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Katie: Kiss me. Come on, Mike, kiss me.

Henry: Ta -- -- da.

Mike: Hey, Henry.

Katie: Yeah, uh -- hey, we were just, um --

Mike: Yeah, we were just --

Henry: Just? Pistols at dawn?

Craig: I'm not as bad as you think.

Jennifer: Oh, no, you're worse.

Craig: Well, that may be correct. But I did get Sierra to see that your new line was worth a good shot.

Jennifer: She already knew that.

Craig: Yes, but now she's convinced that with a little input from me, Street Jeans could become a jewel in the Worldwide crown. She trusts me, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Even after being married to you? Hmm. How'd that happen?

Craig: She's smart. And if you're smart, you'll take advantage of the fact that I know how to get you what you want.

Jennifer: So this really is all about me. Oh, Craig, that's truly touching, but the answer is still no.

Craig: You know, I made Carly Tenney a star. And if she wanted, I could do it again.

Jennifer: Oh, gee, I wonder why she doesn't want it?

Craig: Kids -- family -- but you're young and unfettered. Nothing holding you back.

Jennifer: I know. Which is why I don't need you.

Craig: And you want to expand Street Jeans. Sierra wants to wait. You're not going to change her mind. But I could. I can help you. But you're going to have to get rid of this old anger that's holding you back.

Jennifer: Believe me, I am not nearly as angry as Paul is going to be. Oh, in fact, why don't I invite him over here right now?

Craig: By all means. I love a good confab.

Hal: Thanks for coming down. It's good to see you.

Will: No problem.

Hal: Can I get you a designer coffee?

Will: No, I'm fine.

Hal: I hear you had a little excitement at your party the other night.

Will: Margo told you?

Hal: Yeah.

Will: It wasn't a big deal.

Hal: No. Look, if this kid is bothering you -- what's his name, Taylor, Tyler?

Will: Tyson.

Hal: Tyson.

Will: No, I can take care of myself, Dad.

Hal: No. I know you can. It's just that -- well, that was my job at one time. Before I blew it. Which is one of the reasons why I asked you here. I just wanted to apologize. I'm sorry, Will. I let you down. But the bottom line is you're my son. And I love you. And I want to do whatever I can to get you to trust me again. Which is -- brings me to the other reason why I asked you down here to meet me. The D.A. has offered your mother a deal. And I wanted you to hear it from me before you heard it from somebody else or read it in the newspapers.

Will: Well, what kind of deal?

Hal: Well, Tom has offered to reduce, reduce her sentence. Two years, ten years on probation, if she'll plead no contest to the charges against her.

Will: Are you kidding? Mom will never plead guilty because in her mind, she never is.

Barbara: Plead guilty? Forget it. I'd rather die!

Jessica: You're not even listening.

Barbara: No, you're not listening to me. I am innocent! These are trumped-up charges!

Jessica: Which include stealing a prescription drug, spiking Emily Munsonís tea -- accompanied by the evidence to support the claims?

Barbara: What evidence? These are theories. It's a crackpot theory. I've already told you --

Jessica: Right.

Barbara: Everything about it.

Jessica: Right. You were framed by Emily and Paul.

Barbara: There's no need to be snide. I was.

Jessica: Paul adores his wife. Do you really expect a jury to believe he was the one who planted cruel reminders of her dead child?

Barbara: My son Paul is a very complicated man. Now, I suggest you refresh your memory about his past and I'm sure you'll find enough there to make the case against him.

Jessica: Barbara, look, if you don't accept this plea bargain, not only will you go to jail, you will go for a very long time.

James: Your son in exchange for Barbaraís freedom.

Rosanna: James, wait. Wait, wait. When am I going to have proof that Cabotís alive? I swear to God, James, if you're lying to me --

Phyllis: Mrs. Ryan.

Rosanna: Yes, Phyllis?

Phyllis: Just checking on what you and Mr. Ryan would like for dinner.

Rosanna: Ah, thank you. Has anyone called?

