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Henry: I'll pick him up and bring him to the wedding myself. Can he be ready in five? I'll be there. Mike, Mike -- hey, how do I look so far? Huh? Hey, would you check on this bower and make sure it doesn't collapse? I had no idea wisteria could be so heavy.

Mike: Henry, you're vibrating.

Henry: Well, it's Katieís wedding day, Mike. Everything needs to be perfect.

Mike: All right, then settle down. Otherwise you're going to pass out at the altar. Okay, man? Breathe. In and out.

Henry: Breathe -- hey, that's a good idea. Yeah, that's nice. I've got to go. Okay.

Mike: Where? You're supposed to be getting married soon.

Henry: I will be back. I will be back. Just check on the bower and make sure that the wisteria doesn't block anyone's view, okay?

Katie: I know I was wrong. I know that now. I just -- I need a chance to make it up to you. Can you give me that chance?

Mike: All right. Groom here. Katie there.

Katie: What Henry and I have is strong and steady and nothing can kill it. Yeah, I'm gonna marry Henry and if I'm lucky, I will get to spend the rest of my life making him happy.

Jennifer: Mike? Penny for your thoughts. Hell, I'll even go up to a dollar.

Margo: Hey -- is Henry here?

Mike: He's out running errands.

Margo: Okay. Come on. Coast is clear. Come, come, come.

Katie: Oh, my -- oh, this is so beautiful. Mike, did you do all this?

Mike: I just -- I just hammered the nails. Henry was the one who masterminded the whole thing. He seemed to know exactly how he wanted it to be.

Katie: It's beautiful.

Mike: Yeah. Yeah, it looks really good.

Margo: Come on, we're here to hang your dress up, okay? Come on.

Katie: Yeah, my dress, right.

Margo: Let's go.

Katie: Okay.

Jennifer: What exactly was that?

Mike: That was just Katie liking how everything looked and me being glad.

Jennifer: Funny, you sure don't look glad. In fact, you look downright morose. Maybe we should talk about why.

Acacia: And this is our newest addition, a mud bath.

Dusty: Mud?

Sierra: Yeah, very interesting, huh?

Acacia: At Casa Lodo, we like to offer our couples the opportunity to detoxify together. We find that cleansing can become spiritual as well as physical.

Sierra: Hmm, intriguing. [Phone ringing] Oh, excuse me. Hello?

Craig: Sierra, do you have a minute?

Sierra: Craig, I'm in a meeting.

Craig: I want to talk to you about this proposal for Street Jeans.

Dusty: Hey, that mud's hot!

Craig: Is that your good friend Dusty?

Sierra: Yeah. He's in the treatment room with me.

Craig: Treatment? Are you all right?

Sierra: I'm great. But this proposal is supposed to be in writing. So why don't you put it all down and I'll read it the second I get back from California. All right?

Kevin: Mr. Montgomery? Kevin Mahoney, Mahoney Artist Management.

Craig: Oh, yeah, yeah. I talked to your assistant.

Kevin: She passed the message on. What can I do for you?

Craig: Well, sit down, sit down. You've heard of Street Jeans, the clothing company, new company -- but backed by lots of old money.

Kevin: I've seen the ads -- "Vogue," "Tre Chic" -- it's good stuff.

Craig: Thank you. We're moving into a major TV campaign. We're trying to brand Street Jeans as something -- something more than urban wear.

Kevin: Very nice. Where do I come in?

Craig: We want your client, Scott Reeves, and the whole Blue County Band.

Kevin: Pass. Scott doesn't do commercials.

Craig: Well, I'm sure he doesnít. But I've got some production ideas and figures here you may want to look over so you know what we're really talking about. You may want to run these by your client, see what Scott thinks.

Kevin: Well, no promises, but I'll talk to Scott this afternoon. I'll run it up the flagpole and see if he salutes.

Craig: All right. Aye, aye then. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dusty: I thought baths were supposed to make you clean.

Acacia: Don't confuse this with the stuff in your backyard. Our mud is a pesticide-free mixture of white clay, Irish peat, and hot spring mineral water, thoroughly cleaned between treatments, of course.

Dusty: You clean the dirt. That's a new one, huh?

Sierra: You sound like you've never been to a spa before in your life.

