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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 11/1/04

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Carly: I think I misunderstood you. Did you say that Julia’s working at a hospital?

Babysitter: Sure. I mean, she's a nurse, right?

Carly: Right. I guess I just didn't expect her to be looking for work here in Oakdale.

Babysitter: Look, I'm about to take J.J. Trick-or-treating, so --

Carly: Which hospital?

Babysitter: Memorial. Is there a message?

Carly: I'll deliver it myself.

Jack: I've missed lying in bed with you, you know that?

Julia: Woo! Jack --

Jack: I gotta tell you, this nurse's outfit, that's one hell of a Halloween costume.

Julia: Oh, my God. I can't do this.

Jack: Why?

Julia: Because this is not a costume. This is my uniform. I work here. I started today.

Jack: You got a job here? That's terrific! We can see each other whenever -- whenever we want?

Julia: Hold on there, ace, I didn't get this job so we could make out all day.

Jack: Fringe benefit.

Julia: I don't know. I don't know if you should be so active given your condition.

Jack: Hey, my mind's the only thing that's busted. Everything else is in perfect working order.

Julia: I need to check with my supervisor.

Jack: Later.

Julia: I can't lose this job. I have a little boy who needs to be fed and clothed.

Jack: You and J.J. need money?

Julia: No, we're fine, I mean, I --

Jack: If you're strapped, you gotta tell your husband. Hey, I'm your husband in every way except legally, okay?

Julia: Right, okay. And legally, Carly controls your checkbook. And I'm not taking money from her.

Jack: If J.J. needs things, he needs things.

Julia: He needs things -- he needs you. He needs us to be a family again. And that's not gonna happen.

Jack: Until Carly gets off my back.

Julia: I really should go.

Jack: When will I see you again?

Julia: Soon.

Jack: Promise?

Julia: Mm-hmm.

Craig: Weights. They put weights in the gloves. I knew this fight was rigged.

Dominic: Talking a lot. I'm tellin' you, it'll work. When you tie up Rafael’s gloves tomorrow, just tape 'em up tight, he's never gonna know the difference.

Bud: Dominic, please. I don't care how tight I wrap the kid's gloves, Rafi's gonna know that they're weighted.

Dominic: Not if you don't glove him till the last minute. The kid's adrenaline will be pumping, cameras will be flashing, people yelling. Look, if he says anything, laugh. Tell him it's his nerves. He'll buy it.

Bud: Yeah, and if he doesn't?

Dominic: I'll take care of him.

Craig: And when my daughter finds out you've rigged this fight -- bye, bye, Dusty.

Dusty: You're going down, and you're staying down in round three. End of discussion.

Aaron: You told me this fight was legit!

Dusty: This fight was legit, until you knocked Ortega off his feet. Now, Dominic’s leaving nothing to chance. You go down in three.

Aaron: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- and if I don't? What is Dominic gonna do? What, is he gonna cancel the fight?

Dusty: He could do worse than that.

Aaron: Look, if he wants to come after me, fine. Okay, but put way too much hard work and too much heart into this fight. I'm going in it to win, Dusty, and that's what I'm gonna do.

Dusty: Aaron, I chose you for this fight 'cause you were outmatched. Now you're telling me you can knock out Rafael Ortega?

Aaron: Hell, yeah!

Dusty: You wouldn't last five rounds. Either way, you lose. So do it in the third, and everybody wins. You got it? Now, I gotta keep Dominic from hurting Lucy.

Alison: It's dead!

Lucy: What?

Alison: My battery.

Lucy: Alison, I need you to listen to what I'm saying. Rafael's really mad at Aaron.

Alison: So what?

Lucy: So, when they get back into the ring, it's not going to be like they're just sparring. Rafael's out for blood.

Alison: That's why they call it a fight. And that's why Rafael’s making so much noise. It's all part of the game.

Lucy: It's more than a game to Rafael. The only reason Aaron was able to connect that punch at the weigh-in was because he caught Rafael off guard.

Alison: Forget off guard. Rafael got his butt whupped, and I hope he likes his face hitting the mat, because the same thing's gonna happen tomorrow night.

Rafael: I hope not. I like my face.

Hal: You have no idea where Will is?

Jennifer: I'll call him.

Paul: Hal, I'm so sorry. He met this girl and he hit it off with her, and he wanted to borrowed my car and -- it's the first normal thing that's happened to him in so long, I didn't think it was right for me to grill him.

