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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 12/24/04

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Katie: All right, there. Everything is just the way it was when Mike and I decorated the tree last year.

Henry: Except for Jennifer. Remember Jennifer? I'm just saying -- she's Mike's girlfriend this particular Christmas. She's not going to let you have five minutes alone with him.

Katie: Well, she is not gonna get a chance.

Henry: You little sneak. Do you have a plan?

Katie: I do. I'm going to ruin dinner.

Henry: Well, that's a novel approach to winning a man's heart.

Katie: And then sweet little Jennifer will say, "Well, we'll just whip up a feast with whatever you have in your refrigerator."

Henry: That would be a half a thing of yogurt and some olives. Mm.

Katie: Try steaks.

Henry: You do have a plan. What's my role in it?

Katie: You get to keep Jennifer chained to the stove.

Henry: What? No, no, no, no -- see, the problem with your plan, Katie? It's a bad plan. It's not a very good plan at all.

[Knock on door]

Katie: Okay, they're here. Go answer the door!

Henry: Wait a second! You can't -- I can't be trapped with an angry redhead!

Katie: Try an angry blonde. I'll go get the roast. Go!

Mike: Katie! Maybe she forgot she invited us to dinner.

Jennifer: She invited you. Not us.

Mike: I knew you were jealous.

Jennifer: I'm not jealous. We both know why we're here. Because Simon asked you to play nice to his wife during the holidays.

Mike: Right. So we'll be nice until after dinner. Then we can leave.

Henry: Hello! My friends!

Mike: Hey, Henry!

Henry: How are you? Come on in! I hope you're hungry. Because Katie is making all your favorites.

Katie: Henry!

Henry! Oh, no.

Mike: Something wrong?

Katie: I'll say something's wrong. I burned dinner!

Emma: Why don't you call J.J. again? See if you can get him to come down.

Julia: He doesn't want Christmas to start without Jack.

Emma: Jack might not be here for a while. I mean, he's gotta spend some time with Carly and the kids.

Julia: I know.

Emma: Maybe if you told him what was under the tree, he might feel differently.

Julia: You're right.

Emma: Go ahead. J.J.! Hey, buddy, come on down here. There's some really great things for you under the tree.

J.J.: Did he come?

Julia: Yeah. Of course he came. I told you I gave Santa our new address, and he left you some very cool things under the Christmas tree.

J.J.: Not Santa. Jack.

Julia: Sweetheart, he'll be here, okay? But in the meantime, let's open some presents.

J.J.: I'm not opening anything. Not until Jack gets here.

Jack: See, honey? It's never too early to teach our baby how to mow a lawn. [Carly laughs] You scoff. This time -- this time next summer, Sage will have her own landscaping company. Right? So when's Parker getting home?

Carly: Soon. He made your present himself, by the way.

Jack: Oh, it's not a bug collection, is it? You know, once I made my mommy a bug collection, a bunch of dead insects glued to a piece of cardboard.

Carly: Well, I don't know what it is. He wouldn't tell me. But I do know that he's very proud of it, so even if it is a dead bug collection, you will love it! Or you will break his heart.

Jack: No breaking hearts. No breaking hearts. Not on Christmas. Are you kidding me? [Phone rings] Hello.

Julia: Hi. I know you're in the middle of celebrating, and I wouldn't interrupt you or anything. But J.J. --

Jack: What's wrong with J.J.?

Julia: He's having a really hard time. He's refusing to open any of his presents until you get here.

Jack: I told him that I would be over there after I hung out here for a while.

Julia: Well, he's a little boy on Christmas day. So I guess he just doesn't understand.

[Jack sighs]

Carly: Julia?

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: See? Jack, this is why I freaked out when I found out that she was staying at Emma’s. Because I knew that she was gonna find some way to crash our Christmas.

Jack: No, honey, it's J.J. He's not gonna open his presents until I'm there.

