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Carly: If you care about Jack as much as you claim to, then why did you lie to him? Don't look at him! Look at me! Look at the woman whose husband you stole!

Irate guest: Hey, keep it down out there! Some people are trying to sleep!

Jack: All right, maybe we should take this inside.

Julia: Can we be alone? Just for minute -- just you and me? Can we have, like -- like five minutes, can I talk to you? 'Cause if I could, maybe I can get you to understand -- you know, remember when I said to you if I did anything really selfish -- or greedy, that it would be for one reason only? 'Cause of how I feel about you, 'cause I couldn't bear to let you go.

Carly: What the hell do you think you're doing? Don't you ever touch my husband again. Do you understand me?

Rosanna: Mmm. Something smells delicious.

Paul: Wow -- beauty sleep really works, you look --

Rosanna: Dressed. Finally. Hey Parker, we've got a big day ahead of us, huh?

Parker: Jack's coming home!

Rosanna: Yeah, that's right. Listen, why don't you take you plate into the kitchen, okay?

Parker: What if Mommy calls?

Rosanna: Well, if Mommy calls, there's a phone in the kitchen, too, so we won't miss her. All right? Thank you very much.

Paul: I wasn't kidding, you look --

Rosanna: Well, thanks. Well, it's thanks to you.

Paul: Anytime.

Craig: Call me as soon as you can. And, uh -- uh -- take care, bye.

Maitre d': How may I help you, Mr. Montgomery?

Craig: Max, how'd you like to make a quick 100? Huh?

Susan: Hello, Alison. Hi, Will. Good to see you.

Will: Thanks, Dr. Stewart. You, too.

Susan: Are you still working?

Alison: My shift's over, I was just hanging with Will.

Susan: Oh. I've got a couple more minutes before I have to head to the hospital, so I was wondering if you and I could talk. Unless, I'm interrupting something --

Will: No, not at all. You guys go ahead.

Susan: Thank you.

Alison: I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere? So, what's up?

Susan: Well, I was just wondering if you and I are still speaking?

Alison: Well, this speaking, so I guess, yeah.

Susan: Good. That's a relief. Because I've barely seen you. Between my hours at the hospital, and your graveyard shift here --

Alison: Well, this job isn't as easy as it looks, okay? I know that I'm not saving lives or anything like that, but -- I'm in a really good place right now, and Iím doing things on my terms, and I feel good about myself.

Susan: Honey! Do you think I came here to criticize you?

Alison: Aren't you?

Susan: No, I -- I want you to know how proud I am of you.

Ben: What are you doing? Snatching things out of my hand that don't belong to you.

Jessica: What pills are these?

Ben: They're mine.

Jessica: Baby, what are you doing to yourself?

Ben: What I do is no longer any of your concern.

Jessica: Well, I am concerned because this is the second time Iíve seen you popping pills.

Ben: Well, don't concern yourself with things you cannot comprehend.

Jessica: Okay, then show me those pills and explain to me why --

Ben: What gives you the right to come here --

Jessica: Because I care about you, dammit! And I think you're in trouble and you need help.

Jack: Is J.J. okay?

Julia: I turned the TV on for him -- I don't want him to hear anything he shouldnít.

Carly: You mean you don't want your son to know what you've done.

Julia: Nothing happened the way that you think --

Carly: I hope you don't think you can justify any of this. What you did to me, to my family is unspeakable.

Jack: Julia, baby, it's going to be --

Carly: Oh, don't! Don't you dare tell her everything's going to be okay after what she did. You are not the victim here.

Jack: Look, just -- get off her case for a second, okay? Julia, everything's going to be okay, baby, don't worry. All right? Okay, maybe we should all take a few minutes so we can all calm down.

Carly: Are you asking me to leave?

Jack: Just -- a few minutes so we can all catch our breath.

Carly: This is unbelievable. She's kept you away from me for months. For months Iíve been grieving, and praying, and living on hope, and living in fear, and she shouldn't even be here! Tell her to go!

Jack: I can't. She's my wife.

Carly: I'm your wife. You belong to me. We belong to each other. And nothing will ever change that. No matter how hard you try.

