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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 11/17/04

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Carly: Hi.

Rosanna: Hey.

Carly: Come on in.

Rosanna: Thanks.

Carly: So I -- I went to see Julia yesterday. I felt awful about what happened with her ex-husband.

Rosanna: Oh, come on. How were you to know that the man was abusive? He lied to you from the word go.

Carly: Yes, I know. But still, I wanted to tell her how sorry I am. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Rosanna: And was it?

Carly: From the reception I got, apparently not. I tried to tell her that I never intended for her to be hurt, but she couldn't wait to lash out at me. You'd think that I was the one who kept a husband and loving father from going home to his family, where he belonged.

Rosanna: Come on. Now, Julia has got to know that -- that it was a mistake. It could have happened to anyone.

Carly: Oh, yes, but it didnít. It happened to the notoriously devious, estranged wife of her make-believe husband. So how could it be a mistake? That was typical, to be expected.

Rosanna: Well, look, that's what she wants you to believe, but that doesn't mean that it's true.

Carly: So now, not only doesn't Jack remember the past, all he knows of the present is that I caused harm to come to his beautiful Julia, and he will never forgive me.

Rosanna: All right, all right. Look, now, you have done everything that reason told you to do, and look where it got you.

Carly: So what's the answer then?

Rosanna: I think it's simple. I think you're going to have to play dirty -- exceedingly dirty.

Paul: Look, Jordan, I'm really glad you could make it. Here, sit down. I got you a cup of coffee.

Jordan: Thanks, Paul.

Paul: Yeah. There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about.

Jordan: There's been something on my mind, too. I know that we haven't talked since you told me that Barbara was released and I kind of lost my cool.

Paul: Perfectly natural reaction. It's not what I wanted to talk to you about, though.

Jordan: All I could think about was her part in James' escape and everything that led to Cabotís death. And I guess what I failed to realize is that you aren't the one responsible for her getting out. So I'm sorry for coming down so hard on you.

Paul: Forget it. And for the record, I don't want Barbara out in the real world any more than you do.

Jordan: So we can move past this?

Paul: Oh, definitely. And I know the perfect way to show you that I mean that. Jordan, please come to my wedding.

Hal: Okay, not exactly the Lakeview, but --

Jennifer: This isn't exactly coffee, Dad.

Hal: Huh?

Jennifer: And those donuts don't look like they've been fresh for days.

Hal: Sure they have. Hmm, sorry about that.

Jennifer: Well, how about next time we have breakfast, we have something edible?

Hal: Deal.

Jennifer: So you still haven't told me, are you going to Paul and Rosannaís wedding?

Hal: Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Jennifer: Oh, wait. But if you go, who's gonna be watching Mom?

Hal: Ah, she still has that ankle bracelet on. She leaves the house, police are notified immediately.

Jennifer: Dad, but if --

Hal: Plus, I'm gonna post a guard outside the house, just in case she gets frisky.

Jennifer: Well, sounds like you've got everything covered.

Hal: That's what I do. So what's new with you?

Mike: Hal.

Hal: Hmm?

Mike: I took a look at the roof. I got some bad news. Hey.

Jennifer: Hi.

Hal: Who knew it? That bad, huh?

Mike: Yeah, you ought to take a look.

Hal: That bad.

Mike: Mm-hmm.

Hal: Okay. I'll be right back.

Mike: So what happened? They finally arrest you or what?

Jennifer: We were just talking about Rosanna and Paul tying the knot.

Mike: Yeah, I heard about that. Rosanna called, asked me to be there.

Jennifer: Oh? Yeah, I forgot the two of you go way back. So are you going, too?

Mike: Yeah. Why don't we go together?

Alison: Hi, Curtis.

Curtis: Hey. Heard any news about Aaron?

Alison: Well, they operated on him again, so everybody's doing wait and see, which is what brings me here.

Curtis: Well, anything I can do to help.

Alison: Well, I was hoping you would say that. I'm looking for the CDs he would listen to when he was setting up for his shift.

Curtis: Yeah, they're back there somewhere.

Alison: Okay, good. And I need help finding a couple of other things, like the leather jacket he keeps here.

Curtis: Yeah, sure. But why would Aaron need his leather jacket now?

Alison: Nancy, I'm so glad that you could make it.

Nancy: Hey, how are you doing?

