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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 2/1/05

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Sierra: Mother. Your assistant said I could find you behind a chai latte.

Lucinda: Hi, honey. Just a little pick-up. Got a long night ahead of me.

Sierra: You know what? The oddest thing. I called Jordan Sinclair, just to let him know about my decision to run the domestic division of Worldwide, and they said that he had given his notice, and he had left town.

Lucinda: Oh, yes. That.

Sierra: That's all you have to say?

Lucinda: He offered his resignation, and I accepted it.

Sierra: But I thought he was happy.

Lucinda: He was.

Sierra: Then why did he leave?

Lucinda: Because of you.

Craig: Uh-huh, and a tie, too. I thought you were an open-neck kind of guy.

Dusty: You're lucky I don't want to get blood my suit. Otherwise, you'd be face-down on the ground right now.

Craig: What is it, a hot date?

Dusty: You're such a funny guy.

Craig: Listen, you might be interested to know Lucy is settling in very well at Williams. She likes her roommate. Her classes seem --

Dusty: Fantastic. Glad to hear it. Next time, do us both a favor and keep your family updates to yourself. You got it?

Cop: You have ten minutes.

Barbara: Oh, thank God you're here. I just -- I'm so glad to see your face. What's wrong?

Kim: Do you remember my telling you that, if you didn't reach deep down inside yourself and clean up your act, you were going to lose everyone who meant anything to you?

Barbara: Yes, but you're here --

Kim: Barbara -- I am here to say good-bye.

Alison: What's the matter? Never seen a girl kiss her guy before?

Tyson: I've seen plenty.

Alison: Oh, sneaking into the "adults only" section at the video store again?

Tyson: Oh, man.

Alison: Well, maybe one day, when you're all grown up, you'll get a real girlfriend and use your hands for something more than the fast-forward button on the remote control?

Tyson: Where did you find her?

Paul: Hey. Thank you so much for keeping an eye on things.

Margo: Oh, that's no problem. Well, this food is fabulous.

Paul: Yeah?

Margo: Yeah.

Paul: Great, I'll tell Rosanna. She took care of the food. You haven't seen her, have you?

Margo: Uh, no. I thought that you would know. I mean, I'm just here to chaperone the kids.

Paul: She left Metro before I did.

Margo: Well, maybe her car broke down.

Paul: She would have called. I wonder where she is.

James: Keep your eyes on the road, Rosanna. That's right. Straight ahead. You're doing good. Just keep driving. You see, Rosanna, you are capable of following orders. Even though, in some cases, you learn a little late, don't you? Hmm?

Rosanna: What do you want from me?

James: What do I want? Wait a minute. No. "Hello, how are you?" Come on. I'm your father-in-law.

Rosanna: Where have you been?

James: I've been away. I realize it may be a little awkward, me just dropping in on you like this, but we have to talk.

Rosanna: We have to talk?

James: Yes.

Rosanna: About what?!

James: What, what, what? Come on. It's been months. I've missed you, Rosanna. How have you been?

Rosanna: How have I been? You have the nerve to ask me how I've been?!

James: Oh, yes, Cabot. Of course. Losing a child, a tragic loss -- you never get over it, do you? The anger, the hurt, the tears you must have shed.

Rosanna: Why are you doing this to me?

James: Doing what? What, what?

Rosanna: Isn't it bad enough that you murdered my child? You have to show up here now and remind me? You murdered an innocent little boy. He was everything to me!

James: Don't you ever accuse me of murder. I may have my flaws, yes. But, see, Cabot is my -- he is my grandson. He is my flesh, my blood. He's my heir. So, you see, Rosanna, Cabot is alive and well. Yes, Cabot is very much alive.

Sierra: Jordan left Worldwide because of me? That is impossible.

Lucinda: Ah, but it is true, darling. I told him that I was making some changes in management --

Sierra: That I would be his boss?

Lucinda: And -- and he tendered his resignation and was gone in a puff of smoke.

