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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 1/19/05

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Barbara: You couldn't come up with a better story than that? That I forced you to break into Fairwinds?

Paul: I believe it.

Emily: Yeah, the evidence is right in that box.

[Barbara laughs]

Barbara: A bunch of cheap dishes? Okay, fine. I'll tell you what. You can put away the groceries and then clean up this mess in my kitchen.

Emily: Oh, oh, and now it's your kitchen?

Barbara: Emily, when's the last time that you washed a dish, huh? When's the last time you cooked a meal around here? And while you were sick, I tried to be a friend to you. I tried to put the animosity behind us. But I should have realized it was pointless to do that.

Paul: Where'd you get the drugs?

Barbara: What drugs?

Emily: The ones you were putting in my tea!

Barbara: You don't think this is funny, Paul?

Paul: Here's what I think. I think that you gave Emily something. You got her to commit a crime and then you somehow got her to forget what she'd done.

Barbara: And why not order her off the face of the earth while I was at it?

Emily: Because then you'd have no one to blame for what you did.

Barbara: Have you searched my things for this magic drug? Of course you have. And you haven't found it, have you? Because it doesn't exist!

Paul: We will prove that you've done this.

Barbara: It's gonna take a lot more than a bunch of cups and saucers to get rid of me.

Jennifer: I'm leaving.

Mike: Whoa! What -- what just happened?

Jennifer: If I stay, I will be tempted to stay, and I can't do that. Leave it to my mother to ruin everything!

Mike: What does your mother have to do with moving in with --?

Jennifer: She made you do this! She waltzes in here and announces that she's taking up semi-residence at the Lakeview suite, knowing that Iíll move out, knowing that you'll ask me to move in here.

Mike: And the problem with that is?

Jennifer: It's too soon!

Mike: Too soon to live together? Jen, I love you.

Jennifer: And I -- no, it's just too soon!

Mike: What do you have, like 20 cats I don't know about?

Jennifer: No.

Mike: Do you play the tuba at 3:00 A.M. in the morning?

Jennifer: Only during leap year.

Mike: Do you love me?

Jennifer: Oh, yes. Yes, yes. And I want this to last. And if we rush things, then I'm just afraid that we're gonna crowd each other or annoy each other or --

Mike: Or love each other more.

Jennifer: You are not allowed to say sweet things like that to make me change my mind. It's too soon.

Mike: Move in with me, Jen.

Jennifer: No. Well -- maybe. Yes.

Mike: Yes?

Jennifer: For a little while.

Mike: This isn't temporary. All right, come live with me. Come to stay.

Louie: Hey, come on in.

Katie: Whoa, you weren't kidding when you said this place needed a face lift.

Louie: You're the manager. Upgrade as much as you want, as long as you pay for it.

Katie: Excuse me?

Henry: Whoa, whoa, whoa! When we talked about this, you said all we had to do was stay within budget.

Louie: Yeah, and I also said the budget happens to be pretty tight. That juice bar you talked about you wanted to add? Great idea, but it comes out of your pocket. Now, like it says in your employment agreement -- you make money, you keep a percentage. And if you don't --

Henry: Uh, you know what? We're still considering our options. Could you give us a minute here?

Louie: Take all the time you need. Besides, it's probably gonna take me a while to get the rest of that crime scene tape out of the locker room.

Katie: Great, great. I am managing an old, ugly, dusty, dirty gym that also happens to be a murder scene. What was I thinking?

Henry: Megaweddings require megabucks.

Katie: Yeah, I don't think we're gonna get them here.

Henry: Okay, then we scale back a little bit. You know, I could probably get the deposit back from the hall and the photographer and --

Katie: No, absolutely not! We need this wedding to be huge and it needs to be real.

Henry: All I need is you.

Katie: Mike needs to be convinced that he is losing me forever, and that requires real flowers, real music, real dress --

Henry: Real money.

