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Jordan: I'm sorry for barging in on you like this.

Rosanna: No, no, it's fine. Please sit down. Um, I have a little family business pending, but um, I have a few minutes. So why do you want to see me?

Jordan: Well, first, I wanted to make sure that you were okay. I read the papers. Apparently, Emily Munson was somehow haunting you and using Cabotís things to do it?

Rosanna: I didn't realize they'd publish that much detail.

Jordan: So it's true then?

Rosanna: Uh, it's a little more complicated than that, but yes. Cabot's things kept appearing, and even worse for awhile, I would hear the sound of a baby crying. I thought it was Cabot calling out to me.

Jordan: Rosanna, I'm -- I'm so sorry. I wish I had known.

Rosanna: Oh, please. There was nothing you could do. Besides, why dredge up painful memories for you?

Jordan: What kind of person would do that to you? She must be very sick, and I hope she pays for what she's done.

Will: So this is proof of what?

Paul: It was Mom, Will. She's behind what Emily did to Rosanna.

Barbara: Come on, honey. We don't have to listen to any of this.

Emily: No, no, no. You're not going anywhere.

Barbara: Neither of you is going to worm out from under what you've done.

Paul: What is it you think we've done?

Barbara: It's too late, Paul. Will's coming home to live with his parents.

Paul: Cut it out, Barbara! Cut it out! You're not gonna do it. You're not gonna -- you're not gonna cover your tracks, not this time.

Katie: So you'll do it? You'll make Mike agree to work on the remodeling?

Henry: Whatever it takes, bubbles.

Katie: Oh! You are the best. The man doesn't stand a chance. Mike is gonna come back, and when he does, I will have you and only you to thank.

Henry: That sounds swell.

Katie: Okay, that's it.

Henry: What?

Katie: You tell me. What's going on?

Henry: We're onto the next step of bringing Mike around.

Katie: Oh, yeah, and you couldn't be more thrilled? You have not been yourself in days, Henry. You come home early and sober. You don't sing in the morning, and every time Mike's name comes up, you get deathly silent.

Henry: No, that is not --

Katie: Don't even try to deny it. You are not happy, Henry, and I have a horrible feeling I know why.

Mike: I don't think you got what I just said.

Jennifer: Katie was here, and she wants you to help renovate the downtown gym.

Mike: But it's not about the work.

Jennifer: Of course not. She wants you back and this is just part of some plan.

Mike: Okay, I take it back, you get it. But you still think I should do this?

Jennifer: Absolutely, as long as you can find some way to balance it with your modeling schedule.

Mike: You really think I should do this?

Jennifer: Yes, I do. What?

Mike: Is this like, "let me show you how great I can be about your ex, but you're really supposed to say no"? Are you trying to get rid of me? Jen --

Jennifer: Definitely not the second part.

Mike: But maybe the first.

Jennifer: Well, kind of. Listen, I -- I don't want to be paranoid about your ex, and so the best way that I can prove that is to trust you to be around her. I don't want to get rid of you. I'm trying to keep you.

Lily: It's hard to say what kind of guy he is.

Carly: Looks like a happy family to me. Julia must specialize. "Instant happy family -- just add water and let stand for five minutes."

Lily: Poor little J.J. he must have been jerked around more than we knew.

Carly: He seemed pretty certain about this Keith person. Maybe he's the one man who didn't break her heart.

Lily: At least he didn't abuse the two of them.

Carly: Oh, please, don't try to make me feel bad for her.

Lily: Carly, I -- I'm not. If he didn't break Juliaís heart, then where is he, and why isn't he with her now?

Carly: Well, those are very good questions. You know, we should get these two back together.

Lily: Oh, Carly --

Carly: No, I know, I told you. We're not going to do anything until we find out if this Keith person is a decent guy. I don't want to make the same mistake I made with that ex-husband of hers. Although it is too bad they shipped that guy out of state.

Lily: Why?

Carly: We could ask him about Keith.

Lily: You're gonna trust the opinion of a man like that?

Carly: Well, at the very least, we would know what Keith meant to Julia. Although there is a way to -- to find out that information -- at least that much.

