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Lucy: I understand that. But check his credit cards again. He -- sure. Are you gonna let me know the minute you see any changes? Thank you.

Rafael: Hey. What's wrong?

Lucy: That was Lieutenant Munson. He just wanted to make sure they're actually looking for my father.

Rafael: Nothing's turned up yet?

Lucy: I don't know how hard they're looking.

Rafael: Everybody says disappearing like this is your dad's style, though.

Lucy: I know. But something just feels different this time. Are you sure Dominicís not the one to blame for this?

Rafael: I don't know. I couldn't swear on it, but I think I know the guy well enough to tell if he's lying. Look, if you really want to check out Dominic again, I have a way.

Tom: Hey, got your message.

Dusty: Three of 'em. I called you three times today, and you couldn't get down here?

Tom: I was in court.

Dusty: All right, you got to go back down there. You got to get Dominicís bail revoked, all right? He's got to go back to prison today.

Tom: Well, I would love to, but we don't have cause.

Dusty: He threatened Lucy.

Tom: You witnessed that? You saw him threaten Lucy?

Dusty: He wanted Lucy off his back. He made a threat to me that he was gonna hurt her.

Tom: Hearsay is not gonna cut it unless you want to wear a wire and make him do it again.

Dusty: A wire? Tom, he's not an idiot. He'll smell a wire a mile away. That's all you've got?

Tom: Look, I fought bail. The guy's got no priors.

Dusty: He's got no priors, 'cause he's beat all charges.

Tom: Well, it's not gonna happen this time. I got a long line of people waiting to testify against him.

Dusty: Tom, that's why he's dangerous. You understand? He knows he can't afford to go back to jail. His backers would kill him just to make sure he wouldn't roll on 'em. He cannot afford to have witnesses on the stand. He'll do anything to make sure they don't get up there.

Dominic: The gloves are gone, so they got no physical evidence against me.

Bud: And only Craig Montgomery and Rafael can give direct testimony about the gloves.

Dominic: Montgomery's out of the picture.

Bud: Yeah?

Dominic: Officially M.I.A. The girl, she's been sniffing around.

Bud: So what? What can she tell 'em? Just stuff that other people have told her, that's it.

Dominic: She could say plenty about Sal detaining her the night of the fight. That can't be helpful.

Bud: Well, what about Donovan?

Dominic: He gives them the fight was fixed, but that's all. He didn't know about the gloves.

Bud: So it's nothing, Dominic. You can beat this.

Dominic: It's not each little piece, Bud, it's when you put it all together. Now, my lawyers, they can shred Dusty. He's got credibility issues. But Lucy Montgomery and Rafael, they're trouble.

Bud: So what do you want to do?

Dominic: Eliminate the problem, permanently.

Aaron: I don't want you here. I want you to leave me alone, okay?

Alison: Like you left Lucy alone after her accident? Yeah, I remember that, Aaron. And the last thing that you need is to be alone. I'm here, so get used to it.

Aaron: What happened to Lucy was different, okay? We always knew she was gonna get better.

Alison: And so are you.

Aaron: They don't know that.

Alison: Oh, just because you don't have a guarantee in writing, you're just going to sit there and shrivel up? Not a chance. I don't give up.

Aaron: Fine. Entertain yourself. I hope you have a great show.

Alison: You're just going to be a big slug, aren't you?

Aaron: Well, Ali, I'm not really in a laughing mood.

Alison: Aaron, this only works if you want it to work. Don't you want to get better? I'll make you a deal. Just give me three days. Three days.

Aaron: What?

Alison: If you work hard, you try, you let me help you, in three days, if you don't feel any better --

Aaron: No, no. In three days, you're gonna ask for another three days. Come on.

Alison: I promise. In three days, if you don't get better, I will leave.

Aaron: And you mean it?

Alison: Well, if you're this big a pain in three days, I'll be on my knees begging to get out of here. Okay? Deal?

Aaron: Deal.

Mike: If we stay out here much longer, our lips are gonna freeze together.

Jennifer: I can think of worse things.

Mike: I can think of better ones. Come on.

Jennifer: Where are we going?

Mike: Someplace warm and cozy.

Jennifer: Mm.

Margo: Hey, hi! Katie, hi.

Katie: I've got to go.