Phyllis: No, ma'am.

Rosanna: Are you sure? Perhaps they said it was a wrong number?

Phyllis: I've been here all day, and the phone hasn't rung. Ma'am -- dinner?

Rosanna: I'm sorry. I can't think about dinner right now. I'm sorry, Phyllis.

Paul: What's this about, Jennifer? All right, I'll be there in a few minutes. I thought you -- I though you had a board meeting?

Rosanna: Oh, um -- I left early.

Paul: You couldn't concentrate.

Rosanna: I was -- what do you mean?

Paul: This is what I mean. You've been very distracted lately. And when you finally did show up at Will's party, you said something was wrong, but you didn't tell me what it is. Rosanna?

Rosanna: Paul, have you ever thought that maybe Cabot is still alive?

Mike: All right, look. I'm not a big fan of firearms. So maybe we could rethink this dueling thing, Henry.

Henry: Well I don't know Mike. Could be the way to go. Two shots each. The winner gets Katie.

Mike: All right, maybe it looked a little intense when you walked in, but nothing was going on. Tell him, Katie.

Katie: Um -- yeah. I was just helping Mike with some drywall.

Mike: Some sheetrock fell on top of her. I thought I'd help her out.

Katie: And then he sat in some paint.

Mike: Yeah, so she helped me clean up.

Henry: And you were just about to show your appreciation. Is that it?

Katie: Whoa, Henry. Come on, you don't have to be jealous.

Henry: Jealous? I am joshing with you two. [Henry laughs] Oh, my goodness! I thought if anyone could get a joke it'd be my friends Larry and Moe here.

Mike: As long as you know that nothing was going on.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. I believe you. I believe you. Come on, you know me. I'm the 53rd card in the deck. I'm just a regular joker.

Mike: You looked pretty serious there.

Henry: No, no, no, no. What Katie and I have is very special. And I trust her completely. You on the other hand -- I am kidding! I am just kidding.

[Nervous laughter]

Katie: So, what's in the box, Henry?

Henry: Yes! It's something you have been dreaming about since your first pair of high heels.

Katie: A million dollars?

Henry: No. That's an interesting answer. No. It's something better. It's a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, once-seen, never-to-be-forgotten -- wedding dress!

Katie: You bought my wedding dress? Henry Coleman that is the most romantic thing I've ever heard of. Isn't that sweet, Mike? The groom buying the dress for the bride?

Mike: Henry's full of surprises.

Henry: Yeah, it's one of the things Katie loves most about me. I found it on eBay. It had "ka-ka-ka-Katie" written all over it.

Katie: Um -- well -- you're going to get a preview.

Henry: Aren't you forgetting something?

Katie: Oh, thank you. You're a doll. I can't wait to see it on.

Henry: I'm a doll. Will you excuse me for a minute?

Mike: Yeah, I gotta take care of some supplies.

Henry: Margo, good. I wasn't sure you were going to make it.

Margo: Well Henry, you did call 911. So if you lied, I can arrest you.

Henry: No, no, no -- I was telling the truth.

Margo: Okay. Well, then, where's the blood? The broken bones?

Henry: Uh -- there's no broken bones. But there will be a broken heart. Katie's broken heart, if you refuse to be her matron-of-honor.

Margo: No way. No, sorry.

Henry: Please. I'll do anything you want. I will get down on my knee --

Margo: What, you're going to propose to me too?

Henry: No, I'm begging you, Margo. Please, please, please, please be in our wedding.

Hal: Well, let's just hope your mother takes the deal.

Will: But two years -- that's like nothing.

Hal: And ten years on probation. Having your entire life scrutinized for an entire decade -- that's not nothing.

Will: But you know if there was a trial she would be put away for much longer.

Hal: Probably. But then it would become a media circus. For months. I don't think anybody's up for that.

Will: Yeah, she's not the easiest mother to live down.

Hal: Yeah. [Cell phone rings] Sorry. Munson. Yeah, all right. Yeah, okay. I'll be right down. Sorry, I have to go back to the station. You okay with all this?

