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Lucy: It's a simple question, Dusty. Do you love me, or not?

Dusty: You and me -- it's never simple, is it?

Lucy: Yes or no?

Dusty: Let it go.

Lucy: I canít.

Dusty: I can't keep having this conversation.

Lucy: But you can have it with my mother?

Dusty: Go.

Lucy: Answer me!

Sierra: You know, I think Lucy deserves to know. Maybe you should tell her why you're pushing her away.

Jack: Thank you.

[Julia shrieks]

Julia: Honey, but it's not official.

Jack: We were, we are and we will be married.

Julia: But the divorce --

Jack: It's just pieces of paper, baby. Once Carly signs them, we'll go straight to city hall and then we'll go straight to our honeymoon. And if you think you enjoyed being Mrs. Jack Jackson -- you are gonna love being Mrs. Jack Snyder.

Julia: Really?

Jack: We're forever this time. No judge or social worker, ex-wife, ex-husband can separate us this time. You're the reason this crazy world makes sense. The reason I get up every morning, why I try to do the right thing. Because no matter how many times we've been tested. And believe me, we've been tested --

[Jack remembering]

Jack: It always comes back to what we found here in Montana. Life means something when we're together.

[Wedding march plays]

Minister: Would everyone please be seated?

Paul: Pay attention. This is what happiness looks like. Not even Barbara could ruin a moment like this.

[Crowd gasps]

Barbara: Come on! Come off! The wedding's about to start.

Kim: I hear bolt cutters will do the trick.

Barbara: Oh -- hi. I know this looks ridiculous, but -- it's not what you think it is.

Officer: Ms. Ryan?

Barbara: Oh --

Officer: What are you doing out here?

Barbara: Officer Berger, I'd like you to meet my Aunt, Kim Hughes.

Officer: What's going on? What are you up to, anyway?

Rosanna: Will --

Will: Is she here?

Rosanna: What happened?

[All talking at once]

Hal: Relax, everyone. Everything is fine. Everything is fine.

Paul: Barbara can't get past Halís back door.

[All talking at once]

Emma: I should have warned everyone. This usually happens, especially when there's a strong wind. It's okay.

Rosanna: Okay.

Paul: It's just the wind. All right?

Minister: I think what happened here is a symbol for what has happened between Paul and Rosanna. For what is love, if not a journey from darkness into light? So now that we're back in the warm glow, I ask that we all rejoice at the wedding of Paul Ryan and Rosanna Cabot.

Dusty: Lucy knows where I stand.

Lucy: No, I -- I donít. Nothing you've said makes any sense.

Dusty: You know what happened, Lucy. We had a great time. We had a great time for a while. And then -- as things went along, you probably got it confused for something bigger than it was.

Lucy: No!

Dusty: Yes. What you want is forever. And that's fairy tales. That's not the real world.

Lucy: We are the real world. I will never forget what it felt like the first time I knew in my heart that you loved me. And you still do. Stop trying to protect me. My mother sees through it and so do I.

Dusty: Well, then you're both wrong.

Lucy: I don't know who you are anymore. The man I love fought for me. He wouldn't stand there like a coward and lie to my face. He would never shut me out of his life like this.

Barbara: I was upstairs, resting in my room, when all of a sudden, I heard a child crying out here. And so I rushed down, the mother in me just took over and by the time I got here -- because I thought it was little Annie Simon from across the street.

Officer: And how did you get out here? I was right in the kitchen. Sitting at the counter.

Barbara: Well, obviously, not the whole time.

Officer: One trip to the John, two minutes --

Barbara: Well, that explains it right there. And as I was saying -- by the time I got out here, the child was gone.

Officer: Okay. Well, let's take this back inside. And this time, stay here.

Barbara: Of course. Thank you, officer.

Kim: Oh, so you baked these yourself?

Barbara: The man deserved a break.

Kim: And you were only too happy to give him one?

Barbara: Why are you being so accusatory?

Kim: And while you were climbing out of the bedroom window, he was here wolfing down those cookies.

Barbara: I told you, I heard crying outside --

Kim: Oh, please. Little Annie Simon? She's old enough to be in college by now. Get real. Will told you that Paul and Rosanne were getting married tonight and you were on your way to stop it.

