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Aaron: Wow, it looks crowded.

Alison: Thatís the idea, New Year's with friends. There is a table right over there.

Aaron: We're not even dressed Ali.

Alison: Thatís -- who cares? Itís cool to be undressed.

Aaron: I don't want to hang here. I want to talk to Curtis and then we're out of here, okay?

Curtis: Hey, itís good to see you Ė out.

Aaron: Yeah. Uh, did you talk to your dad yet?

Curtis: No. Why?

Aaron: Well, he didn't mess up on my surgery. I was at the hospital today. What I found out, it was actually Dr. Winters. Yeah, he messed up the anesthesia.

Curtis: They know that? The hospital knows that?

Aaron: Yeah. I'm sorry. You probably should have heard this from your father first.

Curtis: It's okay. As long as my dad is clear, that's what counts. Right?

Aaron: Yeah. Listen, I'm so sorry. The whole time I thought --

Curtis: You thought somebody messed up. It's okay.

Aaron: So, weíre good?

Curtis: We're good. All right. You better get that table over there quick.

Woman: Aaron, you look great!

Pretend like you're guests.

Alison: You still feel like leaving?

Jessica: I'm sorry. I had no right to say that. It's not your problem that I still love you so much. It's mine. And I don't really believe just because I helped with the hospital that that means anything. I just -- have no idea what I'm saying. Or why.

Ben: I don't mean to leave you hanging. I care about you, Jess. I mean what you did doesn't change our situation. Does it?

Jessica: No, I -- I guess not. It's completely separate. You wonít ever forgive me, will you Ben?

Lily: Straight out of Emma Snyderís kitchen.

Nurse: Thanks, Mrs. Snyder. This is such a treat for the kids.

Lily: You want me to hand them out? You seem short-staffed.

Nurse: The holidays are always busy. That guy has been here for an hour. His doctor hasn't called.

Lily: Oh, poor man. Maybe I'll chat with him while you phone his doctor again?

Lily: Excuse me, sir. You okay?

[Craig Montgomery turns his head toward Lily hyperventilating into a paper bag]

Julia: Thank you for being so good with J.J. You're the best.

Holden: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Where is J.J.?

Julia: Gone.

Jack: What?

Julia: His sleepover, Jack. Remember? He waited as long as he could.

Jack: Where is the address of the house? I'll go over and say hi to him.

Julia: No. Holden said he managed just fine before he left. If you go there, I think it will just remind him of how upset he was that you didn't show up.

Jack: Thank you.

Holden: No problem. Just happy to be here.

Jack: I was working, Julia. I can't be two places at once.

Julia: Come on, Jack. J.J. can feel this.

Jack: What?

Julia: You're avoiding us like the plague.

Paul: Quit worrying. All right?

Will: Dad is going to freak out.

Paul: No, he's going to accept it, because we have evidence. I don't think he ever wanted to believe you were the one tormenting him.

Will: You think he wants to believe it was his own wife?

Hal: Will! Thank God you're home! Son, I have been worried sick about you.

Will: Sorry, Dad.

Hal: Thanks Paul for bring him home. Where did you find him? Where have you been?

Will: I was okay.

Paul: What he has to tell you is hard to say. But I promise you that he could tell you anything and you would listen as long as what he says is the truth.

Hal: Well, of course I will. Come on, will. You can tell me anything.

Will: I know who is haunting Rosanna.

Hal: Give me a name. I'll pick him up right now.

Will: It was Emily.

Hal: Emily? My Emily?

Paul: We have proof, Hal.

Hal: Is this your bright idea? Because if you think this is gonna help Will, then you're out of your mind.

Rafael: This is so weird.

Lucy: What do you mean?

Rafael: We're trapped in here, no way out. I should be scared out of my mind, but Iíve never felt more alive. I wanted this for so long.

Lucy: You did?

Rafael: Don't look surprised.

Lucy: But I am.

Rafael: You never thought about us?

Lucy: When we were twelve, maybe. But not --

Rafael: Not like -- this. What about now? Can you see it? Can you see us?