Margo: No, no, no. No, wait. What's the matter? Are you all right?

Katie: No. I shouldn't have come back here. It was a big, big mistake.

Katie: They were kissing, Margo. It wasn't nothing.

Margo: Honey, they're just friends.

Katie: It was not a friendly kiss. They were all over each other, lips locked for a good two minutes.

[Katie sniffs]

Margo: You timed it?

Katie: Well, I couldn't just stare.

Margo: Look, Katie, I think that you misunderstood.

Katie: No. I didnít. That's the way Mike used to kiss me.

Margo: Right, fine, okay. So maybe they're seeing each other, maybe they're attracted to each other, but they're not married.

Katie: How do you know? You didn't even think they were dating.

Margo: All I said is that I saw them together at Paul and Rosannaís wedding.

Katie: But you said that he wasn't involved.

Margo: I said that Mike didn't look like he was involved, and he didnít. They danced once, and there was no kissing.

Katie: No PDAs?

Margo: No. No, no, no. Look, even if they are together, it's all just very new.

Katie: Oh, yeah. The perfect type of relationship. It must be so exciting.

Margo: Katie, wait a minute. What did you expect? You were gone a long time. And in that time, Mike was just out there. He's all alone. He even had to start hanging out with Henry.

Katie: Really? Well, he could do worse.

Margo: Well, he deserves better. I mean, look what happened. You lied to him, you broke his heart, not once, but twice. First, when you chose Simon over him, and then when you lied and he thought that you had gone off to happily ever after. Honey, did you really expect that he would pine away for you forever?

Mike: Are you still frozen?

Jennifer: I think my toes have thawed out.

Mike: That's a good thing. Relax. You want some wine? It's in a bottle, not a box.

Jennifer: Does the bottle have a cork?

Mike: I even let it breathe.

Jennifer: Nice.

Mike: It's not a mortgage payment, but it's supposed to be a very good bottle of wine.

Jennifer: You talked to the wine guy for me.

Mike: You think I couldn't pick that out on my own?

Jennifer: Of course you could.

Mike: Gustav.

Jennifer: You talked to a French wine guy?

Mike: Yeah, he says -- [With French accent] "This wine has oaken features with a full bouquet and a silky finish."

Jennifer: Did you manage to keep a straight face?

Mike: Until I got out the door.

Jennifer: Wow. You went above and beyond.

Mike: This is a special toast, to you. To the success of your company. You deserve it.

Jennifer: It's our success. I couldn't do it without you.

Mike: Sure you could. You're great. The company's fine. It's only going to take off from here.

Jennifer: Suddenly, I think I hate this wine, Mike.

Mike: I always said modeling was a one-shot deal.

Jennifer: Well, I thought that meant you'd only model for us, not that we'd only get one ad campaign out of you.

Mike: I know. I'm supposed to build an entire new unit at Memorial hospital. It's behind schedule, and I got to get back to it. And I miss my job.

Jennifer: I know you're the best, but, I mean, couldn't they hire somebody else at the hospital?

Mike: I want to get back to my real life. All right, I had a lot of fun working with you, it's just I'm not cut out to spend hours in front of a camera. It's just not me.

Jennifer: That's final?

Mike: Yeah.

Jennifer: So, if we're not working together, what happens to us?

Dusty: There's got to be something you can do.

Tom: Sure. I can get you protection.

Dusty: I'm fine. Give Lucy protection.

Tom: Well, she's not on the witness list. I'd have to put her on to do that.

Dusty: That's like waving a red flag in front of Ramseyís face.

Tom: Look, just tell me about the threat. How did Dominic get to Lucy?

Dusty: Well, apparently, she called him.

Tom: She what?

Dusty: Yeah.

Tom: So he didn't hunt her down, try to find her to harass her?

Dusty: No, he didn't hunt her down, but --

Tom: But what? Hey, tell your girlfriend to stay away from Dominic Ramsey.

Dusty: She's not with me.

Tom: That's not the way it looked at the police station the day you got arrested. Look like she'd do anything for you.

Dusty: Not anymore. So, you gonna do your job or what?

Tom: I will file a motion to see if I can have Dominicís trial date moved up. I'll talk to Lucy personally and warn her. I'll tell Lucinda and sierra to keep an eye on her.