Minister: As we begin the ceremony that marks Paul and Rosannaís love and commitment to one other, I ask if there is anyone here who can show just cause why these two should not be joined in marriage. Let them speak now, or forever hold their peace. It seems that everyone here thinks this is a pretty good idea. So let's all bear witness as Paul and Rosanna embrace this challenge and pledge their vows to one another.

Rosanna: Um -- Paul, I remember the moment that I fell in love with you. And it was over a plate of French toast. [Rosanna laughs] I was feeling kind of sad and lonely and you made me laugh. And you gave me hope. You have known me through possibly the worst time in my life. And even though I pushed you away, you refused to go. And I could feel you reaching out to me, and somehow or other, you became a part of me. You just believed in me and you believed in us. And even though I had been born to tremendous privilege, having your love has made me feel rich beyond measure. I love you so much and I know that I'm gonna love you forever. So I ask you, Paul, to be my husband, to be my strength, to be my best friend and to not just share my life, but to be my life, till death do us part.

Dusty: Your father's right -- I'm not your hero. The whole town is right about me.

Lucy: They're not.

Dusty: What's wrong with you? I'm doing you a favor.

Lucy: You said love isn't enough. That's all there is. We have what most people spend their entire lives trying to find. I'm not a little girl anymore. I'm a woman who knows what she wants and who she wants. Don't be afraid for me, my eyes are wide open.

Lily: Have any of you seen Craig?

Sierra: No --

Lucy: I'm sorry, Lily, this is a really bad time.

Lily: I'm really sorry, I just -- I think something might have happened to him.

Julia: Wait, Jack -- we forgot J.J. --

Jack: He's with Lisa.

Julia: Yeah, but they'll be back any minute, so --

Jack: Maybe she lost track of time.

Julia: Mm. [Knock on door] Maybe not!

Jack: I'll get it.

Julia: No, I'll get it. I'll get it. Coming!

Julia: Hi, Lisa!

Lisa: Hey, there, how are you?

Julia: Fine.

Lisa: Well, here we are.

Julia: Right on time.

Lisa: Yeah, well, unfortunately.

Julia: Why, is there anything wrong?

Lisa: Yes. J.J. and I were just about to make 2 million points on that desert ranger --

Jack: 2 million!

Lisa: Yes --

Jack: Awesome, pal.

Lisa: Then I realized the two of you were here, back, and -- [Lisa chuckles] Oh, my stars, hold on, just one minute -- look at this, is that what I think that it is?

Julia: Jack just proposed.

Lisa: Oh, honey!

J.J.: All right!

Jack: It's still okay with you?!

J.J.: You bet!

Lisa: Oh, I'm just so happy for both of you. This is just fabulous -- all three of you. So, um, listen -- I want you to order up a bottle of the finest champagne from downstairs in the dining room, and maybe J.J. and I will come back later when you want us.

Jack: See you later, buddy, okay? I love you.

J.J.: Love you, too.

[All chuckle]

Lisa: Come on.

Julia: I think we should have her stand up for us at our wedding.

Jack: Hmm, yes, she's the perfect person. And I'm not just saying that because she gave me an extra hour with my beautiful, soon-to-be lawful, wedded wife. You okay?

Julia: Yes.

Jack: Huh?

Julia: I'm just happy, Jack. I'm so happy. It's for real this time.

Jack: Yeah. Legal and binding and for the rest of our lives.

Julia: I love you.

Jack: I love you.

Paul: You knocked on my door at my apartment to welcome me home a few years ago, and you changed my life. You didn't want anything from me, it was -- it was just a simple gesture of friendship. But you came to me at a point of life where, up until that point, nothing had ever been simple before. You stood by me. When others saw the worst in me, you looked for goodness, even though I'm pretty sure you had to look hard to find it. And even after that day -- that awful day when I had to make the most preposterous choice that a person could ever make, a decision that I -- I was afraid would destroyed us. I just -- I prayed, and I hoped, and I believed that we would somehow survive that. And by the grace of God, that tragedy has made us closer, and if that's not a miracle, I don't know what is. And you said that I can't quit on you -- and you're right, Rosanna, I never will. Not just because I love you more than words can say, but because you somehow managed to rescue me from a legacy that has no room at an alter like this, and -- in addition to all the other reasons that everybody else loves you -- your beauty, your brains, your honesty -- the thing that defines you the most for me is your grace. Your grace elevates you above all the ugliness in this world. And you've chosen me to stand by your side, and for that, I'm grateful beyond words. We've seen the worst of times -- but I promise you, from this moment on, I will do everything I can to make sure that our future is the best of times, and so I do. I do take you as my wife, Rosanna. I do I love you. I honor you. And I will cherish you for every one of my remaining days.

