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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 2/28/05

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Sierra: You've done an excellent job pushing this through so quickly.

Dusty: The faster the better. The people selling are sentimental, let's not give them a chance to change their minds, you know?

Attorney: You plan to rename the place once you take possession?

Sierra: I don't know. Dusty?

Dusty: I say stick with "Casa Lodo." I don't know what it means, but I like it.

Sierra: "House of mud."

Craig: Pay dirt? Congratulations.

[Dusty sighs]

Dusty: Are we done here?

Attorney: For now. I'll be in touch.

Craig: I didn't mean to interrupt.

Sierra: Thank you.

Dusty: But you always do, that's the beautiful thing about you.

Craig: Sounds like a dirty job well done.

Sierra: It was Dusty's idea -- a spa franchise that caters to families. He saw a gap in the market.

Dusty: Got you to take a chance on it.

Craig: And didn't you just -- so everything's coming up roses, eh?

Dusty: I hear they grow pretty well in mud.


Sierra: Well, what about you, Craig? How are things going on your end? Did you get Jennifer to come back to Street Jeans?

Craig: I'm working on it.

Sierra: No, no. I need something better than that. You know, if my mother finds out that she quit, she's going to shut down this company.

Craig: No, Jenniferís not quitting. She got some bad advice from someone.

Dusty: Other than you? Maybe I should talk to her.

Craig: Thank you, no. You keep making your mud pies. I can take care of Street Jeans.

Jennifer: When you say you want to be my family, what does that exactly entail?

Mike: Whoa! Hey, before hurricane Barbara blew in here, you and I were lying in bed, having a good time. Now, you're all tied up in knots. Why don't you forget about Mommy dearest and start over with me?

Jennifer: I think I handled my mother pretty well.

Mike: Without a doubt. She tried to guilt you back into Street Jeans and you called her on it.

Jennifer: I couldn't have done it without you. For some reason, it always seems easier to stand up to Craig or my mother -- anyone, when you're around.

Mike: Maybe that's because there's never any doubt that I'm in your corner. I love you, Jen. Unconditionally.

Jennifer: I haven't had a whole lot of that unconditional thing.

Mike: Maybe that's because you haven't had the right family. Which is why I want to change all that.

Jennifer: Mike, are you asking me to marry you?

Mike: I guess I am.

Katie: I wish I could be a real wife to you. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have pushed it.

Henry: No, it's okay. It's all that talk about kids. I pressured you.

Katie: No, you didnít. Never. You are the most wonderful man I've ever known and I do love you with all my heart.

Henry: That makes me happier than I could have ever dreamed of.

Katie: Oh, this is so awful. Dammit! I feel so shallow!

Henry: We're both shallow. I mean, the two of us together wouldn't make a decent-sized puddle. You know?

Katie: But I'm ruining your life because I can't stop thinking about --

Henry: It's okay. Say it. I already know.

Katie: No, then -- more reason not to say it.

Henry: Sometimes the truth needs to be said. Katie, my dear, lovely wife -- you're still in love with Mike.

Aaron: Look, sir, nobody wants this club more safe than I do, okay? So if you just give me something to sign, and then I promise you you'll have my word that we'll get onto something tomorrow night.

Inspector: I can't do that, Mr. Snyder.

Alison: But tonight we're officially opening under new management. We've taken out ads, sent out fliers --

Inspector: No one's allowed in this place unless everything's up to code. Especially the separation between the cooking and storage areas -- you can't open without that.

Aaron: Okay, okay, wait. What if we get a room divider? Specific safety standards.

Aaron: How about me and you, we go to the kitchen, and then you can give me some ideas, and then we'll try to figure something out by the end of the night?

Inspector: All right, but don't get your hopes up.

Aaron: Okay, great. This way please.

Alison: Help me. Aaron needs this to work. We have to open tonight.

Rafael: We could probably get most of it done, but building a wall, I don't know, Ali --

Alison: Wait, I've got a brilliant idea.

Carly: Hi. You -- you forgot some of J.J.'s stuff, so I boxed it up. I thought you could give it to Julia. Jack, what's wrong? Is Holden really going to get a restraining order issued against Lily?

