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Alison: Hey there.

Aaron: Hey, hey. What's all that?

Alison: It's stuff from the gym.

Aaron: I thought you went to set up physical therapy sessions.

Alison: I did. But when you know the manager --

Aaron: That's right, Katie’s running the place now, right?

Alison: Yep.

Aaron: So, what, what's all this? She let you borrow this stuff?

Alison: Yeah. So you can be doing curls and jumping rope again in no time. It's gonna be so cool. So, how are you feeling? Are you hungry? Maybe I should order something --

Aaron: Slow down. Slow down, beautiful, there's something I have to show you.

Alison: Aaron, that's wonderful! Oh. Wait, wait. Um -- maybe we shouldn't start something that we can't finish.

Aaron: Hmm?

Alison: Doctor's orders. No sex, remember?

J.J.: I want to go home.

Jack: Are you kidding me? We've got a whole videofest planned -- popcorn, cookies, pillow fights. Where's Parker and Sage?

Carly: Well, Jack, if you'd bothered to check your messages, you would know that the kids are with the sitter -- so we could have some -- some personal time.

J.J.: So you mean Parker's not here? It's only you and me?

Jack: Uh -- you, me and Carly. Right, Carly?

Carly: Looks that way.

Lily: I don't know what you think you saw, but -- I think you got the wrong idea.

Luke: Mom, I know what a kiss looks like. And that was what Dad was doing to J.J.'s mom.

Lily: She was upset. Your father probably put an arm around her or something --

Luke: Oh, nice try. Well, she didn't look too upset.

Lily: She was, because I -- we had had a -- a misunderstanding. And that's why she was at the cabin in the first place. And knowing your father, he was probably reassuring Julia that he would handle things.

Luke: Oh, well, he was handling her, all right.

Lily: Don't talk about your father like that.

Luke: Oh, what? So now he can do whatever he wants, but I can't say what I see?

Lily: Sometimes things aren't always what they appear to be.

Luke: Well, sometimes they are.

Lily: Your father and I are separated because we're having problems. We're trying to work things out.

Luke: Did he tell you that? That he wants to work things out?

Lily: Well, we are talking. We are taking things slowly. But no matter what happens, whether we work things out or not, you have to respect you father.

Luke: Why? He's not showing you any. And if he's got you thinking he's doing things to make things better, he's totally playing you. And that's messed up.

Holden: Just the two of us.

Julia: Maybe I should -- I'm a little chilly. I -- and I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pounce on you. I just wanted to surprise you.

Holden: It worked. I -- I am surprised.

Julia: Right, but not the way that I wanted, you know?

Holden: You know, when I was a kid, I used to come into this room and just wish that somebody like you would be here waiting for me --

Julia: No, no use being sweet! This is awkward, isn't it? I'm gonna go downstairs and see if I can make us something to eat.

Holden: Wait, wait, wait -- don't go.

Lucinda: Sierra, I'm at Metro. I'm waiting. I'm waiting. Please hurry up, dear. It's urgent.

Rafael: Hi. How you doing, Ms. Walsh.

Lucinda: Hello. How are you this evening?

Rafael: I'll be doing better when I find Lucy. Are you going to be meeting her here tonight?

Lucinda: Oh, no. Lucy has other plans this evening.

Lucy: Dusty. I didn't expect to see you again. What are you doing here?

Dusty: There's something I want to tell you. Something I've waited too long to say.

Lucy: I'm glad you came by. There's so much I want to say to you. I hated the way we left things.

Dusty: It was me. I mean, I shouldn't have shut down like that.

Lucy: I was overwhelmed. I laid all my mixed feelings on you.

Dusty: Well, you're supposed to be able to. We love each other. I mean, when you told me about Rafael, I went a little nuts. I just wanted you to tell me that it wasn't important. But I guess I was wrong, 'cause I know you don't take that stuff lightly and your feelings are always important.

Lucy: You know that what happened with Rafael, it didn't make me stop loving you.

Dusty: Yeah. I just didn't want to hear it, you know?

Lucy: I'll always love you. I can't help it. It's like breathing.