Dusty: Fine. That'll work.

Tom: Look, what do you want from me? This is a headstrong girl. I don't know who she's gonna listen to. But whoever that is better have a talk with her. And both of you, stay away from Dominic Ramsey until I can have him locked up.

[Phone ringing]

Lucy: Hello.

Dusty: It's me.

Lucy: I know.

Dusty: I need you to come down to metro right away.

Lucy: Why? So you can humiliate me again? I got it, okay?

Dusty: No, Lucy, it's important. It's about your dad.

Lucy: I'm on my way.

Alison: Okay, I know you're not crazy about it, but we gotta have some vegetables. I got plenty of cheese sauce so they taste better, which is also good, because it's more protein.

Aaron: I'm not hungry, Ali.

Alison: Well, you got to eat. That's one of the main things that they said. Your body is, like, under reconstruction, and it needs the building blocks of good nutrition.

Aaron: Did you read a book?

Alison: Just your instruction sheets. But there is a reading list. I'm gonna get to that right after I learn your exercises. Rita, my friend down in physical therapy, she's gonna teach me some exercises that we can do in between your sessions at the hospital. And she said it's good to do it first thing in the morning, when you wake up --

Aaron: Ali!

Alison: What?

Aaron: Some quiet. Just quiet.

Alison: Huh? It's -- it's a lot to take in, huh?

Aaron: Yeah. Just, you know, I just want some quiet time.

Alison: Too much?

Aaron: Too much. Yeah.

Alison: Free throws.

Aaron: What?

Alison: Well, if we have to be quiet, you can at least practice.

Aaron: Ali, if I miss, I might hit you in the face.

Alison: And wouldn't that make you feel good?

Aaron: Just give me a break, would you? [Knock at door] I'm not home!

Alison: Oh, yes, you are. This'll be a treat.

Trixie: Hey, you ordered a massage?

Alison: We did. I did. It's for my friend. Aaron, this is Trixie.

Trixie: Hey.

Aaron: Hi. What is this?

Alison: This is part of what you promised to be positive about. Remember? This will help.

Trixie: You want me to just do him right here in the chair?

Alison: Oh, no, no. You can put him on the futon, and I'm gonna watch.

Trixie: Oh, you don't look the type.

Alison: Oh, I may not be as good as you, but I think I can get better with practice.

Trixie: Ain't that the truth. So, you pay me up front.

Alison: Oh, yeah. They said cash, so I went by the machine. Here.

[Aaron whispers]

Aaron: Ali.

Alison: I can handle it.

Aaron: Are you sure you can handle it?

[Alison screams]

Aaron: Oh, my Ė

Mike: What do you want to happen with us?

Jennifer: That's not fair. You're the one who just changed the rules all of a sudden.

Mike: No, I just want to get back to my real job. It's not to get away from you or anything. It's just -- well, it's to get back to me.

Jennifer: Well, the guys on your crew probably won't accept you now, 'cause you're famous and their wives have pinups of you, so it could get pretty ugly.

Mike: The guys on my crew will put me in my place. And as well they should.

Jennifer: Well, if you decide that you miss me or the modeling --

Mike: Whoa, whoa, hold on. Miss you?

[Jennifer sighs]

Jennifer: You might.

Mike: Jen, that's -- that's -- look, part of the reason we've been doing this weird thing --

Jennifer: What weird thing?

Mike: This come here, go away two-step. It's because we work together. All right, now that's not in the way anymore.

Jennifer: Oh.

Mike: I hope this means we'll see more of each other. That's part of why I wanted to quit. This is a beginning, if you want it.

Jennifer: We shouldn't be doing this. We promised each other.

Mike: Yeah, but wasn't it more of a guideline than -- you're right. You're right.

Jennifer: Oh, God, don't make me out to be the schoolmarm. I thought you wanted to wait, too.

Mike: I do. Sometimes.

Jennifer: Because I do?

Mike: Pretty much.

Jennifer: So I'm the wimp here. You're totally there. What am I saying? You're a guy. Of course, you're totally there. What?

Mike: For the record, you are literally sitting on your hands.

Jennifer: This is really pathetic. We have to find a way to channel this energy for good.

Mike: Another reason it'll be good to pound nails into drywall again.