Lily: At least?

Carly: Hmm. We could find out where Keith lives, how to reach him -- who knows what we'd turn up? But we'd have to look.

Lily: Oh, youíre not gonna search Juliaís room at the farm.

Carly: No, no, of course not.

Lily: Good.

Carly: You are.

Julia: Just admit it, Jack. You saw me kissing another man. You're upset. You're jealous.

Jack: Holden is not just another man.

Julia: So you'd be okay with it as long as you got to pick and choose who it was?

Jack: No, Julia, I really don't care what you do as long as it doesn't hurt anybody.

Julia: Like you?

Jack: Like my cousin and Lily. They don't need you in the middle of their marriage. You shouldn't be trying to lure Holden away from his wife!

Holden: Nobody lured me anywhere.

Jack: Holden --

Holden: I'm a big boy, Jack. For the first time in years, I do what I want, and nobody tells me what to feel -- not Julia, not Lily and not you.

Hal: What's going on? What's that?

Emily: We got her. This is a statement from Barbaraís doctor confirming a vial of Tomecamine was found missing just a few days after Barbaraís emergency visit to go see him.

Hal: Tomecamine? What the hell is that?

Paul: It's a drug that physicians prescribe to patients to make them suggestible. Apparently, in hypnosis.

Emily: I had a memory, a fragment of a memory -- Barbara slipping something in my tea.

Hal: Emily, we tested those dishes, and no trace of a drug was found.

Paul: Yeah, because those were brand-new dishes.

Hal: Maybe.

Emily: Those are my dishes, Hal. Barbara dumped them, and I found them.

Barbara: This is absolutely absurd. You bring a bag of pottery in here that you found who knows where.

Emily: The dumpster, actually, behind the Lakeview. It was the first stop you made when you were free to leave my house.

Paul: Emily tracked Barbaraís movements with Barbaraís ankle bracelet.

Emily: Yeah, and you replaced everything, and you knew what we were looking for. Remember when I had the flu? I was just so sick, I couldn't shake it. Well, there was a reason why -- I was being fed poison.

Paul: Check it out. I'm sure there's drugs all over these --

Barbara: This is a witch hunt!

Hal: I want you to take this down to the lab. I want you to put a rush on it. Oh, and tell them to be looking for -- [Snaps fingers] Tomecamine. That ought to rush it along.

Barbara: Come on, let's get out of here.

Will: Don't touch me! Don't ever touch me again!

Jack: Holden, I'm just -- I'm concerned for you, that's all.

Holden: Yeah, I get that.

Jack: Can you see why?

Holden: Yeah, sure, I get why everyone is concerned, but if you have a problem with something that I do, you bring it to me. You don't take it to Julia.

Jack: But this just isn't about you. I'm concerned about what she does as well.

Julia: Well, you don't have any right, Jack. You gave that up.

Jack: No, I didn't give up J.J. I can still worry about how this affects him. Listen, you guys. You know what? I don't have to get the right to worry about either one of you. Holden, come on!

Holden: Come on what?

Jack: You -- you've got to see, right, that it's a little convenient, don't you think?

Holden: Convenient? Is Julia right? Are you jealous, Jack?

Jack: You know me better, Holden. You know what this is.

Holden: I think it's time for you to go.

Jack: I don't think so.

Holden: Go. Get out of here. Now.

Lily: No, no, no, no. I cannot go to Emmaís home and go through Juliaís personal things.

Carly: I would do it myself, but Emmaís already suspicious of me, and I'd have no excuse to be there if I got caught.

Lily: Oh, like I do? "Hello, Emma. I'm gonna spy on the woman who's trying to take my husband." I have no good reason to be there right now.

Carly: They're family.

Lily: So are you.

Carly: Well, not like you are. You could be there for any reason. You forgot something, or Luke needs something for school. You know how to work this.

Lily: Yes, of course I do.

Carly: Well --

Lily: I cannot risk it. If I get caught, even if I've got plausible excuse, Holden will suspect me, and I could lose him for good.