Dusty: Me, too. I want us back together.

Lucy: There's something that you have to know first.

Dusty: Let me tell you something first -- I've been really selfish. I know I have. It's all been about me, about what I want, how I want things to be. I walked away from you when I should've stuck around. I pushed you away, when I just wanted to wrap you up.

Lucy: I know. I want that, too.

Dusty: Do you? Do you know how much you mean to me? I think maybe I need to show you.

Craig: My beautiful lullaby! You're all set. I just talked to Williams. Am I interrupting something?

Lucy: No. It's okay. They'll still take me?

Craig: Yeah, yeah. But you'll have to leave tonight. They want to register you tomorrow morning.

Lucy: That's what I had to tell you. I'm leaving. I've decided to go to college after all.

Rafael: Do you know where she is? Is she at home?

Lucinda: I'm sorry, Rafael. I couldn't tell you.

Sierra: I could. Yes, she is at home.

Rafael: Thank you. I'm gonna be going.

Lucinda: You should rethink, dear. Rethink. She's very, very busy this evening.

Sierra: You know, Mother, whatever is going on with Lucy, she doesn't need you to run interference for her.

Lucinda: Come along, darling, everybody needs some help sometime. Even your own mother.

Sierra: Is that why you left me that urgent message? Is something wrong? Is everything all right?

Lucinda: Everything isn't all right, as a matter of fact. There's a problem at Worldwide.

Sierra: I thought you said business was booming.

Lucinda: It is booming. It's booming. That's what the problem is. I've got to do some major restructuring and I just -- it requires too much focus.

Sierra: But isn't that why you hired Jordan? So that he could be your right-hand man?

Lucinda: Well, he has potential, yes, but I couldn't put an entire division in his hands. He's too new.

Sierra: Then get a headhunter and have them search for a new C.O.O.

Lucinda: No. Too time-consuming.

Sierra: Well, there must be somebody within your organization that you can promote.

Lucinda: As a matter of fact, there is one person that I have my eye on. Not in Worldwide right now, but who actually would fit the bill.

Sierra: Well, there you go, then. Your problem solved. Go after them. You always seem to get what you want. So tell me, who is the mark?

Lucinda: You.

Carly: Oh, the milk. I'll get the milk.

J.J.: That's okay, I don't want any milk.

Jack: Who has chocolate chip cookies without milk?

J.J.: Okay.

Jack: Okay? That's it? You sure that's it? You don't mean to say, "thank you," and "please"?

J.J.: Okay, okay!

Jack: And all these other wonderful things?

J.J.: Dad? You think you can take me to a Cubs game? We never got to go to that one back home, remember?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I remember. Sure, we can go to a Cubs game. It has been a long time. I'll get us tickets this summer.

J.J.: Cool.

Lily: Luke, I want you to apologize.

Luke: For what? Telling the truth?

Lily: No, for tearing down your father when he's done nothing but try to do right by you. He took you to the cabin, he took you camping --

Luke: I don't think that was for me. I think it was just so he could have a place to fool around with that Julia lady.

Lily: Stop it. You have to stop saying things like that.

Luke: Look, Mom. I'm sorry. I'm not telling you any of this to hurt you. I'm trying to keep you from being hurt. Mom, I know what I saw. That's all I have to say about it.

Holden: I haven't forgotten about last night. In fact, I can't stop thinking about it.

Julia: But?

Holden: But being here in this room with you, I have to admit, it's a little weird for me.

Julia: You grew up in this house, or what? You probably got married here or something?

Holden: No, no, no -- that's not it at all. It's you.

Julia: Me?

Holden: Yeah. You have been through a lot these past few months. You're still very hurt. And you're still probably getting over Jack.

Julia: I'm a big girl, okay? I've taken quite a few lumps in my life. You know what I've learned? You've got to get over them. Get up and move on. Jack's history. My ex and his abuse, that's history. I'm -- I'm looking to the future. So can we stop worrying about me for just a minute here? 'Cause I wanna -- I wanna -- I wanna worry about you.

Holden: Me? I'm fine.