Dusty: Well, I havenít. This is my first time.

Sierra: Well, then book him a treatment.

Dusty: In this stuff?

Acacia: Oh, she's right. You should experience the mud.

Dusty: I don't think so!

Sierra: Why not? It would be relaxing. You know what? Put us both down for the next available appointment.

Acacia: You got it.

Dusty: No, miss, excuse me. Excuse --

Sierra: No, I'm sorry. You know, you are not going to weasel your way out of this. If you expect to sell the spa experience to both men and women, you have to be willing to try it yourself.

Dusty: It's not my thing.

Sierra: Dusty, come on. Men have come a long way. And this whole spa franchise was your idea. And you know what? If you want me to go along with it? I think you need to put up or shut up.

Aaron: I just have to check on a few things.

Alison: I thought Rafael said he locked up.

Aaron: Yeah, he hasn't been here long enough to know, like, you gotta like jiggle the thermostat. And like, the bar faucet -- if you don't twist it real tight, it's going to drip all night. What?

Alison: You're going to make a good manager. Just do what you have to do. We've got some time to kill before Katieís wedding anyway.

Aaron: You know what? You're right. And Ali --

Alison: Yeah?

Aaron: We're all alone.

Alison: No Celia.

Aaron: Mm-hmm. And no Rafi. And no doctor's orders. Come here.

Alison: I don't know, I don't know. When I said that we had some time to kill, I didn't mean that much time.

Aaron: Ali, come on. So if we're a little late just a little bit, who cares? Katie's always late. Watching you the last two weeks has been torture, Ali. I love you so much.

Alison: I love you, too. And boy, am I ready!

Aaron: Okay.

Tom: Emily, you were about to tell us who drugged you.

Rosanna: After you've slipped in the service entrance, I want you to look in the attic, find Cabotís stocking and put it in a conspicuous place.

Rosanna: Once you've purchased the doll, you understand where to leave it? You understand what you have to do?

Emily: I understand. I can't do this.

Tom: What do you mean?

Emily: I can't do this. I can't think. I have to go clear my head.

Hal: Emily, Emily!

Jessica: Emily, you can't walk out during deposition!

Paul: Emily, what happened?

Emily: Tom, I can't do this. Please.

Paul: Why did you freeze up in there?

Emily: Please, please.

Tom: You were fine with it a few minutes ago. In fact, you couldn't wait to get started. What changed?

Jessica: Emily, we have you on record as saying you don't remember who drugged you and there's no real evidence that you were drugged.

Paul: There's plenty of evidence, Jessica. This whole thing reeks of my mother.

Emily: Stop! Please just stop it!

Hal: Everybody, just back off, will you? Honey, it's okay. It's all right. Just a couple more questions, that's all.

Emily: I canít.

Hal: Yes, you can. It's our one chance to get Barbara out of our lives for good.

Rosanna: What is taking them so long?

Barbara: Oh, Emily. She's such a drama queen. But she does appear to remember what you wanted her to, doesn't she? Another minute or two, she'll tell the D.A. that she's the one who did all those things.

Rosanna: I hope so.

Barbara: You still have doubt?

Rosanna: Well, what if I didn't have enough time to make an impact on her? She's going to remember you drugging her, not me.

Barbara: Rosanna, if that happens, James will not be a very happy boy.

Rosanna: Don't you think I know that?

Barbara: Listen, the truth is, even if she does remember you, she still may point the finger at me.

Rosanna: Oh, great. Let's just try to be positive, Barbara.

Barbara: I'm the one facing jail time here.

Rosanna: Okay, you're not gonna go to jail. I guarantee it.

Barbara: Your guarantee -- that's very comforting.

Rosanna: Don't push me, Barbara.

Barbara: I'm just trying to be realistic.

Rosanna: Nothing is going to stop me from getting my child back.

Barbara: I used to be like you. I used to think that a mother's love could accomplish anything.

Rosanna: Well, then you should thank your lucky stars that I still do.

Alison: Time out.

Aaron: No, wait. No, no. Ali, this is our moment.

Alison: Oh, I'm sorry.

Aaron: We've been waiting forever for this. Come on. What's wrong?

Alison: I'm sorry. I just don't want our first time to be on a barroom floor.

