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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 12/23/04

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Henry: Come share the pain, bubbles.

Katie: You're doing great.

Henry: That's not the kind of help I had in mind.

Katie: Well, don't worry. As soon as you're done with all the lights, you don't have to help decorate. You can go shopping.

Henry: Hmm? And leave you alone? Not a chance.

Katie: It's okay.

Henry: How is it okay if it's the holidays and mike hasn't shown up yet?

Katie: I am not worried. He'll be here.

Henry: Uh-huh. He's a busy man. He thinks you're happily married. Just tell me again why you think he'd sign up for this?

Katie: Because Simon asked him to. And he wouldn't let him down.

Henry: Mike wouldn't let Simon down? My brain just hit, like, a speed bump there. Mike and Simon, buddies for life now?

Katie: Okay, okay -- I get it. So he wouldn't let me down. I left Mike a message asking him to help me decorate the tree.

Henry: Oh. I'm surprised he didn't get a police escort for that kind of an emergency. Bubbles -- I'm sorry, but I don't think your plan is gonna work.

Katie: Oh, he'll be here. Wait and see.

Jennifer: Please tell me one of your clients doesn't have a chimney malfunction that has to be fixed before Santa can come.

Mike: No clients.

Jennifer: Well, what's the bad news?

Mike: It's not bad news. It's Katie. She wants me to stop by and help with the tree.

Jennifer: Doesn't Henry live with her?

Mike: Yeah.

Jennifer: Won't he help? It can't be that heavy.

Mike: It's not a muscle thing. She wants some company while she decorates, I guess.

Jennifer: Oh. I guess that's what Simon was talking about when he said that he wanted you to keep an eye on her. Holidays are no fun alone.

Mike: Yeah. Katie loves Christmas.

Jennifer: So you want to go?

Mike: Do you mind?

Jennifer: No. Not a bit. I definitely think we should go.

Mike: We?

[Knock on door]

Margo: Oh! Oh, my God!

Craig: You've been looking for me?

Margo: Where the hell have you been?!

Craig: What?

Margo: Do you have any idea what you put us through?!

Craig: What?

Margo: Me and Lily and Lucy. We've been worried sick about you! And Katie -- she came all the way home because she was worried about your cruel, sadistic hide!

Craig: Hey, I didn't do anything! [Margo ranting and raving] Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Oh, hey! Come on. It's okay. It's okay.

Pilot: Donovan knows about the boxer and the girl. He knows!

Dominic: Get a grip. Nobody knows anything.

Pilot: He had -- he had everything but the coordinates of where we dropped them in Idaho.

Dominic: How would he find out about Idaho? You didn't file a flight plan. Unless you told him --

Pilot: I said nothing to him. I told Mrs. Walsh I had experience flying in the mountains. That's all. You didn't tell me the girl was connected to Lucinda Walsh. The cops are gonna be on my tail because of you.

Dominic: You're getting on my nerves.

Pilot: That's too bad! You better give me a reason not to roll on you, or so --


Lucy: Rafael. Don't move. [Rattlesnake rattling] Whatever you do, don't move.

Henry: You know, Katie, sometimes the direct route is the best. Honesty. You know, laying all your cards on the table.

Katie: Who are you?

Henry: I know. I know, I know. But I've been thinking about this and -- this is mike we're talking about.

Katie: Yeah, exactly. I can't go up to him and say, "Hey, Simon and I are through. Here I am. Take me." He would freak out. He would feel like it was déja vu, like he was getting his heart broken all over again.

Henry: Well, maybe, okay. But it's you we're talking about. I think he'd get over it.

Katie: Yeah, probably. If he was alone. But he's not alone. He's involved with Jennifer. So he'd feel like he had to choose, all of a sudden. And you know mike. He would take the high road. He would choose Jennifer. Because he would feel obligated and like it was wrong to abandon her.

Henry: Okay. So he takes a little extra time and lets her down easy.

Katie: No, he wouldn't let Jennifer down. In fact, he would avoid me like the plague. Because he wouldn't want to be tempted. I would never see him.

Henry: So you do get to see him, but you're unavailable.

Katie: Right. I get to see him, spend time with him. He starts to feel secure and safe, and then all of that old chemistry takes up.

Henry: So -- he's eating his heart out for you, but you're still attached to Simon -- why does this sound familiar?

Katie: I'm not attached this time.

