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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 10/27/04

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Craig: So, what do you want, Dominic?

Dominic: The same thing you want. Your kid safe, happy.

Craig: I want my child out of your fight game.

Dominic: Too bad your little princess won't see it that way, right?

Craig: Why don't you get to your point?

Dominic: The point is, my fighter's got a bum hand. He sliced it open playing hooky with your daughter.

Craig: Well, that's not Lucyís fault, is it?

Dominic: He should have been in the gym, not off with some skirt. Here's the deal, Montgomery. Lucy messes with my fight, and I will mess with her.

Jordan: I tried calling you on your cell phone.

Jennifer: I was changing.

Jordan: Well, the office told me you were here. Look, this is a bad time, so --

Jennifer: No, no, it's fine. It's okay. Why are you tracking me down?

Jordan: What happened to your hand, Jen?

Jennifer: It's fine. It's not important.

Jordan: Okay, well, look -- we have to talk. So can we go outside for a second?

Mike: You don't have to leave. I've got to unload some stuff on my truck. I'll be out back.

Jennifer: What are you doing, Jordan? Calling the office, showing up unannounced --

Jordan: I know, I'm sorry. But this can't wait.

Jennifer: Well, I can't imagine that there's anything more that we have to say to each other.

Jordan: Well, apparently, we do. Paul wants worldwide to bankroll your new venture.

Jennifer: No. Paul wouldn't do that without talking to me first.

Jordan: Well, he tried to get Barbara to release control of B.R.O., but she wouldn't go for it. So -- say hello to your new boss.

Barbara: Rick, what have I done? What have I said to upset you?

Rick: I'm a man. I have needs.

Barbara: As do I.

Rick: What? Your freedom? To be with your son?

Barbara: It's been a hellish day. Paul said terrible things to me --

Rick: If that were the case, you'd let me comfort you. You wouldn't push me away.

Barbara: I was feeling very hurt --

Rick: Oh, hurt. You're not hurt. I was blind, but I'm starting to see it now. It's always been about the plan. About getting out of here.

Barbara: And being together.

Rick: You have squandered every chance we've had to be intimate, Barbara. I will not take the lies. Lies lead to heartbreak, lies lead to pain.

Barbara: All right. If you don't believe me, if you think that I'm trying to use you to just get out of here -- then you take that syringe and you kill me right now. Because I cannot live without your trust.

Julia: J.J., I thought I said get in your pajamas.

J.J.: I'm not tired.

Julia: What are you doing?

J.J.: Nothing.

Julia: J.J., you're obviously hiding something.

J.J.: It's not important. It's stupid.

Julia: It's not stupid.

J.J.: Yes, it is! I made this for Jack at Cub Scouts. He didn't take it.

Julia: Honey, I'm sure that he just forgot it. I remember how proud he was when you made that for him. He loves you so much.

J.J.: Then why is he with them?

Julia: Because the law says that he needs to spend some time in his other home right now.

J.J.: Jack said he would never leave.

Julia: He'll be back.

J.J.: No, he wonít. That's what they do, Mom. Dads leave, and they never come back.

Carly: You gave that to Parker last Christmas. You said he was gonna be the first astronaut to walk on Mars. I called Benís office today to set up your appointments.

Jack: Your friend from the courthouse?

Carly: He's your friend, too, Jack. His nurse said that she would try to combine as many tests as possible to cut down on going back and forth to the hospital.

Jack: Am I supposed to be grateful for that?

Carly: I think it'll help, Jack --

Jack: Help prove I'm crazy? That I should be under house arrest for the rest of my life?

Carly: This isn't -- it's not house arrest.

Jack: It's not my home. You might have had me declared incompetent, Carly, but I'm not the one who's deluded here.

Carly: Once you remember --

Jack: Remember what? All this happy family history you keep telling me about? You might as well be telling me the plot of a movie I never saw. I don't mean to hurt you, but my family's holed up half-way across town because you can't accept reality.

Carly: What I can't accept is life without you, Jack.

Jack: You can't strong-arm me into being your husband. And all the remembering in the world won't change how I feel about Julia and J.J. I know that. You can't erase them from my life.

Carly: Where are you going?