Katie: Well, maybe we could fix up the place ourselves.

Henry: We could?

Katie: Yeah, and once Mike breaks up the wedding, we'll all live happily ever after.

Henry: Except for Jennifer. But who cares about her? As long as you and Mike are back together again, that's all that matters.

Katie: Yes! I love it when you're supportive!

Henry: I love you, too.

Rafael: Mrs. Montgomery -- have you seen Lucy?

Sierra: How about some coffee, Rafael?

Rafael: Thank you, but I really need to talk to Lucy. Do you know where she is?

Sierra: Yes. I do. Lots of cream and sugar, like your mother would have made it?

Rafael: Did she ask you to talk to me, is she avoiding me?

Sierra: Um -- no to both questions. But she did tell me that your relationship had changed since you had been trapped together.

Rafael: Thank you. You probably think I took advantage of her, but it wasn't like that. I love her.

Sierra: I know that.

Rafael: I haven't seen her since we got back, and I need to know why.

Sierra: Well, I don't think that you should pressure her. I think she needs some space to figure out what she wants.

Rafael: Are you trying to let me down easy? Did Dusty and Lucy -- are they back together?

Sierra: Not yet.

Lucinda: To cure a broken heart, one must have chocolate.

Lucy: I appreciate the thought, Grandmother, but chocolate cake isn't gonna help.

Lucinda: What will do it, darling? 'Cause the sky's the limit. We can jet to Paris, Milan, we can buy some baubles -- I want you to be good to yourself.

Lucy: All I really want is Dusty to call. I want to see him. Can you make that happen?

Lucinda: Ooh, if I could, do you know what you'd say?

Lucy: No, I don't. I don't know.

Lucinda: Well, maybe, darling, you should think about it.

Lucy: Did you call him?

Lucinda: Just blame it on the small town life. But don't you hesitate. If you want him, go and get him.

Lucy: No, Dusty, please, don't go.

Dusty: Unless something has changed since the last time we spoke -- we've got nothing more to say.

Lucy: They have. Changed. My feelings for you have changed.

Dusty: What's changed?

Lucy: Everything.

Dusty: You want your grandmother to wait?

Lucy: No, she's my backup. You know, she'll tackle you if you try to leave. She'll do it, too.

Dusty: God, you're so pretty. What were you saying?

Lucy: It's weird. When you broke up with me before, I was heartbroken, but I was getting over it, over you. It was different. I guess I thought you still loved me or that we would be together somehow. But the other day, when you sent me away, I don't know why I was so surprised. I mean, I told you that I had slept with Rafael and that I still had feelings for him, but, still, it hurts. Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about it, and I reached a conclusion.

Dusty: What's that?

Lucy: That I can't be without you. I love you more than ever, and I want to make my life with you now more than ever.

Dusty: You love me more than ever, and love Rafael, too?

Lucy: It's different. I don't feel the same way for him that I do for you.

Dusty: You slept with him. You told me you don't take that stuff lightly.

Lucy: You didn't want me.

[Dusty sighs]

Dusty: I want you to answer the question. Not just for me, for you. Did you have sex with him? Or did you make love to him?

Lucy: Denying how I feel is the same thing as lying to you. I won't do that.

Dusty: That's not what I asked you.

Lucy: I don't know how I feel about Rafael. It's all tied up in growing up with him, and almost dying with him, and it's hard to separate it sometimes. I don't know how much is him and how much is me missing you.

Dusty: We've got to end this.

Lucy: I love you.

Dusty: I won't share you. We're done. Okay?

Lucinda: You are a fool.

Sierra: Where are you going?

Rafael: To find Lucy.

Sierra: No, I don't think you understand.

Rafael: I do. She was so in love with Dusty, he was all that she could see. You know, when he stepped into that mine, I was relieved to be rescued, but I wished like hell anybody but him had found us. I thought she'd go to him. And now --

Sierra: She has gone to him.

