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[Knocking on door]

Alison: Hi.

Aaron: You here to get your stuff?

Alison: No. I was hoping -- thinking that maybe we could use a tree. Look, ta-dah! It's got lights and everything. It's the perfect size. Since it's so tight in here, we can put it in the window. Or we could put it on the table, like a centerpiece, for when we eat.

Aaron: You think I can live with you after what you just did?

Alison: Just because we got into a little fight? Aaron, I'm already over it.

Aaron: Alison --

Alison: No, Aaron. You need my help with stuff. Look at this place. It's a mess! Okay, so it's mostly my mess. Aaron, I'm sorry.

Aaron: It's okay. Okay? I just -- I just think that -- Alison, I want you to move out.

Alison: No you donít. Aaron, you need help.

Aaron: I don't need your help. Not anymore.

Jessica: Can I buy you a refill for that cup of coffee?

Chris: Last I heard, refills were free.

Jessica: Then the price is right. Where's that waitress?

Chris: She must be on break. I tell ya, if this were Alisonís shift, both our cups would be drowning in coffee.

Jessica: You and Alison are getting close again, huh?

Chris: Getting there. How're you and Ben doing?

Jessica: The divorce isn't final yet, but -- you heard about Benís resignation?

Chris: Yeah. Everybody's surprised.

Jessica: Including you?

Chris: Of course. I mean, Benís a great surgeon. He's been at Memorial forever.

Jessica: Do you think he botched Aaron Snyderís surgery?

Chris: I wouldn't know. I wasn't there.

Jessica: Right. And those incident reports are kept confidential. But somehow they got leaked to Aaron Snyderís family. I'm just wondering how that happened.

Chris: What are you trying to say, Jessica?

Jessica: You're close with Alison. Alison's close with Aaron.

Chris: And you're Benís lawyer?

Jessica: No. No, not really. I just want to help.

Chris: Then it's like you said, hospital business is confidential. I've got nothing to say to you.

Ben: You think that was the most mature way to handle this? Staying out all night? I'm still your father, Curtis. Look at me when I'm talking to you. Where were you last night?

Curtis: Out.

Ben: Out where?

Curtis: Wherever.

Ben: Look, I know you're mad at me. But I think I taught you better than this. Whatever is going on between us, we treat each other with respect.

Curtis: And honesty. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Dad. I remember everything you taught me. Do you?

Ben: Come on. I was going to tell you about my resignation, but --

Curtis: Hey, it's cool. I'm over all these rules you set up. So from now on, you don't get to know what I don't want to tell you. Or better still, I'll just straight-out lie to your face. I'll work it just like you do -- mutual respect.

Margo: Next time your husband decides to speed, tell him to do it when there's not a cop around.

Lily: You saw Holden? Where?

Margo: When I was pulling in the drive. Why?

Lily: Did he see you?

Margo: I don't think so. Why?

Lily: I just -- I don't think he should know that I called you. Would you want some coffee? I could make some.

Margo: Explanation, hmm? You want to tell me why you don't want your husband to know what we're discussing? What is it?

Lily: It's Craig. I think he might be in a monastery.

Craig: I think you know how much I regret every atrocious, conniving, despicable deed I might have ever committed, because this ceaseless prayer is brutal on my knees. Good thing we help those who help themselves. Right? I.E., Plan B. Oh.

Brother Francis: How are you today?

Craig: I am more enlightened every day, brother. How are you?

Brother Francis: I've brought you a Christmas gift.

Craig: The holy walking papers?

Brother Francis: It's a fruitcake we monks make ourselves.

Craig: How festive.

Brother Francis: It adds a little variety to the usual bread and water. In observance of the holiday season.

Craig: Yum. Well, I too have a Christmas gift.

Brother Francis: For me? You shouldn't have.

Craig: No, I didn't actually. Brother Francis, you are a shopping nightmare. After all, what do you give the monk who has everything?

Brother Francis: Then, who is this gift for?

Craig: This is for whoever is holding me here.

