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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 12/16/04

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Jessica: I did some more research involving your case.

Ben: I didn't retain you to do anything else.

Jessica: Consider it pro bono, okay? Don't you at least want to hear what I found out? According to hospital regulations, you can rescind your resignation and demand an administrative hearing.

Ben: Why would I want to do that?

Jessica: For one thing, it would allow you to request those incident reports that John Dixon ordered.

Ben: I don't care about those reports.

Jessica: But, Ben, that's the basis for the hospital investigation. Don't you at least think we should see what's in them?

Ben: No, because I'm not interested in fighting for my job.

Jessica: Ben, I am fighting for more than your job, I am fighting for your reputation. So, please stop being so stubborn and help me help you.

Aaron: Out of $20? Okay. And, five --

Alison: Oh! There you go.

Aaron: Sorry about that. It's a good thing I keep that extra hand around, huh? Sorry about that. Five's your change.

Customer: Thanks a lot.

Aaron: Have a good day.

Customer: All right, you too.

Aaron: Okay. It's too bad you don't pick up your clothes at the house as fast as you pick up change. What are you grinning at?

Alison: You. It's so cool we're working together again, isn't it?

Aaron: Is that a trick question?

Alison: Isn't it?

[Aaron chuckles]

Aaron: You'd think we're some kind of package deal, huh? First Burtís garage, then Metro.

Alison: Burt's garage. I completely forgot about that place. Seems like a million years ago, doesn't it?

Aaron: Yep. A lot's happened since then.

[Bell rings]

Manager: Alison, order's up.

Alison: Table four's charcoal burger.

Aaron: Burger. Hey, Ali? When our shift is over, how 'bout we, um -- we go home and pop some corn and watch some terrible TV?

Alison: I can't wait.

Sierra: But I'd just assumed that -- so you really haven't heard from her? All right, well, call me if you hear anything, all right? Thank you. Oh! Uh, my mother's not here right now.

Jordan: Oh, that's all right. The European offices are closed now anyway. I'm just going to leave this. So how's our tree doing?

Sierra: Tree? Oh, I'm sorry, I'm a little busy right now.

Jordan: Something wrong?

Sierra: Oh, oh. Here it is. Yes, yes, hello. I need you to check your hotels in the Colorado, Aspen, area. For a reservation for a Lucy Montgomery or a Rafael Ortega. Thank you. Oh.

Jordan: Do you mind if I ask you what's going on? It's been a long time since I've seen somebody rifle through their phone book like that.

Sierra: You're right. I should be on the internet -- I just got so worried.

Jordan: About Lucy? Where is she?

Sierra: Well, that's just it. I'm not sure. She and a friend went to Colorado to go skiing, but I haven't been able reach her, and the caretaker of the place hasn't heard from her.

Jordan: Well, then you're probably right, they probably took advantage of some resort. There's a lot of places out there that offer a ton of extras besides skiing. It's pretty tempting.

Sierra: Yeah, maybe you're right. Maybe they're just -- maybe they're just in a hot tub, steaming away right now as we speak.

[Wind howling]

Rafael: You okay?

Lucy: Yeah. I wouldn't be if it weren't for you. God, you're freezing. Here --

Rafael: No. No, no, no, no, no, no. I'm okay, I'm okay -- I don't want you to start shaking again.

Lucy: I'm fine. I'm fine, really. I just needed some rest. Please, I don't even need it. Take the coat back.

Rafael: All right.

Lucy: I still can't believe this whole thing is my fault.

Rafael: Oh yeah, you sent the plane into a nosedive.

Lucy: No, but Dusty warned me to stay away from Dominic. I just pushed, I didn't listen.

Rafael: I'm the one who snuck back into Dominicís place and swallowed bogus information. I'm the one that betrayed him, okay? You wanna blame somebody, blame me.

Lucy: But I threatened him. He said "one down, three to go." He got rid of my father, now he's gotten rid of us. And Dusty's the only one left to testify, and he's -- you think Dominicís gonna let that one slide? He's not.

Rafael: Hey, hey, hey, hey -- he talks a lot of trash, okay?

Lucy: He wasn't bluffing about the plane crashing. I can't believe I lied to my mom about this stupid ski trip. Now nobody knows where we are. We're not gonna find my father. I can't even warn Dusty, and he's going to go after him and I can't stop him --


Rafael: Shh. Come on, come on. It's going to be okay. Come on. It's all right.

