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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 11/18/04

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Rosanna: Paul?

Paul: Oh -- Rosanna, you're not supposed to -- yeah. Well, this was supposed to be a surprise.

Rosanna: Well, it is. It is a surprise. Can I ask you a question?

Paul: Yeah, sure.

Rosanna: Why are we getting married in a barn?

Jennifer: I'm not playing games. I told you, I just need a ride to Paul and Rosanna’s wedding.

Mike: I told you, I'm not that ride. I'm not doing that to Jordan.

Jennifer: What does this have to do with Jordan?

Mike: Don't you think that guy has enough problems? Hey, the bride is his ex-wife. The groom is his brother. The last thing he needs is for me to come walking in with the girlfriend that he never wanted to lose.

Jennifer: Mike, he's not going to care.

Mike: Bull. He'll care and you know it.

Jennifer: Excuse me, but I am not trying to make Jordan jealous. You -- stop smiling.

Mike: I'm sorry. You're just -- you're really cute when you're in denial. All right, you got unfinished business.

Jennifer: Jordan and I used to date and now we don’t. Any business between us has officially ended.

Mike: Except for the one that you two run together.

Jennifer: Because we don't have a choice.

Mike: I'm already involved in the guy's professional life. I just -- I think I should stay out of anything personal.

Jennifer: Mike, this isn't personal. That's what I keep telling you. So, will you please just take me to the wedding?

Mike: No.

Jennifer: But I told Jordan that you would.

Mike: Well, then you've got a problem.

Julia: I'm just gonna go wait in the car.

Jack: No, honey.

Julia: Yes, listen to me. This is going to upset Carly.

Jack: After today nothing can keep us apart. She's gotta get used to that. Stay.

[Door bell rings]

Carly: Just a minute! I wasn't expecting you.

Jack: Sorry to drop by unannounced. I hope we're not interrupting anything.

Carly: Actually, I am kinda busy. My sister's getting married. I'm doing some last-minute alterations on her dress.

Jack: One minute. Carly, one minute, that's all I need.

Carly: All right. Come on in. Sorry for the mess.

Jack: Not at all. Listen, I want you to know, actually, Julia and I want to thank you for not taking any further legal action.

Carly: Oh, you're welcome. But don't mistake my kindness for defeat. I have no intention of giving up on Jack or our family.

Aaron: Something's wrong. Something's wrong!

Alison: What do you mean?

Aaron: My right arm, my fingers, they're numb, I can't feel 'em -- oh God!

Holden: All right, all right, try not to panic.

Aaron: What's the matter with me?! I can't move my arm at all, what's wrong?

Alison: It's going to be okay --

Aaron: Dad, please wake the nurse, I have to find out what's going on. Hurry up, please!

Holden: Nurse! We need a doctor in here. Just try to take a couple of deep breaths, all right? Nice and slow. [Aaron panting] You've gotta calm down.

Lucy: Whatever we have to work out, we will, but being apart -- it's not the answer.

Dusty: So now all of a sudden, it doesn't matter that I got Aaron into a fixed fight, he's in the hospital for it -- none of that matters, huh?

Lucy: Pushing me away is not gonna fix him. Okay, Aaron got hurt, he got -- badly hurt, but you got hurt, too, and when I see how hard you're trying to make everything right, I remember what a good man you are.

Dusty: Don't remember. Forget about it. Forget about everything. Why don't you find somebody who deserves you --?

Lucy: I don't want somebody, I want you.

Dusty: Get out of here. Go on, get outta here. Walk away.

Lucy: I will never walk away from you.

Paul: I just thought that -- well, you said some of your fondest memories were here at Emma’s, that this place was always very special to you, so --

Rosanna: Well, that -- that's true. Did you do all the decorating yourself?

