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Craig: To your business savvy, your ability to sell a concept and your bank shot.

Jennifer: And to you for being my shark and getting the meeting with Scott Reeves in the first place.

Craig: Oh, no, no, no, no. That was nothing. If I didn't have something to sell -- and that is you. You're the reason Street Jeans is a success.

Jennifer: I could get used to this.

Craig: What? A glass of champagne in the Lakeview lounge in Oakdale, Illinois?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Craig: This -- this is nothing. Don't ever settle, Jennifer, ever.

Jennifer: Hmm. World domination.

Craig: One market at a time. That's better.

Jennifer: Yes, sir.

Craig: Feels good, doesn't it? To realize a talent? It's a gift. You mother had it, but you -- you --

Barbara: "Had it"? She's still got it. In spades.

[Phone ringing]

Rosanna: Hello? Yes, I heard about Ms. Ryan. No comment. Call this number again, and I will call your editor and get you fired. Understood?

[Rosanna remembering]

James: You'll get proof. Just use your resources to free Barbara.

Rosanna: There's nothing I wouldn't do for Cabot. But if you are lying about this, everything that you have done to me will pale in comparison to what I will have done to you. Do you understand me?

James: Perfectly. Your son, in exchange for Barbara’s freedom.

Rosanna: Call me. I did what you wanted, damn it.

[Rosanna remembering]

Barbara: This is James we're talking about. He's pulling the strings, so the game's not over. This is James Stenbeck. Good luck to you.

Rosanna: He'll come through. He'll give me Cabot back. He has to. Hey.

Paul: Hey. My completely psychotic mother is officially on the loose.

Rosanna: Oh, honey.

Paul: I guess I better warn Will and Jen. I don't know what she's gonna do when she gets out, but she's gonna come out after one of them. They should both be ready.

Rosanna: Oh, come on. They've had a lifetime to be ready. And they have a fantastic big brother to protect them, okay? It's all going to be okay.

Paul: You know, I'm -- I'm having a lot of trouble with this whole new live-and-let-live thing. You seem so resigned. Barbara Ryan is going to be walking around the streets of Oakdale.

Rosanna: Right. Well, I just don't want to live in the fear of Barbara. And I don't want you to, either. Good things. I want to concentrate on good things.

Paul: I would like that, too.

Rosanna: Do you? Can you?

Paul: What? You mean, right now?

Rosanna: Yes, I mean exactly right now.

Paul: All right, I'll try. What good thing would you like for me to contemplate?

Rosanna: A baby for you and me.

Keith: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Keith.

Keith: Listen, you said if I had a problem with your wife, I should come talk to you.

Jack: Yeah. Is that what you're doing?

Keith: Yeah. You see, Julia and I have decided that J.J. -- he shouldn't have anything to do with Carly or you anymore.

Carly: You really were in an accident?

Holden: Yeah, the cab that I was in was hit from behind. Why you look so surprised?

Carly: It's just that you didn't mention anything about a taxi before. I was here when you called, and then I went to do a couple of errands, and I just happened to drive by Julia’s, and I saw your car parked there in her driveway.

Holden: Oh, so you just happened to tell Lily?

Carly: Well, she was concerned. And Luke called over to Julia’s when you were late, and she was very nasty to him. We thought you were there.

Holden: Is Lily on her way to Julia’s now?

Carly: Uh-huh. Here, you take -- take my car. I'll stay here with the kids.

Holden: Gee, thanks, Carly. Aren't you a big help?

Julia: Lily, I told you. He's not here.

Lily: You're a liar, 'cause his car is parked right outside. Holden, if you think I'm just going to give up and just go home, you can think again! We're going to deal with this right here, right now!

Julia: He left here over an hour ago.

Lily: Oh, right. Holden!

Julia: Holden -- [Julia whistles] Here, Holden, come on out.

Lily: Why don't you just come out, Holden?

Julia: Or what, Lily? You're gonna take away his TV time? God, listen to yourself. If you treat your husband like that, it's no wonder he wants to be with me.

Paul: You want to adopt a baby? With me?

Rosanna: I want us to raise a child, Paul. I think we'd be good at it.

Paul: You sure?

Rosanna: Yes. You're worried, I know, because I've talked a lot about Cabot lately.