Curtis: Dusty? Dusty, wake up, man! Hello? This is Curtis Harris, I'm at the nightclub Metro, 97 Washington Street. I've got a man unconscious and I need an ambulance, right away.

Carly: Julia? What are you doing -- stalking us?

Dusty: You can shut that off. I'm okay.

E.M.T.: It's a good thing your employee knew CPR.

Dusty: I'll make sure he gets a raise.

E.M.T.: Before you do, we need to get you to the hospital.

Dusty: That's okay, I'm fine. I feel like I got hit by a bolt of lightning, but I'm okay.

E.M.T.: You remember what happened?

Dusty: I came in to open up, I went for this switch and then wammo -- I woke up to you guys.

Curtis: You know, when I found him he was out cold.

Dusty: Thanks for taking care of business for me, kid.

Curtis: I'm just glad I got here early. Maybe you should go to the hospital, get yourself checked out?

Dusty: No, I'm okay. I need a cup of coffee. All right? And I want to talk to this electrician.

Curtis: Yeah, whatever you say. I'll make the coffee.

Dusty: What's the story?

Electrician: Ground wire yanked from the post.

Dusty: How does that happen?

Electrician: It doesn't, not in wiring this new. It's pretty weird.

Dusty: Make sure everything else checks out for me, would you?

Electrician: Yeah.

Dusty: Weird? Yes. Accident? No way.

Sierra: They weren't registered at any of the hotels.

Jordan: Well, it's just that one chain, right? There are others or maybe they changed their minds and went to Sun Valley.

Sierra: Well, if that's the case, wouldn't she have called me? I mean, I have left a dozen messages. She hasn't returned a single one.

Jordan: Look, why don't I help you make some of these calls. I'll -- maybe I'll stumble on a place or two that you've missed.

Sierra: Would you really do that? I mean, I know you're busy.

Jordan: No, I would be happy to help, Sierra. My travel agent is a miracle worker. He'll get us a list of all the hotels, B&Bs and lodges in the area faster than you can say Google.

Sierra: Thank you. [Phone rings] Hello, Lucy?

Dusty: No, Sierra, it's Dusty. You still haven't heard from her?

Sierra: No, and I just found out that she never showed up at the cabin

Dusty: Damn. All right, stay there. I'm on my way. Curtis! Close up for me, would you? I've gotta go!

Rafael: C'mon, okay? The last 24 hours have thrown a lot of crazy things at you. All right, why don't you give yourself a break?

Lucy: I just feel like I have absolutely no control. I can't do anything to help the people that I love.

Rafael: That's why we have to focus on the things we can do, right here and right now.

Lucy: Right.

Rafael: Hey, look at me. Look at me. We survived a plane crash. Okay? How many people do that? We're still alive, okay? And we need to think about staying that way until we get rescued or find help. You with me?

Lucy: I'm with you. A lot more with you than I'd like to be. I could really use some alone time, if you know what I mean.

Rafael: Yeah, I hear you.

Lucy: Oh, you got to be kidding me.

Rafael: Look, this is the best chance we got of getting out these things. Do you trust me? Good. I trust you -- so you do it. Just kidding. Gotcha. All right, right here.

Lucy: All right, I'm ready. Go for it. [Rafael grunts] You did it.

Rafael: And with all with my eyes closed. Oh. Hey, nice bracelet. All right, you ready for some exploring?

Lucy: Sure.

Rafael: Don't worry. I think this will keep anything on more than two legs out of our faces.

Lucy: Hey, you don't have to play big, bad caveman with me. I promise not to fall apart on you again.

Rafael: It's okay. It's okay. You're entitled to a few tears, Lucy. It's okay.

Lucy: No, we have get out of here, don't we?

Rafael: Sure, but --

Lucy: Then trust me. I'm going to hold up my end until we get home.

Julia: I -- I'm -- I had no idea. Someone -- they just told me to come in.

Lily: Oh, the caterer.

Julia: Caterer? You're having a party?

Jack: Julia, is there a problem? Is everything all right with J.J.?

Julia: No, he's fine. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Carly: I'm sure.

Julia: I didn't even know you and Jack were here.

Carly: Our car in the driveway didn't give you a clue, huh?