Julia: Wait a minute? Why do guys always say that? "I'm fine"?

Holden: Because it's easy.

Julia: Are we friends?

Holden: Yeah, yeah, of course we are.

Julia: Isn't that what friends are for? To take care of each other? Why don't you let me do my part?

Alison: Can you take showers yet?

Aaron: Um -- they told me not to get my head wet, so I guess it's just sponge baths for a while.

[Aaron fantasizing]

Oh, it's so hot and I need some air and boy don't stop 'cause I'm halfway there

it's not complicated we're just syncopated we can read each other's minds

Aaron: Maybe tomorrow.

Alison: Yeah, maybe we should just watch a movie or something.

[Alison fantasizing]

A slave to love na na na na na na na na a slave to love

I can't escape I'm a slave to love

ooh ooh ooh ooh whoa whoa whoa whoo hoo

Alison: Uh, maybe not. Maybe we should just turn in.

Aaron: To bed.

Alison: In the mood for checkers?

Lucinda: You're family. I'd have confidence in turning over any division to you. And it wouldn't have to be for long, just for now.

Sierra: You know, I don't know the first thing about running a conglomerate with its boards and mergers and acquisitions.

Lucinda: Nonsense, darling. You ran a country. You're a diplomat. You're a born leader. You have the political skills to navigate the shoals. You'll sail right through!

Sierra: But I gave all that up so I could be available for Lucy.

Lucinda: Yes, dear. And what did you do with all your time and your energy? You tried to save Craig’s soul. Maybe you are someone who needs something worthwhile to keep you occupied. So -- help out your mom, okay? You'll find time for Lucy.

Sierra: What's in this for you?

Lucinda: I just told you, I need help.

Sierra: Come on. Level with me.

Lucinda: Well, maybe I just like having you around.

Ben: I just can't help wondering if I did the right thing, letting Bob keep quiet about that drug test.

Jessica: Now, Ben --

Ben: I faked the results. There's no excuse for that.

Jessica: Bob knows what he's doing. And you have more than made up for your mistake. So if Bob has made peace with it, so should you.

Ben: I'm trying.

Jessica: You don't believe in second chances?

Ben: I thought I did. I lost faith somewhere along the way.

Jessica: Miracles do happen.

Ben: I know. I've seen some. Take you and me. Back in our better days, we were a miracle. I didn't realize how much until now.

Jack: You have to wind it first, and then the power elbow comes shortly. J.J., why don't you go upstairs and grab some video games for us to play?

J.J.: Upstairs?

Jack: Parker's room is the second one on the left. His video games are on the shelf right by his bed. Go for it.

J.J.: Okay.

Jack: Okay, what's wrong?

Carly: Are you really asking me that question?

Jack: Besides the fact that J.J.'s being a little difficult.

Carly: How about the fact that you didn't call to warn me that little Mr. Difficult was going to be here tonight?

Jack: Honey, it wasn't planned, it just came up. And frankly, the way we've been jawing at each other, I really didn't think a romantic evening was what you had in mind.

Carly: Right. It was just a misunderstanding. So, here we are. Or should I say -- here you and J.J. are -- hanging out, making plans.

Jack: You're not feeling left out, are you? He's just a little boy.

Carly: A little boy who you're making big plans with. A Cubs game in the summer?

Jack: So what?

Carly: Jack, you don't even know how Julia is going to feel about you spending with him tomorrow, let alone the summer. How can you make plans like that? You may not even be in his life then.

Jack: Oh, someone hasn't been paying attention. I am staying in J.J.'s life. That's why tonight is so important. If this goes well, Julia will see that J.J. being here is a good thing. And that's the first step.

Carly: The first step to what?

Jack: Remember how you said tonight that Parker was feeling replaced? Well, J.J. feels the same way. You understand why, right? This is a way to fix that. As awkward as this is right now, if everything goes well and J.J. feels more and a part of this family, then it lightens everything up for you, me, Parker, Julia, J.J -- it's a win across the board.

Carly: Well, you are very optimistic.

Jack: It used to be one of the things you liked about me.

