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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 12/27/04

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Mike: Did Christmas come and go, or what?

Jennifer: Oh, way too fast.

Mike: Mmm.

Jennifer: I think I'll always want to be in high school, where Christmas vacation was a month long, and snow angels were the only thing that I wanted to design. [Mike remembers] Hey -- where'd you go?

Mike: Nowhere. All right, I confess. My mind wandered to Katie. And that incredible dinner you put together at her place.

Jennifer: That was fun. I liked finding out that I could help in a crisis.

Mike: You're hired. Katie's middle name is "crisis."

Jennifer: I think you mentioned that.

Mike: Did I mention how great you've been since Simon asked me to take care of Katie over the holidays?

Jennifer: Once or twice.

Mike: So I'm repeating myself?

[Jennifer scoffs]

Jennifer: Hey, I don't blame you. Holding your ex-girlfriend's hand -- is a huge responsibility.

Mike: Yeah, it's a little weird.

Jennifer: Hmm. You know what? I have a confession to make. I didn't help trim the tree and cook Christmas dinner just for Katie. You already know I did it mostly for you. But -- I'm worried about Katie. I really am. I mean, she must be missing her husband like crazy, and in her heart of hearts, she must wonder why he's letting her be alone on Christmas and New Yearís. She's just afraid to admit it.

Mike: She's beautiful. She designs. And she's a pretty good shrink, too.

Jennifer: Well, I've done lonely, so I recognize it. Katie's just reaching out. So, you know what? I'm gonna continue being there for her. In fact, I'm going to be the best friend that she's ever had.

Katie: Jennifer Munson is trying to kill me with kindness.

Henry: Well, forgive me for saying this, but she is kind, Katie. Or the kindness thing is just an act, whatever. The point is, she doesn't know that you're divorced, and therefore, she does not know you are the competition.

Katie: You wanna make a bet? You should have seen the look she gave me after Christmas dinner.

Henry: She smiled at you.

Katie: Exactly! Meanwhile, she's sticking every claw she has straight into Mike.

Henry: Maybe your plan to burn the roast could have used a bit more thought.

Katie: Okay, so the dinner thing didn't work out --

Henry: I mean, unless your point was for Jen to impress Mike with that save-the-day meal. In which case, it was a huge success.

Katie: Don't remind me. [Katie sighs] I have to figure out a way to get alone time with Mike, or he's never gonna remember what we had.

Henry: Oh, he remembers, trust me.

Katie: Why do you say that?

Henry: Because I count the stars in his eyes every time he comes near you, Katie. Just tell me -- remind me again why we are not telling him the truth?

Katie: Because I feel like it's too late. I can't have him know that I've been lying to him the whole time I've been back in town. He'll hate me. And then all those little stars will completely disappear, and Jen will be there to pick up the pieces. [Katie sighs] What if I tell him a version of the truth?

Henry: Uh, isn't that just -- wait, it's on the tip of my tongue. Isn't that still a lie, Katie?

Katie: He needs to know that my marriage is over, right? And he needs to know that I'm free and available, right?

Henry: Right.

Katie: So I tell him that Simon dumped me.

Henry: And when would Simon have done this dastardly deed?

Katie: He hasn't done it yet, but he will. Right in front of Mike's eyes.

Lucinda: Oh, I'd love to discuss fourth quarter numbers with you, but -- oh, wouldn't I -- no, the family's is disarray. It's my granddaughter. Yeah, so we're --

Craig: Hang up the phone, Lucinda.

Lucinda: I'm experiencing some interference --

Craig: Hang up the --

Lucinda: Hey.

Craig: Where is Sierra? My daughter is missing.

Lucinda: Sierra is taking care of things.

Craig: Well, where is Sierra "taking care of things"?

Lucinda: Oh, I'm so sorry, Craig. She just doesn't want you involved in any of this.

Craig: Well, it's too late!

Lucinda: Would you please take your temper tantrums elsewhere? What are you trying to do, provoke me? All right, I'm provoked. I'll call the police. You want me to call the police?

Craig: Yeah.

Lucinda: Oh, it's not working -- pig!

Craig: Well, well, well. Will reality programming never cease? Maybe now Sierra will play ball.