Hal: What do you think? Maybe they went out to get something to eat?

Paul: I have no idea.

Jennifer: Will, its Jen. You have to call me back right away, okay? Mom has escaped from the hospital. And she's with this guy, Rick Decker, and he's dangerous. He's killed people, Will.

Hal: I want you call the station, I want you to give them a description of your car. My guys pull him over if they spot him.

Jennifer: Dad, what else can we be doing?

Hal: Find out whatever you can about the girl that he's with. She must have told friends, family, somebody, where she was going. I'm gonna go down to the state hospital, check out this escape. Maybe I can get a line on where Barbara and Decker are headed.

Emily: She's gonna go to the house, they're gonna to right to our house.

Hal: That's why I don't want you to go home until Barbara is in custody. Daniel's with Tom, right?

Emily: Yeah.

Hal: All right. You stay here until I get back.

Susan: But, wait, wait -- but what about Rick?

Hal: You're afraid he's gonna come after you?

Susan: Well, I'm more worried about Alison!

Hal: Where is she?

Susan: She's at that weigh-in at the gym for Aaron’s fight. Look, the thing is, Rick hates her. He blames her for getting him arrested, and he swore he'd make her pay. Please, I've got to get to her, Hal!

Hal: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. It's gonna be easier for me to protect you if you're all in the same place. Call Alison, have her come here.

Susan: Okay.

Hal: I'll arrange for a guard. I'll call you the minute I hear something.

Emily: All right, thanks, honey. Just -- she's not answering.

Susan: Well, you don't think that -- you don't think Rick found her?

Emily: No, no. All right, I got an idea. I'm gonna go to the gym. Decker would never think that Ali's at the gym. So I'll go there, and bring her back myself. Stay here.

Susan: Okay, but be careful!

Emily: Just stay put!

Paul: Hey, you okay?

Rosanna: How could they let that woman escape?

Paul: Hal will find her. Don't worry about that.

Rosanna: The only thing I'm worried about is running into her before the police find her. Because if I could get my hands on that woman, I'd kill her.

Barbara: Will! Will, he's going to kill me.

Rick: You're not sure if you want to help her, are you, son? Having witnessed her duplicity firsthand, I could understand your hesitation.

Barbara: I love you, honey.

Rick: After everything she's done to you, the lies, the betrayal, it may finally be over. And all you have to do is turn around, walk away, and pretend this never happened.

Barbara: Help me, please!

Rick: So, what's it going to be? Does the witch live, or does she die?

Jack: I thought you had to get back to work?

Julia: I'm at work. The other nurses practically order me to take care of you. You are such a grump.

Jack: What can I say? When I'm not with you, I'm testy.

Julia: How was it last night?

Jack: What do you mean?

Julia: With Carly? I mean, what'd you have for dinner? Where did you sleep?

Jack: I slept on the couch. You're jealous.

Julia: You bet I am. I just hope she didn't try to, you know --

Jack: What? Try to seduce me?

Julia: She is your wife. And she's attractive in a blonde sort of way.

Jack: I tell you what.

Julia: What?

Jack: I stayed awake all night, pining away for a certain brunette. Wishing I could hold you and bury my face in your hair, kiss you.

Julia: What about the house? Did it trigger any memories for you?

Jack: Are you gonna waste all this time asking questions or what?

Julia: Consider it foreplay. What was it being with your kids?

Jack: Terrific.

Julia: Yeah?

Jack: Yeah. Parker's a great kid. And Sage, you can tell she's an angel. When I hold her and look down, and, I know I've held her 1,000 times, I just don't remember it. Does that make any sense? And Carly, she's just -- I don't know. I'm supposed to accept the fact that she's my wife, only, the way she treats me, like a lab rat trapped in a cage -- I resent it. I resent her. I can't help it.

Julia: Yeah? Maybe after a month or so of this, maybe all that will change.

Jack: Honey, are you kidding me? You and J.J., you're my family now, okay? A judge can tell me where to live, but, you know? I decide who I love. And I love you.

Holden: I'm here to see Jack Snyder.

Nurse: Go right in.

Holden: How's he doing?

Nurse: His mood has improved considerably since his wife got here.

Holden: Jack's with his wife? This is good news. Thanks.

Carly: Is Jack in there?

Holden: Yeah.

Carly: Well, what are you doing out here?

Holden: He's with Julia. Don’t.

Carly: What are you doing, Holden? Standing guard?

