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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 11/4/04

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Attorney: Once we have Ms. Munson's signature, Street Jeans is officially open for business.

Jordan: Excellent. I guess it's time to share the good news.

Jennifer: These are so hot. They're even better than the first session you did.

Mike: I can't believe how long it takes to shoot a few pictures.

Jennifer: Are you complaining about a free trip to L.A.?

Mike: All I got to see of L.A. was through a car window.

Jennifer: Next time, we'll stay longer. And there will be a next time. Believe me. You've definitely got it, Mike.

Mike: Got what?

Jennifer: The look. Men will want to be you, and women will want to be with you.

Mike: Present company included?

[Cell phone rings]

Jennifer: Jen Munson.

Jordan: Hi, it's me. Listen, we just finalized the contracts. We just need you back here to sign them.

Jennifer: Great! We're on our way to the airport right now. And, Jordan, you will not believe the Polaroidís we got from the second shoot. They're incredible.

Jordan: Sounds good.

Jennifer: And an agent -- I think he was from one of the big studios -- he showed up and he practically begged Mike to sign.

Jordan: Well, I guess I'll take a look at the stills when you get back.

Jennifer: See you then.

Mike: Hollywood agent?

Jennifer: Okay, so I embellished.

Mike: You don't have to sell me to Jordan Sinclair.

Jennifer: Jordan better learn that when it comes to building this company, I'm in charge.

Mike: I'm glad I'm on your side.

Jennifer: Me too.

Barbara: Let me help you. It's such a mess.

Emily: Get away from me. Get away from me. Where are they? Where's my family? Hal? Will? I need your help! What have you done to them? Hal!

Barbara: Please let me explain.

Emily: Don't you touch me! Don't you ever lay a hand on me, lady! Will, Hal, where are you?! What have you done to them?

Hal: Em, Em, Em, I'm sorry -- I meant to be here when you --

Emily: Oh, my God! She got out! How did she get out?

Hal: No, honey, she didn't escape.

Emily: I was so afraid something had happened to you, that she had hurt you.

Hal: No, I'm fine, honey. Everybody's fine.

Barbara: Emily, forgive me, please. I didn't mean to frighten you.

Emily: Get her out of here, Hal!

Barbara: Listen, I guess no one had the chance to explain to you -- I'm living here now.

Aaron: Where's Ortega?

Dusty: He'll be out.

P.A. Announcer: Again -- from the beautiful island nation of Montega -- Josť Rafael Ortega!

[Cheers and applause]

Alison: Chicken!

Holden: What?

Alison: Rafael -- he's a chicken. He knows Aaronís gonna beat him. That's why he's not coming out here.

Holden: I'm not so sure about that.

Aaron: Man, I'm so ready for this. What's this guy's problem?

Dusty: Just chill out. I'll see what's going on.

Aaron: Okay.

Dusty: What's the delay?

Dominic: What's the matter, you can't wait for payday, Dusty? I'll get things moving.

Alison: What's wrong with this crowd? This is a fight, not the ballet. Come on, Rafi! Get outta here! Come on, Ortega!

Holden: Alison!

Alison: What! Ra-fi! Ra-fi! Ra-fi!

[Audience clapping]

Dusty: Okay, he'll be out. He's just buying time. Stay loose, stay loose, stay loose.

Rafael: I don't know -- there's something up with these gloves. My hand feels like stone.

Bud: Oh, come on, that's just nerves, kid.

Rafael: No, feel them. Feel them. My hands feel like stone -- they weigh a ton.

Bud: It's all in your head. All right? Now, we gotta get out there. You've been called -- you're on, kid.

Rafael: Take 'em off. Take 'em off.

Bud: What for?

Rafael: I wanna check 'em out.

Bud: For what?

Rafael: Just do it!

Bud: Hey, get out of here, will you? You're punch drunk already if you think I'm gonna unlace that leather.

Dominic: Hey, what's the holdup? Let's go.

Rafael: I can't fight. Someone loaded my gloves.

Dominic: Loaded with what? What are you talking about?

Rafael: I don't know, someone, you know -- they're too heavy. Someone must have switched them.

Dominic: You hurt your hand. They probably feel funny -- I don't know, come on!

Rafael: It's not my hand.

Dominic: Hey, hey, you're not listenin' to me! Everything I got is on this fight. Okay? Snyder's too hungry. I needed a little insurance.

