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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 1/18/05

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Rosanna: How's it going?

Margo: Shh. It's hard to tell. But, yeah, they're still talking.

Will: So now she's buying me friends?

Casey: Come on, dude, what's wrong with having a few people out for party?

Will: Nothing, if I knew that anybody would show up.

Casey: That's where I come in.

Will: Listen, if you want to have a stupid party, fine, do it. Just leave me out of it.

Rosanna: Oh, there goes the wall.

Margo: No, no, no. Not necessarily. He hasn't left now.

Rosanna: No, he's not going to go for it.

Margo: Uh-uh. Casey doesn't know the meaning of the word "no." He's just getting started.

Casey: You got it rough, don't you, man? Your sister-in-law buys you a car, wants to throw you a party at, like, the most incredible place in town. How do you act when people aren't trying to be nice to you?

Will: You don't want to know.

Casey: Lighten up, man. You think you're the only one with problems? Other kids at school parents split. Their grades tank. They mess around with stuff, too, dangerous stuff, and end up in the hospital. You're not so special. Come on, what's the worst that could happen? You invite some people out, play some music, maybe even, for once in your life, smile. That way Rosannaís off your back and maybe you'll even have a good time.

Will: And maybe you'll score points with Margo?

Casey: I definitely score points. But not if you just sit on the couch like someone shot your dog.

Will: All right, fine. Whatever.

Casey: You'll do it?

Will: Sure.

Casey: Sweet. I'll put the word out and call your cell later, we'll nail it down then. A party at Fairwinds -- man, you just made me number one with Kristen Malloy. Later. A piece of cake.

Rosanna: Oh, Casey, you're wonderful.

Casey: Hear that, Mom?

Margo: Yeah, yeah.

Casey: Let me give you guys some advice -- get a life. Leave the party plans to me and will. See ya.

Margo: Every once in a while they do you proud, huh?

Katie: There we are, in triplicate.

Louie: And you'll meet the reopen date?

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Louie: And come in on budget?

Katie: Like Henry said, budgets are my specialty. If you have anything else to say, you keep it to yourself.

Mike: Henry, I didn't mean anything by that crack.

Henry: I try to stay one step above insurance fraud.

Mike: I just don't want to see you two get involved in anything dangerous.

Louie: Hey, hey! I run a legitimate business. [Phone rings] you talk it down, you're talking to my lawyers. I'm sorry, Iíve got to take this.

Henry: Hey, take it.

Louie: I'll be back.

Henry: Absolutely.

Louie: Yeah, yeah.

Mike: You're sure about this?

Henry: It's a great opportunity for Katie.

Mike: I was talking to Katie.

Katie: I'm looking forward to the challenge. Just because something's hard, doesn't mean it's not worth working for.

Mike: Just be careful, okay? Check this guy out. You never know.

Henry: That's some great advice, big guy.

Mike: I'll see you later.

Katie: Bye. Did you see how nuts Mike went when he heard about the murder?

Henry: I think "nuts" is a little strong.

Katie: And that crack about the life insurance? That's so not Mike. He's so worried about me. He's so worried about me that he can't even think straight, all because our engagement is driving him crazy. Before long, he'll be begging me to come back to him.

Bob: Ben, neither of us can afford to ignore what you did.

Ben: I know. And I'm prepared to suffer the consequences.

Bob: Let me finish. You didn't have to come clean about that drug test. You didn't have to keep up to date on Aaron Snyderís case. You're an excellent surgeon and an asset to any staff. Now, weighing that against one mistake, Iíd be a fool not to want you back at memorial.

Ben: Are you saying you want me back?

Bob: I need you back.

Ben: I don't know what to say.

Bob: Well, do you think you can stand me looking over your shoulder for the next couple of months?

Jessica: Yes, of course, he can. Yes, he can.

Bob: Well, if you agree, I'll bring it up to the board and hopefully you'll be reinstated by the end of the week.

Ben: Well, of course, I agree. Bob, thank you. I won't let you down again.

Bob: I'm gonna hold you to that. Also, I didn't want to lose two of my best doctors on the same day.

Jessica: Oh, Bob, listen, before you go, here are the labor contracts I promised you.

Bob: Thank you.

Jessica: Sure.

Alison: When did you decide all of this?

Chris: Well, I got asked to do an interview at children's hospital in Pittsburgh and they made an offer on the spot.

Aaron: That's a big change.

Chris: Yeah, well, I'm ready for a change.

Alison: When do you leave?

Chris: Right now. I'm on my way to the airport.