Paul: Will helped. I -- look, you said keep it simple, so -- and this is simple, I mean, all we did was raid some flower's from Emma’s garden, and -- and --oh, you're right, it's a terrible it's a terrible idea -- you're right -- I'll just start over -- go back to the drawing board --

Rosanna: Oh, no, no, no, -- I love it. I love it. I love that it's in a barn. I love that you and Will did all the decorating. And I love you.

Emily: Okay, I've got Will's suit. Wrap the wedding present, get dressed. All without Barbara knowing. [Papers rustling] You're not ambushing me, Babs. No way.

Barbara: Busy?

Emily: Oh, no, no, just looking for some fresh new ideas for dinner.

Barbara: Oh! I always find it's easier to read the cookbook when it's not upside down.

Emily: What do you want? Why were you sneaking down my stairs?

Barbara: I was just trying not to disturb you. If anyone was sneaking --

Emily: I'm not sneaking, I have no reason to sneak -- this is my home.

Barbara: Yes, as you so constantly and so rightfully tell me -- I just want to make sure that you don't feel like you have to hide anything from me.

Emily: I don’t.

Barbara: Good.

Emily: I'll do your laundry.

Barbara: Well, that's very kind of you --

Emily: No, really, it's okay. I would love to do your laundry -- I'm throwing in a load right now, so --

Barbara: No, no, no. I couldn't possibly impose.

Emily: No, no, it's okay, it's not a problem.

Barbara: Okay, fine, take it. It's just that when I was in the hospital, I had strangers doing my laundry and, I know this may sound odd to you, but I was looking forward to doing my own wash. It's a small dignity, but all I really have left are the small dignities.

Emily: I was just trying to help.

Barbara: I'm sure you were, dear.

Emily: Please don't find the suit.

Barbara: Emily, there are some things in the dryer -- okay. What's this? Oh. A hidden suit. Hal and Emily are going somewhere. But where?

Jack: When are you going to understand that you can't force me back here?

Carly: You will come back on your own. Once you remember. I'm just trying to give you the chance to do that. I'm trying to help.

Jack: Yourself.

Carly: Yes. I am fighting for myself. And for Parker and for Sage and for you. We had something wonderful, Jack. Something most people never find. I remember that life, and I treasure it, and I ache for it, even if you don't --

Jack: That life is over, Carly.

Carly: Not as long as we're still married.

Jack: Which brings me to why I'm here. I need your signature on these.

Carly: Divorce papers?

Jack: We gave it our best shot. Now it's time to move on.

Aaron: What do you see, what's wrong?

Bob: Just try to relax, son.

Aaron: I don't wanna relax, I want to move my right arm. I can't even feel my right leg now.

Bob: Limited mobility is not entirely unusual after neurosurgery and anesthesia. Aaron, I'm going to ask you a couple of simple questions and see how much you remember. Do you know where you are?

Aaron: Memorial Hospital.

Bob: Good. Do you know what year we're in?

Aaron: 2004.

Bob: Okay, okay. Listen, I'm going to run some tests.

Holden: Bob, can I speak to you a minute?

Bob: Sure, Holden. What is it?

Holden: These additional tests that you want to run for Aaron -- what exactly are you looking for?

Bob: Well, I'm trying to find out this lack of sensation on his right side is transitory or not.

Holden: But I thought you said that this kind of thing isn't uncommon.

Bob: It isn’t. But when it occurs, it calls for an MRI just to rule out any other possibilities.

Holden: What does Ben think?

Bob: Ben is no longer on the case. I'm consulting with Dr. Ramirez.

Holden: Why isn't Ben on the case?

Bob: Look, I've got to call radiology if I want to get these results back tonight. Try to keep him calm. I don't want his blood pressure to spike. It could cause more bleeding.

[Aaron laughs]

Holden: How's he doing?

Aaron: Ali just had the stupidest joke. Dad, please save me from her.

Nurse #4: I have to shoo everyone out. Dr. Hughes wants me to get you ready for some tests.