Rafael: So you weighted my gloves?

Dominic: Drop the kid in the third, you know the drill.

Rafael: I won't do it. I will not fight Aaron Snyder. Not with these.

Sal: Come on.

Lucy: The money is in the drawer under the bar. Just take it.

Sal: Shut up! Cell phones, now. Hand 'em over.

Craig: Do as he says, Lucy. Come on.

Sal: Give it up, pal. Hold it. Keep your hands out where I can see 'em.

Craig: Run, Lucy, go! Go on!

[Gun fires]

Lucy: Daddy, no!

Emily: She's delusional, right? Please tell me I didn't hear what I just heard.

Barbara: Hal invited me to stay --

Hal: I did not invite you!

Will: It was my idea, Emily.

Emily: I don't care whose idea it was. Just get her out of here. Get her back to the cracker house.

Will: No, it's not safe there.

Emily: It's not safe here! None of us are safe with her here.

Paul: Emily, listen -- you know that Rick Decker broke out of the hospital and held her hostage.

Emily: Yes, I do.

Paul: What you don't know is that Decker tried to murder her, and will saw the whole thing.

Will: He was making her dig her own grave, Emily. And he meant it. If Decker gets his chance, he'll kill her. She can't stay in the hospital, because he'll find a way in. So, I asked Dad to let her come here.

Hal: Will --

Emily: This is not happening. She cannot be here, this family is not safe with her here!

Barbara: Don't talk like that in front of my sons.

Emily: Oh, like its news to them.

Will: I wish there was another way.

Hal: Will, this is not your job to explain this. It's mine. Paul, can you just take Will --

Emily: Where? Take him where?

Paul: Will's gonna stay with me.

Will: Dad doesn't want me living here with mom.

Hal: It's just temporary. This whole arrangement is temporary.

Will: Emily -- Dad's doing this for me. I hope you can find in your heart to understand.

Paul: Will, come on. Let's go get something to eat.

Hal: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Paul: Hal, I'll call you.

Hal: Yeah, yeah.

Barbara: Good night, sweetheart.

Paul: Good luck.

Hal: Yeah.

Barbara: And then there were three.

Hal: Don't start, Barbara!

Emily: Listen to me, you know I'm all for helping will. But she plays him. She using him to get what she wants.

Barbara: Obviously, you have very strong feelings about this. At the hospital, they taught me to use "I" messages to convey those feelings --

Emily: I'll give you an "I" message.

Hal: Barbara --

Barbara: I should go freshen up. I must look a sight.

Emily: New jewelry, Barbara?

Barbara: A gift of the court. A nuisance, really, but a small price to pay for coming home. I mean -- being here.

Emily: Don't unpack yet.

Barbara: Hal?

Hal: Give us a minute.

Barbara: I assume you want me to take the guest room. I've always loved the color in there so much. Remember, I made you roll on four paint samples before we got it --

Hal: Go, Barbara!

Barbara: I'll try not to get underfoot.

Emily: If you think -- I'm letting that woman stay under my roof, you are crazier than she is.

Curtis: Hey, Dad -- guess who copped two tickets to the Snyder Ortega fight? When do you get off?

Ben: Man, I canít. I'm on call.

Curtis: Can't somebody cover?

Ben: Not in surgery.

Curtis: They're letting you operate again?

Ben: Yeah. Bob put me back on the rotation.

Curtis: Dad, that's great! So, the sample worked out?

Ben: Yeah, it was fine.

Curtis: You sure?

Ben: Curtis -- not here.

Curtis: What's wrong?

Ben: Man, I never should have brought you into this.

Curtis: But I wanted to help. It would've been crazy for you to fail the drug test because of some stupid allergy medicine.

Ben: Well, I can't believe I took that antihistamine. I wasn't even thinking.

Curtis: Don't worry about it. You got your job back. The way I see it, now you can help people again. It's a fair trade.

Ben: That doesn't make it right.

Chris: Hey, curt -- he recruiting you for med school again?

Curtis: No, I'm trying to recruit him. I got tickets to the fight.

Chris: Oh.

Ben: And I'm on call, so --

Chris: I heard. Congratulations.

Ben: Yeah.

Chris: You know, it's too bad there isn't another doctor who's about to get off who wouldn't mind going.