Paul: With all of these memories turning up every time you turn around, I'm not surprised you've been thinking about it. So, yes, I am worried, because I think you've been a little raw lately.

Rosanna: Well, I miss him, Paul, more every day.

Paul: You're ready?

Rosanna: Yes, I'm ready.

Paul: We talked about maybe, you know, eventually. But right now, I mean, in the middle of everything that's going on with Barbara?

Rosanna: Why not? Something tells me we're always going to be in the middle of something with Barbara. I think right now is the perfect time for us to raise a child.

Paul: If someone had told me that -- half an hour ago, if they said to me that I would be happy right now --

Rosanna: Babies do that for you.

Paul: You do that for me.

Will: So I guess you guys heard?

Paul: Hey, Will. Heard -- ? Right, Mom.

Will: Yeah, Margo told me at Katie’s wedding. So they're pretty sure she's going to walk on the stalking charges. I was kind of surprised about everything else. But, not really.

Rosanna: Will, you know, you can always stay here. You'll always be safe here, Will.

Will: Well, I'll be safe anywhere. I went to see Mom.

Paul: You what?

Will: Yeah. I told her that no matter what she got Emily to say, it didn't matter, because I knew the truth.

Paul: And what did she say?

Will: You know, the whole story will come out, that we'll realize what really happened to Emily -- blah, blah, blah.

Paul: The whole story?

Will: Yeah, she's acting like there's this mystery person out there who got Emily to do what she did.

Rosanna: Did she happen to mention who she thought this mystery person was?

Will: No. Why? Do you guys think you know who she's talking about?

Jack: Hold on a second. You want to take J.J. completely away from me?

Keith: Well, it's just that J.J.'s been having a tough time. As a matter of fact, he just broke his leg on the playground.

Jack: What? Is he all right?

Keith: He's fine.

Jack: Well, I gotta go see him.

Keith: Listen, he's fine --

Jack: Why didn't anyone call me, Keith?

Keith: Look, it's nothing personal here. It's just, I think -- we think it's time he has one consistent family to rely on.

Jack: Look, I am his family, damn it.

Keith: All right. All due respect, okay, you had amnesia, you married his mother illegally, and now you're back with your own family.

Jack: Yeah, but I never abandoned J.J., and I wouldn’t.

Keith: But you're not being the father you promised you could be, so I think it's time that he relies on his mother and his uncle.

Jack: Yeah. Okay. And your answer is to -- what? Just to yank him out of my life? How is it bad for him to be around people that love him? I don't understand that. I -- what brought this up? Why now, all of the sudden?

Keith: Well, it's been coming, but your wife sort of expedited things a little bit.

Jack: What, did Carly do something?

Keith: Kinda. I ran into her at the Lakeview, all right? And she had dumped J.J. off on some kid's mother to go to the movies. I had a little problem with that, and then she made it pretty clear that she had no use for J.J.

Jack: No, no. That is not true at all. J.J. has a tough time letting Carly be nice to him, but that'll -- that'll get better. And Carly would never take out her feelings about Julia on her child.

Keith: I don't know about that. That little vendetta that she and her pal, Lily, have going on?

Jack: We spoke about that, Keith. She promised to stay out of the thing with Holden and Julia, okay?

Keith: Well, I wouldn't hold my breath. Because it seems to me that your wife would do just about anything to take my sister down.

Carly: Come on, Lily, pick up. Please, please. Julia is going to tear you to shreds.

[Phone ringing]

Julia: Aren't you going to answer that?

Lily: There is no way -- no way -- that Holden would rather be with you than with me. The way he's been acting lately? This is not Holden. What have you done with him?

Julia: I tied him up and locked him in the closet. Lily, he wanted to go back to you, but I couldn't have that. I mean, I'm holding him here against his will. [Julia laughs] What are you going to go do? Are you gonna look in the closet, Lily? Do you actually believe that I would --?

Lily: Would do anything to hold onto a man? Absolutely! But you're not that stupid, either!

Julia: Hey, you know what? Be careful in that bathroom. The floor's still wet from our shower.

Lily: Where is he? Where is he? Did you send him out the window just like you did your brother?

Julia: Why would I do that, Lily? Why would Holden?

Lily: What did you say to him? What did you do to Holden to make him break a promise to his children? He knew they were expecting him!