Holden: Come on, Ali. Let's wait outside.

Alison: Just let me give him one last thing to think about before we go. You heard what the man said to his wife with the wooden leg? "Peg, you stump me."

Aaron: Oh, God. Nurse, get her out. Get her out.

Alison: What's wrong?

Holden: Nothing. Nothing, you were great with him in there.

Alison: Yeah, but I'm gonna start running out of jokes sooner or later. Every time I take a breath, he starts asking me about the fight and what happened to him.

Holden: Well, we need to keep him off that subject because if he gets upset, he might start bleeding internally again.

Alison: Is that what Dr. Bob said?

Holden: Yes, we need to try and keep his blood pressure stable.

Alison: Okay. I won't let anyone or anything upset him. Get out! Now, you are the last person on earth that Aaron needs to see.

Dusty: Why are you wasting your time? I'm not good for you.

Lucy: You're amazing for me.

Dusty: Our age difference, our background -- it's all wrong.

Lucy: Then why do you keep coming through for me, over and over again? You love me! You told me you did. Were you lying?

Dusty: I -- I can't do this.

Lucy: Can you even hear me? I am trying to tell you that I am sorry. That I should have stood by you, the way you always stand by me.

Dusty: Me and you, huh? We were just a fling, and now it's over. Just let it go.

Alison: I mean it, Rafael. I want you out of here.

Holden: Now is not a good time to visit.

Rafael: How is he?

Alison: What do you care? He's here because of you!

Holden: He has have more tests.

Rafael: I thought -- I'd heard he'd woken up. I thought he was going to be okay.

Holden: No, no. He's a long way away from that.

Rafael: All right.

Alison: The last thing that Aaron needs is face time with that guy. Can you imagine what will happen to his blood pressure when he finds out Rafael’s gloves were loaded?

Holden: That's why we have to make sure that he doesn't find out. He cannot find out anything until he's stabilized. We need to try and keep him relaxed.

Alison: Well, don't worry. I have a plan.

Jennifer: Mike, do you know how humiliating this is going to be for me? I already told Jordan you were taking me to the wedding.

Mike: Okay, but if everything's really over between you two, why should that make a difference?

Jennifer: Because, it just --

Mike: Yeah?

Jennifer: Does! Okay? And not because I haven't gotten over Jordan, because I got over Jordan the second he slept with Rosanna.

Mike: So, this is just payback? You're gonna show him what it feels like to be on the outside looking in?

Jennifer: No! Well, maybe. Yeah. Okay. I guess I do have unfinished business with Jordan.

Mike: There's only thing you can do. Finish it.

Will: Hey, watch yourselves. I'm still at an impressionable age.

Rosanna: Well, Will, if you're going to be living with us, you better get used to it. It's gonna happen a lot.

Paul: I smell cookies.

Will: Yeah, Emma calls them provisions. She got about a dozen, and hot cider and three mugs.

Rosanna: Oh, nice. Well, give here, if you guys aren't gonna eat, I'm starving.

Paul: See, Will, life with us really is going to be a picnic.

Will: Yeah, if we live in a barn, but we live in a penthouse?

Rosanna: Well, we're not going to live in the penthouse for long.

Paul: Well, there's the terrace.

Rosanna: I mean, we're going to live in Fairwinds, right?

Paul: After everything that happened there, I would think Fairwinds is the last place you'd want to live.

Will: Okay -- looks like you guys have some stuff to talk about, so I'll be back later. Don't eat all the cookies.

Paul: No, no, Will, sit down. It's not --

Rosanna: No, he's right. Honey, I think we have something we have to talk about.

Carly: I'm not signing the divorce papers, Jack.

Jack: Carly, you said you would.

Carly: At the end of 30 days.

Jack: Yeah, we know how it's going to work out. Why prolong the inevitable?

Carly: My sister is getting married. I have a million things to do, and you want me to sign my marriage away without even a discussion? That's really nice, Jack!

