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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 2/2/05

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Alison: Oh, uh -- you grab a table, I'll go get some coffee.

Aaron: Um-hmm. Okay. What's up, champ?

Rafael: Hey, Aaron. How you doing?

Aaron: Better. I got my hand back. Can't climb trees like I used to, but physical therapy will get me there in a month.

Rafael: That's great, man. You know, about that fight, every day I wake up seein' my fist hittin' your face. I wish --

Aaron: Hey, forget it, all right? That's over. It's over. Besides, Dom gave you no choice, right?

Rafael: Yeah, Dom. The guy sponsored me to come out here and box. Now that he's dead and I can't fight, I.N.S. wants me to pack up and go home.

Aaron: How is that fair? Hey, what happened to your sponsor is not your fault. I mean, there's gotta be, like, a plan b for when people die.

Rafael: Yeah, well, I don't see too many people lining up around here to give me another job so I can stay in the country. Which means my visa expires next week. Plan b is me on a plane to Montega.

Sierra: Hello!

Lucinda: Good morning. You ready to take on the world?

Sierra: Well, the domestic division, at least.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, I'm just so glad. I'm just so glad that you decided you wanted to work with me and stay here in Oakdale. [Lucinda sighs] Now with Lucy gone, I --

Sierra: Well, I'm a decent substitute, huh?

Lucinda: Oh, now, don't you pretend that you're not using me and this job to ease the pain of her being gone for a while. We all miss her.

Sierra: Well, I think she's happy. So --

Lucinda: So -- yes. On to making money. Oh! News -- I've hired someone. I've hired to a replacement for Jordan Sinclair. He's gonna be a perfect second in command.

Sierra: You've hired someone without consulting me?

Lucinda: Well, calm down, darling. I haven't even told you who he is yet.

Sierra: Well, it doesn't really matter. That's not the point, mother. I mean, you guaranteed me complete autonomy.

Lucinda: He's actually perfect for the job.

Sierra: Well, the job doesn't exist anymore, because I hired someone to fill it.

Craig: I have someplace to be besides here, Dusty.

Dusty: I realize this might come as a shock to you -- but this place doesn't run itself.

Craig: No, you do. What are these?

Dusty: Those are keys. I'm done here. You're in charge now.

Craig: I am not going to manage Metro, Dusty.

Dusty: Well, if you want the doors to stay open -- you don't have an option.

Craig: Of time and money invested --

Dusty: Time? What are you talkin' about? You weren't here ten hours last month. With Molly gone, that weight's on me, not you.

Craig: And you've done a fabulous job.

Dusty: You know the interview I was telling you about? I got the job --

Craig: I don't have time to run the club, Dusty.

Dusty: So babysitting you is gonna be a thing of the past. Make time, my friend.

Craig: Sorry. Sorry.

Dusty: Sorry? No. There's no room for sorry. I got a job lined up.

Craig: Well, then we have a problem. Because I even have less time now because of new business opportunities presented itself to me.

Dusty: I'm a huge supporter for free enterprise. What you do with your opportunities is your own problem. I'm outta here.

Julia: Hey, Jack. Don't look so happy to see me.

Jack: I just never know with you.

Julia: I wanted to ask a favor for J.J.

Jack: Yeah, we've been down this road.

Julia: Okay, fine.

Jack: Hey. Hey! You know I'd do anything for that boy.

Julia: But not for me.

Jack: Okay, let's start this conversation over. Since you need something.

Julia: I was just wondering if you would be willing take J.J. for a couple days for me.

Jack: Why?

Julia: Emma found out about me and Holden -- so J.J. and I can't stay there anymore. Please don't say "I told you so?"

Jack: Well, you haven't answered my question.

Julia: I want you to take him for a couple days, Jack, so that I can find an apartment, I can buy some furniture, I can set up some kind of a home for my kid so he doesn't have to be anymore freaked out than necessary, and I thought that if he was with you, it would be easier.

Jack: Lisa's not available, then.

Julia: What is up, Jack? You don't want him, or what?

Jack: No, I want him. He's my little boy.

