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(First half of show was preempted for Senator Kerryís speech.)

Alison: I'll wait for you after the fight. Knock 'em dead, Snyder.

Aaron: Yes! Whoo!

Lily: Gone? When you say "gone," what do you mean "gone"?

Jack: You were -- being held hostage. You, and you. Emily. Is there an Emily?

Carly: Yes. Yes, Emily. It's Halís wife. She's my best friend.

Jack: Where were you?

Carly: We were kidnapped. Nobody knew where we were. Do you remember that?

Rose: I've never lived my life from the sidelines. I can't start now! I can't! It'll just stop, then. Especially now that I know Carly is alive. Everything in my life, my future, my job, my future with Cole. It's all on hold until Carly and Emily come home safe!

Jack: I understand how you feel, but look what you've accomplished already. Just getting out of the hell hole. That was amazing! You've given us the only solid things we've had, and if it wasn't for you, I never would have found that spa.

Jack: You came back. You helped me look for Carly. Something about a spa, someone named Weston --

Lily: Yes, yes, yes. Yes, you saved Carly's life! Yes, there's nothing you wouldn't have done to save her, nothing you wouldn't have done to keep her safe because you loved her. And life without her was just unimaginable. Yes.

Jack: Yeah, I remember --

Carly: What? What do you remember?

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Carly: Hold on to it, Jack. You remember what it felt like, knowing you had to find me. Knowing you had to bring me home.

Craig: Rafi's gloves were loaded. I saw them. I held them. They're filled with weights.

Lucy: Then why aren't you stopping it?

Craig: I intend to, but I want you to come with me, now, before it's too late!

Carly: You said you remembered something?

Jack: I had to find you. I needed to. I needed to find you. God, this hurts. I feel like I'm going through it all over again. I feel --

Carly: Hold on to it, Jack. You're remembering what it felt like, knowing you had to find me. Knowing you had to bring me home. That pain, that heartache -- its how I felt every moment of every day you were gone. I feel it, now. I know you're in there somewhere, Jack. Please come back to me. What are you thinking? What are you thinking, right now?

Jack: Everything. Nothing. I don't know. I don't know. Why is everything so sketchy? I mean, I can't make the pieces fit. The closer I get to it, the further away it goes.

Carly: It's all right, Jack.

Jack: No, it isn't! It isn't! I can't think! Listen, I can't do this anymore, okay? So, just stop pushing me!

Julia: Hey, what did you do to him?

Carly: Nothing, I was just --

Julia: Does he look like nothing to you? He's obviously going through hell --

Jack: It's not her fault, Julia. It's not her fault. I remembered something.

Craig: Lucy? Lucy, am I glad I found you.

Lucy: Daddy? It's okay. What do you want, now?

Craig: Well, a little privacy, maybe?

Bouncer: I'll be outside.

Lucy: Whatever it is you came here to say, say it now because I have a fight to watch.

Craig: It's about that fight.

Lucy: Okay, time's up. I've heard enough.

Craig: No, you need to know this.

Lucy: You know, if you keep talking, I'm just gonna go back to the Lakeview and watch it there.

Craig: The fight is fixed. It's rigged. Dusty and Dominic Ramsey have fixed it all up.

Lucy: You really are incredible.

Craig: No, no, no. It's the truth.

Lucy: Do you think I would ever take your word over Dusty's?

Craig: Maybe you don't understand something here.

Lucy: No, you don't understand. I love Dusty. And I always get the truth from him, no matter how painful it is for him to tell me or for me to hear.

Craig: Oh no, no you donít. And I think you owe it to yourself to at least --

Lucy: No. Once this fight is over, Dusty and I are leaving Oakdale because of you. And there's nothing you can do to stop me.

Aaron: Seven, seven! Dusty, look, seven. Every time I roll, it's seven. I am hot tonight!

Dusty: Settle down, all right? And let's get ready.

Aaron: I was born ready.

Dusty: Give me your hand. Listen, I hate saying this again, but I need to make sure we're on the same page. You are going down in the third round. You still get paid. You understand? Nothing changes.

Aaron: Everything changes! Okay, if I lose on my own, that's one thing, okay? But if I'm forced to lose for no reason --

Dusty: There's a damn good reason for everything. People got money riding on tonight. People that you and I don't want to mess with. Okay?

Aaron: Dusty, do you know what you're asking me to do?

Dusty: Yes! I want to watch you wipe this guy's face all over the floor. Show him and Dom what you're made of, but that's not tonight. Okay? I'm sorry kid. We don't have a choice.

Bud: Oh, hey kid, I'll take care of these. Now sweat.

Dominic: Well, well, I'm glad you decided to show up. How's my boy?

Rafael: I'm not your boy.

Dominic: Save it for the ring.

Rafael: Whatever.

