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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 10/8/04

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Lucy: Aaron?

Bud: Hey, kid. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Dusty: Lookin' good, kid.

Aaron: Thanks a lot.

Tony: Lucky punch. How about we go a couple more rounds?

Aaron: All right. Bring it on, baby. Come on.

Dusty: I think we saw enough. Tony, good luck to you.

Aaron: Dus, what about me?

Dusty: I think you got chops. Take a shower, we'll talk.

Bud: Hey. Tell Vinny to give you a rubdown on the house, huh? Now that's the kid I was telling you about.

Dusty: I know him. He works for me at my club. I can't believe it.

Bud: Oh, small world.

Lucy: Dusty?

Dusty: Yes, baby?

Lucy: I forgot to mention. Aaron is off limits. Don't even think about it.

Lily: I don't know you. Do I?

Dominic: I never pegged Rose D'Angelo for a poser. The Rosie I knew would never turn her back on a friend.

Rose: You don't understand. I'm not --

Craig: She's not used to running into people she knows here in Oakdale. Are you, Rosie?

Dominic: How do you two know each other?

Craig: Oh, here and there. This and that. Dominic wants to be a partner at Metro. He's buying out Dusty Donovan.

Dominic: Nothing's written in stone. What I want to know is why you treatin' your old pals like they're poison? I hope it's not 'cause of what happened the last time we went out.

Rosie: What?

Dominic: I'm sorry, Rosie, my hands getting a little busy at Bally's, but can you blame me? I mean, you were hotter than hell that night, right?

Craig: Why don't I leave you two alone to --?

Lily: No! Yes -- I recognize you. Just that, I don't want to butt in on your curvaceous date over there. And she better be careful, if she sits too close to that candle, those things are gonna melt.

Dominic: Oh, she's all right. You got plans tonight?

Lily: You got any ideas?

Dominic: Like you wouldn't believe. Let me see if I can tie up a few loose ends and we'll see what develops.

Lily: Oh.

Dominic: You don't mind?

Craig: Not at all.

Dominic: I shall return.

Craig: Thank you, Lily. I've been trying for weeks to figure out what this guy has got going with Dusty. And now in just a couple of drinks, you're gonna find out everything --

Lily: No way, Craig.

Craig: It's the only way.

Jennifer: If Nikki finds these, she's gonna kill me. Look at me. Why am I acting like the other woman expecting the jealous wife to rush through the door? It's not like we did anything wrong.

Mike: Not a thing.

Jennifer: So why do I feel so terrible about her finding us?

Mike: I don't know. Why?

Jennifer: I was hoping you would know.

Jordan: Hey. Are you sure there's nothing I can say to stop you from doing this?

Nikki: Hey, you want to find out what's going on between Mike and Jennifer as much as I do. Look, if you don't want to go through with this, go wait in the car. A good cop does not give up until she gets her man. Nobody's making a fool out of me.

Jordan: Well, then stop acting like one.

Rosanna: Do we have everything?

Carly: Yeah, I think so. I'm just so glad the sitter can stay overnight. If we leave now, we might be able to find Jack by morning.

Rosanna: Oh, Carly, it's so great to see you hopeful again.

Carly: Yeah. I feel like I've been one step behind the last couple of weeks. Like the universe has been conspiring against us. But when that sketch practically flew into my arms today at the pond.

Rosanna: That was a sign. That was a sign. And that woman from the water park showing up here and leaving that pen?

Carly: Yeah.

Rosanna: That was more than a sign. That was a road map.

Carly: St. Genevieve hospital. That's where we start our search. And, you know, this might take a little bit longer than we think, so if you want to back out, you can. I won't mind. I can't do it alone.

Rosanna: What?! No. Never. Wherever this adventure takes us, we'll go there together.

Carly: Good. We're going to bring Jack home, Rosanna. We're not coming back without him.

Nadine: Julia? I heard a nasty rumor about you, young lady.

Julia: What? What? What do you mean?

Nadine: You thought I wouldn't find out?