Julia: Lisa feels like Emma, and, I guess, everybody else in this town.

Jack: Well, I'd be happy to take J.J. for however long you need. I just need to call Carly and give her a heads-up.

Lily: Carly, I'm not sure about this.

Carly: Shh! And my name is Janice, okay?

Lily: Janice?

Carly: What's the point in wearing a wig if I'm gonna use my real name, Renee?

Lily: Renee?

Carly: And stop being such a worry-wart. The mistake I made last time was not researching Les enough before I sicced him on Julia. This time, I'm gonna do my homework. All right? I'm gonna find out everything I can about this Keith person before I tell him where Julia is.

Lily: That's assuming he still wants to be with her.

Carly: With Julia? Come on, you saw the picture, with Keith and Julia and J.J.? And the letter where he talks about how much he loves them? And J.J. certainly seems crazy about him. Add to that Julia’s history --

Lily: Mm, turning otherwise normal men into lovesick slaves, yes.

Carly: Yes. Lovesick slaves who are perfectly willing to leave their wives and their homes and their family --

Lily: Okay, all right. You made your point.

Carly: He'll take the bait. Well, hey! Nice place. Clean, well-kept -- can't be cheap, which means our man has money. He's got a job.

Lily: What kind of job? Collecting for the mafia? Carly, we cannot assume anything.

Carly: Which is exactly why I'm not done yet.

Lily: Oh, no, no. No, tampering with the mail is a federal offense.

Carly: Well, who's tampering? I'm just -- I'm just lookin'. You can learn a lot about a person by what they get in mail, and if I happen to come across a magazine "a soldier of fortune" magazine --

Lily: Okay, that's it. We're outta here, Janice. Let's go.

Carly: Just keep it down, keep your eyes open, and cough if you see somebody, all right? Well -- hello, Keith.

Lily: Psst! Five minutes!

Mrs. Grace: May I help you?

Carly: Well -- yes, actually, you can help me. You see, I was just walking by this mailbox, overflowing with mail, and I'm not quite sure what to do with it. Do you have a doorman, or a mail room?

Mrs. Grace: Oh, this is my fault. I told Keith I would pick up his mail for him and I forgot.

Carly: Did you say Keith?

Mrs. Grace: Keith Morrissey.

Carly: Oh, and he's out of town?

Mrs. Grace: Well, he travels a lot.

Carly: That's so funny that that's Keith Morrissey’s mailbox, because that's just the person that I came here to see.

Mrs. Grace: You know Keith?

Carly: No. No, actually, I don't know him. But we do have a friend in common. And I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd drop by -- you see, our friend -- well, since you know Keith -- our friend is in a little bit of trouble. And I'm worried about her, so I thought I would come by, and see Keith, and see if maybe he could help somehow.

Mrs. Grace: Oh, I know he'd want to help. I mean, Keith is such a sweet man.

Carly: Huh -- and do you know if he'll be home soon?

Mrs. Grace: No, I'm sorry. But if you'd like to leave him a note -- I mean, I live right here. I'm the manager. You want to come in? Write him a note?

Carly: Oh, thank you very much. I would love to leave him a note.

Jack: Carly wasn't home. But I left a message saying that J.J. will be staying with us for a couple of days.

Julia: Thank you.

Jack: I guess I could pick him up from school when I get Parker?

Julia: Jack, how come you can't be happy for me?

Jack: That you were kicked off the farm?

Julia: I care about Holden. Why does it have to be so terrible? I mean, look -- you're taken, right? You went back to your wife. So, what do you want me to do, sit in the corner and cry my eyes out every single night, or what?

Jack: Holden's a married man.

Julia: No, Holden is separated. And as far as he concerned, his marriage is over and has been for a really long time, certainly far before he met me.

Jack: Can I ask you a question?

Julia: Yeah.

Jack: Before me, was -- was there anybody else besides Les?

Julia: What kind of question is that?

Jack: No, I was just wondering 'cause your ex-husband was abusive. He was an alcoholic and I was an amnesiac, and Holden’s married --

Julia: What is your point?