Jack: I'm going to wash up. I don't need a doctor's note for that now, do I?

[Doorbell rings]

Carly: Hi.

Holden: Hi. Bad time?

Carly: I don't remember a good one.

Holden: I can keep Parker and Sage, if you want. They're in my car with your neighbors and their his kids. I could take them to get something to eat --

Carly: No, no, no -- they should be here with Jack. It's just this -- this man. He looks like my husband. He sounds like my husband, but he's a complete stranger. I don't know, I think I might have made huge mistake today. Maybe all I did was push Jack further and further away from me.

Craig: Don't threaten my daughter.

Dominic: Oh, did you hear a threat? I'm just doing what any good businessman would do -- eliminate risk.

Craig: Lucy and Rafi are friends. I can't exactly force her not to see him, can I?

Dominic: Every dime I got is wrapped up in this fight. Now I don't know if Donovan told you, but I'm a real sore loser. Get your daughter to listen, Montgomery, or I will. Get out of my face before my steak gets cold.

Craig: Come on, come on, come on --

[Phone rings]

Lily: Hello?

Craig: Lily, you're back!

Lily: Craig, I just got in. And -- can I call you later? I got a million things to do.

Craig: No, no, no, this is urgent. I need you to come down to the Lakeview and talk to Dominic Ramsey -- as Rose.

Lily: No, Craig, I cannot do that. The last time I did that, Holden and I had a major meltdown. I'm sorry, I cannot.

Craig: Aaron is mixed up in this, too.

Lily: I know. Holden told me about the fight.

Craig: Dominic Ramsey is backing this fighter from Montega that Lucyís known since she was a kid. They went out the other night and this guy hurt his hand. And little Caesar over here has decided to blame Lucy, if you know what I mean. So, I need something for to the cops. You gotta help me out, here. 'Cause Lucyís life could be at stake.

Rick: Don't say something unless you mean it.

Barbara: I do mean it. Go right ahead and kill me, because if you truly think that I am using you, that stings me more than anything that Paul said to me today. It's too much, it's just too much! I mean, without trust, we have nothing.

Rick: I've trusted before --

Barbara: Look at me, look at me. I am not like other women you have known. I'm willing to make a sacrifice. I'm willing to stay in this place one more night, just so that we can have a life to together.

Rick: I wish I could believe you, but just moments ago, you were as cold as ice.

Barbara: I was frightened. And when I get like that, I just -- I don't want to be touched. Now, I dared to believe that what's between the two of us is more than a physical relationship, but maybe you only see me as a sex object.

Rick: No, of course not --

Barbara: Well, then, where is the man who has saved me from this hell? Where's the man who gave me a reason to live again? He believed in me, he believed in us. And if I don't have him, I just don't want to go on living. So, please -- make it swift and painless.

Rick: Darling, I am so sorry. I've been selfish and heartless. Please, please forgive me.

Julia: J.J., Jack is nothing like your real dad. He didn't lie.

J.J.: Jack asked me if it was okay for you guys to get married. He said it was forever.

Julia: This isn't how Jack wants things to be, honey.

J.J.: Was I bad? Is that why Jack left?

Julia: No, no, no -- sweetheart, no. Listen to me, J.J. this is not your fault, okay? We're gonna a family again before you know it.

Holden: So, you got 30 days.

Carly: While he's being evaluated. I had to have him declared incompetent. And during the hearing, the judge officially invalidated his other marriage, and he is mad. It's like I took his wife, his so-called son and his freedom away, all in one fell swoop.

Holden: You had to know that he'd resent that.

Carly: This has gone way beyond resentment. Julia's poisoned his mind against me. She dug up my past, Holden. And I'm not just talking about the Sage and Mike part. She went all the way back to when Parker was conceived, and she's making me out to be some kind of monster.

Holden: I'm sorry.

Carly: That's all Jack knows now about the life and times of Carly Tenney.

Holden: It doesn't matter. You got 30 days without Julia. Give jack a chance to fall in love with you all over again.

Carly: He made a vow to that woman!