Alison: I'm good now that I have a plan to attack. They look good.

Nancy: Chocolate chip, fresh from the oven.

Curtis: And I've heard about those.

Alison: No, no, no. Those are for Aaron. They're his favorites.

Nancy: Dear, I talked to Bob this morning about Aaron, and he says that the doctors are concerned --

Alison: I know what the doctors are concerned about, but they're wrong, and I'm gonna prove it.

Lucy: Brain damage? I don't believe it.

Holden: We won't know how bad things are till he comes out of it.

Lucy: I don't understand. Why does he need a second operation? Did something go wrong after the first one?

Holden: I wish I could tell you. Right now, the only thing I know is that my son took a hit from a boxing champion whose gloves were loaded with lead. And for what?

Lucy: You know Rafael was forced to do what he did. My father and I were being held hostage with some lunatic with a gun.

Holden: Yeah, I know all that, and I also know who's responsible for Aaron lying in that hospital bed.

Lucy: I'm just saying sometimes, the wrong people get caught in the crossfire.

Holden: Yeah.

Lucy: You can't -- you can't possibly think on an empty stomach. Let's -- let's take you to the cafeteria. We'll get you some food, and you'll keep up your strength.

Holden: What about Aaron?

Lucy: We'll tell the nurses where we are. They can come find us if anything changes.

Dusty: Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I'm here for you, and I miss you. I wish I could turn back time, undo what I did, or didn't do. I wish I could make you okay again, but I can't, so it's up to you, kid. It's up to you. Hey, I -- I saw you leave with Holden. I -- I'll get out of your way.

Lucy: You're not in my way.

Lucy: I think Holden needed some time alone, so I told him I would come back and wait with Aaron.

Dusty: Yeah, I -- I tried to find out how he was doing, but I'm not family. So any news?

Lucy: Nothing's been confirmed, but they're worried about brain damage.

Dusty: Brain damage?

Lucy: No one knows for sure, but we're all kind of praying that he wakes up and remembers his family and his friends, and that everything can go back to the way it was.

Dusty: He's lucky to have your prayers. Excuse me. Listen, I got to go, 'cause if Holden gets back, I'm not supposed to be near his kid.

Lucy: Holden's angry at the world. If Aaron can hear you, I'm sure he's glad that you're here.

Dusty: Come on.

Lucy: It's true. He's always liked you and looked to you.

Dusty: I put him through hell, Lucy. This is how -- I swear if he ever wakes up, I --

Lucy: He's going to wake up. And when he does, he's not going to judge you or write you off. He knows people make mistakes, but life's too short. And when you have people in your life that love you, you'd be a fool to walk away.

Jessica: John?

John: Jessica. Thanks for coming by.

Jessica: It sounded important. Legal matter?

John: Potentially it could be. I hope it doesn't get that far though.

Jessica: So what's the problem?

John: Off the record?

Jessica: Sure.

John: Yeah, I'm a little concerned about Ben.

Jessica: Well, Ben and I don't really --

John: Yes, I know things are kind of rocky between the two of you. But have you noticed anything different about him?

Jessica: I'm not the best judge of Benís moods right now. I mean, how do you mean different?

John: He doesn't seem to be quite himself. He seems antsy, angry, distracted, edgy.

Jessica: Well, we're in the middle of a divorce, John, so I think that's to be expected. Is that why you had Dr. Ramirez operate on Aaron Snyder and not Ben, because he hasn't been himself?

John: No, no. That was a very complicated matter.

Jessica: Simplify it for me.

John: Were you aware that Ben had to have a drug test before he returned to O.R. After his hand injury?

Alison: And then it just hit me. Fill the room with everything that Aaron loves -- music, food, friends.

Curtis: What for?

Alison: Well, I worked at Memorial long enough to know that even when people are unconscious, they can still sometimes hear things, and maybe even smell things, too -- especially something as incredible as Nancyís cookies. So maybe if I filled the room with everything that Aaron loves, he'll, you know, want to open up his eyes and rejoin the world.

Nancy: That's a wonderful idea, dear. I just hope your expectations aren't too unreasonable.

Alison: Well, what's unreasonable about wanting a miracle? And if there's anyone who deserves one, it's Aaron. Sometimes, miracles just take a little bit of work. But I mean, it is possible, isn't it, Dr. Harris, that the right kind of atmosphere can make Aaron want to open up his eyes?