Henry: So, at some point during this scenario, you do tell Mike the truth, then?

Katie: Of course.

Henry: Oh, good.

Katie: When he's good and hooked, and one little white lie won't matter. Then this fling with Jennifer will seem like the distraction that it is, and all of a sudden, he will realize how in love with me he is. Good, huh?

Henry: Kathryn, all I can say is that is so perverse, all I can do is salute you.

Katie: It'll work. I love this tree.

Henry: You would. It's as twisted as your logic. I can't believe you spent good money on it.

Katie: It's perfect.

Henry: No, there were perfectly perfect trees back at the lot.

Katie: Henry?

Henry: Yeah.

Katie: Do you remember the tree that Mike and I had last year?

Henry: Yes, I do. I do. It was worse than this one. It was a little mongrel of a tree -- which Mike will remember as soon as he sees this one.

Katie: Without me having to say a word.

Henry: You are good. You are.

Katie: Count on it. By the end of this afternoon, Mike will be one step closer.

Mike: You think we should both go to Katie’s?

Jennifer: Why not? Mike, I told you. I'm up for this.

Mike: Yeah, but I thought you were just being nice.

Jennifer: No, I want to.

Mike: You want to spend the evening with my old girlfriend? Or you don't want me to spend the evening there without you?

Jennifer: More of the first one.

Mike: But kind of the second?

Jennifer: Mike -- I am not threatened by Katie, if that's what you think. She's obviously in love with her husband. And even if she weren't, I'm not worried for me.

Mike: But?

Jennifer: But -- all this togetherness makes it hard not to think about how much she hurt you. And I just don't want to see this get strange for you.

Mike: It won’t.

Jennifer: But in case it does -- I want you to be able to look over and see me and know, that here with me, Mike, you're number one.

Mike: I'm not sure I deserve you.

Jennifer: You do.

Mike: I'll get the check, and we can go.

Jennifer: We both deserve this, Mike. Let's just make sure Katie knows that.

Margo: So where were you? There's no tan, so I guess Rio is out of the question. You were -- oh, in Chicago wooing some widow?

Craig: I was kidnapped and held in a monastery.

Margo: The order of the sacred way?

Craig: Yes. You knew?

Margo: Lily came to me.

Craig: She's the one who got me out. But she won't tell me who put me in. And I know she knows. I'm sure of that.

Margo: Really?

Craig: And so do you.

Margo: We have some suspicions, yes.

Craig: Who?

Margo: Nothing is confirmed yet.

Craig: All right, well, let's go.

Margo: What? Wait, wait, wait --

Craig: We go back to the monastery. And I guess you know the way.

Margo: Wait. Listen. If there's any investigating to do, please let me do it.

Craig: Fine, fine, let's go. I'll watch, and you can pick up Brother Francis by the heels and shake him till some answers come out!

Lucy: He must've been hibernating -- that's why he's moving so slowly. You holding your breath?

Rafael: Yeah.

Lucy: All right, good. I'm gonna try and get him on the end if this stick and move him over to the rock. When I do, roll the opposite way. I got him! I got his head. You have to do that, because he can still bite -- oh, my God. Oh, my God!

Rafael: He just nicked me.

Lucy: I'm so sorry.

Rafael: It's not your fault.

Lucy: All right, just lay back.

Rafael: That was a rattlesnake, right. They're all poisonous, aren't they?

Lucy: Yeah, but you'll be okay. Just try to lie really still. If there is poison in you, moving around makes it worse. Where's that knife?

Rafael: By the fire.

Lucy: You're lucky you're stranded with me.

Rafael: Why? I am.

Lucy: You know how I read, and it's kind of annoying? Sometimes it's useful. Don't look, okay?

Rafael: Okay.

Lucy: Try to be really, really still.

Dusty: What's up, Dom? Looks like you made a real mess.

Dominic: Yeah? I ended your investigation. Frisk him.

Dusty: I'm clean.

Bud: No gun. No wire.

Dominic: You came here unarmed?

Dusty: I came down here to have a sit-down with you. I didn't know you had lost your mind. Over a rigged fight? This is a real problem.

Dominic: You think I can't lose a body? Huh? No body, no crime, right?

Dusty: Not at the rate you're going. Now with Craig Montgomery.

Dominic: I didn't do that.