Will: Yeah. If Mom goes along with it -- and if this whole nightmare is just over.

Hal: Yeah, well, we can hope. Come on, keep the faith. Something's gotta go right sometime!

Barbara: I don't respond well to tough love, so you can save the threats.

Jessica: You can get a lawyer who's going to hold your hand and tell you bedtime stories --

Barbara: I want a lawyer who believes me! And you think I'm guilty.

Jessica: My job is to provide counsel.

Barbara: And you counsel me to give up two years of my life. I'm sorry, but I want new representation.

Jessica: Well, you can do that. But as you know, I have an excellent relationship with the D.A.

Barbara: And my Aunt Kim.

Jessica: You can't be serious. You're angry because your aunt asked me to represent you?

Barbara: My aunt has told me that she thinks that I'm sick. So pardon me if I wonder why she's hired you!

Jessica: Because she's worried about you. Because she cares about you!

Barbara: Of course she cares about me. And so she's hired you to convince me to plead guilty to crimes I didn't commit.

Jessica: She just wants you to get help.

Barbara: She wants me out of the way. Because I have embarrassed her with my legal troubles. Well I'm sorry, but I'm not going to play your game.

Jessica: This is no game, Barbara. This is no conspiracy, okay? Just a choice. Accept the plea bargain, two years in prison and ten years probation, or be found guilty by a jury of your peers. And I promise you, you will be found guilty.

Paul: You think Cabot might still be alive?

Rosanna: I know it sounds crazy. But it is possible, isn't it? I mean, they never found his body.

Paul: It was an explosion, Rosanna. There was a fire.

Rosanna: I know but -- it just seems so unreal. It's unacceptable. There's no proof, I didn't get to bury him, I didn't to say good-bye --

Paul: Shh. Come here. Look, I -- maybe what you said before is right. Maybe we shouldn't have moved back here to Fairwinds. Maybe there are too many memories.

Rosanna: No. I just keep -- hoping that it was a mistake.

Paul: You're having trouble letting go.

Rosanna: Do I sound like I'm losing it?

Paul: No, absolutely not. Look, I know how much you want to believe. And I wish that it were true. I would want nothing more than for Cabot to be alive.

Rosanna: But he isn't?

Paul: No. He isnít.

Rosanna: We're not always gonna have to talk about this.

Paul: We can talk about Cabot anytime, any place. Remembering the things he did -- remembering how he made us happy -- that keeps him with us. Oh.

Rosanna: You have to go see Jennifer, right?

Paul: No, it's okay. I'll cancel.

Rosanna: No, donít. It's okay. You go. I'm fine. I'm -- tired. I'm just really tired. I'll take a nap.

Paul: You're sure? Okay. I'll be back.

Rosanna: Okay.

[Baby babbling]

Rosanna: Cabot. Cabotó

Mike: Teaching Henry to be a good brother-in-law?

Margo: Henry is begging me to be Katieís matron-of-honor. You want to help me out here?

Mike: Sorry, I'm just the contractor.

Margo: If you don't get up right now, I'm going to stomp on your foot.

Henry: Why are you being so difficult? It's just a wedding.

Margo: No, it's my baby sister's wedding. And I'm not going to stand by here and help her marry some man that she doesn't love. Oh. Oh, I'm sorry Henry. That sounded terrible.

Henry: That's okay. I know Katie loves me.

Margo: Yeah, of course she does. I mean, you've been through everything with her, and everything in between. But Henry, you know, I've seen her with Mike and with Simon, and this is different.

Henry: Yeah, it is. This is "not roll around in the surf as the sun sets" love. Okay, fine. Who cares? I don't like sand in my hair anyway.

Margo: I think, maybe you care. A lot.

Henry: Well, duh! She's my best friend. Of course I care a lot.

Margo: Yes, and friendship is a great part of a great marriage --

Henry: And this is just the beginning. When we are living together as husband and wife, this friendship, this strong, rich friendship will blossom, Margo.