Officer: Okay, Chet, I'll tell him. Mr. Donovan? Mr. Donovan! That was the weather service. The snow isn't letting up.

Dusty: But it will.

Officer: We hope so. But we can't put choppers in the air until the blizzard dies down.

Dusty: How long will that be?

Officer: Hard to say. Four days? Five?

Dusty: No. We can't even wait five hours, do you understand? I'll find Lucy myself if I have to.

Will: Don't you mean me, that I'm the one who is out of his mind, right?

Hal: Look, Will. I'm sorry I said that.

Paul: We have proof that Emily was stalking us.

Hal: That tape?

Paul: Yeah. This tape is from the security camera at a store called Toys are Trish. You can see Emily buying a doll just like the one she brought to Fairwinds.

Hal: That's what you have? Do you know how many kids we have on our Christmas list?

Paul: I can bet you none of those kids got a doll like this one. Just look at the tape.

Hal: She had no motive, Paul.

Will: You still believed I did that.

Hal: I never said that.

Will: This is why I didn't want to tell him before.

Hal: Wait a minute. Blonde woman you say at fair winds, you suspected that as being Emily?

Will: No, Dad. I know it was Emily. I tried to tell you at the diner.

Hal: Yeah. Then you ran away.

Will: I saw the look on your face. You already decided it had to be me. Surprise. This time I'm not the problem. It's your wife.

Jessica: I understand if that's true, Ben. If you can't forgive me. I do. I may've helped clear your name, but it's nothing compared to what I cost you.

Ben: I made my own mistakes, Jess.

Jessica: But I destroyed our lives. Our home. I betrayed you. I don't even -- I can't even take it back. I don't even know how to make up for it. I don't even know why I did it.

Ben: I know the feeling. Maybe for the first time. You do something so horrible, so outrageous, so naive. But it is you. Because there you are. It happens.

Jessica: Thank you for saying that. You don't know what that means to me.

Ben: Where are you going?

Jessica: Home, I guess.

Ben: Curtis is working tonight. You want to come with me to see him? Have a drink?

Lily: Is this a panic attack like last time?

Craig: It's not as bad. Last time I thought I was having a heart attack. At least this time I know.

Lily: What caused it? Do you know?

Craig: Well, I went to see Sierra.

Lily: Did you confront her about having been locked away? I bet you let her have it.

Craig: Yeah, well, sure. But she said she was trying to help me.

Lily: Is that what she said?

Craig: She said she wanted me to look at my life with what Iíve done.

Lily: What did you do?

Craig: What do you mean, what I'd done.

Lily: Calm down! What? What?

Craig: It's Lucy.

Lily: What?

Craig: She went down in a plane trying to save me.

Dusty: Make him understand! We don't have four, five days.

Officer: You can't just barrel out into a storm.

Dusty: Maybe you don't understand. Somebody else is looking for him too. Without going into detail, he's very bad news. If you find him, it's all over.

Officer: Or nobody can find him in this weather. This guy will be able to see two feet in front of him. Is he that desperate?

Dusty: Yeah. I'd rather take a chopper and backup, but Iím going either way. Please, make the call. Hang on Missy. Hang on.

Rafael: Where we are, you know, I just want you to feel okay about us.

Lucy: You're a good man.

Rafael: You warm enough? Here.

Lucy: I guess this is better.

Rafael: You know what day it is?

Lucy: Iíve lost count. Almost New Year's?

Rafael: It is New Year's eve. It's not champagne, but it might keep us warm.

Lucy: From the emergency kit? You go ahead, really. It's okay.

Rafael: All right.

Lucy: I think I'd rather freeze.

Rafael: I'm not going to let that happen.

Holden: I need to pick up Lily at the hospital.

Julia: Hey, thank you again, Holden. Really. I don't know how I would've made it through J.J.ís meltdown without you. Have fun with your family.

Holden: Happy New Year.

Julia: Thanks.

Holden: Iíll talk to you later.

Jack: Okay. As if I didn't feel bad enough already?