Jack: That you're not doing any favors for yourself.

Julia: You know what, Jack? Why do you always gotta make me feel bad about myself? Why can't you just be happy for me?

Jack: Hey, listen, I'm not trying to make you feel bad here, Julia, I'm just trying to understand what you're doin'.

Julia: I'm surviving. The best way I know how.

Jack: I just don't see it workin' out. Holden will be going back to Lily --

Julia: You don't know that. You don't know he's going back to Lily, and, fine, so what? I'll take those odds.

Ben: We alone here?

Jessica: More or less. Thank you for meeting me. I assume you know why I wanted to see you.

Ben: Yeah. I think so.

Jessica: You know, for a minute, I forgot. I mean, we -- we were working together so closely with your legal matters at the hospital --

Ben: I know.

Jessica: -- And I get home last night and go through my mail -- some conscientious clerk was making sure our papers were filed. So -- it's official. It's final. We're divorced.

Dusty: Okay. We'll close the place down. And sell it.

Craig: I'll put the sign on the door.

Curtis: Whoa! Hold up a minute. What about me? And the boys in the kitchen and the wait staff and the cleaning crew. You've got people depending on you for their livelihood. You can't just close this place down with no notice.

Dusty: He's got a point.

Craig: We put the place on the market and find someone to manage it till we sell it.

Dusty: The sooner we dissolve our partnership, the better.

Craig: Agreed.

Lucinda: Craig? Sierra, Craig? Oh! I wouldn't let that man park my car, let alone run any division in my company.

Sierra: You know, Mother, Craig has changed.

Lucinda: And no, dear, he hasn't changed. He's lost! Because Lucy grew up, he no longer had the power over her, a leverage.

Sierra: You know, that is not true. Lucy has always loved her father.

Lucinda: But Lucy had the good sense to show her father the door until he agreed to stop crazy antics.

Sierra: And he agreed because he changed.

Lucinda: He agreed 'cause he had no choice.

Sierra: Well, that never stopped him before.

Lucinda: And it won't stop him now, darling. I don't know, I don't know -- this rapprochement with Lucy -- he's used it to worm his way into your good graces again, hasn't he? And my company, 'cause he sees that there's money to be made.

Sierra: Well, I thought you wanted to make money.

Lucinda: Honey, I've got money, I've got money, I want to have sympathetic co-workers! That's why I've hired Dusty.

Sierra: Dusty? Are you serious?

Lucinda: Yes. Absolutely. I know -- I know that he got off the path there in Chicago, but he's certainly redeemed himself since then. He saved Lucy’s life not once, not twice, and guess whose fault it was that her life was at risk?

Sierra: Craig never meant for anything to happen.

Lucinda: Craig means for anything to happen, he's just weak. He's so weak. And instinct's taken him place, and everything blows up in his face. He's gonna take the whole family with him.

Sierra: You know, Mother, if you had taken a second and talked to Lucy before she left town, you would have found out how wonderful Craig has been lately. How he's the one that helped her see that leaving town and going to college is what she really wanted.

Lucinda: Craig would have talked her onto a tramp steamer to get her away from dusty. Dusty's who made the sacrifice here, darling. Dusty was going to -- wanted to marry her. He pocketed the ring. [Lucinda sighs] He's redeemed himself. Now, he's the kind of guy with integrity and force that I want to have working with me. And I don't know how you could be drawn into anything like this. You could lose your piece of -- I'll lose my bottom line here at the office.

Sierra: Can I ask you a question? Why did you help me -- why did you help me stash Craig in that monastery? I would really like to know.

Lucinda: I didn't I just watched. And, possibly, I enabled. I mean, I knew he wouldn't change, but at lease he was away and keeping him out of circulation, that was worth it.

Sierra: But don't you understand? He has changed. And he didn't press charges. And he didn't take sides with Rafael and Dusty when they were vying for Lucy, and -- and he -- he wanted to leave town and go to Hong Kong and start a new life, so -- I offered him a job.