Julia: What?

Nadine: You're leaving St. Genevieve without even telling me.

Julia: Oh, Nadine, I'm so sorry, you know? It was just -- it was really sudden. I got a wonderful offer from a hospital in Nashville. It was just too good --

Nadine: Nashville? Really?

Julia: Yeah. It's, um, a good place to raise kids. They have a lot of opportunities. You know, they have museums and sports and things like that.

Nadine: Between the two of us, I've been thinking about getting out of this place myself. Which hospital? Julia? Hey, what's wrong?

Nadine: Julia?

Julia: Uh.

Nadine: You were telling me the name of that hospital in Nashville?

Julia: Ye, excuse me for just a minute. Hey, Greta, I just -- listen, okay? I'm sorry, if I sounded defensive at all before, I apologize. I want to make something very clear to you, as soon as Jack and I get settled, the first priority is going to be to find a therapist and resolve any remaining, residual, you know, issues.

Greta: Well, I hope you do.

Henry: Where the -- oh. It's so cold. This isn't my coat. This is a woman's coat. Why am I wearing -- that's all I'm wearing is a -- ahhh, Nikki, Nikki, Nikki, Nikki -- we finally -- oh, no, the pond. You idiot. The pond -- my clothes were stolen. I'm gonna free -- freeze. I need some heat here. Jordan was there, you moron. Where is he? Where is -- where is everybody? Hey! Hey, somebody! Where is everybody?

Mike: I'm staying, all right. I'm the one who led here on, I should stay and explain things.

Jennifer: No, no, no. You'll make things worse. Just -- here, go home.

Mike: What about her hearing me?

Jennifer: I'll handle everything, okay. She's a cop, she's suspicious. The last thing that Nikki needs is to see the two of us together.

Nikki: Really? Why's that, sis?

Jennifer: What, you send for back-up?

Nikki: No need to explain. We're all adults here, right? Missed a button. I've seen enough. Let's go.

Jennifer: No, no, no, no.

Nikki: Don't put your hands on a cop!

Jennifer: I didnít. I put my hands on my sister! And either we need to hash this out here, or you might as well arrest me.

Lily: I cannot pretend to be Rose.

Craig: Just have a conversation with the guy, that's all. A drink at the bar.

Lily: Are you -- what's the matter with you? Everybody knows me here. Someone will tell Holden and he'll ship me off to the funny farm.

Craig: Yeah, you do have a point there.

Lily: Thank you, for understanding.

Craig: You're gonna have to take him back to the guest house.

Lily: Are you out of your mind? Really?

Craig: I'll be outside the entire time, all right? No harm is gonna come to you. Oh, come on, Lily. I'm worried sick about Lucy. All right, she refused to see what kind of a deviant Dusty is and if I can find out what kind of scheme he's got going this time, maybe she'll come to her senses. Okay? She will realize she's thrown her future away, she'll regret having postponed her education. Oh, who am I fooling? She's under his thumb. It's probably too late to get to her anyway. I've lost her for good this time.

Dominic: Turns out I'm free all night.

Lily: Oh.

Dominic: Care to share a drink? Talk about old times? At least give me a chance to make up for the night at Bally's when you had to slug me in the jaw.

Lily: Hmm.

Dominic: I'll show you what a gentleman I can be.

Lily: Don't be too much of a gentleman, I wouldn't recognize you.

Dominic: You don't mind if I borrow your date?

Craig: Oh, no, no. Far be it from me to come between two old friends.

Dominic: Come on, let's grab a table, have a drink.

Lily: Or we could go back to my place.

Dominic: Yeah?

Lily: Yeah. Let me just get out of these uptight clothes and get into something more comfortable.

Dominic: You know, I was wondering about the get-up.

Lily: Yes, this is -- I have a job. It's called business attire.

Craig: She's a hostess at Metro. Not full-time, just part-time.

Dominic: Whatever. No matter what you wear, you look like a million bucks before taxes, baby.

Lily: Awww, you always said the sweetest things.