Holden: Carly, I really think that we should just give them this time.

Carly: This is my time! I went to court to get my kids and me these 30 days with Jack so he would remember us. And every minute he spends with her -- let me by.

Holden: Carly, you can't force Jack to remember. He's got to do it on his own.

Carly: On his own is fine. With that woman is what I've got a problem with. No, I want her out of this hospital and away from my husband, and if I have to go through you to tell her that, so be it.

Dr. Sanborn: Lieutenant, what can I do for you?

Hal: Well, for starters, you can explain to me how Rick Decker and Barbara Ryan managed to escape.

Dr. Sanborn: We were having a small Halloween party, and Alfonso, our custodian, became ill, and passed out. Ms. Ryan alerted us, we called an ambulance, and in the resulting confusion, Ms. Ryan and Dr. Decker left the facility.

Otis: But I think ms. Ryan may have been taken against her will.

Hal: Oh? Why do you think that, Mister --?

Otis: Griggs. Otis Griggs, Lieutenant.

Hal: Otis.

Otis: Ms. Ryan tried to warn me that Decker was talking crazy. She said he was planning a break, but I didn't believe her.

Hal: Well, why would Decker take her by force? Why not just go by himself?

Dr. Sanborn: Dr. Decker had an abnormal attachment to Ms. Ryan. For a while, it was mutual. It was almost obsessive.

Otis: Yeah, but Decker started creeping the lady out.

Hal: So, you really think that Barbara was kidnapped?

Otis: You know what? It might explain what she told me before she disappeared.

Hal: What's that?

Otis: She said her life was in danger.

Rosanna: I can't believe I just said that to you.

Paul: No, no --

Rosanna: It's your mother --

Paul: Listen, believe me, I know that Barbara’s my mother. Most days, I want to kill her, too. But, I'm not gonna let her ruin things for you and me. You are too important to me. I love you.

Rosanna: I love you, too. So, let me help you find will.

Paul: Well, hopefully, Jennifer’s figured who that girl is he left with. That'll give us someplace to start looking.

Rosanna: Do you think Barbara will find Will? What if she does?

Paul: I don't know. Barbara thinks that will betrayed her.

Rosanna: She's not angry enough to hurt him -- is she?

Rick: You see? Even your own son can't wait to get rid of you!

Barbara: Will, go get help! He's gonna kill me!

Rick: Absolutely adored you, and all you cared about was getting to your precious son. You used me or that! I want to watch your eyes while you die. Pay attention, boy! This may be your lucky day.

Will: Leave her alone!

Rick: Oh, now I am disappointed. I was starting to think you had a backbone.

Barbara: Rick, if Will found us here, that means the police are out looking for us. You can still get away.

Rick: And the two of you can ride off into the sunset. Can't you see he absolutely loathes you?

Barbara: I made mistakes, he knows I've made mistakes, but I'm his mother. There's a bond between us that can't be broken. I'd do anything for him.

Rick: Even die for him?

Barbara: In a heartbeat.

Rick: Would you die for her?

Barbara: What are you saying?!

Rick: Come on, speak, boy! Would you die for your mother?

Barbara: No!

Rick: Make me. Will's unexpected arrival has left me with a golden opportunity. I mean, killing you would just be an act of community service. But if I kill Will, you'd spend the rest of your life thinking about what betraying me cost you.

Barbara: No, no, no!

Rick: Stop fighting me, Barbara. You're only postponing the inevitable.

Barbara: Run, Will, run! Get out of here! Get away! Go get help!

Rick: So much for your unbreakable bond. It seems that your precious "reason for living" has just left you here to die. Barbara? Barbara? What's it feel like? To know that no one is going to miss you?

Rafael: I like your friend Alison. She's got a lot of spirit.

Lucy: Rafael, I need to ask you something.

Rafael: Sure.

Lucy: I know you're upset with Aaron. You weren't expecting that punch, and it probably was a little embarrassing --

Rafael: What exactly are you asking me here?

Lucy: I'm just wondering if you could take it easy on Aaron when you guys get into the ring. I don't want him getting hurt.

Rafael: Lucy, it's a professional boxing match. Someone always gets hurt.

Lucy: I know. But you don't have to overdo it. I just don't want him to end up with a concussion or something worse.

Rafael: Look, I'm not gonna go crazy, okay? But I'm gonna do what I need to do to win.

Lucy: No matter what?