Rafael: What?

Sierra: She wants to be with Dusty. She's told him that.

Rafael: Then why aren't they together?

Sierra: I've already said more than I should.

Rafael: It's because of me.

Sierra: Rafael --

Rafael: No, you've seen the way Dusty is with her. He'd never push her away unless he thought something happened between us.

Sierra: I'm just trying to tell you that I think you need to give her a little time to think this through.

Rafael: I understand, you know? But I've been patient. If she doesn't have any answers, that's one thing, but she needs to tell me something.

Sierra: I think you're making a mistake if you pressure her.

Rafael: I told her I loved her. She said she loved me, too. Is it pressuring her to want to hear those words again? To have the right to say 'em to her again?

Sierra: Even if she wants Dusty?

Rafael: What about what she needs? That's something I can give her. He can't.

Sierra: I don't think she's gonna see it like that.

Rafael: Is that why you called me down here? You think she's gonna send me away? Because I think you're wrong.

Sierra: I just don't want to see Lucy get hurt, and I don't want to see you get disappointed.

Rafael: I won't be. I've always known that me and Lucy are gonna be together. And maybe now, finally, she knows it, too.

Barbara: I didn't terrorize your wife. She did. And you know why? Because she wanted to send Will back to the hospital.

Emily: Oh, that is so not true!

Barbara: She thought Will was competition for Halís affections.

Emily: That is disgusting. How can you say that?

Barbara: And so you feigned an illness, leaving me to do all the work, so you could sleep all day long. And then be up all night, breaking into Fairwinds. Terrorizing your poor wife with memories of baby. You are despicable, Emily.

Paul: And Emily thought that we would somehow blame Will.

Barbara: Yes. And Will would be sent away. And she'd have Hal all to herself.

Paul: But you'd still be here.

Barbara: Oh, she'd get around to banishing me eventually.

Paul: I would've gotten rid of you first. That's what I would've done. Come on, Emily, let's get this stuff in the car.

Barbara: Wait a second, wait a second, you don't have any proof of this.

Paul: You want proof? All right, here's proof. Emily, how did mother treat you when you were sick?

Emily: She was nothing but nice to me.

Paul: See, that's funny. She always says it just like that. At that's your mistake, Barbara. You want someone in this world to think that you are nice, that you are decent, that you are actually kind? No one in this world would ever believe that!

Barbara: All right. You believe whatever you want about me. But I am begging you, keep her away from your little brother.

Emily: Can we please get out of here?

Barbara: You stay away from Will -- or I promise you, you'll spend the rest of your natural life behind bars.

Hal: Emily -- I heard you were released. I -- what's going on?

Emily: Paul posted my bail and we came back here to search for evidence.

Barbara: They're claiming that I used tea to drug Emily.

Hal: What?

Barbara: It's insane.

Paul: I'll explain more when we're alone. But Emily and I were really hoping that there would still be traces here of what she used.

Hal: Used to do what?

Paul: To hypnotize Emily.

Barbara: If there are traces of anything on those dishes, you planted it.

Paul: Could you just have your forensics guys kinda check it out?

Hal: Paul, do you know how many times these dishes have been washed since Emilyís been arrested? And even if drugs were used --

Emily: Wait, wait, "if"?

Barbara: I knew you'd see my reason, Hal --

Paul: All right, you stay out of this.

Hal: Just -- both of you -- could you please leave? I want to talk to my wife alone.

Paul: Call me.

Barbara: I'll be in my room.

Hal: No. I want you out of the house. Now. Welcome home. I missed you.

Emily: You had me worried for a minute. I thought you didn't believe us, but you were right not letting on in front of Barbara.

Hal: Paul's theory is definitely out there.

Emily: I have to find answers. I need you to believe that if would never do anything to hurt Rosanna or Will. There has got to be some other explanation. And I think that this is it. So, you'll run the tests?