Jennifer: Well, I'm no good with tools, so I say we just splash some cold water on the situation and --

Mike: What a great idea.

Jennifer: What? Mike! Mike! Ahh! If you're gonna throw me in the snow, you better think again. Mike! Mike, put me down!

Mike: Okay.

Jennifer: What are you doing? No! It was an expression. Stop.

Mike: You're gonna like this.

Margo: Here. Warm up.

Katie: Thanks. I never stopped thinking about Mike. The whole time I was gone, I would just play that scene over and over in my head -- the last time we saw each other, when I went to tell him that I'd left Simon. Just like you said, "you can't forget that." It's not like I didn't try.

Margo: Yeah, but you didn't do it. You didn't tell him.

Katie: Because he was convinced that we were out of chances. And that was before I even said anything. I mean, obviously, it wasn't about Simon. 'Cause he just said we weren't meant to be. That's that.

Margo: Well, what exactly did you expect him to say? He thought that you had left with your husband.

Katie: You weren't there, Margo. You didn't hear him. He meant it. I guess I had already hurt him too much. Maybe that's still true.

Margo: Hey, you know what? Both of you were much too raw that night. You had no business making big decisions.

Katie: Well, maybe it wouldn't have worked out even if I stayed. That's what I kept telling myself the whole time. That Mike deserved better, he deserved to be with someone who doesn't have so much baggage. He deserves to be with someone who doesn't make him feel like he's the consolation prize. And if that's what he's found, then I guess I should just be happy for him. You're right.

Margo: You know what? I -- I didn't say that. I didnít. It must be breaking your heart to see him with someone else.

Katie: Oh, yeah. If that's the case, then I'm right on schedule.

Margo: Honey, I think that you are leaping to conclusions. You don't know for sure what you saw.

Katie: Except for it wasn't what I saw in my head. I tried, when I was gone, to date other people. I wanted to find someone that wasn't mike. I don't think I ever made it past 11:00, 'cause they weren't him. And I guess, deep down inside, I just wish that he felt the same way. That when I came back, he'd just be alone and miserable, too.

Margo: Well, baby, you don't know for sure what's going on between Mike and Jennifer.

Katie: There aren't a lot of reasons for a steamy, sexy kiss like that.

Margo: Oh, no. There are a lot of reasons, but most of them don't really matter. You know, Mike could very well still love you, and you know that you still love him.

Katie: That doesn't matter, Margo.

Margo: It's the only thing that does matter. Didn't you just give that lecture to tom?

Katie: Well, it's different.

Margo: No, it's not different. You know what? You got to step up to the plate, girl. You got to start taking your own advice.

Katie: No, I can't ruin Mike's life again. I should just go back to Europe.

Margo: Would you please stop running away?

Katie: It's a nice place.

Margo: Yeah, it's a great place. Hey, I hear that youíre in home in bed, alone, every night before 11:00. Katie Ann, look at me.

Katie: What, am I grounded?

Margo: Stop ducking. Do you want to be with Mike Kasnoff, yes or no?

[Katie sighs]

Katie: Yes.

Margo: No matter what?

Katie: Yes.

Margo: No more back and forth?

Katie: No.

Margo: Even if Simon comes back?

Katie: He wonít.

Margo: Yeah, well, you said that last time, and he came back.

Katie: It won't happen.

Margo: Why?

Katie: Because I divorced him.

Dominic: You lost or what?

Rafael: No, I need to speak with you, alone.

Dominic: Take a walk.

Rafael: I've been thinking a lot lately about my career.

Dominic: You threw your career away.

Rafael: Yeah, I see that now.

Dominic: A little late, huh?

Rafael: Look, I don't want to go back to Montega a loser, okay? End up working in some factory for 12 hours a day or breaking my back working in some field with nothing to show for it.

Dominic: Life's tough, kid. This was your choice.

Rafael: Look -- I made a mistake, okay? You always said I should think long-term, and I should have. It just threw me when Aaron went down so hard, and then the cops were asking me about it at the hospital. I felt like the whole thing was my fault, you know?

Dominic: Yeah, so what? You just -- you couldn't keep your mouth shut?

Rafael: Yeah, you're right. I caved. Okay? But I should have listened to you. I wasn't thinking about boxing then, and I'm sorry.