Lucinda: Oh, my God. Sierra, you mean he was gonna leave town, and you stopped him?

Sierra: He deserves a second chance. And he's a great businessman.

Lucinda: He's not a businessman. He's a con man. And I will not let him infect my company!

Sierra: Well, I will not work for you if you undermine every decision I make!

Lucinda: Honey, you're undermining yourself. See?

Sierra: I need to run this division my way or you can take me straight to the airport.

Lucinda: That is ridiculous.

Sierra: Well, it's the way it's gonna be. So, if you want me to work here with you -- you need to find a way to get along with Craig. That's the bay bridge, right?

Lucinda: All right. You hire Craig if you want to, but don't ever say I didn't warn you.

Sierra: You know, Mother, I plan to keep a very close eye on Craig.

Lucinda: That's a great use of your time here at Worldwide, babysitting your ex-husband. And that's my last word on the subject.

Sierra: I'm going to hold you to that.

Lucinda: Darling, I'm not going back about Dusty on my word. I offered him the job, he accepted the job, and I'm not going to renege. So you'll just have to -- [Laughs] -- You're going to have to work with both of them.

Sierra: You know, Mother, I have nothing against Dusty. I appreciate everything he did for Lucy and for me. But he despises Craig.

Lucinda: Well, I guess Madame lady diplomat, hmm -- you're just going to have to make them work well together. Work it out. [Knock on door] Come in!

Dusty: Am I interrupting?

Lucinda: Not a bit. We were just talking about you. I just saying to Sierra how thrilled I am that you're going to be working with us.

Dusty: Your mother hired me. You okay with that?

Sierra: Well, there's just one little thing that we kind of need to work out --

Craig: Maybe next time, I could find my name on the door somewhere. Sorry I'm late.

Jessica: Do you know how much I wish I could take back that hour in the motel?

Ben: Jess, Jess, let's not go back there again, okay? We've both made our mistakes. The important thing is that we learn from them and we move on.

Jessica: Yeah, but I'm trying to understand. I mean, I step back and I look at myself, this woman who prides herself on control. Until she walks into a motel room to rescue a friend and loses her control. This woman who is all about control, loses control in the most destructive, dangerous, reckless way possible. I mean, what is wrong with me?

Ben: You're more than your mistakes, Jess. If -- if we judge ourselves by only what we do wrong -- you wouldn't do that to a client. You try to be fair, right?

Jessica: I don't want to make excuses for my behavior.

Ben: Look, I'm not making any excuses. I'm just -- just try to be as kind to yourself as you were to me. You know what I've learned about myself these last couple weeks? That I hate asking for help. Especially when I'm in pain. But -- but lucky for me, I had this friend who wouldn't stay out of my business.

Aaron: There's gotta be some way to work this out. Why don't you hire a lawyer?

Rafael: With what money?

Aaron: Lucy's grandmother -- she could probably pull some strings. Or Lucy’s mom.

Rafael: God, how did everything change so fast? I had a shot at a title, then it seemed like I had a chance with Lucy. Now that's over. I told my mom I'd come home a hero. How can I go back to Montega with nothing to show for my time here?

Aaron: This is not your fault, okay? It's Dom.

Rafael: I'm sick of talking about stuff I can't change. What about you? What's your plan?

Aaron: My plan? Start looking for a job. I used to do the register at al's, but need something full-time, now.

Rafael: What about your old job at metro?

Aaron: I'm sure he hired somebody else by now.

Rafael: He owes you. Just you go down there and tell him you had two brain surgeries because of him. He'll find you something, trust me.

Aaron: He already paid for my medical bills.

Rafael: Yeah, which means two things -- he knows it was his fault and he's a stand-up guy. He'll hire you back.

Aaron: You think?

Rafael: Absolutely. But tell him you want a decent salary. Double what you used to make.

Aaron: Hey, you know what? You're right. I'm going to go talk to him.

Rafael: There you go.

Aaron: You know, and while I'm at it, I'm gonna get him to sponsor you and give you a job.

Rafael: Sounds good to me.

Aaron: Count on it, brother.