Barbara: My son is getting married, and I'm not there. I wanted to see him happy.

Kim: Oh, Barbara, come on, you're talking to me, not some rookie cop. Do you honestly expect me to believe that you're happy that Paul and Rosanna are getting married?

Barbara: Well, she wouldn't have been my first choice for a daughter-in- law. The woman hates me.

Kim: Well, with good reason.

Barbara: I didn't kill that baby. James did.

Kim: Let me see, tell me again that how is that James escaped --

Barbara: You know, for the last time, I was protecting Will. I am his mother. And Rosanna would have done the same thing for Cabot, and now it's not enough she's got Paul -- she wants Will, too?

Kim: And Will is moving into Fairwinds.

Barbara: And how would you feel if you were cut off from your children?

Kim: I'd be devastated.

Barbara: Then why can't you understand that I want to be at that wedding?

Kim: I do understand. But forcing your way in there is only going to make everything worse. What does that get you?

Barbara: The chance to show the world that I'm still their mother. And if Rosanna thinks she can steal them from me, she will lose. Big time.

Minister: Place the ring on Rosannaís finger. And repeat after me. With this ring I thee wed.

Paul: With this ring, I thee wed.

Minister: And pledge to you my love and fidelity.

Paul: And pledge to you my love and fidelity.

Minister: Rosanna?

Rosanna: Paul, with this ring, I thee wed and pledge to you my love and fidelity.

Minister: In so much as Paul and Rosanna have consented to the vows of marriage and been witnessed in this company, I now pronounce you husband and wife.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Julia: It must be tearing her up to let go of you. There is nothing she can do to keep me away from you.

Emily: Recreate your wedding. Make everything the same, recreate exactly what happened.

Carly: Well, how am I gonna get him there, Emily? Kidnap him?

Will: I'm not too good at making speeches, um -- but I'm really glad I get to make this one because it gives me a chance to thank Paul for being such a great big brother. And I want to thank Rosanna, too, because she's been a good friend when I really needed one. And I'm lucky she's going to be in our family now. So -- to Paul and Rosanna. May you always be as happy as you are today.

Hal: Here, here!

[Everyone says cheers]

Paul: Will, thank you -- that was a great.

Will: Thank you.

Rosanna: I hope that we are all as happy as we are today, as well.

Mike: Do you want to dance?

Jennifer: Um, I would, but I fear for my toes.

Mike: I'll have you know I was voted best dancer in my high school yearbook.

Jennifer: Really? Guess what I was voted?

Mike: Most likely to run a national corporation?

Jennifer: Very close -- best dressed.

Mike: I should have known. Let's go.

Paul: You were a little nervous there, weren't you?

Will: Well, I'm not too good at making speeches.

Paul: No, no, no. I'm talking about before, you know, when the lights went out.

Will: Reflexes, I guess.

Paul: Well, you had every reason to worry, you know. It's not like Mom hasn't crashed a party like this before.

Will: Yeah, but, you know, she was okay when I talked to her. I don't think she's gonna try anything.

Paul: You know she's not happy about you living with me and Rosanna.

Will: Yeah, but she'll have to accept it, you know? We're all moving forward, right?

Paul: That's right. Come on, let's get something to drink.

Carly: All through that ceremony, I just kept thinking about Montana. Jack and I promising each other forever.

Emily: That's it.

Carly: What?

Emily: That's it, Carly. Rosanna -- come here.

Rosanna: Yes? Yes -- what's going on?

Emily: Montana.

Carly: What about Montana?

Emily: Recreate your wedding. If Jack started to remembering things because of this place - a barn -- imagine what will happen if he walked into the real thing? You need to get Jack back to that exact spot. Make everything the same, recreate exactly what happened. If today jogged back his memory, imagine what will happen when he sees the real deal.

Carly: Well, how am I gonna get him there, Emily? Kidnap him?

Emily: Why not? We did it before.

Carly: Are you serious?

Emily: It's for a good cause, right?

Mike: An illegal cause.