Lucinda: Why are you putting all your trust in Dusty Donovan? He's hardly an expert on missing persons.

Sierra: But he is an expert on Dominic Ramsey. Lucy and Rafael didn't just fall off the face of the planet. He has to be involved.

Lucinda: Then get Dominic Ramsey arrested.

Sierra: And put Lucy in more danger? No.

Lucinda: Just because Dusty says we should keep a low profile, doesn't mean we have to do it.

Sierra: I think he's right. Listen, it's logical, mother. Dominic Ramsey doesn't want to go to prison. If Lucy and Rafael aren't here to testify, there is no case.

Lucinda: Yes, but then why did he just kidnap them? Why didn't he kill them? And he could, no matter how cautious you are or not. We have to tap into every resource we can to bring this child home safely.

Sierra: What are you suggesting?

Lucinda: We've got to find out from Mr. Dominic Ramsey where they are.

Sierra: How?

Lucinda: Well, we can't play fair. We've got to find somebody as dastardly as he is to help us.

Sierra: Who?

Lucinda: Craig. By default. You must release him forthwith.

Barbara: Now, Emily, dear -- when you got back from Fairwinds last night, you were rather inarticulate.

Emily: I'm sorry.

Barbara: You're forgiven. Just tell me what happened. Focus. After you got to Fairwinds with the doll, what happened?

[Emily remembering]

Barbara: Emily, tell me what happened at Fairwinds.

[Emily remembering]

Will: Hey!

Emily: I -- something got in the way.

Barbara: You said everything was fine.

[Phone rings]

Emily: I'll get it.

Barbara: No, no, no. You stay right there. I want you to focus on what happened, all right? I'll be right back. Where'd you put the phone, Emily? Stay there.

[Knock on door]

Will: What are you doing?

Emily: Having tea.

Will: I'm talking about last night, Emily, when I saw you. Why are you trying to drive Rosanna nuts?

Aaron: I wasn't planning on being here when you came back to get your stuff. I didn't want to be in your way.

Alison: Okay. I'll pack up enough to last me a couple of days.

Aaron: What do you mean?

Alison: I'll be back. It's not like it's going to take you weeks to forgive me.

Aaron: No, no, Ali. Ali, I want you gone. Gone. I can't be around you right now.

Alison: Just because I didn't tell you every single thing I knew about what went on when you were in the hospital?

Aaron: Alison, put yourself into my shoes right now for just a minute. All right, dr. Harris comes into Al's, and I'm talking to him, like, "hey, Doc, how's everything." He's talking to me, and then you bust and tell me how he's the reason this happened to me? Why didn't you tell me?

Alison: Because you were in a coma.

Aaron: And the weeks following the coma?

Alison: Well, at first, I was glad that you didn't die. And then, I didn't understand why you had to have the second surgery.

Aaron: But you asked.

Alison: Yeah, nobody gave me a straight answer. You woke up, but then you couldn't move. So, it was all about you trying to get better. And then, in the middle of that, I found out people were talking.

Aaron: About what?

Alison: About Ben making mistakes during your surgery.

Aaron: And you still never told me.

Alison: I didn't think that it was gonna help you. You had enough to worry about. You couldn't move your right side, and then you wanted to go home by yourself. And then you could move your leg, but not your arm. I was busy.

Aaron: Busy? Ali, I've been with you constantly since then. You couldn't have told me this over breakfast? Or one of the times we were watching "Clueless," that movie.

Alison: I love that movie.

Aaron: Yeah, I know you like that movie. You like that movie too much. Just like I know you like a spoon of sugar in your corn flakes.

Alison: Otherwise, it's too sweet.

Aaron: Yeah. Or how you don't know how to put the cap back on the toothpaste, but you do on the shampoo. What's up with that one? That's kinda weird, you know that?

Alison: Well --

Aaron: Yeah, well, you snore, too.

Alison: I do not.

Aaron: Yeah, you do.

Alison: Aaron, please be my friend again. Don't stay mad about this, okay? It's not like other times when I lied. That was me lying and not telling to truth. And that was me doing that for myself.