Holden: He made a vow to you, too. Carly, you can't prove that your love for him was stronger than what he had with her. Or that his life here was any better than what he had with her. Don't even try it. Put your trust in time. Time with you, time with the kids. Time is a very powerful thing, and I guarantee you, over time, it will all come back to him.

Carly: Could I get that in writing?

Holden: Hang in there.

Carly: Yeah, well, I'll -- I'll wow him with my subtle charms.

Holden: Good girl.

Carly: Hi. Do you remember Holden? Your cousin, Holden.

Jack: Of course.

Holden: How you holding up?

Jack: Ask my keeper.

Parker: Told you he was here! Mr. Taylor didn't believe me, but I knew Jack was home!

Jack: Hey, pal! How's it going?

Parker: Great. Can we have a catch? It's not that dark yet. I practiced my fast ball.

Jack: You got a curve, too?

Parker: You said you'd teach me.

Jack: Hmm.

Holden: Good luck. I'll see you later.

Jack: Well, I'm no pro, but I think it's all in the follow-through. You have to be careful, though. You could really screw up your elbow this young. We can start with a screwball -- maybe. Hey, Sage. You like baseball, too?

Parker: No, she just likes to color.

Jack: She likes to color? I love to color. I think.

Parker: I'll get my glove. Yours, too. Be right back.

Jack: All right.

Carly: I told you he's missed you.

Jennifer: Yeah, I get it. Okay, okay, fine. I'll handle it. Well, it's true. Worldwide owns Street Jeans.

Mike: Why did he sell it?

Jordan: Well, Barbara was choking the life out of B.R.O., Jennifer. You needing funding, so he decided to get serious about looking for an investor.

Mike: Still, he should have given her a heads-up --

Jennifer: Well, that's not how it works in my family, Mike. They strike first, and then claim it's for your own good later.

Jordan: Why don't you think of me as the lesser of two evils? Can I take a look?

Jennifer: Well, if you own me now, you shouldn't have to ask, right?

Jordan: These are good. Lighting, the set-up -- shows us how we want to feel about the product.

Mike: It didn't feel so good for Jen.

Jordan: Why not?

Jennifer: Mike --

Mike: That's how she got hurt. There was a loose wire in the lighting equipment. I found her passed out. It was pretty scary --

Jordan: Jen, are you sure you're okay?

Jennifer: I'm fine. Besides, Mike was incredible. He took care of me till the EMTs got there.

Jordan: Well, then, I guess I have a lot to thank him for. I'm gonna go. Jen, could I just talk to you for one minute outside?

Mike: I gotta make some phone calls. Take all the time you need.

Jordan: Thank you, Mike.

Mike: No problem. I won't be long.

Jordan: Jen, look -- we were a great team when were at B.R.O., Okay? I just want you to know that I will do everything I can to make sure that Street Jeans is an even bigger success.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, so will I.

Jordan: Okay, but we have to iron some things out first -- up front.

Jennifer: What things?

Jordan: Starting with Mike.

Jennifer: Mike was there when I first hatched the idea. He helped me develop the concept. And for the record, our relationship is professional.

Jordan: Good. Well, then, that makes what I'm about to say that much easier. I think you should dump Mike from the ad campaign. Now.

Lily: Guess who?

Dominic: Uh, Oprah Winfrey.

Lily: Like she could can lead a kickline. Hey!

Dominic: Where you been?

Lily: Here, there, everywhere --

Dominic: More like there. I drove past your place a few times --

Lily: Did you ring the bell?

Dominic: Nah, it looked like you were gone.

Lily: I was gone. I was in Branson. That Yakov Smirnov -- what a trip. What a hoot.

Dominic: Yeah? You have to tell me about it sometime. Right now, I gotta split.

Lily: What's the rush?

Dominic: I'm a busy man, kid.

Lily: You don't have time to share a drink with a girl? Let me see -- ah, yes. The scotch with a twist. Make it two. Please.

Dominic: I don't have time. I gotta go.

Lily: Since when don't you have time to spend with Rosie?

Dominic: Since you've been hangin' around with Craig Montgomery.

Parker: King me.

Jack: King you? You killed me. You did. This game is over. Great job.

Parker: Thanks. I never won at this one before.

Jack: Well, I guess I'm pretty rusty.