Jack: I'm going to talk to them, maybe get them to change their minds. But thanks for bringing this stuff. I'll make sure Julia gets it.

Carly: I guess you're busy then. I'll go. Just call me when you have a little more time.

Julia: You know you didn't have to come.

Holden: I don't want you doing this alone. Hey, Jack. So what's the procedure here? Do we have to register papers with you or what?

Jack: Listen, before we proceed, I just want you guys to understand how serious this is.

Holden: Julia doesn't need any counseling, okay? She needs police protection.

Jack: From Lily? Come on, Holden.

Holden: She attacked her. She threatened her life.

Jack: Wishing someone was dead is not considered an overt threat.

Julia: Clearly you are suffering from a conflict of interest, Jack.

Jack: I'm just trying to get you both understand the consequences here.

Holden: As long as you understand that we're not going to back off just because you have a personal bias.

Carly: Jack's trying to talk the nurse from hell and Holden out of filing a restraining order against you.

Lily: Well, some people may say that I'm lucky it's just a restraining order and not assault charges.

Carly: Don't worry. As soon as she finds out what we know, she's not going to be any more trouble for you.

Lily: I hope your right.

Carly: She's wanted on drug charges, Lily. When she finds out what we know about what happened in El Paso, she'll be gone in seconds.

Lily: You'll have to confront her. Because if Holden gets a restraining order against me, I won't be able to go anywhere near her.

Carly: I'm on my way over. We'll figure it out when I get there.

Lily: Okay.

Luke: Dad's taking out a restraining order against you?

Lily: I'm sorry that you heard that.

Luke: What is wrong with him?

Lily: It's your father, he's just --

Luke: Don't call him that! He's not my father! He's a liar and a cheat and I hate his --

Lily: Don't say that!

Jennifer: I'm confused. First you wanted to have children and now you want to get married?

Mike: I don't know. I could have had that backwards. I love you. I want us to be a family.

Jennifer: Because I'm me or because you want a baby?

Mike: Because you're you. We can figure all the big stuff later, like when to have kids, but right now I need to know how you feel.

Jennifer: Part of me is thrilled and honored and 16 years old. And then there's another part of me that just can't help wondering that this sudden urge to have a family is because you have to prove something to yourself.

Mike: Like what?

Jennifer: Like, that you can have children, and be married and be happy with someone other than Katie.

Katie: I don't plan to judge everything in my whole life in relation to Mike Kasnoff. I don't want to talk about him. I'm with you now.

Henry: He's the reason we got married.

Katie: No, he's the reason we got engaged. We got married because I love you.

Henry: I know, I know. But you still love him. What? No. Hey, don't -- I didn't mean for you to start crying.

Katie: No, I don't want to hurt you, Henry, please.

Henry: I went into this with my eyes wide open, okay? When I suggested this -- this arrangement, you were completely honest with me. Now, we never expected to get this far. Mike was supposed to stop the wedding.

Katie: Yeah, and he didn't, I married you because I wanted to. You have to believe me, Henry.

Henry: I do. I do, it's why the Illinois tourist board wants to plaster my smiling mug all over billboards across the country. You have made me happier than I ever thought possible.

Katie: Even if --

Henry: Even if we don't get horizontal? Yeah, well -- yeah, so what? You're the only wife I ever wanted.

Katie: Then be patient with me, okay? I am going to get Mike out of my system, I promise you.

Henry: And I promise to do whatever it takes to give you a wonderful life.

Katie: I'm going to go make some more tea. You want some?

[Henry sighs]

Henry: Pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up. Pick up.

[Phone ringing]

Craig: Hello, Henry.

Henry: Where are you?

Craig: I'm at the Lakeview lounge.

Henry: I'll be right there.

Craig: Everything all right?

Henry: No. No, but it will be. You were right. Katie still needs Mike.

Craig: Oh. Well, Henry, a brother does know these things. You come on down. I'll be waiting. So, where were you?

Sierra: Um, Dusty had just volunteered to talk to Jennifer into coming back to Street Jeans.