Rafael: Did you find anything?

Lucy: No. And it's snowing again, like crazy. There's no sign of the plane anywhere.

Rafael: That could be a good thing, can't it? We don't know if it crashed. That sound we heard could have been --

Lucy: I know what you're trying to do. But we shouldn't lie to ourselves just to keep up our spirits. Besides, I didn't just hear the plane crash. I felt it when it hit the mountain.

Rafael: Look, what the pilot said was he was gonna radio in our coordinates --

Lucy: After he landed. But if he never made it back, there's a chance that no one even knows that he picked up our S.O.S.

Rafael: Well, somebody's bound to know he's missing. Okay? They're gonna send another rescue plane.

Lucy: In this storm? I wouldn't count on it. Besides, even if they did -- that doesn't mean that they're gonna find us. Nobody knows we're down here. Rafael, I don't want to die here.

Jordan: Hey.

Sierra: Hi.

Jordan: We ordered you some coffee.

Sierra: No, I don't think I should. I'm already shaking.

Dusty: Why? What'd the cops say?

Sierra: The plane that responded to the S.O.S. -- it crashed.

Jordan: Did they say where?

Sierra: All Hal said was that the rescue team was waiting for the coordinates from the plane, and it went down and -- we are no closer to finding Lucy and Rafael than we were before.

Dusty: Well, they gotta know the general area the plane was in.

Sierra: No. The trouble is that there are -- there are many mountain ranges in this vicinity, and they don't know where to look.

Dusty: They'll send out another plane to get three people down out there --

Sierra: They can't do that.

Dusty: They have to.

Jordan: Why? Why not?

Sierra: Because there's a blizzard blanketing the area.

Jordan: Well, then they could just send the state police up there or --

Dusty: The state police? The state police? If the state police know that Lucy and Rafael are still alive, it's only a matter of time before Dominic finds out, too.

Sierra: If he hasn't already.

Dusty: He'll go after 'em. You know that, right?

Sierra: Which is all the more reason I need to keep Hal Munson on the case.

Dusty: No, no, no. Sit, sit. I have a better idea.

[Monks chanting]

[Lucinda sighs]

Craig: I didn't realize you were such a voyeur.

Lucinda: What are you talking about?

Craig: The private little hell you and sierra arranged for me --

Lucinda: You talking about that thing?

Craig: Why don't you save that for the police? Isn't that who you just called?

Lucinda: Your daughter, my granddaughter, okay -- is missing! Could we please not do this?

Craig: Do what? Have you and sierra arrested for kidnapping? [Lucinda scoffs] Now I have tried Sierra's phone, she is not answering. You want me to get a warrant and have her followed?

Lucinda: I do believe that her foolishness is conferring with Dusty and with Jordan at the Lakeview. Hmm?

Jordan: Sierra might be on the right track here. Why not let Hal Munson go after Dominic?

Dusty: What's that gonna do? If the cops lean on Dominic, he's not gonna talk.

Sierra: You don't know that.

Dusty: What's he gonna do, confess? Draw them a map to two people who can put him away for life? If we're gonna find them alive, we're gonna need some inside information. With any luck, that's what we're gonna get.

Sierra: You mean from that man who works for Dominic?

Dusty: Bud. Yes. Dominic trusts him.

Sierra: Can I trust you?

Bartender: I'm sorry to disturb you, Ms. Esteban, but you have a phone call.

Sierra: Thank you. Hello?

Lucinda: Sierra, dear, you need to come home immediately.

Sierra: What's happened?

Lucinda: Well, there's a situation brewing here and I can't discuss it on the phone. You just have to come home right away.

Sierra: There's an emergency at my motherís. I need to get going.

Dusty: You're gonna keep the cops away from Dominic, for now, right?

Sierra: I don't need to tell you that we're running out of time.

Jordan: Sierra, we are going to do everything we can to find your daughter.

Dusty: You've trusted me before -- no matter how things ended between Lucy and me. You can count on me bringing her back to you. I'll die trying.

Jordan: All right, you heard her. Time isn't on our side. How long are we going to wait for Bud?

Dusty: We're not gonna wait.

Jordan: Where to?

Dusty: We're going to the gym, find out exactly what's going on.