Carly: All right, buddy. Clean up the game, it's time for your shower.

Parker: But, Mom, Jack's home.

Carly: Yes, I know Jack is home, but you still need to get ready for bed.

Parker: You'll be here when I'm done. You're not leaving.

Jack: No, no, I'm definitely not leaving.

Parker: Never?

Jack: Parker, I'm still trying to -- [Sighs] There's a lot of stuff I'm supposed to remember, buddy. I just don't yet.

Carly: And that's why Jack is here. So we can help him.

Jack: Even though I don't remember a lot of things about my life, I know that you and I were pals. And that's never gonna change, not ever.

Parker: So you won't leave?

Jack: Honey, I'll always be a part of your life. I promise you that. Now go -- take your shower. I'll clean up the game.

Parker: I love you, Jack.

Carly: You've always been his hero, you know.

Jack: He's a great kid.

Carly: Well, he's only half the package. This little girl has missed you terribly.

Jack: Hey, Sage, come here. Do you think she knows --?

Carly: That you're her daddy? Of course, she knows.

Jack: She has your eyes, you know that? And those dimples -- you get the dimples, you do, you do, you do. You're gorgeous, you know that? Absolute -- she smiled. You see they way she smiled at me? Hey, Sage. What do you make of your old man, huh? Hmm?

Holden: What do you think you're doing?

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Mike: Listen, if it will make things easier with Jordan, I'll bow out right now. The last thing I want to do is get in your way.

Julia: What I have with Jack is just as strong as what she has with Jack. What she had.

Lily: For the tenth time, Craig Montgomery is no friend of mine.

Dominic: Hey, you seemed pretty buddy-buddy with him the night I saw you at the Lakeview.

Lily: As I told you before, I was a waitress for him part time at Metro. Maybe he feels he can hit on me because of that.

Dominic: Yeah, what? Your slappin' hands on the blink?

Lily: Gotta eat. For some filet, I can't say no.

Dominic: Still the same old Rosie.

Lily: That's me.

Dominic: I just, I hate to see you hangin' a guy like that, you know? He thinks he walks on water.

Lily: And that little brat of his? "The little duchess," I call her -- she's trouble, I'm telling you. Trouble.

Dominic: Tell me about it. She takes my fighter on a picnic, next thing I know, the kid's got stitches in his hand. I tell you, if he ain't ready to fight, there's gonna be hell to pay, mark my words.

Lily: What are you gonna do?

Dominic: She keeps it up, swear to God, Rose, I'll grab her throat --

Lily: Hey, hey, hey. Watch it. Blood pressure. Oh, you poor baby. You need to relax.

Dominic: Tell me about it. My knots have knots.

Lily: Oh. So you're worried your fighter's not gonna win 'cause of the bum hand?

Dominic: No way. He's guaranteed to win.

Lily: Hmm. I remember you asked me if I was interested in making a little money. So, this better be true, because I don't have much coin. You know that.

Dominic: Place your bet, sweetheart. The kid's money in the bank.

Lily: All right. I'll stick with the smart money. You're a prince, Dom.

Dominic: Well, this prince gotta go, honey. I got some backers in town. They want a sit down on the odds. But -- how about bein' on my arm at the weigh-in tomorrow night?

Lily: Me? No -- you won't catch me anywhere near a scale, I'll tell you that.

Dominic: Kid, I steered you straight on a fight, didn't I?

Lily: All right, I'll check my dance card.

Dominic: You do that. I'll put your name on the guest list.

Lily: Okay.

Dominic: See you tomorrow.

Lily: Okay.

Jordan: Jen, Mike is an amateur. I mean, these pictures -- they're okay, but for an extended campaign, you need a professional.

Jennifer: No, Jordan, we donít. We need someone fresh, someone unpredictable --

Jordan: There's too much at stake. You're already in production, you need to get the image right.

Jennifer: I've got it right! Trust me, Jordan, women want their men to have the qualities that you see right here.

Jordan: Well, I still think you should run a few focus groups in test markets --

Jennifer: I trust my instincts over focus groups any day.

Jordan: Not when you're investing this kind of money.