Julia: I just came to see Holden. I guess I didn't notice but I can see this is a really bad time. So --

Jack: What's going on?

Julia: I came here to see Holden. I didn't intend to walk in on you and Carly celebrating my agony.

Jack: Julia --

Julia: What? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bust up the happy little party for your happy little life.

Jack: Stop it.

Julia: I know I sound vindictive and bitter, huh? I can't help it, Jack. I didn't mean to see you like that. Everybody thinks I'm a stalker now?

Jack: No, nobody thinks that.

Julia: Well, Carly thinks that. She said so. Didn't you hear?

Jack: She was surprised, we were all surprised. It was as uncomfortable for us as it was for you, I'm sure.

Julia: I doubt that.

Jack: You said you came to see Holden?

Julia: Yeah, I just -- I wanted to ask him if he knew of someplace safe and affordable.

Jack: No, I told you I'd help you with that.

Julia: I don't want to take another dime of your and Carly's money, okay? I'm not your responsibility anymore.

Jack: Oh, but you're Holdenís?

Julia: No, I'm not, Jack, obviously! He's the one person in this town who's been decent to me since I arrived here. Besides Lisa, he's the closest thing I have to a friend. But you know what? If he's too close for you, then that's fine.

Holden: Julia. Hey. It's okay. She said she needed to see me, so let me find out what she wants.

Ben: Jess, I resigned for a reason and I'm not taking it back.

Jessica: But that's the only way we can see what's in those reports.

Ben: What is it that you're hoping to find?

Jessica: Whatever is in them that contradicts your statement that you did nothing to compromise Aaron Snyderís surgery.

Ben: Look, I didnít.

Jessica: You know that. I know that. So help me prove it.

Ben: Jess, have you forgotten the reason I resigned in the first place?

Jessica: To protect Bob and Memorial.

Ben: Right, because I faked a toxicology screen, not because I made a mistake in Aaronís surgery.

Jessica: But the surgery is the only thing anyone knows anything about. And now you've resigned under a cloud of suspicion.

Ben: Well, anybody can think anything they want to. Resigning was the right thing to do.

Jessica: Ben, it was a noble gesture, but its success hinges on whether or not the Snyder family decides to file a lawsuit.

Ben: Okay, fine. Then we wait to see what they do. But I'm not opening that can of worms again. [Cell phone rings] Hey, Curtis.

Curtis: Dad, hey, you will not believe what happened to me today.

Ben: Slow down.

Curtis: I can't! I'm psyched. Remember all those times you made me practice CPR? I finally had to use it. I saved Dusty Donovanís life.

Ben: You what?

Curtis: I can tell you all about it over a burger. Can you meet me at Al's?

Ben: I'm right in the middle of something, but -- I'd love to hear all about it.

Curtis: Great. Because, Dad? You know, I was thinking maybe what you do isn't so bad after all. Maybe I wouldn't mind being a Dr. Harris, too.

Ben: Look, son, there's some things we need to talk about. You just -- you hang tough and I'll be there in a few. Look, I hate to cut this short, but I gotta meet Curtis, bring him up to speed on what's happened.

Jessica: I'd like to go with you, if you don't mind.

Ben: It's not necessary.

Jessica: Ben, I rarely see Curtis anymore since you two moved out. And he'll probably have some questions and I could answer them in a way that -- well, it could help for him to see that I still believe in you.

Ben: Still? I'll bring my car around.

Sierra: Dusty, you didn't need to come rushing over here. Jordan and I are trying to locate Lucy.

Dusty: I need to talk to you alone.

Jordan: That's no problem, I can make these calls from the other room --

Sierra: No, no, that's quite all right. You know, Jordan is trying to help me, so I think should probably hear whatever you have to say. [Dusty sighs] Has something happened?

Dusty: Umm-hmm. Someone tried to kill me today.

Sierra: What? How?

Dusty: Dominic Ramsey sent over a few hundred volts of electricity through my light switch. Someone did CPR on me -- that's why I'm standin' here.

Sierra: What?

Dusty: Yeah. Now you understand why I gotta make sure Lucy is where she says she is?

Sierra: Well, maybe I misunderstood -- maybe she wasn't going to Aspen at all. I mean -- Jordanís looking into Sun Valley, and -- you know, the reception on those cell phones in the mountains is just terrible, I mean --

Dusty: Sierra -- Dominic. She's going after Dominic to find Craig. Which makes her whole ski trip scenario a really dangerous lie.