Aaron: What is that all about?

Alison: This is me trying to help you. Trying to give you time to get well.

Aaron: And getting me that job at Al's? What?

Alison: Okay, okay. I sort of went behind your back about that.

Aaron: Why?

Alison: It was for your own good, Aaron. And if you expect me to apologize for that, I wonít. Not ever.

Lily: So I saw on their website that my sister, Sierra, is a major contributor to the Order of the Sacred Way.

Margo: Wait -- you think that Sierra had Craig drafted into the monastery?

Lily: I think kidnapped. I know, I know. Sierra says no, but, I just -- I don't know.

Margo: And this Brother Francis? You called him?

Lily: No, I was going to call him. But then I figured he would stonewall me, and that's why I called you. I think you should go there.

Margo: And do what?

Lily: Find Craig.

Margo: What do you want me to do, Lily? You want me to just burst into the monastery, flash my badge, and tell them, "I'm gonna search your turrets?"

Lily: No. You go there and say I want my brother, I demand to see my brother. And if you don't do that, then maybe just tear the place apart! Maybe a less aggressive version of that. All right, if you won't go there, will you at least call him, call Brother Francis? A call from me doesn't mean anything. A call from the Oakdale PD might get us some answers.

Brother Francis: May I read this?

Craig: I'd rather you didnít.

Brother Francis: Then how will I know it's addressed to the correct party?

Craig: Well, it's a sort of all-inclusive apology. I've had a lot of time to think about whoever might have brought me to this holy place to contemplate my sins, and there are only a select few people in this world who are interested in saving my soul. My ex-wife, Sierra, my ex-wife, Rosanna, my daughter, Lucy.

Brother Francis: You sure it's no one else?

Craig: Well, I considered my ex mother-in-law, Lucinda. But she'd probably just shoot me, so -- which one is it, Brother Francis?

Brother Francis: Perhaps none of them.

Craig: But you will give my captor the letter? You still have doubts about my change of heart?

Brother Francis: I've read your memoirs. You are inclined to prevarication.

Craig: Oh. There's no incline like a good recline, eh, Brother? I'm kidding. Look, whoever put me in here, they know me. They know that I'm flawed. They know that I love both my ex-wives. The others weren't really exes, they were more wise. And that I live for my daughter. And the thought of not seeing them again is -- is worse than death.

Brother Francis: Have you changed?

Craig: Brother, I have seen my life played out upon these walls. I have seen the black shadows of my blinding arrogance. My son's death, the failure of my marriages, the loss of my daughter's trust. And I have seen the light. So, brother, please. Give that letter to my captor, because it is time for Brother Craig to go home and stop running from the people that I've hurt. So, you will give the letter to my captor?

Brother Francis: Well, it is Christmas.

Craig: Yes.

[Phone rings]

Brother Francis: Yes, my child?

Margo: Yes, Brother Francis? This is Detective Margo Hughes of the Oakdale PD. I was wondering if I could come over and meet with you.

Brother Francis: Regarding?

Margo: My brother, Craig Montgomery.

Sierra: I am not letting Craig out of that monastery. I don't want him anywhere near us while Lucy is missing.

Lucinda: Craig has had previous experience with Ramsey.

Sierra: Right.

Lucinda: Yes.

Sierra: And, as a result, Dominic has a hit out on Craig, Lucy, Rafael and Dusty.

Lucinda: Ah, but Dusty was involved with that, wasn't he? And you can work with dusty, now. Why can't you work with Craig, now?

Sierra: Because Craig doesn't work with people. He bulldozes. He would charge in, not taking Lucy and Rafaelís welfare into consideration, hunt down Dominic, confront him, and probably get himself killed in the bargain.

Lucinda: It's too risky. You're taking a huge chance.

Sierra: Look, I know that I have made some bad decisions as far as Lucy is concerned recently, but I think this is right. I think that the only way we are going to get back Lucy safely is if we keep Craig firmly contained. [Cell phone rings] Hello?

