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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 3/1/05

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Sierra: Oh, not to worry. Dusty is right where I left him.

Lucinda: Keep him there. I'm on my way.

Sierra: No, no, Mother, no need to -- brother.

Dusty: Another.

Sierra: No, no -- not necessary.

Dusty: Sierra. My boss lady.

Sierra: Well, that didn't take long.

Dusty: Of course not. I'm highly motivated.

Sierra: I don't suppose you had any help with that.

Dusty: Don't need help. I used to drink for a living, you know, when I was boss at Metro, more or less. I'm in ship shape, though.

Sierra: Well, good for you. But I'm not. There has been an unexpected glitch in the Napa deal. And my mother is in a state. In fact, she's on her way over here to talk to us about it.

Dusty: Fantastic. We're gonna have a party.

Sierra: A party? Oh, great. She's in a high dudgeon, and you are as drunk as a skunk.

Dusty: Whatever. Look, the night's young. Pull up a stone. Would you? Stay with me for a while.

[Henry remembering]

Priest: I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may --

Henry: Thank you, Bubbles. Thank you. You have made me the happiest man alive. I'll let you be happy, Bubbles. That's all I want.

Mike: Hey.

Katie: Hi. Where's Alison?

Mike: Out with Aaron.

Katie: Is everything okay? 'Cause she called me and said that they need help and come over right away, emergency.

Mike: Yeah, Alison and Aaron are in a bind. Metro didn't pass inspection, so they've got to bring it up to code before they can open tonight.

Katie: Oh, no.

Mike: Yeah, here's the report. They went out to grab some things on the list, extra fire extinguishers, things like that.

Katie: A wall? They need to build a new wall before they can open?

Mike: That's my job.

Katie: By tonight?

Mike: My really challenging job.

Katie: Well, mine, too. For a while at least. Just tell me what to do and I'm all yours.

Jennifer: It would help me if you would get out of my way.

Craig: Not until you listen to me.

Jennifer: To you? Whether or not I marry mike is none of your business.

Craig: Well, no, no, actually, it's life-altering for both of us.

Jennifer: Excuse me?

Craig: Well, all right, maybe a little more for you than for me, but that's what worries me. So give me two minutes.

Jennifer: What?

Craig: Give me two minutes to keep you from making the worst mistake of your life.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, that sounds like a lot of fun. Now, will you move?

Craig: Just hear me out, and if you still want to marry Mike Kasnoff, I'll pay for the wedding, I'll give you away.

Jennifer: From you, I would need a cashier's check.

Craig: Jennifer.

Jennifer: Go ahead.

Craig: Jennifer, I've known you a long time. I've watched you grow up, change, become a smart, talented, passionate woman. I've seen you do some wonderful things. I've seen you do some stupid things. I've never seen you give up.

Jennifer: That's it? You think by marrying Mike I'm giving up?

Craig: If you accept Mike Kasnoffís proposal, what happens to this glorious, independent woman you've become? I think she's done.

Jack: Call me crazy, but it sounded like you just threatened your own sister.

Keith: Family business.

Jack: Yeah. I'm a cop. Half my business is domestic disputes.

Keith: Well, that's not what's happening here. You know, she just popped off about something, and I just want to make sure she doesn't do it in spite.

Jack: Keith that just doesn't sound good.

Keith: I don't care how it sounds. She's not gonna keep my nephew from me.

Jack: Julia threatened to keep J.J. from you, too?

Keith: Well, she's tried it before. It's not gonna happen, though.

Jack: Hold on a second, wait a second. Listen to me. Whatever this is, let's not forget there's a little boy involved here, and you said it yourself, he doesn't deserve to be dragged around anymore than he already has.

Keith: I know there's a little boy involved. I'm his uncle. It's my job to take care of him, and nobody's gonna tell me how to do my job, not you or my sister. Got it?

Carly: Hey, Lily, it's me. Call me right away. I have an idea about how we can fix this, but you need to come home. If you get caught at Juliaís, you could go to -- oh, Lily, thank God you're back.