Aaron: It's our second time and I don't care.

Alison: But it's our first time in love. Shouldn't this be special?

Aaron: Everything we do is special.

Alison: That's so sweet. And I want this just as much as you do, it's just -- it's just --

Aaron: What?

Alison: Well, we've been through so much. And we've learned that it's not enough to be lovers. But you have to be friends, too.

Aaron: And we are. We are.

Alison: Yeah, I know. I want to make love to you so bad. I just want it to be as beautiful as our friendship.

Aaron: Then it will be.

Alison: Really? You don't mind waiting?

Aaron: I hate waiting. But not as much as I love you.

Alison: We've got to go.

Aaron: Katie's wedding?

Alison: Yeah, before I rip your clothes off with my teeth.

Henry: Thank God you guys are here! I was afraid the guests were going to have to dance to workout tapes.

Casey: Sorry, man, we ran into some traffic. Where do you want us to set up?

Henry: Right over there. You did get everything that I asked for, right? All of Katieís favorite songs?

Casey: Yeah, yeah, yeah. What I couldn't get in stores, I just got off the net.

Henry: The net? What are you crazy? Do you want the feds in here, arresting the entire wedding party?

Casey: Henry, chill, man! All the tunes are paid for. We're good.

Henry: They're paid for. Of course they are. I will chill. I will breathe. I will breathe.

Will: Uh, dude, if we're get the rest of the stuff --

Casey: Oh, you got plans. All right, come on.

Henry: Thanks, guys. Thanks.

Casey: What time does the movie start?

Will: 7:00.

[Craig laughs]

Henry: Hey!

Craig: Oh! And where is my little serial bride sister?

Henry: Oh, she's gonna be so happy you're here, Craig.

Craig: Well, I sure so hope so. You know, not all of her engagements end in actual weddings. You should be flattered.

Henry: That's a lovely sentiment, Craig. Lovely.

Craig: Congratulations. Is Jennifer Munson around? I heard she was going to be here.

Henry: What? There's going to be a scene, is there? Tell me there's not gonna be a scene.

Craig: No, no, no scene. Just tell me where she is.

Henry: Probably with Kasnoff. Mike.

Craig: Mike Kasnoff?

Henry: Mm-hmm, my best man.

Craig: Oh, cozy.

Henry: Yeah, we go way back. We have a lot in common.

Craig: Both love Katie.

Henry: That's right. And we both want her to be happy. Which is why he did all this work in here so that she could have a beautiful wedding.

Craig: Oh. You sure he's okay with you marrying Katie?

Henry: Why not? He's in love with Jennifer.

Craig: You sure?

Mike: Oh, dammit!

Jennifer: Hurt?

Mike: You have no idea.

Jennifer: Mike, I think I do. When Jordan and Rosanna slept together --

Mike: I didn't mean like that.

Jennifer: Really?

Mike: Yes, really. I'm fine.

Jennifer: Okay. It's just odd. You know, a girl that you used to be engaged to is marrying someone else today.

Mike: Jen, you know I care about Katie. You know, it's starting to look like her and Henry have really found something good.

Jennifer: Who are you trying to convince? Me or you?

Craig: Ah, Jennifer! Good news. Mike.

Jennifer: Craig, I'm in the middle of something.

Craig: I just talked to Kevin Mahoney, Blue Countyís agent. Things are good.

Jennifer: Is Scott Reeves going to meet with us?

Mike: I'm going to get a band-aid. I'll be right back.

Craig: Kevin loves the Street Jeans.

Jennifer: Is Scott Reeves going to meet us?

Craig: Kevin is going to call us back and say yes any minute.

Henry: Mike. Thank goodness, Mike. I lost a stud.

Mike: You're getting married today. All the women in America are losing a stud.

Henry: You're my best man. Will you fix this? Please, please?

Mike: You know, you shouldn't be running errands anyway.

Henry: I had to pick up a very special guest, and he's a little high maintenance.

Mike: Who is it?

Henry: A surprise for Katie. Well, my lips are sealed. Don't ask. My God. Look at that. That's perfect. What would I do without you, huh?

Mike: Oh, you'd survive.

Henry: Mike -- you know, next to Katie, you're the best friend I never had.

Mike: If you start blubbering, I'm outta here.