Dominic: Come on. What do I look like? Your priest? What's with the confession? What do you want, Ortega? Hmm?

Rafael: I want to fight again. I want you to make it happen.

Lucy: I'm here.

Dusty: You're lucky you made it across town, you know. What are you thinking? Calling Dominic and offering him money? Are you nuts?

Lucy: You said this was about my father.

Dusty: Do you -- do you want what happened to your father to happen to you?

Lucy: Are you saying you know what happened to him?

Dusty: I'm saying, if Dominicís behind it, you don't start yanking his chain.

Lucy: If he's upset, maybe he'll make a mistake.

Dusty: And what's your plan? What's your big plan? Are you gonna upset a mobster and see what happens? The police are on it.

Lucy: No, they're not. They don't care what happened to my father, so I have to find him.

Dusty: You don't go through Dominic to do it. You stay away from him.

Lucy: How dare you give me orders?

Dusty: Lucy --

Lucy: You gave up on us, remember? You have no right to tell me anything.

Dusty: You know what Dominic can do, right? You want to end up in the hospital, like Aaron, or worse?

Lucy: I'm not gonna let a cheap thug like that intimidate me.

Dusty: You're being shortsighted, I'll tell you that much.

Lucy: Who cares what happens to --?

Dusty: I do! I do, damn it!

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Lucy: You still wear it.

Aaron: Ali -- how does a girl that does time in prison not know when she just called a hooker?

Alison: I found her in the yellow pages.

Aaron: Well, what did you think? What is there a separate phone book for call girls? Come on.

Alison: I don't know.

Aaron: What'd you think you'd get?

Alison: Well, the ad said "massage therapy." I thought it would be like physical therapy. I thought I would learn something.

Aaron: And that's why -- that's why you wanted to watch?

Alison: Oh, my God. I said that, didn't I? I said -- I said I wanted to -- you're laughing.

Aaron: I am.

Alison: It looks good on you.

Aaron: You, too. Is that a fire?

Alison: Yeah.

Aaron: In the kitchen. There's a fire. There's something burning in the kitchen.

Alison: Oh, no! Your dinner!

[Alison screams]

Dominic: Oh, you want to fight? You torpedoed your career. The boxing commission would never let you step foot back in a ring again.

Rafael: Yeah, not in the United States, but what about Europe or Mexico? You said you got connections in Mexico, I remember. Come on, Dominic, if you set it up, we make up for everything we should have made on the last fight.

Dominic: This is where I speak clearly into the microphone? Hmm?

Rafael: No. I'm not wired.

Dominic: I mean, you understand my suspicions, right?

Rafael: Yeah, yeah. I let you down last time.

Dominic: And ever since, you've been glued to this Montgomery girl.

Rafael: No. We went out a couple times. I thought maybe she could help me get my mom and sister in the country. But we're not close.

Dominic: Really?

Rafael: Please. My mother worked in the kitchen. Her mother was the president of the country, okay? I'm hired help.

Dominic: Yeah. Don't give up, kid. The girl's got a taste for the other side of the tracks. Look at Donovan.

Rafael: Forget about Lucy, okay? Do we got a deal? Come on. Let's put this thing back together, me and you, fighter and manager.

Dominic: Yeah, you know, I don't know. I got a few other things on my mind right now. I got to concentrate on my case. Thanks to you, I'm looking at jail time, you know?

Rafael: You don't have to be.

Dominic: How's that?

Rafael: Well, without me, they don't have much of a case. I call the D.A., I tell him I won't testify.

Dominic: That could be a step in the right direction.

Lucy: You do care.

Dusty: I don't want to get blamed, you know, if something happens to you.

Lucy: Bull. You care what happens to me.

Dusty: Of course I do. I don't want you to end up dead.

Lucy: Is that all?

Dusty: No. I mean, I want you to have a good life.

[Dusty sighs]

Lucy: But not here. Right? And not with you. I told you, I can't do this again.

Dusty: All right, then donít.

Lucy: Why did you call me down here? Really?

Dusty: I really don't want you to contact Dominic anymore.

Lucy: You could have told me over the phone.

Dusty: No, you wouldn't have listened. Will you listen now?

Lucy: I have to find my father.

Dusty: That's not up to you, is it?