Carly: You are losing him right now. Now, this Keith person could be critical, but only if we can find him. We need his last name, his address, his phone number, e-mail, anything -- anything could help, but we have to search to get it. We may not get another chance like this.

Lily: I'll be back soon.

Carly: Yeah?

Lily: Yes.

Carly: You're gonna go right now? But Jack is over there, which means Julia is probably there, too.

Lily: I'll be careful.

Carly: Still --

Lily: If I don't go now, I'm gonna lose my nerve. And maybe my husband.

Will: So what you're saying is that she -- never mind.

Hal: Let's just wait for the test results, son.

Will: So she drugged Emily and -- put something in her tea, like, for weeks deliberately. Is that what we're saying?

Paul: Yes.

Barbara: Honey, you know that I would never do anything like that.

Will: Don't lie to me. Really, just donít. Are you okay?

Emily: Oh, yeah, I'm okay. A little fuzzy-headed, but it's nothing permanent, I don't think.

Will: This is so insane. Of course it is, which is why it has to be true. It's what we thought a long time ago.

Paul: When we first found Cabotís stocking. We knew it was Barbara, but we couldn't prove it.

Will: Because when we went to the house, she had an alibi, and she looked at us like, "oh, how dare you accuse me?" And Emily, you -- you acted so weird. You -- you said that she was your good friend.

Barbara: "She"? She's standing right here, and she has a name, and she's your mother. And all I ever wanted is your --

Will: My happiness? All you've ever wanted is for me to be happy, right?! Well, I was happy when I told you about moving in with Paul and Rosanna, and I still remember the look on your face. I wasn't allowed to be happy, not without you. So -- so you had Emily torture Rosanna? Do -- do you know what that means? You drugged an innocent woman so -- so she'd make another woman remember her dead child -- who, oh, by the way, you helped kill.

Hal: All right.

Will: And for what?! So I'd move in, where you could see me an hour or two a day?

Hal: Will --

Paul: Hal --

Will: Was it worth the torture?!

Paul: Hal -- Will, I think that's enough. Come on.

Hal: Yeah, yeah.

Paul: Come on, come on.

Will: I am so sorry.

Emily: You didn't do anything wrong.

Will: People keep saying that, but it seems that around me, always there's something wrong.

Barbara: Aren't you the little mommy?

Hal: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where do you think you're going?

Barbara: You know what? That little boy is in danger. He's going to wallow in all of these lies. I've got to get to him, Hal.

Hal: No. Lady, you're going nowhere.

Rosanna: No, I'll be here. I'm glad will is coming with you. I'll be ready. Okay, I love you, too. Bye. Well, sorry, that was more of the family business. Looks like things are getting resolved, though.

Jordan: Oh, good. Then this Emily woman is going to jail?

Rosanna: Well, the culprit is going to jail. But you know, forget about that, because before the phone ring, you just dropped a bomb. You're leaving Oakdale? Soon?

Jordan: This is my last stop before the airport.

Rosanna: Wow, that's very soon. That sounds pretty sudden.

Jordan: Well, it's a sudden move that's been coming for months, but I probably should have gone right after everything fell apart.

Rosanna: But you had hope.

Jordan: I -- I don't make attachments very easily, and it's even harder for me to give them up.

Rosanna: I'll always feel responsible for you and Jennifer breaking up.

Jordan: No, donít.

Rosanna: I feel -- if I hadn't been such a mess after Cabot died --

Jordan: It would have been something else, okay? Jen and I, we -- we weren't meant to be. I've made my peace with that. And without a job keeping me here --

Rosanna: What do you mean? What, did you -- did you quit Worldwide, or did Lucinda go through one of her firing fits?

Jordan: No, no, no. I -- I quit. But -- but things have gotten -- gotten pretty tangled up and personal. I swear I will never work for another family business as long as I live.

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: Yeah, things do get pretty Greek and tragic pretty fast.

Jordan: Yeah, a big, faceless corporation. That's my next stop.

Rosanna: Yeah, really?

Jordan: In New York.

Rosanna: Whoa, you have something lined up already? Well, of course you do. You're Jordan Sinclair.

