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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 12/2/04

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Ben: Hey, Curtis. It's Dad. You said meet you at the Lakeview. It sounded important. And I'm here. Where are you?

Jessica: Ben? I'm the pinch hitter.

Ben: You're what?

Jessica: For Curtis. He called me.

Ben: Why would he do that?

Jessica: Something about you needing my help.

Ben: Well, you've been misinformed.

Jessica: Ben, if you need a lawyer --

Ben: I'll call one I'm not divorcing.

Jessica: Okay. Let's stipulate to some points on which we can agree, okay? One -- I'm the worst wife you've ever had. Two -- I'm the best lawyer you know. And three -- you love being a doctor more than you hate me. Obviously I underestimated how much you hate me.

Ben: Jessica -- you might not be so eager to volunteer after you hear what I've done.

Alison: "Dr. Harris appeared nervous, perspiring. Dr. Harris was moving slowly, almost as if he were second-guessing himself." These Here actually the notes from Aaron’s surgery?

Chris: Yeah. John Dixon asked the surgical staff to write them up.

Alison: Then he must have thought that Dr. Harris did something wrong. And that's the reason --

Chris: Look, I don't know, Alison, okay? These are strictly observations, okay? Aaron's paralysis -- it could be due to a number of reasons.

Alison: Yeah, but if its Dr. Harris' fault, then I've got to do something about it.

Chris: Alison, if anybody finds out that I gave this to you --

Alison: I will keep you completely out of it. I know that you took a big chance getting these for me.

Chris: Well, I want something back for it.

Alison: What?

Chris: Forgiveness. After everything I put you through, maybe this will help balance things out between us.

Alison: I'll work on it.

[“Brahms' lullaby" plays]

Will: Sorry. Every time I bump something that turtle goes off. I think that's the last of it, though. Rosanna?

Rosanna: Cabot and I used to sit on the floor and play with this ball. And -- is that everything?

Will: Yep.

Rosanna: You checked in the attic as well?

Will: The attic, the playroom, the basement, the pantry.

Rosanna: Great. Thank you so much for doing this for me, Will. I just couldn't --

Will: It's cool.

Rosanna: Would you mind checking everywhere one more time? I just really want all of Cabot’s things out of here.

Will: No problem.

Rosanna: Running across them one at a time, it's just too much.

Will: Yeah.

Paul: There's a toy store in the foyer. What's going on here?

Rosanna: Nothing. I'm just donating some of Cabot’s things to the Christmas drive at Emma’s church.

Paul: Okay? What brought that on?

[Rosanna remembering]

[Doll saying "Mama”]

Rosanna: It was time.

Paul: Is this what you were thinking about last night? You barely slept at all.

Rosanna: Well, aren't you an observant husband?

Paul: Thank you. Aren't you an evading wife? Rosanna, hey. Even if you get rid of all of Cabot’s things, this place is still gonna remind you of him and how he died.

Rosanna: Paul --

Paul: I just -- I'm starting to wonder if moving back in here is such a good idea.

Barbara: Emily, have you seen my magazine?

Emily: What?

Barbara: You know, I -- I hate to say this, but you look awful.

Emily: I feel worse. I'm so tired. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Barbara: It's probably a cold.

Emily: Probably.

Barbara: I think you should go upstairs and rest.

Emily: You know, I think I'm gonna go upstairs and rest. [Emily sighs] I have to go to the grocery store. I forgot, there's no food at my house.

Barbara: Don't you want to feel better? I could bring you some tea if you lay down and rest.

Emily: I don't --

Barbara: You like my tea. It'll make you feel better.

Emily: I like your tea. It'll make me feel better. Thanks.

Barbara: You are very, very welcome. Oh, look -- right where I left it.

Julia: Did you find out anything? Has anyone seen J.J.?