Brother Francis: Sierra, my child --

Sierra: Brother Francis. Is there a problem?

Brother Francis: Mr. Montgomery's sister, the detective?

Sierra: Margo?

Brother Francis: Yes. She and your sister wish to meet with me today.

Sierra: Lily and Margo? Do they know that Craig is with you?

Brother Francis: I'm sure they suspect. We knew this would happen. Sierra? Are you there?

Sierra: Uh, yeah, yeah. I'll handle it.

Brother Francis: Allow me to do that. I will meet with them, and then I update you on where we stand.

Sierra: Well, if we need to move Craig --

Brother Francis: Then, we move him.

Sierra: All right, call me as soon as you meet with them.

Brother Francis: I'd rather see you. I have a gift for you. Tidings that may bring you great joy.

Sierra: I'll take it, Brother Francis. I could use some joy.

Emily: Will, maybe you should come back when your father's home.

Will: I saw you at Fairwinds last night, Emily. What are you doing? Tell me why you're trying to freak out Rosanna with all this baby stuff?

Emily: You're not supposed to be near your mother, and she'll be right back. You need to leave.

Will: Emily, I'm here to see you! Tell me what you are doing! Tell me!

Barbara: Will! What is going on here?

Emily: I'm not sure. He's talking crazy.

Barbara: Don't you call my son crazy.

Emily: I didn't mean --

Barbara: What is it? What is it?

Will: Mom, just stay out of this. Emily, tell me what you're doing. I caught you. Just admit what you did!

Emily: I'm not feeling well. I need to go lay down.

Barbara: No, no. Go upstairs.

Will: No, no! We need to settle this right now!

Barbara: And we will. We'll work it out together. But we need to talk alone.

Emily: No. No, you're not supposed to be near each other. I need to call Hal.

Barbara: No, Emily.

Will: I'm getting out of here.

Barbara: Will, Will, Will! Don't leave, okay? We can work this out. Just give me a second, all right? Emily, Emily -- do not call Hal. Go upstairs. Okay, tell me everything that happened.

Will: Mom, Emilyís lost it or something. She's trying to do all these things to remind Rosanna of Cabot.

Barbara: Why do you think that Emilyís behind this?

Will: Because I saw her, Mom. At Fairwinds last night.

Barbara: Did you tell anyone about this?

Will: I tried to tell Paul and Rosanna and Dad that I saw a woman and that she was blonde, but they didn't even believe that much. So I can only imagine what they'd say if I tried to tell them it was Emily.

Barbara: But you didnít.

Will: I'm not wrong, Mom. I know what I saw.

Barbara: Will, I can understand why Paul and Rosanna would doubt you on this. They only think about themselves. Which is why I've been saying this from the beginning -- we have to get you out of there.

Will: Well, I'd say they'd probably agree with you on that one. They don't really want me there.

Barbara: Did they tell you this?

Will: Not in so many words. But they think I'm doing this to Rosanna. They think I'm crazy!

Barbara: They're blaming you?

Will: The only logical answer, right? The only former mental patient left in the house.

Barbara: This is wrong, this is all wrong.

Will: What?

Barbara: This is wrong. Everyone knows that you wouldn't do anything to hurt Rosanna. I've got to talk to your father about this. We've got to get you out of there.

Will: And send me where?

Barbara: Here. Here, with me and your dad, back here, where you belong.

Will: Mom, that's never going to happen.

Barbara: But if Paul and Rosanna don't want you with them --

Will: Mom, if I move out of Fairwinds, Dad's not gonna send me back here. He's gonna ship me off to a padded cell at the state hospital.

Jessica: It doesn't matter that I'm not "representing" Ben.

Chris: I'm sure Ben would disagree.

Jessica: His not wanting me to be his attorney has everything to do with his not wanting me to be his wife, and I get that. But I am not going to allow him to scuttle his career because of it.

Chris: I'm sorry, what does this have to do with me?

Jessica: I just need to know the facts about the night Aaron was brought into surgery.

Chris: And like I already told you, I wasn't there.