Emily: Didn't anyone ever tell you that eavesdropping isn't very nice?

Rosanna: Well, you know, I think he's right -- I think kidnapping is a little extreme --

Mike: Thank you.

Rosanna: All right. All we have to do is use Jack's amnesia to Carly's advantage.

Carly: Use it how?

Rosanna: Well, let's think about this, now -- jack is a family man, he's a loyal man, he always tries to do the right thing --

Carly: Jack sense of family is a little weak right now --

Rosanna: That's perfect, enter Brad.

Mike: Brad?

Carly: Brad -- Jack's brother?

Mike: Oh.

Rosanna: Yes! Yes! All that has to happen is that his long-lost brother creates some kind of family emergency back in Montana.

Emily: Brilliant!

Carly: That's brilliant!

Emily: You're so brilliant -- and Jack gets on the plane to see long-lost brother brad, only who should be there waiting for him but --

Carly: Yours truly!

Emily: You get him right to that barn --

Rosanna: And then he sees you, and he remembers everything about you --

[Carly sighs]

Carly: Oh!

Jennifer: Wait, there's one hitch --

Rosanna: What?

Jennifer: One hitch -- how do you get the brother to play along?

Hal: Who's playing what?

Emily: Um -- sports. We were talking about kids and sports and --

Carly: Yeah.

Emily: And all the things the things -- um, weren't you gonna go to mom's and pick up Daniel -- get some pizza, remember we talked about that?

Hal: Oh yeah, that's right. It's getting' late. Why don't we both go?

Emily: Um, you know what -- I'm gonna -- I'm gonna -- Emma asked me, actually, to help her clean up, so I will meet you at home. Love you.

Hal: Love you. See you there.

Emily: See ya.

Rosanna: Oh!

Paul: I think it's time for a honeymoon. [Rosanna laughs] I hope you don't mind, I have to steal my wife. You ready?

Rosanna: I'm ready.

Paul: Okay.

Rosanna: I'll talk to you soon?

Carly: Yeah.

Rosanna: Okay.

Paul: Thanks you all so much for coming.

Jennifer: Oh, hey, you don't get out of here without giving your sister a hug.

Carly: Hey -- be happy. You know, remember all those beautiful promises that you made to each other, okay?

Rosanna: Okay. I will, I will. With you -- good luck.

Carly: Thanks.

Rosanna: Okay --

Paul: You ready?

Rosanna: Yeah.

All: Good-bye.

Emily: Have fun.

Carly: So, um -- can you come back to my place?

Emily: You better believe it.

Carly: I think it's time to reunite those Snyder brothers.

Barbara: I feel like a caged animal.

Kim: Except that caged animals usually don't have the run of a two-story townhouse.

Barbara: Why are you being so cruel to me?

Kim: Barbara, you seem to conveniently overlook the fact that there's a dead baby involved here and that Rosanna is heartbroken.

Barbara: I know.

Kim: For years now, I've been watching James Stenbeck manipulate you, manipulate Paul, anybody else that gets in his way. He seems to be able to force you into making awful choices -- awful choices. I can't condone what you've done. I have to admit, I do understand how it's happened.

Barbara: I've tried to show everyone that I'm -- I'm willing to change. But Hal ignores me. He only treats me like domestic help.

Kim: Well, I think it's a credit to Emily that you're even living here.

Barbara: Oh, she'd have me on the street if it weren't for Hal.

Kim: Yeah, but you're not on the street. Be grateful, Barbara. For heaven's sakes, it's a start.

Barbara: I have to be grateful to Emily Stewart? Why? When she has a husband, a happy family, a beautiful home, and I don't?

Kim: Because you're selfish and resentful and bitter.

Barbara: Emily has made all the same mistakes I have, but has she had to suffer for them? No!

Kim: Life is not a quid pro quo.

Barbara: You know what, Kim? I am just tired of empty words here! What I need is real help to get my family back! And if you can't give it to me, you can just get the hell out!

Dusty: You found this outside your house?

Lucy: My father is fine. I just saw him a little while ago, when I told him I didn't want to have anything to do with him.

Dusty: You think he put it down on purpose so you'd start worrying?

Lucy: Sure. He thinks that if I take the bait, it proves I still love him.

Dusty: She's right.

Sierra: I think Craig is fine.