Curtis: You want to go?

Chris: Yeah, I just need a few minutes to finish up.

Curtis: All right, meet me at the gym.

Chris: You got it.

Curtis: I think channel 2 is covering.

Ben: Well, I'll try to catch some of it from the lounge.

Curtis: Hey, if the camera swings my way, I'll throw you one of these.

Ben: All right. Have fun.

Chris: So the hand's 100%?

Ben: Oh, yeah, yeah. It's great.

Chris: Good. Glad to hear it. I'll see you tomorrow.

Ben: All right.

Craig: Lucy, get out of here!

Lucy: No, please, don't hurt him.

Craig: Lucy --

Sal: Like he didn't hurt me?

Lucy: Daddy! Why are you doing this? What do you want?

Craig: Dominic Ramsey sent him --

Sal: Shut up!

Craig: He rigged the fight, Lucy.

Sal: You don't know what you're talkin' about.

Craig: He and Dusty, the gloves, they must know I found out that I knew.

Lucy: No, Daddy, I already told you, Dusty couldn't do that to Aaron!

Craig: Rafael's gloves are loaded. He could hurt Aaron, okay? Let my daughter go, she's innocent, she has nothing to do with this.

Sal: No can do. I guess you didn't hear. Your kid's the real main event tonight.

Aaron: Something's wrong, Dusty, where is he?

Dusty: I'm going to the locker room, all right? Keep movin'. Don't tighten up.

Alison: This is weird. They should have started by now.

Holden: Maybe Aaron knows what's going on.

Alison: What's up with Rafael?

Aaron: I have no idea. Dusty just went to the locker room to check on him.

Holden: What about you? Are you okay? Everything okay with you?

Aaron: I'm better than okay. I'm just psyched for this. Thanks for coming.

Holden: I wouldn't miss it.

Aaron: All right, good. And listen, I'm gonna be fine. Don't you guys worry, got it?

Holden: Better be.

Aaron: All right.

Rafael: I don't care how much money's is on the line. I won't do it.

Dominic: You're forcin' my hand, kid.

Rafael: What? What are you doin'?

Dominic: Collecting on a little insurance policy.

Rafael: What?

Dominic: It's me. You got everything under control?

Rafael: Who are you talking to?

Dominic: All right, put the girl on. Maybe she can talk sense into you.

Sal: It's for you. Here, take it.

Lucy: Hello?

Rafael: Lucy? What's going on? Where are you?

Lucy: I'm at Metro. Some guy's holding my father and me at gunpoint.

Rafael: What does he want?

Lucy: I don't know. I think it's about the fight. I tried to get out, but --

Rafael: Lucy! What did you do to her?

Dominic: Hey! Nothing yet. You drop Snyder in the third round, or my guy drops her. And if you tell anybody about these gloves, you're dead, too. It's a package deal. You think I was kidding here?

Dusty: What's the problem?

Dominic: Hey, no problem, right, Rafael? We're ready to rumble. Let's go.

Emily: Cell phones -- pagers -- an entire whole team of men -- and you couldn't track me down?

Hal: I couldn't do it over the phone.

Emily: Oh, right, better to give me a stroke in person.

Hal: I know it's a lot to ask --

Emily: Asked? Excuse me? Have I been asked? It's funny, I don't remember ever being asked.

Hal: Everything happened so fast, Em. Will saw something that no kid should ever have to see. Decker was trying to kill his mother right before his very eyes -- can you imagine that he's so afraid for --

Emily: Yeah, well, who's afraid for me and Daniel? That's what I want to know.

Hal: I would never let anything happen to you or Daniel.

Emily: If this arrangement happens to be so safe, then where's Will? Why is Will gone?

Hal: You know how Barbara gets to Will.

Emily: She gets to me, too, Hal, do you remember the rolling pin?! Not to mention the time she forced me out of my own house at gunpoint!

Hal: That will never happen again.

Emily: How do you know that?!

Hal: Because Barbara -- she's not gonna blow this. She knows one false move, and bam, she's back in the slammer.

Emily: Okay, so in the meantime, what am I supposed to do, sleep with the lights on?

Hal: In the meantime, I'll keep both eyes on Barbara.

Emily: Okay, so how long is the meantime?

Hal: I don't know.

Emily: Give it a shot, Hal! What, a week?! Huh? A month, a year, what?