Henry: It's hard not to. Some things -- some things need to be said. You're a good man, Mike.

Mike: If I was a good man, I -- never mind.

Henry: Looking at the altar and wondering, "what if?"

Mike: Let's not do this.

Henry: I'm sorry, my friend. We don't have a choice.

Margo: 64 -- don't think I don't know why you're having me count. So I won't talk about anything else.

Katie: There's nothing else to talk about.

Margo: Other than the fact that you're about to become Mrs. Henry Coleman.

Katie: He thought of everything, Margo. When I saw that altar, I almost cried.

Margo: Yeah, well who'd have thought he'd get wisteria this time of year?

Katie: Yeah, 'cause that's Henry. He remembered it and thought about it because I told him once that when I was little, I used to dream about living under a bower of wisteria.

Margo: All right, fine. So he's starting this marriage off by fulfilling that dream.

Katie: Not just that dream, all of my dreams.

Margo: Honey, that's a pretty tall order for any man to fill. What if he can't deliver?

Katie: Everything is going to be fine, Margo. I love Henry.

Margo: Yeah, well, Katie, I was there when you walked in and you saw Mike standing there by the altar. And you know what?

Katie: I have to get into my gown.

Margo: You have never looked at Henry Coleman the way you just looked at Mike. Baby, you don't have to go through with this.

Katie: I want to.

Margo: Why? Because you think that this marriage will fill some sort of hole in your heart? That's not possible. So unless you find a new heart, you'd better do the right thing and call this off.

Sierra: How do you feel?

Dusty: I feel like a spoon in yesterday's oatmeal.

Sierra: Why don't you try to relax?

Dusty: I am. I am relaxed.

Sierra: Well, close your eyes.

Dusty: What do you want? You want me to fall asleep in here?

Sierra: Just shut your eyes. Come on. Okay. Okay, just imagine that the soft, warm walls are mother earth. No, no, better yet -- make it the womb.

Dusty: You're crazy! You know that? I can't take too much of this new age stuff. You gotta take it easy.

Sierra: It's not new age. You know, this goes way back to the Indians.

Dusty: Look what happened to them.

Sierra: Look what's happening to you. Don't you feel relaxed?

Dusty: I do feel a bit restful, yes.

Acacia: Ready for your facials?

Dusty: Facials?

Sierra: Yeah. Go for it.

Dusty: I don't --

[Sierra laughs]

Barbara: Tom is going to be bringing Emily through this door any second.

Rosanna: And when he does, I'll make sure she accuses me, not you.

Barbara: Then start looking guilty. Here they coming.

Tom: Okay. We're ready to resume, Emily.

Jessica: Emily, I'd like to remind you, you are under oath. And the penalty for perjury is very strict.

Tom: I've already gone over that, Jess.

Jessica: Yes, but the witness has made some statements that have been less than reassuring. I just want to make sure Emily is acutely aware of the consequences of false testimony.

Emily: I plan on telling the truth.

Tom: Good. Let's begin where you left off. Can you recall who drugged you?

Rosanna: Maybe we should stop. Emily seems stressed.

Rosanna: You understand what you have to do?

Emily: This can't be! This can't be right!

Tom: What, Emily?

Emily: I was wrong. Barbara didn't drug me. She didn't have anything to do with it.

Ton: What?

Katie: I want to marry Henry, Margo. He loves me. All of me. And I can count on him. Not just for the small things, but the big things, too -- like loyalty. Henry would never lie to me, he would never cheat on me. And most importantly, he would never leave me. And I haven't always had that in my life.

Margo: All right. Okay, all right.

Katie: I am the most important person in the world to him, Margo.

Margo: I know, Katie. But --

Katie: Please. Please, just stop asking questions and be happy for me. Because I am.

Margo: Okay.

Katie: Thanks. Now, I need to get dressed. Don't want to keep my groom waiting.

Mike: You're getting married to Katie and I'm your best man. Period.

Henry: She was the love of your life, mike. You were supposed to go down the aisle together.

Mike: I loved Katie once, but I'm in love with Jennifer now.

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, but we both know how this started, hmm? Let's face it. What we don't know is how it's going to end.

Mike: It's going to end with people throwing birdseed or confetti, or whatever people throw these days.

