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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 10/25/04

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[Knocking on door]

Jennifer: Oh, isn't it a glorious morning?

Mike: It's morning already?

Jennifer: You will never believe who I just got off the phone with. Alexi from "Vogue." They want to do a three-page spread.

Mike: Congratulations.

Jennifer: And Sergio’s already got things moving on the production end, trying to crank it out so we can get the new line on the racks probably in the next two or three weeks. But we have got to get busy because vogue needs to go to print in like, a week. So --

Mike: We? We? Who's "we"?

Jennifer: Why aren't you dressed?

Mike: I'm dressed for bed.

Jennifer: I woke you up? At this hour?

Mike: No, it's okay. I had to get up and answer the door 'cause some maniac was pounding on it like the house was on fire. Oh, you want some coffee?

Jennifer: No, no, no, no. We can’t.

Mike: Okay, there you go with that "we" thing again.

Jennifer: But -- do you have any herbal tea?

Mike: I'm not that kind of guy.

Jennifer: No, no, no. It's not for drinking. We need the bags to take down the puffiness around your eyes.

Mike: Why do you care about my eyes?

Jennifer: Because you are the new face and body of "Street Jeans."

Alison: Stop! Stop! Good work. But you can do better. Much better. And I won't accept anything less than your best, okay? Okay. Twenty minutes. Okay, you are not gonna be a champ if you just stand around here looking pretty. Come on, let's get to work.

Aaron: I just did fifteen minutes. I'm thirsty. I'm tired. I --

Alison: Well, here. It's a power drink. Terrific for rehydrating. And jumping rope isn't just a cardio workout, it's gonna help with your foot moment, which you need, because I've seen the way that you dance and --

Aaron: How do you know all of this?

Alison: Well, I'd only seen one "Rocky" movie, so I rented them all. And did you ever see "Raging Bull"? It's, like, very educational.

Aaron: Tell me you're kidding.

Alison: Does this six-egg power shake look like I'm kidding?

Aaron: No six-egg power shake. I'm not doing raw eggs. I told you that already.

Alison: It worked for the Italian scallion!

Aaron: Stallion. Stallion.

Alison: It doesn't matter, I'm talking about winning.

Aaron: Oh, no. Oh, this is great. Hey Ali, why don't you just sneak me into al's late at night and I can pound up some ground beef into hamburger meat. Huh? Or, I got a better idea. How 'bout I just lug those five pound ice cream things on my shoulder and I can walk around like, you know, all tough and stuff, huh? Come on, Ali, what other magic tricks you got up your sleeve to give me, like, the "eye of the tiger" or something?

Alison: If you want to make jokes, go ahead. But then find yourself another trainer because I have better things to do than hang out in a smelly old gym anyway.

Dominic: Would you look at this? Stitches? For the love of God -- what the heck were you thinking?

Rafael: It's not that bad.

Dominic: Oh, it's not that bad? When can you get back in the ring?

Rafael: As soon as I get the stitches out. As soon as I get an okay from the doctor, I'm in the ring 24/7.

Dominic: Oh, you'd better believe it. You better believe it. What's on your mind, huh? Changin' a flat tire?

Rafael: I've been changing tires since I was old enough to walk.

Dominic: News flash -- this ain't Montega, Rafi boy. You pay people to do that for you now. Look, you see this? You see these? Okay, you gotta protect them. Because they're gonna make you famous and they're gonna make us rich. Right now it should all be about focus. And yours should be on the fight ahead -- not on Donovan’s girlfriend's behind. Look, I'm not blind. Don't be dumb. Now get outta here before I open your head with this.

Rafael: All right.

Craig: Hey, hombre. Come here, come here. Come here. You gonna let him talk to you like that?

Rafael: That's his job, man. When I mess up, he lets me know.

Craig: That's not fun.

Rafael: It's not supposed to be fun. I'm an investment.

Craig: You're more than that. Much more. Listen, maybe it's important, I brought you this.

[Rafael laughs] Take a look.

Rafael: Oh, my God. Me and Lucy. A million years ago. Where did you get this?

Craig: Oh, I have my memories. I don't think Lucy has seen that in ages. If you see her, show her that. I think she'd get a kick out of it too. Remember? Huh?

Dusty: Mr. Ramsey said what? Dominic Ramsey said that I'd taking responsibility for Mr. Ortega's emergency room bills? No. If that's what he said, I got it straight. That's okay. [Slams phone down] That's terrific. That's just what I need.