Lucy: I shouldn't -- I shouldn't be whining. I should be sorting logs for the fire. You must've gotten chilled while we were outside.

Rafael: I'm fine.

Lucy: How can you be fine? You were up all night with a fever. I'll get you some tea.

Rafael: No, you've done plenty, okay? I'm alive because of you.

Lucy: For all that I'm worth --

Rafael: Don't say that, okay? You're the one who pulled me through that snakebite, okay? And as soon as it stops snowing out there, I'm going to go back and cut more branches to make another "help" sign. And somebody's gonna see it, too. The way they saw the first one. Right?

Lucy: How do you stay so optimistic?

Rafael: Look at the facts. Huh? Dominic could've shot us, right? He didnít.

Lucy: No, he took us up in a plane and left us there to die.

Rafael: But we didn't, did we? We survived. We found shelter, food, fire.

Lucy: A rattlesnake.

Rafael: Yeah, but even that didn't hurt me, 'cause you were here to take care of me. Don't you see? We could've died a half a dozen times by now. But we're still here. Alive. I don't know -- to me -- that means only one thing, you know. You and me -- were meant to be here.

Jennifer: Oh, no. Stay. Have another cup.

Mike: I'd love to, but I got some drywall coming and nobody telling them where to put it. But I was wondering if you had any plans for New Yearís Eve?

Jennifer: Um. I don't know. I was thinking about going to New York. Some old friends are having a party at one of the agencies. What are you doing?

Mike: Well, I was hoping I could spend it with my girl. But, you know, there's this rumor going around she's gonna be partying with a bunch of model types, so --

Jennifer: Well, maybe your girl is just yanking your chain.

Mike: Would she do that to me?

Jennifer: Are you asking me to spend New Yearís Eve with you?

Mike: I'm definitely asking.

Jennifer: I would love to.

Mike: Good. I can't go all the way to New York, though.

Jennifer: Oh, no, that's okay.

Mike: All right. Cool. Think about what you want to do then, okay?

Jennifer: I will.

Mike: You don't mind me calling you "my girl," do you?

Jennifer: Do I look like I mind?

Katie: It's perfect! Mike will come over --

Henry: Because?

Katie: 'Cause I have some sort of emergency.

Henry: Oh, I'm glad you never used that idea before.

Katie: And the phone will ring.

Henry: How do you know that?

Katie: Because it will be you. I mean, you being Simon.

Henry: Aha. That's where the fun part begins. And what will I want this time, luv?

Katie: You will tell me -- no, no, Simon will tell me -- that he's met someone else, someone that he works with. He never meant for this to happen, but it did. And he didn't want to ruin my Christmas, which is why he talked to Mike earlier to tell him to watch out for me until he could get up the courage to ask for a divorce.

Henry: Poor bubbles! You'll be devastated!

Katie: Right! But luckily Mike will be here to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart.

Henry: Yeah, that sounds like a plan. There's just one little detail. There's this smart redhead that seems to show up when you get within two feet of Mike.

Katie: Right. Well, isn't today a work day? Doesn't anyone in this town have to go to work?

Henry: Well, that's the advantage of owning your own design firm.

Katie: Well, you're gonna have to keep her occupied.

Henry: What? How? What do you want me to do? Stitch her to the pattern table?

Katie: No, call her. And tell her that you need -- a job. A job!

Henry: A job?!

Katie: Well, you're not working, are you?

Henry: No. And it's a lifestyle choice.

Katie: She'll totally believe you. Please. Tell her you want to work for her company. C'mon. C'mon.

[Cell phone rings]

Jennifer: Hello?

Henry: Ah, Jen? Hey. It's Henry Coleman.

Jennifer: Hi, Henry. Have you recovered from our whirlwind dinner?

Henry: Recovered? I can't wait to do it again. Uh, listen, Jen, I was just calling, I don't know if you know this, but I've hit a sort of dry spell with work. And I was wondering if we could meet and maybe talk about a position in that snazzy new company of yours.

Jennifer: I would love to, Henry, but we're not hiring.

Henry: Not a problem. We'll meet. We'll talk. I'll convince you. Where are you?

Jennifer: I'm at the Lakeview, but --

Henry: Stay right there. I want to pitch you in person, give you a sense of who I am outside the kitchen.