Ben: With faith, anything's possible.

Alison: Good. So I've got the CDs and the leather jacket.

Nancy: And I have the big guns, so what are we waiting for? Let's go.

Curtis: You look as broken up over Aaron as anybody else. What's the prognosis?

Ben: It's -- it's too soon to tell. Look, have you got a minute? I need to talk to you about something.

Curtis: Shoot.

Ben: It's -- it's about the sample that you gave me for my drug test.

Curtis: Yeah?

Ben: I don't mean to sound ominous or anything, but it's more important than ever that you never mention it, to anyone.

Jordan: Why would you want me at your wedding?

Paul: "Congratulations, Paul. I wish you both well."

Jordan: Come on, Paul. Let's be honest here. Sharing a father makes us brothers in name only. And after everything I've been through with Jennifer and with Rosanna --

Paul: Forget that. It's time to start over. Look, there was a lot of anger and a lot of finger pointing after what happened with Cabot, but it's time to make all of that go away. I would really like for you to come to the wedding, Jordan, not just because you were Cabotís father, but because I would like for us to try and be friends. Please, come. Celebrate with us. Wish us well.

Mike: You're looking at me like I asked you for a kidney or something. All I did was suggest that we go to Rosannaís wedding together.

Jennifer: And as suggestions go, I would say that that's probably not such a good one.

Mike: Well, it's not like I'm asking you out on a date. I just thought that since we'd be going anyway that we could do our part to fight air pollution.

Jennifer: And we go back on our pact? You know we can't be alone in a room together 'cause of that tendency you have.

Mike: What tendency is that?

Jennifer: Oh, are you kidding? You can't keep your hands off me.

Mike: Give me a break. You're the one who --

Jennifer: Oh, you think you're irresistible?

Mike: No, but I think you think I am.

Jennifer: Of all the nerve. I'm doing a pretty good job resisting you right now.

Mike: Congratulations. So why is it that we can't go to the wedding together? It's not like we have no self-control.

Jennifer: Well, maybe you're right. And there will be people around.

Mike: See, we can do this. We go, we have a good time. We don't have to explain to everybody why we're avoiding each other.

Jennifer: Yeah, good point.

Mike: We're adults.

Jennifer: We can do this.

Cop: Sorry.

[Knock at door]

Hal: Jennifer? You in there?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Hal: Sorry to bust this up.

Jennifer: Oh -- oh, you -- you're not interrupting anything.

Hal: Hmm. I'm gonna have to get back to you about the roof there, Mike.

Mike: The roof. Right, the roof.

Hal: We're gonna need the room to interrogate a suspect.

Jennifer: Sure. Sure, we were just leaving. So we'll see you at the wedding.

Hal: Yeah. Yeah.

Jennifer: So much for controlling ourselves.

Mike: It was all your fault!

Jennifer: My fault? The second the door was closed, you couldn't keep your hands off me.

Mike: Oh, if that makes you feel better to think so.

Jennifer: Oh, you want to know what will make you feel really good?

Mike: Yeah, I got a few ideas.

Jennifer: Try this one. We go to the wedding separately, and we avoid each other like the plague the whole time we're there.

Mike: As you wish.

Carly: There you go.

Rosanna: Ah, thank you. Just what I needed.

Carly: I hope I put enough sugar in there for you.

Rosanna: That is perfectly sweet. Almost as sweet as you've been to Julia Larrabee.

Carly: I beg your pardon?

Rosanna: You have been so civil to her, I'm surprised you haven't asked her to move in with you.

Carly: No. I -- I've been fair for Jack's sake, and for the sake of that little boy.

Rosanna: And what has being fair gotten you? Has it gotten Jack home? Has it gotten Julia off her high horse?

Carly: So you think that I should stoop to dirty tricks then.

Rosanna: I'm not saying that you should stoop to anything. I'm just saying that you should express yourself in a more natural fashion.

Carly: Oh. Oh, and it's natural for me to plot and scheme, is that it?

Rosanna: No, it is natural for the Carly Tenney I know to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Hmm? I'm not saying that that's a bad thing.

Carly: I know. It just -- I'm not sure that I should be that person anymore. Jack was primed to think of me as a conniving opportunist, and when I led Juliaís ex-husband back into her life, that's all it took for him to believe that's true.