Henry: I hope so. I hope it does. I just -- I need you to understand something, okay? [Henry sighs] I'm willing to step aside if there's someone Katie that loves more, someone that loves her in return.

Mike: Are you asking me to stop your wedding? 'Cause I won't do that.

Henry: I'm asking you to help me make her happy. Because, for some reason -- I do not understand why -- her happiness is my life's purpose.

Reverend MacKenzie: Excellent. We have a groom and a best man ready. So can I assume there is a bride somewhere waiting in the wings? I cannot tarry. I have another wedding to perform.

Henry: Absolutely. She's just changing into her gown, reverend. There's nothing to worry about. We're right on schedule.

Reverend MacKenzie: So this is the altar? Rather unconventional, isn't it?

Henry: You just make sure she wants to go through with it, okay? I'll sell him on it.

Craig: As soon as he started talking about the print ads, I knew we had him. So your Scott Reeves is as good as delivered. We can celebrate as soon as he signs the contracts.

Jennifer: Maybe you should get us a meeting before you pop the champagne, Craig.

Margo: Hey, I'm Margo Hughes. I remember you.

Craig: Ah, sibling humor. I get it, almost always. How's Katie?

Margo: She's happy. Very, very happy. And she won't allow anyone to tell her otherwise. Oh, no. This is not the last-minute advice she needs.

Craig: Maybe I better get Mike Kasnoff out of there?

Jennifer: No, no. This is something that he has to do.

[Katie remembering]

Katie: We've got every detail of this wedding wired.

Henry: Look, I don't -- about Mike, I don't know how he's gonna react.

Katie: No, don't -- forget about Mike.

Henry: What?

Katie: This is our wedding day. That's what counts.

Mike: You're making a mistake.

Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Tom: Emily? Who spiked your tea?

Mike: Tell me that you can live with -- a life without passion. I'll walk away. I'll walk away forever.

Katie: Marrying Henry is not a mistake.

Mike: Come on. This whole thing -- the engagement, the wedding -- it's never been about him. It is about us.

Katie: No, I told you yesterday --

Mike: I know, you told me that you love Henry. That no one has ever accepted you, loved you for who you are. You know, I can sit here and recite it in my sleep, it doesn't make it true. He's not the only person who loved you like that. I did, too.

Katie: Well, if you loved me like that, then why am I marrying someone else?

Mike: Because you're thinking I'll stop the wedding.

Katie: No, I don't want it to be stopped. I love Henry. Okay, maybe it started out as something else, but it changed. I changed. I just don't need the same things that I did.

Mike: The same things? What were those things?

Katie: I have to finish getting ready --

Mike: No, were those the things that made us spend whole nights under the stars? Making love until the sun came up? Most people spend their entire lives looking for what we had.

Katie: I have spent my entire life looking for love -- sweet, unconditional love.

Mike: And now you've found it?

Katie: Yes.

Mike: You know what? That's not going to be enough. You know why? Because you're all about passion. Henry is a great guy. And I know you love him. But if there's no fire, it won't last.

Katie: Mike, fire is overrated.

Mike: Look, just because I hurt you, it doesn't mean you should spend a lifetime settling for holding hands and cuddling in front of the classic movie channel.

Katie: Mike, this is not about you, okay? For the last time, I am marrying Henry.

Mike: Don't go out there in your wedding gown, the expect me to stop you. Okay?

Katie: You couldn't if you tried.

Mike: You know what? You're right? You're the only one who can do that. So, you tell me. Tell me that you can live with a life without passion. I'll walk away. I'll walk away forever.

Margo: Are you okay?

Jennifer: Of course. Why wouldn't I be?

Margo: Well, because Mike has been in there for a long time and he and Katie have quite a history.

Jennifer: And if it isn't history, I would rather them figure that out now than later.

Margo: Really? 'Cause you two seem, you know, pretty involved.

Jennifer: I love Mike. But I haven't lost my head yet. I've always known that this could be a possibility.

Margo: Okay. So, hopefully, he's just in there wishing her a long and happy life.

Jennifer: Is that really what you hoped for? That Mike ends up with me? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Margo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa -- ease up there, you're gonna lose a ring finger.

Henry: Think I'll need it?

Margo: Yeah, I talked to Katie. And she's definitely planning on getting married.