Hal: Honey -- for you, Iíd do anything.

Emily: Thank you.

Hal: I'll get started on the tests right away. Baby, I'm so glad to have you back home. And I'm so sorry Barbaraís still here, but that's only gonna be for a few more weeks. Then she's -- so in the meantime, I'll just get started on the tests.

Emily: Why are you doing this?

Hal: Why, running the tests? Because you asked me to.

Emily: So it's like a favor?

Hal: Emily, what does it matter?

Emily: It matters because I need you to believe in me. I need you to believe that I would hurt your son. I need you to believe that I would never do any of this.

Hal: Honey, look --

Emily: You don't believe me. Do you?

Mike: I'm taking that as a yes.

Jennifer: Every time I kiss you, I like the idea of moving in here a little bit more.

Mike: But?

Jennifer: We have to scout that location for the photo shoot, remember?

Mike: Okay. I will kiss you at every light. By the time we get downtown, you will be convinced. All right? We'll pick up your stuff from the Lakeview on the way back. What is it?

Jennifer: Does your asking me to move in here have anything, anything at all to do with Katie marrying Henry?

Mike: No, Jen.

Jennifer: Because it would be so totally normal for you to want to show Katie that now that she's got a committed relationship, that you've got one, too.

Mike: But that would be using you. And I don't do that.

Jennifer: No, I know you wouldn't do it on purpose. But to just ask me to move in so suddenly --

Mike: I asked you for one reason, because you are who I want. Look at you. You've had your face on the cover of magazines and you still don't know how beautiful you are. All right, and if that wasn't enough, you've got a heart the size of this room. You're always taking care of your family. You're always taking care of me. And on top of all that, I can't seem to keep my hands off of you. It makes me love you, Jennifer.

Jennifer: And you may think that you want me now, but if it turns out that Katieís wedding ends up being a bunch of hype --

Mike: Then Katie will be alone. Or she'll be with Henry. Either way, I don't care. As long as you'll be with me.

Jennifer: That did it. Make a key. I'm home.

Katie: When are you and Mike renting your tuxes?

Henry: We need money for that.

Katie: I'll get the money. But all of this will be for nothing if we don't get Mike involved and keep him involved throughout the whole buildup of the wedding.

Henry: All right, Katie, look, don't -- don't shoot me for saying this, okay? But are you sure this is still a good idea? I mean, it sounded fine at the beginning -- we get engaged, Mike flips out, then he realizes that he still loves you. But I'm just not so sure this is --

Katie: Of course it's a good idea. It's working. What about earlier? Did you see his face when he found out I was working at a former crime scene? He's so worried about me.

Henry: He's a nice guy. He would be worried about any woman that was working in a bad neighborhood.

Katie: Then what about the look on his face when I kissed you? He was not happy.

Henry: Oh, yeah. You know, maybe we should practice that a bit so we'll be ready next time --

Katie: It's going to be so awesome. We're gonna be at the church.

Henry: We don't have a church.

Katie: And Mike will call my name from the balcony.

Henry: We don't have a balcony.

Katie: He'll come swooping down on a swinging vine.

Henry: Katie, what, a vine in church?

Katie: I'm fantasizing here. Why are you so negative all of a sudden?

Henry: Because. You know, except for the raised eyebrow that mike gave us during the kiss, he has not shown any concern about this engagement.

Katie: It's because --

Henry: Has it occurred to you that maybe he just doesn't care?

Katie: No. He just doesn't believe it yet. But he will. If we make it real, he'll believe it.

Henry: Katie --

Katie: I -- I can't stop trying, Henry. I love Mike too much to just let it go. Can you understand that?

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, of course I can.

Rafael: Hi. If you're not in the mood to talk, then take off. I'm not going to follow you. I just wish you'd remember something.

Lucy: What?

Rafael: You can always lean on me, Lucy, no matter what. What happened?

Lucy: I saw Dusty for the last time.