Rosanna: Well, then by all means, don't let him down.

Carly: Ah, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Come on. If Jack and Julia think that you are an opportunist, then don't let the opportunity pass you by.

Curtis: Why would anybody be asking questions about the drug test? Wait, this doesn't have anything to do with Aaronís operation, does it?

Ben: There's no need for you to worry.

Curtis: Damn straight I'm worried if people are accusing you of slipping up or something.

Ben: Look, nobody's accusing me of anything, and nobody has any reason to blame me for anything.

Curtis: Then why are we having this --

Ben: I didn't take any medication of any kind before Aaronís surgery. He got the kind of treatment that his condition warranted.

Curtis: But complications happened, right?

Ben: Hey, that's the nature of medicine. It's not a perfect science, and I'm just a human being. But apparently, somebody is looking for someone to blame.

Curtis: And then they'll come looking for you.

Ben: Right. And if it comes out that I used your urine sample, people are gonna blow it out of proportion and then think the worst.

Curtis: This is crazy!

Ben: I know it is. And it -- look, I hate to ask you this, but I need you to promise that you will keep it between the two of us.

Curtis: You know I always got your back.

Ben: Right. I knew I could count on you.

Curtis: Always. But if somebody would think that you'd actually get hooked and then operate under the influence, they'd have to be out of their minds. Either that, or they're out to get you.

Ben: Right.

Jessica: If you're suggesting Benís judgment was impaired during surgery because of drugs --

John: No, no, I didn't say that. I didn't say that.

Jessica: Well, you're asking these questions to cover yourself in case of a lawsuit, right?

John: Well, naturally, the hospital wants to avoid any kind of lawsuit. But if Aaron doesn't regain consciousness, or there's any kind of residual disability, that drug test is going to come to light.

Jessica: And you need to protect yourself.

John: The hospital does, yes.

Jessica: Has an official investigation started?

John: No, not yet.

Jessica: I see.

John: As someone who still cares a great deal about Ben, I -- I think you should tell him to get his ducks in a row, you know? Just as a precaution.

Holden: Hey, Jess.

Jessica: Holden, I'm keeping Aaron in my prayers. And please, give my best to your family.

Holden: I will. John?

John: Hmm?

Holden: I've been meaning to ask somebody in the billing department about this. I don't think that Aaronís health insurance is gonna cover his expenses here.

John: Holden, it's all been taken care of.

Holden: Really? By whom?

Dusty: You've got Aaron all wrong, you know that? When I told him to go down in the third, he didn't want to listen to me, 'cause it was about honor for him. He knew I was wrong, and he had no problem telling me so.

Lucy: When he wakes up, and he recovers --

Dusty: By some miracle he wakes up and recovers, he's gonna cut me out of his life, and he's gonna -- never look back.

Lucy: Dusty, wait. Please, we need to talk. If you don't want to talk, then at least listen to what I have to --

Holden: Didn't I tell you to stay away from my son?!

Lucy: Holden, wait!

Holden: You think you can clean your dirty conscience by paying Aaronís bills?!

Dusty: Holden, I didn't come down here to start trouble.

Holden: It's a little late for that!

Lucy: Holden, stop.

Holden: Give me one good reason.

Lucy: Because hurting Dusty is not gonna fix anything!

Holden: Lucy, get out of the way.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Aaron: Ali --

Alison: I didn't just hear that. I know I didn't just hear that.

Dusty: You walked away. You got what you wanted, right?

Holden: He is the reason Aaronís in a coma.

John: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Listen, boys, everybody stays in their corner here today. We have no boxing here today. You understand?

Lucy: Holden, I cannot imagine how upset you must be, but --

Holden: You don't have the slightest idea.

Lucy: Dusty was just trying to do the right thing when he stepped up and paid Aaronís bills.

Holden: He did it because he's to blame!

Lucy: He did it because he's his employer and friend!

Holden: And this is how he treats his friends, so they wind up in a hospital bed, hooked up to monitors and machines? You better get out while you can.

Alison: What's wrong with this picture? Why isn't he in jail?

Lucy: Dusty is cooperating with the D.A. He did it so that Rafael could go free and that Dominic and his friends --

Dusty: Come on, stay out of it, would you? Don't you know when to give up?