Julia: I did not do that.

Lily: He called with a lame excuse about being in a car accident!

Julia: Well, you know, maybe he was, Lily.

Lily: Then why is his car parked outside?

Julia: Okay, so, wait -- you think that Holden is breaking promises to you and his children, not showing up when he's supposed to because of me.

Lily: Because of you. Because of you. I don't know what you said to him to get him all turned around.

Julia: Maybe he just told you what you wanted to hear in the therapist's office, Lily. I mean, maybe he was just buying time so that he could get back here and be here with me, get you off his back.

Lily: He loves me.

Julia: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Holden still loves me. That's what he said.

Julia: Is it? But now you're wondering whether or not that's true. You're wondering whether or not he played you so he could get out of there and come back here and be with me, right? Well, you know what? You're right. He did.

Barbara: You have no idea how good it feels to wash that place off me. When I think how close I came to being wrongly convicted -- oh, I still get the shivers.

Craig: That's nice.

Jennifer: I have work to do.

Craig: Why leave?

Barbara: Honey, I understand how much you must hate me in order to have entered a partnership with this man, but, darling, you have to take better care of yourself.

Jennifer: Mother, Craig has actually been amazing.

Craig: Nah.

Jennifer: He was the one who figured out the best way to expand Street Jeans. He got Scott Reeves for our television promotion. That's right. We're going nationwide, mass marketing. We've already made a mint, Mom. In fact, we have made more money in one quarter than B.R.O. ever made in a year.

Barbara: So I've heard.

Craig: Lots of fashion magazines in the prison libraries?

Barbara: I always knew that my daughter was a talent. And now the entire world knows it, too. To think you could take and put some holes in some jeans and call it great design? Brava, angel. You are a genius.

Jennifer: What do you want, Mother? Why are you here?

Barbara: Well, today I'm here celebrating your success, toasting your success.

Craig: And what's on the agenda for tomorrow?

Barbara: Oh, just boring business details. We'll deal with that later.

Jennifer: You have business with Craig?

Barbara: Actually, with both of you. But today, nothing serious. This is too much fun.

Jennifer: Yes, it's a blast hanging out with you. Now tell us what you want or leave.

Barbara: Honey, I would understand this hostility if I was guilty of the crimes of which I was accused. But I'm not. I was cleared. And I think this attitude's going to be rather difficult when we work together.

Jennifer: Excuse me?

Craig: You want to work together?

Barbara: It's always been my dream ever since you were little. And we had a taste of that for a while, didn't we? But now we're going to have it on a much grander scale. My daughter and I, hand in hand, star and rising star, taking on the world.

Paul: Will, can I buy you a cup of coffee?

Will: Are you gonna tell me what's going on?

Paul: I'll tell you what I know. But I would also like to give my wife a break from all this nonsense, even if it's only for a little while.

Rosanna: Thank you.

Will: All right. Well, I'll be in the car.

Rosanna: So are you gonna tell will that Emily thinks I drugged her?

Paul: Well, better he hear it from me. Better I shoot down the theory. You guys are doing great right now. I don't want anything to mess that up.

Rosanna: Thank you. Okay, you reassure Will, and then we'll be done with this, okay? And we'll move on to something nice, something fun?

Paul: Will said that he talked to Barbara.

Rosanna: Oh, yeah.

Paul: So that's where he's getting his information. Do you think that Barbara knows that Emily’s accusing you now?

Rosanna: Um, I don't know. I mean, I can't imagine that Emily would confide in Barbara.

Paul: It just seems strange to me. It seems like Barbara has some idea who this mysterious third person is. I'll be back.

[Phone ringing]

Rosanna: Hello?

James: I thought they'd never leave. Don't you people ever go to work?

Rosanna: We've been busy. Look, I want my son now. When can I have him back?

James: How fast can you get up the stairs?

Jack: Carly will stay completely away from you, and she's fine with J.J. Once he gives her a real chance, though -- it'll get better, I'm telling you.

Keith: Not gonna happen.

Jack: Okay, you want my time with J.J. to be one-on-one for a while? Fine. All right? Instead of hanging out at the house, we'll hang out someplace else. Without Carly around.

Keith: Hey, it's not just Carly. See, this whole charade of you as his father, that's what's doing the most damage.