Margo: And you'll live happily ever after?

Henry: Something like that, yes.

Margo: No, Henry. Nothing like that.

Henry: It's my fairy tale and I'll cry if I want to

Margo: You name me one good fairy tale where the princess doesn't marry her true love.

Henry: We don't need those chapters, okay? Katie and I, we've got other things.

Margo: Like?

Henry: Like -- like, we don't keep track of whose turn it is to wash the dishes.

Margo: Yeah, but I bet it's always yours.

Henry: Or fold the laundry.

Margo: You know, forgive me, but as far as grand passions go, this doesn't sound very exciting.

Henry: Katie's had exciting and it's hurt her every time.

Margo: No, no, no, no!

Henry: Margo, Margo, please. She will cry through her entire wedding if you're not there. Please!

Margo: No, no. Yeah, well, maybe she'll come to her senses and say "I donít."

Henry: Could you keep the voice down, please? She's very sensitive to your attitude.

Margo: Well, this is one attitude that isn't going to be adjusted.

Henry: Margo, please.

Margo: No.

Katie: Henry Coleman, if this is your idea of a joke!

Paul: Jennifer?

Craig: She just left, but she'll be back.

Paul: What are you doing here?

Craig: Same as you, waiting for her.

Paul: You couldn't possibly have anything to say to my sister.

Craig: No, actually I have a lot to say to both of you. Now that Jordan is gone, there's an opening at worldwide. And since Worldwide owns Street Jeans and I have a wealth of fashion knowledge --

Paul: You're looking for a job? Try the want ads.

Craig: No, I have Jordan Sinclairís job. Sierra offered it, and I accepted it.

Paul: What right does Sierra have to offer you a job?

Craig: She's was appointed head of Worldwide domestic. And her first order of business was to hire me.

Paul: You're lying.

Craig: Ask your sister.

Jennifer: It's true. Sierra has put Craig in charge of Street Jeans.

Craig: And I've looked at the ad copy. I've looked at the reviews, the comments from the reps. I think we have a winner here

Paul: This is not happening.

Craig: It's already happened. You're looking at the new boss.

Jennifer: Only if we decide to work with you.

Paul: That's right. Pack up your desk. We're out of here.

Jennifer: I told you my brother wouldn't put up with this.

Craig: Is your brother the one who came up with the best idea to hit Seventh Avenue in ten years. You're gonna walk away from the dream you created?

Paul: No, don't let him do this to you.

Craig: Just give me a few minutes here. Okay, Jennifer. You have one of the most precious commodities anyone can possibly have. You have a dream. But you need help. And I can help you make that dream happen.

Barbara: I am not going to be a sacrificial lamb for the D.A.'s office, and I'm not going to jail, so why don't you tell me what's behind door number three?

Jessica: There is no door number, Barbara. You're lucky enough to have two.

Barbara: I see. So my choice is between a plea bargain and a witch hunt? And you used to be such a good lawyer.

Jessica: Let's talk about you. Forget the penny ante stuff. Throwing yourself out of a courthouse window, driving an SUV into a mental hospital. You are charged with aiding and abetting an enemy of the state. But do you stop at that? No. You decide you're gonna drug someone and then send him out in the world to do intentional harm. Okay, so maybe this isn't about who your lawyer is or isn't, because this isn't a case of insider trading and you're not going to some cushy country club prison here.

Barbara: Do you know what your problem is? Negativity. You're the most negative person I've ever known.

Jessica: No, on the contrary, Barbara, I'm the best thing that ever happened to you, because I'm telling it like it is. You've run out of friends. Your crimes have been well-documented. You go to trial, you're going to jail. So just stop acting like a victim and take the deal!

Barbara: I'm innocent.

Jessica: I'm done. I'll tell Tom you didn't accept his offer.

Barbara: I'll think about it. There's someone who knows I'm not guilty. Thank God you're here, honey.

Will: What's going on?

Jessica: Will, this really isn't a good time.