Carly: I want to make things work for you. I do, it's the most important thing to me.

Jack: I love you.

Carly: I love you, too. And I'm trying. I really am.

Jack: I appreciate it.

J.J.: Dad! I think I found one!

Jack: I'll be right there, buddy.

Holden: I guess I'm just not used to all the attention. It's new.

Julia: You want to talk about it?

Holden: Don't get me wrong. Lily and I, we used to live for each other. If I could have my marriage back the way it was, I would. But it hasn't been like that for a very long time.

Julia: Well, yeah, I was with you on New Year’s Eve, when she didn't show up and kept you waiting. Remember?

Holden: Bet you couldn't believe what a fool I was.

Julia: No, you know what I couldn't believe? I couldn't believe she would stand up the best-looking guy in the whole place.

Holden: Anyway, I don't know how we got there, but at some point, I became an afterthought with her.

Julia: Well, did you ever tell her that that wasn't okay with you?

Holden: Yeah, I tried. But there was just so much going on, with work, with the kids, her grief after her sister died. At first I didn't think I had the right to ask for what I needed. I never asked -- nobody else asked, so I guess I just got used to it.

Julia: That is sad.

Holden: Yes, it is.

Julia: You deserve so much more.

Lucy: You didn't promise to donate any money, did you?

Craig: No, no, no, no, no -- they reviewed your application, they saw you were awarded the fellowship and they are happy to have you.

Lucy: Thank you, Daddy.

Craig: Hey, don't thank me. Thank your mother for making you file for that extension. [Doorbell rings] Look, I'll see who that is. But you better think about packing. There's a lot to do to get you ready for tonight, okay?

Lucy: Would you mind closing the door behind you?

Craig: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Dusty: This is something you really want to do, huh?

Lucy: I wasn't ready before. But I think I am now.

Dusty: You're not running, are you? Away from me?

Lucy: If you're asking me if I wish things could be a little different? There was a -- there was a time when anything seemed possible for you and me. Sure, a part of me would love to go back to that.

Dusty: Well, maybe everything still is possible between you and me. If it was, would you still want to leave?

Lucy: I just can't imagine anything that would make me want to stay.

Dusty: Maybe I can give you a reason.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Carly: You have to get to the farm right now, then.

Lily: What?

Carly: Julia -- probably wearing the sexiest number in her closet. Don't you see? This is a setup. She set it up so she could be all by her lonesome when your husband gets there.

Lucy: I've been thinking a lot about us, Dusty.

Dusty: Me, too.

Lucy: And even though I love you, I -- I have a lot more growing up to do still.

Dusty: We all do.

Lucy: Yeah, but -- I'm always the one doing it for somebody else. I've always been somebody's -- somebody.

Dusty: What do you mean?

Lucy: I was -- I was Craig Montgomery’s daughter, or I was Lucinda Walsh’s granddaughter. I was even your girlfriend, but -- I was never just me.

Dusty: You think I'd ever stop you from being yourself? I love who you are. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Lucy: But I've never really been given that chance. I mean, don't get me wrong, I was making my own choices when I was with you and it felt really good. But then I started to depend on you and -- before long, you had pushed me away and I got really hurt.

Dusty: I wish I could take it all back.

Lucy: I don’t. Because a big part of getting hurt means being alone and having to face yourself. I didn't know how to do that. I still don't in a lot of ways.

Dusty: Is that why you’re going away?

Lucy: Yeah. I need to find me. And I think I can do that at school. Please tell me you understand.

Dusty: Sure I do, princess. I do.

Rafael: Lucy -- your dad just told me you're leaving. Don't go.

Julia: Thank you.

Holden: For what?

Julia: Straightening things out with Emma for me, letting me stay here. I love it here. Do you know that? I do, I love everything about this place. I love the pictures on the wall, and those little, tiny statues and the doilies -- every time you pick one up, you know, you just know that there's -- there's history.

Holden: There's history, yeah. A lot of it. A lot of history here.