Holden: It's not Lily.

Carly: No, I can see that.

Holden: Where is she?

Carly: Out.

Holden: Why do I get nervous every time I show up and she's not here, but you are?

Carly: She was very upset about that restraining order, Holden.

Holden: Yeah, I know.

Carly: She didn't want the children to see her crying, so she went out.

Holden: Where are they, the kids?

Carly: Faith and Natalie are watching a video. Luke's in his room.

Holden: I'll stay with the kids until Lily gets home. I need to talk to Luke.

Carly: No. No, you see, he knows about the restraining order and he's pretty mad. Who knows what he'll say. I think you should wait for Lily.

Holden: Carly, they're my kids. I don't need your permission to see them. Good night.

Carly: Good night.

Lily: Are you calling Holden?

Julia: There's a restraining order against you, Lily. Were you planning to ignore it?

Lily: No. No.

Julia: Then what the hell are you doing here?

[Lily remembering]

Lily: Please tell me you turned around and walked away.

Luke: I saw a picture of them together. I lost it. I didn't know what I was doing. So, I tore up the picture and started breaking stuff.

Lily: Oh, my God.

Luke: I wanted her to know what it feels like when somebody takes everything that belongs to you and trashes it.

Julia: Answer me, damn it.

Lily: I found out about the restraining order and I freaked out and I came over --

Julia: And you what? You came over here and trashed my home?

Lily: Yes. Yes, I came over here and I trashed your home. It was a stupid thing to do. I'm sorry. I was trying to clean up before you got home --

Julia: It's too late.

Lily: I will take care of everything. I will have somebody come in --

Julia: No, no, thank you.

Lily: I'll hire somebody.

Julia: You love to write checks, don't you? You think that makes everything okay?

Lily: I don't think this is the time --

Julia: No, you don't think. That is the problem, lady. You are out of control.

Lily: You have every right to feel any way you want to feel about me. But can we please just call this one bad day? Let me make it right and we can start over.

Julia: What, so you can do this again, maybe next time in front of my son? No, I don't think so. Lily, you know what? You can start over, in jail.

Sierra: Lucinda's in a mood. Do you understand that?

Dusty: Lucinda has a soft spot for me. She's even got a softer spot for 20-year-old scotch.

Sierra: No -- not during working hours she doesnít.

Dusty: It's dark outside, did you notice that? I am off the clock. You're no fun. Not tonight, she's not fun.

Sierra: How many times have you read Lucyís letter today?

Dusty: Couple more times, I might actually start believing it.

Sierra: Let's go, come on.

Dusty: Now? We got to go now. The meeting is now?

Sierra: Well -- soon, yeah. Can you do me a favor and have room service send up a pot of strong, black coffee to Mr. Donovan's room? Come on, let's go. Careful. Come on.

Luke: What do you want?

Holden: I want to talk to you.

Luke: Do you have visitation today?

Holden: Luke, I am still your father.

Luke: No you're not. The biggest mistake I ever made was pretending you were. Trying to be like you.

Holden: And I'm proud of the fact that you wanted to be like me.

Luke: Yeah? What happened?

Holden: What happened is that you got upset when I left. And I understand that, but you can't make me give up on you. I'm not gonna let you push me away! I am still your father.

Luke: You don't know how to be a father anymore. You used to. You used to be solid. You knew how to treat people. Now my mom sleeps alone. And cries in her room at night. What kind of man does that make you? No kind of man I want to be.

Carly: Lily, it's me again. Holden's here. And he's got Luke downstairs, and they're talking and I'm really afraid that the kid might spill something about going to Juliaís. And even worse, it means that Holden and Julia are done at the police station. And Julia could be headed home, right this very minute. So I'm on my way over there. I'm gonna stand watch. But if you get this message in the meantime, you get the hell out of there!

Lily: Please don't call the police.

Julia: Don't talk to me, Lily!

Lily: No, you call the police, you're the one that's gonna go to jail.