Dusty: I think Jennifer needs a guarantee that Barbara won't have a say in how the company is run.

Craig: You're up to four syllable words now. Well, arrivederci, you two busy people. I've got someone to meet.

Sierra: Wait, wait! Where are you going? What about Jennifer?

Craig: Relax. I've got everything under control.

Dusty: He's a funny guy, your ex.

Sierra: You don't like his sense of humor?

Dusty: I don't like the way he does business. He makes up his own rules.

Sierra: Not anymore. I made it very clear that won't fly at Worldwide. And so far, I think he's been very restrained.

Dusty: You think he'll be able to keep it up?

Sierra: There's nothing to suggest otherwise. Where are you going?

Dusty: You got to relax, okay? Let's celebrate. We bought our first spa together. Let's celebrate.

Sierra: No, I don't have time to celebrate right now.

Dusty: What do you mean? Uh, there you go. That's presidential freeze.

Sierra: What?

Dusty: You must have gotten a lot of mileage out of that one. You know, back in the Congo, meeting other heads of state out there.

Sierra: You know, I don't know what you're talking about.

Dusty: That cold front that's been pouring in. You know, after our first mud fight.

Sierra: Well, our first and last. I mean, you really don't know me very well, Dusty, but I'm really not given to behaving like a 10-year-old.

Dusty: Oh. That's too bad. Because acting like a kid looks good on you.

Holden: Here's a copy of the temporary restraining order from a judge. Jessica pulled some strings for us.

Jack: You really want to do this to the mother of your children?

Julia: I have a child, too, Jack. I'm not going to risk exposing J.J. to the kind of thing that Lily did yesterday.

Jack: Lily lost her temper. She's not dangerous, Julia.

Julia: Well, I wish I had your confidence.

Jack: I'll deliver these myself, make sure she understands that she can't violate any of these restrictions.

Julia: As long as she stays away from me and J.J.

Jack: Anything else?

Holden: No.

Carly: So, I'll be a little bit later than I thought. Buh-bye. Hi.

Jack: I thought you went home.

Carly: I just wanted to check messages, check in with the sitter. Sage is a little bit cranky. She's cutting a new tooth.

Jack: You should get home then.

Carly: Julia get her restraining order?

Jack: It's right here. I was just going to go bring it over to Lily.

Carly: I could do that for you.

Jack: Honey, stay out of it.

Carly: I'm just trying to help. You are going to pay for this, Julia. I promise you that. Oh, well, are you here to do victory laps with your sister? She got a big, bad restraining order.

Keith: From what I hear, she needs one. I'm glad that she and J.J. are safe.

Carly: Right, this is about J.J., isn't it? You know something? If I had a nickel for every time she used that child to manipulate people --

Keith: So you want me to believe that you're angry because of J.J., on his behalf?

Carly: I don't care what you believe, but I'll tell you this. J.J. loves Jack. He trusts him, he looks up to him, and he's going to miss him a lot. And if Julia really had J.J.'s best interest at heart, why would she take him away from the man who has been more of a father to him than anyone in this world?

Keith: That was my decision.

Carly: No. No, that's what Julia wants you to think. But she's just using you like she uses everybody else.

Lily: Oh, Luke, I'm so sorry. I just -- hearing you talk about like that, it just breaks my heart.

Luke: I told you -- he's not my father.

Lily: Don't say that. Because he has been your dad in every way that matters, ever since you were a baby.

Luke: Not anymore! He doesn't care about me. He doesn't care about any of us.

Lily: That is absolutely not true. This is a difficult time, but he is still a good man.

Luke: How can you defend him? Mom, he bailed on you for some woman who didn't even care that he was married.

Lily: This is not all Juliaís fault. Yes, your father and I were having some troubles when she came along. And she has definitely made things worse, but I have made my mistakes, too. After Rose died, I --

Luke: Stop it! This isn't your fault.

Lily: I'm just saying that I had a role in this!

Luke: Well, you said you were sorry. I heard you. And Dad left anyway. Why aren't you mad?

Lily: I am mad! I am mad! That's why there's a restraining order against me. Because I lost it, I got angry and I attacked her!