Hal: Long enough for will to realize that we've gotta come up with a different arrangement.

Emily: Long enough for you to forgive yourself?

Hal: For what?

Emily: For failing your son. For letting his mother poison his mind -- for not seeing the warning signs before it was too late, before he killed Rose. You are so full of guilt, honey, you can't see how wrong this is.

Paul: You hungry?

Will: Not really.

Paul: You should eat something.

Will: Do you think Emilyís gonna be okay?

Paul: I don't know. It's gonna be a very difficult situation.

Will: Well, thanks for not taking sides.

Paul: Oh, make no mistake, I'm taking sides. Believe it or not, I don't want to see anything horrible to happen to Mother, either.

Will: You don't?

Paul: No, but more than that -- I don't want anything bad to happen to anybody else.

Will: You know, that house was the last place Mom was really happy.

Paul: Mother chose to leave that house. Nobody forced her out. Thanks.

Will: Can I ask you something?

Paul: Sure.

Will: Do you love her? I mean, do you feel anything for her?

Paul: Those are two very different questions.

Will: Well, I just want to know.

Paul: Will, I'm not going to tell you that I don't have some love buried deep inside me -- I can't allow myself feel it.

Will: Why not?

Paul: Because of Rose and Cabot and Rosanna -- you. I don't worry about loving Mother. I worry about surviving her.

Will: I guess I do, too.

Paul: You know what? Maybe we should call Jen and let her know what's going on. I'd hate for her to get ambushed the way Emily was.

[Cell phone rings]

Jennifer: Well, I'm a popular girl tonight. Hi, Paul.

Paul: Jen, sorry to bother you --

Jennifer: What happened? What is it? Is it Mom?

Paul: You have ESP?

Jennifer: What happened?

Paul: Barbara's out of the hospital.

Jennifer: I thought they took her back there after she escaped from Rick Decker.

Paul: Yeah, well, they couldn't guarantee her safety.

Jennifer: So she's in jail?

Paul: No. She's at Halís.

Jennifer: She's what?

Paul: After almost seeing Barbara murdered, Will was pretty freaked out, so -- this was the only solution he could live with.

Jennifer: But, why is -- why is Will making a decision? Has everybody forgotten what that woman's done?

Paul: No, not for a second. You know, I just -- I felt like you should know what's going on before you came back to town, so call me when you get back.

Jennifer: I will -- bye.

Jordan: It's a joke, right? Some kind of sick joke. My son is dead because of your mother, now she's walking around free?

Paul: It's not that simple, Jordan.

Jordan: What the hell do you think youíre doing?

Dusty: Then, let's do it.

Rafael: Let's do it.

Dominic: That's it, my boy! Don't let me down in there.

Sal: Ortega knocks him out in the third. Yeah, I'll hold.

Craig: Lullaby, when I told you I had to stop the fight, I didn't realize that Dominic was already -- onto me. That's why he sent this mug.

Lucy: But, he said it was about me.

Craig: You know, by now, Rafael must know his gloves are loaded. He and dusty are using you to get him into the ring.

Lucy: Dominic, maybe, but Dusty would never be a part of this.

Craig: He is, I'm sorry.

Lucy: Daddy, I'm not going to argue with you about this right now. The most important thing is to stop that fight. Please -- please, whatever Dominic is giving you, we'll double it.

Craig: No, no, no, no, we'll triple it. Okay? Whatever you want, we'll fly you wherever you want, get you outta of town.

Lucy: Just stop the fight before it's too late.

Sal: It's already too late. We might as well see the action while it lasts. Turn on the tube. Relax. Rafael does his job, we'll walk away friends. If he doesn't --

Curtis: Hey, anybody here?

Pa announcer: The suspense is over, folks. Here he is, the pride of Montega, the next middleweight champ of the world, Rafael Ortega!

[Cheers and applause]

Holden: Good luck, son.

Alison: He doesn't need luck. Take it easy on that punk, okay?

Aaron: We'll celebrate later, okay?

Alison: Yeah, if we can escape all your fans.

Holden: Come on, we gotta get back to our seats.

Alison: What are you doing here?

Chris: Curtis had an extra ticket. I didn't realize that you were going to be sitting here -- hi, Holden.

Holden: Chris.

Chris: It's big night for Aaron, huh?

Alison: Um, don't get a big head or anything, but -- you were right.