Jennifer: Henry, I really have a pretty full schedule today.

Henry: Mike wouldn't happen to be there, would he? You know how close we are, practically best friends. He'll vouch for me.

Jennifer: Mike's already left for work.

Henry: Darn. Well, if I could just have a few moments of your time, I'm sure that mike would say that you should at least give me a chance to plead my case.

Jennifer: All right, Henry. I'm at the Lakeview. I'll be waiting for you.

Henry: Thank you. You won't regret this. Mission accomplished. I'm going to meet her at the Lakeview. And Mike is on his way to work.

Katie: Not for long.

Lucy: I'm gonna go get that tea.

Rafael: I weirded you out, didn't I?

Lucy: No.

Rafael: Look, when I said that we were meant to be, what I was trying to say is that you and I are not supposed to die right now. Not here. This is not our time.

Lucy: If there's some grand plan, I would love to know what it is. My knees won't stop knocking. I can't sleep. It's not just the cold, you know?

Rafael: Do you remember my grandma?

Lucy: Yeah, she wore all black and always smelled like baby powder.

Rafael: Yeah. All right. Well, she had the "eye," okay?

Lucy: The eye?

Rafael: You know -- she could see into the future.

Lucy: Okay, you're making that up.

Rafael: I'm not. When she would look into my eyes, it was like she was looking into my soul.

Lucy: She do that a lot?

Rafael: Yeah. Well, she studied me from the time I was a little kid. And she would tell my mother -- she even told me -- that I was going to live a long life and have lots of children. And I was going to grow up to be a great man someday. So, we're going to be okay. Because I'm going to become the man that my grandmother saw in my future.

Lucy: I think you're pretty great now.

Jordan: There's nobody here. I got to tell you, Dusty, I didn't think there would be.

Dusty: Bud gave me his word he'd find out where that plane went down.

Jordan: Yeah. Well, he would've said anything to keep us off his back.

Dusty: We had to try. Dominic and the pilot are the only two who know where Lucy and Rafael are, and the pilot's not talking.

Jordan: Well, what makes you so sure that Dom would tell bud anything?

Dusty: What makes you think he wouldn't?

Jordan: Dusty --

Dusty: Blood.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Sierra: Or you'll what? Throw me in jail? Go ahead.

Dusty: Anything to help us find Lucy.

Bud: Yea, yea, yes.

Mike: Who asks for a divorce over the phone?

Katie: I'm not your responsibility.

Mike: Katie, forget about it. I will stay here as long as you need me.

Katie: Hi. Thanks for coming. I'm so sorry I dragged you away from work.

Mike: No problem. I just got the crew going. You okay?

Katie: Oh, yeah. I opened the windows, like you said. And I don't smell the gas anymore.

Mike: All right. I'll go check on that leak, unless the gas company all ready came.

Katie: No, no. They said they can't send a truck out till later, so -- I feel terrible. I could have gone to Margoís, or something --

Mike: Katie, its okay. All right? I'll take care of it. What's wrong?

Katie: I was just remembering --

Mike: What?

Katie: The way I used to feel when you'd say everything was going to be okay. And it always would be. Sorry, I didn't mean to get all sappy like that. You know how I am around New Yearís Eve. I just -- I get sentimental. I start thinking about all the crazy things I've done and where I'm headed. I guess it's just a sentimental time of year.

Mike: Simon call lately? I'd better check on that leak, all right?

Henry: Bubbles?

Katie: Henry, are you there yet?

Henry: That's a ten-four. I have the offending designer in my sight. How 'bout you? Has the tool belt arrived yet?

Katie: Mike's downstairs.

Henry: You all right? -- Sound a little shaky.

Katie: No, it's just something that he said. The way he said it. Oh, Henry, I love him so much. I don't know why I ever let him go?

Henry: Well, that's the mistake we're trying to correct, remember?

Katie: I want him back so bad.

Henry: Then why don't you -- I cannot believe I'm repeating this. Why don't you tell him the truth? Not a version of it, but the genuine article.

Katie: Don't you think I want to? I hate this, but I'm in too deep now. Please, Henry, just one more little fib and then I'm swearing off. I swear.