Barbara: It's always a good time for me to see my son. Thank God you're here, 'cause I almost made a terrible mistake.

Jessica: Okay, I've tried. You need me, you have my number.

Barbara: I'll call you when hell freezes over.

Will: She doesn't seem very happy.

Barbara: We foiled her plan.

Will: Hmm?

Barbara: My so-called defense attorney was working with the D.A.'s office to force me to plead no contest. I would go to jail for two years.

Will: You said you were okay with that. You said you were okay with anything, even going back to jail if it meant I could come home and live with Dad.

Will: And you said that wasn't necessary. You said that we'd all live together.

Will: Well, I changed my mind.

Barbara: You want me to go to jail?

Will: You promised, Mom. And a promise is a promise. At least, that's what you always told me.

Rosanna: Cabot? Cabot?

[Baby coos]

Rosanna: Ah! Oh, my boy. Wait. Wait, no!

James: Well, Cabot has disappeared yet again. Out of Mommy's reach. Until Mommy's ready to do exactly as she's told, that's where he's going to stay.

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Katie: Is this because of what happened earlier between us?

Mike: Nothing happened between us.

Katie: Are you sure about that?

Rosanna: I cannot buy Barbaraís way out of jail.

James: Then you're wasting my time.

Rosanna: Wait, wait.

Katie: What is this? You think everyone in town thinks our wedding is a joke, so you're gonna dress me like a clown?

Henry: I -- I don't know what happened. It looked great on the computer. I must have bid on the wrong number, honey. I'm sorry.

Margo: Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. We're not gonna let you get married in this. It's okay.

Katie: What do you care? You're not even coming to the ceremony.

Margo: I -- I've had a change of heart. If you're still looking for a matron of honor --

Katie: Yes! Yes, are you serious?

Margo: I am if you are.

Katie: Of course I am. Oh, Margo, thank you, thank you, thank you so much. You are not gonna regret this. Henry and I are gonna have the kind of wedding that people talk about for years.

Margo: Yeah, yeah, I have no doubt. Well, okay, I've got to -- I've got to go.

Katie: I saw that.

Henry: What?

Katie: That. You know what I think? You did it again.

Henry: I have no idea what you're talking about, Katherine.

Katie: You buy the ugliest dress in the universe and then invite Margo over to see me freak out when I try it on. Brilliant.

Henry: Well --

Katie: I wish you would've told me.

Henry: No, no, I couldn't do that. I needed your response to be spontaneous.

Katie: Well, it was. And you got Margo to cave, and nobody does that.

Henry: Score one for Henry. Actually, score two for Henry.

Katie: Two?

Henry: Yep. Here it is. Your real wedding dress.

Katie: Real?

Henry: Mm-hmm. Italian.

Katie: As in --

Henry: Italian designer of great renown. It's slightly irregular, but no one will notice unless you wear it inside out.

Mike: All right, I'm gonna need you at the hospital for that meeting, so I'll be back later.

Katie: Wait, wait, don't go. I was just gonna try on my wedding dress.

Mike: I thought you were wearing it.

Katie: This ugly thing? No, Henry was kidding. He's such a joker, remember? Please, you have to be here. I need your opinion. I want your honest opinion, someone that I trust. Please?

Henry: I'll -- you know, I have to make a phone call about the band for the reception in case anybody needs me.

Mike: Look, I'd love to stick around for the fashion show. I just -- I gotta go, all right?

Katie: What, is this because of what happened earlier between us?

Mike: Nothing happened between us.

Katie: Are you sure about that?

Mike: Katie --

Katie: 'Cause I saw a look in your eye, and it's a look that I haven't seen in a long time -- too long.

Mike: I've gotta go. Be careful.

Katie: Of?

Mike: Wet paint. Wouldn't want you to get any on your wedding dress.

Paul: Jennifer and I don't need or want anything from you.

Craig: Is it me? Because I've changed.

Paul: Okay, a snake can shed its skin, Craig, but it's still a snake.