Lucy: I don't let people get snatched out of my life, no matter what horrible thing they've done.

Dusty: Craig certainly doesn't deserve your loyalty.

Lucy: This is about what I deserve. I deserve the truth about what happened to him, and I'm going to get it.

Dusty: That's what I'm afraid of.

Lucy: So you don't have to worry about what's going to happen to me. I'll make sure everybody knows you had nothing to -- you still wear it.

Alison: This is pretty good.

Aaron: Mm-hmm. Not breakfast burrito caliber, but --

Alison: Yeah, but what is.

Aaron: Exactly. But for health food, it'll pass.

Alison: I can't believe you saved it.

Aaron: You have no idea the kind of stuff I've saved at Metro. Remember that guy -- what was his name? I forgot his name. But he quit, and they got that new line guy.

Alison: Oh, Raymond?

Aaron: Raymond.

Alison: And remember all those jokes, "Everybody hates Raymond"? That guy only lasted, like, a week.

Aaron: I know. That was one bad week. I thought it was one bad week. Nothing seems bad from before that counts now.

Alison: Maybe that's a good thing.

Aaron: What, like you get a clean slate?

Alison: You, too.

Aaron: I don't want one. I mean, not like this. I mean, where everybody feels sorry for me.

Alison: Okay, you're way too hot looking for anybody to feel sorry for you. So you can give that up right now. And if you screw up, I'll still kick you in the butt. Promise.

Aaron: Thank you.

Katie: You seem more surprised than Simon was.

Margo: I -- you divorce your husband, and you don't so even as much as mention it on the phone to me?

Katie: Well, I didn't want to hash it out. I didn't need to, you know? That's the thing about right decisions. They're not hard.

Margo: Oh, but, Katie, what you and Simon had, it was huge.

Katie: I know. But once it got down to the divorce, there was nothing left. I mean, I'll always care about him. You know that. It's just I couldn't trust him anymore, so it was easy. For him, too. I sent him the papers in Australia, he didn't contest -- do you have to sit down?

Margo: Well, I'm surprised that you donít.

Katie: Oh, I did -- when I signed those papers. But it's done now. It's completely done. It's okay.

Margo: Okay. Okay, great. Good. Then there's absolutely no reason for you not to go to Mike.

Katie: Oh, except for the redhead attached to his lips.

Margo: Oh, come on, Katie. You're being so flip about this, and it's -- it's -- look, it's scary, isn't it? It's scary. Being happy is scary. That's why we make it so hard. But don't you think you owe it to yourself and to Mike to find out?

Margo: Hey.

Casey: Katie, you're really back.

Katie: Hey! Oh, my God. Look at you. I guess I can't call you "Shorty" anymore.

Margo: Yeah, my little baby's all grown up.

Casey: Mom, ew, please. Not even with family.

Margo: Yeah, ew. How embarrassing.

Casey: So how long are you here for?

Katie: I don't know. Hi, Tom.

Tom: Hi.

Katie: Listen, guys, I need to get going. I am such a horrible packer. I forgot a bunch of stuff, so I got to get to the stores before they close. I'll see you soon.

Tom: Okay, see ya.

Margo: Oh, wait, wait. Katie, honey, don't go. Don't go like this. It's not gonna change how you feel. And you can't make this decision for Mike. Honey, don't you feel like you owe it to yourself and to him to tell him the truth? Otherwise, you're gonna spend the rest of your life wondering.

Katie: Okay, I'll sleep on it. And then, tomorrow, I'll go see Mike.

I can't believe this moment's come it's so incredible that we're alone

there's so much to be said and done it's impossible not to be overcome

take this feeling make it grow never let it never let it go

don't let go you give me something that I can believe in

no don't let go this moment in time don't let go I can't explain

the things that I'm feeling no don't let go

hold on tight don't let go you give me something that I can believe in

no don't let go no don't let go let go

there she goes

Casey: We're going to midnight services Christmas Eve, right?

Tom: Well, case, we haven't even had a chance to discuss it yet.

Casey: But I can't even remember a Christmas we didn't go.

Margo: Oh, baby -- sorry, sorry, sorry.

Casey: Well, I think we should at least get a tree. I mean, there's a lot around here, and we got Dad to help us bring it home.