Sierra: Wow.

Lucinda: Now, don't you -- don't you start worrying about him. I've arranged that he'll have a nice job offer in New York.

Sierra: You know, if I would have known that you were going to push him out the second I signed on, I wouldn't have accepted this job.

Lucinda: Look, dear, and I'm being serious -- he is not your child. He is not your responsibility. He has a fine future, with promise. It's time you began thinking about your future.

Sierra: Do I need to?

Lucinda: Of course you do. You have an empire to run.

Sierra: Hmm, I suppose you're right. Then my first job should be to fill Jordanís shoes.

Lucinda: Oh, I've put some feelers out on that, actually. I'll let you know if I find somebody promising.

Sierra: Well, I think that I should have a hand in that. I mean, it is my empire, right?

Lucinda: Ooh, darling. Just take a look at that. Those are first-quarter earnings for Street Jeans. It's very good, but it's going to be better. It's going to be much better. I want you to focus on that, and you just leave everything else up to me.

Sierra: Oh, I'm not so sure I'm comfortable leaving everything else up to you.

Lucinda: Oh, I gotta go. I gotta run. Talk to you later.

Craig: Do I sound insensitive?

Dusty: I don't know. I mean, did it slip your mind that I'm in love with your daughter?

Craig: All right. How 'bout I stay off the subject of my young daughter? How's that? No reason to spoil a perfectly profitable relationship.

Dusty: Oh, I get it. If you're talking about our partnership here at the club, you should know that I plan on being out of here for good soon.

Craig: Is there something I need to know about?

Dusty: Just a job interview.

Craig: You're not leaving Metro?

Dusty: I got my lucky tie. As long as you're here, make yourself useful for a change.

Will: Hey, I ought to thank you.

Alison: Why?

Will: Well, for the next few months, I'll probably be the most popular guy in school. That is, until Tyson figures out the truth.

Alison: Well, that may take a while. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Will: Is he bothering you? Because I can ask him to leave.

Alison: Oh, don't waste your time. He's just a typical teenage boy. Too much testosterone and not enough brain.

Will: Well, we're not all like that.

Alison: Well, you're not. You'd never strut around, trying to impress women by acting like some sort of a super jock.

Will: Right, yeah, I guess not.

Alison: Well, not that you couldnít. You just -- you know better.

Will: I do?

Alison: Yeah. You use your powers for good, not evil.

Will: I'll be back.

Alison: You know what I mean.

Casey: Teenage boy. Doesn't have a clue.

Margo: You know what? You worry too much. Way too much. I'm sure that Rosanna just stopped off for some last-minute party supplies, and she just got, you know, held up.

Paul: "Held up"?

Margo: It's just habit of speech. You know what I will do, though? I will call our dispatcher, and we'll have our units out on the streets keeping an eye out for Rosannaís car. And don't worry. Your name never has to be brought up. And if they do see her, they will simply stop her car and say, "hey, Rosanna, you're missing a rockin' party."

Rosanna: Don't do this to me. Cabot is dead. I was there.

James: James Stenbeck would never harm a child, any child. And your son has my blood flowing in his veins.

Rosanna: And you killed him.

James: No. No, you see, you defied me. You had to pay. But come on, Rosanna, I would never sacrifice my grandson just to punish you.

Rosanna: No, I was there. I was there. I heard him crying. I heard him in the cabin. He was crying. And Paul tried to save him, but he couldnít.

James: No, no, no. Paul saved you, instead, which gave me just enough time to rescue Cabot, so you and Paul could learn. You make James mad, things go "boom."

Rosanna: What is this? This is some sort of sick joke. You didn't save Cabot. You let him die.

James: That's what I needed you to believe, Rosanna. I needed you to believe that, because you and I had a deal. We had a deal that you would be a wife to Cabotís father. You'd be a wife to Jordan. But you let Paul persuade you that he could keep you safe and keep Cabot safe, but Paul failed. And so you had to lose your son.