Ben: Thank you so very much for your concern, but any trouble I'm in will be over as soon as our divorce is final.

Jessica: You're angry with me, so I'm just supposed to turn a blind eye --

Ben: Turn a blind eye to what? What do you think you see?

Jessica: I think, despite what you told Bob Hughes, you're still in pain and you're self-prescribing medication.

Ben: You're right. I'm in pain. I've got a splitting headache with your name written all over it. And the self-prescribed medication you're referring to, is ibuprofen.

Jessica: I know what ibuprofen looks like, and those pills --

Ben: It's none of your business! My pills, my hand, my career, my life are no longer any of your business.

Jessica: Ben. Hi, Bob. It's Jessica. Am I interrupting? Good, because I need to see you. It's important.

Lucy: You love it that Dusty and I are fighting.

Lucinda: Hardly, honey. Your happiness is very important to me.

Lucy: Then help me. Tell me what I should do to get him back.

Lucinda: First of all, sweetheart, you haven't lost him. He's just following his natural male instincts. All right? At first they're gentle and protective of you and they treat you like a gem, they promise you the world. Then the moment you show the slightest practical interest in their business, up goes the big, red, neon sign.

Lucy: What does the sign say?

Lucinda: No girls wanted in the clubhouse.

Lucy: But that's not fair. I want to be his partner in every way, not just --

Lucinda: Okay, honey, that's enough information. Talk to him. That's it.

Lucy: Talking doesn't change anything. Or who my father is.

Lucinda: I'm afraid to ask dear, what is Craig up to now?

Lucy: Besides ruining my life? No matter how many times I tell him to stay away, he keeps interfering. If you won't help me with Dusty, will you at least help me with him?

Maitre d': Ms. Montgomery? These are for you.

Lucy: They're gorgeous! Thank you! They have to be from Dusty.

Lucinda: As I recall, the language of flowers, the white ones are for reverence or maybe it's humility and the red ones are for passion.

Craig: Well, that is close, but not quite. White is for forgiveness and the red is for everlasting love.

Susan: I haven't seen you smile like that in a few weeks.

Alison: Well, it's not every day that my mom says that she's proud of me.

Susan: I'll guess I should say that more often. Does this mean Iím officially off the hook?

Alison: Families have to stick together, right?

Susan: That they do. Speaking of families, did I interrupt something between you and Will?

Alison: He doesn't have a ton of friends, yet. And I was just wanted to get him to, you know, loosen up, maybe even laugh a little.

Susan: How does he seem to you?

Alison: How does he seem?

Susan: Yeah.

Alison: You're not one of those kinds people, are you?

Susan: What kind of people? I just wanted to know --

Teen boy #1: I don't freaking believe this.

Manager: What's your problem, kid?

Teen boy #1: You let psycho killers eat here?

Alison: Yeah, we do. Psychos, jerks, creeps, even losers like you. And if you don't like that, you can leave.

Parker: It's Mommy! It's Mommy! Can I get it?

Paul: Yeah, go, go get it.

Parker: Mommy?

Carly: Hey, Parker. I miss you so much.

Parker: Is Jack there? At the place with the white horse and the three crowns?

Carly: Yeah, yeah he is. I couldn't have found him without you.

Parker: Where is he? Did he remember me? When are you coming home?

Carly: We'll be home as soon as we can. You be good and you tell your sister how much we love her.

Parker: You want to speak to Aunt Rosanna?

Carly: She around?

Parker: Hold on. Yes! I knew it! I knew it! Jack's coming home!

Paul: That's great!

Rosanna: Hey, is it true? Did you find Jack?

Carly: Rosanna, he doesn't remember me. I mean not at all.

Rosanna: Come on, honey, give him time. I'm sure in a few days --

Carly: That's actually the least of my problems.

Rosanna: What do you mean?

Carly: This woman, this Julia, she's got Jack believing that he's her husband.

Rosanna: I know. Hal told me. I'm so sorry.

Carly: I don't know what to do.

Rosanna: Well, listen, do you know when you're coming home yet?

Carly: No. I don't know. Listen, I gotta go. I left the two of them alone in the motel room.