Jessica: But you saw the incident reports.

Chris: Have I?

Jessica: Well, Chris, you know, somehow Alison Stewart got her hands on them, at least the pertinent ones. And I'm just wondering how she did that. I mean, she doesn't work at the hospital anymore.

Chris: Are you accusing me of something?

Jessica: I think you gave the incident reports to Alison. Not only is that unethical, but that's clearly a violation of doctor-patient confidentiality, Chris. You could lose your license. If anyone found out.

Chris: Are you through threatening me now? Or is this some kind of a reverse psychology lawyer tactic to convince me to help you get those reports?

Jessica: Chris, if I know what's in the reports, then I can --

Chris: Then you could what? Huh? Save Benís career, maybe he'll forgive you for breaking his heart? I know how it feels, because I was there with Alison. All right? And that kind of guilt can make you say or do some really stupid things.

Jessica: I'm sorry I threatened you.

Chris: No, you're not.

Jessica: Chris --

Chris: Look, save it, Jess, okay? I can't help you.

Jessica: I don't want a copy of the reports. I just need to see them.

Chris: Whatever you think that I did or I didn't do, I can't, and I won't, help you access hospital documents.

Jessica: I'm sorry I bothered you. And I'm truly sorry I insulted you. Ben just loves being a doctor, and I just hate to see him throw it away, especially after everything I've already cost him.

Chris: I understand. I really do.

Jessica: I guess I'll get that coffee to go.

Chris: Jessica -- if you want to see those reports, all you need is Benís authorization. You could get them in a second. But for that, you don't my help. You need Benís.

Ben: Son, what's going on with me is -- well, it's complicated.

Curtis: No, it's not!

Ben: So now you know what's going on with me better than I do.

Curtis: I know it's not complicated.

Ben: Okay. Come on then, let's hear it. Tell me what you know.

Curtis: You wanted to pass a drug test, so you conned me into taking it for you. That's not complicated. That's simple. Illegal, but simple.

Ben: It's not simple.

Curtis: I'm not done. And you resigned from the hospital because you didn't want everybody to know you lied about the drug test. That's not complicated, either. That's gutless.

Ben: So says the kid who just graduated high school. What do you know about a reputation? Not just what you do to protect it, but what others will do for you, even if you're wrong. What do you know about building a career? Not just working some job for tips. What do -- what do you know about losing what you love? It's not that simple.

Curtis: What about owning what you do? Standing up for what's right? All those things you spout out like its gospel.

Ben: Curtis, I wish I could make you understand.

Curtis: You can give up on that one. You cannot get me to understand this duck-and-cover thing you've got going. If you had resigned because you really did make a mistake with Aaronís surgery, I'd understand. But resigning because you didn't want everyone to know you lied about the drug test? I never thought you'd do that.

[Cell phone rings]

Jessica: Hello?

Ben: Hey, Jess -- I need to see you.

Barbara: Honey, this is absurd. Paul and your dad can't possibly think that you would hurt Rosanna!

Will: Mom, get a clue. After what happened with Rose, what else are they going to think?

Barbara: I'll talk to your dad.

Will: And tell him what? Mom, he thinks you're crazier than I am.

Brother Francis: Oh, now's not a very good time, I'm afraid. We're quite busy with Christmas preparations. Fellow monks are literally flocking in from all corners of the globe. But I couldn't ignore a request from Sierra's family, so I was granted a special dispensation. On the condition that I return in time for choir practice.

Lily: We'll make this quick. Please have a seat. How did this connection with sierra happen, exactly?

Brother Francis: God's ways are mysterious. You had questions about her ex-husband?

Margo: Yes, my brother. Do you know him?

Brother Francis: One truly knows very few people in this world. Sometimes one doesn't even know oneself fully.

Lily: Have you met Craig?

Brother Francis: You seem concerned.

Margo: Well, yes, we are. He's missing.

Brother Francis: Well, then, I will pray for you. Is there anything else?

Margo: Yes, yes. Do you have any idea where he is right now?

Brother Francis: Why would I?