Lucy: Do you believe in signs?

Rafael: Why, you think finding all this stuff is a sign?

Lucy: Yeah. I think it's a sign that we're going make it out of here. I mean, step by step. Remember what you were saying -- you were worried about building a fire? Well, here are the kettles, and -- people were cooking, and obviously using fire.

Rafael: Yeah. I think there're enough dry branches here to make one. Here, help me set up some these rocks to build a firepit.

[Pots clashing]

Lucy: Do you remember those fires we used to build on the beach in Montega? We'd used to have races to see who could get theirs going first -- we'd never actually thought we could use it to save our lives.

Rafael: I know, right. [Wind whistling] Sounds like that wind's letting up a little bit -- I think once we get this going -- I'm gonna go back outside, try to find some more wood, and, you know, get some snow to boil for water.

Lucy: Well, great. I'll go with you.

Rafael: Well -- I was thinking you'd stay with the fire, while I go.

Lucy: Well, why don't we just wait to build the fire 'til we get back?

Rafael: We're not handcuffed together anymore, remember?

Lucy: I know. I know. But if we're gonna make it out of this, we have to be a team. Which means from now on, I pull my own weight. [Rafael chuckles] Got it?

Rafael: Got it. Got it. Yeah. Here you go.

Carly: I'm so sorry that I pulled you and Holden into this mess.

Lily: Oh! You had no idea that Julia would show up here.

Carly: No, but given the way things have gone, I mean, I should have bet on it. I must've been crazy to think that we could have one day to forget her, and lose ourselves in each other the way we used to. I guess that's changed forever, isn't it?

Lily: Oh, well -- well, maybe not. I think maybe Julia is just trying to get her bearings. She's just getting used to the fact that Jack chose you over her -- just give her a little time. She'll get used to it.

Carly: I don't know about that.

Lily: Hmm?

Carly: Did you notice that she's still wearing her engagement ring?

Holden: So, you're here to see me? Why don't you go back inside? Jack, its okay. Really.

Julia: I'm so sorry --

Holden: No, no, it's okay, it's all right. So, what's up?

Julia: I got my bill today from the Lakeview, and obviously J.J. and I can't continue to stay there --

Holden: I thought that Jack was --

Julia: No, I just told him I don't want to take another dime from him and Carly. Maybe it were just me, I'd leave town. But, my son, you know, he needs to -- he needs a home and a school and friends. It's a permanent address, so --

Holden: It says a lot that you're putting him first. Especially when your heart is breaking like it is. A lot other mothers would do less.

Julia: I was really hoping to find a place before Christmas. You know? And I'm not asking for a handout or anything like that. I've been saving up. But I gotta find someplace cheap, you know? Besides the sitter, there's the phone, and the rent, and -- so, I was just hoping that maybe you might know some place that I could afford.

Holden: Yeah. I could help you find a place.

Julia: Really? Thank you. Thank you for being my friend, Holden.

Holden: It's like I told you before -- you can count on me.

Julia: I didn't how alone I felt until I just walked into your house.

Holden: I know. But you're not alone.

Carly: Jack? Is everything all right?

Jack: Yeah. Holden's talking to her.

Lily: Well, Holden and Julia became friends when Aaron was in the hospital.

Carly: How do you feel about that?

Lily: A little surprise. It was unexpected, but Julia helped Holden through that difficult time, I guess he's just returning the favor. You know how calm and rational Holden can be, maybe he's helping her through all this.

Carly: I hope somebody can.

Lily: Does she have any other friends here?

Carly: Just Lisa. And I certainly don't trust her to lead her in the right direction.

Lily: Well, you can trust Holden. Let's get some coffee, shall we?

Carly: Yes.

Lily: While they wrap things up.

Carly: I'd love some.

Lily: Come on.

Julia: I'm sorry -- I'm in pieces, aren't I?

Holden: No more sorrys, okay?

Julia: Okay. You're right, I feel worse every time I say it. I really don't want to make trouble for Jack and his family, you know? It's just really hard losing him. And it's killing J.J.

Holden: J.J. is going to take his cues from you, that's why you need to be strong. Otherwise, he's not going to get through this. And Jack did say that he was going to stay in his life, right?