Carly: Well, where -- wait, where are you going? Parker's on his way over here. He'll be crushed if you're not here.

Jack: I know. I'll be back. I will. I promise.

Holden: Why don't you head into the kitchen and grab the cake? And when your mom is ready with the girls, we can take off.

Luke: Okay.

[Phone rings]

Holden: Hello?

Jack: Merry Christmas, Holden.

Holden: Hey, Jack. Are we gonna see you over at my mom's?

Jack: Yeah, after I open presents with Parker.

Holden: How's all that going?

Jack: I need to ask you a favor.

Holden: Yeah, shoot.

Jack: Julia called. J.J. is not gonna open presents without me. He's probably afraid that I'm not gonna make it. But I am gonna make it, just not anytime soon. So I was wondering, since you're going over to Emma’s --

Holden: Can I go over a little bit early and make sure J.J. gets his Christmas off the ground early?

Jack: Exactly.

Holden: No problem.

Jack: See? That's why you're my favorite cousin.

Holden: We'll see you later. Luke! Luke, let's get going, buddy.

Lily: You should hear Faith singing to Natalie -- "over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go." It's so cute.

Holden: That is cute. Speaking of Grandmother's house, I need to get over there.

Lily: Okay. Let me go -- you know what? Let me just get Nat’s other shoe, brush the girls' hair. I have to wrap a present for Emma.

Holden: You and the girls can just meet us over there a little bit later, okay? Jack called. J.J. -- he's having kind of a rough time. Jack can't make it over there right away. So I'm gonna go over and see if I can help out.

Luke: Got it, Dad.

Holden: All right. We need to go.

Luke: Aren't you guys coming, Mom?

Lily: Yeah. We'll be there soon. We have a few things to take care of first.

Holden: You sure you're okay with this?

Lily: Please, of course. Absolutely. I mean, Christmas is for the kids, right?

Holden: Yeah. Let's go.

Sierra: I don't understand. Craig left over 24 hours ago. I would have expected to hear from him by now.

Brother Francis: Sierra, I have a confession to make.

Sierra: I got that feeling when you called me.

Brother Francis: When Mr. Montgomery returned last night, he brought with him his sister, a police detective. And she demanded to know who had arranged for his stay here at the monastery, and I finally had to tell them.

Sierra: So Craig knows it was me?

Brother Francis: She threatened to subject the entire order to a full-scale investigation. And I couldn't let that happen.

Sierra: I understand. Just tell me one thing. How did Craig react when he found out?

Brother Francis: I wish I could tell you that his time here had mellowed him. But he was angry, I'm afraid -- quite angry.

Sierra: Well, then it looks like I have a problem, don't I, Brother Francis?

Craig: Oh, yes, you do, Sierra.

Hal: Lucinda -- I don't have a lot of time, Lucinda. I got Parker sitting at home waiting for me to take him --

Lucinda: I understand, and I am deeply apologetic, and I thank you for coming. I would not have summoned you like this on Christmas day, except that -- Lucy is missing.

Hal: Again?

Lucinda: Lucy is missing. And Rafael Ortega. Now, we all have been struggling day after day not to think the worst. But, as of today, I am forced to conclude -- I'm forced to conclude that there has been foul play. You're the goods, Hal. It's Christmas. Do something!

[Banging on locker]

Jordan: Oh, you're awake. Merry Christmas.

Dusty: What's it gonna take to break out of here?

Jordan: If you figure that one out, let me know.

Dusty: Well, if this place is going to be closed all day, let's just pray that Sierra or Lucinda come looking for us here.

Jordan: And what if they don't?

Dusty: You know, Dominic didn't kill us yesterday because he didn't want to leave any tracks. So right now, he's looking for a place where nobody can find us, and once he finds it, he'll be back.

Jordan: Well, maybe he'll take the day off for Christmas.

Dusty: I don't think he's festive like that.

Jordan: Well, then I say we go back to plan "A."