Luke: Good!

Lily: No, not good. Not good! I'm ashamed of what I did.

Luke: Well, I'm ashamed of Dad. I hate the way he treats you. I hate seeing him with her. I hate them both!

Lily: Stop, Luke, I know you're angry. I know you're upset. Please! Luke? Come on. Luke! Get back here!

Mike: Why is it that every time I try and talk about us, you have to bring up Katie?

Jennifer: Mike, you two were engaged. She's was a big part of your past. And if we're going to have a future together, then I need to know where she fits in.

Mike: She doesnít. I love you.

Jennifer: Before, when I said I thought that you were still in love with Katie, you didn't deny it.

Mike: Sure I did.

Jennifer: No. No, you didnít. You changed the subject and started talking about wanting to have babies.

Mike: So?

Jennifer: So, if we really are going to talk about marriage and kids, then it's not enough for you to say that you love me. I need to hear that you don't love Katie. And when you say the words, I need to know that you mean it.

Margo: Katie?

Katie: I'm in here.

Margo: Hi, came here as soon as I could. On the phone you sounded so, um -- where's Henry?

Katie: He left.

Margo: What? He walked out on you?

Katie: No, no, never. No matter what hurtful, awful thing I do to him, he will always love me.

Margo: Oh, what hurtful, awful thing did you do to him?

[Katie sighs]

Katie: I tried to consummate our marriage and I couldnít.

Margo: Oh, oh.

Katie: I wanted to want him, Margo, so bad. And I tried, I really did. But at the last moment, I just -- I pulled away and he was so hurt. You should have seen him face.

Margo: I'm sorry. Well, what do you want me to do?

Katie: There's nothing anyone can do.

Margo: I know -- I know what I can do. I'm going to call Tom and we're going to see what we can do to get this marriage annulled.

Katie: Annulled?

Margo: Mm-hmm.

Katie: I don't want to ever end my marriage to Henry.

Henry: If you even think "I told you so," I'll walk out of here, okay, Craig?

Craig: The only thing on my mind is Katieís happiness, Henry.

Henry: Her happiness has never been high on your list before. So, why now, hmm? Why is it important to you?

Craig: I have no personal agenda, Henry.

Henry: You know what? Tell it to someone who doesn't know you as well as I do. How is -- how is getting Mike and Katie back together a benefit for you?

Dusty: The reason I bring it up is because I'm planning a tour of all the west coast spas. And there may be potential for some good mud-slinging.

Concierge: Excuse me. I have a letter for you, Mr. Donovan. I'm sorry but it was mistakenly put in another resident's mailbox.

Dusty: That's okay. It's from Lucy.

Sierra: I'll -- I'll leave you alone then.

Dusty: That's okay. Why don't you stay in case I got to talk to someone when I'm done.

Alison: He's coming. Quick -- how much money to you have?

Rafael: I don't know. Um, 60 bucks.

Alison: And I've got $100. Thank goodness I stopped by the cash machine this morning. Hey, where's Aaron?

Inspector: On the phone, trying to find someone who can put up a wall.

Alison: By tonight? Never happen.

Inspector: It's unlikely.

Alison: Well, I've got 160 bucks to make our problems go away.

Aaron: What are you doing?

Inspector: She's bribing me -- unsuccessfully.

Aaron: You're what?

Rafael: It was my idea.

Inspector: Not everyone is for sale. You might learn that, Miss.

Alison: Oh, wait a minute, sir.

Aaron: Just stay out of this. You guys are making a mess here.

Keith: I'm not being suckered by my sister.

Carly: Oh, please. You're just another pawn in her game.

Keith: Hey, if anybody's playing a game, it's you and your friend, Lily -- spying on her, you came to Chicago to get me. You've pushed her to the limit, now she's pushing back.

Carly: Julia is simply playing the victim, like she always does.

Keith: Yeah, I know. It's easy to blame her, but you're the one that put this in motion.

Carly: You want to see something in motion? Watch your sister scrambling to get out of here before the cops catch up with her.

Keith: Julia, we need to talk.

Julia: About what?

Keith: Could you give us a minute, Holden?