Julia: Yeah.

Holden: Jack keeps his promises. Look, transitions are hard. You're just going to have stay tough.

Julia: I know. Thanks for reminding me. Thank you for -- just everything. I'm gonna let you go back to your party, okay?

Holden: Tell you what I'll do -- I'll check in on you tomorrow, okay?

Julia: Okay. Thanks.

Holden: How's Carly?

Jack: She's fine.

Holden: Good. Julia isnít.

Curtis: What are you and Alison trying to do? Book yourselves into every restaurant in town?

Aaron: Crazy, right? I miss those Metro tips. But, you know, at least this job keeps me from vegging in front of the TV all day, you know?

Curtis: Hey, you need help with that?

Aaron: No, I got it, man.

Curtis: You're getting around pretty well now, huh?

Aaron: Yeah, yeah, making some progress, you know? My right arm is, you know, still a little useless, but --

Curtis: But they say it'll start coming back, though, right? I mean, just like your leg.

Aaron: Dude, I'm counting on it.

Curtis: You just got to -- you just got to stay positive about the whole thing, man.

Aaron: Oh, yeah. Well, you know, with Ali around 24/7, I don't think I have a choice. The girl's like positivity police, you know?

Curtis: Whatever helps, right?

Aaron: I know.

Alison: Hey, Curtis! What's going on?

Curtis: Saying hello. Anyways, it's getting kind of late. I'm gonna get out of here.

Alison: You're not gonna order anything?

Jessica: There's Curtis. You know what, Ben? Maybe we shouldn't --

Ben: Hey, Aaron. Good to see you up and around. How are you doing?

Alison: He's getting through each day the best that he can, Dr. Harris, but thanks to you, his arm is still paralyzed.

Aaron: Ali, what are you talking about?

Alison: I'm sorry, but you're not welcome here. Please leave.

Rafael: Your hands look like lobsters.

Lucy: They're just a little cold.

Rafael: And totally raw. Look at them.

Lucy: I have to finish breaking up that kindling.

Rafael: No, look, I know you're tough, but let me help you, okay? It's not gonna do any of us any good if you get frostbite, all right? Better? See? Maybe it isn't so bad if I help you just a little.

Sierra: Yes, I would. You can call me back at that number I gave you.

Jordan: Thank you for the tip.

Dusty: You call me back no matter what time they show up.

Jordan: Thank you.

Dusty: Moron.

Sierra: Well, that's it for Aspen.

Jordan: Nothing in Sun Valley, either.

Sierra: It looks like you're right.

Dusty: You've wasted so much time here. What did she say to you before she left?

Sierra: She just said that she was gonna opt out of Craigís drama and focus on herself. I should have followed my instincts when the turnaround was just too easy, but she was so convincing.

Dusty: It's what you wanted to hear.

Jordan: You really think that blaming someone else is productive right now? We can figure this out, Sierra.

Sierra: If Lucy wasn't so stubborn --

Dusty: She is. So let's hope she doesn't get into any more trouble than she can handle.

Aaron: Cut it out, Alison. You don't get to decide who can be a customer at Al's or not, okay?

Alison: But if you knew --

Aaron: Just chill out.

Curtis: This is totally messed up.

Aaron: What, you know what she's talking about?

Curtis: There's been this rumor going around that my dad made some kind of mistake on your first operation.

Aaron: What?!

Ben: It's not true. After your initial procedure, you developed what's called a subdural hematoma that had to be taken care of. That's why he needed to have the second surgery.

Alison: Yes, but you're the one who caused the problem, right? And that's why they're investigating.

Ben: Wrong.

Jessica: Whenever there's an irregularity, the hospital looks into it. It's routine. Ben's surgery was perfect.

Alison: Well, then how come the incident report says different. The O.R. Staff said that you were sweating, nervous, responding slowly?

Jessica: You saw the incident report?

Alison: Will you just do us a favor and leave?

Curtis: Alison, you're wrong! He didn't do anything to Aaron, okay?

Alison: Well, then how come Holden Snyder got in his face about it?!

Aaron: My dad knows about this?!

Alison: He's so angry, he might even sue the hospital.

Aaron: Wait a minute. My dad thinks the problem with my arm isn't because of the fight, but it's because of something that happened in the O.R. room?!