Rosanna: You what? What'd you do that for?

Carly: Jack asked me to. I'll call you later.

Julia: I can't believe this is happening.

Jack: That makes two of us. It's going to be okay, though. Whatever happens, it's going to work out okay. I truly believe that.

Carly: Feeling better? Shall we continue?

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: See this picture?

Jack: Look, I already told you --

Carly: You don't remember, I know. No pressure. It was taken about a month before you disappeared. This is us. Your family. Our family. It was a crazy night. You were late coming home from the station that was the only clean shirt you could find. About five seconds after it was taken, Sage spit up her cereal all over your lap. All you could do was laugh. She's got her daddy wrapped around her tiny finger. You delivered her, you know. Just you and me watching her come into this world. We make a great team, that's what you always said. Julia knew you were married, Jack.

Julia: I did not, at first. I didn't know until after we were married --

Carly: You not only knew, you came to visit me. She was in our home. My sitter gave you directions to the pond. Why didn't you try to find me?

Julia: I did. I found you. I found you having a picnic with a man and your son. And you looked very happy to me.

Carly: Happy? I looked happy to you? I have not known one second, one moment of happiness since Jack's car went over that bridge.

Jack: How did you know I was in Oakdale?

Julia: There's a stamp on the back of the photographer.

Jack: Where'd the picture come from?

Julia: Jack, I found it inside J.J.'s bottle.

Carly: I think you mean Parker's bottle, don't you? He put the picture in, he wrote a note, and he threw it into the river, hoping that you would find it and come home to us. The next time I saw that picture it was in Juliaís garbage in St. Genevieve. You were never going to tell Jack who he really is. You didn't want him to know the truth.

Julia: I wanted to but I couldn't, I just -- I'm scared.

Carly: Scared? Scared you'd lose him like I lost him? Like his children lost him? Did you ever stop and think for just one moment what Jack might want if he was given a choice? Did you ever think about anybody but yourself?

J.J.: Mom? Dad? What are you guys yelling about? Who are you?

Lucy: The flowers are nice.

Craig: I'm glad you like them.

Lucinda: She was hoping they were from Dusty.

Craig: Oh, why? Is there trouble in paradise?

Lucy: No, but even if there were, you'd be the last one to know. For the last time, can you just stop interfering and let me live my life the way I choose?

Craig: I wish I could but this boxing scheme Dusty's gotten himself --

Lucy: It is not a scheme.

Craig: Will you listen to what I have to say?

Lucy: No, Iíve heard enough.

Craig: Lucy, wait. Lucy, you know how much I love you and I would do anything for you.

Lucy: Except stay the hell out of my life. Don't follow me. I mean it.

Lucinda: Craig, I wouldn't if I were you.

Craig: I'm her father!

Lucinda: You are an emotional terrorist. How many times does she have to tell you she doesn't want to see you? When are you going to learn?

Craig: So you approve of her relationship with a much older man, a criminal? You support her decision to throw her life away?

Lucinda: You are an idiot. Have you never heard that you catch more flies with honey? Now, she really needs a friend. She needs somebody to confide in and that's why she comes and talks to me.

Craig: Lucinda, for once that is brilliant.

Lucinda: What is brilliant?

Craig: Well, we both want the same thing. We want Lucy to dump Dusty and his dangerous friends, lifestyle. So why don't we settle our differences and work together for a change?

Alison: Whoever can afford to pay gets to eat here.

Teen boy #1: You're going to let her talk to me like that?

Alison: Al's diner doesn't discriminate.

Teen boy #1: Do you know what this kid did?

Will: Yeah, Iím a murderer for anyone who didn't hear it the first time. I'm sorry and I'll go.

Alison: No, no, no. Look, we all know what happened. It was an accident and he didn't mean for anybody to die but he went to treatment and he's home. So he deserves a second chance. I mean, is there anyone here who hasn't made a mistake, hasn't done something they've regretted?

Manager: You're welcome here any time. Take a seat. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Teen boy #1: You want to stay, stay.

Alison: And don't forget to vote.

Lucy: What'd I miss?

Alison: Nothing. Everything's great now.

Parker: Yes, I knew it, I knew it! Jack's coming home!