Holden: Yeah, sure. I'll be outside, okay?

Julia: What is it, Keith? What do you want to talk about?

Keith: I want to apologize.

Lily: Luke, I -- oh, Jack.

Jack: Something happen with Luke?

Lily: He found out about the restraining order and he's -- he's furious. I can't reach him on his cell phone.

Jack: Well, he's a teenager. He's just blowing off steam.

Lily: No, I've never seen him like this. I'm scared.

Jack: Of what?

[Knocking on door]

Luke: Julia, open up! Julia, I said -- Julia. No!

Announcer: Coming up, on "As the World Turns" --

Mike: I want to be with you. You have to decide whether or not that's enough.

Carly: Where are you going?

Lily: I got to go to Juliaís apartment and clean up before she gets home.

Carly: No, no, wait! Lily, there is no way I'm going to let you do that.

Mike: Okay, here it is, loud and clear. I do not love Katie. Do you want me to put it in writing, because I can do that, too.

Jennifer: You have no idea what your face looks like when she walks into a room.

Mike: I probably look like you used to when Jordan dropped by. When you and I -- when you and I were first dating, whenever he showed up, you had this --

Jennifer: I would leave!

Mike: -- Pretty powerful reaction.

Jennifer: Of course. Jordan and I went through some pretty intense things.

Mike: Katie and I had some pretty intense history ourselves. When I see her, part of me remembers.

Jennifer: Which part of you, Mike? Your heart or your head? I need to know before we go any further.

Mike: Okay, why don't I just give you the bottom line? I want to be with you. You have to decide whether or not that's enough.

Katie: We have fun together and, I mean, there's romance. And that's enough.

Margo: If it were Mike here, would it be enough?

Katie: Well, that is pointless. He's with Jennifer now.

Margo: Well, then go find another Mike!

Katie: There isn't one! [Katie sighs] He was the love of my life, and I let him go.

Margo: Baby -- so, you're saying that this passionless marriage is some sort of punishment for making a mistake? You go and find Mike, and tell him how you feel -- or -- or donít. Donít. I don't care. I'm not going stay and watch a train wreck.

Katie: Margo, thank you. I do -- I appreciate the honesty, but it's not like you're exactly an expert on relationships.

Margo: Oh, okay, so you and probably all of Oakdale know that Tom and I do not have a problem-free relationship. But let me tell you something -- when we're alone together, just the two of us, there is still fire. Yeah, Katie, after all these years. And that is what holds a marriage together.

Craig: Henry, we both want the same thing -- Katieís happiness. If you were convinced she could be happy with you, you wouldn't be here. But you are. Your problem is, you know her heart belongs with somebody else. You're doing the better thing.

Henry: Yeah, if she'll let me.

Craig: What does that mean?

Henry: She's insisting that we stay married.

Craig: So you nudge her towards Mike Kasnoff?

Henry: How am I supposed to do that?

[Cell phone rings]

Craig: Hold on. Hello.

Aaron: Craig, its Aaron.

Craig: Ah! So, the new manager. Everything set for tonight?

Aaron: Not unless you can find me a contractor. The inspector came by today and we flunked. Do you know anybody that can work really fast?

Craig: So, Aaron, you need a contractor? Over at Metro? Yeah.

Henry: Aaron, Henry Coleman here. How are you? Listen, I think I've got just the man for the job. Yeah, let me call you back, okay? All right. Okay. Here's the plan. Craig, Aaron calls Mike, and Alison calls Katie, and then they -- they meet at the Metro and then the two of them can take it from there.

Craig: You're doing the right thing, Henry. Doing the right thing.

Henry: That's easy for you to say.

Julia: You want to apologize?

Keith: I do. You know, for the other night. I was really rough on you.

Julia: Is this the part where you say you're more than my brother, you're also my friend? Because you know what? My friends don't dredge up ancient history and throw it in my face.

Keith: Hey, hey, there's nothing ancient about this warrant for your arrest. It's very much alive.

Julia: You want to keep your voice down? We're in a police station, for God's sake.

Keith: Is this how you want to live? Always worried that El Paso is going to catch up with you?