Rosanna: Are you and Barbara working together? Is this some sort of team effort in order to torture me over the worst event of my life?

James: Barbara's been very much alone. So did you hear a little cry today, when you were at Fairwinds, hmm? Did you?

Rosanna: Yes. That was you?

James: It was my doing. It was Cabotís voice.

Rosanna: Why?

James: I have a plan, Rosanna. You now know what it's like to lose Cabot, and you had a taste of what it would be like to have him back again. And you can have him back again, but I need a favor from you.

Rosanna: You want me to do you a favor?

James: Yes, yes. Just one little favor.

Rosanna: What favor?

James: Free Barbara Ryan.

Paul: How's it going?

Will: Pretty good.

Paul: Yeah?

Will: Nothing's broken, nobody's leaving, and everything seems pretty cool.

Paul: All right. How about you? You cool?

Will: Yeah, yeah. I'm cool. Thanks for going through all this trouble for me.

Paul: Yeah, it was Rosannaís idea.

Will: Yeah, where is she? Is she hiding upstairs?

Paul: I have no idea. She must've gotten held up. Maybe she's looking for a surprise.

Will: I hate surprises. She's not getting, like, a clown or a magician or anything.

Paul: No, Will. She likes you. Why would she do that to you?

Will: Okay, good.

Margo: Hey.

Will: Hi. Well, I'll let you two chaperones compare notes.

Margo: Will, I gotta go. Listen, I did call the dispatcher, and they're keeping an eye out for Rosannaís car, okay?

Paul: Maybe I should go look for her myself.

Margo: Why? She's 20 minutes late. She'll be here.

Paul: You're right. Yeah, she's probably fine.

Margo: Yeah.

Paul: I wasn't counting on being the only adult chaperone, though, I gotta tell you.

Margo: Yeah, well, I'm late for work, so -- bye, guys. Have fun.

Will: See you later.

Paul: I'll be fine.

Will: Yeah, so anytime you want, you can, you know, leave.

Paul: Oh, nice. Nice hint. Fine. I'll be upstairs if you need me.

Will: We wonít.

Paul: I know. I'm just saying. If you do.

Alison: Yeah, I promise I'll be home soon. And I'll bring you a slice of cake. It's to die for. Okay, I'll see you soon. Love ya.

Tyson: Waiting for me?

Alison: Yeah. I'm waiting for you to evolve.

Tyson: You know, most chicks wouldn't dare talk to me like that.

Alison: Yeah, well, I'm not most chicks.

Tyson: I don't need to be taught that. But I think there's plenty you could teach me.

Alison: I don't think so.

Tyson: Not a thinker. Must be a doer. Let's do something on the dance floor.

Alison: No, thanks.

Tyson: Then let's stay put, and you can show me some moves right here. Or does Tyson have to be the teacher this time?

Alison: I said, keep your hands to yourself.

Tyson: Oh, you don't mean that.

Alison: Try this!

Tyson: Whoa. Now see what you made me do? Shouldn't you do something to make me forget all about it?

Alison: Yeah. Now maybe you'll remember that no means no!

Tyson: See, before, I thought you were kind of cute. Now, not so much.

Will: Is everything okay here? What the hell did you do to her?

Barbara: Surely you don't believe all these lies about me. You know me.

Kim: I know that you're sick. I know that people have tried to get you the help that you need and that you've never been willing to take it seriously. And now -- maybe you're actually going to get the kind of punishment you deserve. And maybe that will wake you up.

Barbara: No, no, no. Don't abandon me. Yes, yes, I know I need some help. But not from a doctor who doesn't know me. I need the love and support of my family, my friends, those around me. That's the kind of medicine that I need.

Kim: You don't really mean that you think I could continue to support you? After what you've been doing? There are no words to describe what you've done to Rosanna and Emily and to Will!

Barbara: You don't understand --

Kim: You bet I don't! It is incomprehensible to me to believe that you could be so cruel. How could you abuse poor Rosanna so hatefully?