Julia: I picked up and moved so many times that I've literally left lifetimes behind. And I've always told myself and J.J. that we were just traveling light, but really what I was doing was -- leaving my history behind. Bit by bit. That's why this place is like a real home for me. I never had that. But I always prayed that I'd be able to give it my son someday.

Jack: Mm, it smells so good! Hey, I know this isn't what you had planned for us tonight. I'm sorry.

Carly: You have no idea how sorry you ought to be.

J.J.: Dad? Is the pizza here yet?

Jack: Yeah, buddy. I'm coming. Thank you.

[Doorbell rings]

Carly: Hey, Lily.

Lily: I'm sorry for just showing up like this.

Carly: What -- what's the matter?

Lily: I -- I dropped Luke off at home. And then I looked around and I didn't know -- I didn't know where to go.

Carly: Wait. Just start from the beginning. Is something the matter with Luke?

Lily: I knew. I knew Luke was very upset, but I had never seen him so -- so angry. He said some terrible things.

Carly: What? What, what did he say?

Lily: About Holden. I don't want to believe it. I don't want it to be true, but my God, Carly, I think it is true.

Carly: You think what's true?

Lily: Luke claims that he saw Julia and Holden together at the cabin, and they were kissing.

Alison: I was thinking that we're a real couple now. We should do real couple things.

Aaron: Believe me, Alison, I've been thinking about nothing but doing real couple things.

Alison: Well, I mean like, you know, buying some half-decent furniture and maybe even getting a bigger place.

Aaron: You want to get a bigger place? It's not like we're rolling in dough, Ali.

Alison: Yeah, but when you're totally back to normal, you'll get another job. You said that you wanted to start looking again, right?

Aaron: Yeah. But I just -- I don't know where.

Alison: Well, maybe we could work together again. You know, keep the whole package deal thing going. Which color did you say you wanted to be?

Aaron: I love your hair. I love the way it smells.

Alison: Really? Thanks. I want to shampoo it tonight, though. You know what they say -- there's no time like the present. I'm gonna go down the hall and jump in the shower.

Ben: What we had was real. We -- we were amazing together.

[Phone rings]

Jessica: Now I know you're officially back to work.

Ben: Ahh. Aaron? Is everything all right?

Aaron: Hi. I'm sorry to bother you. I need some medical advice.

Ben: Sure. What is it?

Aaron: Define sex.

Ben: Excuse me?

Aaron: Well, you know you told me that I couldn't have sex. I need you to explain what exactly is included in that.

Ben: You don't need me to explain it to you. You can't handle too much excitement.

Aaron: Well, how much is too much? 'Cause I'm dying here.

Alison: I'm sorry, I just need some PJs.

Ben: Whatever it is that you're missing out on tonight, as appealing as it might seem, it's not worth dying for.

Aaron: Thank you, Dr. Harris, but I'm not sure how much I can believe that right now.

Lucy: Rafael, I was -- I was going to call you, of course, before I left, but it literally just happened. I haven't even told my mother yet.

Craig: I just talked to her, sweetness. She and Lucinda are on their way over.

Rafael: When are you leaving?

Lucy: Tonight.

Rafael: Are you coming back?

Lucy: Maybe in the summer.

Rafael: I'll miss you.

Lucy: I'll miss you, too.

Sierra: Lucy? Lucy, what is this about you leaving?

Lucinda: How did this come about?

Lucy: I can explain all of that while I pack, but I have got to get started. Could you two help me?

Sierra: Of course.

Dusty: Go ahead, I'm okay.

Lucinda: Can you wait here? I need to talk to you.

Dusty: Sure.

Rafael: You know, this is all your fault.

Craig: Come on, Rafael --

Rafael: You're the reason she's leaving!

Craig: We don't need this now!

Dusty: Lucy's doing this for herself. And if you care about her, back her up. Stop looking for somebody to whine to.

Rafael: That's easy to say when you're the one to blame.

Dusty: It's not about Lucy and me. It's not about Lucy and you. This is about Lucy. Period. Deal with it, guy.

Craig: Well, Dusty, it looks like you have to deal with this now, too.