Jack: I may be a lot of things, but I am not a charade of a father.

Keith: Yeah, but you're not his real father. You have your own family to go back to. See, it makes him feel bad when he sees all that going on. It makes him unwanted.

Jack: And tell him what? What are you gonna tell him, Keith? That I don't want to be his father anymore? That I don't love him? 'Cause if you pull that, I swear --

Keith: Wait! We're not gonna traumatize him. We're gonna ease this off, slowly. You'll still see him a couple of times.

Jack: And then what?

Keith: I don't know. We'll deal with that when it happens. I'm just telling you it is going to happen. Be prepared.

Jack: Yeah, well you better get ready, too. Hey, listen to me. What are you gonna tell him, huh? What about J.J.? How's he gonna feel about this, huh? You think he's gonna be okay with this?

Keith: Listen, it may be a little tough on him right now, but it's better than a lot of pain, you know, down the road here, okay? So -- hey, I'm sorry. This is what Julia and I have decided.

[Phone ringing]

Carly: Hi, husband!

Jack: Where are you?

Carly: I'm at Lily’s. Why?

Jack: Stay put. I'll be right there.

Carly: Jack? Is something -- hello? Oh, boy. Lily, call me right away. Jack's on his way over here, and he sounds really mad, like he knows something's up. And I'm worried about you. Call me as soon as you get this message. Oh.

Lily: You don't have a clue what's between Holden and me.

Julia: Yeah, apparently you don't, either.

Lily: Holden would never lie to me in a counseling session when our marriage is on the line.

Julia: Oh, Lily, come on. Your marriage is over, babe.

Lily: No, it's not over if Holden still loves me, and he still loves me. 20 years, Julia -- 20 years we've been together. No matter where I was, no matter where I went, no matter where he was, no matter what happened, we always found our way back to each other. Do you know why? Because Holden loved me. That's who he is. That's who we are. This trashy little parade that's going on here? This is all you. But we can survive you. It's my turn to take care of Holden, make sure he sees what I see. And he will. You are nothing but a short, ugly chapter in our lives. You're barely a bump in the road, honey.

Julia: You don't believe that, Lily, or you wouldn't be here. You need to look around. You need to really see where you are, Lily. Where we all are.

Lily: This is temporary.

Julia: No, this is what Holden wants.

Lily: No! He wants our lives back!

Julia: Did he tell that?

Lily: What he says to me is none of your business.

Julia: But he went to therapy for the kids!

Lily: Oh, stop.

Julia: Yeah, that's all. For the kids. He loves his kids.

Lily: No, no, that is not all.

Julia: Yeah, it is all! He told me, Lily. You think he'd lie to --?

Lily: What?

Julia: Do you know what he feels for you? Pity.

Lily: Shut up!

Holden: Lily -- Lily, stop.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Rosanna: James, let me hold my son.

Jack: What's going on? Why are you at Lily's, anyway? More to the point, where is Lily?

Jack: Why didn't you tell me what was going on, Carly?

Carly: How did you find out?

Jack: Keith came by the station.

Carly: Keith? What did he have to say?

Jack: Well, first he mentioned that J.J. had broken his leg at the playground. Of course nobody called me about it --

Carly: J.J broke his leg? That's awful!

Jack: He's fine. Don't worry about it. Then he mentioned that you two had a little run-in at the Lakeview.

Carly: Oh, that -- that. That's nothing. Keith was just ticked off because I let J.J. go see a movie with some friends. I thought it would be good for the kid to get out and see people and do something normal. He was with Sophia Wentworth. You know her. I mean, he was perfectly safe. Jack -- Keith and I had a few words, but it was nothing terrible. What -- what did he say?

Jack: He said that -- he was gonna take J.J. away from me. Completely. Because of you.

Holden: What is going on here? Have you lost your mind?

Lily: No!

Julia: Did you call Lily about a car accident?

Holden: My cab was in an accident. I got held up.

Lily: Can we talk about this at home?

Holden: I was just there. Carly was there.

Julia: Yeah, of course she's behind all this.

Holden: She saw my car here in the driveway. She couldn't wait to get home to tell Lily the good news.

Lily: What is your car doing here, Holden?

Holden: Julia had car trouble. I loaned her mine.

Lily: Nobody told me that.