Lisa: No, darling. But now, I have the security guards -- they're checking every inch of the hotel. We've looked into the -- well, we've looked into the arcade, you know, for the video. We've looked into, you know, where the pool is --

Julia: He was right here when I went to the bedroom. He was right here. I was only gone for a minute. Where could he be? I'll call the school. Maybe he went to the -- what's the number to the school? Oh, God.

Jack: Still haven't fixed the doorbell.

Carly: Jack?

Jack: I lost my key.

Carly: I'll get you another one. I thought you were going over Julia’s.

Jack: I did. Now I'm headed out to Emma’s -- I thought I'd stay there while -- while I sort all this out.

Carly: How did Julia take that? That you'll be staying at Emma’s?

Jack: She was always afraid that I'd wake up and I'd remember everything. And she'd wind up losing me. I tried to convince her that that wouldn't happen. And now --

Carly: Now -- you're here.

Jack: Yeah -- I don't know, I just thought I'd swing by and check on --

Carly: The kids?

Jack: Carly --

Carly: I miss you too, g-man! Please, please tell me that you're ready to come home to me.

Hal: Hey. Where's Emily?

Barbara: Oh, she's resting.

Hal: Oh. Yeah, she's really been draggin' these past couple of days.

Emily: Hal, honey?

Hal: Hey, honey. How are you?

Emily: Oh, I've been so tired.

Hal: Oh, my goodness.

Emily: I'm fine.

Hal: Yeah?

Emily: Are you home for lunch? I hope you're craving PBJ, 'cause that's all we got in the fridge.

Hal: Well, actually no, honey. I'm kind of worried about you. Margo said she called and left a message for you earlier, and you haven't called her back.

Emily: She called?

Hal: Yeah. She wanted to tell you that she can't pick up Daniel at school. And when you didn't call her back, obviously she got a little alarmed.

Emily: I didn't get her message, honey.

Hal: Well?

Emily: Well?

Hal: Sweetie, it's right here on the machine. And plus, she said she called and left you a message on your cell.

Emily: I never heard the phone ring.

Barbara: Maybe you were in the shower.

Emily: Maybe I was in the shower.

Hal: Oh.

Emily: I don't get it, I always check the machine. Always I -- look to see if that light's blinking. Always.

Hal: Right. Okay, all right. It's okay. But honey, you don't look so good. Maybe you should go see a doctor.

Emily: It's probably just a cold.

Hal: All right. Well, don't worry about picking up Daniel, I'll do that. Why don't you take it easy today, okay? Yeah?

Emily: Okay. Oh, um -- Margo, thank her.

Hal: I will. All right, I'll see you later. Um -- rest.

Barbara: Can I get you another cup?

Emily: Mmm, thank you.

Will: Everything is loaded up. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Rosanna: Ahh, yes. Perhaps you would like to drive the truck to the church.

Will: Are you serious? Awesome.

Rosanna: If you think that's awesome, wait 'til you start high school. 'Cause perhaps, if you're very good, you will have your own car.

Will: Shut up!

Rosanna: Oh, okay.

Will: No, I mean --

Rosanna: Forgive me if I'm wrong, but wasn't having a cool car in high school umm --

Paul: It was cool.

Rosanna: That's the word I was looking for.

Paul: I think we've lost him.

Rosanna: No, no, I know that expression, he's picking out what color he wants.

Paul: Will? You know, we still expect you to keep your grades up.

Will: Hey, 4.0, 5.5, whatever it takes.

Rosanna: Yes, and I'm gonna expect you to work for me when you can. Is that a deal?

Will: Yeah!

Paul: It's nice to see you happy.

Rosanna: Oh, please -- I'm not just happy. I'm awesome.

Paul: Shut up.

Aaron: What are you doing here?

Chris: I just came to check up on you.

Alison: When you got knocked out during the fight, Chris was right there taking care of you. He probably helped save your life.

Aaron: Thank you.

Chris: Thank you.

Aaron: Yep.

Holden: Hey. How's everything going in here?

Alison: Great.

Chris: Yeah, it's the first time I've gotten to check up on Aaron since the accident, so -- well, I've got rounds --

Aaron: Chris? You got a minute?