Alison: It seems so fast.

Chris: Yeah, well, life's like that sometimes.

Aaron: Chris, good luck.

Chris: You, too.

Alison: Just be happy, okay?

Chris: Yeah. Take good care of her.

Alison: I used to think that he was so perfect for me.

Aaron: I remember.

Alison: I'm sorry that I put you through all of that. Especially right before the wedding, when you tried so hard to wake me up.

Aaron: Well, then I guess you have to make it all up now.

Alison: What a good idea.

Paul: What did you just remember?

Emily: It was an image or something. A teacup, a teabag.

Paul: What about it?

Emily: I don't know. I -- I don't know. It's like all these little pieces are flying around my head and none of them are connecting and making any sense.

Paul: Okay. Just focus.

Emily: How do you focus? My entire life is turned upside down, Paul! I mean, my grandmother's china's in a box in my laundry room, for God's sake.

Paul: All right. Well, let's go to what we know, all right? You were feeling sick. You were feeling kind of fuzzy. Were you taking any kind of medication?

Emily: No. I mean, over the counter stuff. Ibuprofen, cold tablets, that's it.

Paul: All right. So nothing that would make you lose your memory?

Emily: No. I wasn't eating a lot. All I remember is drinking a ton of that tea Barbara kept brewing for me. The -- that tea --

[Emily remembers]

Barbara: Drink up. You'll feel much better. Come on, Emily, drink. Just one sip, come on, Barbara knows best. Drink, drink. It'll make you feel better. Can I get you another cup? Just finish that up and you'll feel much better very soon.

Paul: Emily?

Emily: I told her I didn't want it. The cup of tea, but she insisted. She insisted that I would drink it and it would make me feel better.

Paul: Did it?

Emily: No. But she wouldn't take no for an answer. She stood there until I drank the tea.

Paul: What did the tea taste like? Do you remember? Was it bitter? Was it sweet? What?

Emily: I don't remember.

Paul: Emily, think about this, okay? Because this could be important.

Emily: I know! I -- I can't remember.

Paul: Emily, do you think that Barbara could have put something in your tea? Do you think she could have been drugging you?

Jessica: Finally, the good guy wins.

Ben: Well, see, that's what happens when the good guy has a great attorney on his side.

Jessica: I think we should celebrate. Sorry, I don't mean to put you on the spot.

Ben: Hey, no, no. Wait. You did not put me on the spot. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind a little celebrating.

Jessica: Really?

Ben: Yeah.

Jessica: Ben, I am so happy for you. Okay, I'll call you later and we'll make a plan.

Ben: I'll look forward to it.

Barbara: I came here out of concern for your brother. I did not come here to pump you for information. I did not come here to persecute Emily. I'm just looking for a little understanding.

Jennifer: Well, put it on your wish list.

Barbara: No matter how far you try to push me away, you won't stop me from loving you. Just as you will never stop loving me. Good-bye, darling. Are you still living at the Lakeview?

Jennifer: More or less. Why?

Barbara: Well, I'm just itching to get working again. It's kind of difficult to spread out at your father's.

Jennifer: You want to work at the suite?

Barbara: I hold the lease. We could cross paths, catch up. I promise I won't get in your way. I'll call you next week with details. I do love you, darling.

Emily: Do you really think she was spiking my tea?

Paul: You said you were in a daze, right? It's not like there's a medical explanation. It's not like you went to see a doctor and there was some kind of diagnosis. Maybe kindly nurse Barbara slipped you a Mickey.

Emily: But why? And to do all of those horrible things to Rosanna?

Paul: You said before that she wanted your life. I mean, she moved all this kitchen stuff back to the way it was when she and Hal were married. I mean, maybe in her demented brain, all she had to do was get you out of the way and then she gets her house back, she gets will back --

Emily: Paul, mind control we're talking about.

Paul: Every single time I have underestimated my mother, it has cost me.

Emily: Okay, even if she was drugging me, my dishes have been washed so many times, there's no way we can prove that.

Paul: Maybe there's traces.

Emily: Are you kidding me? You are watching way too much "CSI."

Paul: Well, who knows? Look, we'll go empty the cabinets and -- and we'll give it to Hal and he can put it in his fancy lab.

Emily: You're serious?

Paul: Yeah. Come on, put stuff in here. Emily, you got a better idea?

Emily: No.

Paul: Then don't just stand there. Get the cups and the mugs and the saucers and I'll find the silverware.

Bob: Well, did you say all your good-byes?

Chris: Yeah, I'm saving the hardest one for last. Where's Mom?