Jack: You promised.

Carly: You promised! You promised me a full month so we could try and work this mess out, but you didn't do it, did you? So, please, don't talk to me about people going back on their word.

Julia: Listen, guys, maybe I should wait outside?

Carly: Yeah, maybe you should!

Jack: No, I want her here.

Carly: Why? You need a witness to the death of our marriage?

Jack: It died the moment I went off that bridge. How am I supposed to be a part of something, Carly, I can't even remember?

Carly: You could at least want to remember! You could want to remember me and the children and the life we had together and you could stop being in such a hurry to get back to your brand-spanking-new family.

Jack: I'm sorry for what happened, but I didn't choose it, Carly. Just like I can't choose to remember you and the kids.

Carly: What do I tell Parker and Sage, huh? They're not good enough? That you think they're cute, just not as cute as J.J. is?

Jack: Don't, please, don't make this harder than it already is. Just sign the papers, so we can move on.

Carly: Oh, you mean so you can move on! 'Cause I'll be still be sitting here alone in Milltown with a mortgage and two kids to raise.

Julia: You know what, Carly? Making Jack feel guilty is not gonna help your cause. Okay? We -- we supported you. You did your best to help him remember his life. And you know what? You failed.

Carly: Let's get something straight, Julia. You supported nothing. Every time that Jack even came close to remembering the past, there was a knock at the door or the phone rang, and there you were --

Jack: Listen, I want to marry Julia. That's not going to change.

Carly: What about what I want? What about what your children want? Does that not matter to you?

Jack: Take it all, Carly. The house, the car, everything.

Carly: I don't want it! Let Julia have the house and the car, Jack! All I want is you!

Lucy: It's not over. We'll never be over.

Dusty: This isn't the movies, kid. So, if you're looking for a happy ending, you got the wrong guy.

Lucy: I know you, Dusty. I know you better than you know yourself. And I know what's in your heart.

Dusty: Stop trying to make me into something I am not. All right? I don't need anybody. I don't need you, Lucy. I take care of myself.

Lucy: I love you. And you love me, too. Admit it.

Dusty: It's too late.

Lucy: No.

Dusty: We're over.

Lucy: We had a fight!

Dusty: It was more than that.

Lucy: You want me.

Dusty: I want you! Of course, I want you! 'Til the day I die, but I'm not good for you, Lucy!

Lucy: I don't care! I've had a lifetime of people who were good for me. And you know what happens? They get divorced or they die or they break your heart, and I don't want that anymore. I want someone who makes me feel good and that's you.

Dusty: Lucy, Lucy, there's no longevity. There's no longevity with us.

Lucy: It's just because you've never been in love like this before.

Dusty: You think love is going to make me wear a white hat -- and redeem me somehow? Do us a favor. Stop trying to save me. Stop trying to save my soul.

Lucy: I'm not trying to save you, or change you or anything else. I love the man that you are. I believe in you. I believe in us.

Dusty: Then you're alone, 'cause I don't believe in fairy-tale romances.

Lucy: Give me more credit than that.

Dusty: No, I'm not the guy you think I am in your head. And I don't know if it's normal for a woman your age to have such fantasies, but I can't afford to. I gotta live in the real world. I am not the guy you wish I was, Lucy!

Lucy: Stop acting like I dreamed you up! I know the man that you are, and I love him.

Dusty: You love me. People love me until they figure out that it can't last.

Paul: It's just that Fairwinds -- I don't know. It's the last place I thought you'd want to live.

Rosanna: I know. But then I know as we've been decorating this place, it just got me thinking, you know, about all the times I've come here. I've always come here to heal because this place is a home. You know, a lot of life has happened here. There's a lot of history. And it gives the place a resonance and Fairwinds has that resonance for me. Those walls have born witness to my life. They protected me when I couldn't protect myself. It's like a comfort zone. I can be myself there.