Ben: All right, look, it's too early to threaten lawsuits. Aaron, you're still recovering. Besides, I resigned my position at the hospital, okay?

Alison: Oh, so if you're not guilty, then why did you quit?

Curtis: You didn't tell me you quit.

Ben: Look, I was coming here to talk to you about that now, son. My resignation had nothing to do with your surgery.

Manager: Is there a problem here?

Curtis: Yeah!

Ben: Curtis --

Aaron: Ali -- tell me something, Alison? How come I'm just now hearing about all of this?

Holden: I don't want to step out of line here, but you do see that this is still a mess.

Jack: Not making a decision was breaking everybody's hearts, including mine. You said yourself in my living room, sooner or later, someone's gonna lose.

Holden: Jack, Julia packed up all her things. She packed up her kid. She followed you here with no guarantees --

Jack: I know that.

Holden: -- And now she has nothing. She doesn't even have a place to live. I'm not trying to lay a guilt trip on you here, but I just want you to understand the reality of her situation.

Jack: I still care about Julia and J.J., and I said I'd be there for them. I just can't be like before, Holden.

Holden: I understand that. So why don't you let me help?

Jack: Okay.

Holden: What she needs is a place to live -- a place that is safe and affordable.

Jack: Right.

Carly: Where did Jack go?

Lily: Oh! He's outside talking to Holden.

Carly: What about her -- is she there?

Lily: Nope, she seems to be gone.

Carly: Well, maybe you were right, and Holden managed to talk some sense into her.

Lily: Oh! Yeah.

Carly: Who am I kidding? Did you see the look on her face when she saw me with Jack? She was devastated. Clearly, she is still in love with him, and she has no intention of letting him go.

Rafael: Let's see here. All right. What have we got here? Okay. Now -- okay, bandages, aspirin, antiseptic, cold pack. Whiskey. That will keep us warm.

Lucy: I think we should keep as many brain cells as possible.

Rafael: Okay, yes. Granola bars and tea it is.

Lucy: I guess cheeseburgers would be too much to hope for.

Rafael: Hey, look -- I don't even want to hear anything about cheeseburgers right now, okay? And where were you just then? You're, like, a million miles away.

Lucy: It doesn't matter.

Rafael: All right.

Lucy: Tea and granola bars sound like heaven.

Rafael: Okay. Wait, do you think we should save one, just eat one of them?

Lucy: Probably, but the way I feel now, I think I could eat a horse.

Rafael: Okay. In that case -- dinner's served.

Jordan: If you don't mind, I'm gonna go in the other room, and make some more phone calls.

Sierra: That would be great. Thank you. And, once again, you are a lifesaver. So, this is my fault?

Dusty: What did you think was gonna happen when you took Craig? That Lucy was just gonna say, "big deal," go skiing?

Sierra: He's done so many horrible things to her. She said she could finally see him for who he really was --

Dusty: Did you forget he's her father?

Sierra: I just thought that maybe she could get out of Oakdale. To tell you the truth, I didn't want her searching her for Craig, so I encouraged it.

Dusty: You should have trusted her with the truth.

Sierra: I couldn't do that.

Dusty: Instead, she's convinced that Craig was taken by Dominic. This is very dangerous. She keeps pressing this guy. You understand? She's pushing him.

Sierra: My God. What have I done?

Jessica: Did you catch up with Curtis?

Ben: No. I hate to see him drive when he's angry. I'm just hoping he goes home, and I can catch him there.

Jessica: I am so sorry that he had to hear about your resignation this way. Alison Stewart had no right throwing accusations around like that.

Ben: Look, the girl is just trying to protect her friend.

Jessica: Maybe so, but -- if Alison can misconstrue the circumstances under which you resigned, I guess we can expect more of the same from the hospital board.

Ben: All right, look, Jess, if this is another way of you trying to tell me I need to fight this thing, I already told you, I'm not.

Jessica: Ben, one of us has got to clear your name. So I guess it's just gonna be me?

Ben: I'm gonna go home, see if I can catch Curtis there.

Jessica: If Alison Stewart got her hands on that report, so can I.

Aaron: Why didn't you ever tell me there were two surgeries, or everybody suspected Dr. Harris blew it?

Alison: I tried to once, but you were so depressed. Aaron, I was just trying to keep your spirits up.

Aaron: What, on a lie, Ali?

Alison: Don't call it that!