Rafael: Anything can happen, you know? I got the scars to prove it. I can promise you two things, okay? It'll be a fair fight, and I will beat Aaron Snyder.

Alison: Why are you so moody all of a sudden?

Aaron: Just leave it alone, Alison.

Alison: But you should be happy! You were amazing today. If it had been a real fight, you would've won!

Aaron: How do you know that?

Alison: Because I'm your trainer.

Aaron: Ali, you're not a real trainer any more than I'm a real boxer. I've never even knocked a guy out in the ring before.

Alison: Yeah, but you can!

Aaron: Alison, just because I can do some footwork and hit a bag, does not make me a real fighter. I'm just sick of this whole game. The people, all the stress. You know, this isn't even worth it to me anymore, you know that?

Emily: I'm so glad I found you.

Alison: Hi, Em.

Emily: Hi, Aaron. I need to talk to you. Rick Decker escaped tonight.

Alison: Is Mom okay?

Emily: She's fine. She's at the Lakeview. Hal arranged for police protection, but he wants all of us there, so let's go.

Alison: No.

Aaron: No?

Emily: What do you mean, no?

Aaron: What are you talking about, no? He's a serial killer, Ali, and he's out to get you.

Alison: I'm spending the night at home.

Emily: What?!

Aaron: Home is the first place he's gonna look for you.

Alison: I'm not worried.

Aaron: You should be worried!

Alison: Well, I'll have you there for protection.

Emily: All right, I'm thrilled you have all this faith in Aaron, but Rick Decker is very dangerous, honey.

Alison: So is Aaron. And as long as Aaron’s with me, I'll be fine.

Hal: Toxicology reports?

Dr. Sanborn: Yes, the preliminary findings are that Alfonso was injected with a medication that is used here at our facility.

Hal: How in the world did Decker get his hands on a controlled substance?

Otis: I don't know how he does it, but he was caught with a syringe trying to kill Ms. Ryan before he started taking a liking to her.

Hal: Is that true?

Dr. Sanborn: I'm afraid so.

Hal: So what you're telling me is that if she resists Decker in any way, makes him angry --

Dr. Sanborn: He will probably kill her.

Jennifer: Paul, where's Rosanna?

Paul: She went to Snyder’s pond in case Will shows up there. I don't know what to do. I've called al's diner, I've called Mabel’s, I've called Yo's --

Jennifer: Anything?

Paul: No. How 'bout you? Did you get anything?

Jennifer: Well, the girl that was here before is from out of town, so nobody knows how to reach her.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Hello?

Hal: Any news on Will?

Paul: No, not yet, Hal.

Hal: Paul, it appears Barbara didn't leave the hospital voluntarily. They're saying that Decker took her by force.

Paul: I wouldn't worry. Mother can take care of herself.

Hal: I'm not so sure. Barbara told one of the orderlies that her life was in danger. Now, if that's true, she doesn't have control over Decker. And if Decker decided to hurt Will, she wouldn't be able to stop it.

Paul: Oh, no.

Hal: Find my son, Paul.

Jennifer: Paul, it's her.

Paul: Hal, I gotta go. I'll call you back.

Jennifer: You're Kay, right?

Kay: Yes.

Paul: Where's Will?

Kay: Who?

Jennifer: The cute guy that you were with earlier. You made a date with him, you were supposed to meet him somewhere.

Kay: Oh, him. Well, I found out he killed someone, so I blew him off.

Jennifer: You what?

Paul: Where were you supposed to meet him?

Kay: Some old mill off route 27. Why?

Paul: You stay here in case Will comes back.

Jennifer: Okay, hurry, Paul. Be careful.

Barbara: Please don't do this, Rick. Please don't do this.

Rick: I've taken lives before, you know that, Barbara. Usually to help lost souls find a better place. But you're different. I'm doing this for all the people you abused. So you can never hurt anyone again! [Barbara gasps] Oh, what, is there someone behind my shoulder again, huh? You think I'm going to fall for that old trick?

Barbara: No, no, no, no, you'll kill him! Don't!

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Carly: I move heaven and earth to get time alone with Jack, and little miss husband-stealer gets a job at the very hospital where Jack has been admitted for testing. Now I will be damned if I'm going to let her steal this time, too.

Dusty: Dance with me.

Craig: Last dance, Dusty.

Carly: I'm giving Julia exactly two minutes. And then, she's out of there.

Holden: I really don't think you should push this.