Lucy: I'm sorry.

Dusty: I know you're sorry.

Lucy: Then tell me what I need to do to keep you from looking at me like that?

Dusty: Why'd you take Rafael away from his workout?

Lucy: I thought --

Dusty: It was just such a beautiful night you wanted to get away for a picnic?

Lucy: Right.

Dusty: You know what this fight means. You know he's got to be working out.

Lucy: I know.

Dusty: So why'd you do it?

Lucy: I thought that if I could give -- give Aaron a couple of hours in the gym without his opponent constantly breathing down his neck --

Dusty: Baby, come on.

Lucy: Aaron needs a shot in the arm. He needs to be able to show people that he's great without being constantly compared to Rafael. Let him get his confidence up. Even the playing field.

Dusty: You can't be going around playing games.

Lucy: I don't want Aaron to get killed.

Dusty: Better it's me?

Lucy: What are you talking about?

Dusty: Dominic's mad enough to take my head off! That's what I'm talking about.

Lucy: Forget about Dom.

Dusty: Oh.

Lucy: Forget about the fight.

Dusty: You're so funny.

Lucy: I'm serious, Dusty. Sell Metro. Sell everything. And let's just go. Let's get out of Oakdale now.

Jessica: All the paperwork has been filed and the witnesses that I'm calling from St. Genevieve should be here later today. I was wondering if you got a chance to talk with Dr. Ramirez? Carly?

Carly: What? Oh, I'm sorry. What?

Jessica: We need a neurologist to speak on our behalf at the hearing. I was wondering if you'd spoken with Dr. Ramirez?

Carly: Oh, no. No. Dr. Ramirez is in surgery all day. But I did talk to Ben and he said that he would meet me over at the Lakeview to talk about the case, but --

Jessica: He did?

Carly: I was hoping that you might do that for me.

Jessica: Actually, Carly, I don't think --

Carly: 'Cause I'm barely handling things as it is. And I'm very concerned about what Jack is going to think about all this legal stuff, you know?

Jessica: Are you having second thoughts?

Carly: No! No. The only way for Jack to get his memory back, is to spend a little more time than a few hours at a time with me and the kids. And if I have to go to court to make that happen, then that's what I'll do, right?

Jessica: Right.

Carly: So, I'm hoping that you will go and talk to Ben for me. Please.

Jessica: Sure. Of course. I'll do what I can. But, remember Carly, it could get ugly in that courtroom. Jack's not himself, his defenses are up. Try not to take anything personally.

Carly: Thanks. That's what I keep telling myself. I just wonder when it's gonna start sinking in.

Julia: I didn't get a whole lot of sleep night.

Jack: For the wrong reasons. Hope I didn't keep you up.

Julia: No, don't be silly.

Jack: Thank you. Thank you.

Julia: So, are you thinking you're going to go to Milltown today?

Jack: It's not going to be easy.

Julia: Have you thought about what you're going to say to Carly?

Jack: Only all night.

Julia: You want to share it with your wife or you want me to be the last to know?

Jack: Well, I'll tell her I'll honor my responsibilities as far as the kids are concerned, but the life we knew together -- it's over. I have a new life now.

Julia: Do you have any idea how much I needed to hear you say that? Hmm?

[Knock on door]

Jack: Don't tell me JJ's ditched his sitter already. Come on.

Julia: Hi. Can I help you?

Process server: I'm looking for Jack Snyder.

Jack: You've got him.

Process server: You've been served, Mr. Snyder. Have a nice day.

Julia: I guess that's another one of the drawbacks of amnesia. You never know when you answer the door if it's friend or foe. What is it?

Jack: I've got to appear in court for a competency hearing.

Julia: Whose?

Jack: Mine.

Jennifer: This is your contract. I think you'll find it pretty standard, but you will also find that the face and body of "Street Jeans" will be very well compensated.

Mike: You're kidding me. Please tell me that you are kidding me.

Jennifer: Oh! I love this bone structure! And the unshaven look, you know, I really like it. Let's go with that.

Mike: Uh-uh. This is an ambush.

Jennifer: Don't be silly! Just sign it. It's not forever. It's a favor.

Mike: How long?

Jennifer: Only a year.

Mike: Only a year? Jen, I've got a job. All right, I'm not going to spend the next year being a monk so I can pose on the cover of magazines. Look, I'm not a model.