Chris: Sure.

Aaron: I'd like to talk to you -- alone.

Alison: Holden and I will be right outside.

Chris: What's on your mind?

Aaron: Alison.

Alison: I've been asking some friends around here about Aaron’s surgery. And, well, I found out about this.

Holden: What is this?

Alison: It's the reason Aaron had to have two operations.

Ben: Naturally, I was a little nervous. It was my first surgery back after injuring my hand, but that just made me more cautious. I didn't make any mistakes, Jess. John's got the hospital coming after me for no reason.

Jessica: They could be sued, Ben. That's a pretty good reason.

Ben: No, that procedure was flawless.

Jessica: Okay, you told me how perfect you were in the O.R., so what is this other thing? What's this thing that you've done that's so awful?

Ben: The Tox screen.

Jessica: The Tox screen came back negative.

Ben: What if John finds out why Bob asked for a urinalysis? That I was accused of abusing pain killers?

Jessica: Why would he? Who's gonna tell him? Not me, certainly not Bob. Ben, you did nothing wrong. Okay, I just saw you behaving in a way that -- I don't know. Okay, maybe -- maybe I was just feeling guilty because I had destroyed our marriage and I was reading into things.

Ben: Jess --

Jessica: No, let me -- let me just say this, okay? I think I convinced myself that you were in trouble because I wanted to save you. I wanted to rescue you, to make amends. But there was nothing to save you from. Not then and not now. The hospital can't substantiate John's allegations because they are purely conjecture. You didn't do anything wrong.

Ben: Jessica, look, will you stop? You were not reading into things. You were right. I was abusing pain pills.

Carly: Parker's at school. Sage is spending some time with Natalie and Lily.

Jack: So, we're all alone --

Carly: Completely alone. What? [Jack sighs] What?

Jack: I remember everything, every moment of our lives together. I do. The problem is, I also --

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: You know if we're kissing, that's Julia.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Hello?

Julia: Jack, is J.J. with you?

Jack: No. Why would he be?

Julia: He's not here. We've called the police. Hotel security's looked everywhere! We can't find him. He's gone. I mean, he's just gone.

Jack: I'm on my way. J.J. went missing.

Carly: Let's go. I'm going with you.

Jessica: You were on drugs while you were operating?

Ben: No! I'd stopped taking the medication several days before. I was experiencing some withdrawal. Look, I tried to get Ramirez to do the surgery, but another head trauma came in. He took one case. I took Aaron’s case. I had no choice.

Jessica: No choice? Ben, how could you perform surgery in that condition?

Ben: Aaron would have died if I didn’t. Jess, it was the most difficult thing I've ever done. I knew that I couldn't afford to make a mistake. I knew Aaron’s life was in my hands. And I did not botch that surgery.

Jessica: That Tox screen. There was no way you could've passed it. The drugs would have been still been working their way out of your system. So -- so, what did you do, Ben?

Ben: I got Curtis to take the test for me.

Jessica: You dragged your son into this?

Ben: I wasn't thinking straight, Jess. I felt like I was losing everything. I just wanted to be a surgeon again.

Jessica: And Curtis was okay with this --

Ben: I lied to Curtis. I told him I'd taken some cold medicine and I didn't want to risk there being any traces of the drug in my system that might trigger a false positive.

Jessica: If the hospital discovers there was even the slightest chance that you had drugs in your system while you --

Ben: I'd never practice medicine again. I'm in real trouble, right?

Jessica: Maybe, maybe not. If you and Curtis don't say anything about the drug test, the hospital can't prove anything.

Ben: So I'll be okay?

Jessica: I don't know, Ben. Will you?

Ben: You just said --

Jessica: I said that the hospital can't make a case as long as you don't tell the truth.

Ben: Where's the problem?

Jessica: There is none -- if you can live with this lie.

Aaron: So, you and Ali -- you guys -- you guys are okay, now, huh?

Chris: She's speaking to me, at least.

