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Katie: I'm sorry. I think I just had a brain freeze or something. I thought you -- did you just ask me to marry you?

Henry: Yes. I did.

Katie: Marry? Me and you?

[Katie chuckles]

[Henry laughs]

Henry: I'm serious.

Katie: You're not. Oh, Henry. Oh -- you know I love you.

Henry: And I love you.

Katie: But we're not in love with each other.

Henry: Oh, "in," "in." That's such a tiny, little word. Let's not worry about that.

Katie: I can't marry someone I'm not in love with, and you shouldn't, either.

Henry: You married Simon to get a green card.

Katie: Yeah, but I was already pretty much nuts about him.

Henry: Well, can't you be nuts about me one day? I'm adorable.

Katie: But Mike --

Henry: Is with someone else.

Katie: Jennifer's just a rebound. Long-term, Mike and I are meant to be together. He knows that, too. In fact, I'm sure he's probably thinking of me right now.

Jennifer: Mike?

Mike: Here.

Jennifer: Bed.

Mike: Bed. Bed.

Mike: Bed's taken. It's clean. Just give me a minute.

Jennifer: It's done. Now, where were we?

Sierra: So, what are you gonna tell Lucy about where you've been?

Craig: We have an agreement, don't we? And I'm gonna stick to it. But there are other concerns we need to talk about.

Sierra: Those being?

Craig: Making sure that nothing like this ever happens to Lucy again. And that means keeping her as far away from Dusty Donovan as humanly possible.

Sierra: That's not what she wants.

Craig: Her life has been in danger every other minute since she met that guy. You approve of that?

Sierra: What possible objection can I have to a man who is crazy about our daughter and would risk his life to try to find her?

Craig: He's motivated, all right. And it's his fault that Lucy got into this in the first place.

Sierra: No, Craig. That started with you.

Lucy: They're ready to take your statement.

Dusty: You holding up okay?

Lucy: Sure. I'll be better after a month in bed.

Dusty: Maybe you should go home.

Lucy: No, we'll wait for you.

Lucy: Do you wanna get some coffee or something?

Rafael: I'd rather talk about what happened between us.

Carly: Hey!

Lily: Where's Jack?

Carly: He's at work. Why do you need to see him?

Lily: Because, thanks to him, I have lost my husband to another woman.

Carly: Wait. Wait. Could you repeat that for me, please?

Lily: Jack didn't want to deal with that -- selfish, hands-on, manipulative, evil --

Carly: Julia.

Lily: Julia. He drafted Holden to deal with her. He's moved out of our home and into Emma’s with that -- that -- that --

Carly: That husband-stealing, trash-talking, conniving witch! Oh.

Holden: Your son is a such a fast learner. He is tending to the horses with Luke like he was born to it.

Julia: Good! I tell ya, I wish I could take credit for it, but I've never really spent any time around horses.

Holden: We could change that. I could teach you how to ride. You and J.J. could learn together.

Julia: I would like that. Hey, I just want say thank you for everything you've done for J.J. I mean, you've made it so much easier for him to get over losing Jack.

Holden: Jack's still around.

Julia: Barely.

Holden: I know. It's tough. For both of you.

Julia: But you've made it a lot better. I don't know if you hadn't asked Emma to move in here --

Holden: My mother, she loved having a houseful. You stopped wearing your ring.

Julia: Yeah. You're going through some pretty big stuff, too. Living here, instead of --

Holden: Instead of home. Lily and I have been trying to fix our marriage for over a year. It was just time to take a different approach. Are you gonna tell me what's in the box?

Julia: Jack. I'm moving him out. I'm just over everything. I'm sick and tired of being angry and being sad and hurt all the time. Like you said, it's time to try something new.

Carly: Well, it's no wonder that Julia said that she and J.J. don’t need Jack anymore. Now she's after Holden.

Lily: I've gotta talk to Jack.

Carly: And tell him to do what?

Lily: I don't know! Get her to leave town! I can't let her steal my husband.

Carly: She's not going to. You and Holden, you're like soul mates, just like Jack and I are. And she didn't get Jack, and she's not going to get Holden, either.

Lily: Holden is bonding with Julia and her son of his own free will.

Carly: If Holden is bonding, it's because she is working him. It's her M.O. She waits until she sees an opening. Then she starts in with that -- that sweet, helpless, single mother act.