Aaron: But that's exactly what it is! Like when nobody told me I was fighting a fighter with loaded gloves. What is the matter with this town? No, of course we do! I do!

Aaron: You do? Then why do you keep treating me like I'm some kind of an idiot that need to be sheltered?

Alison: Nobody thinks that.

Manager: You've got customers waiting, Snyder.

Sierra: You said that Dominic came after you today?

Dusty: Yep. So whatever we do, we're gonna do quietly. All right? Maybe he doesn't even know that Lucy and Rafael are on his trail -- he certainly doesn't need to know that those guys are off our radar.

Sierra: We're gonna find them, right?

Dusty: Yeah.

Sierra: But we're both thinking this, so why don't we put it on the table?

Dusty: All right. Let's hope Dominic hasn't found them already.

Rafael: Let's pretend -- we're back in Montega, all right?

Lucy: I feel warmer already.

Rafael: Right, right. My mother's patio by the pool.

Lucy: Ah.

Rafael: The sun is blazing. There's a slight ocean breeze --

Lucy: No breeze.

Rafael: Okay, no breeze. But you're gonna want it after you taste my mom's curried shrimp.

Lucy: My favorite.

Rafael: I know. Now --

Lucy: Is there rice?

Rafael: Of course. But that's not all. Dessert.

Lucy: Under one of those silver domey things?

Rafael: Yes. Drum roll please -- I'm lifting the silver domey thingy, and --

Lucy: Coconut flan!

Rafael: Ah! You remember!

Lucy: Ahh. Shut up and eat slowly --

Rafael: Okay.

Lucy: Savoring every bite --

Rafael: Yes. Oh, hey -- would you like some delicious peppermint tea to wash down that flan?

Lucy: I don't mind if I do.

Rafael: Okay.

Lucy: It still tastes like dishwater!

[Rafael chuckles]

Rafael: Ahh. Cold?

Lucy: Not anymore.

Rafael: Liar.

Jack: You sure you want to get in the middle of all this?

Holden: In the middle? I've been in the middle ever since you two got here -- when you didn't know who I was.

Jack: Okay, well, this may be a little crazy, but if you want to help --

Holden: Yeah. Try me.

Jack: I'll tell you about it in the car. Go! Turn it on -- warm yourself up. Carly!

Carly: In here.

Jack: Holden and I -- we're gonna go take care of something, we'll be back in a little bit. Okay?

Carly: Go ahead.

Jack: I know this isn't the way you wanted the evening to -- if this works out, everybody is gonna -- everybody's gonna be fine, okay?

Lily: How about dinner for two?

Carly: I'd love it. Obviously, their little mission has something to do with Julia. Not a day goes by when something doesn't come up with that woman!

Lily: It must be very frustrating.

Carly: Jack and I have not even had two hours alone together -- when is she gonna let him go?

Lily: Let's look on the bright side. This was a very difficult decision for Jack, he's made the decision to be with you-- he's not gonna change his mind now.

Carly: So, what, in the meantime, I just keep on this fake, plastic, patient smile?

Lily: No, it's not plastic. It's the high road! Which is the good thing to do, you know -- give you some time, give Julia some time to get used to the way things worked out.

Carly: I'm trying. I have been trying, but you don't know how hard it is to keep saying "yes, I know I understand, go, go be with them, I know they need you -- I am sick of the high road! What I really wish is that Julia would just pack up and be gone.

Lily: What about her little boy? I mean, he is innocent in all of this.

Carly: Yeah. I feel bad for the kid. But, in the end, wouldn't it might be easier for him if there was just a clean break? It might sound awful -- but I can't help it. I want Julia to go away and leave my family alone forever.

Jack: Thanks again for doing this with me, Holden.

Holden: Hey, I told you I wanted to help out.

Jack: It's crazy, but it might just work. J.J. wants me to come home for Christmas -- if I can't give him me, maybe I can give him a home.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Holden: I think I've found a solution to your housing problem. You're moving into my mother's farm.

Katie: I have to make Mike want to spend time with me. And then little by little, he'll realize how madly in love with me he is, and he will dump Jennifer without a backward glance.

Rosanna: Somebody did that to me, to us, and instead of arguing with each other, I think we should figure out who did it and why.

Barbara: Where are you going? We don't have much time.

Emily: No, Barbara. I canít.

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