Barbara: I didn't intend to do that. I really --

Kim: Oh, baloney. Your intentions were crystal clear, kiddo. You sent Emily to Fairwinds, you brainwashed her to do the things that she did, and you knew perfectly well that the blame would fall on Will. On your own son!

Barbara: No, no, it wasn't like that, I swear --

Kim: Oh, God, you have been jerking that boy around! You have manipulated that boy since the day he was born! You are disgusting! Get out of my way!

Barbara: Kim, please --

Kim: Shame on you.

Barbara: Kim, please, don't -- don't leave me. You're all I have left, please.

Kim: Wrong. You have nothing left. Nothing.

Barbara: Kim. Kim, no! Kim, you love me! You know you love me! Aunt Kim!

Cop: Time to go back to your cell, Ms. Ryan.

Barbara: Not yet. You get Lieutenant Munson. I want to see Hal.

Rosanna: You want me to let Barbara off the hook?

James: Yes, poor Barbara.

Rosanna: "Poor Barbara"? Poor Barbara laced Emilyís tea with some drug to hypnotize her into -- into terrorizing me.

James: Look, look -- the specifics of her supposed crimes are of no interest to me. You just get the charges dropped, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Oh, yeah? Why should I?

James: Because Barbaraís been loyal. And loyalty -- loyalty must be rewarded. [Tires squeal] What the hell are you doing, huh? Huh? What are you doing?

Rosanna: I'm taking you to the police station.

James: Okay.

Rosanna: You deserve to be locked up more than Barbara.

James: Yes, Cabot -- Cabot used to cry day and night. "Mama, Mama. Where's my mama?" There was nothing I could do to console him. For weeks he cried, "Mama, Mama." But then, finally, I'd walk in the room, and his little face would light up. And he'd run to me to jump in my arms and say, "Grandpop, Grandpop." Oh, you should have seen this little boy. You should have seen the way he's grown, Rosanna. He's brilliant. There's nothing that Cabot can't do, and there's nothing that Cabot wouldn't do for his grandpa. Oh, I wish you could see him, but I don't know if he would recognize you. Or you, him.

Rosanna: This can't be happening.

James: Oh, it is happening. It is happening. 'Cause, you see, you have a chance now for a reunion. A reunion with your child. See, all you have to do is --


Rosanna: There's an officer behind us.

James: Rosanna, you do what you have to do. But you remember -- if you give me away, you'll never see your child again. You'll never know if he's dead or alive, and there are things worse than death, Rosanna.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Dusty: And I thank you for wanting to take the chance on me, but I gotta pass.

Sierra: You wouldn't maybe be interested in sticking around and helping me on the homefront, would you?

Craig: Are you offering me a job?

Rosanna: Hi. How can I help you, officer?

Cop: What's under the blanket?

[Knock on door]

Lucinda: Come in. Hi, Mr. Donovan. Come in, sit down. Would you like something to drink?

Dusty: Uh, no. I'm good. So what's the job?

Lucinda: A man after my heart, goes right to the point. I need someone to fill a recently vacated position at worldwide.

Dusty: Legitimate?

[Lucinda laughs]

Lucinda: Of course it's legitimate.

Dusty: High-paying, high-profile. Massive amounts of corporate responsibility?

Lucinda: Exactly.

Dusty: Naturally, you thought of me.

Lucinda: Have I misjudged here? I thought you'd be interested.

Dusty: I wouldn't be here if I wasnít.

Lucinda: In a tie, no less.

Dusty: Mm-hmm. It's just --

Lucinda: I do not believe that the office is bugged, and I have nothing up my sleeves.

Dusty: You sure?

Lucinda: Mm-hmm.

Dusty: 'Cause there are a lot of people out there with their MBAs who would gladly sell their grandmother for a chance to work here.

Lucinda: I have never heard that put so eloquently before.

Dusty: I mean, you are a genius, the way you do it. I'm not, you know, questioning your business decisions, but I gotta ask -- why me?