Paul: Don't forget that a lot of other things happened at Fairwinds, also.

Rosanna: I know. I know what you're getting at. Cabot was there. That's what I want. I want to be where he was. I want to remember him crying and laughing and sleeping and trying to get over the baby gate at the top of the stairs because -- because that way, he isn't so far away.

Paul: Okay.

Rosanna: Okay?

Paul: Yeah.

Rosanna: Are you sure? Are you sure about all of this because I know I am not an uncomplicated bride of 20. I'm a woman with a lot of ghosts.

Paul: Oh, you have them, I know. I have my own ghosts. Don't forget. But I'm in love with you, and if Fairwinds is where you want to live, then I want to live there with you for the rest of my life.

Jack: Carly --

Carly: Just leave the papers, Jack. I will look at them, but I will not be rushed into signing anything.

Jack: I have a right to end this marriage.

Carly: And I had a right to 30 days alone with my husband, but from the beginning, Julia made that pretty much impossible, didn't she? And now the two of you come here and you spring this on me!

Julia: Jack doesn't know you anymore.

Carly: You would love it if I signed my husband over to you, wouldn't you? Well, forget it! It's not gonna happen!

Jack: You promised me a divorce after 30 days.

Carly: They aren't up!

Jack: You never intended to keep your word, did you?

Carly: Why do you say that? Because you're trying to shove these papers down my throat and I'm gagging?

Julia: You cannot hold him hostage in this marriage, Carly. You have to stop fighting this!

Carly: I'm fighting for what's right. You are the person who taught me to do that, Jack. So, if you don't mind, I have a wedding to attend. So, please, get out. And you can take these with you!

Jennifer: Well, I guess I'm gonna go over to the barn. I promised Paul I'd help him finish up everything.

Mike: And then?

Jennifer: And then, I find Jordan.

Mike: Good.

Jennifer: So, maybe I'll see you over there?

Mike: Or sooner. What time should I pick you up?

Jennifer: You'll take me?

Mike: You take care of that unfinished business with Jordan, I will take you anywhere you want to go.

Jennifer: Oh, thank you.

Hal: Em?

Emily: Hey.

Hal: Did you see my -- stop doing that.

Emily: What?

Hal: Making me forget what I was going to say.

Emily: Oh, never. All right, hurry. You need to go get dressed before --

Barbara: Hi, Hal. How was your day?

Hal: Fine, Barbara.

Barbara: Well, I'm glad to hear that. I was gonna offer you some apple pie when you got home, but it's -- it's all gone. Emily, you look lovely.

Emily: Oh, thank you. New dress, I just wanted to try it on.

Barbara: I didn't realize that style was coming back. Very brave of you. Well, I think I'll just go upstairs and fold laundry.

Emily: As a matter of a fact, there's an old movie on tonight. I thought you might like to know. And I put few fashion magazines on your bedside table I thought you might enjoy.

Barbara: How very thoughtful of you. Thank you.

Emily: You think she's onto us?

Hal: Well, we don't normally dress for dinner.

Emily: No, we don't, so you need to hurry up and get upstairs, put your suit on and we need to get you know where, fast.

Hal: You go on ahead, and I'll meet you there. I'm going to go with Will.

Barbara: Will? What about Will?

Will: Man, I can't leave you guys alone for two seconds. So, I guess you figured out where we're going to live.

Rosanna: Fairwinds.

Paul: Will, you look like you're gonna choke. What? What's wrong?

Will: Nothing. It's just -- it's a little surprising. That's all.

Rosanna: I know Fairwinds doesn't have the best memories for you. I'm sorry.

Paul: But you're going to be living there with us, now.

Will: No, no, I'm cool about it. It's okay, really.

Paul: It's getting late, isn't it? Don't you --

Rosanna: Yes, I have to go pick up my dress at Carly’s. I'll leave you boys to talk.

Paul: Okay, what's wrong?