Aaron: I mean, she cares about you. I mean, you guys were engaged. I mean, seconds away from getting married -- I mean, feelings like that don't just go away.

Chris: Yeah, well, they go away pretty quickly when you dump a girl at the altar. Besides, she was always crazier about you than she was about me.

Aaron: You're wrong about that, man.

Chris: No, I've pretty much got this one nailed, Aaron. You were right. You know, I was trying to make her be something that she's not. What I didn't realize is that Ali’s perfect just the way she is. She sure as hell deserves better than me. Take care of her, all right?

Julia: He was wearing jeans and an olive colored shirt, with a little airplane on it, and a -- like a camouflaged fleece --

Jack: What's going on?

Julia: There's still no sign of him. What are we going to do if we can't find him? What are you doing here?

Carly: I was with Jack when you called. I'd just like to help --

Jack: I stopped by Milltown -- listen, that doesn't matter, right now. Hey, we are gonna find him. Don't worry.

Lisa: There's still no sign of him in the hotel.

Julia: Where could he be? I mean, he knows better than to go outside by himself.

Jack: Get a picture of him, Julia. A recent picture. Once you've got the picture, get it out to the cruisers. If we don't find him within the next half hour, I'm gonna put out an Amber alert.

Cop: Sure, Detective Snyder. But I'll have to get this okayed by the chief.

Jack: Just tell him it's my son we're talking about! He'll understand!

Paul: So, I was thinking -- maybe Will and I can go chop down a Christmas tree. Put it back there where the window is.

Rosanna: You know how to use an axe?

Paul: Axes are for amateurs. I'm gonna use a chainsaw.

Rosanna: I'm only asking because I'm very fond of your fingers and toes and other extremities. You sure you know how to use one of those?

Paul: No, I have no idea. [Cell phone rings] Oh, I gotta take this.

Rosanna: Okay.

Paul: Street Jeans is expanding its production warehouse.

Rosanna: Oh, go to work, you sexy mogul, you.

Paul: That's me. Bye.

[Baby laughing]

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Will: You think I did this? Tossed a ball around and got a tape of a baby laughing?

Jack: Oh, yeah -- hey, J.J.!

Julia: J.J.!

Jack: Wait!

Julia: Wait!

Jack: Watch out!

[Car tires screeching]

Carly: Oh, God, no.

Rosanna: What is happening to me?

Will: Rosanna, what's wrong?

Rosanna: I saw you take this ball to the car. What is it doing here?

Will: I don't know. Maybe it fell out of the box or maybe there were two of them.

Rosanna: But you took it. What are you doing back here? You can't have gone to the church and be back already.

Will: I came back because I forgot my wallet. I didn't expect to be driving, remember? Look, I'll take the ball and I'll go look for anything else I might have forgotten. Sorry.

Rosanna: Will, did you hear anything when you came back inside?

Will: Like what?

Rosanna: Did you hear anything?

Will: No. Rosanna, what's going on? Why are you so freaked out? And why are you grilling me about it?

Ben: So if I don't bring up the drug test, there's no way the hospital can use it against me.

Jessica: There's no reason that they should, as long as you don't volunteer any information.

Ben: You're disappointed in me.

Jessica: No, I'm worried about you, Ben. More than any person I know, your sense of right and wrong is who you are. Can you get away with keeping this secret? Probably. Can you live with this lie every day for the rest of your life? I don't know.

Ben: Maybe I've just come to realize that some secrets are better kept secret. For everyone involved. Maybe I'm just a changed man.

Jessica: Maybe you were perfect the way you were. So, how do you want to play this?

Ben: I don't know. I don't know. I need to think about it, pray on it.

Jessica: Okay, whatever you decide, I'll be there for you. As your lawyer and as your friend.

Alison: How did the tests go?

Aaron: Oh, great. Super. I gave myself a big hand.

Alison: Ha-ha. That's even lamer than my jokes. And besides, you've made a lot of progress already.