Craig: Are you the same guy who left Rose D'Angelo at the altar?

Paul: Don't start with me.

Craig: Losing somebody you loved changed you, didn't it? I thought you killed her. Well, I was wrong, wasn't I? Now I've lost a son and almost lost a daughter. There's a lot of ways to lose someone. Death, of course, but you also lose them if they don't respect you anymore. Now, Lucy almost froze to death up there in the mountains, but somehow, she was brought back to me. And in a way, I was brought back to her. And from that minute, the only thing I wanted was to be a father that she could be proud of. And that is why you can trust your company to me.

Paul: I was wondering how you talked Sierra into it.

Craig: Oh, I didn't say any of that to her. She just noticed I was different, listened more, less controlling. But I've talked enough.

Jennifer: Wait, you're leaving. That -- that's it?

Craig: Yeah, that's it. You two talk and tell me when you've decided something.

Paul: Okay. You said no, I said no. So glad we could talk about this.

Jennifer: Wait.

Paul: Jennifer, no. There -- there is nothing to discuss here.

Jennifer: Well, but maybe. I mean, maybe -- maybe he has changed. People do.

Paul: Not manipulative egomaniacs.

Jennifer: I think that we should at least consider this.

Paul: Consider what? Consider trusting Craig Montgomery?!

Jennifer: Trusting me! Okay, look, I have a good relationship with worldwide. I want them to keep bankrolling us. But Sierra is in charge now, and she wants Craig.

Paul: Well, then she can have him.

Jennifer: And I can have what? You expect me to walk away from my own company?

Paul: Yes. That is exactly what I expect from you.

Barbara: Honey, you said you were all right with this. You said that you'd come and live with me and your dad.

Will: Like the good old days?

Barbara: Yes.

Will: Do you know why those days were good? Because I could trust you.

Barbara: You still can.

Will: No. Trusting you is dangerous. It can make people sick, put them in the hospital. And you know what? I don't wanna go back to that place, and I'm not gonna let anyone put me back there ever again.

Barbara: You know everything I've been trying to do is to -- to keep you from going back to that place. Don't you understand? And tell me how -- how my going to prison is gonna make you trust me again.

Will: Because you'll be keeping a promise, doing what's right.

Barbara: It's right for me to rot away in a cell?

Will: You've committed a crime, and now you have to face the consequences. And besides, it's the only way I'll feel safe.

Barbara: I would never do anything to hurt you.

Will: You hurt me all the time! You hurt your children every day! And if you fight these charges in court, you'll be hurting us even more. We've suffered enough because of you. There used to be a voice inside you that told you right from wrong. Where is that voice now, Mom? The voice that used to be in the mother I loved?

Barbara: But you still love me. And you know why? Because that voice is still inside of you, and it's telling you that I'm in your corner, that I'm your champion, that I only want what's best for you.

Will: Prove it.

James: What's the problem, Rosanna? You demanded proof that Cabot was still alive, and it's exactly what I gave you.

Rosanna: He's gotten so big.

James: Yeah. Jimmy eats like a young stallion.

Rosanna: Jimmy? Why are you calling him jimmy?

James: Well, Cabot Stenbeck is formal. It sounds like a law firm.

Rosanna: Don't you change his name. He's my son!

James: And he's my grandson. Possession is nine-tenths the law.

Rosanna: You promised me my child back.

James: And I'll be glad to return him to you, as long as you hold up your end of the bargain.

Rosanna: I get Barbara out of jail.

James: And all the charges against her dropped.

Rosanna: Look, I am the one that she committed crimes against. How is the victim supposed to get the criminal absolved?!

James: You're very rich, Rosanna.

Rosanna: I can't --

James: Money can do amazing things.

Rosanna: I cannot buy Barbaraís way out of jail.

James: Then you're wasting my time. Keep the TV. I'm raising Jimmy without it, you see, because it's -- well, it's just too much violence.

Rosanna: Now, wait, wait, wait, please. I'll do it. Somehow, I will make sure Barbara goes free.