Julia: You violated a restraining order, you broke into my apartment, you and vandalized my home. Not even in this town does that get me arrested.

Lily: What about El Paso? I'm sure the El Paso police will be very interested in you. And I know why. I know everything.

Sierra: All right, okay. It's okay. It's okay. All right, okay. [Dusty laughs] So where's your key?

Dusty: Hey --

Sierra: Where's your key? Do you have a key somewhere?

Dusty: Are we sure we want to do this? I mean, I feel so cheap.

[Dusty laughs]

Sierra: You think you're so funny, don't you? Don't worry -- I'll be gentle with you.

Dusty: Okay.

Sierra: Here, here, just -- sit right -- sit right there. It's okay. Just stay right here and I'll be back.

Dusty: All right.

Sierra: Just stay there. There we go. Okay. No, no, no. N-n-n-n-n-no! What are you doing? You can't lie down.

Dusty: Whoa!

Sierra: There. Can't lie down.

Dusty: I got to get my head together for this meeting, right?

Sierra: No, no, no, not like that. You canít.

Dusty: You are so mean! You know, you have no compassion, general!

Sierra: Okay, just -- sit down with me. And keep one foot on the ground, okay?

Dusty: Okay.

Sierra: That way the room will just stay still, okay? All right, don't move.

Dusty: Fine.

Sierra: Okay. [Water running] Okay, up and at 'em, cowboy.

Dusty: I was just getting' comfy.

Sierra: Don't worry. We'll fix that.

Dusty: Right here.

Sierra: This way, this way. Oh --

[Dusty screams]

[Crashing sound]

Katie: Oh -- sorry.

Mike: You okay?

Katie: Yeah, it's -- just a little dented. Can we maybe put that side where no one can see it?

Mike: We'll saw that part off.

Katie: Sorry.

Mike: It's all right. You don't have to do this. I'm sure you didn't plan on doing any heavy lifting today.

Katie: No, no, whatever Alison and Aaron need. I really want this to work for them.

Mike: Me, too. So -- where's Henry?

Katie: Mike, this is work. I'm sure Henry smelled our labor and headed for the nearest martini.

Mike: Yeah. Good to see some things haven't changed, you know? Even if you are, you know, married and settled down.

Katie: Henry's still Henry. And I love him that way.

Mike: Let's put this up there, all right?

Katie: Sure.

Mike: So, sounds like you and Henry are going to start a family soon, huh?

Katie: What? No.

Jennifer: I'll get back to you with a price list for the wedding. Be prepared to go bankrupt.

Craig: Yeah, but you know I'm right.

Jennifer: No, I don't, Craig. You make it sound like marrying mike is some kind of slow death.

Craig: For your career, it is.

Jennifer: Mike is the one who encouraged me to start my own company in the first place. He believes in me.

Craig: I'm sure he does.

Jennifer: And if I were to go out on my own, he would be behind me 100%. [Craig laughs] What?

Craig: Oh, yeah, I'm sure he wants you to start your own little business so you can design lots of little things Lisa can put on display in fashions. No big orders, no headaches, nothing to get in the way of dinner on the table by 7:00.

Jennifer: Your two minutes are up.

Craig: But you're still here, aren't you? 'Cause you know I'm right about Mike Kasnoff. You know his idea of a fun Saturday night is a home gym infomercial and a bucket of popcorn on the couch --

Jennifer: Well, you know what? It's better than some drunken night in Paris, surrounded by a bunch of vapid models who are constantly obsessing about their next booking or whatever conditioner they put in their hair.

Craig: So skip the after-parties.

Jennifer: Did you ever think that maybe you're wrong about me, Craig?

Craig: Do you want a life on the couch? In front of the TV? You've got to be ready to give up every dream, every dream you ever had of being recognized for that God-given talent. Is that what you want?

Jack: The sitter told me you were with Lily.

Carly: Yeah. Well, the restraining order, it's got her pretty -- Jack?

Jack: Let's just go home.

Carly: What happened?

Jack: These people -- it's just a -- it's just a big mess.

Carly: What?