Carly: How did she manage to get you on her side? First, she convinces you to bring that gift to Jack --

Holden: That was from her son.

Carly: But she must have said something to you. What did she say, Holden? For you to cut her this slack, all of a sudden?

Holden: Come on, I hardly know her. But like it or not, she is the only wife that Jack knows right now. He's in a strange hospital in a strange town --

Carly: And you're encouraging him to lean on that strange woman.

Holden: I haven't encouraged anything. Jack and Julia don't even know that I'm here. Come on, you said it yourself. You were going to let Julia visit. What's the big deal? She's only going to be in there for a few more minutes.

Carly: Try a few hours. Nurse Julia works here now. Yeah, yeah, you heard me right. I move heaven and earth to get time alone with Jack, and little miss husband-stealer gets a job at the very hospital where Jack has been admitted for testing. She's had her claws in him for weeks. I haven't had one single day alone with him, and I will be damned if I'll let her steal this time, too!

Holden: You're just going to make things --

Carly: What, worse? How could things possibly be any worse? Julia wants to fight dirty? That fine with me.

Julia: We were just –

Emily: I'm sure Aaron would do everything in his power to protect you, honey, but he's not a cop.

Alison: No, he's just younger than Rick, faster than Rick and smarter than Rick. I'm not spending the night in a hotel. And I've got locks on the door, floodlights, and I've got a sense to call 911 if I hear any noises. I'll be safe, we both will.

Emily: Don't you dare go anywhere alone.

Aaron: No, I won't leave her for a second, okay? Ali, I'll crash on the couch.

Alison: Sounds good to me.

Emily: Okay, you two. I've got to go check on mom, so give me a hug. Be safe, and don't you take your eyes off of her.

Aaron: I promise.

Dusty: Hey, Aaron? You got a minute?

Aaron: We were actually in the middle of something, Dusty.

Alison: No, it's okay. This sounds important. I'm going to go get my stuff, okay?

Dusty: I gotta tell you, as a friend, I didn't know it would turn out this way.

Aaron: Yeah, but you're doing nothing to change it, are you?

Dusty: You knew what Dominic was looking for from the get go.

Aaron: Yeah, a loser.

Dusty: Somebody who would make Rafael look good. Big difference. Look at me -- if you mess this up, you get nothing, not a cent. You do it my way? You get everything I promised you, plus a bonus.

Aaron: A bonus?

Dusty: Yeah, a bonus. Happy endings all around. You won't regret it. You're a good kid, I like you, it will be fine. You won't regret it.

Alison: Come on, we need to take some photos.

Dominic: You talked to your fighter about what's gonna happen in round three?

Dusty: Yeah, it's all set. You will leave Lucy alone, all right? No threats?

Dominic: No threats necessary.

Dusty: Dance with me?

Craig: Last dance, Dusty.

Rick: You dislocated my shoulder.

Will: If you touch my mother again --

Rick: What, are you going finish me off? You had your chance, you didn't take it.

Barbara: My son is not a killer.

Rick: Excuse me, even I read that he killed his brother's fiancée. What was her name? Rose?

Will: Shut up!

Rick: Did you hate Rose? You must hate your mother, too. I know all about how you turned the tables on her, used her to get yourself sprung from the bin. Now, come on son, you're a smart boy. Make a smart move. You could turn around, walk away and let me finish the job, or if you prefer --

Will: Don't push me.

Rick: Listen, if you believe one word she says, you're crazier than I am.

Will: Get out of here!

Rick: I'll be back, Barbara. I'll have a syringe with your name on it.

Barbara: Leave us alone, Rick.

Rick: And when you're back in the hospital, sleep with one eye open. Because I'm coming for you.

Barbara: I don't know what to say -- how to thank you.

Will: Stay away from me.

Craig: Lucy, can I talk to you please?

Lucy: Maybe later, Dad.

Craig: No, no, no. It's important. Something that we need to talk about now.

Lucy: No, wait. Daddy, I don't mean to be mean, but --

Craig: What?

Lucy: But I want to be alone with the man that I love on one of our last nights in Oakdale. So if you don't mind -- could whatever it is you have to say wait?

Craig: All right.

Dusty: What do you think that was about?

Lucy: Nothing that matters more than you.

Craig: Lucinda.

Lucinda: As I watch you exchange pleasantries with the happy couple, I can't but wonder what has happened to the plan to get Lucy away from that unsuitable man? I thought that you and I together were going to accomplish that.