Jennifer: Paul, Street Jeans is my company. Why do you get to decide we abandon it?

Paul: Because I'm not being blinded by empty promises that Craig Montgomery is just throwing around.

Jennifer: Craig hasn't promised anything except hard work, okay. I think that we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

Paul: Like mother did?

Jennifer: Mother was in love with him. I don't have that weakness.

Paul: He plays games, Jennifer, that you don't even know exist. There is no way I'm letting you go into business with Craig Montgomery.

Jennifer: Excuse me, this is my life, Paul, and I'm not gonna live it running away from tough situations!

Paul: There are some situations, Jennifer, that you really should run away from, like going into business with a crook!

Jennifer: Okay, what happens next time I start a company, and some less-than-perfect person becomes my boss? Do I just give that company away, too? I need to give this a chance!

Paul: You do what you want. I'm out of here.

Jennifer: Paul, Paul, wait, hey. Okay, don't be angry. Maybe you're right. Maybe people like Craig are incapable of change. But I owe it to myself to find out one way or another, don't I?

Paul: Who are you trying to convince, Jennifer? Me or yourself?

Mike: What's wrong with him? You guys have a fight?

Jennifer: Craig Montgomery was hired to replace Jordan.

Mike: Wow.

Jennifer: And Paul wants me to quit.

Mike: I don't blame him. Craig's bad news.

Jennifer: Doesn't anyone think that I can fight and win?!

Mike: Yeah, yeah, I do.

Jennifer: Really?

Mike: Yeah, I promise. Look, if you want to -- you want to stick by your company, go for it, okay? Just trust your instincts.

Jennifer: Well, suddenly, that doesn't sound like such a great weapon.

Mike: What are you talking about? You are smart as hell. You can outthink Craig Montgomery on your worst day.

Jennifer: Paul thinks he's dangerous.

Mike: Look, you can take care of yourself. If you get tired of it and you need someone to put Craig in his place, you call me. I will come running.

Katie: It's gorgeous. That's the most beautiful wedding dress I've ever seen, Henry.

Henry: Why aren't you wearing it?

Katie: It's bad luck. The groom's not supposed to see the bride in her dress before the wedding.

Henry: I thought we weren't honoring those superstitions since the wedding isn't real.

Katie: It's real enough.

Henry: I'm not -- I'm not Simon or Mike.

Katie: No, you're not. You're Henry Coleman. And you know what? A girl could do a hell of a lot worse.

Barbara: Will, please, please, give me one more chance.

Will: I am! Keep your promise. Pay for what you've done, and then we'll see if we can have a relationship.

Barbara: You're trying to force me to plead guilty to a crime I didn't commit. That's emotional blackmail.

Will: Well, I learned from the best.

Barbara: But I'm gonna go to jail. Do you know how many days that is, how many long, lonely hours that is?

Will: Why don't you spend the time figuring out why you hurt people and then call it love. And then maybe I'll be able to look at you and not feel ashamed. Maybe someday I'll even be able to forgive you.

Barbara: And then you'll let me be your mother again? You'll let me love you, if I go to jail for you?

Will: Don't do anything in my name ever again. Go to jail because it's the right thing to do.

James: Good girl. I knew you'd come around.

Rosanna: Look, you know that I would do anything for Cabot. But --

James: Be careful.

Rosanna: -- If I go to the police and I tell them that I want all the charges against Barbara dropped, they'll get suspicious.

James: Tell them you were wrong.

Rosanna: There are too many people that have gone on record about this. Will saw Emily at Fairwinds. Barbara's psychiatrist reported a drug missing that Barbara used to hypnotize Emily.

James: Did anyone actually see, witness Barbara steal the drug? Did they?

Rosanna: No.

James: Circumstantial then.

Rosanna: But Barbaraís fingerprints were found on the teacups. Traces of the drug were found on the teacups! There's too much evidence!

James: Not my problem.

Rosanna: Right, it's my problem. And I'll solve it.