Julia: I'm not worried. I'm trying to move on with my life, Keith. 'Cause I deserve the same chance at happiness that everybody else has. You know what I'm sick and tired of? People who are no better than me, getting what they want. It's my turn.

Keith: You didn't used to be like this.

Julia: Like what?

Keith: Like someone who only cares about herself.

Lily: They did it. They filed a restraining order against me.

Jack: I tried to talk Holden out of it --

Lily: Oh, I'm sure that he said he didn't have a choice. Gotta protect Julia. Don't worry. I'll stay as far away from that hag as possible.

Jack: Look, if I run into Luke, I'll bring him home.

Lily: Thank you.

Jack: Anything else I can do?

Lily: No.

Jack: Let me know if that changes, okay? Oh, Lily, if you violate that restraining order --

Lily: Yes, I understand. Julia will have me thrown in jail. Don't be so hard on yourself, Jack, okay? I know you hate this as much as I do. Luke? Luke! Where have you been? I've been worried sick about you. Where'd you go?

Luke: Julia's apartment.

Lily: Oh, no, you didnít.

Luke: I went there to tell her off, but no one was there.

Lily: Please tell me you turned around and walked away.

Luke: I saw a picture of them together. I lost it. I didn't know what I was doing. So, I tore up the picture and started breaking stuff.

Lily: Oh, my God.

Luke: Well, I wanted her to know what it feels like when somebody takes everything that belongs to you and trashes it!

[Doorbell rings]

Lily: Go to your room. Just go up to your room. Just -- go up to your and stay there. Go! Hurry!

Carly: Oh, hi. I'm sorry I'm so late. I had to wait for Jack to leave.

Lily: Luke overheard our phone call.

Carly: What, he knows about the restraining order?

Lily: Yes, and he freaked out. And we to Juliaís apartment and he trashed it! Would you mind -- would you please watch the girls for me? Faith is sleeping and Natalieís sleeping --

Carly: Wait, wait. Where are you going?

Lily: I've gotta go to Juliaís apartment and clean up before she gets home.

Carly: No! No! Wait, Lily! There is no way I'm going to let you do that.

Sierra: I'm sorry.

Dusty: It's not like my first "Dear John" letter or anything, it's -- she's happy. That's important. She's into college, you know? She's got new friends. The whole deal.

Sierra: Well, just because she says she's dating doesn't mean that there's somebody special --

Dusty: Ah, it's okay. I'm over her. This just makes it official.

Sierra: Well, if she's moved on, maybe you should, too.

Jennifer: I want to take our relationship to the next level, too, but does that next level have to be marriage?

Mike: I just want to see if you were ready, and you're not.

Jennifer: But that -- that does not mean I won't be -- one day. Baby, you and I, were just at different places right now. And you and Katie wanted the same things. But I don't want those things, yet. [Phone rings] Mike, I'm just beginning to find out who I am. Independence is a new thing for me, and it feels good.

[Answer machine tone]

Aaron: Mike, its Aaron. I'm having a little emergency at the club. Are you there?

Mike: What's up?

Aaron: Um, the city inspector just came by and told me that I needed a safety wall to separate my cooking area from my storage area.

Mike: By when?

Aaron: Tonight. Look, man, I know its short notice, but if I don't have this place up to code, then I'm going to have to tell 100-and-some-odd people to go home. Help me, man, please.

Mike: All right, I'm on my way. Look, I gotta go. Aaron's in a jam.

Jennifer: Are you sure you're just not looking for a way to get out of here?

Mike: Of course not. I understand what you're saying. You know, I don't want to put any pressure on you.

Jennifer: I just -- I just want things to keep going the way that they've been. Because, for me, the way they've been is perfect. I love you.

Mike: Me, too. We'll talk about this more when I get home.

[Jennifer sighs]

[Door slams]

Alison: I just talked to Mandy. She's gonna be late. I guess I'm going to have to decorate the tables by myself.

Henry: You know, why don't you get Katie to do it? She did an amazing job with the tables at our wedding reception.

Alison: Oh, can you call her and ask her?