Paul: All right, you keep jumping up and down on the furniture like that, you're going to wear yourself out before he even gets here. Why don't you run upstairs, get some magic markers and make a big welcome home sign for Jack.

Rosanna: Oh, that's a great idea.

Paul: Yeah, we'll get this place done up right. What do you say?

Parker: Yes!

Rosanna: Hey, and if you need anything --

Parker: I'll yell!

Paul: So what did Carly say?

Rosanna: He's forgotten her. He's forgotten everything.

Paul: Well, it's just gotta be the accident. I mean, you can't be that in love with somebody like that and have your memory completely erased.

Rosanna: What if it doesn't change? What if he never remembers? Carly. It'll be like losing him all over again.

Carly: Hi, J.J. I'm Carly. We met a couple of months ago at the Water Park. Do you remember?

J.J.: You had a kid. And he said I stole something of his. But I really didnít.

Carly: Yes, that was my son, Parker. And you're not the one who took something that doesn't belong to you.

Jack: You two have met before today?

Carly: Do you want to, Julia or shall I?

Julia: Carly was there with her children. She asked me to watch Parker while she changed Sage's diaper.

Carly: Parker saw you there. He saw you, no one believed him because it was impossible. But he saw you for one brief moment and then you were gone.

Julia: I didn't know who she was. Jack, I swear.

J.J.: Who are you?

Carly: Well, you could say Iím Jack's best friend.

Julia: J.J., why don't you go back in the other room and watch TV for a little, okay?

J.J.: I want to stay with Jack.

Julia: No, come on. Let's go. And we'll be done talking before you know it. Come on. Thank you for not saying anything to frighten my son.

Carly: I have children of my own. We've been frightened. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, not even you.

Julia: He loves Jack so much.

Carly: Can't hold a candle to how my kids feel about him. He's their father. Their hero. Their life. Mine, too.

Jack: I don't know what to say.

Carly: That's an easy one, Jack. Say you'll come home.

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Carly: When I think about everything that we went through, looking for you, and hoping and praying that you were alive. And I was so afraid, I was so alone and she had you all the time.

Carly: I know youíre confused. I know that you have feelings for Julia and her son.

Jack: They're my family.

Carly: It's only natural that you would try to get back what you'd lost. That you would be instinctively drawn to what you are -- a husband, a loving father. But Jack, you have to understand something. This woman that you're trying to protect, she did everything in her power to keep you from learning the truth.

Jack: Because she loves me.

Carly: This isn't love. She's holding you hostage! I wish that I had it in me to be forgiving and understanding and all of that. But she knew. You knew that Jack had a life, a life with me and his children, and you tried to deny him that. She saw flyers and posters with your picture on them, begging anyone with any information about you to call the Oakdale PD. And she ripped them down. She quit her job and told everybody that she was moving to Nashville, not Louisville, because she didn't want the people who love you and need you to find you and bring you home. If she honestly cared about you, she would've thought about your own happiness. She would've looked at that picture and known that you belonged with us. When I think about everything that we went through, looking for you, and hoping and praying that you were alive. And I was so afraid, I was so alone and she had you all the time. Well, that's selfish, Jack. It's heartless, don't you see?

Bob: So, Jess, what did you want to see me about?

Jessica: It's Ben. He's not being honest with you about his condition.

Bob: He isn't?

Jessica: I hate to say this, but if I don't -- I've seen him taking pills on several occasions. One was this morning after his meeting with you.

Bob: Did you happen to notice what the medication was?

Jessica: He said it was ibuprofen, but I got a look at it and I think it's something stronger.

Bob: But he told me he was off pain killers.

Jessica: Well, if that's what he said, he lied.

Bob: Ben doesn't lie. Not the Ben I know.

Jessica: That's why I called you, Bob. This Ben, he's a stranger to me.

Lucinda: Oh, that's rich. You think we should work together? I can barely stand being in the same zip code with you.

Craig: But you would rearrange the stars for your namesake. And so would I. We both want the same thing when it comes to Lucy.

Lucinda: But I have access to her. And that's a privilege I do not wish to lose. So I certainly would not align myself with enemy number one.