Lucinda: Why not you? You're smart, you know your way around, you know, you got a nose for money.

Dusty: Yeah, but, so what?

Lucinda: You know, I gave you your first job. And you've done some good work for me. I know, or I think I know, that you want to get out of the bar business. Isn't that what that boxing fiasco was all about? You want a new life.

Dusty: Yeah. That's what I wanted with Lucy. And I thank you for wanting to take a chance on me, but I gotta pass.

Sierra: Ah, just the man I was looking for.

Craig: I was thinking about you.

Sierra: Really? Good thoughts, I hope.

Craig: And to what do I owe this particular visitation?

Sierra: I was just up having coffee with my mother.

Craig: Say no more. I'll pour you a double.

Sierra: You are terrible, but I wouldn't refuse a little something.

Craig: Oh, well, there's this nifty little chardonnay that's -- put some pep in your step.

Sierra: Well, that sounds good. So how are things with you?

Craig: You've empty nested before, while you were in Montega and Lucy was over here. How'd you get through it?

Sierra: Well, you don't, really. You do stop living in abject fear that they'll, you know, pick the wrong friends or talk to the wrong strangers or go to the wrong parties -- and bit by bit, you do finally fill the time that you have. But I don't think you'll ever get over missing her. But, I don't know, for some reason, college seems tougher.

Craig: The official end of childhood.

Sierra: Well, she hasn't been a child for years.

Craig: Yeah, but she'll always be my baby.

Sierra: Well, you should be proud because she grew up right. And she faced the things that I feared that she would and she survived.

Craig: Yeah.

Sierra: And she's where we dreamed she'd be.

Craig: Yes. I just wish it weren't so far away, though.

Sierra: Me, too. So what about you? Are you right where you dreamed you'd be?

Craig: I'm always dreaming, but funny you should say. I was thinking -- with Lucy gone and you probably going back to Montega, I think maybe it's time for old Craig to mosey on to greener pastures.

Will: I asked you a question. What did you do to her?

Tyson: Nothing yet. But I'll tell you what I'd like to do to her.

Alison: I'd like to see you try.

Tyson: I'll bet.

Will: Hey, watch it, all right? You got a problem? You take it up with me.

Casey: Will, I wouldn't do that.

Alison: It's okay, I'm all right. It's over.

Will: You know what? I think it's time you should go. There's the door.

Tyson: Why don't you tell me what the deal is first?

Will: What deal?

Tyson: With her. Trust me, man, nobody believes she's your girl. I mean, she'd have to be as messed up as you are to --

Will: All right, I'm not gonna ask you again. Leave.

Tyson: Make me.

Barbara: How can you be so cold when I'm standing here in front of you, bereft of family and friends and love? I have never felt so alone in my whole life, Hal.

Hal: If you summoned me down here to provide you with sympathy, boy, did you call the wrong guy. We've got you dead to rights.

Barbara: You almost sound happy about that.

Hal: Well, I'm a cop. I'm always happy when we catch the bad guy.

Barbara: Even if she's the mother of your children?

Hal: It's nothing personal, Barbara. But you're going down.

Barbara: Does that mean "innocent until proven guilty" does not apply to my case?

Hal: Your case? Do you want to know about your case? We've got a stack of evidence this high against you.

Barbara: But isn't it also true that sometimes, evidence can tell a different story? All I need is one jury member who might look at things differently. Emily was feeling friction in her life. Her husband ignored her, she was feeling like a stranger in her own home --

Hal: All right, Barbara, what are you up to?

Barbara: I'm only saying that sometimes, things are far more complicated than they appear. Your marriage, for instance --

Hal: Don't go there.

Barbara: I won't have to. The jury will.

Hal: No. No, you can just forget these fantasies that your having of getting off the hook this time.

Barbara: And why is that, Hal? Because Emily is so believable?

Hal: Yes. Yes, she is.