Dominic: Shall we?

Lily: Let me -- I'm gonna go and change my clothes, straighten up a bit, and I'll meet you there.

Dominic: Where?

Lily: Craig will give you directions.

Dominic: All right, I'll see you soon.

Lily: I'll be waiting.

Dominic: I hope you weren't expecting a silent partner at Metro, Montgomery. 'Cause I'm gonna be around a lot.

Julia: Jack? Jack, where are you?

Jack: Where else would I be?

Julia: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Julia: I missed you, so much.

Jack: I missed you, too. Hey, check this out. I'm legal.

Julia: You got a driver's license?

Jack: Yeah, you're looking at Jack Jackson of Louisville, Kentucky.

Julia: That is terrific.

Jack: Now we don't have to worry about the running into the cops on the way to our new life.

Julia: Oh, that's great, babe. That's so great. Listen, what can I do to help you out here? To get us moving?

Jack: I was just out the door to the grocery store to get boxes.

Julia: Ahh, no. No, no, no. Don't do that. We don't have that much room in the car anyway. Why don't you just stay here with me, okay? Help me pack.

Jack: All right.

Julia: Promise?

Jack: You're the boss. Yeah. I wouldn't think about going anywhere without you. And that is a promise.

Henry: What are they trying to do? Freeze me to death? Hmm? In the B.R.O. Garage? Great. B.R.O. -- Fabric. Fabric -- they'll have something in my size. Something -- warm and -- oh, man. And soft. Oh, that is great. Great. Come on, now. No. [Alarm sounds] Hey! Oh, that's fine! Just what I needed. Thank you, so much!

Cop: Step away from the car and freeze!

Henry: Too late -- already frozen.

Jennifer: So, you saw the boiler room, interrogated the witnesses. Do we need affidavits to prove there actually was an explosion down there?

Nikki: I get it. Mike saved the day.

Jennifer: Okay, see. There -- there's no big conspiracy.

Jordan: I told you there was a logical explanation.

Jennifer: Nikki, can I talk to you, just the two of us?

Mike: If you don't mind, I'd like to talk to Nikki first. I need to explain some things.

Nikki: No, you don't need to --

Mike: No, I want to.

Jennifer: Hey, you know what, use my office.

Mike: Thanks. Come on, after you.

Dusty: Thanks for coming out and showing you're stuff.

Tony: Thanks, man.

Dusty: Good luck to ya.

Bud: So? What about that Snyder kid? He's got some good moves.

Dusty: I'll think about it.

Lucy: That other boxer took it pretty hard.

Dusty: We got to talk about Aaron.

Lucy: There's nothing to talk about.

Dusty: Did you see what he did to that kid?

Lucy: Dusty, it's Aaron. He's my friend. I don't want to see him get hurt.

Dusty: Neither do I, all right? This might be a good opportunity for him to make a lot of money.

Lucy: He's not a professional.

Dusty: But he'll get some. He'll get experience, exposure. I'm telling you, there's good money.

Lucy: We don't know what Dominicís guy looks like or punches like. Let somebody else make Rafael look good. Anybody but Aaron.

Dusty: All right, maybe you're right. Might get complicated. I'll see you later. I'll meet you at the Lakeview. Okay? I won't be long. Hey.

Aaron: Well? What'd you think?

Dusty: I think you're good. But I gotta pass.

Aaron: Do I get to know why?

Dusty: It's not the right time.

Aaron: Dusty, I boxed for years in Seattle. I know my way around the ring. I'll -- just give me a coach. Give me a chance and I'll show you that --

Dusty: Come on, Aaron. It's not gonna happen. Let it go, all right?

Aaron: It's because of Lucy and me. Right?

[Knock at the door]

Lily: I know you'll forgive me for this, Rose. I love you. Hey, you must've busted the speed limit to get over here so fast.

Dominic: Not hard in a town like this. For you. I'd break every law in the book.

Lily: Oh, I'd forgotten what a bad boy you can be.

Dominic: Aww, come on, I'm a pussycat. This is for you.