Bob: She's getting the car.

Chris: Thank you for coming to the airport, Grandma. That means everything.

Nancy: Where else would I be? You're wearing your grandfather's watch.

Chris: Yeah.

Nancy: He'd be so proud of you.

Chris: I haven't given him much to be proud of lately.

Nancy: Well he wasn't perfect and he certainly wouldn't have expected you to be perfect.

Chris: Well, I'm wearing it to remind me of the person that I want to become.

Nancy: I'm going to miss you, Christopher.

Chris: I love you, Grandma.

Bob: Chris, you always have a home here, you know that.

Chris: Yes. Thank you.

Bob: Well, listen, we better go or you're gonna miss that plane.

Nancy: Oh, yeah.

Bob: You ready, son?

Chris: Yeah.

Ben: Everything looks terrific.

Aaron: Sweet. When can I go home?

Alison: I can take care of him there.

Ben: Well, I'll see if I can step things up a little, but just a little.

Aaron: Thank you very much, Dr. Harris.

Ben: You're going to have to slow down for a while. Mostly bed rest to start.

Alison: Don't worry, I'll make sure he stays put.

Ben: No strenuous exercise for at least six weeks. I don't want you back in here with complications.

Alison: How strenuous?

Ben: No heavy lifting, no exercise or sports.

Aaron: That's cool.

Ben: Last, but not least -- no sex.

Louie: Okay, the backers are onboard. You, lucky lady, start right away.

Katie: Great.

Louie: Yeah, yeah. Look, why don't you meet me down at the gym. We'll toss around a few ideas.

Henry: She'll be there.

Katie: See ya. [Henry humming] am I going to regret this? I know nothing about running a gym.

Henry: I know nothing about getting married -- has that stopped me? Hey! In this land of the complacent, there are the go-getters and those that get the go-getters going.

Katie: Okay, exactly how much do I need to make to get this wedding pulled off?

Henry: Verifiable income, a new batch of plastic and a home-eq on the cottage, and then we are back in the bridal business.

Katie: All right.

Henry: All right.

Katie: I can do this. I can make it work. I will turn that gym around.

Henry: That's my girl!

Katie: It's worth it. If the prize is getting Mike back, it's worth whatever it takes.

Mike: Coast clear?

Jennifer: Huh. Didn't you see the skywriting? "Surrender, Jennifer!"

Mike: You hungry?

Jennifer: Not anymore. What do you know about Oakdale court?

Mike: I did some renovations there. Nice apartments. Who's moving?

Jennifer: I am. My mother's making noise about using the suite at the Lakeview.

Mike: Your suite?

Jennifer: Well, technically it's hers. And if she starts showing up there again, i have to be long gone. I have to have a place of my own.

Mike: I know a spot open.

Jennifer: Oh, you'd be a life saver. Where?

Mike: It's a cozy little place in the woods, by a lake. One bedroom, very private --

Jennifer: I am serious.

Mike: So am I. Move in with me, Jen.

Rosanna: Ooh, that looks good.

Will: Yeah, it's not bad.

Rosanna: So do you and Casey have classes together?

Will: No.

Rosanna: Oh. He seems like a nice kid.

Will: Yeah. He's okay.

Rosanna: You're really going to make me work for this, aren't you?

Will: Well, why shouldn't I?

Rosanna: Oh, come on. I didn't mean to interfere. Okay, yes, I meant to interfere, but I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable.

Will: I'm not uncomfortable.

Rosanna: And we didn't force Casey to do anything.

Will: Hey, it's okay. We talked. Everything's cool. And I figure why not, it can't hurt.

Rosanna: A party might be fun, right?

Will: Well, how am I supposed if Iím having fun?

Rosanna: Well, I don't know. You're a smart kid, you'll figure it out.

Barbara: What the hell are you doing in my house?

Emily: Oh, your house?

Barbara: Put those dishes away.

Paul: We finally figured it out.

Barbara: You give those to me.

Paul: It all makes sense now.

Emily: How you got me to go to Fairwinds.

Paul: How you tricked Emily into tormenting Rosanna.

Barbara: Don't be absurd.

Emily: Why the last few weeks of my life have been a complete blur.

Paul: Oh, we've got you, Barbara. All the proof we need is in that box and this box is going to the crime lab.

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mike: Move in with me, Jen.

Jennifer: No. Well --

Katie: I can't stop trying, Henry. I love Mike too much to just let it go. Can you understand that?

Dusty: Something's changed.

Lucy: My feelings for you have changed.

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