Barbara: And that's why you believed her? But you didnít. And if the chief of detectives didn't believe her --

Hal: Well, I believe her now.

Barbara: But now may be too late.

Rosanna: Hi. How can I help you, officer?

Cop: Detective Hughes asked us to watch for you, Mrs. Cabot. It seems your husband was expecting you some time ago.

Rosanna: Yes, yes, he was. I got tied up, picking up a few things. I'll call him and let him know that I'm okay.

Cop: You sure everything's all right? You look a little rattled.

Rosanna: Well, you would be too, if you had a house full of teenagers waiting at home.

Cop: What's under the blanket?

Rosanna: 40 pounds of melting ice. My husband's little brother is having a party for a thundering horde of his closest friends back at our house. If they're forced to drink warm soda, I'm going to have a full-scale rebellion on my hands. So I'm assuming I can go?

Cop: Sure. Drive carefully.

Rosanna: Thank you, officer.

James: Is it safe?

Rosanna: Yes. He's pulling out.

James: "40 pounds of melting ice." You're quick, Rosanna. I knew I liked you.

Rosanna: I should have turned you in when I had the chance.

James: Yeah, but you didnít. You know why? Because you want to see your son again -- alive.

Rosanna: I want proof. I want irrefutable evidence that my son is alive.

James: You'll get proof. You just use your resources to free Barbara.

Rosanna: There's nothing I wouldn't do for Cabot. But if you're lying about this, everything that you have had done to me will pale in comparison to what I will have done to you. Do you understand me?

James: Perfectly. Your son, in exchange for Barbaraís freedom. And if you breathe a word about this to anyone, even to Paul, you'll never see your son again. Do you understand that?

Rosanna: Yes.

James: Good. And you know, Rosanna -- I'm giving you something that very few people ever get from me. And that's a second chance. Don't screw it up.

Rosanna: James? James, wait -- when am I going to have proof that Cabotís alive? James! James!

Lucinda: Hey, excuse the interruption. Um, I think we're on the verge of a misunderstanding. It sounded to me as if you were turning down my job.

Dusty: I thank you for the offer, but no thanks.

Lucinda: May I at least know why?

Dusty: Yeah, 'cause I know what made you decide that I was the right man for the job.

Lucinda: I think that I outlined things pretty adequately.

Dusty: But I know the real reason, and I'm not interested.

Lucinda: This I gotta hear. Sit down. Come on, sit. Tell me, what is my real reason?

Dusty: It's a consolation prize for not proposing to your granddaughter, some kind of reward for a decision that I regret.

Lucinda: Listen please, because I'm not going to say it again. This position is not, nor was it ever intended to be, a consolation prize. You know, you're well aware, how I feel. How gratified and grateful I am that you loved Lucy enough to let her go. If I were to reward you financially for that, it would demean us both. I am offering you, you, you because you've changed. Because you've done things with your life, because you've proven what you can do and because you have many qualities that I admire and some that we're going to have to work on.

Dusty: It's got nothing to do with Lucy, right?

Lucinda: If I want to give to a charity, I write a check. If I want to run a company, I hire myself the most fearless assistants, willing to sacrifice, willing to do whatever I need. And also, with an interest in making money as keen as mine. This is not a job offered out of pity, this is an acknowledgement of potential. And for heaven's sake, will you take the job? Because it could be the start of something spectacular for both of us!

Sierra: Well, are you thinking of anything particular, or are you just going to go wherever the wind takes you?

Craig: I was thinking Hong Kong. I have friends there.

Sierra: It's funny, really.

Craig: What?

Sierra: Well, you were ready to leave town, just when I'm committing myself to stay.

Craig: You're staying? What possessed you to stay?

Sierra: Well, you are looking at the new C.O.O. of Worldwide domestic division.

Craig: Congratulations?

Sierra: Yes, I think congratulations.

Craig: Well, that's incredible.

Sierra: Well, it's not really incredible. I mean, I did lead a nation, after all. Running a corporation should be cake.

