. Asking me where I was, that I wanted Julia dead.

Carly: You didn't tell him anything, did you? You promise me that you didn't tell him anything --

Lily: No, I didn't, but I was very, very close, because -- Luke came in and he stopped me. And I lied. I looked at Holden, in his eyes, and I lied to him, and he looked at me like he didn't know who I was. And that little boy looking at me like that -- I can't -- I can't stay here, Carly. I can't do it.

Carly: You can't go. It'll be very suspicious.

Lily: If I stay here, I'm gonna crack. I'm telling you.

Alison: Did you like them?

Celia: They were very nice to me.

Rafael: Did they like you?

Celia: I think I made a very good impression. See? Not everyone thinks I'm a pain in the butt.

Tom: Freeze, you're under arrest.

Margo: Oh, good. Just keep those hands where I can see them. So, did you drop off Celia?

Tom: Safe and sound.

Margo: And did she regale you with any more stories of her impending stardom?

Tom: Sounds like somebody's mother doesn't like somebody else's little girl.

Margo: I like her. She's fine. She's a little full of herself.

Tom: She has big dreams. I think it's kind of endearing.

Margo: Yeah, well, obviously so does Casey.

Tom: That's a good thing, right?

Margo: I guess, yeah.

Tom: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I would like to refer to a quote made by this witness a few months ago, and I quote, "What Casey needs is a girlfriend."

Margo: I said that?

Tom: Yeah, you did, I was there. And we agreed, see, he was in danger of becoming a computer geek, so we thought he needed a little more actual reality and less virtual reality.

Margo: Oh, the geek thing. Yeah, I did say that. I remember that, yeah.

Tom: So, what's the problem?

Margo: There's no problem.

Tom: The girl he's chosen isn't the person you may have had in mind?

Margo: Oh, "chosen," that's good. That makes it sound like they're about to walk down the aisle together.

Tom: Oh, come on, honey, now this is the first girl he's shown a special interest in, I mean, ever. So they're not ready to sign a prenup.

Margo: All right, so I'm just overreacting.

Tom: A tad.

Margo: Please, Lord, don't let me become one of those mothers.

Tom: What mothers?

Margo: One of those mothers who thinks that nobody's good enough for their little boy, because if I do become one of those mothers, and start to give every little girl that Casey brings home the same dirty looks that Lisa gave me --

Tom: Excuse me?

Margo: Oh, come on, Tom, you know it. She didn't think that I was nearly good enough for her little boy.

Tom: Well, you weren't, but she wouldn't say anything like that.

[Margo laughs]

Margo: You see? Okay, so what did she say?

Tom: So you want me to remember the exact words my mother used, what, 800 years ago?

Margo: You know, I feel younger than springtime when you talk to me like that, baby. Come on, just -- not, you know, exactly what she said, but in general, what did she say about me?

Tom: Okay, it was probably something like, "I like her. She's kind of full of herself."

Margo: Oh -- that's why I hate you. Go.

Tom: Get over it by tonight. I have a very romantic evening planned.

Paul: Thanks again for everything. I'll call you as soon as I know what's going on.

Emily: Are you gonna be okay along with the dragon lady?

Paul: Yeah. I've managed this long. I imagine I'll survive the afternoon.

Emily: Okay. Well, take care, okay? When you get on that plane, be careful. Call me when you get there.

Paul: Of course I'll call you. Thanks. All right, Emily’s gone. Let's hear it.

Barbara: I have nothing to say to you.

Paul: You made Emily go away. This is it. This your big, dramatic moment. Come on. What have you got to say?

Barbara: You know, Paul, I didn't want any of this.

Paul: Didn't want any of what? What, are you trying to prolong my torture?

Barbara: Are you so sure that anything that I would have to say to you would be to torture you?

Paul: Why would today be any different?

Barbara: Why indeed.

Paul: Do you have something to say to me or not?

Barbara: All right. I do know more about what happened to you than I let on. And you want to know? Okay. I'll tell you all about Rosanna.

Carly: Well, Keith, that was a quick trip.

Keith: I've got the documents.

Carly: Well, you didn't have time to go all the way to Chicago and back. You just carry those wherever you go? You had them here in Oakdale?

Keith: Where's J.J.?

Carly: Just a minute.

Keith: No, you haven't got a minute. I'm taking J.J. and I'm leaving now.

Holden: No, you're not.

Keith: What are you talking about?

Holden: He's upstairs. He's trying to take a nap.

Keith: Good. He can sleep in the car.

Holden: What is your deal? Why do you feel this need to uproot the kid in the middle of all this trauma?

Keith: Hey, who are you to second-guess me? I'm his legal guardian and I'm taking him. That's all there is --

Jack: No, you're not. You're not going anywhere. You're wanted for questioning.

Keith: What?

Jack: We just received new information, Keith. Let's go.

Keith: I'm not going anywhere with you.

Jack: Let's do this privately, please, at the station.

Keith: No, I'm not going anywhere. What are you talking about here?

Jack: We just received new information that indicates that you -- you, Keith, you were the one who killed Julia.

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Mike: Jen, what's going on?

Jennifer: Nothing. I just have a deadline.

Mike: I'm sorry, I'm not buying it. And I am not leaving here until you tell me what happened.

Craig: If you really love your wife, I want you to get a plan together to get Mike Kasnoff out of Street Jeans and back into Katie’s arms where he belongs.

Katie: What? What's wrong?

Henry: It's nothing. It's just -- I've got to get this truck off my chest.

Katie: Henry -- whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what's happening? Henry, are you okay?

Barbara: I only thought I should show it to you so you could be spared the pain that you would endure if you went down to Santa Domingo and tried to reason with her, because you know what that letter proves. She's beyond reason. And maybe you shouldn't read it after all, but --

Paul: You think she's over me?

Barbara: Now let's just forget all about this, okay?

Paul: Wait, read it.

Jack: The day she died, Keith here was opening Julia’s safe deposit box and pulled out documents that were only supposed to be opened in the event of her death, and I'm wondering why.

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