Rafael: Thanks, man.

Aaron: All right. Hey.

Alison: Hey, it's hot stuff.

Aaron: Give it to Raf.

Alison: Where're you going?

Aaron: I'm going to get my old job back.

Alison: Wait, Aaron, you can’t. You don't want to overdo it.

Aaron: Ali, it's no worse than working at Al's. Besides, the pay is better. And you know what? Rafi's right. Dusty owes me.

Alison: But your doctor said that --

Aaron: Oh, Ali, I'll be back. Okay.

Alison: It's not enough that you almost killed him in the ring? Now you're sending him back to work when he's barely out of the hospital?

Jack: Holden's a good man. And you are making it very hard for him to make the right decision.

Julia: Just because you went back to your wife doesn't mean he should. He was miserable. And now he's happy. If you can't be happy for him, then I have to wonder, Jack, maybe you're not so happy with Carly after all, hmm?

Holden: Hey.

Julia: Hey, babe.

Holden: Jack.

Jack: Holden.

Holden: You all set?

Julia: Yeah. Jack agreed to take J.J. for a couple of days, so I'm done here.

Holden: Great. Because I found the perfect apartment, but it's probably gonna go fast. So we better get over there and grab it before someone else does.

Lily: Carly, I hope you know what you're doing.

Mrs. Grace: Would you like honey with that, dear?

Carly: No, thank you. It's perfect just the way it is. Well, this is a beautiful place here, this complex.

Mrs. Grace: Well, it's all in how you maintain it, and don't let anyone tell you any different. And the tenants, of course. You have to have the right people.

Carly: How long has Keith lived here?

Mrs. Grace: Oh, let's see -- three years? Or was it five? He was in the air force. He showed me his medals once. Oh, he's a real live hero.

Carly: Really?

Mrs. Grace: Yes, he's solid as they come. He hung a whole wall of pictures for me once. It took almost a whole day. But I didn't mind. I loved having a man around the house.

Carly: And you said he's out of town? Is he still in the air force?

Mrs. Grace: No, he's flying commercially now. He's one of the big outfits, I can't remember the name. He's always gone once or twice a week. All over the world. He's always bringing me things. He brought me this all the way from Singapore.

Carly: Oh, my. Well, that does sound like Keith. Very thoughtful.

Mrs. Grace: I thought you said you'd never met him. Just who are you anyway?

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Lucinda: If one of you wishes to leave, now's the time and there's the door.

Carly: From all the things that Julia has told me about him --

Mrs. Grace: I don't think I ever heard him mention anyone named Julia.

Carly: I've never met Keith, but I feel like I know him from all the things that Julia has told me about him. How sweet he is, how thoughtful, how he never forgets her birthday, you know.

Mrs. Grace: That's Keith. You know, I don't think I ever heard him mention anyone named Julia, but then he never talked much about his personal life, anyway -- which seems strange for an attractive man, don't you think? Although, I think there was an ex. He never told me her name, just that she broke his heart, poor thing.

Carly: Oh. Well, I think that I should get going. But thank you for the tea.

Mrs. Grace: Oh, you don't want to leave Keith a note?

Carly: Um, if you could just tell him that a friend of Julia’s came by? I went to nursing school with Julia, and I heard that she's working at, boy -- Memorial Hospital in Oakdale?

Mrs. Grace: Oakdale? Oh, that's a lovely town.

Carly: Yeah. That's probably why she wanted to move there. But then I heard that things weren't going so well for her. And I figured since I'm here in town, I'd come by and see Keith, and see if he'd heard anything.

Mrs. Grace: I know Keith would want to help if he could. And Oakdale is just a hop, skip and a jump.

Carly: Really, is that right? Is it close by?

Mrs. Grace: Oh, you're there before you know it. As long as there's no traffic. But I will remember to tell Keith about his friend Julia at Memorial.

Carly: Okay. Oh, and I -- I don't even know what kind of trouble she's in. I heard it from another friend of ours, who we went to school with. I'm just, I'm worried.

Mrs. Grace: Oh, well, I'll let him know. And bless your heart for thinking about a friend.