Craig: Well, I hope you and your mother will be very happy.

Sierra: Well, really, my mother's going to be very busy with her European division. [Craig chuckles] You wouldn't really be interested in sticking around and helping me on the homefront, would you?

Craig: Are you offering me a job?

Tyson: Am I supposed to be scared of you because you murdered somebody? Or 'cause you're crazy?

Alison: Come on, will. He's not worth it.

Tyson: When you're through hanging out with little boys, you come find me.

Alison: The only woman that would take you up on that is the kind that charges by the half hour.

Tyson: Hey, watch your mouth -- want some more, punk?

Alison: You leave him alone!

Tyson: Yeah, you learned your lesson? Hey, who the hell are you?

Paul: Calm down. I own this house.

Tyson: Hey, man, I'm outta here. I'm gone.

Paul: You're not going anywhere. Casey, call the cops, would you?

Casey: Got 'em on speed dial.

Paul: Calm down. You comfortable there?

Tyson: No.

Paul: Sorry to hear that.

Alison: Are you okay? Is anything broken?

Will: Besides my pride?

Alison: Don't be silly. You were amazing. Really brave. Thank you, Will.

Lucinda: Well, quite simply, you'd be taking over where Jordan Sinclair left off. Your first project would be street jeans.

Dusty: I'd be reporting to you?

Lucinda: No, you'd be reporting to sierra, and sierra would be reporting to me. Sierra's going to take over the domestic side of Worldwide while I pay more attention to the European division. That's not gonna be a problem for you, is it?

Dusty: Not for me, no. But does sierra know about this?

Lucinda: I haven't mentioned it to her. I was waiting to get an acceptance from you.

Dusty: What if it's a problem for her?

Lucinda: Why would it be? Do we have a deal?

Dusty: We do have a deal.

Sierra: Oh, don't give me that look. Come on, you love the fast track. You even have a working knowledge of the fashion business. What was the name of that company you had with Carly Tenney?

Craig: Oh, that was before I became a simple bartender.

Sierra: Well, this club is nice, but admit it. Your heart really isn't into it. It doesn't challenge you, it doesn't excite you when you wake up in the morning. [Craig laughs] Come on, come on. Street Jeans -- Street Jeans would put you right back in the game. And it really is an up and comer in our domestic division. I was thinking --

Craig: And you would hand your new baby over to Daddy?

Sierra: Well, I'm not making any promises, but Jordan Sinclair did resign and the position is open.

Craig: I see. And you're willing to trust old Craig?

Sierra: Well, I've always trusted you in to business. It's just the rest that I've had a problem with.

Craig: Does Lucinda know about this?

Sierra: Well, since I'm the boss, I'll be calling the shots.

Craig: No interference?

Sierra: Nope. No one to answer to.

Craig: Hmm. And this would be?

Sierra: This is the first quarter financial statements for the company in question.

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Sierra: There you go. There's that look, that lean, hungry look of Craig that I've known and feared. You know, if you play your cards right, you know, I might be able to talk my mother into letting you buy this company outright. And you'd be right back on top again.

Craig: Thanks to you.

Sierra: So, what do you say? Want to come play with the big girls and boys?

Craig: All right, I'm in.

Sierra: All right.

Hal: Let this be the last interruption. All right, Barbara, now we're gonna get something straight. That is that last time you weigh in on my relationship with Emily.

Barbara: I am so sorry. I didn't meant to push that button.

Hal: There is no button to push!

Barbara: Hal, it's not a secret that you and Emily are estranged.

Hal: Wrong again, Barbara.

Barbara: Well, she moved back home with her mother, didn't she?

Hal: Marriages hit rough patches.

Barbara: Like ours.

Hal: Like ours? Ours didn't hit a rough patch. It was totaled! And that is the last time we have a discussion about my marriage.

Barbara: And if Emily can't forgive you for not believing her? What then?