Lily: Rose, my favorite.

Dominic: The wine won't be the only thing blushing tonight.

Lily: How did you remember?

Dominic: How could I forget?

Jack: Honey, I know you're into this whole Zen thing when it comes to packing --

Julia: What we want, what we love, what we can't replace. That's it.

Jack: I understand that, but J.J.'s gonna freak out if we don't bring some of these video games. And the checker board set. I don't know what he's gonna do if he can't school me everyday.

Julia: Okay, good, thank you.

Jack: Hey. When you went to pick up your check did you run into Les or something?

Julia: No. I would've told you. I'm just overwhelmed, babe. You know? Change -- is scary.

Jack: Unless you wake up one morning with a new life and no memory of the past.

Julia: You know what, we're not all so lucky as you.

Jack: Mmm.

Julia: You better knock it off or we are never gonna finish packing.

Jack: I'm going. I'm gone. I go.

Julia: I hope this woman Carly can understand that Jack really does have a new life now. With people who love and care about him more than she could ever know. It's not wrong. It's not wrong to move on. She did it. I can promise her one thing -- I'm gonna keep that man happy for the rest of my life. [Knock at the door] Hey, Frank. What brings you by?

Frank: This brings me by. You've got some explaining to do, my friend.

Carly: Small town hospitals sure are quiet.

Rosanna: Hmm. Do you have the flyer?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, it's right here. Hi, I'm hoping you can help me. Do you recognize this woman?

Nurse: Sure, that's Julia.

Carly: Julia? Are you sure?

Nurse: She's a nurse here. At least she was. She resigned today.

Rosanna: Did she give a reason why?

Nurse: She's moving out of state.

Carly: Could I get an address for her?

Nurse: I'm not allowed to give out that kind of information.

Carly: Tell me! You tell me right now or I will make you wish you had!

Nurse: What is your problem, lady?

Carly: Where does she live?

Nurse: Let me go!

Carly: Tell me!

Nurse: Security!

Rosanna: Come on, you have got to calm down!

Nurse: Security!

Carly: Don't you get it? Doesn't any of this sound a little familiar to you? The woman's name is Julia. She has a son whose name is J.J.

Rosanna: It can't be.

Carly: Why not? I don't know if she's had plastic surgery, or if this woman is working for Julia, or with her -- but Julia Lindsey has something to do with Jack being gone.

Rosanna: You don't know that.

Carly: It's just a coincidence?

Rosanna: Yes, possibly.

Carly: Whatever it is, I've gotta find him before she leaves town with him. If I don't -- I could lose him forever.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Carly: Julia Larrabee -- I've got a name, and I've got an address.

Jack: Is it your ex you're scared of? Whatever it is, you need to tell me.

Carly: What are you looking at?

Rosanna: Carly, go, quick. Before the nurse comes back. Look, the files.

Nurse: There were two of them, officer. Two women in their 30s, both blonde.

Carly: I can't get tossed out of here until I find out more about Julia.

Rosanna: I know, I know. Leave it to me. Ahh -- duck. Duck.

Nurse: And when I told them I was getting security, they still wouldn't -- oh, my Ė

Julia: Frank, it's my ex-husband. Les had these put up all over the place. I mean --

Frank: You know, sweetheart, a cop brought this by my place for me today, not your ex.

Julia: Right. Because ever since Les found out I was leaving town he has the police trying to help him find out where I'm going.

Frank: The guy knows you remarried.

Julia: And ever since, he's been trying to take J.J. away from me. I am not gonna let him do to -- I'm not gonna let him do to my son what he did to me. Did I ever tell you about my ex-husband, Frank? Huh? Did I ever tell you what he did to me? You want to hear, or do you just want to see the scars? Hmm?

Frank: So why don't you just tell Jack. Why don't you let him help you?

Julia: Because Jack will go crazy. He'll go after Les. And I don't -- I don't want him to get into a fight. I don't want anybody to get hurt, Frank. I just want to leave. I want to pick up and go someplace else and I want to be happy and I want to be free. Okay? Is that so much to ask?