Julia: That wasn't the idea.

Jack: Wasn't it? I'm sorry J.J. had such a rough time.

Julia: What'd you expect, Jack?

Jack: I did the best I could.

Julia: Really? 'Cause it feels like we're at the end of your list of chores. If you could avoid us entirely --

Jack: It's not like that! Julia, I was working. I had a dead body on the floor and ten guys needed me to run a crime scene. I have a family and two kids who've missed me for months, along with that job. And you and J.J.

Julia: Last again. Jack, if this is too much, maybe we should disappear. I know that's what Carly wants. Would that make it easier for you?

Alison: Was I right?

Aaron: Yeah.

Alison: It's good to see everyone?

Aaron: Yeah. Yes. Stop already, bobblehead.

Alison: I love being right.

Aaron: Yeah, because it's so rare.

Alison: So true.

Aaron: Oh, Ali. I miss this place so much.

Alison: I liked it too. Itís too bad you can't come back here. Oh come on. You canít work with Dusty. Not after what he did to you.

Aaron: Ali, I -- I pushed Dusty to do the fight. Okay? He didn't want it. And he had no idea what Dominic was up to. Matter of fact, if I would have listened to dusty the night of the fight, I probably wouldn't have got hurt.

Alison: I can't believe you don't hate him.

Aaron: Like that will help. Excuse me. I want to apologize. Listen. It wasn't your fault and I shouldn't have assumed. I'm sorry for any problems it caused.

Ben: You were fighting problems of your own. I really did do my best for you here.

Aaron: I am sorry. Thank you.

Paul: Will, could you give us a minute?

Will: Sure.

Paul: I think he probably wants some support from you about now.

Hal: I will support him any time, anywhere. But this story -- I can see why this would be hard. I know you want to be a good dad and a good husband. Right now I don't feel like I can even be a good company.

Paul: Look at the evidence. See for yourself. We'll be waiting.

Rafael: Let me keep you warm.

Lucy: You are.

Rafael: Over there? I'm not asking for anything, Lucy. I know what this is. You always made me feel like a million bucks, you know that? Just the way you've always been with me. You never made me feel like "the help."

Lucy: You werenít.

Rafael: Maybe not to you. But I was. I thought if I became a big fighter, maybe that'd change -- it'd be different for us.

Lucy: You became a fighter because of me?

Rafael: Nah. I just thought -- maybe, if I ever saw you again. But when I did, you were with Dusty. I figured that's it. No chance. But maybe, if we get rescued, maybe we get a second chance. I love you, Lucy. If we get out of here, I want you in my life.

Dusty: How long?

Officer: They should call back any minute.

Dusty: See that light spot, to the southeast? That's the break in the clouds. When it gets here, I'm going.

Officer: As bad as you want to find Lucy is as bad as she wants to live.

Dusty: She has no idea Iím here. I got to find her before we run out of time.

Holden: Hey, you ready to go?

Lily: I just tried to call you. I can't leave yet.

Holden: We have dinner reservations. How long does it take to deliver cookies?

Lily: Why don't you go back to the Lakeview, see if they can push back dinner.

Holden: It's special seating, Lily. New Year's eve.

Lily: What'd the nurse say?

Craig: I have to wait for the doctor, they can't do anything. I'm sorry. Lily, go.

Lily: I found him here, alone in the waiting room, having a panic attack.

Craig: I'll be okay. I live to panic. Go eat.

Lily: I will. Just as soon as you've seen the doctor. If that's okay?

Holden: Yeah. It's fine. I'll wait for you at the Lakeview, in the lounge.

Lily: Holden? You understand why I'm doing this, right?

Holden: I wouldn't expect you to do anything else.

Jack: I don't want you and J.J. to go anywhere. I just need you to cut me some slack.

Julia: I can try.

Jack: Can you? Did you? Did you explain it was work and not that I didn't want to be here?

Julia: Of course I did. He doesn't get it. He's 7. If you're his dad, you're supposed to come when you say.