Jennifer: Mike, you are the perfect model! I don't need a pretty boy. I want you. I want that butt! You know what I mean. That is the butt that could launch a million jeans. Please, mike, do it for me. Just say yes. Just say yes!

Mike: You're crazier than I thought.

Ben: Unless you're here with the police to strip search me for illegal drugs, I hope you'll have the decency to leave me in peace. In fact, I'm waiting for --

Jessica: Carly Snyder. I know. She's my client. I'm representing her. May I sit?

Ben: Do I have a choice? Oh, man, there is a twisted irony in this. I'm stuck doing neurological consultations because Bob won't let me cut, and here I sit with the woman who's determined to keep it that way.

Jessica: Ben, I only talked to Bob because I was concerned about you. I have not made it my life's mission to ruin your career.

Ben: Really?

Jessica: You seem to be doing a pretty good job of that on your own. These are Jack Snyder’s files from St. Genevieve's hospital. It's our contention that he did not receive proper care.

Ben: I'll take some time to review them later.

Jessica: Have you spoken to Bob?

Ben: You mean, since you called him and told him I was a junkie? No, I haven't spoken to Bob. I'm still waiting.

Jessica: Ben, I --

Ben: I'll see you in court.

Julia: I know Carly's desperate. But trying to have you declared incompetent?

Jack: I can't believe I was actually married to this woman. I must've been out of my mind!

Julia: Listen to me, we have to do something, Jack. You cannot show up for court for this. We have to go.

Jack: Okay, you've got to calm down.

Julia: No!

Jack: Just give it a couple of seconds --

Julia: You know what, coming here was a bad idea. She's only doing this because I found out who she really is, because I found out the truth about her. But you know what, Jack? She doesn't know the truth about me. She doesn't know what kind of woman I am when I'm pushed.

Jack: We're not going anywhere.

Julia: She is not --

Jack: We're not going anywhere! This isn't your fault, and we're sure as hell not going to run.

Julia: Jack, we have to.

Jack: No.

Julia: No, Jack, we have to.

Jack: I can’t. There are children involved here, and I can't ignore a court order. I'm not going anywhere. I have to go.

Julia: Okay. Well, if you're going to go, then I'm going with you.

Jack: Sure about that? They could say some things that you don't want to hear, things you don't want to know.

Julia: Try and stop me.

Jack: Any judge worth his salt is going to see in two seconds that I'm of sound mind. And I'm more than capable of making decisions for myself.

Julia: What if this judge decides that a man who's not capable of remembering his past can't be trusted with his own future?

Jack: Well, I'll tell the court that I'm only doing what a responsible man would do -- taking care of the woman I love and her son. Protecting them. And keeping them safe.

Carly: I hope you can forgive me for what I'm about to do. You wouldn't do any less for me. This place just isn't the same without you, Jack. Nothing is. I used to be able to look in your eyes and know exactly what you were thinking. I never thought I'd look in your eyes and not see myself there anymore. Whatever happened to you, it's temporary and you will recover. And when you recover, this is where you'll want to be. Home. Where you belong.

Jennifer: I never thought you were the type of man to break a promise.

Mike: What promise did I break?

Jennifer: You said that if I made up with Nikki, that you would help me launch my new line.

Mike: But I never said anything about strutting around in ripped-up jeans for the next year.

Jennifer: Mike, you need look at the big picture, okay? You wouldn't just be helping me, you would -- you'd become a major sex symbol! Your butt'll be on every girl's wall from Bangor, Maine, to San Diego!

Mike: That's supposed to make me feel better?

Jennifer: You'd make a mint!

Mike: I already have all the money that I need.

Jennifer: Well, then donate it to charity! Okay, okay. What if I say that I'd be willing to work with you on your already fulfilling and financially rewarding lifestyle?

Mike: But I said no. I said no.

Jennifer: You told me you can't resist a damsel in distress, and what if I happened to --

Mike: You wouldn’t.

Jennifer: Please, Mike? Please? I need you. This won't work without you. If you don't do this, then I'll be a laughingstock and my dreams turn to ash. And I don't want to cry, but if I have to --

Mike: Okay, ah, da, da, okay. Don't, don't, don't cry. Oh, dammit, all right, all right, I'll do it. A couple pictures. That's it. You got it?

Jennifer: Mike, you're the best!