Lily: When Luke told me about Julia and Holden and seeing them together, it's like all the blood just drained out of me.

Carly: Hey -- where, where is Holden now?

Lily: I don't know. He took Aaron home from the hospital. He might be still with him, he might be back at the farm --

Carly: Well, you have to get to the farm right now, then.

Lily: Oh, I don't know about that. Every time I go out there lately, I just -- I just feel like I'm not welcomed with open arms. I can't face Emma right now.

Carly: You don't need to. Jack told me that Emma’s out of town.

Lily: What?

Carly: You have to get there right now. J.J. is here. Julia graciously allowed Jack to have him for the night. Now, you have to get over there.

Lily: She's alone?

Carly: Yeah. And probably wearing the sexiest number in her closet. Don't you see? This is a set up. She set it up so she could be all by her lonesome when your husband gets there. You still worried about being welcomed with open arms? Go!

Julia: This isn't fair.

Holden: What? What isn't?

Julia: All the good men are taken. It's true. It's a cliché thing that somebody said once and it keeps getting repeated but it's true. It is.

Holden: You are a wonderful woman. You could have anybody you want.

Julia: Wait, but I thought I did. I had Jack. Of course, we didn't know about his whole other life. You know, I don't really blame Carly for fighting tooth and nail to hold onto him. I mean, not really. He's one of the good guys.

Holden: Yeah. Yeah, he is.

Julia: So are you. You are! And you know what I don't get, for the life of me, how anyone could ever take you for granted. I really don't because if you were mine, I would spoil you rotten. I would. And I would let you know every single day -- and every night -- how much you were appreciated. How much I needed you, wanted you.

Alison: There. There. There. King me.

Lucy: I hoped you'd still be here.

Dusty: You think I'd leave without saying goodbye? There's something I want to give you.

Lucy: What is it? The necklace I gave you?

Dusty: You remember you put that on me?

Lucy: You were putting yourself in a lot of danger trying to protect me. I gave it to you to keep you safe, to bring you luck.

Dusty: And it did. It brought me you. The day you took a chance on me, was the luckiest day of my life. Maybe it'll bring you the same kind of luck. I hope you get everything you want.

Lucy: I don't want to say goodbye.

Dusty: Then don’t. I love you.

Lucy: I love you, too.

Lucinda: Oh, I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm going.

Lucy: Oh, no. It's all right, Grandmother.

Dusty: Hey -- you knock 'em dead, okay?

Lucinda: You didn't ask her, did you?

Dusty: No, I couldn’t. The whole world is waiting for her. I don't want to mess with that.

Lucinda: That's a pretty damn gallant thing to do. More to you than meets the eye, isn't there, Dusty?

Dusty: I got to go. I'll talk to you later.

Jack: Carly, we saved you a few slices if you're still hungry. You okay?

Carly: Fine.

Jack: Then why are you beating up the pillows?

Carly: Because you wouldn't believe me.

Jack: About what?

Carly: Lily and I were right from the very beginning and you wouldn't believe either of us.

Jack: Why are you suddenly upset about Lily?

Carly: She was just here. While you were upstairs playing with J.J., Lily was here in a panic.

Jack: Why?

Carly: Because she didn't know where else to go. Not after Luke told her that he saw his father kissing Julia!

Jack: Oh, come on.

Carly: She tried to tear our family apart, now she's moving onto Lily and Holden. She's like a -- an infection that's just spreading!

Jack: Maybe he misunderstood what he was looking --

Carly: You know, I really wish that you would stop defending that woman and see her for what she really is!

Jack: I'm not defending her. It's just that --

Carly: Julia Larrabee is a lying, deceitful tramp, Jack! And she needs to be stopped!

J.J.: Stop it! Don't call my mommy names!

Jack: Damn it, Carly.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Jack: She's an ordinary woman who hasn't caught the right breaks.

Carly: Oh, please. Jack, she's probably having sex with Holden right now.

Holden: Let's do this someplace else, please. Just go downstairs and wait for me.

Lily: You're sending me downstairs? You send her! I am not going anywhere! I am your wife! Or have you forgotten that already?

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