Jack: Julia, what happens when you're at the hospital, in the middle of a shift, and a patient suddenly codes. But you're supposed to pick up J.J.?

Julia: You know what happens? I call my supervisor and they have to put someone else in for me that minute, and I go. Once, it cost me my job. But I don't have the luxury of dumping it with a phone call to someone else. I'm it. I'm J.J.ís mom. And clearly, we're all we have.

Jack: I don't want it to be like that. You have me now. Listen.

It is not always going to be perfect but we can make it work. We can.

Try to help J.J. understand.

Julia: I do. But Jack, I can't be part of lying to him. Or letting him down. If I let you bring me into that, then the kid's got nobody he can count on. I won't break his heart like that.

Jack: Can I ask you? This was one night.

Julia: Yeah.

Jack: It's not like this happens all the time.

Julia: No, mostly it's waiting for it to happen. We're in a limbo where we wait to hear if and when you'll have time to come see us Ė I mean see J.J.

Jack: Right. So is this really about J.J.? Or is this you not accepting that we're over

Dusty: You going to take me up in the chopper?

Officer: Not a chance. Especially now.

Dusty: Why? What happened?

Officer: Weíve had reports of an avalanche up on the mountain.

Dusty: Where?

Officer: That ridge we were looking at earlier. Just leave it go, mister.

Donovan. We'll get to them. As soon as the weather clears.

Lucy: We won't get out of here, Rafael. You heard that avalanche. Even if someone could get through the snow -- they'll never find this mine.

Rafael: They might.

Lucy: Even if they did, how long would it take them to dig down to us? Days? Weeks? We won't live that long.

Rafael: Don't say that.

Lucy: Okay.

Rafael: I'm serious. Don't even think it.

Lucy: I can't help that.

Rafael: Just try, okay? Try to believe we can get out of here. I'll believe for us. You just let me be with you for as long as we have.

Craig: You don't have to babysit.

Lily: I'm not babysitting you.

Craig: You're a better friend than I deserve.

Lily: That is true. You mean that.

Craig: I thought about it a lot while I was in the holy lockdown.

Lily: Must have been awful, being pinned in like that, someone else in control.

Craig: Yeah! Yeah. Yeah. I hated that. But the worst part, I couldn't stand being alone with myself.

Julia: You don't have to hammer it home. I got it. I don't like it, but I'm coping okay.

Lisa: Attention, everyone. The Lakeview Towers. This is the New Year's Eve ball has begun so please join us in our beautiful suite over here in the dining room.

Julia: Boy, 2005 is off to such a great start. I can't wait to count it down. What about you?

Jack: Julia, I'm not trying to be mean or make it harder for you. I just want to be sure that when we're talking about J.J., It really is about J.J. And not --

Julia: What, my bitterness that you're with Carly and her family? I got it. I am trying.

Jack: I know.

[Jackís beeper goes off.]

Jack: That's the station. I'm still in the middle of that murder investigation.

Julia: Go ahead and --

Jack: I'll call tomorrow.

Jack: Go.

Ben: You feel like some champagne tonight?

Jessica: Sure. That would be nice you have something to celebrate.

Ben: Yeah. I suppose I do. Let's see if I have any juice with the staff here.

Curtis: Dad!

Ben: Hey.

Curtis: I saw Aaron. Bartender'll be right with you. He told me what happened. I'm so happy for you!

Ben: Thanks. I just had a meeting with Bob and Jessica. He knows everything.

Curtis: So everything's straight? You're back at work?

Ben: Everything's straight. But I can't go back to Memorial.

Curtis: Why?

Ben: I still faked that drug test. This is the price.

Curtis: You lose your license?

Ben: No, I just can't work at Memorial.

Curtis: But is it like, on your record? Where can you go now?

Ben: I'll figure it out. Don't worry about me, son.

Curtis: I'm not worried. I'm proud of you.

Ben: Nothing Iíve done to be proud about.

Curtis: You made a mistake and you owned up. You made a mistake, period. That's gotta be a first. Congratulations.

Ben: Not the first, but it will be the last.