Holden: Lily, why would we?

Julia: I'm just going leave you guys to --

Lily: Don't look at me like that.

Holden: Like what?

Lily: Like I'm a stranger. Like I'm losing it again.

Jennifer: Your shrink cleared you?

Barbara: Yes. He gave me a clean bill of health. I'm ready to get back to work.

Jennifer: Unbelievable.

Craig: You know, out here in the reality-based community, I don't think the idea of you and Jennifer working together is going to fly.

Barbara: Oh, but it has to. For both our sakes. For our legacy with B.R.O.

Craig: That's no more.

Jennifer: This is Street Jeans -- my company.

Craig: By Worldwide Industries.

Jennifer: This has nothing to do with you and B.R.O.

Barbara: Not quite. Oh, the look is completely different. Obviously your vision. I never could have dreamed of something like this. And so, yes, it will be your brand, with your label. But my label will be very different. Different marketing strategies --

Jennifer: Your label?

Barbara: Yes, I think it's wise that my designs are under my own label within the parent company.

Jennifer: You will not design with me! This isn't B.R.O. It has nothing to do with you and your business.

Barbara: Where are your offices, honey?

Jennifer: Okay -- they are at the old offices, but Street Jeans owns them now.

Barbara: Are you sure about that? Craig, did you do all the paperwork? I thought that, perhaps, with all the loopholes, Paul had done it.

Craig: What loopholes?

Barbara: Oh, my lawyer will get to you about that tomorrow. We won't deal with that today.

Craig: What is your interest in Street Jeans?

Barbara: Okay. You're using my old offices, half my personnel. The swatching and color services that were under contract to B.R.O. were simply switched over to Street Jeans with a DBA clause. There is much more, but I can't remember what it is. Craig, you didn't you handle any of this?

Craig: No.

Jennifer: It was Jordan. And like all of us, he assumed you'd be in prison.

Barbara: Well, surprise! I'm not. And lucky for you, because you do need someone looking out for you. Please, in the contract, put an oversight authority clause.

Jennifer: Contract?

Barbara: Yes, contract. I'm sorry. I know. With family, you would think that these kinds of things aren't necessary. But I think it's best that, since we are starting in such an untrusting position, that we lay it all down in black and white, in contractual terms.

Craig: Or what?

Barbara: What?

Craig: What if Jennifer says no?

Barbara: Nothing.

Jennifer: Nothing?

Barbara: Nothing. If I am not involved at the uppermost levels of this company, we'll simply close up the shop.

Rosanna: James? Are you in here? Let me see him. Hi, sweetheart. Hi. Do you remember me? James, let me hold my son.

Paul: I don't think Barbara is going to actually show up at Fairwinds. And even if she does, there's security. But I do think it would be a good idea for you to change your cell number. That will make it harder for her to track you down.

Will: It's not like that, Paul. I saw her. I'm fine.

Paul: Will, it's not like it was before. Okay? It's not like you can go visit her in the cell and then just walk away. You -- don't ever, ever forget how relentless Mother can be.

Will: Are you still gonna talk to me like this when I'm 30?

Paul: You're right. I'm sorry. But, yeah, probably, you know, when you're 60.

Will: Good. Just so that we're clear.

Paul: There's one other thing.

Will: Okay.

Paul: You know, this mystery culprit that Mother kept talking about -- she kept hinting at, you know, the real criminal.

Will: Right. Do you know who she was hinting at?

Paul: Well, I don't know how much Barbara actually knows, but --

Will: But there is another suspect?

Paul: No, no. Not -- not really --

Will: But what?

Paul: Well, there's a theory floating around. And I wanted to be the one to tell you about it, so you didn't jump to any wrong conclusions.

Will: Where is this theory coming from?

Paul: From Emily. You know, Emily’s the reason that Barbara walked because Emily wouldn't testify.

Will: Yeah, I know. I don't know what Mom threatened her with, but it must've been terrible for her to change her story.

Paul: Yeah. Anyway, Emily now thinks she has a different memory of someone else drugging her and sending her to Fairwinds. And I don't think Emily is going to tell anyone about this theory, but --

Will: Whoa, Paul, just tell me who it is.

Paul: It's Rosanna. Emily believes that Rosanna set up her own haunting. What? What is it? What do you think?