Lily: Oh, yeah? I wish I wasn't as sure as all of you. Call me if you hear from him, would you?

Dusty: I've got to go, too. I've got a meeting.

Lucy: Dusty, wait. Didn't what I said mean anything to you? You don't have to make up phony business meetings to get away from me. You stay. I'll go. Besides, I want to be the one to walk out this time. Woo hoo! Looks like they made jet-dry even better!

Emily: Okay, first things first, how do we find Brad?

Carly: We don't have to find the Brad. We just have to find a Brad. And if Jack asks any questions --

Emily: Oh, everybody else just go along with it.

Carly: So long-lost brother brad calls Jack from Montana, tells him there's a family emergency, and Jack hops on a plane and goes to see him.

Emily: Right. What about Julia and J.J.?

Carly: Well, the kid goes to school. She works.

Emily: She works. Okay, that's good. But Carly, there's one hitch. Caller I.D. You need a Montana phone number, or Jack's gonna be very suspicious.

Carly: Yeah, you're right. Who do I know in Montana? Who do I know that would do -- Hannah.

Emily: Who's Hannah?

Carly: I told you about Hannah. My midwife when I had Sage.

Emily: Hannah, yeah.

Carly: I send her pictures of the baby all the time.

Emily: Okay, does she know about Jack's accident?

Carly: No, but I'll tell her about it when I call her.

Emily: Do you think she's gonna go along with this?

Carly: I know she will.

Emily: Okay, so what are you doing standing here? Go call her.

Carly: Well, what if being in Montana isn't enough?

Emily: It's got to be enough. Make the call.

Carly: What if it isn't? 'Cause if it isn't, it's over. Jack will never forgive me for any of this, and I'll have lost him for good.

Julia: What do you want for a wedding gift?

Jack: You don't have to give me a wedding gift. I have everything I want and everything I need right here.

Julia: Not everything. We haven't exactly had a whole lot of peace. All the constant conflict between me and Carly. That could be my gift to you.

Jack: Wait. I don't think --

Julia: Yeah, yeah, no, no. I want to -- I want to try to make things better between us. Please? You and Carly have kids, honey. You know? Those kids, they shouldn't have to feel like they're betraying their mother spending time with us. I love you, you know, and I want to love your kids. I don't want to be Parker and Sage's enemy. I -- if Carly and I keep fighting, that's what I'll become.

Jack: That's a lot to ask.

Julia: Yeah, but you didn't ask. I offered. Please? Jack, I want to try.

Jack: You're incredible.

Julia: You're just figuring that out? I just feel bad for her, you know, to be honest. I have you, and I have J.J., and we're a family, the way that you guys all used to be a family, and I don't -- it must be tearing her up to let go of you.

Jack: Well, I wish there was something that I could do for her. I know this -- there is nothing she can do to keep me away from you.

Jennifer: I love being with you, and working with you, and drinking champagne with you.

Mike: Don't stop there.

Jennifer: I just -- I don't want anything to ruin it.

Mike: Like what?

Jennifer: Like, you know --

Mike: We're only human, Jen, you know? You can't control what happens when we're this close.

Jennifer: I just -- I don't want to rush things.

Mike: Are you kidding? Dead people more faster than we do. I mean, I signed a contract with Street Jeans. I didn't take a vow of chastity.

Jennifer: Well, maybe we should.

Mike: I didn't hear that.

Jennifer: No, it wouldn't be forever. Just until we give our relationship a chance to grow and be solid before we complicate it with --

Mike: Sex?

Jennifer: Yes. Hey, I -- I still want to do things, hang out, hold hands and talk.

Mike: I did that in high school.

Jennifer: And wasn't it fun? Mike, I rushed into my relationship with Jordan, and when it all fell apart, there was nothing to fall back on. The next time, I want to make sure that I'm in love before I make love. Do you understand?

Mike: Okay. We'll slow things down.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Mike: I better get home.

Jennifer: It's still early.

Mike: No, I -- I have a date with a very cold shower.

[Rosanna laughs]

Paul: The ever so humble -- you know, this is a very expansive starter home.

Rosanna: Yes, well, there's lots of space.

Paul: Are you sure you want to live here, Rosanna?

Rosanna: Yes, I'm sure. I'm very sure. I mean, think about it. Will can have his own bathroom and study and video room if he wants.