Jack: Apparently Juliaís threatened Keith now, too, told him he can't see J.J. anymore, and he's taking it pretty hard.

Carly: Oh, honey.

Jack: I don't know what to do.

Carly: Well, they won't let you do anything. They've pushed you out, Jack.

Jack: I know. Which is why I had to let it go. I want to take you home so we can forget about this whole thing for a little while.

Carly: I'd love to. But I told Holden that I was gonna find Lily. She was really upset, and she --

Jack: Lily and Holden --

Carly: She left, and I'm worried about her.

Jack: They can deal with this. Let them deal with this for tonight, please. Come home with me. Please.

Holden: I know that you're upset.

Luke: Upset?

Holden: But nothing changes. I still love you and your sisters more than anything.

Luke: Not more than Julia. You proved that after you went to live with her.

Holden: Look, you're not a kid anymore, and I'm not gonna lie to you. I care about Julia. But it does not change how I feel about you and your sisters. But I can't be a husband to your mother anymore.

Luke: So guess what? If you're not that, you're nothing to me.

[Doorbell rings]

Julia: You know, Lily, I didn't want this to get ugly.

Lily: Really?

Julia: If you'll pay for the damages and you leave, never come back, I -- I don't see any reason why the police would have to get involved this time.

Lily: You've seen the light? That's amazing. Five minutes ago, you had no trouble putting me in jail.

Julia: I overreacted, the same as you.

Lily: Mentioning the El Paso Pd sobered you up.

Julia: I don't know what you're talking about with that --

Lily: Drug dealing, outstanding charges, jumping bail. Ring any bells?

Julia: What do you want?

Lily: I want you to leave. I want you to take J.J. and leave my husband, and Oakdale, for good. Tonight.

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Lily: El Paso Police, I need the number for the local police department. Yes, I'll hold.

Julia: Give me that.

Katie: I'm really sorry. I am no help at all.

Mike: No, I'm sorry. It's none of my business what --

Katie: Of course it's your business.

Mike: You're talking about the wall?

Katie: You weren't?

Mike: No.

Katie: Oh.

Mike: I don't know, maybe I got the wrong idea about kids from what you and Henry said last time I saw you.

Katie: Well, there've been discussions about it, but let's face it, I don't really have the time with opening the gym and everything. I think the only pitter-patter of little feet we're going to hear for quite some time is Snickers.

Mike: Good.

Katie: Good?

Mike: No, I -- I meant, I meant, not -- it's not good.

Katie: Don't you think I'd be a good mother?

Mike: Of course. I just meant -- I think you will make a wonderful mother. And whenever you decide to become one -- I guess I said "good" because I meant good for me. I'm still getting used to the idea of you and Henry being married. I'm glad I get a little while with that before I have to think about a little Katie or a little Henry.

Katie: What about you and Jennifer? Do you have any plans to settle down?

Mike: We're in no hurry. You're surprised?

Katie: A little. I just always thought you -- I mean, you always seemed like you were ready.

Mike: We're not. You know, Jen's not in that place in her life.

Jennifer: I don't know what century you're living in, Craig, but women have options now. I can have a family and a successful career.

Craig: No, no, not with what you do, you canít. You can't be tied down to someone who's not flexible, can't let you travel. He's gonna want you popping babies from day one. Look at your mother. She settled down in the suburbs. Look what happened to her.

Jennifer: Oh, you did not just say that. You, of all people, want to get into what ruined my mother's life?

Craig: It wasn't me, believe me. But all right, let's look at Carly. She had talent, she had drive. What does she have now? She's got soccer practice, swim lessons.

Jennifer: You know what? Maybe that's what she wants. But me, I want it all. And in this day and age, I can have it.

Craig: Oh, well, not all at once, you canít. If you settle down, your creativity will fade, your ambition will puddle. And that's all right for most people, but not for you. That's not who you are. You want more than this. You are more than this.

[Phone rings]

Jennifer: Please, answer it. Please, lecture someone else for a change.

[Phone ringing]

Craig: Good news?