Lily: Holden is just too nice to see through it. He'll divorce me before he gets a clue. I've gotta warn him.

Carly: No. No! You can’t. It cannot be you. Take it from a wife who's been there. He will start protecting her, you will get angry, and it's all downhill from there.

Lily: Well, what am I gonna do? I have got to do something.

Carly: Yeah, you do. But you don't talk to Holden. You talk to Julia.

Lily: And say what?

Carly: You tell her to stay the hell away from your man.

Julia: You like it hot, right?

Holden: I do. Thank you. You're spoiling me.

Julia: It's fun -- cooking in a real kitchen. Having conversation around the table.

Holden: So why don't you sit down and join me?

Julia: I wish I could, but -- actually, would you mind keeping an ear out for J.J.? I have this little errand I have to run.

Holden: Yeah, I could do that. If you want, I could deliver it for you.

Julia: No, I think this is something I think I better do myself. Thanks.

Sierra: What happened to your promise to be a better man? I should have known that it couldn't last for more than one day.

Craig: Oh, come on, that's not true.

Sierra: No, why won't you take responsibility for what you did? You arranged to have Lucy kidnapped. You put her in a situation where she could have been killed if dusty hadn't tried to rescue her.

Craig: I have accepted primary responsibility for all of that --

Sierra: Oh, come on. Don't minimize what you did.

Craig: All I am saying is that Lucy’s connection to a much older hustler with a criminal past is inherently dangerous. All right? All the time, some thug from his past shows up, wreaking havoc, okay? Even he has admitted that he is no good for her.

Sierra: Well, that's between the two of them.

Craig: We are her parents!

Sierra: Oh, stop it, would you? We almost lost her. Why can't you just be happy that she's safe and she's alive?

Craig: Sure, sure. I am. But I worry.

Sierra: Well, keep it to yourself. Because this welcoming of hers is to be unconditional. That's what's in order for the day. And if you can't behave yourself, then maybe you need to leave.

Lucinda: Welcome! Welcome!

Craig: Oh! Oh, it's just you.

Jordan: Oh, that's funny, I was about to say the same thing.

Sierra: Hi.

Jordan: Hello.

Lucinda: As Jordan was so helpful in finding Lucy, I thought he should be part of her homecoming.

Jordan: Only if you don't mind.

Sierra: No, of course I don't mind.

Craig: Well, actually --

Sierra: I don't mind at all, and I'm sure that Craig doesn't, either, because it would give him a chance to formally thank you for everything you've done.

Craig: All right. Jordan Sinclair, thank you. And, uh -- what else is there to say? Except -- welcome. Please stay.

Rafael: All those days alone together, and now we can't even grab one minute by ourselves.

Lucy: You know what? I'm not so sure I'm up for doing this right now.

Rafael: Something pretty major happened between us when we were stuck in the mine.

Lucy: You saved my life. I wouldn't have survived without you.

Rafael: We did more than survive.

Lucy: I know.

Rafael: And don't say it just happened because we were stranded together, or we thought we were going to die. Because it meant something to me.

Lucy: It meant something to me, too.

Rafael: I'm so glad you said that, because I --

Dusty: Hey. What are you guys doing here?

Lucy: Just talking.

Dusty: I thought maybe you changed your mind and left.

Henry: Katie -- face it. Mike dumped you.

Katie: He did not.

Henry: All right, let's revisit the facts, shall we? Instead of your little barge on the river of denial. Did he or did he not tell you that he was in love with Jennifer?

Katie: He said that --

Henry: Did he or did he not say he was not gonna put up with your games anymore?

Katie: Just because he said those things doesn't mean that he meant them.

Henry: He is a carpenter for a reason. He's all about the basics. He does what he says, he says what he means --

Katie: He loves who he loves, and that would be me.

Henry: Despite all evidence to the contrary?

Katie: All right, forget what Mike said. It was the way he looked at me. He has not gotten me out of his system. I could tell.

Henry: All right, okay. All right, let's just say, sake of argument, that you're right.

Katie: I am, you know.

Henry: Okay. All right. But there's old love, and there's new love. Yes, he may have some residual feelings for you, but that doesn't mean he's not in love with Jennifer.

Katie: Yes, it does.