Lily: Could you just give us a straight answer, please?

Margo: We have information that my brother might be connected to your monastery in some way.

Brother Francis: Really?

Margo: Yes, and unfortunately, Craig has quite a few enemies. So we haven't heard from him in a while, and -- Brother Francis, we love him, and we want to know that he is safe and well.

Brother Francis: Of course.

Margo: So, it'd be all right then if I came over to the monastery in an official capacity and had a look around?

Brother Francis: You are certainly welcome to do so. With a search warrant. Do you have one?

Margo: No.

Brother Francis: Then, I'm afraid I can't help you.

Lily: Couldn't you just stay for a few more minutes, please?

Brother Francis: Unfortunately, I can't today. But do call again in the New Year. May the holidays bestow on you every blessing, and the safe return of your loved one.

Margo: What do you think?

Lily: That monk has Craig. Of your loved one.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Will: You can do one thing for me.

Barbara: Anything.

Will: Convince Emily to tell the truth.

Alison: If you have someplace to be, go ahead. I'll finish straightening up. Do you want some pizza for dinner?

Aaron: Ali, you can't stay here.

Alison: But I explained to you everything.

Aaron: Well you know what, then there's something I need to explain to you. Ali, you can't keep doing this. You can't do this.

Alison: What?

Aaron: You can't make my life this easy.

Alison: And what is so bad about that?

Aaron: I am not your helpless little project!

Alison: You're not that, Aaron, you're my guy. Don't you know that?

Aaron: I'll give you a couple of hours. I want you gone when I get back.

Alison: Don't do this. Donít. I was helping out my friend, my best friend, the same way you've helped me a million times. So why is it okay for you to help me, but not for me to help you?

Aaron: Because I'm not that guy, that's why!

Alison: So?

Aaron: So, it's about pride. When I wake up every morning, there's a moment when I see that guy I used to be, okay? A guy with two hands that worked, two arms that work. And I open my eyes, and all of a sudden I'm not that guy anymore.

Alison: Aaron --

Aaron: No! No, don't baby me! Okay, I'm trying to hold on to that guy, Ali! But I can't if every time there's a problem you're coming in between me and my life.

Alison: I didn't mean to do that.

Aaron: I know you didnít. I know you didn't mean that. I know you're a good person and that's what it is, but -- your help is not helping me.

Alison: I'll change if you let me stay.

Aaron: I'll change if I let you stay. And I won't be happy with the person I am.

Alison: I'll have my stuff out before you get back.

Margo: Well, you gotta hand it to the guy. I mean, he didn't exactly lie to us.

Lily: But he didn't exactly answer our questions about Craig, either. He has him, Margo.

Margo: Maybe.

Lily: Maybe?

Margo: Probably.

Lily: Okay, all right. Then you need to get a search warrant and go over there. You know, take your police car and go there right now.

Margo: What, you think I can get a search warrant in ten minutes because I had a frustrating conversation with an evasive monk? And I just have carte blanche to walk into a religious institution? No. I have to put together a case, I have to get the right judge. It, it takes time.

Lily: We don't have time. Now that we know brother what's-his-name has Craig?

Margo: Lily, he's a monk. What do you think he's going to do to Craig? Bless him to death? Come on. I'll have the place watched. And if Craig is there, I will find him. And I'll keep you posted. And Lily, thank you for watching out for my brother.

Lucinda: You say my daughter, Lily, was suspicious?

Brother Francis: Exceedingly.

Sierra: Brother Francis, it's more important than ever that we keep Craig locked away. So if you think that we need to move him --

Brother Francis: I will proceed in any way you wish, but I must admit that I am troubled. There are now at least two innocent people who are being hurt by Craigís absence. Perhaps you wish to rethink this.

Sierra: I'm rethinking everything. So, if you have anything new to report about Craig, I'm ready to hear it.

Brother Francis: The latest development is that he's come to believe that a family member is behind his time of reflection. He gave me a letter to deliver to his captor. A letter I feel you should read.

Will: Mom, you're a prisoner here. How can you help me?