Jordan: On my way to becoming a whole person.

Rosanna: No, I didn't mean that.

Jordan: I did. And Cabot was a part of that. More than anything that happened here, I am so grateful that I got to know my son. Thank you for that.

Rosanna: I didn't have all that much to do with that.

Jordan: I know, but I'm not about to thank James Stenbeck.

Rosanna: No, good point. That part of your life, being manipulated by somebody else, that's over. From now on, you choose, okay?

Jordan: You, too. Well, I'd better be going. One more thing, Rosanna. You're a wonderful mother, and I hope that you and Paul decide to adopt.

Rosanna: Thank you. I don't know if I can ever love another child again. Cabot was special. Best of luck.

Jordan: You, too. If you ever need anything --

Rosanna: Make sure you know where to find me.

Katie: Vodka, with just a stern look from the vermouth bottle and two olives.

Henry: You know just how I like it. You are too good to me, bubbles.

Katie: Well, I will be from now on, I promise. That's why you've been so distant, isn't it? You think that I don't appreciate everything you've done. You think that I'm gonna get back together with Mike, and all will be forgotten.

Henry: Uh, I'm sure there's some things about this we'd both like to forget.

Katie: Not how great you've been, how great you always are. You're in every story.

Henry: What?

Katie: Well, I was with my mom a lot this summer, and we were catching up. You know, I was trying to explain what my life had been like, how I'd gotten to where I was, what a typical Sundayís like -- you know, things that people miss when they're not around. And there you were, in every story. And I realized, nothing happens in my life without you.

Henry: Kathryn Ann, you are the star of your own life.

Katie: Well, of course. We all are. But you are so near the top of my marquee.

Henry: Ah.

Katie: And that is not gonna change, okay? You mean way too much to me.

Henry: I know.

Katie: Do you? Then what's wrong?

Henry: You know, I just -- business venture went south, so that's --

Katie: Ah. Can't leave the table too early, mister.

Henry: No, you canít.

Katie: You taught me that.

Henry: Mm-hmm.

Katie: Got to wait out the rough spots. So that's it?

Henry: That's it, that's it. I -- I wanted money for the wedding, and I -- I felt bad.

Katie: Oh, you don't need to worry about that, okay? You're sure we're okay?

Henry: I mean this with every fiber of my being -- as long as you're happy, I'm happy. So I'll go see Mike, and we'll both be delirious, huh?

Mike: So Jordan leaving made you think that we should think hang around our exes more?

Jennifer: No. It -- it made me thing about what went wrong when he and I were together. And Mike, a lot of it had to do with me and my insecurities.

Mike: The guy slept with someone else. That doesn't do much for trust.

Jennifer: Yes, yes, that's why it ended, but you know, I refused to accept what he'd done, and even though it was understandable and very human -- I guess I just expected it all along.

Mike: You thought Jordan might be unfaithful?

Jennifer: I always think something's gonna happen, because it always has. Or maybe it happens because I expect it to. I'm just -- it's like I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Mike: You feel that way with me?

Jennifer: I feel that way with me. But less than ever before, Mike. I trust you. I know that you'll be honest with me.

Mike: But you think I'll still go back with Katie?

Jennifer: No, no, not at all. Well, some days, yeah, and you know, that's me. And that's why I feel like the best way to deal with it is just to go straight into it.

Mike: By having me work with Katie?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Mike: You want me to do this for you?

Jennifer: And Katie, and maybe you, too.

Mike: She is not looking for a contractor. You understand that. I don't see how that's going to make her happy.

Jennifer: Well, I didn't say anything about making her happy. I said it would help. Mike, if you've moved on, then she needs to see that, and she will if she sees you every day.

Mike: If I've moved on? Man, there it is. You -- you are waiting for something bad to happen.

Jennifer: No, no, okay? But I think that you need to see this for you, too, because if you are still in love with her in any corner of your heart, then you need to know that. We need to know that.

Jack: You're gonna throw me off the farm? Listen to yourself, Holden. What does that tell you about what you're doing here? You're ready to get in my face when all I've done is tell you I'm concerned.