Mike: Okay.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Mike: All right. All right, do you want to celebrate, go grab some breakfast?

Jennifer: No. We don't have time. We're late already.

Mike: I don't like the sound of this.

Jennifer: No, you've got a photo shoot in an hour. My friend, Tork, who's only the best fashion photographer in the world, is flying in to do you.

Mike: No, no, today? I can't! I --

Jennifer: What do you mean you can't? "Vogue" needs those photos, like, yesterday! Mike? You promised.

Mike: All right. How do I get myself into these things?

Jennifer: Oh, blame it on your butt. Guys, come on in.

Mike: Whoa.

Jennifer: Mike, this is Anya.

Anya: Great skin, terrific bone structure.

Jennifer: Didn't I tell you? And Rico.

Rico: Fabulous follicles.

Mike: Jennifer?

Jennifer: And I've got a million things to do, but I'm leaving you in wonderful hands. Anya and Rico, don't let him shave.

Mike: Jennifer.

Jennifer: See ya later! Have fun!

Aaron: Ali, come on. Don't, don't, don't leave. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

Alison: Well, I was only trying to help. But if you want to give Rafael an actual run for his money instead of letting him knock you around all night, gotta stop dropping your left every time you go up for his midsection.

Aaron: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what?

Alison: When you drop your left, and you leave yourself open. Not a lot, but since Rafael has a couple inches on you, it's enough to let him get in and pound you.

Aaron: My trainer in Seattle used to tell me watch out for the same thing. What else?

Alison: What do you care? I'm just some movie-watching, know-nothing groupie.

Aaron: No, I never said that and you know it.

Alison: So, what? Are you asking for my help?

Aaron: Yeah. Yes. Are you gonna help me, or you gonna give me grief all morning?

Alison: Okay, so, since we're talking mid-sections, yours could use some toughening up. Which means we need to add more crunches and more pushups.

Aaron: That's good advice.

Alison: All right? So, drop down and give me 0. Why are you still looking at me? Okay, 50! Or do you think it's smart to ignore your new trainer's advice? Come on! Now!

Dusty: I can't just pack up and take off.

Lucy: Why not?

Dusty: Not until Ortega wins the fight. And I can unload this place on Dominic. You know, this place, metro? It's still my problem.

Lucy: Sell Metro later. You have money, I have money --

Dusty: I can't just walk away. There's too many people involved! We spoke about this! Baby, you -- I can't wait to put as much distance between us and your father and Oakdale as I can. Believe me.

Lucy: Well, what am I supposed to do in the meantime? You're taking care of the business and when we're gonna leave and who my friends are. What do I decide on? Do I just stand around and look --

Rafael: Sorry to interrupt. You know, I can take off.

Lucy: No, no, stay. What's up, how's your hand?

Rafael: Better. I just want to apologize to Dusty.

Dusty: What for?

Rafael: I didn't mean to cause problems, you know. I mean, hanging out with Lucy instead of putting in time at the gym. I don't know. I guess I got, I don't know, caught up with a familiar face in a strange place. You know?

Dusty: That's okay. It's good to have friends, but keep your eyes on the prize. You've gotta to win this fight.

Rafael: I hear you.

Dusty: Excuse me.

Rafael: I got something I want to show you, but I'm not sure you're ready for it.

Lucy: Oh, my God. We were so little. You were so cute.

Rafael: What's with the past tense? You look exactly the same. You were always the prettiest girl in the world to me.

Lucy: Oh, please. We really were inseparable, weren't we?

Rafael: Yeah.

Carly: Hi. So, how did things go with Ben?

Jessica: Fine. He'll be here later. What have you got there?

Carly: Um -- it's a family photo album. I thought it would help if the judge saw pictures of our life together.

Jessica: Carly, remember what I said about not making this personal?

Carly: Right. I just thought --

Jessica: I want to try to keep this hearing focused on Jack's medical condition. Ben thinks he can make a strong case for us based on the medical facts alone.

Carly: Yeah, but what if the judge takes one look at Jack and says he's fine? If we have pictures and stories and testimony from friends and family --

Jessica: Carly, I would have the same impulse if I was in your shoes. But the judge is gonna make his decision be based on the facts. Now, hard as it seems, we have to keep this strictly business.