Alison: You're still defending that jerk? Lucy, wake up.

Holden: You walked away from him once. If you're smart, you'll stay away.

Jessica: Hey, Curtis. Got a minute?

Curtis: Yeah. Is everything okay?

Jessica: Yeah. I was looking for your father. It's important. I've left a message for him everywhere, but he won't return my phone calls.

Ben: Are you looking for me?

Jessica: Yeah. I was hoping maybe we could go upstairs to Java for a few minutes. We need to talk. It's important.

Ben: I don't have anything to say to you, and I doubt you have anything to say that I want to hear.

Jessica: Ben, it's important. I wouldn't subject myself to your hostility if it werenít.

Curtis: I got to take care of some stuff in the back room. Can you guys watch the front door for me? All right, thanks.

Ben: What could we have possibly have to talk about? The divorce is final. Any business between us is over.

Jessica: Just because I signed some papers doesn't mean I don't care about you.

Ben: Oh, you never cared about me.

Jessica: That is not true, and you know it. Anyway, I didn't come here to talk to talk about us. What's going on at the hospital? Everybody's buzzing about this operation you performed on Aaron Snyder.

Ben: What is this your way of trying to work your way back into my life?

Jessica: No, this is my way of trying to save your career. Now, whether you want to admit it or not, you need my help, so stop pushing me away.

Jordan: Jennifer, hi.

Jennifer: Hi.

Jordan: I'm glad I bumped into you. I wanted to go over the next of print ads for Street Jeans.

Jennifer: Oh, well, it'll wait till another time, 'cause I've got plans.

Jordan: A wedding to attend? Maybe we can firm things up when we get there.

Jennifer: You're going?

Jordan: I got a personal invitation from the groom himself. Is that okay with you?

Jennifer: That's a silly question. Why wouldn't it be?

Carly: Rosanna, aren't you one of the many citizens who for years considered me nothing but a backstabbing tramp? Wasn't it you who tried to get me to walk the straight and narrow?

Rosanna: Well, yes, but that was for my own purely selfish set of reasons.

Carly: And now, you want me to become the master manipulator again.

Rosanna: Oh, come on. It will all be different now. You'll be doing it for good, as they say, rather than evil reasons.

Carly: I canít.

Rosanna: All right then. Are you willing to watch Jack go and play husband and father to some perfect strangers?

Carly: No, no, of course not.

Rosanna: Then let me help you.

Carly: You?

Rosanna: Yes, me. I am the owner of a fortune 500 company, lest you forget. And I didn't get that way by throwing tea parties. I did manage to ask a perfect stranger to marry me and convince him to do so based on a set of false pretenses. I am pretty good at this sort of thing. Plus, there's Emily, right? I'm sure she's got some tricks up her sleeves.

Carly: Yeah, Emily can be a professional.

Rosanna: Okay, so between the three of us, I am sure we can devise some plan to get you and Jack back together again. Come on, we'll take no prisoners. Are you in or not?

Carly: You are the best sister a backstabbing tramp could ever hope for.

Rosanna: So what did Emily say?

Carly: She's ready when we are.

Rosanna: Ah!

Carly: I could already hear the wheels spinning in her brain.

Rosanna: You see? Jack and Julia don't have a prayer.

Carly: I hope you're right.

Rosanna: Let me tell you something, if Julia Larrabee knew the lengths that we're gonna go to get you and Jack back together again, she would surrender now.

Carly: You know something? Sometimes you really frighten me.

[Doorbell rings]

Rosanna: I know. Isn't it fabulous?

Paul: It's such a beautiful morning.

Carly: Hi, Paul.

Paul: You look great. How are you, Carly?

Carly: Oh, I am -- I am much better, thanks to your beautiful bride-to-be.

Paul: Oh, yeah, I know the feeling. You miss me?

Rosanna: Like mad.

Carly: You know what, you guys? You should save some of that for the ceremony.

Paul: Yeah, speaking of which -- we should probably go. We don't want to keep the justice of the peace waiting. He might think we've changed our minds.

Rosanna: Oh, bite your tongue. Give me two minutes, though, okay? I want to run up and give Sage a kiss, you know, and make sure my lips are on straight.

Paul: I'll just kiss 'em crooked again.

Rosanna: Promises, promises.