Aaron: Come on, Alison. I can't use my right arm. I can't use my right leg. Who knows if I'll ever be able to use it again?

Alison: These things take time.

Aaron: You know, if I hear that one more time, I -- I was going to say I'm gonna put my fist through the wall, but I guess that joke's on me.

Alison: Look, a few days ago you were in a coma. And that's all changed now, and this will, too. You're gonna be okay. You just -- you've gotta be patient and keep your spirits up.

Aaron: You can help me do that.

Alison: How? Name it, and I'll do it.

Aaron: Help me get out of here. Today.

Bob: Holden, I got a call you were looking for me. Is Aaron all right?

Holden: No, Bob. He's not. And now I know why.

Jack: You're sure? Thanks. All right. They just finished checking security tapes. There's a clear shot of J.J. leaving the building a little over an hour ago.

Julia: Did somebody take him?

Jack: No, he got on the elevator alone and left the building alone.

Julia: Why would he do that, Jack? I've told him a hundred times --

Jack: Julia, this is good news. Now we know what time he left, that he was on foot and what direction he was headed.

Julia: What can I do?

Jack: I want you to start gathering up as many pictures and videos of J.J. as you can for the news teams. As soon as the Amber alert's in place, they're gonna need them. I'm gonna update the search team.

Julia: I'll be in J.J.'s room.

Jack: Okay.

Lisa: Darling, can I help you?

Julia: I'll let you know, okay?

Lisa: Okay, sweetie. This is just a shame. That little boy looks up to Jack like he's the moon and the stars --

Carly: Could you not start, Lisa? It's obvious that you've gotten pretty tight with Julia --

Lisa: Oh, yes, of course, I have. I like her very much. She happens to love Jack very much.

Carly: And I don't?

Lisa: Carly, why are you even here? Are you so afraid to let Jack out of your sight for a moment? Look, Julia is going through a terrible time, and here you are intruding like this --

Carly: I would like to help!

Lisa: You can. You may leave!

Carly: Do you know what's really interesting to me?

Lisa: No, what?

Carly: The timing of all of this. Jack got his memory back. He's getting ready to move out of here, and suddenly, this little crisis happens.

Lisa: Listen, are you suggesting for one second that Julia would use her little boy to get Jack back? Oh, you are so wrong about that. That's more up your alley.

Carly: Or yours.

Jack: We've got news. Where's Julia? Julia!

Julia: What is it? What is it?

Jack: They spotted him.

Julia: Where?

Jack: By the schoolyard. Let's go! Come on.

Lisa: Why don't you just stay out of it? Let Jack and Julia go find the little boy and bring him back here --

Carly: Oh, so they can all be a nice little family? Jack already has a nice little family!

Lisa: Well, just what do you think is gonna happen to J.J. when he comes home?

Carly: Julia's gonna take him and she's gonna leave. Why should she stay here? Jack is mine.

Lisa: Yeah. Yeah, what if J.J. doesn’t come home?

Carly: Well, of course he's gonna -- the kid just ran away. They'll find him.

Lisa: You know why he ran away? He ran away because he was afraid that he was gonna lose his new dad. And ha-ha, I know Jack. He's gonna blame himself, and then, Carly, he's gonna hate you because he's gonna realize that you're the one who started this whole thing in the first place. Put everything in motion because you have to have Jack all to yourself. Oh, listen, toots. My gosh, you'd better hurry because Jack and Julia have been together for five minutes and they're alone.

Carly: Listen, Lisa. I honestly pray to God that nothing happens to that child, but Jack is still my husband. And this tug of war is over. And if you're really Julia’s friend, you would help her accept that.

Emily: No, no, no, no, no!

Barbara: If you'd like, I could finish your grocery list for you. That way, you can go to upstairs and rest.

Emily: Okay.

Barbara: In fact, I can handle just about everything around here, including cooking for Hal. Emily? Hal loves my cooking. And you'd do anything for him, wouldn't you?

Emily: Anything --

Barbara: Then ask me to cook for him.