Alison: Dr. Harris?

Ben: Hey, Alison.

Alison: Something happened in surgery that shouldn't have happened. I'm just glad he's recovering in spite of it. They don't know if he'll ever regain everything. Go have a toast. Enjoy. Happy New Year.

Ben: All right. You too.

Jessica: Collecting an apology?

Ben: Yeah.

Jessica: What's the matter?

Ben: Allison said Aaron's arm isn't making any progress. Apparently she was told it will never be normal again.

Jessica: Well, if it hasn't by now --

Ben: It should have. After the second surgery, he should have recovered fully, first his leg, then his arm. Shouldn't have stopped.

Jessica: Ben --

Ben: I saw the charts, Jess. If everything isn't fine, there has got to be a reason. I can do some more tests. Who am I kidding. Nothing I can do for him now.

Will: Did you look at these?

Hal: Yeah.

Paul: Well?

Hal: It looks like Emily. And a lot of other blonde women.

Paul: Hal, here's the receipt. Emily signed it.

Hal: Where'd you get this?

Paul: I found it in your kitchen drawer. Yeah, I searched. Arrest me. It won't change the facts.

Hal: We don't know what -- let's see if -- I don't know what's going on, but will, I promise you I'll get to the bottom of it.

Will: We already did, Dad.

Lily: Do you know why Sierra won't tell you what's going on with Lindsey's search?

Craig: No. All that soul searching, I'm still left out in the cold.

Lily: Maybe you need to think a little more.

Craig: You know, my plans don't always backfire.

Lily: No, no. But they are always about what you want.

Craig: This is my daughter.

Lily: Look at you. It's like a threat, an order. That's not love. You got to learn from your mistakes.

Craig: I try.

Lily: Are you trying or just looking for reasons that people are wrong when they tell you the truth about yourself? You have to listen to the people that love you. They're the ones that matter most.

Lisa: Happy New Year.

Julia: You too.

Lisa: You okay? That stuff with Jack didn't look like fun.

Julia: Just another night. Hey, you go on, be the belle of the ball. That's your job tonight.

Lisa: Honey, that's my job every night. Why don't you come help me?

Julia: I don't feel like a party.

Lisa: You've never been to one of mine.

Julia: No. I'm going to have a quick drink, and then I'm going to go home.

Lisa: If you change your mind, come look me up.

Julia: I will.

Man: Hey gorgeous, let me buy you a drink.

Julia: No thanks. I already have one.

Man: Okay, how about we break some New Year's resolutions together?

Julia: Maybe. My resolution was to stop practicing for my black belt on guys I meet at bars.

Man: If you want to throw me on the ground, then --

Holden: Hey -- you hassling my date?

Julia: Twice in one night you've bailed me out.

Holden: I was tempted not to, just to see you throw the guy on the floor. Almost a black belt?

Julia: Not even close. Where's your wife?

Holden: She's busy at the hospital.

Julia: So she'll be here later?

Holden: I don't know. Probably not. Can I buy you a drink while I wait?

Julia: No way. It's my chance to say thank you. How about I buy you one instead?

Holden: You're on.

Alison: Okay, that's it. I'm tired of playing hard to get.

Aaron: What?

Alison: I'll ask if you wonít. Dance with me?

Aaron: Ali --

Alison: Come on, it's almost New Year's. You heard my list. I want to be on that floor, dancing in your arms when 2005 starts.

Aaron: You mean, dancing in my arm. I canít.

Alison: You punched out a doctor with one good arm. You can darn well dance.

Aaron: Yeah. I did. Okay.

Jessica: They sound good. I can't believe Sarah's getting straight As.

Ben: The girl always had smarts.

Jessica: True. It was just a question of where she put them. Thanks for not telling them.

Ben: My trouble at the hospital isn't their --

Jessica: I mean any of it. About us.

Ben: I can't believe you haven't told Bonnie.

Jessica: I'm working up to it. Tonight wasn't the night.

Ben: No. It's not.

Jessica: Hey, everybody! Thirty seconds until 2005! Fill those glasses and get up!