Chris: About what?

Alison: About doing me a favor when you called off the wedding. It was better for both of us.

Dusty: Take the fall. Don't be a hero, okay? Look at me -- win another day.

Referee: I want a clean fight -- no hitting below the belt. When I say break, break. Go to a neutral corner on a knockdown. Shake hands and come out fighting.

Dominic: Make him dance the first two rounds, and in the third round, knock him out.

Rafael: Knock him out or kill him?

Dominic: Better him than the girl, right? Her life's in your hands. Go get him, champ.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Jennifer: So, we're lost? Maybe that's not such a bad thing tonight.

[Noise from the audience]

Mike: You okay? What, Paul sell the company again?

Jennifer: I wish.

Mike: That bad?

Jennifer: You have no idea.

Mike: You want to talk?

Jennifer: It's just that, you know, when you think that something is going great -- better than great -- and then the phone rings and -- Mike, she just -- she won't let any of us be happy.

Mike: Who, Barbara?

Jennifer: You think her headlines are bizarre, try living them.

Mike: Did something happen?

Jennifer: You couldn't understand.

Mike: Try me.

Jennifer: Well, something always happens. Sometimes you just trick yourself into believing that she's better or she's changed, and then she does something so awful. And you see the truth and it -- just kills you inside. Shouldn't we be at the airport by now?

Mike: Um -- I think I took a wrong turn about 20 minutes ago. I thought I backtracked, but now I'm not so sure.

Jennifer: So we're lost?

Mike: We're not -- we're not lost. We're misdirected.

Jennifer: Lost. Maybe that's not such a bad thing tonight.

Paul: You are way out of line, Jordan.

Jordan: I'm out of line? My son is dead, Paul. Your mother and Stenbeck murdered my son!

Paul: Will, why don't you go wait for me in the lobby.

Jordan: No, no, no. The kid should stick around and hear the truth.

Paul: Will, I'll see you in the lobby. For the record, I was there. James killed Cabot.

Jordan: Yeah, not without her help. My son was ripped out of my life, Paul. I had a little boy. And now he's gone and a part of me died with him. And for the record, your mother is every bit as guilty of Cabotís murder as James Stenbeck!

Hal: Maybe you're right. Maybe I do feel guilty about what Will's gone through.

Emily: Well, you shouldnít. You're a good father.

Hal: Yeah, obviously not good enough. I couldn't keep him away from his mother.

Emily: Will you please explain to me what this arrangement is supposed to accomplish?

Hal: Emily, it -- it just gives him a sense of control of the situation. Makes him feel maybe he has some little power over his mother.

Emily: Do you hear yourself? Do you hear how ridiculous this is? We're allowing a teenager, honey, one with deep emotional problems, to decide what happens under our roof.

Hal: I'm not gonna jeopardize the progress he's made.

Emily: So, are the doctors on board with this? Do they agree with everything you're -- did you bother calling the hospital? Did you talk to Lynn Michaels?!

Hal: No, not yet. But -- Em, please. You should have been there. You should have heard him. The kid just is trying to be fair and he doesn't think that it's fair that Barbara is in jail right now.

Emily: Okay, great, great. That's great. Will's happy and Barbaraís happy. And your wife is out of here!

Hal: Now, wait a minute, Em! If she causes any trouble at all, I will lock her up --

Emily: Her being here is trouble! Okay? But, if that's what will wants -- great!

Hal: Emily, don't leave, please.

Emily: I'm not leaving. You are pushing me away. I was making steak for dinner. I hope Barbara chokes on it!

Curtis: Hey, why didn't you guys answer?

Lucy: The TV must have been too loud.

Curtis: Man, did the fight start already?

Craig: What are you doing here, Curtis?

Curtis: I'm working the after party. I was just checking to see if you guys needed anything, last minute? Where is everybody?

Lucy: They're at the gym, I guess. So, you should probably get going before the whole thing's over.

Curtis: Okay, um -- well, I got my cell, if you need anything last minute give me a call.

Lucy: We will. And could you have dusty call me, give me an idea what kind of crowd to expect. I might need to call in extra help.

Curtis: You got it. Anything else?

Lucy: Not that I can think of. Daddy?

Craig: No. No, no, no, I think we have everything covered.

[Cell phone ringing]

Dusty: Stick and move! Relax!