Paul: Okay, thank God, she's gone. You are coming to the wedding, aren't you, Carly?

Carly: Of course I am. I wouldn't miss it.

Paul: Good. 'Cause I might need your help with something. I'm planning a surprise. Jordan's coming.

Carly: Why?

Paul: Well, because he was very important to Cabot, and if he doesn't come, then we're somehow keeping Cabot a secret. And I think it's time that we just clear all the ghosts out of there and finally start over fresh.

Jordan: So I'm glad that you're cool with me going to Paulís wedding.

Jennifer: Why wouldn't I be?

Jordan: Well, not too long ago you couldn't stand to be in the same room with me. And now you hear that we're going to this wedding, and not only do you not run screaming for the exits, but you actually managed a smile. I think that's what they call progress.

Jennifer: Well, we are working together.

Jordan: And we are practically family, for whatever that's worth.

Jennifer: It's true.

Jordan: So, I was wondering, maybe you want to go to the wedding together, as friends.

Jennifer: Yeah, I already said I would go with someone else. I'm sorry.

Jordan: Oh, okay. Mike Kasnoff, by any chance?

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah.

Jordan: Busy guy. Construction worker, a model, man about town. Guess I'll see you there.

Jennifer: Great. Bye.

Jennifer: Hi. It's me. Please tell me you're not doing anything right now, because I need you. Every inch of you. Immediately.

Alison: Do you remember this? I played this over and over again that night that we made smoothies, and this. I know that you can't forget this. This is your leather jacket, the one that you used to always keep at Metro. And I would steal it from you, because I was always cold. And, of course, Nancyís famous death by chocolate cookies. Pigging out on these when I should've been learning how to use that stupid potter's wheel. You've put up with a lot of insanity because of me. And you know every stupid, selfish thing that I've ever done, but you love me. You love me more than anyone ever has, and I love you so much, Aaron Snyder. I was too blind to see it before, but I do. And when you come back to me, I'm gonna make it up to you. So just open your eyes, okay? Wake up, because I'm right here, just like I promised. Please, show me a sign. Open your eyes. You can squeeze my hand. That's okay. That's okay. Maybe I'm asking for too much. I do that sometimes, most of the time. But I'll wait. I'll wait as long as it takes. I'm not known for my patience, but, you know, anything's possible.

Why can't you see you're the one that I belong to I'll breathe embrace I'll kiss you warm you're the sun that breaks the storm

Aaron: Ali?

Alison: I didn't just hear that. I know I didn't just hear that. I'll just -- just -- Aaron! Oh, Aaron, you're back! You're back!

Lucy: Dusty, wait. Please, don't walk away from me.

Dusty: I've got to be someplace.

Lucy: I know you're angry at me for defending you to Holden, and I'm sorry, but he was totally out of line.

Dusty: That's not for you to put him in line.

Lucy: He was attacking you. With only half the facts.

Dusty: It's okay. I've gotten used to that.

Lucy: Let me try talking to him. I think --

Dusty: It's none of your business, Lucy.

Lucy: But he's my uncle.

Dusty: I said no. It's done. You walked away. You got what you wanted, right?

Jessica: John Dixonís on the warpath. If he's questioning me, then he already talked to the people on the staff, the people that you work with.

Ben: Look, the man is out of control. He doesn't have a leg to stand on. Yeah, there were complications. That doesn't have anything to do with what I did or did not do.

Jessica: He knows about the urinalysis. He knows you had to take a drug test.

Ben: How?

Jessica: I don't know. But that doesn't matter. Now, what we need to do --

Ben: No, there is no "we" here. And I passed that drug test. End of story.

Jessica: Ben, I know how much you resent me, but you really --

Ben: No, you donít. 'Cause if you did, you wouldn't be here.

Jessica: You need me. Now this is your career. And I am a damn good lawyer, and I can help you. Let me help you.

Ben: No, I don't want your help. And I don't need you. If I did need an attorney, you're the last person that I would turn to.

Rosanna: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Paul: There you are.

Rosanna: Hey.

Paul: You ready to become Mrs. Paul Ryan?

Rosanna: I thought you'd never ask. Mm. Hey, would you meet me outside?

Paul: You trying to get rid of me?

Rosanna: No. No, I just want a minute with my sister.

Paul: Okay.