Barbara: Honey, I still have money. I'll hire the best lawyer in the state and make sure that you never go back to that terrible hospital.

Will: There's not enough time for that, Mom. I'll go back there tonight if Dad catches me.

Barbara: Them I'm gonna go with you. Because I know Halís got tools out in that garage that will get this ankle bracelet off of me, and I don't care if I go to prison for more time if it means that you're safe!

Will: No, Mom, if you're with me, it's only gonna make it easier for them to find me!

Barbara: Darling, you're not gonna survive out there by yourself.

Will: I am not your darling anymore, okay? You still treat me like a kid.

Barbara: Then what are you gonna do? What can I do for you? I can't let you just go.

Will: You can do one thing for me. Convince Emily to tell the truth. Get her to tell them what she's been doing to Rosanna.

Barbara: I can't do that.

Will: Why not? You can convince anyone of anything.

Barbara: Anything but that --

Will: You know what, forget it. You say you love me, and you say that you're always gonna be there for me. But the truth is, I have always been on my own!

Jessica: Ben, what is it? You sounded upset. Where's Curtis? Is he okay?

Ben: He's not really liking me right about now, but he's fine.

Jessica: What did he say?

Ben: Well, he said a few things that made me realize how angry I have been with you and allowed it to cloud my better judgment. And as much as I hate to admit it, I need your help.

Jessica: You've got it. Just tell me what I can do.

Ben: I want to go to the hospital board, rescind my resignation, fight this thing.

Jessica: All right.

Ben: You make it sound easy.

Jessica: No, it's not gonna be. But you didn't cause Aaron Snyderís paralysis. You saved his life.

Ben: Yeah, I just happened to do it while I was going through withdrawal. They could yank my license anyway.

Jessica: Yes. But would you rather practice while allowing the rest of world to think you're guilty of something you didn't do? Ben, you are a brilliant doctor. And an amazing man.

Ben: My son used to think so. Doesn't anymore.

Jessica: He will again. And so will you.

[Monks chanting]

[Monks chanting]

Craig: Chanting. The chanting. I can't take the chanting. That letter has to work.

Sierra: Craig really does seem to have changed.

Lucinda: Enough in your eyes to allow him to help us find Lucy and the boy?

Sierra: I've been thinking about that.

Lucinda: Oh. Now what have you decided to do?

Sierra: You said we needed to start fighting dirty. Consider it done.

Aaron: What's going on?

Chris: Look, have you seen Ali? I tried calling her. Is she at your place?

Aaron: No. No, not anymore. She's moving out.

Chris: Why?

Aaron: Because I asked her to. She's just trying to do everything for me and -- I don't need that, so --

Chris: You're an idiot.

Alison: I knew that you -- Will! What are you doing here?

Will: I have no place left to go. Alison, please, you have to help me.

Barbara: Some grand plan. Instead of bringing Will home, I've condemned him to -- what have I done to my son? No, there's still a way to make it all right.

Lucinda: Did Dusty have news of Lucy?

Sierra: He thinks he's close to finding her. But he needs your help.

Lucinda: Mine, he's got. What should we be doing to find her?

Sierra: I have an idea of my own. I think I need to get going.

Lucinda: Does it involve Craig?

Sierra: You know, Lucy is all that matters. And the more I think about the situation, the more I know that Craig will only complicate things if he was around here. So, as touching as his letter was --

Lucinda: Now, Sierra! Really, how long are you going to continue to keep Craig locked away?

Sierra: You know, it took him years of bad behavior to earn his way into that monastery. I think he could spend few more weeks earning his way out.

[Monks chanting]

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Craig: I thought you were my friend.

Lily: I am your friend.

Brother Francis: Head right to the chapel, brothers.

Craig: Brother Francis!

Lily: Ssh! Shut up! What are you doing? I'm trying to get you out of here!

Rosanna: Who is that? Who's there?

Dominic: What is this?

Dusty: Stand up. Where's Lucy Montgomery and Rafael Ortega? Where are they?

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