Henry: It doesn't mean that he's gonna drop her like a hot potato and come running back to you.

Katie: Yes, it does!

Henry: Part of you still has some love for Simon, don't you?

Katie: Yeah, and always will.

Henry: Would you take him back?

Katie: That's a trick question.

Henry: No! No, you wouldn’t. Admit it. No, you wouldn’t.

Katie: This is different.

Henry: Right, right, right, right. Simon lied to you. He manipulated you. You lied to Mike, manipulated Mike. It's like night and day. I don't know how I didn't see it.

Katie: Why aren't you on my side?

Henry: I am on you side. Bubbles, I'm always on your side. I'm just trying to tell you that mike just isn't that into you. For the moment, for the moment. How bad would it hurt him, though, to see you happy -- to see you exploring other options?

Katie: Hmm?

Henry: Uh-huh.

Katie: It would kind of stink to watch Mike and Jennifer all happy, knowing that I'm not.

Henry: This is what I'm saying.

Katie: This town is very small. Seeing them at grocery stores and out to dinner -- movie theaters --

Henry: Always happens. Always happens.

Katie: They'd be all happy, and I'd be alone -- reading Tolstoy.

Henry: Tolstoy?

Katie: Something tragic, like my life.

Henry: Right. Right. So, instead of hanging out with "Anna Karenina," why not spend some time with me? You know I'd always be there for you. You know I care about you. You'd never be alone.

Katie: But marriage?

Henry: And maybe, just maybe -- Mike won't like it.

Sierra: Lucy! Oh, my gosh. Look at you. Let me see you, let me see you. No broken bones? No frostbite?

Lucy: I'm fine.

Lucinda: Can't a grandmother get a little turn in here? Hi, darling.

Sierra: Thank you, both of you. Rafael, how are you?

Rafael: Couldn't be better.

Jordan: Glad you made it back in one piece.

Dusty: Glad you're not in jail still.

Craig: Lullaby!

Lucy: Daddy! I'm so glad you're all right. I thought you were dead.

Craig: I'm so happy to see you.

Lucy: Where were you all this time?

Lily: Julia? Hello? Julia, are you here?

Holden: No, she's not.

Lily: I thought you were down at the stables.

Holden: What are you doing here?

Lily: I didn't like the way we left things.

Holden: Well, since you thought I was at the stables, I guess you're actually here to see Julia.

Lily: I did want to talk to her.

Holden: Why?

Lily: So maybe she could give me some answers that you won't give me.

Holden: About?

Lily: New Year's Eve.

Holden: There's nothing more to tell. You stood me up. I ran into her at the Lakeview. We wished each other a happy new year. End of story.

Lily: Are you sure Julia knows that?

Holden: Julia's not the reason our marriage is in trouble.

Lily: Maybe not. But she could be the reason it stays in trouble.

Carly: Hey, sweetheart, it's me. I was just wondering if you had talked to Holden lately. [Doorbell rings] So why don't you give me a call when you get a chance? There's someone at the door. I gotta go. I love you!

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Henry: Best friend of mine, I'm asking you again. Will you marry me?

Katie: Okay.

Henry: Okay?

Carly: What's in there?

Julia: Stuff Jack bought me.

Carly: Considering what's happened, why would you come over here on your own?

Lucy: I was so worried about you. That's why Rafael and I got on that plane, was because we thought that Dominic had hurt you. Where were you?

Craig: Oh -- I took a little break. I had some thinking to do.

Lucy: Why didn't you tell anybody that you were going to take off? You just disappeared from Lily's house, and we found that broken watch --

Craig: Well, it was time. You and I weren't speaking. I thought I had lost you.

Lucy: But you should have called, Daddy. Do you have any idea what you put us through?

Sierra: Lucy, Lucy, stop badgering your father. He came home as soon as he knew you were missing.

Lucy: But if he had just called --

Sierra: No, listen -- we almost lost each other, and this is really not the time for anger or recrimination. This is just the time to be happy that you're home safe. That's all we need to do, isn't it?

Lucy: Yeah, you're right.

Sierra: Besides, I think that your father's time away was good for him.

Jennifer: Mike?

Mike: Hmm?

Jennifer: Are you wondering why I'm not saying anything?

Mike: What should you be saying?