Carly: It's not business. It's my life. The husband I adore no longer remembers me. He doesn't remember our children. He's sleeping with another woman, and calling her son his child. When you tell me not to take it personally -- well, you're married. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning and Ben suddenly had no memory of you, didn't know who you were at all?

Jessica: These days, I'd consider it a blessing.

Carly: Jack!

Jack: You say I mean everything to you, and this is what you do? What kind of woman are you?

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Craig: He and Lucy grew up together.

Dusty: Am I supposed to be jealous of a grade school friendship?

Craig: The better man wins.

Carly: I hope you had a real good time playing house with my husband. The game's over, honey. He's mine.

Carly: Please try and understand --

Jack: As long as I live, I will never understand how you could say you love me and then bring me to court!

Carly: I'm doing this for you. For us, for our family.

Jack: I told you I'd be there for the kids, didn't I? That I'd honor my responsibilities as far as our daughter is concerned --

Carly: Her name is Sage, Jack. You named her. And she has your smile and your laugh. And she needs more from you than responsibility and money. She needs you, your love, your adoration. She needs to have her daddy back.

Jack: He doesn't exist anymore! That guy is dead! I'm sorry you had to hear it like that, but there it is!

Carly: Well, I'm sorry you feel that way.

Jack: You can't force me to be a part of your life, Carly. And trying to get me declared mentally unsound is no the way to win me as a friend, either.

Carly: You're my best friend, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, for all I know, I've been trying to forget you for years.

Carly: You think you've been trying to forget this? Look, here we are at Emma’s just a few months ago. Look how happy we were! This is us at my fashion show. We had just figured out how to use the self-timer on your new camera --

Jack: Those pictures, they don't mean anything to me.

Carly: Just because you don't remember these things doesn't mean they don't exist. We were happy, Jack. We loved each other. You were everything to me, and I was --

Jack: You were a lot of things, as it turns out. A real piece of work.

Carly: What is that supposed to mean?

Jack: Well, you have your show-and-tell and I have mine. Great thing about flashing a badge, you get official papers in no time at all.

Carly: Well, Jack, what do you got there?

Jack: Copies of marriage certificates, divorce papers, birth certificates -- fascinating read. Not as warm and fuzzy as your little photo album, there, but the judge'll get a real kick out of it, I'm sure.

Bailiff: The judge is ready for you now.

Jessica: Carly?

Carly: Yeah?

Jessica: Nothing personal. Remember? Now, let's go in there and take care of business.

Jack: I feel good. Now, all it have to do is tell it to the judge. Come on.

Jennifer: Ah! He looks so good! Doesn't he, Tork?

Tork: He'll do. Begin! Music! Atmosphere!

Mike: What do you want me to do here?

Tork: Move! You know how to move, ya?

Mike: Depends on the circumstances.

Tork: Who is this man? Standup comedian?

Jennifer: He's a construction worker. But he is the inspiration behind my new line.

Tork: If he is making buildings like he is posing for picture, I hope he has much insurance.

Craig: I heard about Rafi Ortega’s injury. I hope it doesn't hurt his chances.

Dusty: What do you care?

Craig: Rafi's an old family friend. He and Lucy grew up together. They like each other.

Dusty: Yeah, I've heard the stories.

Craig: All of them? They were devoted from the moment they laid eyes upon each other.

Dusty: Am I supposed to be jealous of a grade school friendship?

Craig: You're not supposed to be anything, are you, Dusty? You even have a soft spot for all of Lucy’s ex-boyfriends. Look how nice you've been to Aaron.

Dusty: What about Aaron?

Craig: Well, some people around here like to say he's her first great love. But Lucy and Rafi -- they were picking out names for their children when they were 12.

[Dusty laughs]

Craig: Is she around?

Dusty: She doesn't want to see you.

Craig: So you say. If you see Rafi -- tell him I'm rooting for him. The better man wins.

Aaron: Oh, man! That looks bad! What happens now?

Rafael: No bag work or sparring 'til I get the stitches out. Then I beat you to a pulp.

Aaron: Yeah.

Alison: When I send you on a mission, you really go for broke, don't you!

Lucy: I didn't plan for Rafi to hurt his hand.

Alison: How did you do that?

Lucy: I didn't do anything. The car got a flat tire. He fixed it, that's all. Look, you asked me to distract him, but that is it. Aaron's on his own now.

Alison: No he isn’t. He has me.

Lucy: In what way?

Alison: I'm his new trainer.

Rafael: Hey. I'd better go check in with Dom.