Will: Nothing. Oh, hey, Emma said Holden called. Aaron woke up.

Paul: That's great, that's terrific.

Will: Yeah, it really is.

Paul: Are you gonna tell me what's wrong now? 'Cause I now you're not okay with Fairwinds. Does it change your mind about living with us?

Will: No, no, of course not. It's just Mom. She's really gonna freak out when she hears about this.

Paul: Then I'll tell her.

Will: No, no. It's my life, it's my job.

Paul: Well, I respect that, Will, but you -- you need to be very careful here.

Will: Paul, I know what I have to do.

Paul: Okay, what's that? What do you have to do?

Will: I have to set boundaries for Mom. I can't let her think that she can always control my life.

Paul: Well, Will, we both know how easy that is.

Will: If you tell her that I'm moving in with you and Rosanna at Fairwinds, then she's always gonna see me as a little boy, just following the leader. But, if I tell her, then I have a shot at making her see, you know, that this is my choice and that I'm grown up now, and it's really the only way she's ever going to leave me alone.

Paul: Okay. It's obvious, you know.

Will: What is?

Paul: You are grown up. Look at you, Will. You're a young man.

Will: Best man.

Paul: Thank God. Do me a favor, will you?

Will: Yeah.

Paul: Get out of here, and hurry back with a suit. All right? So I can get married?

[Monitors beeping]

Rafael: Hey, man. I just wanted to say -- you're awake.

Aaron: In and out. What's up, man?

Rafael: I'm so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you, man. I didn't know. I didn't know, and as soon as I found out, I should have called the police, or - -

Aaron: Found out about what?

Rafael: That my gloves were loaded, you know? I told Dominic I wasn't going to hit you, and then he threatened Lucy’s life -- that's why I tried to --

Aaron: Because they were loaded?

Rafael: When I found out I put you in the hospital, bro, I must have said the rosary, like, five times. I mean, they operated on your brain, it's --

Aaron: They did surgery on my brain?!

Rafael: You didn't know?

Aaron: My God, is that why I can't move my right side?

Rafael: Are you serious?

Aaron: Oh!

Alison: Aaron! What are you doing here?

Aaron: Ali, you didn't tell me they did surgery on my brain! This is why I can't move!

Alison: What the hell do you think that you're doing?

Rafael: I had to apologize to the guy!

Aaron: Bob said the numbness would wear off!

Alison: What is the matter with you? What are trying, to kill him? Get out of here! I want you out!

Holden: Aaron. You need to try and relax.

Aaron: What, did you all know about this? I'm paralyzed! Did you think I wasn't gonna find out?

Holden: It's going to be okay.

Bob: Nurse, two milligrams. All right, now. Just take it easy. Take it easy. Listen to me -- we're watching your blood pressure very carefully. You can't afford to get excited like that.

Aaron: Then tell me the truth! What is wrong with me?

Lucy: Are you saying that you don't love me anymore?

Dusty: We were never about love.

Lucy: That's all we were about.

Dusty: You believe in a guy that doesn't exist.

Lucy: That's not true. You saved my life --

Dusty: And I don't want to have to do that again, so -- take care of yourself.

Lucy: Did you ever love me?

[Dusty sighs]

Dusty: Bye, princess.

Lucy: Dusty, no! Wait, please! Please don't leave me!

Mike: We should --

Jennifer: Not --

Mike: Do this.

Jennifer: Out of range. Out of range is good.

Mike: Yeah. Jordan.

Jennifer: Right, right. I -- better get going. Friends?

[Mike laughs]

Mike: Why not? I'll see you later, buddy.

Rosanna: Emma said you're not allowed to see the bride before the wedding.

Paul: Yeah, but that's not fair. You can see me.

Rosanna: Well, be quiet. I have something very important, and I'm in a hurry. I only have a few minutes to tell you.

Paul: Okay. What?

Rosanna: So you have to obey me.