James: Good. Yes, I know you will. And by the way, if you see Barbara, would you please give her my very best?

Rosanna: And if -- when you see Cabot, tell him I love him.

James: No, I can't do that. You know, I don't get the little boy's hopes up. I mean, things may not work out for us.

Rosanna: They will, they will, I promise. I will -- I will keep Barbara from going to jail, and I will get all the charges against her dropped.

James: And one more thing.

Rosanna: Yeah, I will not -- I won't tell anyone, not even Paul.

James: And if you lie to me --

Rosanna: I won't, I wonít. I promise. I won't betray you.

James: Well, you won't see Cabot again. I should go. You've got a lot of work to do.

Rosanna: Wait, what if I need to talk to you, James? How will I let you know?

James: I'll find you. I see everything. I know everything. I'll be in touch. Ciao. Uh, Michelle.

Henry: So you're starting to catch on that old Henry, the Cole man, is pretty fabulous.

Katie: I've always known that.

Henry: What do you think the chances are of us achieving a happy ending?

Katie: I think they're pretty good. If you hadn't walked in, Mike would've kissed me. I know it. As soon as he sees me in the real gown, he's never gonna let me marry you. You're the best.

Henry: I'm quite a guy.

Katie: And what about my plan, huh? Having him work here side-by-side up until the wedding. It's working, it's working. And I have you to thank. I love you. I really do, you know that?

Henry: That's what I told Margo.

Jennifer: Okay, fess up, Kasnoff. Why are you really here? You couldn't have known that I needed you.

Mike: Why not?

Jennifer: Because women have that radar. Men think about work, unless of course -- hey, is something wrong?

Mike: No, I just -- I missed you.

Jennifer: Oh, I missed you, too.

Mike: I care about you so much.

Jennifer: You care about me? Well, that will keep a girl warm on a cold winter's night.

Mike: I love you. You know that I love you.

Jennifer: Yes. But it sure is nice to hear it.

Mike: Anytime. 'Cause the thing is, I don't want you to ever forget it.

Jennifer: Hey, not a chance.

Craig: Um, I can come back. Kiss away.

Mike: Oh, it's okay. Sounds like you two have a lot to talk about.

Jennifer: Like our proposed working relationship.

Craig: Do you have an answer for me?

Jennifer: Slow down. Don't get too excited. I just wanted to let you know that I will think about it.

Craig: Okay.

Jennifer: I will think about it, and that is all I'm willing to say.

Paul: Thanks. I'm out of there. I don't know what Jenniferís gonna do, but there is no way I'm working with Craig Montgomery.

Will: Yeah. That guy messed Mom up so bad, sometimes I think what life would have been like if they'd never hooked up.

Paul: Don't do that. Don't make excuses for her, Will.

Will: Hey, not me. If I were the D.A., she sure wouldn't be getting two years and ten on probation.

Paul: Did Tom offer her a deal?

Will: His office is giving her the chance to plead.

Paul: And give up a chance to drag us all through the mud? That's not gonna happen.

Will: Well, that's why I went to go see her.

Paul: You what?!

Will: Yeah. I told her I was done with her, unless she takes the deal and goes to jail. And then, you know, we'll see.

Paul: Did you get through to her?

Will: I don't know, Paul. I don't know if anyone can get through to Mom.

[Barbara remembering]

Will: Use the time to figure out why you hurt people and call it love, and then maybe I'll be able to look at you without feeling ashamed. Maybe I'll even be able to forgive you.

Barbara: I'll do it. I'll anything to get you back, Will.

Rosanna: Don't sign it, Barbara. Refuse the deal and tell them you're innocent.

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Mike: Are you saying that you are really in love with Henry?

Katie: I finally met the man who would do anything for me, give up anything.

Mike: That wasn't the question.

Keith: I love you, you and J.J. don't ever, ever leave me again.

Rosanna: I am not trying to set you up.

Barbara: Then why are you here?

Rosanna: To make sure you don't go to prison at all.

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