Hal: This is my life, Barbara. And you're to in it. You did this to yourself. You burned ever bridge you ever crossed, you bit every hand that ever fed you. And now, quite frankly, you're just being paid back in kind.

Margo: So, what would you like me to do with him? Assault and battery? Destruction of private property?

Paul: No, I mean, I don't even want to press charges. But don't let him know that. You know, run him downtown in the back of the squad car, scare the spit out of him. Make him call his parents. Maybe that way, he'll think about it next time before he puts his hands on someone.

Margo: Okay, you ready to roll?

Tyson: Where're you taking me?

Margo: Oh, you'll find out soon enough. Good night.

Paul: Yeah. Margo, thank you very much.

Margo: Sure. Perfect party chaperone. Here to protect and serve. Hi.

Rosanna: Where are you going, Margo?

Margo: Paul will tell you all about it.

Alison: How are you feeling? Any better?

Will: Actually, I can't feel anything.

Alison: Oh, that's good.

Will: Yeah?

Alison: Or it's bad. I always get those two confused.

[Will laughs]

Will: Ow.

Alison: I'm sorry.

Will: No, don't be. This is all my fault. I'm the one who screwed up tonight.

Casey: How?

Will: That was, like, the shortest party in history.

Casey: Are you kidding? Dude, no one goes toe-to-toe with Tyson. You were awesome.

Alison: He had to stick up for his girl, right?

Casey: You are officially cool now. Next time you have a party, everybody's gonna want to be here.

Will: Great, 'cause they can pay for my dental work.

Alison: Thanks, by the way, for sticking your neck out like that. I'm sorry that you almost got your head knocked off because of it.

Will: So, you think I got a future in boxing?

Alison: No, no, no, no. It's too dangerous, especially for a good kid like you.

Will: Hey, look -- so, does it look any better? Am I good to go? 'Cause I was thinking, we could get, like, a shake at Al's or so see a late movie or something.

Alison: Oh, I need to get home and see what's up with Aaron.

Will: Right, sure. What am I thinking? Hey, thanks for everything, Ali. And tell Aaron I said hi.

Alison: Okay, you take care. Bye.

Will: Bye.

Rosanna: So, I'm sorry I missed the party.

Paul: Yeah. Everything okay?

Rosanna: Flat tire.

Paul: Rosanna, why didn't you call me?

Rosanna: I tried. My phone died.

Paul: All right. Well, I'm really glad you're okay.

Rosanna: Yeah, I'm fine. Margo said something on the way out. Why did the party break up so early?

Paul: Yeah -- this parenting thing is not as easy as it looks.

Rosanna: Why, did something happen? Anything I should know about?

Paul: Well, there was an incident. You know, there was a fight. I had to break it up. But, you know, all the kids are talking about it like it's gonna be all they talk about in school tomorrow. You know, like, in a kinda totally cool way, I guess? I don't know.

Rosanna: Okay, so the party was a success?

Paul: I have no idea. I'm not an expert, you know? I mean, maybe if my father wasn't a psychopath, I'd have a clue. But growing up with James Stenbeck wasn't easy. I wouldn't wish that monster on any kid alive.

[Rosanna remembering]

James: Your son, in exchange for Barbaraís freedom. And if you breathe a word about this to anyone, even to Paul, you'll never see your son again.

Paul: Rosanna? Did you hear a word I just said?

Rosanna: Yeah. I hang on your every word.

Paul: You were a million miles away.

Rosanna: No. I was -- somewhere. I was on the side of the road with a flat tire and a broken phone. Now, I'm finally here, safe and sound, where I want to be, with you.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Carly: J.J. certainly seems crazy about him. Add to that, Juliaís history.

Lily: No.

Carly: He'll take the bait.

Dusty: Your mother hired me. You okay with that?

Craig: Maybe next time, I could find my name on a door somewhere. Sorry I'm late.

Jack: Holden will be going back to Lily.

Julia: You don't know that. You don't know he's going back to Lily. And fine, so what? I'll take those odds.

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