Ben: We will not be the only people sitting down at midnight. In case you haven't noticed, I can forgive you.

Okay -- ten! Nine! Eight!

Jessica: Won't mean a thing if you don't forgive yourself, too.

Ben: I'm working on that.

Three! Two! One! Happy New Year!

Aaron: Happy New Year, Ali.

Alison: It'll be the best ever.

Hal: Emily? I need to talk to you. Now.

Will: I told you Dad would freak out.

Paul: No, he's just confused. It's not like he doesn't believe in you. It's just -- like you said, he doesn't want to believe it's Emily either.

Will: Yeah I guess.

Paul: The important thing is, you're off the hook.

Will: So, is there a reason to wait here?

Paul: No, let's go home.

Will: Where's that?

Paul: Fairwinds.

Will: Uh-uh. No thanks. Rosanna's gonna be less happy to see me than Dad was.

Paul: Rosannaís gonna be fine. And sheíll be happy to finally know the truth. This is what she's always wanted, Will. You and me and her, all -- all of us together. I think it's a great way to start the new year.

Will: Yeah, I forgot it's New Year's Eve.

Paul: Yep. And you survived the year. Which means you get to wipe the slate clean.

Will: Is that how it works? I donít remember that part.

Paul: Oh yeah, thatís how it works. New Year's Eve is like a great cosmic do-over. Come on, letís go.

Julia: You know, I have a confession. This is my least favorite of all the holidays.

Holden: Mine too. It always feels -- forced. Like you gotta have a good time.

Julia: I didn't even want to think about this moment an hour ago. I didn't even want to countdown the new year. But you know what? This is really nice. To new beginnings.

Holden: To new beginnings.

Lily: It's midnight?

Craig: Yeah, for all acquaintance. Go. Go.

Lily: No. I gotta. I got to get to a phone. Iíll be right back.

(Holden laughs.)

(Cell phone rings.)

Holden: Lily. Hi.

Lily: Honey, I'm so sorry. I completely lost track of the time and the doctor still hasn't shown up for Craig yet.

Holden: It's okay.

Lily: No, it isnít. I'm sorry.

Holden: I'm fine.

Lily: Are you sure?

Holden: I'm sure. Iíll talk to you later.

Holden: Time for me to buy you a drink.

Lily: He's okay.

Craig: Well, see? You didn't have to worry.

Lily: Yeah, I do. Yeah, I do have to worry about my family. I put them through a very difficult year. And this one has to be different.

Craig: Well that sounds like a New Year's resolution.

Lily: All right. What's yours?

Craig: I'm in no position to bargain with the fates.

Lily: Oh. How about a pledge?

Craig: I will try to be a better man. Let my daughter come home safe, and I will be a better man.

Rafael: Here. Eat.

Lucy: I canít. That's the last of our food. I can't take it all.

Rafael: You have to. Lucy, you're skin and bones, you can't keep warm if you don't eat. Here.

Lucy: Itís not that I am grateful, Rafael. I'm grateful you're here. I care about you.

Rafael: But you still think about Dusty.

Lucy: Dusty feels like a million years ago.

Rafael: And I'm here.

Lucy: You are.

Officer: I couldn't see my own hands in front of me out -- man, don't do this. You'll never find the girl.

Dusty: Yes I will.

Officer: Look out the window, man! You go out there now, you've signed your own death certificate.

Dusty: If I sit here and Lucy doesn't make it -- it won't matter to me whether I'm dead or alive.

[Dusty goes outside in the blizzard then pauses and walks away from the building]

Next week on ĎAs The World Turnsí --

Lily: We spent half our life together and we have children together, but who cares.

Holden: I care.

Lily: I thought things were bad, but I did not see this. I did not see this coming.

Paul: Emilyís right there. Put her under lock and key.

Carly: I have tried to be nice, but there is a part of me that is anything but and I donít think you want to tangle with her.

Julia: I think you better watch out, Carly, cause you know what? I have lost so much I donít give a damn what you do.

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