Will: I just think -- in a strange way, it makes perfect sense.

Rosanna: Oh. Hi. Hi! Look at you! Look at you! Hey. Don't you remember me? Yeah, it's your mommy. Oh, you will. You will. Oh, I love you so much.

James:: I'm sorry that little Jimmy isn't more responsive. I tried to explain to him that we were going to see Mommy, but he seemed a bit confused.

Rosanna: Cabot's fine. All I need is for him to be alive. And he's mine! You're alive! You're home. With Mommy. You don't know how many times I prayed for this. And you have a bear. Look at your bear.

James: Little Jimmy is very fond of his bear.

Rosanna: His name is Cabot.

James: Not anymore.

Rosanna: That's his name.

James: I'm his grandfather.

Rosanna: And I'm his mother.

James: Yes, you're his mother. You're the mother I chose for him long before he was born. That is a compliment, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Yes, and I'm grateful. Thank you.

James: You know, it's good for little Jimmy to be with you. You know, it's too bad about that long separation, but it turned out for the good. You know, all's well that ends well, and that sort of thing. Yes, just look. Everybody's happy. That's what's important. It is so very important for you two to always be together.

Carly: What exactly did Keith say?

Jack: He said that J.J. feels how much you don't like him.

Carly: That's ridiculous. I happen to like J.J. just fine.

Jack: Even though he resents the hell out of you and the other kids and treats you like dirt, Carly?

Carly: You don't think I can take a little kid's resentment, Jack?

Jack: Honey, you can try your hardest, but you can't completely hide the fact you hate his mother. And in his mind, you're the reason I'm not with J.J. and Julia.

Carly: Well, he'll learn as he grows up.

Jack: Or not. If Keith has his way.

Carly: Well, that is -- well, Keith is being completely unreasonable. It's just not fair to you, Jack. It's worse for J.J. Please, tell me what I can do to help you.

Jack: Nothing! I don't want you to do anything! That's half the problem, Carly. I tried to convince Keith that you were gonna -- you were done harassing Julia, and you're gonna stay out of it and mind your own business. So, please, it's critical -- stay out of things! Wait a minute. What's going on? Why are you at Lily's, anyway? More to the point, where is Lily?

Holden: Are you? Losing it? You had Julia by the throat.

Lily: No. I just -- she -- she baited me -- acting like I was pathetic for loving you and believing in you and our marriage. I don't know. She just -- she just got to me.

Holden: This was not about her! Did you really think I would make up some elaborate story so I could get out of spending time with the family?

Lily: I wasn't thinking.

Holden: It was my idea in the first place!

Lily: I just reacted.

Holden: Yeah, I get that.

Lily: Why didn't you just get a cab for her? Why did you have to leave your car here? Get a cab for her to go to work? Or are you looking for an excuse to come back here?

Holden: I don't need to make excuses.

Lily: We made commitments. We made commitments, Holden, in therapy today. You remember?

Holden: And I told you that I wanted to make it easier for the family.

Lily: And I told you I don't want some farce of a session, and if you're not serious about working on our marriage, then what is the point?

Holden: I am serious about helping the kids!

Lily: What about us? Are you saying there's no hope? Are you willing to at least give up Julia while we are in therapy?

Holden: No! And I never said that I was. Look, I know that this is difficult.

Lily: Pity.

Holden: What?

Lily: No, please -- please, don't say anything else.

Holden: No, no -- we need to.

Lily: No.

Holden: Because it's been a mistake for me to hold off with the divorce. It is giving you the wrong idea. You need to let me go.

Barbara: Tell me, Craig, honestly -- did you really think that any of my children would ever even speak to you again after what you did to me? Could anything but business allow you to atone? And yet here you have given my darling daughter a steady stream of revenue. And that is so much better than an "I'm sorry" and a group hug. Well, I've gotta dash. I've got so much to catch up on. So you get your attorneys to get that contract over to me. We'll work out all the details, and we'll be back in business real soon. Honey, I'm so glad to see you. And I am so proud of you. Congratulations, Jen. You deserve it.

[Jennifer sighs]

Craig: What?

Jennifer: Do you think she even sees her reflection anymore?

Craig: No.

Jennifer: There is no way in hell I will work with my mother.