Emily: Would you please?

Barbara: Yes, of course I will. And you'll tell Hal what a good friend I am to you. Emily?

Emily: You're a --

Barbara: I'm a good friend. That's what you believe.

Emily: You're a good friend.

Barbara: Smile when you say that.

Emily: You're a good friend.

Barbara: There we go. And now, one more thing. And this is your favorite idea.

Emily: Yes?

Barbara: Maybe I should sleep with Hal at night because you're not well.

Emily: Okay.

Barbara: Well, all righty, then. Why don't you go upstairs and I'll take care of everything down here. Oh, and Emily?

Emily: Yeah?

Barbara: I've been very kind to you. What do you say?

Emily: Thank you, Barbara.

Barbara: You're welcome, Emily. Make sure you tell Hal.

Emily: Tell Hal you're gonna sleep with him.

Barbara: No, I'll take care of that part. You just tell him how wonderful I've been to you.

Emily: Okay.

Barbara: This stuff is better than I thought.

Rosanna: I was here. I heard it. I heard a laugh. I heard a child's laugh, and then that ball came bouncing in and then you walked in. How could you have not heard anything?

Will: I was outside loading the truck. I didn't hear any laughter.

Rosanna: You didn't?

Will: No. I'm sorry about the ball, though. I know how much that stuff upsets you. I should have been more careful.

Rosanna: No, it's all right. Will? Tell me the truth. Are you comfortable here at Fairwinds?

Will: Yeah. Why?

Rosanna: Because if you're not, I mean, I would understand. It can't be comfortable being around newlyweds all the time.

Will: Rosanna, where is all this coming from? First, you give me the third degree about a toy, and now you ask me if I'm comfortable living here. What's going on?

Rosanna: That's what I'm trying to determine.

Will: You think I did this? Tossed this ball around and got a tape of a baby laughing? Is that really what you think of me?

Alison: So, what do you want?

Aaron: I need to get out of here.

Alison: Okay, I'll go get Holden. You can go home with him.

Aaron: Oh, okay, that's great. Oh, that's perfect. Me and my baby sister, sitting watching cartoons while Lily feeds us both. I'm not going to Holden and Lily's house, okay?

Alison: Okay, then I guess you can come home with my mom and me --

Aaron: Ali, I can take care of myself. I'm going back to my apartment.

Bob: How did you get these?

Holden: Never mind that. I knew something was wrong when you took Ben off the case. "Dr. Harris was nervous. Dr. Harris was shaking." How can you let a guy perform that kind of surgery when his hands are shaky?

Bob: Holden, the hospital is launching an investigation to see if there's any cause for concern.

Holden: If there's cause? Aaron went through back-to-back surgeries, and now his entire right side is paralyzed.

Bob: His condition is getting better, and there's a chance that it is just temporary.

Holden: Yeah, and what if it isn't? Aaron's lying in that hospital bed, paying for someone else's mistake. Something went wrong and you're trying to cover it up! And I think the problem is Ben Harris!

Jack: J.J.!

Carly: J.J!

Julia: He's not over there by the swings. Did you look by that statue he likes?

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: There's no sign of him there.

Julia: You know, Carly, you really should not be calling J.J.'s name. Okay. If he's here, hiding out, and he hears you, he's not gonna come out. If anything, he's gonna run away.

Jack: Hey.

Carly: Oh, you know, you're probably right. I didn't even think of that. But still, I would like to help somehow.

Julia: No, you don't want to help. What you want is for me and my son to disappear.

Jack: No, Carly would never wish any harm on J.J.

Carly: I know you that don't trust me, Julia, but please let me help. I can be another set of eyes, looking for a lost little boy.

Jack: Why don't you go look over by the band shell, and we'll look here, okay?

Carly: Yeah, okay.

Jack: Okay.

Julia: We've got to find him, Jack.

Jack: We will. J.J.! Hey, hey! Where are you going, pal?

J.J.: Let me go!