[Banging on locker]

Dusty: Shh! Whoa, whoa -- I heard something. Shh.

Dusty: Who's there?

Lucy: Rafael! Are you awake?

Rafael: Get these off me. I'm sweating.

Lucy: No, no -- it's okay. You were bitten by a rattlesnake. You had a fever all night. But you feel a lot cooler than you did an hour ago. So I think we're out of the woods.

Rafael: You stayed up with me the whole time?

Lucy: It wasn't so bad. I made wishes on our Christmas tree.

Rafael: And?

Lucy: And one of them came true.

[Plane flying overhead]

Rafael: That's a plane. Finally. We've got to get out there. We've got to get out there.

Lucy: No! No, stay here. You're too weak. No, please. I'll go. You stay.

Jennifer: Oh, I'm sure you didn't ruin Christmas dinner, Katie. We can probably save it -- or not.

Katie: I'm sorry. I can't do anything right these days.

Jennifer: Let's go look in the fridge. I'm sure we can fix something else.

Katie: No, no, I'm banning myself from the kitchen.

Henry: Hear, hear! I want Jennifer to cook.

Mike: That's really nice of you to offer.

Jennifer: Well, would you like to help me?

Henry: No. No Kasnoff! Chili out of a can is not my idea of a feast. Come on, now. You and I will make a culinary masterpiece.

Jennifer: Well --

Katie: Thank you. You're an angel.

Mike: Are you sure we shouldn't try and help?

Katie: No, no. Definitely not. You know what they say about too many cooks. Besides, we have plenty to do out here. Don't worry.

Julia: Hey. How about if we open all of your Santa presents now, and we'll open the rest of them with Jack when he gets here? J.J., it could be a while before Jack gets here.

J.J.: I want Jack.

Holden: Hello!

Emma: Well, hello. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.

Luke: Merry Christmas.

Holden: Merry Christmas.

Emma: You're a little early. But I'm glad you're here. We need a few little reinforcements. We got a very sad little boy over there.

Holden: Hey, buddy. I heard that Santa was looking all over town for you. In fact, you know what? He left some presents with your name on them over at my house. You want to open them up?

Emma: Presents.

Julia: He doesn't want to open anything until Jack gets here.

Luke: I don't blame you. I wouldn't want to have Christmas without my dad, either.

J.J.: Who are you?

Emma: This is Luke. This is my grandson. Why don't you two keep each other company for a while? Huh?

J.J.: Hi, Luke.

Luke: Hi. Ever ride a horse? You wanna learn?

J.J.: You mean now?

Luke: Sure. We can go out to the barn, and my dad can teach you how.

Holden: You know what? That is a great idea. As long as it's okay with your mommy.

J.J.: Please, Mom?

Julia: I'll get my camera.

Holden: Let's go.

Emma: Good. Come on. I'll see you off. All right, now, you be careful out there.

Carly: You're back.

Jack: Yeah. Of course I'm back. I just went out to the car. To get this. Trade ya.

Carly: No, I -- I already have everything I need.

Jack: Yeah, me, too. That's why I want to show you this.

Carly: Hmm.

Jack: Oh, come here, beauty.

Carly: Oh.

Jack: Open it. Right there. That's everything I need. And I would have lost it all if it hadn't been for you. See? This -- this way, you wear it. And wherever you go, you take us with you. So we'll never get separated again.

Carly: I love it. I have something for you, too.

Jack: Ooh, a little box. File that over there. Oh!

Carly: To replace the one you lost.

Jack: Would you do the honors?

Carly: There you go.

Jack: I love you. And I love you, too.

Hal: Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!

Parker: Merry Christmas!

Carly: Merry Christmas!

Jack: Merry Christmas, buddy.

Carly: Hey, baby.

Hal: Jack, how are ya? Merry Christmas.

Parker: Let's open presents!

Hal: Well, that's a good idea, but let me talk to Jack first, okay? I'm gonna take him outside. We're gonna talk. And then I'll have him back in in two shakes, I promise.