Dusty: You didn't do that? The cops think you did. Then we got Lucy, Rafael, this poor guy? Pal, you got no place to run.

Dominic: What are you? You're the voice of doom all of a sudden?

Dusty: I'm pointing out the obvious. What is going on here? You're in a serious jam. You obviously need some help.

Dominic: You came to help me, Dusty? Huh? What's this, a mission of mercy? Pay attention.

Dusty: I see it, big guy. You got it. You wanna make a deal? Or are you gonna shoot me?

Dominic: You cocky son of a -- okay, go. Go. What?

Dusty: You and Bud, you get rid of this guy. Make sure he disappears. I know nothing. And then you leave town, Dom. And you start your operation someplace else.

Dominic: Wait, whoa, where am I going? I'm under indictment!

Dusty: Aaron Snyder is gonna be fine. All you got is a rigged fight. Ain't nobody chasing you around the world for a "b" felony, pal.

Dominic: So? I what? I leave the country?

Dusty: Mm-hmm, yeah. If you wanna clear yourself. You got a chance to. As long as, you know, nobody else gets killed. Come on, man. I'm trying to help you have a life.

Dominic: Let me guess what's next. You notice what he left out? This is all about the girl, right? You want Lucy.

Dusty: Lucy's coming home. So is Rafael. And you -- you're gone. You understand? No trial, no threats. Montgomery, I know for a fact, he is okay. But you will not get away with the girl, you understand?

Dominic: No, no, no, no --

Dusty: Do you? Because that's dangerous! A girl like that doesn't disappear without consequences! Your only chance is to bring her back safe! That's your only chance.

Dominic: This is classic Donovan.

Dusty: Classic Donovan. Tell me where she is.

Dominic: How about I send you to join her, instead? How's that?

Katie: You sure you don't mind making yourself scarce while Mike's here?

Henry: Oh, I've got a little shopping I have to do.

Katie: Oh, Henry, don't spend your money on me.

Henry: What? I didn't catch that. What did you --?

Katie: Well, I'm here with my best friend in the world, in my house, with my family for Christmas.

Henry: Did you just turn down merchandise?

Katie: Okay, well, don't spend a lot. [Henry chuckles] There's only one thing I want that I don't have.

Henry: And is he on his way? [Doorbell rings] Is that him at the door right now?

Katie: Okay, ready? This is it. Make it sound casual.

Henry: Yeah, okay, okay, okay. I'm ready.

Katie: Merry Christmas!

Jennifer: Merry Christmas to you, too.

Katie: Jennifer, hi. Can I help you?

Jennifer: Oh, we're here to help you. Your message said you needed extra hands to decorate the tree.

Katie: That we do. Okay. Yeah. Come on in.

Jennifer: Mike and I were on our way over from Al's, and a client stopped him. Some emergency. But he'll be here as soon as he can. Hey, Henry.

Henry: Hey, Jen, good to see you. The more the merrier. I gotta go.

Katie: Really?

Henry: Yeah, I've got some things I need to take care of and pick up, you know?

Katie: Oh -- well, just don't be long.

Henry: I won’t. You girls have fun.

Jennifer: We will.

Katie: Yeah. You bet.

Monk: Brother Francis will be here shortly.

[Monks chanting]

Margo: But I am a detective, this is a crime scene, and I want to investigate.

Monk: Dear God.

Margo: Well, I don't think he's gonna vouch for you on this one. Do you want me to get a warrant? Because I will. I will get a warrant. I'll come back down here, and I'll take everything. I'll take your receipts. I'll take your records --

Monk: Okay!

Craig: I love it when you talk cop. Okay, here it is. Home sweet home for the last month. They put the bars on this window after my first attempt. And this here is where I carved my initials so you'd know I was here. And there -- [Craig laughs] There -- say "cheese."

Margo: A hidden camera?

Craig: So whoever did this could entertain themselves.

Brother Francis: It wasn't entertainment, Craig.

Margo: Be nice. He's a man of the cloth.

Craig: Hello, brother Francis. Meet my sister, the cop.

Brother Francis: We've met. She was worried about you. I wish I could show her that you got something out of your time here. But apparently all that repentance you spoke of has been replaced with anger and violence.

Craig: That's correct. But there's only one thing I want from you. The name.

Margo: If you cooperate, it will be easier for you.

Brother Francis: I can't betray a confidence.