Craig: I'm working on that.

Lucinda: Working, but failing miserably. Well, you want something done? Do it yourself.

Will: You set this up.

Barbara: What?

Will: I mean, everything that happened tonight. The girl at the Lakeview, did you hire her?

Barbara: What girl?

Will: The girl I was supposed to meet here. But instead, I find you being strangled by some freak. Coincidence?

Barbara: Wait a second, wait a second. You think that this was a scheme?

Will: Well how did I end up right where you wanted me, huh? How'd you pull that off?

Barbara: Because we have a connection, Will. We always have, and I don't know, maybe your instincts kicked in and you knew that I was in danger --

Will: If my instincts had kicked in, I'd be a million miles away from you right now.

Barbara: No, no, no. You don't believe that. And you don't believe in that any more than those horrible things that you said to me at the hospital before they released you.

Will: No, I meant all of it, Mom. I want you out of my life.

Barbara: I know I've made mistakes, but I love you. You know that --

Will: Paul said you helped James Stenbeck escape. And if it hadn't been for you, Rosanna’s baby would still be alive.

Barbara: You and Paul talk about Rosanna?

Will: Well I work for her, now.

Barbara: Well, good for you.

Will: Did you help James Stenbeck escape?

Barbara: Yes. And Rosanna’s baby died as a result.

Will: How could you do that?

Barbara: I did it for you!

Will: You're trying to put this on me?

Barbara: No, no, I'm just trying to tell you why -- why I did such a terrible thing. If I had refused, James was going to kill you. That is the reason why, and so help me God, I would do it again. And I grieve for Rosanna’s child. He was her baby. And you are my baby. And I'll tell you something -- you saved my life tonight, and I saved your life then for the same reason. Because I love you, will. I love you! And I know deep down, tonight proves that you love me, too.

Carly: Did you know what they were doing in there?

Holden: Kissing? It's not always going to be this way.

Carly: You know, I don't know about that. I'm beginning to think it will be. I mean, what am I doing? He's in love with her. And even if he remembers me, that doesn't mean that he's going to leave her and come home.

Holden: You don't know that.

Carly: I have spent my whole life not believing in fairy tales. Carly Tenney always had both her feet firmly planted in the real world, remember? Get them before they get you. Marry the one with the biggest bank account.

Holden: You've changed.

Carly: Jack changed me. He made me believe in love and family and forever. He even had it inscribed in my ring so I'd never forget. Then he forgot. And he's not even trying to remember.

Holden: Carly --

Carly: You know, when he was missing, I would lie in bed and I'd imagine he was next to me. I could feel his mouth on mine -- that last, sweet kiss at the end of the day before we closed our eyes. And to see him kissing her like that --

Holden: Look at me. How many times has jack fallen in love with you? Either he walked away or you walked away, and somehow, you guys always managed to get back together. You laugh, you fight --

Carly: He's not looking at me anymore, Holden. He's looking through me, he's looking past me, to her. I don't have months to run into him at the gas station or the coffee shop. I've got 30 days. And it may as well be 30 minutes, because he's already gone.

Holden: Only if you give up. Somewhere, deep down inside, that love is still there. And it is worth fighting for, Carly.

Jack: Hey. Where are you right now?

Julia: Thinking about the look on your face when Carly saw us kissing.

Jack: I was shocked, yeah.

Julia: I think you were sad.

Jack: Oh. Listen, most of the time, I'm so incensed at the woman for completely screwing up our life, I lose -- I lose sight of the fact that -- she kissed her husband goodbye one night, and his car went off a bridge, and she thought he was dead, and then wow, gee, golly, he's alive, he's back, only, he's not -- I'm not that guy. And it's bad enough for me, sure, but for her -- honey, it's gotta hurt like I can't imagine.

Julia: Maybe this 30-day, 30-day thing will work out. You know, maybe you're starting to feel something for her.

Jack: Oh, will you stop it! I'll tell you what feeling. I'm feeling compassion for someone who's not gonna get what she wants.

Julia: Carly may be hurt, sad -- sure. But, I think she's also gotta be really angry -- I think she probably feels like I got myself hired here just so we can have secret conjugal visits.

Jack: Conjugal visits? That sounds like a great idea. When do we start?

Julia: Hey, I'm worried about this, Jack. We have no idea what her next move is gonna be, and what if she tries to get me kicked out of here?