Jennifer: Jordan, this is a deal breaker. Now either you agree that Mike Kasnoff is the face of Street Jeans, or I'm out. Take it or leave it.

Parker: We were on Chapter Seven.

Jack: What?

Parker: Before you left. We were in the middle.

Jack: Uh -- here. I think -- I think we should start over. Yeah. Would it be okay if I read to him?

Carly: Yeah, of course.

Jack: Okay. Well, where did we read? Did we read upstairs, downstairs, in the garage?

Parker: Upstairs!

Jack: Upstairs!

Parker: In my room.

Jack: We'll read up in your room.

Parker: Love you, Mom.

Carly: I love you.

Holden: You're Julia Larrabee, aren't you?

Julia: And you would be?

Holden: Holden Snyder, Jack's cousin. I recognized you from the police sketch.

Julia: I didn't commit any crime. So if you don't mind, I need to talk to Jack.

Holden: No, I do mind. This is a very difficult time for Jack and Carly.

Julia: Why for Carly? She took the first round. And for your information, there's nothing in that court order that says I can't see Jack.

Holden: That's not the point --

Julia: No, you know what the point is? The point is I have a little boy who loves Jack. He loves him like a father, like a real father, not the guy who raised him who used to bounce him off the walls. Like a father. But I don't suppose any of you in your family care about that do you?

Holden: I'm sorry to hear about your boy --

Julia: Do you have any idea what that does to a boy?

Holden: Look, I'm just asking you to be sensitive to what's going on in there, especially tonight.

Julia: Tonight, my little boy told me that men lie. Fathers leave. And worse, he thinks it's his fault. So, I'm really sorry if my being here makes life messy for Carly and her kids, but my little boy's happiness is on the line here, too. Right now, I'm sensitive to that.

Rick: You're really sure you forgive me?

Barbara: Rick, for goodness sake, I forgive you. How many times do I have to tell you? Now, let's talk about the Halloween party, shall we?

Rick: Well, I was told it's very festive.

Barbara: Costumes? Masks?

Rick: Yeah, the staff helps with the costumes.

Barbara: And Alfonzo will be there?

Rick: It's mandatory for the entire staff.

Barbara: And we have our timing down --

Rick: At the height of the party, I slip Alfonso the drug and after a few moments, he collapses --

Barbara: An ambulance is called --

Rick: And then during the commotion and the panic --

Barbara: We use our golden keys to open the door, slip out, and hop into the ambulance --

Rick: We're free.

Barbara: We're close. We are so close.

Rick: Very soon, we'll be living our dreams.

Barbara: Yes, we will.

Rick: I've got group.

[Barbara daydreaming.]

Rick: Wait a minute, guys. Why are you doing this?! Barbara, tell them I'm innocent. I'd never escape.

Barbara: You're sick, Rick. You need help.

Rick: No, no -- it was her idea, not mine! You betrayed me! You set me up!

Dr. Sanborn: Take Dr. Decker to acute care.

Rick: No! No, I'm innocent! Barbara! Barbara!

Barbara: The man is delusional.

Dr. Sanborn: You've prevented a dangerous patient from descending on an unsuspecting public. Your actions have proved that you're ready to return to your home and family, Barbara. That's why I've arranged for a little surprise for you. Open the door.

Will: Mom!

Barbara: Will, honey! Oh!

Dr. Sanborn: You're being released, Barbara.

Will: Mom, I am so sorry about everything. Can you ever forgive me?

Barbara: I forgive you.

Will: I've missed you so much, Mom.

Barbara: Oh, honey, let's go home! Good-bye, doctor! Good-bye!

Barbara: Mr. Griggs, may I see you a moment, please?

Otis: Yeah. Where's your boyfriend?

Barbara: Well, I need to speak to you in private. It's about Rick Decker.

Jordan: Don't let this deal go sour over Mike Kasnoff, Jen. I mean, you heard the guy yourself. He knows nothing about the fashion business. Maybe this isn't about business --

Jennifer: Mike is a friend. And he's good for the company. He'll sell the product.

Jordan: Based on a few photos?

Jennifer: Based on my instinct. He's real, Jordan, and he'll make the clothes real.