Henry: Fine. Let's synchronize our lying watches here.

Katie: Okay. Ten minutes, okay? Oh, and use the accent right away, just in case Mike picks up or something.

Henry: All right, sweat heart, I won't let you down. Thank you for meeting me on such short notice.

Jennifer: Meeting you isn't the problem, Henry. Like I was trying to tell you on the --

Henry: You're not hiring. Got it.

Jennifer: Well if you've got it, what are you doing here? And what am I doing here?

Sierra: Mother, I -- what in the world is going on here? He's your situation? I told you last night --

Craig: That our daughter could be dead.

Lucinda: Oh, darling, Craig has uncovered the surveillance monitor and he is threatening kidnap charges.

Sierra: What do you expect to accomplish?

Craig: I expect you to stop sitting on what you know and include me in the search for our daughter!

Sierra: Or you'll what? Throw me in jail? Go ahead.

Craig: You locked me in the monastery.

Sierra: Oh, that is nothing compared to what I wanted to do when I realized what you did to poor Alan.

Craig: Do you really think that I killed Alan?

Sierra: No. Just his reputation. His memories. His parents' faith in their wonderful son!

Lucinda: Please, you two. Stop it, stop it. Lucy, Lucy -- let's focus on Lucy.

Sierra: You know, mother, I need to talk to Craig alone for a second.

Lucinda: Do you believe it's wise under the circumstances, dear?

Sierra: I believe it's important.

Lucinda: Be my guest.

Craig: Do you believe I love Lucy?

Sierra: In your own way, I'm sure you do.

Craig: No, no, no. I love her, period. And I will not let anyone behave as if I do not.

Sierra: Like you behaved as if it was impossible for me to love Alan?

Craig: Well, I think this is a little different.

Sierra: Well I did love him. And you denigrated him at every turn. He was a good man. He was exactly the opposite of what you were trying to portray him as. In fact, he's the opposite of you, kind and decent.

Craig: He was kind of stupid. And by the way, he died. I did not kill him.

Sierra: That's why I put you in the monastery with Brother Francis -- to save you. Do you understand what that means?

Craig: No.

Sierra: I loved Alan. You know, there was a time that I loved you with all my heart until it ached. I gave all myself to you, and you gave me those beautiful children.

Craig: And this is how you repay me? Locking me up in a monastery -- for bread and water and chanting for days on end?

Sierra: I was trying to believe in you again. I thought maybe Brother Francis could do that.

Craig: Brother Francis is a sanctimonious clone.

Sierra: Well there you go again. There you go again belittling people you don't understand. Well, he's wise man, Craig. And if he can't save you, no one can.

Lucy: I'm sorry, Rafael. I just have a hard time believing we were supposed to survive a plane crash and get lost in the mountains.

Rafael: Well maybe it's not about the plane, the crash or the mountains.

Lucy: What, then?

Rafael: Maybe it's about who you're with. Maybe it's about you and me having to get lost with each other to find each other again. Remember how close we were when we were kids?

Lucy: Of course. Some of the happiest times of my life.

Rafael: "From the bottom of the ocean floor, the blue, blue sky --

Rafael and Lucy: -- Be my friend till the day I die."

Lucy: Yeah, I made you promise me that.

Rafael: I never forgot it. Even after you had to go away.

Lucy: I hated my mom. The summer she shipped me off to that boarding school I think I cried for a week because you weren't going with me.

Rafael: I was pretty bummed myself. Somewhere inside, I knew our paths would cross again. I mean I had to keep my promise, I had to be your friend 'til the day I died.

Lucy: You've been so much more than that though. You're the only reason that I have a shred of hope left. And I know if we make it out of this alive, that it's all thanks to you.

Rafael: You'll make it. You've got a lot of life to live. Okay?

Lucy: How can you be so sure? Did you inherit your grandmother's "eye"?

Rafael: No. Her faith, okay? And we're going to get out of here. And when we do, our lives are never gonna be the same.

Lucy: I think I'm going to see if the snow's letting up at all.

Rafael: I'm gonna go with you.

Lucy: No, you should stay here and keep resting. I won't go far.

Dusty: Looks like Dom had plenty to say with a .45.