Rafael: For the last time?

Lucy: He doesn't want me anymore.

Dusty: When Lucy said you would tackle me if I tried to leave, I thought she was kidding.

Lucinda: Dusty, you love my granddaughter so much that you trudged through ice and snow to save her. And now you're going to let her get away from you?

Dusty: You don't understand.

Lucinda: I do understand. I'm a woman, and Iím alive. And she told me everything.

Dusty: Everything? So what do you expect me to do about that?

Lucinda: You must do what is best for both you and Lucy. Let her love Rafael.

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Mike: Jen's moving in with me.

Lucinda: She has emotions for Rafael, but it's you she longs for.

Rafael: Deep down inside, you want to give us a chance, too.

Lucy: Maybe I do.

Mike: Anybody here?

Katie: Yeah, sorry, we haven't finished -- Mike!

Mike: What are you doing here?

Katie: This is so sweet of you to stop by like this and check up on me. I mean, I know you were concerned about me working in a neighborhood like this, but you didn't have to stop by.

Mike: Actually, we were --

Henry: First order of business, toilet paper. Mike.

Katie: Mike stopped by to check up on me, honey.

Henry: Well, isn't that nice?

Katie: Henry was concerned, too. He said that he should be with me here at all times. I mean, we spend so much time together, now that we're getting married.

Mike: Good. Well, engaged couples should want to be together. So, that's good.

Katie: Hey, you want to go get some coffee?

Henry: Yeah, I'd love to -- but I've got some fixtures to install, so why don't you kids run along? Get me a cup, will you?

Katie: Looks like it's just you and me.

Mike: I can't. We ended up here by accident. I didn't realize you were working at this gym.

Katie: What did you say?

Jennifer: I got the address! Hi! Hi, guys. This is a surprise.

Henry: Yeah, it's a surprise for all of us.

Mike: Katie's working here now.

Jennifer: Here?

Katie: We're remodeling.

Jennifer: Good. I'm sure it will be beautiful. The spa that we were supposed to look at is actually closer to the Lakeview.

Mike: Good. We'll swing by afterward.

Katie: The Lakeview? Special occasion?

Henry: She lives there, sweetums. Remember?

Katie: Oh, right. So -- spending the night in?

Jennifer: Uh --

Mike: We were picking up some Jen's things and bringing them back to my place. Jen's moving in with me.

Dusty: You're not even making sense.

Lucinda: Does it make sense for you to punish Lucy because she's young and was honest?

Dusty: If she loves Rafael, she should be with him. Don't you think?

Lucinda: I wish that you would stop throwing that word around as if it meant only one thing. Yes, she has emotions for Rafael. But it's you she longs for.

Dusty: I can't deal with this.

Lucinda: Oh, you can't? A big strong guy like you can't bear it, that a teeny-tiny fraction of her emotion, he commands it? Does it all belong to you?

Dusty: I had all of it before. Knowing its different now, it just feels wrong, you know?

Lucinda: I know, I know. Men have a profound fondness for sole ownership, don't they?

Dusty: It's got nothing to do with ownership.

Lucinda: Is it because she slept with him this one time? It was an unusual circumstance, and you know never would she do it again if you were together.

Dusty: No, you're right. She's honest. But, still --

Lucinda: But what? What? You're afraid she's gonna change her mind and leave you? Darling, she nearly died. So she can be taken away from you or you can send her away. Now, what is more tragic? I think that quite possibly you two could have a future together if you could just forgive.

Dusty: Forgive her?

Lucinda: No. No, no, no. Forgive yourself -- for creating the situation that put her there with that guy, vulnerable. You can spend your life hating what you did, resenting what Lucy feels, or you can just be the man she deserves and she wants. That's your choice.

Lucy: I'm -- I'm sorry I keep falling apart on you.

Rafael: You know, Iím the one that should be sorry.

Lucy: Why?