Parker: Okay, Dad.

Jack: Okay? Sage? Here you go, baby. Teach your brother how to mow the lawn -- [Sage cries] No, I'm coming back!

Carly: He'll be right back.

Jack: I'm coming back. I'm coming back.

Parker: Can I put Jack's present underneath the tree?

Carly: Yes, of course you can. Oh, listen, Parker -- I want you to know something. At some point, Jack is gonna go over to the farm and spend some time with J.J. He promised they'd open presents together.

Parker: But Jack promised me, too.

Hal: I'm having a lousy Christmas, Jack. I got two people missing under suspicious circumstances. Will ran away from Fairwinds a couple nights ago. My crazy ex-wife is now living in my house. And Emily’s got the flu.

Jack: Well, what can I do to help?

Hal: Well, let me think -- come back to work? [Jack laughs] I'm serious, Jack. I need you, man. I need you bad.

Jordan: Who's there? What's going on? Did Dominic send you?

Bud: Keep your voice down. You want to get us all wasted?

Dusty: Where's Dominic?

Bud: Dominic doesn't know I'm here. If he did, I'd be as --

Dusty: Where's Lucy and Rafael?

Bud: I don't know.

Dusty: You don't know?

Jordan: We already know that Dominic’s pilot flew them to Idaho.

Bud: Yeah, you know, it's really too bad you can't ask that guy. 'Cause Dominic had me dig his grave last night.

Dusty: Let's go to the cops.

Bud: No! Come on, man! Dominic'll kill me. You know that!

Dusty: That's not my problem, Bud.

Bud: Can't we work something out?

Jordan: Maybe we should hear what he has to say.

Dusty: Bud, you want to make a deal?

Bud: Look. I'm here for one reason. I don't want to dig any more graves.

Jordan: So you figure, what? You let us out and hope that Dominic thinks we escaped on our own?

Bud: Yeah. Something like that.

Dusty: There's only one way I'll agree not to go to the cops right now.

Bud: What's that?

Dusty: You find Dominic, and you find out where exactly that plane dropped off Lucy and Rafael. You got one hour.

Lucy: Help! Down here!

[Rafael coughing]

Rafael: Lucy! Did they see you?

Lucy: I don't know. It snowed a lot last night. I couldn't even make out the branches that spelled out our signal. All I could really do was run around waving my arms and yelling.

Rafael: You didn't get any signs back from the pilot?

Lucy: He just kept circling. But at least we know that they're looking for us, right?

Rafael: I hope so, but I don't why. No one even knows we're out here.

Lucy: Well, last night, while you were sleeping, I sent out another SOS. Maybe somebody heard it.

Rafael: Try it again. If that plane's in range --

Lucy: Mayday! Mayday! This is Lucy Montgomery and Rafael Ortega. We were in a plane crash. We just saw a rescue plane, and we think it was looking for us. Hello, please? Does anybody hear me?

Sierra: Don't worry, Brother Francis. I'll protect you and the monastery from any repercussions. You have my word.

Brother Francis: Thank you. [Bells tolling] Prayer time. I must leave you.

Sierra: What do you have planned for me, Craig? Brother Francis? Who's out there?

Craig: Merry Christmas. Ho, ho, ho, ho.

Sierra: Craig. You let me out of here.

Craig: No, I want you to know what it feels like to be kidnapped, held hostage, tortured --

Sierra: You were never tortured.

Craig: You spend some quality time in there. Then you can tell me about torture.

Sierra: Let me out of here, Craig.

Craig: You never let me out.

Sierra: Well, you open that door, or I'm not gonna tell you what's going on with Lucy.

Craig: What's going on with Lucy?

Sierra: Well, doesn't it seem odd to you that it's Christmas and we're not together, exchanging gifts?

Craig: Where is she?

Sierra: I won't talk unless you open this door.