Paul: Okay, but can we call the video room the family room? 'Cause I'd like to run into the kid every once in a while.

Rosanna: Yes. I just want this to be a happy place. I want Will to bring his friends over whenever he wants, and I want Carly and the kids to come running in and out of here like they own the place. I just -- I want it to be filled with family.

Paul: Yeah? So with all this family time you're planning, you think you could pencil me in for a little romance?

Rosanna: I think so. I mean, why else would it be a happy home?

Paul: You know, you didn't eat a thing at the reception.

Rosanna: I was busy. I was mingling.

Paul: Yeah, me, too. Phyllis?

Rosanna: What? What are you up to?

Paul: You'll see.

Phyllis: Congratulations, Ms. Cab -- I mean, Ms. Ryan. You, too, Mr. Ryan.

Paul: Thank you very much. I'll take it from here, Phyllis.

Rosanna: What's this?

Paul: What else?

Rosanna: French toast.

Dominic: Hey, hey, I made bail.

Dusty: Congratulations. Get out of here.

Dominic: Come on, Dusty. You better get used to seeing me around.

Dusty: I got to throw you out?

Dominic: What's the problem? I'm having a drink. Where's your pretty little pussy cat?

Dusty: I got a better question -- where's her father? Craig Montgomery, what'd you do with him?

Dominic: You know, if I was you, I -- I don't know if I'd worry about Montgomery. I think I'd be worried about myself. Have a good day, Donovan.

Barbara: You're right. I can't keep blaming everyone else for my own problems. I've got a lot of work to do.

Kim: I'll say you do. And God help me, if you let me, I'll try to help you!

Barbara: Well, you could start by not telling Hal what I did today.

Kim: I have to see that you're really gonna try to change your attitude. Then I'll try to help you. I am so mad at you, I could just shake you. You know perfectly well I have loved you with all my heart, forever, and I don't even recognize you anymore! I don't even like you! There used to be a wonderful person in there. Why the hell can't you find her again?!

Barbara: I will. I will. I love you. Thanks for listening, even though not much of it made sense.

Kim: I think that you need to try to find the old Barbara. I think you can do that, if you really want to.

[Door slams]

Barbara: Well, guess what, Aunt Kim? The road to the old Barbara runs right through Rosanna. I will get my family back, and the new Mrs. Paul Ryan won't even know what hit her.

Paul: I can't believe I had such a good time at my own wedding.

Rosanna: It was perfect.

Paul: You were perfect.

Rosanna: Boy, are you in for a rude awakening.

[Rosanna laughs]

Paul: You know, you haven't touched your French toast.

Rosanna: I'm not hungry. I mean, for food anyway.

Paul: Really?

Rosanna: Hmm-mm.

Paul: You wanna go upstairs?

Rosanna: Why go upstairs? Perfectly lovely sofa right here.

Paul: Wow. [Rosanna laughs] What's wrong?

Rosanna: It's Cabotís.

Emily: What time did Hannahís cousin say he'd call?

Carly: Any minute.

Emily: And he knows it's a conference call? He knows that need to hear Jack, but Jack can't us?

Carly: Yes, yes, Emily.

Emily: And what about the brother? Are you absolutely positive jack will not remember his brother?

Carly: No, no! He can't remember his brother. How could -- [Phone rings] Hello? Yes, hi, Erik. This is Carly Snyder. Hi. Brad, that's right. That's the name. And did Hannah tell you exactly what you have to say. Right, right, Jack has to come to Montana right away. Well, I'll stay on the line while you conference Jack in. Oh, and Erik, thank you so much for doing this. You have no idea how much it means to me.

Emily: Put it on speaker phone.

Carly: Oh.

Julia: You think Lisa knows what we're up to?

[Jack laughs]

Jack: She's a smart woman.

[Phone rings]

Julia: That's probably her, calling to warn us. Hi, Lisa. Oh, sorry. Who? Um, yeah, hold on just a second. It's your brother, brad.

Jack: What?!

Julia: Your brother?

Jack: Hello. Hello.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Paul: This is our wedding night, and this is not okay.

Rosanna: We just had a little reminder of Cabot, that's all.

Jack: My brother says my mother's sick, and he needs to see me right away in Montana. I'm gonna check out my brother Brad, the whole thing.

Julia: Do you know how to do that?

Jack: I know there's one person who will give me a straight answer.

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