Rafael: When I saw Dusty yesterday, I said some things. Some things that probably made him suspicious about us. I didn't mean to, but I just couldn't hide the way I feel any more than I could resist --

Lucy: Hey -- it's okay, you weren't the only one who wanted to make love. And Dusty knows about us because I told him.

Rafael: You did? Why?

Lucy: I realized that I had to be straightforward with him -- about everything. I couldn't go back to him with a lie between us.

Rafael: And now he doesn't want you because you were with me?

Lucy: No -- he doesn't want me because --

Rafael: It's okay.

Lucy: You're still taking care of me.

Rafael: Always.

Lucy: You're too good. I'll be okay.

Rafael: I'm not good. I'm selfish.

Lucy: You?

Rafael: 'Cause I know you wanted things to work out between you and Dusty, but being here right now with you -- I can't pretend I'm sorry it didnít.

Hal: Emily, I want these charges dropped against you more than you can ever imagine. I want our life back -- you, me, here with the kids. And if running a few tests will help me accomplish that, Iím glad do it.

Emily: Well, I guess I was looking for something else, something more.

Hal: Emily, what do you want me to say?

Emily: I want you to believe that there's a possibility that I was manipulated into doing this.

Hal: Anything is possible, Em. [Emily sighs] oh, God, em. I wish I could give you more than that.

Emily: You know what, you're just being you -- honest to a fault. And I know Iíve put you in an awkward position.

Hal: What do you mean?

Emily: Will was the eyewitness to my crime. You turn into some champion of my defense, what kind of signal are you sending to Will? That he somehow means less to you than I do?

Hal: I'm just trying to do what's right by both of you.

Emily: I know you are. And so am I. And that's why I think I need to move out until things calm down.

Hal: No!

Emily: It's a conflict of interest for you at work. And how is Will supposed to come and visit you and feel comfortable with me here?

Hal: We'll work it out!

Emily: No, Will is your son. He is a young boy, and he needs to -- he needs his father to help him through this. You two will work this out.

Hal: Emily, you're my wife!

Emily: Yeah. Don't you forget that?

Sierra: Here you go.

Lucinda: Thank you, honey. Thanks so much. My day has sort of gotten out of joint.

Sierra: Where's Lucy?

Lucinda: Lucy ran into Dusty and Lucy ran away weeping.

Sierra: I wish I'd been here. I would've given him a kick --

Lucinda: Its okay, I took care of it. Now, if Rafael would just back off --

Sierra: There's no chance of that.

Lucinda: You talked to him?

Sierra: At length. He is madly in love with Lucy, and swears he's gonna make her his own. I honestly don't know what's going to happen.

Lucinda: Well, despite everything that has happened, my money is on Dusty.

Sierra: I don't know. That Rafael is a goodhearted, earnest guy.

Lucinda: Could we please get out of the cold and have a drink? Let's go and toast that our girl picks the best man.

Sierra: And she's smart enough to have two good men to choose from.

Lucinda: Yeah, well, she gets that from me.

Lucy: I'm so confused right now.

Rafael: I know you're still upset about Dusty.

Lucy: He may not want me, but that doesn't change the way that I feel about him.

Rafael: I'm not asking for any promises, but I do want a chance.

Lucy: To do what?

Rafael: To show you how good I could be for you, how good we could be together.

Lucy: I don't know.

Rafael: Yes, you do. Deep down inside, you want to give us a chance, too.

Lucy: Maybe I do.

Henry: Congratulations. Congratulations -- Mike, congratulations.

Katie: Yeah, wow. Moving in. Things must be pretty serious between you two.

Jennifer: Well, it just sort of came up, but --

Mike: But we're very excited about it.

Henry: Well, it's just great, you guys. It's really, really great.

Mike: I guess we should get going.

Jennifer: Right. Good luck with the gym.

Katie: Thanks.

Henry: Well, that -- that was interesting.