Craig: Well?

Sierra: I changed my mind.

Craig: Sierra. Sierra.

Sierra: Why should I tell you anything?

Craig: Because she is my daughter, too. All right? Come on, truce? For our daughter?

Katie: Seeing you build a fire here again, it's so familiar. Brings me back.

Mike: Well, now that I've got the fire going, I'm gonna see if they need any help in the kitchen.

Katie: Actually, will you help me with one more thing first? I wanted to hang a wreath.

Mike: Sure. Where do you want to put it?

Katie: Outside. On the front door.

Jennifer: Mike? Mike?

Henry: Hey. Don't leave me alone with all that red meat!

Jennifer: Henry, they're just steaks. Anyone can cook a steak.

Henry: Not everyone can season them, though, so --

Jennifer: Well, you just rub garlic on them.

Henry: I thought you said cloves.

Jennifer: Cloves of garlic.

Henry: Oh, you see what I mean? I need your help. Please, can you come help me find them? 'Cause I don't even -- I don't know what I'm doing in here.

Jack: You want me to come back to work?

Hal: Oh, yeah.

Jack: Okay.

Hal: Oh, Christmas is looking up, Jack. Thank you.

Jack: You got it.

Hal: Welcome back.

Jack: Thanks.

Hal: All right.

Parker: Jack! Can I give you my present?

Carly: Yeah, I think you should find it first. You buried it pretty well. Hey.

Jack: Carly, honey, that kind of lightning doesn't strike twice. We’re not going to lose each other ever again. But I'm not going to push you. The decision I make about work, we both have to be okay with it.

Carly: I know that a cop means a lot to you, Jack. But until I stood on that bridge and watched them dragging that river looking for your body, I didn't know what it was to be a cop's wife.

Jack: I know. I made a mistake that night, I did. I went without backup. And that was my mistake. But I promise you, if I take this job, never, ever make a mistake like that again. I promise.

Carly: What can I say? It's Christmas. You're telling me something you want. And -- go. Go and be a cop.

Jack: You're sure?

Carly: No. But I'll deal with it.

Parker: Why is she kissing you? Are you leaving?

Jack: No. No, buddy. I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying right here, with you and Sage and your mommy. Because this is where I belong.

Julia: I hope that J.J. turns out like Holden. You must have raised him right.

Emma: Oh, I think he was just born that way.

Julia: Lucky for me. You know, I'd really given up on J.J. having a good Christmas, and then Holden and Luke walked in. It was like the cavalry showed up.

Holden: Okay, come on, come on. Go, go, go!

J.J.: I did it, Mom! I rode a horse!

Luke: He was really good, too.

Holden: Yeah, he's a natural.

Julia: Must have been all those horsey rides I gave you, huh?

J.J.: Can I go again sometime?

Holden: Yeah, yeah, anytime. As long as you ask your mom first.

Julia: It's okay. I trust you.

J.J.: Yay!

Julia: You want to open presents now?

J.J.: Yes!

Holden: Why don't you take him into the parlor, see if you can find some presents with his name on them?

Emma: Okay, I'll come with you guys. Listen, have some coffee. It must be cold out there.

J.J.: I'm a cowboy, a real live cowboy!

Julia: You are a great guy.

Lily: Merry Chris --

Julia: Hi. Your husband just made J.J.'s Christmas.

Holden: Luke and I just gave J.J. a riding lesson. No big deal.

Julia: What do you mean, "No big deal"? Come on. You gave him absolutely the only thing that would cheer him up. In my book, that makes him a hero.

Lily: Yes, he is. I'm very lucky to be married to him.

[Natalie crying]

Sierra: We don't need to declare a truce. Because I'm not at war with you.

Craig: Then tell me about Lucy.

Sierra: She's missing. Lucy and Rafael have disappeared.

Craig: And when were you gonna tell me?