Jack: Why wait for Carly's next move? We'll launch a preemptive strike. That's what we'll do.

[Julia laughs]

Julia: Am I going to like this?

Jack: Sweetheart, you're gonna love it. Know what feels good?

Jack: I can't leave town -- at least, not until I get to know my kids again.

Julia: Of course.

Jack: But somehow I have to get Carly to understand that that's what it's all about. The kids. My life as her husband -- it's over.

Julia: So, how do you do that?

Jack: By making my feelings crystal clear. I'm filing for divorce.

Holden: How about I take you home?

Carly: No! No, I'm staying. I've only got 29 days left. I'm going to use every one of them to be with my husband. And first thing I'm going to do is pull every hair out of Julia’s head.

Holden: Stop it.

Carly: I'm kidding.

Holden: I'm going to head home. I'll see you.

Craig: Lucinda! You need to let me handle this.

Lucinda: What have you found out about a fight the Dusty is promoting? Is it something unsavory -- what?

Craig: I have done some checking.

Lucinda: Well, fill me in on it. The fight is tomorrow night, isn't it?

Craig: Yes.

Lucinda: Well, if you've got proof of impropriety that we can take to the police -- let's get on with it! The sooner we can discredit Dusty, the sooner we can get Lucy away from him. And I think it would be much better if it were done quickly -- as well as quietly.

[Craig fantasizing]

Announcer: All right, no gouging, no spitting, and no hitting below the belt. Now, take your corners!

Craig: Wait! This fight is rigged.

Dusty: You're out of line, Montgomery!

Craig: Rafael Ortega’s gloves are loaded.

Rafael: I swear, I didn't know!

Craig: He knew. And so did he. Dusty Donovan was willing to risk Aaron Snyder’s life for a lousy bet.

Lucy: Daddy, thank you so much. If you hadn't come here tonight --

Craig: I had to save Aaron from getting hurt and Rafael from a lifetime of guilt.

Lucy: Take me home, Daddy, please. Take me home?

Lucinda: Craig? Hello, hello!

Craig: Hmm?

Lucinda: Are you going to show me what you have found that incriminates dusty?

Craig: You know, maybe we leave it alone -- for now. It'll all be taken care of.

[Lucinda sighs]

Lucinda: Couldn't you have told me that at the club? Why did you really --

Craig: Don't worry about it, don't worry about it. You'll be pleased with the results.

Lucinda: Well, I had better be. And you have better take good care of our girl.

Craig: Oh, I always will. You can be sure of that.

[Cameras snapping]

Rafael: All right, come on, that's enough, guys. I'll see you at the fight, all right?

Aaron: All right.

Rafael: All right.

Lucy: So, is your family coming to the fight?

Rafael: Uh, no. I keep my mom far away from the boxing matches as possible.

Lucy: Well, I think you're a really good sport shaking hands with Aaron. That couldn't have been easy.

Rafael: Yeah, I did it for you, 'cause I know how important Aaron is to you. Look, could I get some good luck from you, too?

Lucy: Of course. Good luck, Rafi.

Bud: Hey, boss. I'm worried, man. This kid, Rafi, he's a straight shooter. I mean, even if I tape his gloves at the last possible minute, he's gonna know they're loaded. What if he refuses to fight.

Dominic: Nah, he won't refuse. And just to make sure -- I got another thing lined up.

Will: So, you freed James Stenbeck to save me? And you expect me to believe that?

Barbara: You could have left me here tonight, you know? To die, by Rick Decker’s hand. Your life was in danger, too, but you came back. Why? You said you wanted me out of your life, so what difference would it make if he killed me? I'd be just a name on your birth certificate, a long forgotten memory --

Will: Stop doing this, Mom.

Barbara: Listen to me. Do you know how frightened I was tonight?

Will: Everybody's scared of dying.

Barbara: It wasn't that. I was scared that I would never see you again. I was scared that I would never be able to tell you that I know that you still love me. My brave, brave boy you still need your mother's arms around you. Please, Will. Hold me. I'm just shaking here. Please.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Aaron: You don't know.

Rafael: Don't know what?

Aaron: The fight's fixed. Okay, I was told to go down in the third round.

Paul: Will, look, you can't keep doing this. She's a grown woman, she can take care of herself.

Will: No, she can't, Paul. Don't you get that? I'm not going to let you put her in jail.

Julia: The lawyer needs your signature.

Carly: You hired a lawyer?

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