Craig: Well, then, you'd be making a very big mistake.

Lucinda: Are you threatening me?

Susan: Alison, you were --

Alison: Out of control, I know.

Susan: You never let me finish. I was going to say how incredible you were, defending Will in front of the whole restaurant.

Alison: Well, he's a good kid. He deserves a break.

Susan: Yeah, we all do. We all deserve that. I'll see you later, sweety pie. Will, it was really -- good luck with everything.

Will: Thanks. And thanks for defending me like that. It was pretty awesome.

Alison: The only thing that you need to remember is that you are Will Munson, and you're pretty awesome, too, okay? And don't let people talk to you like you don't matter. No one has the right to judge you. My shift's over, but can I get you anything?

Lucy: Yeah. A backbone.

Paul: So let me know if there's anything else that I can do to help you.

Rosanna: You've already helped me more than you know.

Paul: Great, so I guess Iíll just get going. I don't want to get in your way.

Rosanna: You're not in the way.

Paul: Good, 'cause if you need anything else, I mean anything at all. I mean, if something comes up with Parker, anything, just give me a call. I'll get here as soon as I can.

Rosanna: Okay.

Paul: So, I guess Iíll see ya --

Rosanna: Yeah, I hope so.

J.J.: Mommy? Did that lady leave yet?

Julia: No, honey, she's outside talking to Jack.

J.J.: About what? Mom, are you okay? Is she taking Jack away?

Julia: J.J., I'm so sorry.

Carly: What are you thinking?

Jack: The only thing I'm sure of right now is that you're important to me, somehow.

Carly: That is the understatement of a lifetime. Come back to Milltown with me, Jack. And you can see your kids, and your home, and your friends and your family. Your Cousin Holden who'll be over the moon to see you, he's missed you so much. And Emma his mother, she's like your mom, too. And everybody at work -- there's Hal, Margo, everybody at the station. But we'll start with your kids. If you could hold your little girl, if you could just see her smile, look into her big, beautiful eyes, all your memories would come flooding back, Jack. I know they will. But you can't do it from here. I know that you're worried about them.

Jack: No, I have a whole other family, a whole other life.

Carly: I know you want to do what's right for everybody. Why not start with yourself? Listen to your heart. Follow your heart, Jack. Let it take you home.

Carly: My life began when I met you, Jack. And I thought it ended the day your car went over that bridge.

Jack: I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Carly: Everything good in me is because of you. You're my hero, g-man. You're all I want. You're all I need. What do you see when you look in my eyes?

Jack: I want to remember. I do, I feel something.

Carly: You're in my blood, Jack Snyder. And I'm in yours. You'll come back to me. But you have to trust me.

Jack: I do. For some reason, I really do. Whatever my life was in Oakdale, maybe you're right, maybe if I see it myself it will start making sense.

Carly: Then, you'll come home with me? Thank God. Oh, thank you, God!

Ben: Just couldn't wait to call Bob, could you, Jess?

Bob: Wait a minute Ben, I told Jessica that I was arranging this meeting with you and she asked if she could be here.

Ben: Oh, because it would be wrong to have secrets, huh, Jess. Wouldn't want that.

Bob: Sit down, Ben.

Ben: I'd rather stand.

Bob: Okay, you know that it's illegal to prescribe medication without an examination.

Ben: I'm aware of the rules, Bob, but this really doesn't concern you, does it, Jessica?

Bob: No, it does concern me. If a doctor is suspected of abusing medication, it concerns me a great deal.

Craig: Lucy's involvement with Dusty has brought her into contact with dangerous people who could get her into serious trouble.

Lucinda: Even if that is true, your past attempts to break-up their relationship have failed miserably.

Craig: Au contraire, mon petite. Lucy and Dusty are having a tiff, not seeing eye-to-eye, nes pas?

Lucinda: They're gonna be together by nightfall.

Craig: Mayhaps, but if at first I don't succeed --

Lucinda: Then she'll cling tighter, she'll feel more and more that they're destined to be together.

Craig: Well, if so, Iíll be more subtle next time.

Lucinda: Subtle, you?

Craig: Just wait and see.