Sierra: It's your fault that she's gone! Dominic Ramsey -- the fight promoter that you should've turned in to the police ages ago -- is behind this whole thing.

Craig: Then I'll go see him.

Sierra: No! All you do is make things worse. Stay out of it!

Craig: I can't do that.

Sierra: If you would have gone to the police in the first place, when you found out that that fight was crooked, Dominic Ramsey would have left town. But no, no, no, no -- you had to take matters into your own hands. And now Lucy is paying for that.

Craig: Then tell me what happened!

Sierra: No! Lucy needs protection -- from you!

Bud: You are spinning your wheels, man. Those kids went down in a plane without a pilot. What does it matter where they are? You're not gonna be in time to save their lives.

Dusty: Nobody saw the plane crash. So they could have survived. And I gotta know where to look. Go to Dominic, and get me some answers.

Bud: You think Dominic’s gonna talk to me? Especially about Lucy?

Jordan: Well, you don't know unless you try.

Dusty: Bud, you didn't like digging that grave for the pilot, did you? If you refuse to find out where Lucy and Rafi are, you're gonna be digging two more. You got it?

Bud: All right. But I'm not making any promises.

Dusty: You think he'll come through?

Jordan: I don't know, but I do know that we can't waste any more time. We have to find Sierra.

Lucy: Come on. Mayday! Please, is anybody out there?

Pilot: This is one-niner-five-oh-six. Can you read me?

Lucy: We read you! We don't know exactly where we are, but we're in a mine.

Rafael: A silver mine.

Lucy: A silver mine. Please, we survived a plane crash --

Pilot: Hello? This is one-niner-five-oh-six.

Lucy: He heard us!

Pilot: We read you, mayday.

Lucy: They have to find us now, Rafael! This is gonna be the best Christmas present ever!

Mike: Here?

Katie: No! That's too high. No, too low.

Mike: All right. Then this is the spot. Come here. Gimme the wreath.

Katie: Oh, no, wait. Let me do it. You tell me if it looks right.

Mike: It's crooked.

Katie: All right, then why don't you show me how to do it?

Jennifer: Oh, I'm sorry, Katie. I didn't realize you were there.

Katie: No problem.

Jennifer: Dinner's ready.

Mike: Good.

Jennifer: Nice wreath.

Katie: Thanks.

Emma: Hey, Merry Christmas, Lily.

Lily: Merry Christmas.

Emma: Sweetheart.

Lily: Merry Christmas. How are you? So good to see you.

Julia: Emma, I was just telling Lily how much I appreciated Holden’s help with J.J. she walked in, and I was giving her husband a big hug.

Lily: There's no harm in hugging. I've been known to do it once in a while.

Julia: So what can I do?

Emma: Well, you can help me get the high chairs back in here.

Julia: Okay. I'd love to.

Lily: That was really nice of you to take J.J. out for a ride.

Holden: He's a good kid. And he's pretty busted up over Jack.

Lily: Yeah. Well, it's good that you could be there for him in a pinch, but, really, J.J. is Jack's problem. And eventually, Jack is going to have to deal with it.

Holden: He will.

Lily: Good. Well, why don't we go check out that tree, hmm? I want you to see what I got you for Christmas.

Carly: Parker's very happy that you can stay for a while.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Carly: But what about J.J.?

Jack: Oh, I called Holden when I went out to the car to get your gift. And he's going to cover for me with J.J. until I can get there.

Carly: Oh. And that's okay with you? You don't feel guilty?

Jack: When I took J.J. for ice cream the other night, I tried to explain that he'd have to get used to sharing me. That's all.

Carly: Well, sometimes I don't think that's easy for a child to understand. Or an adult, for that matter. But you know something? Today you're making me feel like maybe we can work all this out.

Jack: We will. I love you. And we will.

Parker: Found it! Merry Christmas, Jack.

Jack: Oh, it is, buddy. You know? It really is.

Craig: I'm not gonna take no for an answer. Lucy is my baby, and I want to know what happened.