Holden: I know what your concern means. And it has very little to do with what makes me happy. It's time to go.

Julia: Guys, come on! All right, this is stupid. Just breathe. This is not gonna work.

Jack: Julia, I'll call you to set up a time for J.J.

Julia: Okay, great. Are you okay?

Holden: I don't know. What was that? I don't ever remember getting that mad at jack.

Julia: You've been good to me, so now your life's going to go to hell. Didn't I mention that part, or --?

Holden: It's not your fault.

Julia: It is my fault.

Holden: No, it's not.

Julia: Yeah, it is. If I hadn't come here, your life would be so much simpler.

Holden: No, my life would be empty. Do you know how long it's been since I have had someone in my life who understands me? You are a gift to me.

Julia: I just want it to stay this way. And it feels so right.

Holden: I know. Me, too.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Katie: So Henry told me you changed your mind about working with me.

Mike: Yeah, I have.

Katie: Why?

Julia: Hmm-mm, not here.

Lily: I will not let you win. I will not let you take my husband.

Mike: Oh, man.

Jennifer: What?

Mike: This is so -- look, you say this is about you, but in the end, you don't trust me.

Jennifer: No, no, no. That is not true. It's not about trust.

Mike: Isn't it? Jen, listen, Katie and I are done -- finished, okay? I'm completely over her.

Jennifer: Okay.

Mike: No, no, it's never okay if you don't believe me in your heart. What -- what do you think, I'm like some time bomb, I'm just -- enough Katie exposure, and I'll just blow up and leave you?

Jennifer: No.

Mike: See, that's not fast enough. That's not nearly fast enough.

Jennifer: Okay, okay, you want it fast?!

Mike: Yes.

Jennifer: You want it bare-naked?! Here it goes! I think that what we have is incredible, and I think that you know how lucky we are, and I do think that you're done with Katie. But I want you to believe it, too, 100%, and I think the best way to do that is for you to work with Katie and see it up close every day! So take the job, Mike.

[Knock at door]

Henry: Hello, best man of mine. You got a minute?

Mike: Are you here about the job?

Henry: I don't do jobs, Mike.

Mike: Katie's job, the gym renovation. You're gonna talk me into it? Tell her I will start right away.

Henry: Okay, okay. Okay, okay, um, do you mind if I tell her that I was brilliant, and I persuaded you in under two minutes.

Mike: Knock yourself out. Have her call me whenever she's ready to start.

Henry: Yeah, okay.

[Door slams]

Henry: I am brilliant. "Oh, Katie, it sort of went like this. My aura preceded me with laserlike focus, and Mike was helpless to fight against it." That'll work.

Jack: You remember everything I said about how we should deal with any Julia issues? Forgot it. Straight out the window. How does she do it? I just don't get it. Holden looked at me like he was gonna come after me, for crying out loud.

Carly: And she just stands there, looking like she wants everything to be okay.

Jack: Yeah. You might as well.

Carly: What?

Jack: Just say it.

Carly: I don't need to say it, Jack.

Jack: Then I will. You were right. I don't think I really understood what Julia does until today. I still don't get it.

Carly: You don't have to. Just get out of the way.

Jack: Yeah, except for whatever contact we need to have about J.J. Carly, I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to keep him from me now.

Carly: No, that is her lifeline to you.

Jack: Well, what if she doesn't want that now, now that she has Holden.

Julia: Hmm-mm, not here.

Lily: I will not let you win. I will not let you take my husband.

Katie: So you're sure we're all set?

Henry: Mike was putty in my hands. Don't worry, I left him just the way you love him.

Katie: I love you!

Henry: I know you do, and for good reason.

Katie: You're a genius.

Henry: I am.

Katie: Mike had already decided, hadn't he?

Henry: Obviously.

Katie: I wonder why? 'Cause he was so against it at first.

Henry: Maybe he had time to think it over.

Katie: Maybe he had time to think up a good excuse for Jennifer -- or not. I don't know. Something's going on with him.