Margo: Well, you kind of already did that when you took a hostage, don't you think? You betrayed the confidence of everyone who believes this to be a community of peaceful, religious men. Simply confirm the name, or I'll get a wagon down here. We'll shut the place down. I'll haul all of you into jail.

Craig: She already knows, Brother Francis. Just the confirmation.

Brother Francis: The woman only wants you to be the man that you once were.

Margo: The woman -- what woman? You need to say it.

Brother Francis: His former wife. The mother of his only living child.

Craig: Sierra

Lucy: How do you feel?

Rafael: Mm, not --

Lucy: Hey, hey, don't move. You may still have traces of poison in your bloodstream. And the more you move, the more it'll spread. Just try to rest. You are burning up.

Rafael: I'm okay.

Lucy: Yeah, you'd better be -- I'm gonna try to make a dressing for that wound. Maybe there's some aspirin in the emergency kit. Rafael, no! No, don't you dare go into shock! Rafael, please, wake up! No, don't! Please wake up!

Dusty: Lucy's dead?

Dominic: Yeah. Yeah, her and her houseboy. I watched from my parachute as the plane went off on automatic pilot. I waved a little hanky at them. A tragic accident. That's how it's gonna be ruled, if they ever find anything. So, you see, I got no problems, dusty, except for this guy. And now you.

Jordan: Don't move. You pull that trigger and you're a dead man.

Dominic: Wait, wait, wait. Who are you this time? Huh? A few hours ago, you wanted me to believe you were some hotshot investment guy? Huh? Don't tell me this ricket is with you!

Dusty: I've never even seen this guy --

Jordan: I'm his backup. I already called the cops. They're on the way. So just step back! Put the gun down!

[Cell phone rings]

Dominic: You gonna shoot me with your phone? Come here. What you got in here? You got nothing. Take this. Check it. Call redial. Get over here. Get over here. Move. Both of yous.

Bud: Yeah, the last number he called was the Lakeview.

[Dominic chuckles]

Dominic: This is the best you could do for muscle? Huh? That girl really made you soft. You're better off without her, man. Or at least you would have been, if you'd lived. Any deathbed confessions, boys? Now's the time.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Dominic: Lucy wasn't worth it, Donovan. You're about to die 'cause of a cute little girl. Was it worth losing everything?

Lucy: You can't die. Okay? You can’t.

Katie: Oh, you think -- Mike is the one for you?

Jennifer: More and more every day.

Bud: Dominic, not here, man! Come on! We got enough of a mess to clean up as it is.

Dominic: Listen, don't worry. I'm gonna show you what you have to do, okay?

Dusty: You're gonna get rid of all these bodies over Christmas? Real inconspicuous, man. It'd be suicide.

Dominic: All right, let's move the pilot's body.

Bud: And what about these two?

Dominic: We're gonna stash 'em here. You close for Christmas, right?

Dusty: Yeah.

Dominic: So you close now. Search Donovan again. Take his phone, his keys -- anything sharp.

Bud: All right.

Dominic: All right, then this one. Come on. Lucy wasn't worth it, Donovan. You're about to die 'cause of a cute little girl. Was it good, huh? Was it? Huh? Was it worth losing everything?

Dusty: Yeah, it was.

Dominic: We need empty lockers. Come on. Let's go. Move! Now! Move! Get 'em in there. That's it. Lock 'em up. We don't even need to punch holes in their jars. All right. Come on. Let's get this guy out of here. And lock up.

Jordan: What's the plan?

Dusty: I'm open to suggestions.

Lucy: Come on, wake up. Please. You're still here. Come on, wake up! You have to fight it, or you're gonna go into shock. Okay, what do you do for shock? Come on, wake up. Wake up. You can do it. Come on!

Rafael: It's too hot.

Lucy: No. No, no. You just think you're too hot. Your hands are like ice. Oh, please don't --

Lucy: Mayday! Mayday! Please, can anyone hear me? My name is Lucy Montgomery! My friend and I survived a plane crash, but we need help! Please! Can anybody hear me? If you can, please answer! Please, can you hear me? We need help!

Margo: Abduction, kidnapping. These are felonies, Brother Francis. You should get yourself a very good lawyer. Tell your higher-ups to get themselves one, as well. Because they are equally liable.

Brother Francis: This was all my doing, officer. No one else at the monastery is responsible.

Margo: Okay. Okay, good. Um, if you promise not to fight, I will not cuff you until we get to the car.