Sierra: I will tell you if you swear that you won't go on a vigilante mission after Dominic.

Craig: Just tell me what happened.

Sierra: Lucy and Rafael --

Dusty: Don't say another word, Sierra.

Craig: You're involved in this?

Dusty: Oh, I'm definitely involved. And I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're not!

Craig: Dusty, this is a family matter. Good-bye. Why don't you take Montague here with you?

Jordan: You know what my name is. And I'm not going anywhere.

Craig: I know I'm Lucy’s father. What I don't know is what you two think you are.

Dusty: We're the guys who know what you're made of. We will find Lucy. You will stay away.

Craig: Oh, you want to give me orders?

Dusty: If you start poking around, Craig, your daughter's gonna end up dead, if she isn't already. You understand?

Sierra: Don't say that.

Dusty: It's a possibility, Sierra, we gotta face.

Craig: Lucy might be dead?

Lucy: How much longer do you think before they find us?

Rafael: We're stranded on a mountain with a lot of other mountains around us, which means there could be other mines in the area. It's gonna take a while before they pinpoint our exact location, especially if those branches I put out are covered in snow.

Lucy: Well, do you think we could uncover them, if we work together?

Rafael: We sure as hell can try.

Lucy: Wait. I don't want you to have some kind of relapse or something. Are you sure you're strong enough?

Rafael: Lucy, somebody's looking for us, okay? I've never felt better in my life! All right. Come on. Let's go.

Lucy: I don't believe it. We're gonna be spending New Year’s in Oakdale. Come on.

Jack: Sage is asleep. Parker's all over that x-box we gave him. So we are essentially --

Carly: Alone! You amaze me.

Jack: Which part? My stunningly good looks or my razor-sharp wit?

Carly: No. It's the way you never, ever fail to do the right thing. When I saw Julia over at Emma’s, I was convinced that we would never really have you again, that you'd be pulling out of that driveway before Parker even got here.

Jack: No way. I told him what time we were going to open presents.

Carly: And you kept your word. So thank you for a wonderful Christmas, for putting Parker and Sage first and for being that man that I can always count on.

Jack: You're welcome.

Carly: And those stunning good looks and razor-sharp wit don't hurt. Listen, if you need to go and see J.J. now, I understand.

Jack: Oh, it can wait. Until after I spend some time with my girl.

Julia: How do you do all this?

Lily: Emma starts cooking in July.

Emma: June, my dear.

Lily: Well, it seems like J.J. had a nice day, after all. He really took to Holden and Luke.

Julia: Yeah, he did. Which is huge. I mean, my ex-husband was abusive, you know. So we've moved a lot. And every time that J.J. starts over, he's a little bit more closed off, he's a little bit less willing to open himself up, so -- seeing him with your boy and your husband today, so happy -- that was just really great.

Lily: I'm glad they could help. Where are the boys?

Holden: Playing with their new toys. What else?

Julia: I have something for you.

Lily: Open it up. What does it say?

Holden: "Thank you for being a friend beyond the call of duty. With affection, Julia and J.J."

Emma: Isn't that lovely?

Lily: So sweet. Let me see.

Holden: Mom, let me help you with that.

Emma: Yeah, you can help. 

Mike: That was an incredible dinner.

Jennifer: It was an incredibly improvised dinner.

Henry: Next time, I will not have three helpings, or I could get a bigger belt. Here is to our very lovely and talented cook. Ow!

Jennifer: Are you okay?

Henry: Just a little heartburn.

Jennifer: Well, I couldn't have done it if Katie hadn't been so kind as to loan me her kitchen.

Katie: Oh, you are the kind one. Such a lovely dinner, wasn't it? Thank you for saving me.

Jennifer: Oh, anytime. Oh, I almost forgot. I made apple brown betty.

Henry: Someone needs to toast this woman.