Jordan: Wait a second. I got a pulse. It's weak, but he's still alive.

Dusty: Bud. Bud, hey.

Jordan: Hello. Yes. I need an ambulance to the gym on Fillmore Street --

Dusty: Bud -- Bud, can you hear me?

Jordan: He has a stomach wound.

Dusty: Hang on. All right? We're getting you an ambulance. Did Dominick do this to you? Did he say anything about Lucy? Bud, anything to help us find Lucy?

Bud: Yea, yea, yes.

Henry: What I meant to say was is that I get that you don't think that you have to hire anyone right now.

Jennifer: No, Henry, I'm positive.

Henry: I don't take no for an answer. That's why you need someone like me on your staff.

Jennifer: Because you're not a good listener?

Henry: No, no. Because I'm bold and aggressive and I go after what I want. Just like you did with Street Jeans. It's got your irrepressible mark all over it, and I want to be a part of that.

Jennifer: Doing what, exactly?

Henry: Well, Jen, you may not know this, but I am a marketing genius.

Jennifer: Really?

Henry: Yes.

Jennifer: Well last I heard, you were earning your living at the craps tables.

Henry: Well, no. I was also a news director at WOAK. And media and PR are my areas of expertise.

Jennifer: Are you late for something?

Henry: No. No, no. You know, I had that nasty fall from the rock, remember, a couple of months ago, and I just -- I have to take this pain medication so I'm -- that's why I -- can you excuse me for a minute? I just -- thanks. I'll be all right.

Mike: All right, I think I found your problem. You had a valve near the dryer that wasn't closed all the way.

Katie: Oh. How does something like that happen?

Mike: Hard to say. It can be extremes in temperature, maybe. I don't know. But it's fixed now.

Katie: Oh, well, thank you again for coming. I'm sorry again that I dragged you away from work.

Mike: That's the advantage of being your own boss. I know I'm not gonna get fired.

Katie: You want to stay for a cup of coffee or something?

Mike: Um -- nah, I should go.

[Phone rings]

Katie: Hello? Simon! What kind of bad news?

Henry: Are you the only one that's on, luv?

Katie: Yes, Simon, I am.

Henry: Sorry to have to break it to you like this, Katie, but -- a dingo ate my baby.

Katie: You met someone else? A divorce? You want a divorce? But, Simon, I thought we were gonna -- I mean, I thought you -- how can you be so calm about this? You don't even -- no. I'm not going to beg. No, I canít. I can't talk to you about this anymore.

Mike: Katie?

Katie: Mike, you were there? You heard all of that?

Mike: Well I heard something about bad news, so I stuck around just in case.

Katie: He's in love with somebody else. He wants a divorce.

Mike: So he just hits you with it on the phone? Just like that, out of the blue?

Katie: Well, no, not exactly. I mean -- the truth is we'd been having problems. I just didn't want to say anything before

Mike: But still, who asks for a divorce over the phone?

Katie: Just go, Mike. I'm gonna be okay.

Mike: No way. I'm not leaving you like this.

Katie: No, I'm not your responsibility.

Mike: Katie, forget about it. I'll stay here as long as you need me.

Jennifer: Henry, are you all right?

Henry: Yeah. I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?

Jennifer: Well, you left to take that pill. And then when you didn't come back --

Henry: Oh, I'm sorry. It's this sinus medication. You know, they make me so groggy sometimes.

Jennifer: I thought it was for an injury.

Henry: It is. It is for a head injury. And it's wreaked havoc with my sinuses. Constant infections. I have to take antibiotics every four hours.

Jennifer: Antibiotics for pain?

Henry: Yeah. Aren't these new combination drugs a miracle?

Jennifer: I'm sure. The truth is, Henry, I have to go.

Henry: Oh, no, no. You canít.

Jennifer: Henry, I promise you that if something comes up at Street Jeans, I will call you.

Henry: Let me buy you a cup of coffee. And we can talk and get an organizational picture --

Jennifer: I canít. I'm meeting a friend.

Henry: Not Mike.

Jennifer: No. Mike's at work.

Henry: Right. Of course. Mike's at work.

Jennifer: Okay. Well, thanks again for Christmas dinner.