Margo: Well, all right, your dad can help us strap it atop the car, if he wants.

Tom: Sure.

Margo: Yeah, but you and I, we're gonna take it in the house ourselves.

Casey: You sure?

Margo: Oh, yeah. I'm sure. I've been to the gym. I've been pumping iron. So go. Go, bring it on. Pick out a tree.

Casey: Okay, okay. Dad, you coming?

Tom: I will be right there.

Casey: Sure. Take your time.

[Tom chuckles]

Tom: He gets his subtlety from your side of the family.

Margo: Tom, I'm sorry.

Tom: It's not your fault. He's always loved Christmas. He just wants us to spend it together, that's all.

Margo: Yeah. I know how he feels.

Tom: I know.

Margo: Sorry. You're right. He does -- he does get it from me.

Tom: Yeah, he does.

Margo: Yeah.

Tom: Any idea as to what we want to get him for Christmas this year?

Margo: Whoa. Well, the list, of course, is long. Mostly computer games and a lot of clothes that you and I don't even want to look at. Just a lot of stuff.

Tom: Yeah, these kids do have all kinds of stuff, don't they?

Margo: They don't even have they have it.

Tom: Then, this year, why don't we try getting him something that we know he really wants?

Aaron: Mm.

Alison: Aaron, your leg, you moved it!

Aaron: Oh, my God. I did.

Alison: Do it again. Move it. Try. Only -- only it's different. You see?

Aaron: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Alison: Like, before, it was like a reflex, only this time --

Aaron: Yeah, I know. It's movement.

Alison: Yeah! It hasn't been three hours yet. Wait will you see what I do with you in three days. You'll never want me to leave.

Rafael: So, come on, Dominic. You were counting on that money just as much as I was.

Dominic: This is true.

Rafael: So?

Dominic: Have you been back in the ring since you K.O. Snyder?

Rafael: No.

Dominic: That's what I thought. Now, there's no deal until I can see you back in the ring, all right? I got to make sure you're not spooked.

Rafael: I'm ready. I'm ready.

Dominic: We'll see. Meet me at the gym in an hour.

Rafael: I'll be there. You're not gonna be disappointed.

Dominic: I don't think I will be.

Bud: What was that about?

Dominic: Turns out Rafael has had a total change of heart.

Bud: You're kidding me.

Dominic: No, it's no joke. It's a con.

Bud: What do you mean?

Dominic: The perfect opportunity just fell in our lap. The kid's working me. He wants information.

Bud: So what are we going to do?

Dominic: We're gonna give him exactly what he wants.

Lucy: Why do you still wear that, if we're so over? Why didn't you rip it off and throw it in my face?

Dusty: Because I'm not a teenager.

Lucy: Why didn't you take it off and return it with all the other things you so thoughtfully brought back? [Dusty sighs] You haven't let go of me, Dusty, any more than I can let go of you.

Dusty: You're making way too big a deal of this. I just forgot I had it on.

Lucy: Nice try.

[Knock at door]

Jennifer: Mm, that was so amazing. Are you mad?

Mike: Mad?

Jennifer: All you got out of this is wet sleeves and a whole lot of frustration.

Mike: Is that what you think?

Jennifer: I'm starting to think maybe you have a point. I mean, this silly thing we're doing, this very arbitrary test of I don't even know what.

Mike: Well, you said you want to be in love next time. And that's what you said, right?

Jennifer: Thanks for reminding me.

Mike: You forgot?

Jennifer: I forgot my name for a while there.

Mike: Yeah?

Mike: That's what I get besides wet sleeves -- anticipation. All right, but enough of that. Enough of that.

Jennifer: What?

Mike: Seriously, I'm only human. I'm gonna have to splash some cold water on myself for real in a nice, long shower.

Jennifer: Mm, can I watch?

Mike: Get out. Get out.

[Jennifer squeals]

Katie: Mike? I saw your car outside. I hope its okay that I just kinda walked in.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Alison: I think that you're gonna come through this even stronger than before. And believe me, getting through the bad stuff is one thing that I have plenty of experience with.

Mike: Katie.

Lucy: Please don't call me and warn me about anything, and don't worry what Rafael and I are doing to find my father. >From now on, just leave me alone.

Dusty: Hey, hey, wait a second.

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