Henry: To me? Or to someone else?

Margo: Come on, Henry. You always knew this could happen, didn't you?

Henry: Yeah, always. But there is a difference between knowing it and living it, Margo. I woke up this morning -- crazy, crazy thing. I started to believe that maybe she could marry me. That she's supposed to be my bride.

Casey: I'm good, man. If you leave now, you'll still catch the previews at the theater.

Will: All right. Cool. Or you know what? I could stay and help you out some more.

Casey: But your friends are gonna be -- what do you know, I was just about to play that song.

Will: What song?

Casey: Little thing by Elvis Costello called "Alison"?

Reverend MacKenzie: I thought I made myself clear, Mr. Coleman, that you and your bride are not the only couple I'm marrying today.

Henry: You did -- perfectly clear, reverend. Don't worry. I am on it. Okay? What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to just barge in like a jealous husband? Or a jealous almost-husband.

Margo: I'll handle it.

Henry: Don't -- don't push Katie, okay? If she needs more time with Mike, that's -- fine.

Margo: What are you going to do about --?

Henry: I'll handle him. I've waited a lifetime for Katie. I can wait a few more minutes.

Katie: What makes you so sure that I'm not passionate about Henry?

Mike: I know you.

Katie: Wrong! Henry knows me. And that is why I want to marry him.

Mike: Katie --

Katie: Just give me your well wishes. That's why you came here in the first place, isn't it? To wish me well?

Mike: I'm here because Henry said --

Katie: That he wants me to be happy, more than anything in the world. I know. He's an incredible man.

Mike: I'm starting to see that.

Katie: And he's wondering if the thing that will make me really happy is being married to you.

Mike: Something like that.

Katie: Well, what he doesn't know -- and maybe you don't know it either -- is that when I'm with Henry, I am happy.

Mike: Got it.

Katie: Is that it? You don't have anything else to say?

Mike: We've said it all before.

Katie: Right. Then I'll say it again. Good-bye, Mike. I hope you get everything you ever wanted.

[Katie sobs]

Emily: I know you want me to say that Barbara drugged me.

Rosanna: Just tell us what you remember.

Tom: Emily? Who spiked your tea?

Paul: Did my mother threaten you?

Barbara: Why is everything always my fault?

Paul: What's happening here?

Tom: We need to understand this. Was Barbara involved in anything you did?

Emily: No.

Tom: Then who?

Emily: All I can tell you is that I have no memory of Barbara drugging me or sending me to Fairwinds. That is my statement. Can I go now? Please?

Tom: No, I have a complaint here filed by you --

Hal: No, that's it. We're done.

Tom: It's not -- we are not done, Hal!

Paul: What did you say you would do to Emily if she didn't change her story?

Barbara: Nothing. Didn't have to. Her story was a pack of lies.

Paul: No. You did something.

Barbara: Oh, you're damn right I did. I won this round. So deal with it.

Sierra: You loved that mud bath. You could barely keep your eyes open.

Dusty: Maybe I just needed a nap.

Sierra: Oh, come on. You felt rejuvenated. Admit it. Doesn't your skin feel incredible?

Dusty: I don't know. You tell me.

Acacia: Stan, Hazel -- these are your prospective buyers, Dusty and Sierra.

Sierra: Hello, nice to meet you.

Hazel: Sierra. Like the high mountains.

Dusty: How are you.

Stan: Hey, Dusty. Thanks for coming.

Dusty: Pleasure.

Sierra: Yes, we think you have a wonderful facility. And we're very interested in purchasing it.

Stan: Well, thanks, Sierra. But it's not for sale.

Hazel: To you. No offense, but Acacia has told us you work for Worldwide Industries. And well, we're sure it's a great company, but --

Stan: We like to keep things on a smaller scale, a family business.

Hazel: And family is what we want to sell to. I mean, if you were just another couple like us --

Stan: It'd be different. But hey. Glad you checked us out. I'm so sorry you wasted your time.

Paul: You're guilty, Mother.

Barbara: Oh, come on, son. Be a man. Admit you were wrong.

Paul: I am a man. I'm man enough to not throttle you. Not this time.

Jessica: I don't know what happened here today, but if you did anything to Emily.