Henry: Thank me? Thank you. You're the one that cooked it. By the way, do you have that recipe for, what was that --?

Jennifer: Good-bye, Henry.

Henry: You'd better hurry up, Katie.

Craig: What do you mean I have nothing left to save? I own a little piece of a swell nightclub. I swing a mean tennis racket.

Sierra: See? This is what I'm talking about. This is about the survival of your soul, but you can't stop being flip for one second.

Craig: I have to be. I'm still the man you married.

Sierra: No. The man I was married to had a heart. He allowed himself to be touched.

Craig: Yes. But then soon I had to beg. And now I have to beg to be included in the search for my daughter. How insensitive do you think I am to lock me up in a monastery? I saw the horrors of my life. I cried. I cried like Brian died all over again.

Sierra: So now you want me to feel sorry for you?

Craig: No. I expect you to treat me like a human being.

Sierra: Who doesn't acknowledge his errors and doesn't shoulder any responsibility.

Craig: Okay. Of course, everything is my fault.

Sierra: Why can't you just say it like it is? You wanted Lucy to need you, so you arranged for her to be kidnapped. And then when it spiraled out of control, you framed Alan.

Craig: I think we have gone over that before.

Sierra: And we are going to keep going over it until you own up to your part in his death.

Craig: If you think -- if you really think I killed him, why don't you go to the police? Hm?

Sierra: And put my daughter's father in jail? You know, if my life was the only one that was affected by this, I would have gone to the police in a heartbeat. But for Lucy, I was willing to give you another chance.

Craig: You held me captive. Don't use our daughter as an excuse.

Sierra: She loves you Craig. God knows why. After everything you've done to her, she still loves you. She can't help herself. I wasn't about to break her heart again. But, you know what, the more I think about it, I should have gone to the police. I should have told them about you, because then we would have known where you were and she wouldn't have gone off looking for you.

Craig: What are you talking about?

Sierra: She went looking for you when her plane went down.

Rafael: What's going on?

Lucy: It's the worst storm yet. I could barely see my feet in front of me. It's piling up so fast, I though I was going to get buried before I made it back. What was that?

Rafael: I don't know. What did it sound like?

Lucy: Like a groan from deep in the tunnel. Hey, you with that cold...

Katie: I feel like such a fool. Our vows obviously meant more to me than they ever meant to Simon. To think that I took him back after what you and I had. Oh, I was so wrong, Mike.

[Phone rings]

Mike: Kasnoff.

Jennifer: Hi, Kasnoff. It's Munson. You asked me to think about what I wanted to do New Yearís?

Mike: Right, I did. Look, I can't talk right now.

Jennifer: Is something wrong? You sound upset.

Mike: I'm at Katieís.

Jennifer: Is there a problem?

Mike: I'll call you back as soon as I can.

Henry: You came back. You've reconsidered hiring me.

Jennifer: I'm onto you, Henry.

Katie: Was that work?

Mike: No, it was Jennifer.

Katie: She's not coming here, is she? I mean, I don't want anyone to see me like this.

Mike: No, she's not coming over. I'm going to get you through this, Katie, here. I promise. Everything's going to be okay

Katie: Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Craig: Lucy's plane went down when she was looking for me?

Sierra: Yes. Now do you understand? In spite of everything you had done to her, she couldn't stand the idea of you being in trouble so she risked her life for you.

Craig: She's trying to -- she was trying to save me?

Sierra: We were both trying to save you. And we were both being fooled. Let's just hope she doesn't pay for it with her life.

Dusty: Hang on, you're gonna make it. The ambulance is gonna be here any second. Tell me what you know about Lucy and Rafael. Do you know where they are?

Bud: Saw. Saw.

Dusty: You saw them? You saw them? Bud, you saw them?

Bud: Sawtooth.

Jordan: Sawtooth Mountains, in Idaho.

Rafael: Is that what you're talking about? I hear it, too. It's like a low kind of rumble.

Lucy: Rafael, I'm scared. What if this is --?

[Lucy screams]

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Rafael: Lucy?

Will: I didn't hang that stocking. And I didn't buy that doll. It wasn't me.

Paul: Then who did it?

Katie: We can't go back, can we? Because you've moved on?

Mike: That's not really true.

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