Rosanna: Okay, no peeking.

Paul: I won’t.

Rosanna: Okay. I love you. Thank you so much for making my first home the perfect place for me to get married and thank you so much for agreeing to make another home with me. Even though I know you don't entirely understand my choice of location.

Paul: No problem. And, for the record, Mrs. Ryan, I'm very much in love with you.

Rosanna: Good. Not quite, "Mrs. Ryan," but -- soon, my love, soon.

Emily: Oh, hey, Will. I saw your suit. You're gonna look so handsome.

Hal: Come here. Get into this as quickly as you can, before your mother "accidentally" comes down the stairs.

Will: Yeah. Dad, I gotta talk to Mom. I gotta tell her what's been going on.

Hal: No! Paul does not want her to know until it's over.

Will: I know. Well, after he's married, then, I'm gonna --

Barbara: Paul's getting married?! My first-born son is getting married, and no one even bothered to tell me?

Julia: Jack, can we just mail them to Carly, please? I want to get out of here.

Jack: Sure. Yeah, okay.

Julia: Hey, are you sure? Are you okay?

Jack: Sure about what?

Julia: You still want to get married?

Jack: More than ever.

Julia: Okay. Because we're gonna have a fight on our hands. She's gonna stall on signing those papers.

Jack: Let her, honey. We're still together. That's why I wanted to bring you here. So she'd see us as a couple. If anything important needed to be done, we're doing it together. You okay? Huh?

Julia: Yeah, I'm just -- look, this is hard. It's not just Carly. It's everybody in this stupid town. I mean, the only person that accepts us is Lisa.

Jack: Is someone going out of their way to be mean to you or something?

Julia: No, no. It's nothing that overt. It's just -- I don't know. People here are used to you and Carly as a couple. And I'm like, this outsider who stole her husband.

Jack: You didn't steal me. Darling, please. You saved me. And it's time that everybody knew that. So let's start telling them.

Julia: What do you mean?

Jack: Holden, my cousin. His mom, my Aunt Emma, she invited me called to invite me to thanksgiving.

Julia: Let me guess. She didn't invite me and J.J.

Jack: Well, she left that decision up to me, because Carly and the kids will be there. But I think the three of us should go.

Julia: Jack --

Jack: We're family, darling. And it's time for Holden and Emma and Carly and everybody else to accept that.

Carly: Jack!

Alison: Aaron, when I was sick, my mother used to rent me the Marx brothers movies, and they always made me feel better. So I got them for you. And I bought some microwave popcorn, because -- well, you have to have popcorn when you watch an old movie. Your dad's right. Everything's going to be better.

Bob: Holden, I'm sorry.

Holden: About what?

Bob: I just got the results of the test. Dr. Ramirez concurs. There's residual paralysis on Aaron’s right side.

Rafael: Lucy? Hey, what's wrong?

Lucy: I did everything I could to apologize, to get back together, but Dusty -- it was like he looked right through me. He doesn't want me anymore. We're broken up for good.

Rafael: That is one crazy fool. You know what I miss right now? My mama's cooking.

Lucy: She always made something special when you were having a bad day.

Rafael: The trouble is, this is a lot more than a bad day.

Lucy: Why, what's wrong?

Rafael: Another time.

Lucy: No, no. I told you. You have to tell me.

Rafael: I went to the hospital to see Aaron, and --

Lucy: And?

Rafael: And I made everything worse. I wish I had one more chance.

Lucy: I know.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Sierra: When will you move on and forget about Lucy?

Dusty: I've already moved on.

Sierra: Liar.

Lucy: Dusty and I broke up.

Craig: I am so sorry.

Lucy: That is the last lie you are ever gonna tell me.

Carly: Nothing will stop me from watching you walk down that aisle.

Jack: Come on, let's go.

Julia: Where are we going?

Jack: We are gonna find out for sure. We're going to the Snyder farm.

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