Henry: Katie and Mike are alone at Metro as we speak.

Craig: You're a good man. Thank you.

Henry: Donít. Thanks from you makes me feel slimy.

Craig: You made the right decision.

Jennifer: You need to go now, Craig.

Craig: Yes, I do.

Jennifer: You do?

Craig: Well, I said my piece. Mike Kasnoff is down hanging sheet rock at Metro. If you want to go down there and discuss china patterns with him, that's the spot.

Jack: Not only will Julia use J.J. against Keith, he now thinks its fine to fight back with the same woman.

Carly: That poor little guy.

Jack: I know. That was the one part. J.J. was the one thing to make it hard to break it off with Julia. That's what we have to do, Carly. Maybe I can keep an eye on him from a distance or Holden can help out in some way, but we -- we have to stay away from these people. I'm serious, Carly. We have to be done with them.

Carly: Jack, that's what I've wanted since you came home.

Jack: Sometimes I still feel like I haven't come home, not completely.

Carly: Then come home now. We'll just concentrate on ourselves and on our kids, and everyone else will just have to take care of themselves.

Jack: You mean that?

Carly: Yes. It's over. It's just us now. Just us.

Holden: This is not a good time.

Keith: It's important. Julia's in trouble.

Holden: Why? What happened?

Keith: She's trying to keep J.J. away from me.

Holden: That doesn't sound like Juliaís in trouble.

Keith: No, it does. This is exactly what it means when she doesn't want me around.

Holden: This is between you and Julia.

Keith: I'm not gonna back off on this. Now, she needs to know that, and you're the only one she'll listen to right now.

Holden: I've got my own set of problems here. My son upstairs won't talk to me. You're gonna have to deal with this yourself.

Julia: Lily, you can't do this.

Lily: Yes, I can do this. There are outstanding warrants, you're a fugitive. It's one phone call. My goodness, it's my civic duty.

Julia: I'm not a drug dealer. Look, my ex-husband forced me to steal drugs from the clinic that I worked at. If I didn't do it, he was gonna beat my son. And me. I can take him going after me, but not my son. I did what I had to do to protect my child.

Lily: Protect him? Please. You stayed in a home with an abuser.

Julia: No, I didnít. That's the point, Lily. I ran, as far and as fast as I could. That's one of the things that you want to have me arrested for --

Lily: Look at you. You are very good at this. Try telling that one to a jury.

Julia: There won't be a trial, see? First they're gonna lock me up in jail, and where does that leave my son? Where does that leave J.J.? Whatever you think about me, Lily, my kid does not deserve that. Come on, for God's sake, have some compassion.

Lily: Compassion? Would you like me to show you the kind of compassion you've shown me and my family!? You didn't give a damn what happened to Luke or Faith or Natalie when you took their father away from them! Ten minutes ago, you were ready to throw their mother in jail! You don't deserve this, but I will let you walk free if you meet my terms.

Julia: Pack up and leave?

Lily: Yes. But first, you write a very convincing letter to Holden. None of this victim garbage! That you and he, you're done, you're gone. You and J.J., you leave town, without a trace, by tonight!

Julia: He -- J.J.'s staying at a friend's house, so what, I'm gonna go over there in the middle of the night and wake him up and scare him half to death? Plus, what am I gonna tell the people who he's staying with? I mean, look, let me just -- let me just pick him up tomorrow after school --

Lily: No. Tonight! Or I call the El Paso cops and you can leave Oakdale in handcuffs!

Dusty: Easy. Easy.

Sierra: Well, you know, it would just be better if you were dripping when my mother got here.

Dusty: It just kind of snuck up on me, you know?

Sierra: What's that? The letter from Lucy or the bottle of scotch?

Dusty: Usually I can drink any woman under the table. That's the truth.

Sierra: That must have been a pretty upsetting bottle of scotch.

Dusty: Yeah, it was like a second chance. Lucy was like -- I mean, I thought, like, if I could go back to when I was that age, it just was utopic, you know? Like I could do anything. Are you there?