Jack: Julia, I found that -- that action figure -- Frank?

Frank: Hey.

Jack: What are you doing here?

Frank: Well, I -- I -- I just came back to see if you guys needed anything. Boxes, you know --

Julia: Frank, thank you for all of your help. We won't forget you.

Jack: We have everything we need.

Frank: Yeah, sure. Good luck to both of you.

Jack: Thanks, Frank.

Julia: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Julia: Think we can get out of here in about an hour or so?

Jack: We can sure as hell try.

Julia: Let's try.

Dusty: As far as you and Lucy are concerned -- that's history. That's a dead issue, right?

Aaron: Then what's the problem?

Dusty: It's not personal. You understand me? This fight's gotta go down without a hitch. And I would feel more comfortable if I was putting my energy behind someone more experienced.

Aaron: I am experienced. I told you, Dusty, back in Seattle I -- I fought --

Dusty: No hard feelings, okay? Shake my hand.

Lily: Oh, Dominic -- that is some greeting. Whoa, easy! Easy, tiger. We've got all night.

Dominic: I was hoping you'd say that.

Lily: Ah, ah, ah! You don't want to revisit that right hook, do ya?

Dominic: Oh, hey, I got flashbacks.

Lily: Good. Could you do the honors? I'm all thumbs.

Dominic: Anything for you kid.

Lily: Anything? I like the way that sounds. So what is this I hear about you buying in to Metro?

Dominic: Yeah, an old friend of mine, Dusty Donovan.

Lily: Right.

Dominic: He might be selling me his share. If things work out, you know?

Lily: If?

Dominic: It all depends on this other deal we've got cooking.

Lily: Yeah?

Dominic: You remember that night we hit that lucky streak at Bally's?

Lily: Oh? How could I forget that?

Dominic: Oh, man. I'll tell ya, they caught me palming those cards I coulda spent the night in the pokey. It's a good thing that pit boss -- I fenced some stuff for him the week before.

Lily: Well, that's funny. My heart was beating so fast, I thought I was gonna die!

Dominic: I wouldn't let anything happen to my rose.

Lily: Oh, hey. Look at that. You been working out.

Dominic: I gotta stay in shape.

Lily: Yes, very nice. This too? Right here.

Dominic: Not bad?

Lily: Not bad. With those guns you should be in the ring.

Dominic: Flattery's going to get you everywhere, young lady.

Lily: Speaking of which -- something about this -- boxing thing you got going on with Donovan, too?

Dominic: Yeah, it's a showcase for this hot, young fighter that I manage.

Lily: Hmm? Fighting? It's kind of a iffy business, isn't it?

Dominic: Yeah, I've found a way to -- limit my liability.

Lily: Is it legal?

Dominic: Let's just say I got it covered.

Lily: What's in it for you?

Dominic: One-way ticket to easy street.

Lily: Oh, yeah? The guy must be pretty good if you're so confident.

Dominic: He's the best. He's gonna drop his opponent in the first few rounds and I'll be sitting pretty.

Lily: Really? What are you, Kreskin? You can't call who's gonna win a fight.

Dominic: I can. Donovan's guy's gonna go down like a ton of bricks and I'm gonna walk away with big bank. Can you keep a secret?

Lily: You know me.

Dominic: It's all in the bag, baby. Bet on Rafael Ortega. The kid's a winner.

Lily: Who's he fighting?

Dominic: A loser to be determined at a later date.

Lily: You haven't changed have you? You always got an angle.

Dominic: There's nothing wrong with a guy who knows what he wants, is there?

Lily: No.

Dominic: I don't like to lose, Rosie. And I don't like to take no for an answer.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: You better answer that. It might be important.

Dominic: Don't move.

Lily: Okay.

Dominic: Where'd I put this thing? Yeah.

Bud: Hey, it's Bud. Down at the gym.

Dominic: I'm kind of in the middle of something here, pal.