Jack: J.J., its Jack. It's me.

J.J.: Let go of me!

Jack: I can't do that. Tell me what's wrong.

J.J.: You don't want me!

Jack: What?

Carly: I think I found his backpack.

Jack: Oh, yeah -- hey, J.J.!

Julia: J.J.!

[Horn blaring]

Jack: Wait!

Julia: Wait!

Jack: Watch out!

[Tires screeching]

Carly: Oh, God. No. Oh please, no.

Julia: What is the matter with you? You don't run out into the street like that. There's ice on the road, J.J.! You could have been killed! What if that car didn't stop?

Jack: Are you all right?

J.J.: I'm sorry, Mom!

Julia: All right. It's okay. I'm just glad you're okay.

Jack: Me, too. I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to you, buddy. I love you. Don't you know that?

Hal: Hey, where's Em?

Barbara: She's resting.

Hal: Still not feeling all that hot, huh?

Barbara: Well, she went out for a little while and picked up some cold medicine and some groceries, but, you know, I think she overdid it. Colds can be pretty tricky, that way.

Hal: Well, I wish she would have called me. I could have picked her up some cold medicine.

Barbara: Well, too late. She already took it and she's out like a light, which is why I'm making dinner. Sauce from scratch, your favorite.

Hal: I thought Em didn't want you cooking.

Barbara: Well, she changed her mind. And you can take her a tray up, later on.

Hal: Uh -- you two are really trying to work this out, huh?

Barbara: Well, just a little extra effort. It's all worth it in the end.

Paul: What's going on here?

Rosanna: Nothing.

Paul: Rosanna, why are you upset?

Rosanna: I don't know -- Will came in and just gave me a bit of a scare, that's all. Right, will?

Will: Yeah, I'll go take that stuff over to the church now.

Paul: Why are you shaking?

Rosanna: Oh, am I? I guess I'm chilly.

Alison: Will you, at least, let me help you zipper that jacket?

Aaron: I'm okay.

Alison: It's December.

Aaron: Fine. So --

Alison: Yeah?

Aaron: Are you going to do it or not?

Alison: What?

Aaron: My shirt, Ali.

Alison: Right. See, you're not ready to be on your own, yet.

Aaron: I'll manage just fine.

Alison: No, you need help, lots and lots of help. You're very lucky that you have me.

Aaron: I don't need anybody taking care of me or pitying me.

Alison: I don't pity you.

Aaron: If it keeps going like this, you will.

Alison: What does that mean?

Aaron: I'm going home by myself, okay?

Alison: You don't want me with you anymore?

Aaron: No.

Holden: I thought you were on vacation.

Ben: Actually, I've been suspended until I can clear my name.

Holden: Ah, another cover up. You'll be hearing from my lawyer.

Bob: I don't know how much of that you heard, but, Ben, I want you to know that I'll stand behind you, no matter how complicated this gets.

Ben: Look, I appreciate that, Bob, but the hospital board --

Bob: I'm sure that they'll take my recommendation. Look, with a lot of doctors, I'd need more proof, but I know you. You're an honorable man, and if you made a mistake, you would admit it. And that's exactly what I intend to tell the hospital's legal people.

Ben: All right, Bob, wait, wait. There's something you need to know.

J.J.: I'm okay, Mom!

Julia: Okay. You know what? It's a good thing you're okay, because you're in big trouble, J.J.! What were you thinking, running out into the street like that and then dashing away? Honey, I thought I'd lost you.

Jack: You scared us to death. You know that? Why did you do this?

J.J.: You promised you would always be with us. And then you left, and Mom was crying, and I heard you out in the hall.

Jack: With Lisa?

J.J.: You said it was hard choosing between Mom and her. And --

Jack: And what?

J.J.: And that me being around made it harder. So, I thought if I left --

Julia: Oh, J.J., sweetie --

J.J.: Will you come back? To stay?

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Ben: Bob, I lied to you. It's time for me to come clean.

Carly: It's time we settled this once and for all.

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