Craig: No.

Margo: Well, you don't wanna humiliate the guy in front of everybody --

Craig: No, no, no charges.

Margo: What?

Craig: I'm not pressing charges.

Brother Francis: Perhaps you have learned some compassion here.

Craig: All right, don't press it, Brother Francis. You kidnapped me. You held me against my will. Wrapped me in a hair shirt. This was nothing but torture, and that is all.

Brother Francis: I will pray for you, Craig.

Margo: Okay. You know what? I can re-arrest him if I need a testimony later.

Craig: Testimony?

Margo: Against Sierra.

Craig: Nah, you can't arrest her.

Margo: Yes, I can! I am an officer of the court. I know that a crime has been committed. I have to act.

Craig: What crime? I was off wooing rich widows in Grosse Pointe.

Margo: No, no, no, no. Don't you pull that? If nothing else, just for all the grief that she put all of us through.

Craig: Don't worry about Sierra, Margo. You leave Sierra to me.

Mike: Yes, I think if you just put some stain or caulking around that window frame, it should hold until after the holidays.

Client: You can come by on Tuesday?

Mike: Definitely. I'll give you a call that morning.

Client: You're a lifesaver, Mike. Merry Christmas.

Mike: Merry Christmas to you.

Henry: Hey! I thought that was your car outside.

Mike: Henry. You're eating here?

Henry: Never.

Mike: I didn't think so.

[Both laugh]

Henry: I was just -- no, I was just passing by. I've gotta get some tinsel. The tree trimming party, you know.

Mike: Ah. I'm on my way. Hopefully, Jen got there by now.

Henry: Hopefully -- hopefully, your ex and current girlfriends are spending quality time together? Ah, that some men's fantasies, I'm sure, but --

Mike: You think it's a bad idea?

Henry: No. No, I don't think it's a bad -- no, no, I'm just -- I'm amazed Jen wanted to come. That's all.

Mike: No more amazing than Simon asking me to take care of Katie. All right, what's up with that?

Henry: Huh?

Mike: Well, with our history, it's not like the guy trusts me.

Henry: Well, obviously he trusts Katie and is perfectly comfortable with you being around. Of course, I'm only guessing.

Mike: So you haven't talked to him?

Henry: Briefly.

Mike: Why didn't he ask you to take care of Katie? He knows what a good friend you've been to her.

Henry: Well, maybe he's threatened by me, you know? [Mike laughs] Or maybe it's a gesture to you. He's such a big man, he can even withstand having you around.

Mike: You still don't like him, do you?

Henry: As long as Katie is ecstatically happy, that's all that matters.

Mike: Me, neither.

Henry: I always rooted for you, Mike. I always rooted for you.

Mike: Thanks, but, you know, that's water under the bridge.

Henry: Hmm, water freezes this time of year. It stays in place.

Mike: Don't worry. I've moved on. You know, it's kinda funny how you can live in the same town with the most amazing people and never know it.

Henry: You mean Jennifer? Yeah, she is -- you know, I'm actually kinda surprised, Mike. I mean, it seems like just yesterday you were never gonna date again. And then, all of a sudden, it's Jen, all the time.

Mike: Well, I mean, it wasn't just yesterday. I mean, we haven't seen you for, what? Quite awhile there.

Henry: Yeah. 90 days, 10 off for good behavior. And then I come home, and -- boom! Its Mike and Jen!

Mike: It happened the right way, you know? We became friends first, really being sure, no old baggage to hold us back.

Henry: You're happy?

Mike: Yeah, I am. I am. It feels good for a change. Look, we should get to that store before it closes, all right?

Henry: Hmm, what?

Mike: Well, aren't you buying tinsel?

Henry: Yeah! Right, right. Of course. Let's get going. Katie's waiting, and we're missing a party.

Katie: Oh, Henry is taking forever, isn't he?

Jennifer: Well, maybe we should get started.

Katie: Well, no, we can't until Henry gets back with the tinsel. I don't wanna decorate the tree without tinsel.

Jennifer: Oh, we always put the tinsel on last, anyway. Come on. Come on, let's get in the spirit.

Katie: This is so sweet of you, by the way, to give of your time like this.

Jennifer: Oh, I love decorating trees.

Katie: But I'm sure you have last-minute shopping to do. I mean, I know how it is with the business, you know. No time to do anything till the 11th hour.