Sierra: Yeah. You know, listen -- this time with Lucy was a gift. And all she did was show you what was already on the inside of you, and you just have to figure out what to do with that now. [Cell phone rings] That must be my mother. Hello, Mother.

Lucinda: I'm in the lounge and you guys are nowhere to be seen.

Sierra: Well, Dusty left some papers upstairs, so we decided to come up here and work on that Napa problem.

Lucinda: No fear, darling, I've got it all worked out.

Sierra: But Mother, you know, you really don't understand some of the details --

Lucinda: I'm on my way up.

Craig: Well, Henry?

Henry: Well, what? I did my part. Katie and mike are alone at Metro.

Craig: How that's working?

Henry: It's in fate's hands, okay?

Craig: You did a good thing, Henry.

Henry: Really? That must be why I feel so sick.

Craig: Oh, it's the novelty. It'll wear off.

Henry: Once, Montgomery. I do this once. If it doesn't work out, don't come back to me again.

Craig: It'll work.

Mike: What?

Katie: Nothing.

Mike: What? Tell me.

Katie: Nothing. I was just -- I was thinking about what you said about you and Jennifer, and how she's not really ready to settle down.

Mike: Yeah.

Katie: But you are?

Mike: It's about who you're with. Not just timing. I can wait until Jen's ready.

Katie: So you're happy?

Mike: Yeah. How about you? Is married life everything that you thought it would be?

Katie: You mean the second time around? I guess I don't really have a baseline for normal, but I do feel really lucky to have Henry.

Mike: Henry's the lucky one.

Katie: No. He puts up with me. You don't know, he deserves better. I want to be a good wife to him, I really do, and I just wish I were better right now.

Mike: I'm sure you're great.

Katie: No. But I will be. I promise I will be.

Keith: I tried with Julia. I mean, I wouldn't be here if I could get through to her.

Holden: I can't help you.

Keith: It's not me that you're helping. This is for Juliaís own good.

Holden: Well, if that's true, then I'm sure she'll see that.

Keith: No, I don't think so, 'cause things aren't right right now.

Holden: Excuse me?

Keith: There are some things, things that I -- I can't talk about, things that are going on.

Holden: Well, then, how am I supposed to help you out?

Keith: Tell her. Tell her I'm not gonna let her get away with this again.

Julia: You are so good at giving orders. Does everybody always just jump at your command?

Lily: This is an offer, not an order.

Julia: An offer?

Lily: Yes.

Julia: To slit my own throat? To give up my shot at happiness with a man who truly loves me and my son? No. You know what? Forget it. You call the police, Lily. Go ahead. You call the police. Because Holden and I, we'll fight the charges.

Lily: Holden and you?

Julia: You know he'll stand by me. You know he will. And he will hate you for bringing this trouble on me.

Lily: Maybe. But I've got nothing to lose. I've already lost Holden.

Julia: So what? So you're willing to give up your one chance that he might actually respect you? 'Cause Lily, if you do this --

Lily: Then what? I've known Holden for 20 years. I know how he feels about right and wrong and breaking the law.

Julia: Well, he knows what I went through with my ex. He will know that I had no choice. He'll forgive me.

Lily: He certainly will pity you. I'm sure he'll come to visit you on visiting days, when he gets around to Texas, which is so far away. Sods like a great life for you. El Paso please, I need the local number for the local police department. Yes, I'll hold.

Julia: Give me that.

Katie: How did everything get so screwed up?

Mike: What everything?

Katie: Did you hear us just now? We sounded like strangers on a bus or second cousins at a yearly family reunion who don't even know what to say to each other. We used to be best friends.

Mike: Yeah.

Katie: Did I do this? When I came back to town and was so stupid? Am I the reason we can't talk like people any more?

Mike: No, it was both of us. The situation. Which you can still cure by crying, if you haven't noticed.

Katie: I'm sorry, it was just -- it feels a little weird. Can we be friends again?

Mike: I hope so. Yeah. We can.

Katie: Sometime? Or now?