Henry: Or not. Bottom line is, you're going to be in the position to find out what's going on, because Mike wants to start right away.

Katie: Right. So do I. I'll let you know how it goes.

Henry: Can't wait.

Mike: I will let you know as soon as she calls with what my schedule will be.

Jennifer: No, don't do that.

Mike: Don't keep you informed?

Jennifer: No.

Mike: You don't want to know where I'm going or what I'm doing?

Jennifer: Only if you want to tell me, but not because you feel like you're reporting in. Mike, this -- this job is gonna be a test for me, too, making sure that I resist every urge to take after my darling mother.

Mike: What are we talking about here?

Jennifer: Any part of me that resembles my mother's need to own every cell in your body.

Mike: Do you want to discuss this possibly genetic trait with me?

Jennifer: You know, that -- that grabbing thing that she does, her need to -- to know everything that's going on in your life so that she can own you completely. I don't want to do that, okay? I want you to be able to go off with an old friend without me having to know everything that's going on. I promise you, I am not gonna be like that.

Mike: Can I say, this is the scariest afternoon we've had? Is there anything that you will not throw on the table?

Jennifer: No. But at least you're laughing. That's a good sign.

Mike: You can laugh, too.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah. You learn that fast in my family. Laugh or go under. But hey, you're still here, too. That's -- that's another good sign.

Mike: Get used to it.

[Cell phone rings]

Jennifer: I'll be really fast. Oh, it's Paul. Hello.

Paul: Hey, Jen, it's Paul. Could you come to Fairwinds as soon as you can?

Jennifer: What -- what's up?

Paul: It's important. It's Mom.

Jennifer: Isn't it always Mom?

Paul: And Will.

Jennifer: I'm on my way.

Will: So who knows how long or how much she was drugging her, but Mom was loading Emily up and then pointing her at you like a gun.

Rosanna: Poor Emily. And Will, I am so sorry.

Will: No, don't -- don't feel bad for me.

Rosanna: But I do.

Will: No. First, feel bad for yourself, Rosanna. You're the one that was getting tortured, and I should have known better. I did know better. Right, Paul?

Paul: Yeah.

Will: Our first gut instinct was that it was Mom. But that got turned around. I let her play me again.

Paul: Well, it wasn't just you, Will. She played all of us.

Will: I was an idiot. I should have known better. Never listen, never -- never believe a word she says. Never let her in.

Paul: She's your mom. She's our mom. And it's hard. I know, believe me, after all these years, it's still hard for me. I'm like you, I know better than to believe her, but I still always want to give her a chance.

Will: Mom's supposed to take care of you. How could she not take care of us? She's a Mom, that's her job.

Hal: Oh, yeah, I see him now. Thanks.

Emily: The lab?

Hal: Yeah, and thanks. These are the results.

Emily: Well?

Hal: They're confirmed.

Emily: Tomecamine, and Barbaraís fingerprints all over the dishes.

Barbara: Well, if they are our dishes --

Emily: Oh, now they're our dishes?

Barbara: Well, if they are, then of course my fingerprints are all over them, and yours, and yours, and anyone else who's been in the house. That proves nothing.

Emily: Okay, what about the drug?

Barbara: Emily, I can't speak about your habits or anything else --

Emily: You want to see one of my habits?!

Hal: Emily, Emily --

Barbara: You know, I can't attest to where those dishes have been over all these years. They're very old. I can't be held legally responsible for that.

Hal: It is circumstantial, but I think we can make them stick.

Barbara: You wouldn't dare walk into court with evidence that flimsy.

Hal: I don't have to. You're remanded, Barbara.

Barbara: I'm what?

Hal: You have charges pending against you. James Stenbeck's escape, remember?

Emily: You know what? I don't think she does. She's been having so much fun playing house with you, she started to think she owned the place. But you know what? You were always under arrest. It was just a matter of time before you were back behind bars.

Hal: I want you to rebook her, and cuff her.

[Knock at door]

Katie: Hey. So, Henry told me you changed your mind about working with me.

Mike: Yeah, I have.

Katie: Why?

Mike: Does it matter?