Jennifer: Well, it's okay, actually. I, for some reason, was really organized this year and got all my business gifts done early.

Katie: Oh, but your family. I mean, what about getting everything done for them? You probably still have that to do, right?

Jennifer: To tell you the truth, I -- I really hate the big, prepackaged, Madison Avenue buying frenzy. I decided this year to spend my time and attention, not just my money. So this is exactly how I want to be spending today.

Katie: That is so -- deep.

[Jennifer laughs]

Jennifer: Is it? I just think its fun.

Jennifer: You miss him, don't you? I mean, who wouldn't?

Katie: What?

Jennifer: Simon. I mean, who wouldn't miss their husband at Christmas? But, Katie, you don't have to put on a show for people. We understand.

Katie: No, I'm -- thanks, but I'm okay. Simon will be here as soon as he can.

Jennifer: Do you like being married? Oh, I'm sorry. That's personal.

Katie: No, no, it's okay.

Jennifer: I just mean -- being married is so different from dating.

Katie: I love being married. And you're right. It is different from dating, you know, where you never know what the guy's really thinking. Is he serious or just using you until the right thing comes along?

Jennifer: Well, surely you didn't feel that way with Mike.

Katie: No, Mike and I always knew it was the real thing. But then, of course, Simon came home.

Jennifer: You know, you're a very lucky woman. To find that love twice. To end up with the love of your life and still have the other guy as a friend, that's very special.

Katie: He is a very special guy. They both are.

Jennifer: I know. Well, at least about Mike. But, you know, at first, I felt like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know?

Katie: No, I don’t.

Jennifer: Well, it was just like -- every time, I was waiting for him to become a jerk, you know? And it never happened. Over and over and over, he -- he just makes me so happy.

Katie: That's great.

Jennifer: It is, isn't it? I mean, you must have felt that with -- with your husband. That knowing that this is the one.

Katie: Oh, you think -- Mike is the one for you?

Jennifer: More and more every day.

Jennifer: Oh, Katie, that must've been weird.

Katie: What?

Jennifer: Well, me saying that -- I'm falling in love with Mike.

Katie: Why would it be weird?

Jennifer: Look, Katie, I know you still care about him. And you probably feel very protective towards him. And you wanna make sure he's with someone who makes him happy.

Katie: Yeah, well, that's the least Mike deserves. And, yeah, maybe I do worry sometimes that he'll -- settle. You know? I mean, he's so easygoing, so willing to fill in the blanks. I really was concerned about him when we split up.

Jennifer: Well, then you'll be happy to know that he healed. And, believe me, he didn't settle for anything. You can ask my sister, Nikki. Or ask half the girls on staff at Memorial.

Katie: What, they went after Mike? Which ones?

Jennifer: It doesn't matter. He was having none of that.

Katie: Until you.

Jennifer: Katie, I just want you to know that you don't have to worry. I'm not gonna take Mike for granted, and I will make him happy.

Henry: Ho, ho, ho! Look who I found.

Mike: Hey.

Katie: Hey, you guys. Get in here and help.

Mike: Looks like you guys need it. You barely touched the tree yet.

Jennifer: Oh, we were saving some for you.

Henry: Yeah. So -- what have you ladies been up to?

Katie: Girl time.

Jennifer: Yeah. It was great.

Katie: Totally great.

Jordan: I can feel the back of the latch. If we had something sharp, maybe I could jimmy the lock. I gotta get outta here. We gotta get outta here.

Dusty: Relax. We'll get outta here. One way or another.

Jordan: Well, hey, at least we're still alive, which is more than I can -- I mean -- dusty, I couldn't help hearing Dominic say something about Lucy. What did he say happened?

Dusty: Plane crash somewhere in Idaho.

Jordan: No, no, that's not what he said.

Dusty: What do you mean?

Jordan: He said he parachuted out. He watched the plane fly off on autopilot. Did he ever say anything about seeing the plane crash?

Dusty: No. He never said anything about seeing the plane crash.

Jordan: Well, then there's a chance that Lucy and Rafael landed safely, even if it's somewhere in the wilderness. Even if they -- if the plane crash-landed, they could still be alive.

Dusty: You're right. Let's get outta here.

Jordan: That's fine with me. This isn't how I wanted to spend my Christmas.