Carly: Well, I always try to look out for those I love. That's just who I am.

Mrs. Grace: Well, I'll make sure that Keith gets the message. And I know he's going to look your friend up and make sure she's okay.

Carly: That's what I was hoping he would do.

Holden: It's a two-bedroom over on Sullivan.

Julia: Near the school?

Holden: And the hospital, so you can walk to work. It's got a playroom in the basement, a pool, a gym --

Julia: Wait a minute, is this that that place on the corner? The new one?

Holden: Yeah, with the swingset in the back.

Julia: I love, I love that place. But, they have a two-bedroom?

Holden: Yeah, it's got a nice view, so let's go grab it before it's gone.

Jack: Those apartments are pretty expensive, aren't they?

Holden: It's not a problem.

Jack: No, I mean, I'm just saying --

Julia: Listen, I'm going to call you, okay? If I need you need to pick up J.J, I'll call, all right?

Jack: Yeah, I can swing by the farm and grab his stuff if you want me to.

Holden: I got it covered, Jack. Come on, let's go.

Julia: Okay, thanks.

Rafael: That's not fair, okay? I like Aaron. We clicked from the jump, ever since I saw him dancing around the ring, all determined to hurt me, okay? And since I got to know him, we became friends. I'd never do anything to steer him wrong.

Alison: I know. I'm sorry, I'm just scared. You weren't at the hospital when they didn't know if he was gonna wake up. And then at Al's, when he collapsed, I thought he was gonna die.

Rafael: I get it. You're worried about him.

Alison: I just don't want him to push himself before he's ready.

Rafael: He almost died, okay? He's not gonna do anything the doctors don't sign off on.

Alison: Yeah, but what if he gets pushed or he falls --

Rafael: Alison --

Alison: It could happen.

Rafael: You know, what could happen if you don't back off and stop treating the guy like a kid is you could lose him. Okay? He's a guy. He needs to handle his own stuff. Just do yourself a favor, you know, let the man breathe.

Ben: Aaron.

Aaron: Dr. Harris. Ms. Griffin, how are you?

Jessica: Hey, Aaron. I'm good. How are you? How you doin'?

Aaron: Much better. Thanks to your -- dr. Harris, thank you.

Ben: How's the arm?

Aaron: Works.

Ben: Yeah? Good. You started physical therapy yet?

Aaron: Ali actually has me set up in a gym.

Ben: Good, good.

Aaron: Yeah.

Ben: Still following doctor's orders?

Aaron: Yeah.

Ben: Well, I'm confident that after your next checkup, I will be able to release you from any medical restrictions on your activities.

Aaron: Nice. Well, I'm gonna hold you to that. Dr. Harris, thank you so much. You've given me my life back.

Ben: Hey, goes both ways.

Aaron: All right, thanks. Ms. Griffin.

Jessica: Take care.

Aaron: All right.

Curtis: Aaron!

Aaron: Hi-c!

Curtis: Look at yourself, man. The man has two working arms.

Aaron: And a working hand. Come on, don't forget the hand.

Curtis: All right. Good to have you back onboard with the living.

Aaron: It's good to be back. Hey, is Dusty around? 'Cause I have to talk him into giving me my old job back.

Curtis: Good luck.

Aaron: What is that supposed to mean?

Curtis: Man, I don't even know if I still have a job. Dusty and Craig went at it this morning. They were gonna close the place down, 'til I reminded them that people still work here. So now they're trying to find someone to run this place 'til they sell it. But any way you look at it, there's no future here.

Dusty: There's no way in hell I'm working --

Craig: That I am going to work with this self-righteous --

Dusty: He's lazy and he's a criminal!

Craig: Criminal! Who almost got metro shut down for laundering money!

Dusty: You almost got your daughter killed. What are you talking about?

Lucinda: Gentlemen --

Craig: Oh, who, him?