Jordan: Well, I do trust your instincts --

Jennifer: Well, you know what? You sure don't sound like you do.

Jordan: Okay, look. We'll -- we'll keep Mike for now, okay? But, when we start to kick it up, if he can't deliver on a real photo shoot -- on location, long hours, promotional tours, the whole package -- or if his day job gets in the way --

Jennifer: Yes, yes, then we re-evaluate.

Jordan: Fair enough. So we have a deal?

Jennifer: We have a deal.

Jordan: Okay. I'll call you tomorrow to set up some meetings, okay? We have a lot to go over.

Jennifer: I'll see you then.

Mike: Coast clear?

Jennifer: You overheard?

Mike: It's a small house, Jen. Listen, if it'll make things easier with Jordan, I'll bow out right now. The last thing I want to do is get in your way.

Holden: I'm sorry about your boy. But this kind of back-and-forth is not gonna be any good for him. Or for you.

Julia: Or for Carly.

Holden: I'm trying not to take sides here, but this is still Jack's family in that house.

Julia: Mm-hmm. Except they're all strangers to him.

Holden: And they will continue to be strangers if you don't give them some space. Just give this guy a chance to find out who he is and what he wants.

Julia: He knows what he wants.

Holden: Look, I understand why your boy feels the way he does about Jack. But Jack remembering his family is not going to change the way he feels about your boy.

Julia: 30 days is a really long time for a little boy, Mr. Snyder.

Holden: Maybe this is about more than just your son.

Julia: Are you questioning my motives?

Holden: I think maybe that you're just as afraid of losing Jack as Carly is.

Julia: Fair enough. Jack forgot to pack this. J.J. was pretty upset about it.

Holden: Tell you what -- I will give it to him. And I will tell Jack that you will call him in the morning.

Julia: Well, if I do that, Carly will just hang up on me.

Holden: If Jack knows that you're calling, he'll make sure to get to the phone.

Julia: Yeah, he will, won't he?

Holden: He's a good man. He's a fair man. And I think that you should be fair, and go back to Missouri and give this guy a chance

Julia: See, the problem is, Missouri is not my home anymore. Jack is my home. I left everything behind to come here and be with him.

Holden: Hmm. You also know all about Carly's past, don't you? Do you know that Jack forgave her for all that? That they have always managed to find their way back together? And that no one has ever come between them? I don't think you should put your boy in the middle if this any more than he already is --

Julia: You know what? I don't think you should tell me how to raise my son.

Holden: False hope will only be worse for him in the end.

Julia: It's not false hope! You know what? Don't you dare say that to me. What I have with Jack is just as strong as what she has with Jack. What she had. In fact, what I have is stronger. You keeping talking about how Jack forgave her for hurting him over and over and over again. Maybe he didnít. Maybe he didn't, deep down inside. Maybe that's why he doesn't want to remember her yet.

Holden: I don't believe that.

Julia: Okay, well, what you believe and what I believe are obviously very different things. The only people who really know the truth about our relationship and our family is me and Jack. Maybe it's not me and my son who need to get with reality, okay? Maybe it's you and your family.

Carly: Sage was exhausted --

Jack: Yeah, Parker fell asleep after Page ten -- what's this?

Carly: Uh, well, we used to unwind at the end of the day with a glass of wine, and so I thought --

Jack: No, thanks. It's late. I'm tired.

Carly: Does everything have to be a battle, Jack?

Jack: Not if you understand the rules. We got some good kids. They're great. And I feel a real connection with them. Why can't you be satisfied with that? Because if you think I'm gonna fall into whatever life it was that you and I had here, that's not gonna happen.

Carly: Um -- why don't you sleep in the bedroom? I'll take the guest room.

Jack: No, I'll sleep on the couch.

Carly: Let me at least help you make it up.

Jack: Fine. Great.

Jack: I think I can handle it myself. Just point me towards the bedding.

Carly: Upstairs linen closet next to Parker's room.

Jack: Thank you.

Mike: You gotta work with the guy. If you don't agree on --

Jennifer: No, we agree. I'm right, he's wrong.

Mike: So, let's keep it loose. I can stay on till after launch --

Jennifer: But then what am I supposed to do? Start up again without brand recognition?