Lucinda: Your idea of breaking up a relationship is like splitting an atom with a Ginsu knife.

Craig: Well, I'm asking for help, aren't I? Now I want you to ask yourself, do you love your granddaughter enough to help someone you hate?

Lucy: So, now that you've heard the whole sad story, what do you think I should do about Dusty?

Alison: Well, there's only one option. Tell him that you want equal partnership or it's over.

Lucy: I can't do that. I love him.

Alison: Love should not turn you into a doormat, Lucy. You have to own your power. You can't just follow him around like some puppy and wonder why he doesn't respect you.

Lucy: He respects me.

Alison: Okay, then why do you need my advice?

Lucy: Because I feel like sometimes my opinion doesn't matter to him. That he's in charge and I'm just like a --

Alison: Puppy?

Lucy: I'm not. I'm smart, Iím a lot smarter than him in a lot of ways.

Alison: And?

Lucy: And Iím not going to allow him to treat like Iím second-class.

Alison: Okay, so what are you going to do about it?

Lucy: I'm going to tell him.

Rosanna: So Iíll give you a call when I hear from Carly?

Paul: Okay, Iíd like that.

Rosanna: I'll keep you up to date, you know, let you know when I expect Carly and Jack to return.

Paul: Okay, that'd be great. I mean, I'm not kidding, I don't want get in your way.

Rosanna: You're hardly in the way.

Ben: This is a domestic issue between me and my soon-to-be ex-wife.

Jessica: No, Ben, I wish it were as simple as that.

Ben: Do you realize how serious this is, Jess? Even the suspicion of drug abuse could ruin my reputation and end my career. Is that what you want?

Jessica: Of course not.

Bob: Ben, may I see the pills in question?

Ben: This is unbelievable. You know me.

Bob: For your own good, show me those pills.

Lucinda: Every instinct is telling me to just walk away and pretend this conversation never happened.

Craig: Lucinda, you're not doing this for me. You're doing this for Lucy.

Lucinda: Craig, Craig.

Craig: What?

Lucinda: If you destroy my special relationship with my granddaughter I will crush you.

Craig: Well, now see, thatís just the kind of fighting spirit we need on our team.

Lucinda: Heaven help us.

Craig: Remember, this is for Lucy. Okay? She's far too precious to waste on Dusty Donovan. We get her to college, she's going to have the life she deserves to have. All right.

Lucinda: Sometimes you really frighten me, Craig.

Paul: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It was really nice you standing there. I mean, that was really, really nice. I guess I should have just left it at that.

Rosanna: What are you doing? No, get Cabot. Get Cabot out of there. I heard him. Where's the baby? I heard him, he's in the other room. I heard him crying.

Paul: Listen to me. Everything's going to be all right.

Rosanna: Where are taking him? Give me my baby!

Paul: I'm getting Cabot, stay here! Rosanna? You're thinking about Cabot aren't you?

Rosanna: Yes, I am.

Carly: Parker's going to be so excited. And I can't wait to see the look on Sage's face when she sees her daddy again. We should fly. If we fly we'll get to Oakdale so much sooner.

Jack: I can't go now.

Carly: Why not? You just said --

Jack: I have another wife. Another child.

Carly: I'm your wife, Jack. This is the ring that you put on my finger, this is the only one that's real, this is the only one that matters.

Jack: I made promises.

Carly: To me. You made vows to me. I'm glad that you met people who care about you, but they've only been a part of your life for a few months. You and I, Jack, we go back years. You have only one wife forever, Jack, and that's me. Now, I know how lonely and confused you must have been and if somebody took advantage of that and made you feel sorry for her, it's understandable.

Jack: I didn't marry Julia out of pity. I married her because I love her.

Carly: Have you already forgotten everything you learned about her?

Jack: No, I can't just turn that off. And no matter what she's done, I can't just walk out on Julia and J.J. I wonít.

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Alison: Hello?

Paul: Surprise.

Rosanna: Hi. Did you do all this for me?

Lucy: Come on, I want to check out the competition. Jose?

Lucy: Oh, my God.

Jose: Lucy, oh my God.

Carly: Jack, there's one more thing.

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