Dominic: Hey, cheer up, kid. This place is packed. You know how many reporters are out there? By tomorrow, it's gonna be your picture's on the page of every newspaper from coast to coast. Kid, you've got a good future, man. As long as we're clear about what's going to happen out there tonight. We're clear?

Rafael: No, we're not.

Paul: Will, did you or did you not tell me like a million times how much better you felt not having Barbara breathing down your neck? Or did you not say how much safer you felt, knowing that that woman was somewhere where she couldn't hurt you anymore?

Will: Yes! And none of that's changed.

Paul: Then why are you going to such extremes to try and protect her?

Will: Because she's my mother, Paul, and she's yours, too.

Paul: No, no. Not anymore.

Will: Her life is in danger. How could that not mean anything to you?

Paul: I don't know, Will. I think it's just a lot harder for me to forgive than it is for you.

Will: But you did forgive, for a while, at least. I have a shoebox full of newspaper clippings and letters and pictures back home, showing me how you guys were getting along so well.

Paul: She suckered us. Me and Jennifer -- please, learn from our mistakes. I'm begging you, Will. Don't let that woman sucker you! She will never change!

Barbara: I'm sorry to hear you feel that way, Paul. And my darling, Will, I appreciate what you're trying to do for me, but I'm afraid no one here is going to give me the chance you're talking about.

Lily: Everything's okay at home. Luke's doing his homework. The girls are getting ready for bed. Has Carly come out, yet?

Holden: I don't know. I had to make a call.

Lily: It's amazing how Jack remembered Rose. Isn't this exciting?

Holden: Yeah, maybe seeing you was the breakthrough he needed.

Lily: You know, I can't help wondering -- why is it okay for me to pretend to be rose to help Jack, but if I help someone else, it's the end of our marriage?

Holden: It's really not that simple and you know it.

Lily: How about you simplify it for me. Please.

Holden: There was no danger in what you did for Jack. You were trying to help him get his life back. Helping Craig is a little different. Every time you help Craig, you put yourself in jeopardy. You put yourself, you put our family at risk. The worst part is, you did it behind my back. You lied to me about it, and that's the part that I can't live with. I've got to go. Do me a favor. Just tell Carly that I'll stop by tomorrow and see Jack.

Lily: I'll see you at home?

Holden: I'll be late. Don't wait up.

Lily: You're sleeping in the guestroom. What does it matter?

Holden: That won't be for long. As soon as I find a way to explain this mess to the kids, I'll be moving out.

Julia: There you go. How's that, huh? You feel better? You feel better, baby? Do you need anything?

Jack: No, I am perfectly 100% fine. Thank you. There's nothing wrong with me. I'm only here because --

Carly: Well, the doctors are just gonna do a couple more tests tonight, and then they'll be finished.

Jack: So, when can I get the hell out of here?

Carly: Well, just when they give you a clean bill of health, then you're free to go. And I know you guys are -- you're probably thinking that when I get you back to Milltown, I'll lift up the drawbridge, and you guys will have to be apart for a month, but I think I found a solution to that. Julia and J.J. are welcome to visit any time you would like.

Julia: You really mean that?

Carly: I still want my thirty days. But when the court order expires, if you still want that divorce, I won't stand in your way.

Dusty: If I knew from the beginning how this was gonna go down, I never would've gotten you involved. You understand? It's too late for either one of us to back out now. You're a good fighter, Aaron. Better than I gave you credit for. And if you really want a shot at doing this, I'll introduce you to a few of the gym promoters before I leave this town.

Aaron: You serious?

Dusty: Yeah, I'm serious. I want you to win the title. I want you to be in the spotlight. But not tonight. Tonight, you've got nothing to prove. I know you're good, you know you're good. Just do what I'm telling you to do. All right? Protect yourself, protect me, and protect the people you care about. Okay?

Dominic: Bud, take a break. Let me give the champ his pep talk.

Bud: Yeah, sure.

Dominic: Now listen and listen good. I got promoters from AC and Vegas out there. Guys who can give you the backing you need. Come through for 'em, tonight. Play by their rules and the world is yours.

Rafael: And if I don't?

Dominic: Repeat after me -- do you want fries with that shake, mister? Get the picture? 'Cause your boxing career -- it's over.

Rafael: You're threatening me, Dominic?

Dominic: Look, you want a shot, a future? You want to be a big man? You wanna bring your mother and your sister to the states? Do what you're trained to do. Take him down. It's simple. Do whatever you want for the first two rounds. You know? Make it look like Snyderís got a chance. Let the crowd get their money's worth, whatever. But in the third, take him out. You got it?

Craig: I'm telling you the truth!

Lucy: You always say that.

Craig: Rafi's gloves are loaded. I saw them. I held them. They're filled with weights.

Lucy: What?