Barbara: Well, that's quite an apology.

Jessica: And what would I be apologizing for?

Barbara: I told you I was innocent and you didn't believe me. Now, get me out of here.

Jessica: There are other charges pending.

Barbara: A couple of hours ago, the D.A. said that he would drop all the charges if I would admit guilt to a crime I didn't commit. That should give you something to deal with.

Jessica: I know how to do my job. I'll talk to Tom.

Barbara: You do that.

[Phone rings]

Craig: Yeah?

Kevin: Mr. Montgomery? Kevin Mahoney.

Craig: Oh, yeah. You have an answer for me?

Kevin: I spoke to Scott Reeves. He'll give you half an hour.

Craig: That's nice. When?

Kevin: Now.

Craig: He's in Oakdale?

Kevin: He has family in the area. Get a pen. I'll give you the particulars.

Mike: Sorry, I got held --

Jennifer: Whatever you want to do, please do it now, before it's too late.

Margo: Katie will be ready in a minute.

Henry: Ready? For me? I'm getting married?

Margo: Yes, you are.

Henry: I'm getting married. Hey, I'm getting married, everybody!

Tom: I think you better start the music.

[ďWedding march" plays]

Reverend MacKenzie: Are we ready to begin?

Sierra: Hazel, Stan -- wait, wait. Don't go, really. We love your spa.

Stan: Great, but you don't understand --

Sierra: No, we do understand. It's a family business. We are all over that. We would think it's an honor to continue what you've started here.

Hazel: Stan! Look, at that. I'm sorry. We didn't realize --

Stan: You two were married.

Paul: Hal, I've looked over the whole police station and I can't find Emily. Do you know where she is?

Hal: I had a uniform take her home to her motherís.

Paul: Thanks.

Hal: No -- I want you to leave her alone.

Paul: I'm just gonna --

Hal: I know what you want. You want to use Emily to put Barbara away. Well, she can't do that if she can't remember.

Paul: Well, then let me talk to her.

Hal: No. She needs some peace and quiet right now. She's been through hell these past few months.

Paul: Because Barbara put her through hell. And you're just gonna let Barbara get away with it?

Hal: Paul, Emily is at the breaking point. Now, I was wrong in not stopping it before. But I'm damn sure gonna stop it now.

Paul: Okay, I'll leave her alone.

Rosanna: Mommy's coming, honey. Mommy's going to bring you home. [Phone rings] I've got it, Phyllis. Hello?

James: Rosanna, it's your father-in-law. Just checking in to see how everything went.

Rosanna: I'm sure you already know.

James: You don't sound very happy.

Rosanna: Perhaps I don't get the kick you do out of playing God. I hate tampering with Emilyís mind. I hate hurting her in any way.

James: Careful, Mama. I'm not about to turn over my Jimmy over to a hysterical mother.

Rosanna: I am not hysterical. I did what you asked. Now, I just want my son back.

James: As soon as Barbara is out of jail. That's our deal.

Rosanna: How am I supposed to get Barbara out of jail? Never mind. I'll do it. I'll do it.

James: Good girl. Now, Rosanna, don't ever be tempted to discuss our little plan with anyone?

Rosanna: I won't say anything to anyone. I just want my son back.

James: Then get the charges against Barbara dropped. And hurry, Rosanna. We're much closer than you think.

Emily: Rosanna?

Rosanna: Oh, Emily, you scared me. I didn't hear you come in.

Emily: The door was open.

Rosanna: You know, this isn't a good time.

Emily: Well, this is important. I remember something.

Rosanna: You do?

Emily: It was you. You were the one who drugged my tea.

Reverent MacKenzie: Welcome. It's good to see family and friends here today. A couple needs support to help guide them on their great journey that they'll be taking together. There will be times in this journey -- as in any journey in life -- which will require your care and understanding to help keep their union strong. Be willing to open your heart and your mind and listen to them and guide them so that their individual journeys may always bring them back to each other. As we gather here today to celebrate the beauty of love and to unite Katie Peretti and Henry Coleman in marriage -- should there be anyone with cause why this couple should not be united, speak now or forever hold your peace.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Paul: You want to tell me something? Why? No, how?! How could you let Barbara get away with this?

Katie: I can't do this. It's just -- this isn't right.

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