Craig: Yes, you will.

Paul: How can you say that, Will? That Rosanna would set up her own harassment? That doesn't make any sense.

Will: Sure it does. She didn't want me around.

Paul: She was the one who asked you to live with us.

Will: Well, maybe she was just trying to keep me where she could watch me.

Paul: You didn't need surveillance, Will! You were -- no. Its nuts. Do you know what she would have to do to do that? She would have to lie to you, to me, to everyone. I mean, that's just diabolical, Will. She'd have to be --

Will: I'll say it. Seriously disturbed.

Paul: Shouldn't you be visiting and helping Alison and Aaron down at Metro?

Will: What? You're mad at me?

Paul: I have a -- I have a lifetime degree in handling insanity, Will. I think I can spot it when it's there.

Will: You hope. Paul, maybe you've been around it so long that it's just too familiar. Maybe you can't spot it anymore.

Paul: No. Rosanna isn't crazy. Rosanna isn't a criminal. She's not our mother.

Will: Okay.

Paul: She's not my father. And you, Will -- you should know better.

Will: Hey, I'm sorry. Paul, you brought it up. You said Emily accused Rosanna.

Paul: Yeah. Well, don't listen to Emily. I'm going to go home.

Will: Fine. Wait, Paul. You're not gonna tell Rosanna that --

Paul: What? That you believe what Emily said?

Will: I didn't say that!

Paul: That you would even consider what Emily said? No, Will. I won't tell Rosanna that. Because that would break her heart.

Rosanna: Thank you for keeping your end of the bargain.

James: Am I being dismissed?

Rosanna: I appreciate the risk you took -- coming out in public, where you're a wanted man. But you don't have to endanger yourself anymore.

James: You are truly clever, Rosanna. You truly are -- "Oh, James, I thank you so much for coming out in public. But don't forget that you're a felon, and I can call the police at any moment. And there's the door. Why don't you just hurry on out, James?"

Rosanna: I just want some time alone with my son. Certainly you can understand that.

James: Of course.

Rosanna: Do you need some help getting out of the house?

James: I can manage -- when it's time.

Rosanna: Look, I have done everything that you asked. I got the charges against Barbara dropped -- all of them.

James: Yes, and you were very creative. I mean, I was truly impressed.

Rosanna: I kept my end of the bargain.

James: Indeed, you did. But certainly you didn't think that that was all, did you? That I was gonna hand over my grandson and ride off into the sunset?

Rosanna: You mean, there's more?

James: There's more.

Carly: Lily had to go out.

Jack: Really? Well, you didn't mention you were baby-sitting.

Carly: It -- came up unexpectedly.

Jack: An unexpected errand?

Carly: Hmm.

Jack: Hmm? Lily just had to -- is Lily at Julia’s? Why, Carly? Why? Doesn't she know that she should stay away, too?

Carly: Uh -- she had a reason. That I gave her.

Jack: What?

Carly: Something I saw -- or I thought I saw -- and it's -- oh, Jack. I just think I made a bad situation a least a thousand times worse.

Lily: You want me to let you go? But you love me. You told me.

Holden: Of course I do.

Lily: "Of course"?

Holden: You were part of half my life. We have children together.

Lily: Oh -- so as a child-bearing system, I'll have your eternal gratitude and respect?

Holden: That's not fair.

Lily: No. It's not fair. Don't you remember us? Us before kids? When it was just the two of us?

Holden: Yes.

Lily: We wanted each other so badly -- so badly that we could barely stand spending the day apart? We had passion. We had a connection. That changes. And I know it's hard to feel that all the time. And I haven't helped you feel that way, but -- that doesn't go away.

Holden: I know.

Julia: Oh. I'm sorry. I could wait in the other room or --

Lily: Or you could die! Or you could just die and leave us the hell alone!

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Rosanna: You never said there would be something more. What more could you possibly want from me?

Lily: -- Be upset?

Holden: Go home!

Julia: You know what? Maybe you should drive her. Maybe she's not okay to drive herself.

Lily: What is that supposed to mean?

Julia: You know what? I'm just trying to help you.

Lily: Then stop sleeping with my husband!

Holden: Lily!

Henry: Um -- this is my -- datebook. You've got about 30 seconds to tell me why you swiped this and what it is that you're plotting.

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