Rosanna: Okay, thank you. So, do you need a ride to the wedding?

Carly: No. No, I'm fine.

Rosanna: Okay. Good, 'cause you're gonna be fine, okay? Tonight, we are going to devise a plan so perfect, so devious, that it's gonna get you and Jack back together before you know it. And I pity anyone or anything that gets in our way.

Carly: I don't know who's luckier -- Paul or me.

Rosanna: Aw. Everything's gonna be fine, okay? I know it. Trust me.

Carly: I just don't want you thinking about any of this right now. You just concentrate on being the beautiful bride I know you'll be. And be happy.

Rosanna: That's exactly what I plan to do. Okay, I'll see you later?

Carly: Yes.

Rosanna: Okay. Chin up.

Carly: Well, I hope you and Emily can come up with something, Rosanna. I'm all out of ideas.

Paul: Is everything okay?

Rosanna: Yeah, of course.

Paul: Okay. So I should just ignore the fact that you kinda got rid of me so you can have a little chat with your sister?

Rosanna: Oh, yeah. I mean, everything's fine. Just look at my face. Doesn't it look like everything's fine?

Paul: You're glowing. But I don't know. You kinda -- you've got this look.

Rosanna: What look? What look?

Paul: A look. You're up to something. Come on, I know you're up to something. Just admit it.

Rosanna: All I'm going to admit is how happy I am to be getting married to you. Really. I'm over the moon.

Paul: You ain't seen nothing yet.

Jennifer: Well, that was fast.

Mike: For the record, when a woman says that she needs me, all of me, immediately, men don't usually drag their feet.

Jennifer: Well, I'll keep that in mind.

Mike: What's up?

Jennifer: I think I was a little hasty before when I said we shouldn't go to the wedding together.

Mike: Changed your mind? Let me guess. Jordan's gonna be there.

Jennifer: And when he asked me to go with him, I told him that I already had a date.

Mike: And I'm that lucky puppy.

Jennifer: You wouldn't mind if I hitched a ride with you, would you? So Jordan wouldn't think I was available?

Mike: Don't you think we're a little too old to play these games?

Alison: Somebody find Mr. Snyder! Holden Snyder! It's an emergency! I can't believe it. You know my name. We were so worried. Everybody's been here day and night. But you can talk. Can you talk? Talk again.

Aaron: Ali, you're talking enough for two.

Alison: Did you hear me before, when I was talking about the cookies and the music and everything?

Aaron: Oh, God, this feels like a dream.

Alison: No, it's not a dream. It's real. And you're awake, and you're all right, and I love you so much. I finally figured it out. I love you. And everything is going to be incredible.

Holden: Ali, what is it? Aaron.

Aaron: Hey, Dad.

Holden: Oh, my God. I'm gonna get you a doctor. Somebody, we need a doctor in here.

Alison: This is incredible. This is everything that I ever prayed for. You're back. Oh, Aaron. Aaron, are you okay?

Aaron: Ali, Dad. Oh, God, there's something wrong. There's something really wrong.

Lucy: I had some time to think about everything that happened the night of the fight. I was terrified, all right? A man held me and my father at gunpoint. I wasn't sure if we were gonna make it out of there alive. Not that that's a new feeling for me. I was scared for Aaron, too. I didn't know if he was gonna wake up again, and I felt betrayed by the one man I thought I could actually trust.

Dusty: Yeah, I picked that up.

Lucy: I guess I didn't really make my feelings a secret.

Dusty: I guess you never do.

Lucy: Yeah, maybe I was too harsh. Kind of like the way you're being with me now, not that I blame you. I shouldn't have said all of those things without trying to see the big picture first.

Dusty: So nothing's changed. You're still worried about Aaron, you still feel betrayed, because I knew the fight was gonna go Rafi's way.

Lucy: You're right. None of that has changed. I had good reason for walking away.

Dusty: So what's all this about?

Lucy: Sometimes, the truth is more powerful than reason.

Dusty: Meaning?

Lucy: The truth is, you and I should never be apart. For any reason, ever.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Jennifer: So will you please just take me to the wedding?

Mike: No.

Jennifer: But I told Jordan that you would.

Mike: Well, then you've got a problem.

Carly: Divorce papers?

Dusty: Why don't you find somebody who deserves you?

Lucy: I don't want somebody. I want you.

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