Jennifer: I don't know. Aren't we supposed to have one of those "was it good for you" moments?

Mike: I don't think we need ratings, do you? Especially for something that was -- unbelievable.

Jennifer: So it was worth the wait?

Mike: Oh, yeah. But can I make a confession? I'm really glad that wait's over.

Jennifer: I love you, Mike.

Mike: I love you, too.

Henry: What do you say?

Katie: Mike will never believe it.

Henry: Why not?

Katie: Because I just finished telling him how in love with him I still am. He'd never buy me running straight from that into your waiting arms.

Henry: After everything that you've been through, first with Simon, now with Mike, why wouldn't you turn to your best friend?

Katie: Turn to, yes -- but marry? He would never believe that you and I -- you know.

Henry: Yeah, well, we wouldn't we have to -- you know.

Katie: Of course we wouldn’t. You knew we wouldn't, didn't you?

Henry: Sure, yeah. Sure, I knew that.

Katie: And we wouldn't go on a honeymoon. I mean, it would be a waste of money.

Henry: Yeah. I mean, unless you wanted to go someplace warm, maybe drink some little drinks with little umbrellas in them, do a little gambling.

Katie: Okay, this is insane. First, you ask me to marry you, and then you offer to spend money on me. What's going on here? Do you have a terminal disease or something?

[Henry laughs]

Henry: No. No! Of course not. Fit as a fiddle. I just -- I just don't want to see you sad, that's all.

Katie: And for that, you're willing to marry me, even though I'm not with you, and we would never sleep together? Just to get under Mike's skin?

Henry: Well, a few other reasons. But, yeah, that's basically it, yeah.

Katie: No.

Henry: No?

Katie: Well, don't you see? It's just another game. I've tried playing games with Mike, and I lost -- big time. So thank you for your proposal, but -- no.

Holden: What are you saying?

Lily: I'm not accusing you of anything --

Holden: No, but you're accusing Julia.

Lily: No! I just -- I came here to remind her that, even though we're separated, you still have a wife. A wife that loves you very much.

Holden: Well, then you'd be talking to the wrong person. Because Julia is not interested in me. She's heartbroken -- over losing Jack.

Lily: I know, and she can't wait to replace him.

Holden: I'm out of the house 24 hours, and you're jealous?

Lily: You were the one who decided to move out of the house in here. With Julia. And her son. Should I be jealous?

Holden: I don't deserve that, and neither does Julia.

Lily: I'm not saying anything's happened, but can't you see how easily that could happen?

Holden: No.

Lily: But you just said it. She's hurt, and she's lonely. You're the great guy, trying to make everything right for everybody.

Holden: What's wrong with trying to help a friend?

Lily: Nothing, unless it costs us our marriage. I thought this was supposed to be a trial separation. Isn't the goal of that for us to work our way back to each other?

Holden: That's what I wanted, too.

Lily: We can do it. Holden, we can do it. But you cannot get so wrapped up in Julia’s problems that there's nothing left to deal with our own. I'm just saying, please, don't let her take advantage of you.

Holden: Oh, you mean like Craig does to you? Julia is not taking advantage of me. You and Carly make her out to be some sort of schemer. She's not. She's as much a victim of Jack's accident as he was.

Lily: Well, maybe she was. In the beginning. But when she found out about Jack and Carly, she deliberately kept it from him.

Holden: You don't know that for sure.

Lily: I do know that! I know that for sure! 100%! And I'm telling you, when I look in that woman's eyes, I see anything but a victim!

Carly: Well, Julia, if you had called instead of just dropping by, you could have saved yourself a trip.

Julia: Well, like I said, I didn't come to see Jack. I just came to drop off this box.

Carly: What's in there?

Julia: Stuff Jack bought me. Considering what happened, I just don't think I should keep them.

Carly: Julia, if all you wanted was to get that box to Jack, you could have handed it over to Holden or Emma or -- here's a novel idea -- the mailman. Considering what's happened, why would come over here on your own?

Julia: Just give him this box, Carly. Tell Jack he owes J.J. a call. And, Carly, don't look in there, okay? It's personal.

Jennifer: Mm -- you peeled grapes for me.

Mike: Just that one.

Jennifer: Oh. You were only gone a few minutes. When did you have time to do this?

Mike: It was nothing.