Lucy: I'll catch up with you later. What did you want me to do with this picture?

Rafael: You hold onto it.

Lucy: Thanks.

Rafael: Yeah.

Lucy: Look, I know I've apologized a million times, but I'm really sorry about your hand --

Rafael: Look, no more apologies, okay? It'll heal. You know, I had a great time on our picnic.

Lucy: So did I. Hey, I hope things cool off between you and your manager.

Rafael: I can handle Dom. I'm more worried about you and Dusty. Look, why don't you go and try to smooth things over with him, and I'll catch you, all right?

Lucy: All right. Good luck.

Rafael: Yeah, you, too.

[Cameras clicking]

Tork: I can do nothing! Nothing! He is like concrete. I say a prayer for you that he has more energy in bed.

Jennifer: Tork!

Tork: I say something wrong? Move with the music!

Jennifer: We're just friends!

Tork: As his friend, you should take pistol and put him out of misery.

Jennifer: Okay, okay, everybody! Everybody, Theresa, Aldo, let's just take five, please.

Mike: I told you I don't know what I'm doing.

Jennifer: Hey, hey, you're doing fine. Okay? You just need to relax and be yourself.

Mike: This is not myself. I don't wear powder on my face. I don't put goop in my hair.

Jennifer: Ah, here! Come here. Let me get rid of this. I don't like this. Now, do something with that.

Mike: Like what?

Jennifer: I don't know. Get on it. Here.

Mike: Okay, all right.

Jennifer: Do something!

Mike: I'm open to suggestions.

Jennifer: Work off some tension. You know, take down a building.

Mike: With this?

Jennifer: Yeah, break something.

Mike: Is this stuff gonna come out of my hair?

Jennifer: Can you do anything besides complain?

Mike: No, seriously, it's like glue. It's never gonna come out.

Jennifer: You really want it to come out?

Mike: Yes.

Jennifer: Okay, you asked for it.

Mike: No, you wouldn’t.

Jennifer: Sure I would.

Mike: No, listen, don't do this. Don't do this.

Jennifer: What's the matter? A big, strong he-man like you afraid of a little water?

Mike: No, but if you douse me, I'll have to retaliate and it won't be pretty. Don't do this.

Jennifer: Guess I'll have to take my chances.

Tork: Yes! Wonderful! Perfect!

Jennifer: Yeah -- perfect.

Alison: And -- time! Okay, that was twenty minutes, gentlemen. Good work.

Rafael: Man, your girlfriend is a real drill sergeant.

Alison: I'm not his girlfriend. I'm his trainer.

Rafael: Good work. Girls are off-limits during training anyway.

Alison: "Off-limits" in what way?

Rafael: In the "no sex" way.

Aaron: They say it drains the energy.

Alison: I thought that was just in the movies, like superstition or something.

Rafael: I'm not taking any chances, so don't try anything.

Alison: Yeah, I'm not interested in anything with anyone.

Rafael: Really? A pretty girl like you?

Alison: I am a disaster when it comes to love.

Rafael: Nah!

Alison: No, it's true. Aaron, tell him. So, for the safety and benefit of all mankind, I'm going cold turkey. Love don't live here anymore.

Jessica: Your honor, no one enjoys calling a loved one's mental competency into question. But, as Mr. Snyder's loving wife and mother of his child, Carly Snyder is in the uncomfortable, yet necessary, position of looking out for his best interests. So far, Mr. Snyder has made very poor decisions, both medically and personally. Decisions that are ripping apart the very foundation of the Snyder family, decisions that are jeopardizing his health.

Jack: Oh, give me a break.

Judge: Mr. Snyder, I'm gonna have to ask you to refrain from interrupting.

Jack: Forgive me, your honor, but I had excellent medical care. And if you want me to see a doctor, I will do so. But I'm in perfect health and I did nothing to tear apart this woman's family. And if she's looking for money, I will find a way to pay and I will spend time with the kids, too, but there is nothing wrong with me.

Carly: This is not the Jack Snyder I know! The way he is talking about me, the way he is talking about our family --

Jessica: Your honor, I apologize for my client's outburst.

Jack: This whole thing is a farce. The last attempt of a desperate woman to try to hold onto something that she didn't have to begin with. Whatever we had, Carly, it's over! Carly Tenney Snyder is the one trying to rip apart a family, mine. I've got a wife, judge, who loves me --

Carly: I am your wife!