Craig: If Aaron steps into that ring, he's gonna get hurt. He's gonna get seriously hurt. He could die!

Lucy: Then why aren't you stopping it?

Craig: I intend to, but I want you to come with me now, before it's too late. Come on! Give me a chance. Just one chance. You could see it all for yourself.

Lily: So, did Jack remember anything else?

Carly: No, he's with Julia, now.

Lily: And you left them in there alone? Carly --

Carly: Well, I don't think that I really have much of a choice.

Lily: You have a choice.

Carly: I don't think so.

Lily: Yes.

Carly: You know, I was been thinking. Jack seems to remember things when he's relaxed. And when I try to keep him and Julia apart, that's when he gets very protective and resentful. His defenses go up and he shuts down. I think I found a way to make sure that doesn't happen again.

Lily: How?

Carly: Just let him have what he wants. Peaceful nonresistance. I told Jack that I'll let him see Julia and J.J. whenever he wants, as long as he does his thirty days with me and gets the medical help he needs.

Lily: And what if, God forbid, he doesn't remember anything else?

Carly: I told him that if he gives me what I want, I'll give him what he wants. I won't fight the divorce.

Lily: That is risky.

Carly: I know.

Julia: I wonder where that came from.

Jack: Huh?

Julia: I think the divorce papers are doing their job. Carly finally knows the score, which means as soon as these tests are done and the thirty days are up, we can get out of here, babe. We can go wherever we want. We can go back to Louisville or we could go wherever and start our lives together. We did it. It's incredible.

Dr. Ramirez: All right. Oh, I'm sorry. I hope I'm not interrupting.

Jack: Oh, no, come on in. Dr. Ramirez, please. What's up?

Dr. Ramirez: Can I borrow you for a little while?

Jack: Yes. I hear you've got some tests for me.

Dr. Ramirez: The first of many.

Julia: Bring them on. The sooner, the better.

Carly: Jack filed for divorce! I had to do something.

Lily: But what if - ?

Carly: I can't think about the future, right now. What matters is now. And right now, I'm okay. Jack had a breakthrough, thanks to you. He's starting to remembering. And that's what's important.

Lily: I hope you know what you're doing.

Carly: Julia can have a piece of him, for now. But by the time that court order expires, Jack will know exactly where he belongs. With me.

Emily: Hey, is anybody home? Guys, I need some help out here. Oh, come on. Thank you so much.

Alison: Mr. Snyder! You're here!

Holden: Yeah, I thought I'd come by and check it out.

Alison: So, are you impressed?

Holden: No, not really. But I hope you are.

Alison: What does that mean?

Holden: Aaron is doing this all for you. I just hope he gets through it all in one piece.

Rafael: My answer's still no. I have not been given anything in my life and I'm not about to start now.

Dominic: You're making a mistake, kid.

Rafael: This'll be a real fight. A fair fight. Let the stronger man win.

Announcer: In the corner to my right wearing green & gold trunks

Dusty: Listen to me, Mike. It's the last thing you'll do. Do right by this.

From Seattle, making his professional debut


The challenger, the spirit of Oakdale, Aaron Snyder!


Alison: I need to talk to Aaron.

Dusty: Talk to him later.

Alison: It's important.

Dusty: No distractions. Not now.

Alison: Well, I have to explain something.

Dusty: Not until after the fight. Can we get rid of her?

Security: Let's go.

Dominic: You know, I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but he's leaving no choice. Yeah, put the insurance policy in action. You know what to do.

Craig: Come with me to the gym and see for yourself.

Lucy: I'm not going anywhere with you! This is just another one of your pathetic attempts to keep me from leaving town with dusty, and it's not gonna work!

Craig: No, this could be a life or death thing if we don't stop that fight!

Lucy: Okay, I'm not listening to you anymore.

Craig: Lucy! Lucy!

Lucy: Daddy? Ah, no! Let me go!

Sal: Sorry, sister. You're staying right here.

Bud: Hey, you hear that crowd out there? Ooh, I want you to soak that up, kid. That is all for you. That's your cue, kid. Now, we're gonna go out and we're gonna prove who the champ is here. You hear that? They're ready for you! Are you ready? Let's go show 'em what we got!

Announcer: He's here tonight to find out if he can make it twenty.

Rafael: What the hell is this? There's something up with these gloves. They weigh a ton!

Announcer: Let's hear -- on your feet for the one, the only Rafael "Rafi" Ortega!


Lucy: Let me go! Daddy, help!

Craig: Let her go.

Sal: Nobody's going anywhere. Everybody inside. Come on.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Barbara: I guess no one had the chance to explain to you. I'm living here, now.

Aaron: Where's Ortega?

Dusty: He'll be out.

Dominic: You drop Snyder in the third round or my guy drops her.

Craig: Run, Lucy, go! Come on!

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