Katie: Fast. How could Mike have loved me the way he did and ask her to move in so quickly?

Henry: Well, you're getting married.

Katie: That's not the same thing at all!

Henry: No, I guess -- I guess it isn't.

Katie: Okay, now, it must be a rebound thing. He's trying to prove that he doesn't care that Iím marrying you. But he really does care -- a lot! That's it, right?

Henry: Bubbles, I don't know about that.

Katie: No, I do. You know what? And this gym is the perfect way to prove it. I knew there was a reason I took this job!

Henry: Okay, if I could be so bold, would you mind sharing that reason with me?

Katie: Isn't it obvious? It's the best way of getting Mike back!

Barbara: Hal? Emily?

Hal: Nathans.

Nathans: Yes, Lieutenant?

Hal: Can you grab this for me? Take that down to the lab. I want everything in this box analyzed for a controlled substance.

Nathans: Yes, sir.

Hal: And Nathans -- have them rush it. As a personal favor to me?

Nathans: Will do, Lieutenant.

Hal: Paul? It's me, Hal. I took the dishes down to the lab as you requested. We should have an answer in a day or two. Listen -- I -- I don't know when you're gonna pick up this message, but could you please tell Emily -- could you ask Emily to please come home?

Emily: So Iím gonna move in with my mother.

Paul: I'm sorry.

Emily: Yeah. Well, thanks for that. And thank you for everything you've done for me. I'm sorry, too, that we haven't gotten Barbara yet.

Paul: We will.

Mike: You have got enough stuff to fill an 18-wheeler.

Jennifer: Hey, I warned you. It takes a lot to look this natural. Will you build me an extra closet?

Mike: I will build you a room -- a house -- a mansion.

Jennifer: Hmm-mm. Don't change a thing. I love this place. You're here.

Mike: No worries?

Jennifer: Oh? About Katie, you mean? Well, she didn't exactly seem thrilled to hear our news.

Mike: Are you thrilled?

Jennifer: I think Iím about to be.

Katie: I can't believe it. It was right in front of me and I didn't even see it! Aren't you excited?

Henry: If I knew what we were talking about, yeah, Katie.

Katie: Well? We need money, right?

Henry: Right.

Katie: And we need to fix this place up in order to get the money, right?

Henry: Right, so?

Katie: So we do both. We have the wedding here!

Henry: How do we pay for the --

Katie: Construction?

Henry: Mike.

Katie: Right. It's a huge job. So he's gonna have to work from now until the wedding to get it done. And -- he can't say no, since he's your --

Henry: Best man.

Katie: Right. So, Mike here every day. Me here every day. Jennifer not here every day.

Henry: Where am I?

Katie: Wherever you want to be. Is this not the perfect solution? Week after week, side by side -- Mike won't be able to fight it. He's gonna realize who he truly loves and who knows? He might just beg me to call off the wedding before Valentine's Day. Wouldn't that be great?

[Nervous chuckle]

Henry: Here's hoping.

Katie: And it's all because of you.

Henry: Oh, well --

Katie: Thank you, thank you, thank you -- thank you for asking me to marry you!

Rafael: All right, well -- I don't want to call it dating. We'll just see each other, and spend as much time together as we can.

Lucy: I really don't want to lead you on. But when it comes to Dusty --

Rafael: Hey, I know how you feel about him. I also know how I can make you feel.

Lucy: If it doesn't work out --

Rafael: Hey, do you care about me? Do you?

Lucy: I do.

Rafael: That's all I ask.

Salesman: That one is perfect.

Dusty: May I?

Salesman: Please.

Dusty: The perfect ring for the perfect girl.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Holden: See you tonight?

Julia: Just you, me and J.J. Unless J.J. has other plans.

Jack: I remember everything about us. What more do you want?

Carly: I want her gone.

Dusty: Do you think Lucyís a square-cut girl. Or do you think she'd go for a pear shape?

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