Katie: No. No, of course not. Just so that you understand, though, that I need a commitment, mike. I have to get this place up and running on schedule, and I'm on a tight budget, so I can't really afford to have you say yes and then back out.

Mike: I don't back out.

Katie: No, you donít.

Mike: I'll stay on till the job's done.

Katie: That could be a lot of time.

Mike: I know. I'm prepared.

Katie: Okay, great. Let's look at the plans. You won't regret this, Mike.

Mike: I hope you can say the same in the end.

Barbara: Hal, don't do this. Please don't do this. It'll just make it worse.

Hal: You could have killed Emily with that drug, for all you knew. Every life you've ever touched, you've damaged. You're not going to get that chance again. I'm going to go get your file, and you're gonna lock her up, now.

Emily: If you think you can get past Hal again, you will run straight into me, and I swear to God, I will make it my life's work to see that you get what you deserve.

Barbara: Well, that's what you're worried about, isn't it, Emily? That I will get past Hal.

Emily: Not ever again.

Barbara: Oh, please. Hal and I have a connection. I will always be able to get him to listen to me.

Emily: That's history.

Barbara: That's our history. But then, you and Hal have a very different history, don't you?

Emily: You don't know anything about it.

Barbara: He didn't believe you. When it comes right down to it, he didn't trust you. And that's what you're gonna have to live with, isn't it, Emily?

Jennifer: Unbelievable, even for our mother. But it sounds like everything's okay now.

Paul: Well, Barbaraís locked up again.

Will: For real?

Paul: Yeah. They found traces of the drug that she gave to Emily on her dishes. Hal's got her in a holding cell. You're okay with that, right?

Will: Hell, yes.

Jennifer: Well, Will, Oakdale is now a completely safe zone for you again. So where's it gonna be? You want to stay with Aunt Kim and Uncle Bob, do you want to stay with me?

Rosanna: Uh, actually, we've had an offer on the table for a while. What do you say, Will? Will you give us another chance?

Will: You really want to give me another chance?

Rosanna: Yes. We'll even throw in that party we've talked about.

Jennifer: A party? Hey, why not?

Rosanna: Will's already talked to Casey about it.

Paul: And if you don't want to, you can just, you know, chill out for a while, settle in.

Will: No. No, I'm fine, man. I'm sick of all the problems. Let's -- let's just have some fun.

Rosanna: All right, then we will. Great. Um, but let's start having fun in about an hour.

Paul: Right, you got that conference call.

Rosanna: Yes.

Paul: Um, my wife's got a lot of work to do. She's got to pay the bills. [Rosanna laughs] What do you say we all go to Al's and get a burger?

Jennifer: Oh, that sounds great.

Rosanna: Great. Me, too?

Will: We'll pick you one up to go.

Rosanna: Thank you. I appreciate that. All right, guys, I'll see you later. See you in an hour.

Baby: Mama.

Jack: Thank you.

Carly: You sure I can't make that a beer?

Jack: No, I might have to go back to work.

Carly: I wish that you could relax about J.J.

Jack: I'm not gonna forget him, Carly.

Carly: I -- I know. That's not really what I --

Jack: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Listen to me.

Carly: She won't do it, Jack. She won't keep that boy away from you. J.J. loves you, and she knows that. And no matter what, I do think that she cares about him. She wouldn't hurt him like that.

Jack: Right. You're right, I hope. Now, all I have to do is find a way to see her with Holden and not let it set me off.

Carly: Well, it's a shock, the two of them. But Holden will probably come to his senses. Something will happen. He won't always be like this.

Jack: Thank you.

Carly: You're welcome. Usual fee.

Jack: I'm gonna go take a shower and wash all this off me.

Carly: Find something, Lily. Find something to help us get rid of that witch.

Lily: Keith Morrissey. Chicago, Illinois.

Holden: This isn't much more private than the barn.

Julia: Oh, come inside. There's something I want to show you.

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

[Holden laughs]

Julia: Did you hear that?

Katie: And we're still friends, so this scar will be a reminder of how you helped me and made me smile. You really do have the magic touch.

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