Sierra: You know -- listen, Craig, I hired you because I wanted you to help me with the management of this company --

Craig: Yes. Well, and Craig Montgomery is ready, willing and overqualified. But I am not going to share the job with Dusty Donovan --

Sierra: Nobody is asking you to share anything, except maybe the elevator and my good will. There is plenty of work to go around for everybody.

Dusty: I'm totally interested, like I told your mother, but he and I -- we've been through it at Metro. It's never a happy situation.

Craig: Well, why don't you buy me out?

Dusty: Why don't you buy me out? And then run the joint into the ground.

Craig: I'm not a bartender.

Dusty: The only time you find yourself behind the bar was to pour --

Craig: Well, what's the point of owning a bar if you can't buy yourself a drink?!

Lucinda: Hey, hey, gentlemen -- this is the way it's going to be, all right? You were both offered jobs. You both accepted the job. I am going to stick by my bargain, as is Sierra. Now, how 'bout you? If one of you wishes to leave, now's the time and there's the door.

Rafael: Hey. So how'd it go?

Alison: Did you get your job?

Aaron: Dusty wasn't even there. Curtis told me that they're selling the place.

Alison: They're selling Metro? When?

Aaron: I guess as soon as they find a buyer. Until then, they need somebody to manage it.

Rafael: So tell them to hire you.

Alison: No, he can't -- let an opportunity like that pass. Rafael's right. You were practically running the place before.

Aaron: Yeah, I was. And it's a great club, once you learn how it works, you know?

Rafael: So go for it.

Aaron: You know what? I just might.

Holden: And the laundry room is at the end of the hall. There's a playroom in the basement, it's got a gym, it's got a pool --

Julia: Oh, my gosh. Holden, it's perfect. I love it. I really love it. I didn't think there was ever going to be a place that could make up for us losing our life at the farm, but this is great.

Holden: Well, J.J. can still go out to the barn and he can still ride every weekend.

Julia: Yeah, and then he can come home to his own bed in his own apartment.

Holden: So, it sounds good?

Julia: Yeah. You know, it felt like we were on the road for months. Not that the Lakeview wasn't nice, and Emma’s was, you know, it was wonderful while it lasted. But, you know, we always felt like guests there. And you need, you need a home. You need to feel like you're home. You need a place where you can relax, you know?

Holden: I know.

Julia: And that you would go out of your way and find this place for us -- thank you.

Holden: You're welcome.

Julia: You know, I know things are complicated, but I hope you know how much J.J. and I love having you around. And you're always gonna be welcome here.

Holden: Come on.

Julia: Where are we going?

Holden: To sign the lease. You guys need a place to live. And you and I need a place to spend some time together without half this town looking over our shoulders. Come on.

Mrs. Grace: And I'll be sure and tell Keith about his friend, Julia.

Carly: Great. I couldn't ask for more. Bye now.

Mrs. Grace: Bye.

Carly: Renee! Renee!

Lily: Do you know how long you were in there?

Carly: Well, these things take time.

Lily: If Jack and Holden find out that we were here --

Carly: We weren't here. Janice and Renee were here.

Lily: Did you find out anything?

Carly: I'll tell you in the car. Just cross your fingers that Keith takes the bait. Because, if he is as good as he sounds, he is going to give your husband a run for his money and you a chance to win him back.

Alison: Besides, running Metro will be a lot easier than working there. There's no mopping floors or carrying trays. It's just bossing people around. You're gonna need a new suit --

Aaron: Ali, let me get the job before you go shopping.

Alison: You'll get it. Won't he, Rafi?

Rafael: Yeah. If Dusty has anything to say about it.

Alison: Or Craig. He loves Aaron now that he's not dating Lucy. How is she, by the way?

Rafael: Fine. You know Lucy. She loves school. I should go. Talk to Dusty.

Aaron: I will. Hey, he gives me the job, you're hired.

Rafael: I appreciate it.

Aaron: All right.

Alison: See you later, Alison.

Alison: Thank you for the advice.

Rafael: No problem. Anytime.

Aaron: Advice about what?

Alison: Advice about not being scared.

Aaron: You? Scared?