Curtis: All right, I'll see you guys later.

Lucy: Thanks, Curtis.

Sal: You think I'm stupid? You think I didn't see? I should finish the job now.

Craig: We're no good to you dead.

Sal: You're no good to me at all. It's the girl, stupid. Get me some rope, extension cords, whatever. Do it now, or your old man's dead!

[All talking at once]

Alison: Come on, Aaron! Hit him!

Holden: Let's go, Aaron!

Chris: Show 'em what you got!

Aaron: Come at me, man, come on!

[Bell rings]

Dominic: This ain't cuttin' it. You gotta build to knockout, build

Rafael: Knockout or execution?

Aaron: He's not fighting. It's like he's scared or something.

Dusty: Sit tight.

Holden: What is going on?

Aaron: I don't know.

Alison: He's afraid of you.

Aaron: Ali, he's not afraid, he's a professional.

Holden: You sure you want to go on? He could be setting you up.

Aaron: Absolutely.

Dusty: What's the angle, here, Dom?

Dominic: There's no angle -- the kid's a little tight.

Dusty: Your boys barely lifted his hands.

Dominic: Listen, don't rattle my fighter.

Dusty: Then why do I get the feeling you're up to something?

[Bell rings]

Dominic: Beat it, Donovan, huh?

[Crowd shouts]

Aaron: Get up.

Sal: It's not lookin' too good for you, girlie.

Lucy: Daddy, Rafaelís hurt.

Craig: Don't worry, he'll get up.

Sal: You better pray he does. Or I got a bullet with your name on it, Lullaby.

Barbara: Still no glass. You used to always say it tasted better from the bottle. Where's Emily?

Hal: Like you don't know.

Barbara: Well, it was a little hard not to overhear.

Hal: What do you want?

Barbara: I'd love a cup of tea.

Hal: Help yourself.

Barbara: Thank you. Can I get you anything? Is the tea where it always used to be?

Hal: I don't know where you kept it, but Emily has it on the stove. On the left. Barbara, don't get too comfortable.

Barbara: I appreciate your support, Hal. And I'm sorry that Emily doesn't understand.

Hal: She'll come back.

Barbara: I don't blame her for leaving. I've been awful to both of you for a long time.

Hal: Listen to me. I'm doing this for Will. If it was up to me, you'd be rotting in jail. I'm gonna go check my e-mails.

Barbara: It's getting late. Should we think about dinner?

Hal: I'll order a pizza later.

Barbara: From Angeloís? Oh, it's been so long since I've had a mushroom pizza from Angeloís.

Hal: Sure, whatever.

Barbara: Think we'd better have it delivered.

Hal: You do know this is temporary, right?

Barbara: Of course, I do. I don't want to be in your hair for too long. I'll be gone before you know it. I just hope that wherever you put me next, I'll feel as safe as I do right here.

Nurse #1: Congratulations. I hear you're back full time, Dr. Harris.

Ben: Oh, thank you.

Nurse #1: Mr. Snyder's test results are in. I thought you'd want to see them right away. Are you feeling okay?

Ben: Yeah, I'm fine, really. It's nothing.

Nurse #1: You doctors really are the worst patients.

Referee: Three, four, five, six --

Dominic: Get up! Get up!

Craig: Come on Rafael, get up.

Referee: Eight, nine --


Rafael: Let me fight, I wanna fight.

Curtis: Dusty, I just wanted to let you know everything's cool over at Metro. Craig and Lucy have it covered.

Dusty: Craig's over there?

Curtis: Yeah, they were watching this mass --

Dusty: What about Lucyís bodyguard?

Curtis: What?

Dusty: The guy, I left her with a guy. Where is he?

Curtis: I didn't see anybody. Maybe he was on break. I don't know, I can't watch this anymore. I'm outta here.

[Bell rings]

Aaron: Dusty, stop the fight.

Dusty: I can't stop the fight, Aaron.

Aaron: I'm killing him, Dusty!

Dominic: Listen, you want to see this pretty girl in a box? Call her, call her. Tell her you're the reason she's gonna get a bullet through her head. Come on, punk.

Lucy: Hi, leave a message and I'll get back to you.

Aaron: What are you doing?

Dusty: You gottta go down in the third. Don't argue with me. All right?

Aaron: I canít. I'm winning.