Jennifer: You know what? If you don't mind, I'd like to toast Katie. We're new friends, but I feel like we've known each other forever.

Katie: It certainly does feel like a long, long time.

Sierra: Craig, I'm sorry.

Craig: You knew Lucy and Rafi were in danger. You knew where I was. And you didn't tell me.

Sierra: I was just trying to do what I thought --

Craig: I want to know what's going on!

Dusty: I won't even discuss this in front of you.

Sierra: Listen, I'll talk to you later.

Craig: You want me to call the D.A.?

Sierra: Just go home and get some rest.

Craig: You want me to call the D.A.? Is that what you want?

Sierra: If that's what you have to do.

Craig: I will, because this ain't fair.

Sierra: No, it isn't fair. And it wasn't fair when we lost Bryant. And it wouldn't be fair if we lost Lucy. Now just trust us to find her.

[Craig groans]

Jordan: You okay?

Sierra: I'm fine. What about you? I was so worried when I didn't hear anything.

Dusty: Yeah, Dominic stuck us in a couple of gym lockers for the night. You know, for safekeeping.

Jordan: Yeah, until he could figured out the best way to get rid of us.

Sierra: What?

Dusty: He would've done it, too. You know, luckily, his sidekick had a conscience. He came back, let us out.

Jordan: He's trying to get us some more information about Lucy and Rafael.

Lucinda: Sierra! Darling, some good news.

Hal: A distress signal was picked up in the mountains in Idaho last night.

Sierra: From Lucy?

Hal: It's looking like it.

Dusty: Thank God. When did the cops get involved?

Lucinda: Well, hey, we didn't hear from you, night/day, night/day, so I brought him in.

Sierra: So they sent up a search plane?

Hal: Yeah. They've got a search plane up in the air as we speak, looking for them. They made radio contact this morning.

Sierra: So they're alive. They're still alive.

Pilot: This is one-niner-five-oh-six. Are you there?

Lucy: We're here! We're here. This is Lucy Montgomery. I sent out the mayday. Are you there?

Pilot: Roger that, Lucy. We saw your sign. Good job. I'm flying to the nearest airport. Then I'll radio your coordinates to the rescue team.

Lucy: Thank you -- thank you so much!

Pilot: Hang in there, you guys. Help is on the way.

Lucy: We are almost out of here!

Pilot: Mayday! Mayday! Come in base three. This is one-niner-five-oh-six. Our fuel gauge just died. Do you read me? Our gauges are gone. Mayday! Mayday!

[Airplane falling]

Lucy: No! No! No!

[Lucy sobbing]

Parker: Where's Jack?

Carly: Ah, he went over to Emma’s to celebrate Christmas with J.J.

Parker: He loved my present.

Carly: Oh, yes, he certainly did. You made a model of his favorite car all by yourself. And that's why he put it up there, so everybody could see it.

Parker: And so Sage can't get it.

Carly: Yes. Yeah, that, too.

Parker: I'm glad Jack came home in time for Christmas.

Carly: Sweetheart, come here. So am I. So am I.

Emma: Oh, I almost forgot the biscuits!

Lily: Oh, my favorite. You wanna pass those? Butter on them, or no?

Holden: Hey there, cowboy.

Jack: Merry Christmas, everybody!

[All shouting greetings]

Jack: How you doing? Ooh, you're getting so big. Hey, gorgeous. Hey, J.J. how's it going? Huh? Huh? There were a lot of people I had to put my arms around today. But right now, they're just for you. Come here. Oh! Yeah. Oh, Merry Christmas, son. Merry Christmas.

Next week, on "As the World Turns" --

Mike: But I trained myself to accept the truth. And now, to find out that it's not true, that maybe it never was?

Katie: The truth is I just should've stayed with you.

Emily: Hi, Paul.

Paul: What the hell have you been doing to my brother and my wife?

Julia: Answer something for me.

Holden: If I can.

Julia: How does a happily married man know exactly how I feel?

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