Alison: Well, I know I can be a noodge about -- you know, you taking care of yourself. But I promise, from now on, hands off. Well, right after we buy you a new suit. What? Who's the fashion girl in this family?

Aaron: You, baby. You.

Ben: Sorry to cut this short. But I'm due back at the hospital.

Jessica: No, I understand. I'm just -- I just appreciate that we had a little time to spend together.

Ben: Yeah. Me, too. Look, Jess, I can't promise anything -- I'm trying to live up to my own standards, taking it all day-to-day and maybe we can do it again sometime.

Jessica: I would like that.

Ben: Good. I'll call you.

Lucinda: I'm so glad you gentlemen are reasonable and have decided to accept our offer of employment.

Sierra: And we're well aware of your history and the tensions. But we think that there's a way to divide the work so you can work independently. Craig, with your background at B.R.O., I think that maybe you would like to run Street Jeans.

Craig: My only interest is business -- any flavor. Yes, I will head that division.

Lucinda: Is that all right with you, Dusty?

Dusty: Perfectly all right. I have no interest in jeans unless someone cute is wearing them.

[Lucinda laughs]

Lucinda: Okay, then. That takes care of Street Jeans. Now, we'll move onto the supervision of the other divisions and new ventures.

Sierra: Dusty, I am perfectly willing to leave oversight to you. But I thought maybe we could work together to bring in new business. With my contacts from Montega and yours from Chicago and London, I think maybe we'd have a lot of fun bringing in new business.

Dusty: I'd enjoy that.

Sierra: Good.

Lucinda: So do we have a deal, gentlemen? Craig?

Craig: Well, it sure looks like we do.

Lucinda: Dusty?

Dusty: I'm in.

Lucinda: Welcome to Worldwide. And God help us.

Julia: Wow. You know, that managing agent was really nice, wasn't he? I figured he'd want to wait at least until the check cleared before he'd give me the keys.

Holden: He knows me. We went to high school together.

Julia: Oh. Wow, I get to move right in. Not that I have any furniture. But, you know, we did see that store on the interstate on the way here. And I'm sure I could get a couch and a table and -- probably a bed and some pillows and some sheets --

Holden: What do you say we forget about all that? I have a better idea.

Julia: Yeah?

Lily: What I can't figure out is what happened between Julia and Keith. If he is as good of a guy as you say he is --

Carly: Mrs. Grace lit up like a Christmas tree when she was talking about him.

Lily: And we know how desperate Julia is to get a husband. So obviously Julia was with Keith after she split with Les.

Carly: Because J.J.'s in the photograph.

Lily: Right. You made a copy of this letter?

Carly: Yes, of course I made a copy.

Lily: Good.

Carly: Right here. "The time I've spent with you and J.J. has been a life saver for me." You know, that's really her M.O., Isn't it? Using life saving as a way to get a man.

Lily: Okay, keep reading. I need somewhere to go.

Carly: "I guess sometimes we forget what's important until it's almost too late. I hate to think that anything could threaten what we have."

Jack: Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Carly: Hi, sweetheart.

Jack: Did you get my message?

Carly: No. No, but then, I just got in myself. Lily and I had to pick up a few things for the kids.

Jack: Yeah, I tried to warn you, but it's not like I got a lot of notice myself. Julia stopped by the station.

Carly: Is everything okay?

Jack: Turns out Emma wasn't too pleased when she figured out what was going on with Julia and Holden and asked Julia to find someplace else to live.

Lily: Thank God.

Carly: Thank Emma.

Lily: At least they're not living together anymore. What? What? Tell me.

Jack: Apparently, Holden found an apartment.

Lily: No -- they're not living together, are they?

Jack: I don't know. But at this point, nothing could surprise me.

Carly: Hey -- hey! Don't worry. Keith is gonna take the bait.

Lily: He better. Because I don't know how much more of this I can take.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Sierra: I want to introduce you to who took over Jordan’s position.

Craig: Ah, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Absolutely not!

Julia: What? You miss me? Huh? That was fast.

Katie: I know exactly what to do. Drop your drawers, Kasnoff, I'm about to make you a very happy man.

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