Mike: That's all I am to you - brand recognition?

Jennifer: Don't get a swelled head, huh?

Mike: How's your hand?

Jennifer: Oh, it's not throbbing as much as it was.

Mike: Maybe we should wrap it again.

Jennifer: I can do it at home, actually. I'm feeling a lot better.

Mike: And you're okay with Jordan and Worldwide?

Jennifer: What choice do I have? Anyway, I really should get home. I've got to get a heads-up on my meeting with Jordan tomorrow.

Mike: All right. Your clothes might not be dry yet.

Jennifer: I can't stay here all night.

Mike: I don't mind the couch.

Jennifer: I'd better go.

Mike: Jen, I know there's history with you and Jordan. I don't want to be a problem.

Jennifer: There's no problem.

Mike: Fine. But still, it's probably a good idea if we keep things strictly business, don't you think?

Jennifer: Strictly -- what happened earlier -- that was -- coming off the accident --

Mike: Just one of those things.

Jennifer: Exactly. From now on, we keep things strictly business.

Mike: Right. I'll grab your things and drive you home.

Jennifer: Thanks.

Craig: So? What did that little cockroach have to say?

Lily: You were right. He resents Lucy for having anything to do with his fighter.

Craig: Did he talk about the fight?

Lily: The same thing he said before -- that his fighter will win no matter what.

Craig: Well, then he must have some kind of guarantee that we don't know about.

Lily: Yeah. He wanted me to go with him to the weigh-in tomorrow.

Craig: Well, that's perfect. Stay on the inside.

Lily: Are you crazy? You are crazy. I can't do that.

Craig: Why not?

Lily: How many reasons do you need? Rose is dead. Aaron and Lucy will be there. And Dusty. If I show up dressed as Rose, that's it.

Craig: So -- dress down a little. You know, just turn on the Rosie, mumble sweet nothings into his ear, he'll think its poetry, and nobody will be the wiser.

Lily: I canít. It's too risky.

Craig: Lucy's at risk. Aaron's at risk. How will you feel if that gumball hurts your niece? Huh?

Lily: All right, all right.

Craig: Thank you. Just find out how he and Dusty are rigging this fight, then I'll bring them both down.

Lily: In front of Lucy?

Craig: Well, of course, in front of Lucy. Oh, how I hate to do it. But Lucyís gonna have to find out about Dusty Donovan.

Barbara: Where have you been?

Otis: I'm working, lady, not here to listen to your problems.

Barbara: I told you it was urgent.

Otis: What did Decker do now?

Barbara: He's been talking to himself.

Otis: What else is new?

Barbara: No, no, no. He's talking out of his head, about some plan that he has and that he's smarter than all the doctors and patients here. I'm just afraid he's going to do something drastic.

Otis: Did you tell Dr. Sanborn?

Barbara: I canít. Rick's always hovering around me.

Otis: So what are you telling me for?

Barbara: Because I had to tell somebody. I'm afraid he's gonna hurt himself, or some innocent patient. We're all in danger. I feel it.

Julia: Lisa, thank you so much for watching J.J. for me.

Lisa: Don't be silly. It was fun. He is such a great little boy.

Julia: You know, he fell asleep with a picture of Jack in his arms.

Lisa: So, how did it go?

Julia: Not well. Lisa -- I need to get back to J.J. I was wondering, can I ask you one more favor?

Lisa: Sure. What is it?

Julia: I need a job. I'm gonna stay in Oakdale. I'm not giving Jack up without a fight.

Carly: I know you don't want it this way. But I couldn't just let you walk out of my life. I thank God for you, Jack. For this miracle. No matter where we go from here, just having you home safe and sound is an answer to all my prayers. I love you, g-man. Forever.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Dusty: You disappeared this afternoon. Where'd you split so soon?

Lucy: My whole morning wasn't enough for you?

Dusty: I never get enough of you. You know that.

Dominic: Rose! I've been trying to get a hold of you. How you doin'?

Holden: Sorry, buddy, but this isn't Rose.

Rick: I'm so drawn to you. I'm like a moth drawn to a flame.

Barbara: Easy, big boy, you might get burned.

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