Dusty: You threw a lot of punches out there. You look tired.

Aaron: Dusty, I'm not tired.

Dusty: Aaron, it's not your time. Hold back, you hear me?

[Bell rings]

Dominic: Hey, hey, hey, listen. Sal hasn't killed anybody in a while. He's itchin' to get his groove back, okay? You take this kid out now, or he's gonna go to bed happy tonight.

Mike: That sign back there said route 90.

Jennifer: Well, it's not even on the map.

Mike: Then it's official -- we're lost.

Jennifer: Great.

Mike: Where's a navigation system when you need one?

Jennifer: Do you know how much that costs in a rental?

Mike: Worth it now.

Jennifer: Are you criticizing me?

Mike: No.

Jennifer: Because I'm not the one was driving around in circles for the past hour. Now we will never make our plane.

Mike: There's always another plane.

Jennifer: Don't humor me, okay?

Mike: Are we arguing?

Jennifer: I'm not arguing. [Jennifer screams] Watch out -- a deer!

Paul: I don't disagree with you. Barbara's a menace, she's a disaster waiting to happen.

Jordan: But you're okay with this?

Paul: I have to be. For Will.

Jordan: She's gonna destroy him too, Paul.

Paul: I can protect Will.

Jordan: Right, right, right. Just like you protected Cabot?

Paul: Listen -- I loved Cabot. All right, he may not have been my son, but he was very much a part of me.

Jordan: Then you've got a warped sense of justice.

Paul: I may not be able to bring Cabot back, but I can still save Will. Will's doing great. He's doing a lot better since he's been out of that hospital --

Jordan: He was better because Barbaraís been locked up!

Paul: I won't let him anywhere near her.

Jordan: Then she's just call her good ol' buddy James to help out. Then what, Paul?

Paul: There's no way that Barbara would put Will in any danger.

Jordan: If you believe that, then you're an even bigger fool than I thought.

Barbara: Here we are!

Jennifer: That looks wonderful, Mom.

Hal: Your mother got up at 5:00 a.m. to put this in the oven.

Barbara: I hope you're all hungry.

Hal: Here, let me take that.

Will: You know, this is the best Thanksgiving ever.

Hal: We have a lot to be thankful for, son.

Paul: This calls for a toast --

Barbara: Darling, would you mind? May I? I've prayed for this day for so long. For all of us to finally be together again and here we are on this wonderful holiday where we thank God for all of his blessings. And so, I propose a toast to my family -- greatest blessing in my life.

Hal: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

All: Happy Thanksgiving.

Barbara: A lot can happen in three weeks.

Paul: Sit down.

Will: Can't we just go to Al's or something?

Paul: Okay, Jordanís not going to harass us anymore. Whatever that is, he got it out of his system. Just sorry you had to be here to see it.

Will: Why? You agree with him. He wants Mom to be locked up, and so do you.

Paul: Well, she can't stay at Halís forever. It's only temporary, until we're reasonably sure that she's safe from Decker.

Will: Then you're just gonna have her locked up again?

Paul: It's not up to me to put Barbara anywhere. She has to be evaluated to find out if she's competent to stand trial. You -- you know this, Will. And you have to know that she can't just go back to her old life after everything that she's done.

Will: I guess I just don't like thinking of her being locked up for the holidays. You know, where they're gonna give her a creepy plate of turkey and stuffing and ask her to eat it with a plastic fork. I mean, you remember Thanksgivings when she'd cook for us for, like, two days straight?

Paul: There were a lot of really great traditions, Will. And I know that you miss them. That's why we have to start new traditions. And I, for one, am really excited about that. I feel like I have a lot to celebrate this year.

Will: Yeah? Like what?

Paul: Well, my little brother's home safe. And you are never gonna eat another meal with a plastic fork. Not as long as I'm breathing.


Rafael: Go down, man. Go down.

Aaron: No way!

Rafael: My gloves are rigged.

Aaron: Come on! Hit me! Hit me, damn it! Right now! Hit me!


On the next "As the World Turns" --

Carly: Time is running out.

Jennifer: My mom bailed on us. Then I bailed on Will. I can't do that to him again.

Mike: That's one of the things I admire about you.

Alison: Get your head off the mat, Aaron. Come on.

Dominic: Stay down, kid.

Rafael: Get up, man! Come on, Aaron, you gotta get up!


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