Dusty: What made you be such a hero, anyway, and confront Dominic like that?

Jordan: Well, I waited to see if you could talk him down. I didn't move until you lost him.

Dusty: We gotta get outta here. I'm not dying like this, not if -- Lucy’s still breathing.

Lucy: You sleep. It's okay. You should rest. But then you come back to me. Because we're a team. And you don't get to leave me. You can't die. Okay? You can’t.

[Both laugh]

Katie: I'll flip you for it.

Mike: It's yours.

Katie: Thanks.

Mike: This tree's a real improvement over last year’s.

Katie: Hey. Last year's tree was my favorite. Ever.

Mike: That explains why you got that one. There's a big hole in the back. You need an ornament back there or something.

Katie: Hey -- thanks. For helping.

Mike: No problem.

Jennifer: Ah, that is a gorgeous tree.

Mike: You ready to go? I have to run some errands.

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah. Thank you for asking us.

Katie: Oh, it wouldn't have been the same without you.

Jennifer: Well, I had a lot of fun. Maybe we could do it again.

Katie: Yes, we should. Actually -- why don't you guys come over for Christmas dinner? I'm not good at cooking for less than four people, so there'll be tons of food. Please? I won't take no for an answer.

Mike: Uh -- sure. You know, if you don't mind?

Jennifer: As long as we do the family stops earlier in the day, I'd love to.

Henry: Great, great, great. It's a party. I'll make the eggnog.

Mike: No. No, you won't, or else we'll never make it outta here.

Henry: You guys can crash here. We'll see you kids tomorrow.

Jennifer: All right.

Katie: Bye.

Jennifer: Bye.

Katie: Oh, so I'll call you about the time.

Mike: Okay. So how was it? Really.

Jennifer: Really, it was fine. How do you feel about tomorrow?

Mike: Good. You know, I wanna decorate my place. I still haven't put up a wreath yet.

Jennifer: Oh, well, then I can give you your first Christmas present. I was gonna put it on a cap and make you wear it.

Henry: Katie, I think we have to come up with a new plan. Okay? This is more serious than we thought.

Katie: No kidding. Oh, that girl will leave teeth marks on the door if I try to kick her out of Mike's life. She made that very clear.

Henry: What? What the hell happened while we were away?

Katie: We chatted.

Henry: That doesn't sound like chat material.

Katie: Don't worry, Henry. Jennifer's good, but I'm better. She won't know what hit her.

Margo: All right, well, the reception is lousy here, but I think I got your file off the missing persons desk.

Craig: Good! Then everybody's happy.

Margo: No, not quite. Let's go get a drink, huh?

Craig: I'm not gonna change my mind about Sierra.

Margo: No, I know, I know, I know. You don't wanna press charges. Let's just --

Craig: Why the invitation?

Margo: Well -- because it's Christmas, you lug. And we're family. Unless you're booked for this evening. Are you booked?

Craig: No.

Margo: No? Okay.

Craig: We should call Katie.

Margo: Yeah, yeah, let's do that. Come on, let's go.

Craig: Okay -- just a minute.

Margo: Yeah, okay. Are you okay?

Craig: Yeah, fine. I'll be right there.

[Monks chanting]

Craig: Hello, Sierra. I know it was you. So you better get ready. Because you're gonna hear from me very soon.

Jordan: Help! Somebody, get us outta here!

Dusty: All right, give it a rest, would you? It's gonna be a long night.

Jordan: I saw a window open in the hallway. Somebody could hear us.

Dusty: No, I think they shut it tight on the way out. Listen, wait for a sign of life, and then panic, all right?

Jordan: Sierra is gonna wonder what happened to us. She knows that I came after you. If we don't show up soon, she's gonna get worried and call the cops. She's gonna make them open up this place and look for us.

Dusty: Let's hope so. If Lucy is alive, God knows I'm gonna bring her back.

Lucy: It's almost Christmas. They've missed us by now. My mother, my grandmother. Dusty. If Dominic hasn't already gotten -- I'm so sorry, Rafael. I should've warned you. Everyone I get close to either leaves or dies. I'm the poison. And I'm sorry you got in the way. You didn't deserve this. Please, God. Make him well again. Make him well, and I won't ask for anything ever again.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Julia: You're a great guy.

Lily: Merry Chris --

Sierra: Who's out there?

Craig: Merry Christmas.

Dusty: Who's there?

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