Jessica: Carly --

Carly: This woman is nothing but a lonely, desperate person who doesn't know when to give up.

Jessica: Carly, please.

Jack: You don't know when to stop, do you? You just don't know when to stop.

Carly: No! No, I don’t. Because I took a vow before God and our friends and our family to keep you as my lawful wedded husband until we are parted by death, and I am telling you now, I will never break that vow. You are my husband. And I know I am not perfect. And I made mistakes, but you forgave me. And giving up on us is a mistake I never made, and I do not intend to start now. So, I hope you had a real good tome playing house with my husband, but game's over, honey. He's mine.

Jennifer: How'd you feel about your first photo shoot?

Mike: Definitely not what I expected.

Jennifer: Oh, that's exactly what I was gonna say about you. Mike, you were incredible. Thank you so much for coming to my rescue.

Mike: My pleasure.

Jennifer: So, we should celebrate or something.

Mike: I'm in. Let me just put some dry clothes on.

Jennifer: Sure, oh, your clothes are in my car. And don't spend all night getting pretty in there. I know how you models can be.

Mike: That's funny.

Jennifer: Looks like the crew's taking another break. Well, time is money.


Alison: Isn't it funny?

Aaron: What?

Alison: Like how Rafi keeps thinking I'm your girlfriend?

Aaron: It's good thing you didn't tell him that you used to be my wife.

Alison: So, do you think that it's true that you shouldn't have sex before a match?

Aaron: Man, I hope not. Why do you ask?

Alison: Just curious. Aren't you? Is there someone that, I mean, is there someone you're interested in?

Aaron: You never know.

Alison: But you'd tell me, right?

Aaron: Why are you stuck on this issue, Ali?

Alison: Well, I should know, as your trainer, and your friend.

Aaron: Well, who's more interested? My trainer? Or my friend?

Rafael: Mr. Montgomery.

Craig: Hey, hey, don't stop on my account.

Rafael: No, no. I was looking for a reason to take a break.

Craig: Hey, did you show that picture to Lucy?

Rafael: Yeah, yeah, she loved it.

Craig: I thought she might. You don't know where she is, do you?

Rafael: Probably with Dusty.

Craig: I was afraid of that. You might want to watch out for him.

Rafael: Why?

Craig: Well, he's jealous, territorial, when it comes to Lucy. And you add that to his hot temper, and that, amigos, means trouble.

Dusty: Curtis?

Lucy: I really am sorry.

Dusty: I'm the one that should say sorry.

Lucy: You didn't do anything wrong.

Dusty: I came down hard on you.

Lucy: It was selfish of me to ask you to walk away from the fight. You were right. There's too many people involved. It would be a huge letdown for them.

Dusty: For Rafael, you mean.

Lucy: And Aaron, too. I promise not to make things any harder for you. If you want me to steer clear of the gym and Rafael and --

Dusty: Rafael is your friend. So, you do what you want to do. But be smart. And the next time you get a flat, you call the garage or something.

Lucy: Deal.

Ben: Morning. Could you tell me if the hearing for the Snyder case has started?

Bailiff: You can have a seat. They'll call you if they need you to testify.

Ben: Oh, good enough.

Judge: No more unsolicited speeches, please. If you can't manage to control yourselves --

Jessica: We apologize, your honor. Carly --

Julia: Sweetheart, it'll be over soon.

Carly: He is not your sweetheart! He isn't your anything! He's my husband, and no piece of paper in that file is gonna change that.

Julia: Well, I guess we'll see about that.

Jessica: This is our first course of action, your honor.

Judge: Although Mrs. Snyder is in danger of being excused from these proceedings, I'm inclined to agree.

Jack: What was that piece of paper you handed over?

Jessica: It's a marriage certificate between Jack Jackson and Julia Larrabee. Your honor, Mr. Snyder used a fraudulent name and, at the time, was still legally married to my client.

Judge: Duly noted. The marriage between Jack Snyder, aka Jackson and Julia Larrabee is not legal, therefore, officially terminated.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Mike: Hey.

Paul: You sign over your shares of B.R.O. to me and Jennifer, and step down from CEO, and you're gonna resign from the board.

Carly: She doesn't even want you to remember who you are.

Julia: I would never do anything to hurt him.

Carly: Because she knows that if you do, you will leave her.

Judge: Enough!

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