Jennifer: So you're handy in the kitchen, too, huh?

Mike: We can try every room in the house, if you want.

Jennifer: I'll race ya!

Henry: This isn't a game. We are two people who genuinely care about each other. So why shouldn't we be married?

Katie: What's in it for you?

Henry: Besides you?

Katie: That doesn't count, since you're not in love with me and you don't get to sleep with me.

Henry: Well -- I have a secret.

Katie: What kind of a secret?

[Henry laughs]

Henry: This may surprise you, but -- I'm not -- I'm not very good with women.

Katie: I haven't realized.

Henry: No, it's true, it's true. I know I'm quite the Casanova and everything. That's just on the surface. I have a hard time connecting with people. I can't connect with anyone the way I connect with you.

Katie: That's because you don't show the rest of the world how sweet you are.

Henry: Yeah. So -- so, until the someday when you and Mike maybe get back together, why should you live alone? I mean, isn't this the most dependable relationship you've ever had?

Katie: Yes, it is always there.

Henry: Right, and Oprah says you should always marry your best friend.

Katie: And who knows better than Oprah?

Henry: Right. So, best friend of mine, I'm asking you again. Will you marry me?

Katie: Okay.

Henry: Okay?

Katie: Yeah. After a proposal like that, who could say no?

Henry: Well –

Lucinda: Hey, are you sure this guy is really dead? Because we wouldn't want Ramsey turning up on our doorstep in the spring thaw.

Dusty: No, there's no way he survived that avalanche.

Sierra: Well, that's a good thing, or I'd have to kill him with my bare hands.

[Lucinda laughs]

Craig: Caballo -- you always were a good kid. And now -- you're bigger. Thank you for getting my daughter through this, all right, huh?

Rafael: Yeah. We got each other through it.

Rafael: Mrs. Walsh?

Lucinda: Yeah?

Rafael: May I use your phone? Is that okay?

Lucinda: Oh, of course. Come on, I'll give you some privacy.

Rafael: Try to call my family, you know?

Lucinda: Yeah.

Dusty: You know what we need?

Lucy: What?

Dusty: Some champagne for the celebration.

Sierra: Well, I'll bring some up from the cellar.

Dusty: I was thinking -- I have some special reserve bottles at metro. You want to come with me to get them?

Craig: Do you think that's really necessary? I mean, Lucy’s probably exhausted, and Lucinda has an extensive selection right here.

Sierra: I think that Lucy would probably rather have some of Dusty's champagne. And since it's her day, she can do whatever she wants.

Craig: Okay. Hurry back.

Craig: Well, isn't this cozy? Lucy's mother, Lucy’s father and --

Jordan: Lucy's mother's friend. Is that an accurate description?

Sierra: Absolutely.

Rafael: Where's Lucy?

Craig: She left with Dusty.

Carly: Why would you tell me not to open it? Because she's trying to drive me crazy. That's why. Why am I so worried about this? Jack is going to open the box, and he's gonna tell me everything that's in there. Or not. What if she's left him some lovesick note? Or pictures of them together. Or pictures of her naked! No! No, Carly, that's something you would do.

Carly: Well, it's about time she gave this back. Aw. Oh!

Holden: You know what? Julia does not have time to be a threat. She's a nice woman trying to take care of her son under very difficult circumstances.

Lily: She is not as nice as you think she is.

Holden: What did she ever do to you?

Lily: She couldn't wait to shove it in my face that she spent New Year’s Eve with you.

Holden: She mentioned it?

Lily: She gloated about it.

Holden: What'd she say?

Lily: It's not what she said. It's how she said it.

Holden: Or how you heard it!

Lily: Why are you defending her?

Julia: Hi, Lily. Can I get you some coffee? Or I made some pie. Do you want a piece of pie?

Lily: You know, I grew up in this house. I know where to get my pie.

Julia: I'm sorry. I was just trying to help.

Holden: Its okay, Julia. Lily was just leaving.

Lily: Think about what I said.

Julia: I'm sorry. I feel like I interrupted something.

Holden: It's okay. It really wasn't going anywhere.

Henry: Give me your finger.

Katie: Oh, this is silly.

Henry: No, this is an official engagement, and I want you to have something on your finger to remind you of that.

Katie: Perfect fit.