Henry: Yeah -- you know what? We had a bit of a -- bit of a tiff this morning. I'm sure if the request came from you, though --

Alison: Oh! I'm on it. Her number's in my phone.

Henry: Don't take no for an answer.

Alison: Don't worry. And I'll put in a good word for you. Wouldn't want to stand in the way of true love.

Lily: Carly, please, get out of my way.

Carly: If anyone catches you at Juliaís apartment, you will be leaving there in handcuffs!

Lily: I don't care! I really donít. Luke is not taking responsibility for this.

Carly: Luke does not want you to go to jail! Look, you stay here. I'll go to Juliaís, okay?

Lily: No, no, no. Luke cannot count on his father right now, but he can count on me. And he needs to know that.

Carly: Lil -- be careful! Please, be careful.

Keith: Julia -- Julia, listen to me. This affair with Holden -- it's spinning out of control.

Julia: You don't know what you're talking about.

Keith: Well, look around. You're in the police station, taking out a restraining order, for crying out loud. Don't you think you're playing a little close to the fire?

Julia: I don't have a choice, Keith. Lily Snyder is out of control.

Keith: She's fighting for her husband.

Julia: Thank you.

Keith: She's got a family.

Julia: You know what? Thank you for your support.

Keith: Hey, being on your side doesn't mean I have to pretend that you're right, when I know you're not.

Julia: Okay, so, what? Let me get this straight, okay -- I get your support as long as I act according to your standards, right? Why don't you go back to Chicago and leave me the hell alone?

Keith: If I go back to Chicago, what happens to J.J.?

Julia: J.J.'s in your life at my discretion.

Keith: You're not threatening me?

Julia: No, I'm not threatening you. It's a promise, Keith. You back off, or you won't ever see your nephew again.

Keith: You push me out of your life, I'm telling you right now, you will regret it. I will make you sorry about that!

Jack: Something wrong?

Julia: No. I was just leaving.

Jack: I think it's time the two of us had another little chat.

Holden: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why are you in such a hurry?

Julia: No, nothing, I'm fine. Just my brother. He's pushing my buttons, as usual. And I just want to get out of here, okay.

Holden: Okay, all right. Well, maybe I could take you out for a cup of coffee. We can talk about it.

Julia: I'm really fine.

Holden: No, you're not. But you will be. 'Cause we're going to get through this.

Julia: Do you have any idea how much I want to believe that?

Holden: Believe it. It's gonna happen.

Julia: I love you. So much. Don't ever doubt that, okay?

[Knocking on door]

Jennifer: Sorry, I'm on my way out.

Craig: I just passed Mike Kasnoff as I was driving in. He looked like he was in a hurry.

Jennifer: Yep. He was probably racing to get away from me.

Craig: Everything all right?

Jennifer: No. He asked me to marry him, and I turned him down.

Craig: Well, you must have a good reason.

Jennifer: I have about 100 good reasons, but the minute he stepped out the door, none of them seemed to mattered.

Craig: If you want my advice --

Jennifer: No, I donít.

Craig: Where are you going?

Jennifer: To tell him I'm an idiot, and, of course, I will marry him.

Craig: No, no, no, no. No, I can't let you do that.

Katie: Alison? Aaron? Hello, is anyone here?

Jack: So, what's your problem, Keith? You in the habit of threatening your sister?

[Phone rings]

Cop: Detective Snyderís desk.

Carly: Hi, is he there? It's Carly, his wife.

Cop: He's busy, Mrs. Snyder. In the interrogation room.

Carly: With Julia Larrabee?

Cop: No, she left here a while ago.

Carly: Oh, thanks. Oh, God -- Lily.

Lily: Oh, my baby boy. He's so angry.

Julia: Violating the restraining order already? I can't wait to tell Holden.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Katie: We need to build a new wall before they can open.

Mike: That's my job.

Katie: Just tell me what to do and I'm all yours.

Craig: You accept Mike Kasnoff's proposal, what happens to this glorious, independent woman you've become?

Julia: You violated a restraining order, you broke into my apartment, you vandalized my home. Not even in this town does that get me arrested.

Lily: What about El Paso?

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