Mike: Sometime soon? I don't know. I'm just -- I'm trying to be honest. I don't know what -- I miss my friend, too.

Katie: Then let's just do it, Mike. Let's just say we're gonna be friends again, and not let things get so weird. I mean, I'm settled and you're settled and we do still like each other. So -- let's just act like it. Can we?

Mike: Why not? Friends?

Katie: Friends.

Craig: So should I be picking out a wedding tie?

Jennifer: Business, Craig. That's why I'm here. You want me back at Street Jeans, correct?

Craig: Correct.

Jennifer: Then I want my mother out. And by out, I mean completely out. She doesn't have anything to do with my life. I don't even see her. Ideally, she's on the other side of the world.

Craig: That can be arranged.

Jennifer: Then I'm in.

Craig: What made you change your mind?

Jennifer: It's none of your business, Craig. Remember that, or I'm out the door. My personal life is none of your concern.

Craig: Understood.

Jennifer: So you want me to stay with Street Jeans, those are the terms. Butt out of my life, and neutralize my mother.

Craig: Done.

Dusty: You're really that concerned about Lucinda, huh?

Sierra: You know, I just don't enjoy handling her when she gets like this. She just -- she needs indulging. Maybe she's finally delegated enough of her work out that she doesn't have enough to do and she just wants to fuss around in my business. Listen, whatever she says, all you have to do is just nod and smile, okay? [Knock on door] Okay? Listen, I'm serious. You just nod and smile.

Lucinda: Sorry, darling, if I made a fuss about anything at all. I've worked it all out. Hi. What happened to you? You look like you were hit by a bus.

Sierra: He just has a terrible headache. It's getting better, though, isn't it, Dusty?

Lucinda: Uh-huh. Well, the spa deal is saved. Hansel and Gretel may have balked at the final papers.

Sierra: Its Hazel and Stanley.

Lucinda: But not to worry, my darling, because I sent them 10,000 shares of Worldwide's stock.

Sierra: You sent them stock? Corporate stock?

Lucinda: That ought to melt all resistance. Hey, Dusty, what do you think?

Dusty: Lucinda, that totally bites.

Holden: You won't let Julia get away with it. What is that supposed to mean?

Keith: She'll know.

Holden: Yeah, well, I don't, and I don't deliver messages that I don't understand.

Keith: Well, it's between me and Julia.

Holden: Not if you drop it on my doorstep.

Keith: Just tell her I'm not gonna let her get away with it again.

Holden: That sounds like a threat.

Keith: I'm not the bad guy here. You know, I'm trying to look out for J.J. and Juliaís best interests. That's all.

Holden: Just tell me what it is. She won't get away with it.

Keith: She's not gonna drive away, she's not gonna sneak out of town, and I'm not going back to Chicago. I should never have let her take J.J. across the country. That should never have happened, but it did. It's not gonna happen again, because I'll take J.J. myself if I have to.

Holden: Whoa, whoa, whoa, you can't take J.J.

Keith: Yes I can. She knows I can. And I will.

Holden: What is she running from that would allow you to take J.J., no questions asked? What the hell is going on here?

Keith: Ask her.

Carly: Never have I been more grateful that the children are with the sitter.

Jack: Are you saying this is gonna get a little too educational?

Carly: If I have it my way. Why don't you go upstairs and turn down the bed? And I'll get us a bottle of wine.

Jack: I won't be long.

Carly: No messages? Lily, where are you? And why haven't you called me? I didn't get over to Juliaís and now I'm worried about you. Call me as soon as you get this message.

Lily: I will not let you ruin our lives.

Julia: I'm not gonna let you ruin mine. I'm not going anywhere. Give me that!

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Carly: Come on, Lily, call me. Let me know you're okay.

Lily: Please, Julia, don't close your eyes. Please don't fall asleep. Just get up. Just fight me. Just do something.

Keith: Julia, open up.

Jack: It took me a while to see the light too, Holden. Julia's trouble. Maybe if you took a look around, you'd realize the same thing.

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