Henry: Yeah, I'm thinking of a Valentine’s Day wedding. What do you say?

Katie: It sounds good.

Henry: Good, good, good. We'd better get cracking, then. It's a very popular day. Let's see. We're going to need invitations and photographers and gin and vermouth. I'm going to grab a phone book from behind the bar. We've got some calls to make. Happy?

Katie: Don't get too carried away with those arrangements, Henry. Mike's never going to let this wedding happen.

Craig: You just did that 30 seconds ago.

Rafael: What?

Craig: Checked your watch.

Rafael: I was just wondering when Lucy would be back.

Sierra: I'm sure Dusty and Lucy will be back very soon. Are you hungry?

Rafael: I could eat.

Sierra: Well, why don't I see if I can rustle up some appetizers to go with that champagne?

Jordan: Why don't I give you a hand?

Sierra: Great.

Craig: Hey, Caballo, I saw that look on your face when you found out Lucy went off with Dusty. Is there anything particular you'd like to tell me?

Rafael: I'm in love with her.

Craig: You have been since you were 10.

Rafael: No, things changed when we were trapped together.

Craig: How so?

Rafael: She finally knows how I feel about her. I think she has feelings for me, too.

Lucy: Why don't you get the champagne? I'll just wait here.

Dusty: Lucy, I didn't come here for the champagne.

Lucy: Well, everybody's waiting. We should get back.

Dusty: You were so quiet in the car.

Lucy: So were you.

Dusty: I was nervous.

Lucy: You're never nervous.

Dusty: Well, this won't take long. And if I don't say it now, I probably will never say it.

Lucy: What is it?

Dusty: I pushed you away because I thought you deserved better than me.

Lucy: I know all this --

Dusty: Yeah, but what you didn't know is when I thought that I lost you, it didn't matter to me whether I lived or died. It didn't matter at all. Nothing mattered to me but bringing you back. I'm not talking about bringing you back from Dominic or away from the mine. I'm talking about bringing you back to me -- my arms. My bed, my life. I love you. I love you, and I don't want us ever to be apart again.

Carly: How'd it go?

Lily: Awful! That woman has lousy timing.

Carly: Oh, imagine that. She managed to ruin your day and mine in the space of an hour.

Lily: She was here?

Carly: Yeah, she was here. She came by to drop this box of stuff off for Jack to remember her by. She told me not to open it. Look at this! She just wanted to remind me that she slept with my husband for months!

Lily: Oh, it's like she's staking some sort of claim. She's telling you she could get Jack back anytime she wants.

Carly: Well, she can try. Did you tell her to keep her claws off Holden?

Lily: I didn't have a chance to because Holden threw me out of Emma’s before I could hurt her delicate little feelings.

Carly: I'd love to hurt her feelings. I'd love to break her nose.

Lily: How can Jack and Holden not see this? How can they see her as an innocent victim in all this?

Carly: Because they're good guys, you know? They need to see the best in people. Lucky for us, we're not so nice.

Lily: You have a plan?

Carly: We've tried reasoning with her. We've tried getting along with her. And now the gloves have got to come off. Our families are not safe with a home wrecker like that around.

Lily: So what do we do?

Carly: We get rid of her.

Julia: Hi. Want to talk about it?

Holden: Lily and I never used to argue. And now, every time I see her --

Julia: Okay, listen, I'm really sorry that I came in when I did, because maybe you guys would have worked some stuff out.

Holden: She's so wrong about you.

Julia: What do you mean, me?

Holden: She's got it in her head that, because we spent New Year’s Eve together and that I moved out the next day --

Julia: Oh.

Holden: Yeah, she thinks I moved out because you're --

Julia: Attracted to you?

Holden: Yeah. I told her she couldn't be more off base.

Julia: Maybe she's not.

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Holden: Does someone want to tell me what's going on here?

Julia: Yesterday, you remember I got a call from the Lakeview? It was actually Lily who had called, and when she got me alone, she offered me a bribe to leave town.

Mike: If you think this engagement's gonna make me jealous, you better think again. 'Cause all it shows is that you never knew the first thing about me.

Carly: What are you doing back here?

Jack: What happened at Emma’s?

Carly: Emma's? What do you mean?

Jack: Save it, Carly. I want to know what happened, and I want to hear it from you.

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