Bud: Yeah, well so am I. And if you're smart you're gonna haul it down here now.

Dominic: What's going on?

Bud: I got the perfect -- the perfect pigeon to fight Rafael. He's here right now. He's got a nasty right cross. He's quick on his feet. He's got fast hands and he's got some power.

Dominic: Make sure Donovan sees him.

Bud: Yeah, he did. But he's walking away. I just told him, you know, he's passin' up a great opportunity.

Dominic: Is Donovan still there?

Bud: Yeah, the fighter is too.

Dominic: All right, make sure he doesn't leave until I talk to 'em. I'm on my way.

Lily: You're leaving already?

Dominic: Yeah, you know how it is. Duty calls.

Lily: You want to stick around, get reacquainted?

Dominic: I'll be back, toots. You can count on that.

[Lily laughs]

Craig: So, what'd he say?

Lily: I was -- it was amazing. I was brilliant! I was on fire!

Craig: He bought you as Rose?

Lily: I bought me hook, line and sinker. He said I hadn't changed a bit. It was incredible. It was exhilarating. It was -- it was -- fun.

Craig: So, what did he say?

Lily: What didn't he say? All I had to do was flash a little, you know -- and he was singing like a canary. It was so much fun. When can we do it again?

Henry: The bottom line is, I am not some streaking carjacker.

Police officer: You're just an honest naked guy, breaking into a car.

Henry: Technically, I'm breaking back into the car.

Police officer: Too bad for you, this is a cop's car.

Henry: I know that. It's Nikki Munsonís car. She was my date. All right? She's an old friend of the family. Why don't you just call her, she'll verify everything.

Cop: We'll call her from the station.

Henry: My date isn't over yet, I still have more time.

Cop: Sorry, hot stuff, your time's up.

Henry: No, please, you can't take me away like this. You have no idea what I have been through to get here. Please, please don't do this.

Jennifer: I wonder how long it'll take Mike to get through to Nikki.

Jordan: Well, when once she gets an idea in her head, there's no convincing her otherwise. Family trait?

Jennifer: If you're referring to my reaction to your affair with Rosanna.

Jordan: No, actually, I was referring to you starting your own company. Congratulations again, Jen.

Jennifer: Thanks. Question? Why are you here?

Jordan: I drove over here with Nikki.

Jennifer: No, I mean in Oakdale. Why did you decide to stay?

Jordan: Well, like I told you at the Lakeview, I accepted a position at Worldwide.

Jennifer: Oh, that's right. I forgot. I guess I'm just surprised that Lucinda hired you. How'd you swing that?

Jordan: Hard work and determination, same way most people get their jobs. Tell Nikki I went out to get some fresh air.

Mike: Don't blame your sister, okay? This is all my fault. I thought if I told you that we could go out as friends --

Nikki: I know what you thought.

Mike: I still want to get to know you.

Nikki: Right.

Mike: Seriously. You think we could be friends? Real friends?

Nikki: Anything's possible. Wow, looks like you worked real hard to rip through those jeans.

Mike: Yeah, funny you should mention that.

Jennifer: Hey, sorry. Sorry. I just -- I need to get a few things, and then the office is yours.

Nikki: Looks like all play and no work makes Mike and Jen little fibbers.

Jennifer: Oh, wait, wait, wait. It's not what you think.

Mike: We can explain.

Jennifer: Mike ripped his jeans while he was working on the boiler. And I was inspired.

Nikki: Yeah, I bet.

Jennifer: No, no, to design a new line. And so he modeled for me.

Nikki: Was this during the emergency of the exploding boiler?

Jennifer: You don't believe me?

Nikki: Hey, what's not to believe? My night was circling the drain, you got your heater fixed and a brand new clothing line -- all in an amazing stroke of pure coincidence. I'm glad that my loss was your gain.

Dominic: This the kid?

Bud: Yeah, he's young, but he's got skills, I'm telling you.

Dominic: So what's the problem? Why didn't Donovan sign him?

Bud: Well, why don't you ask that nice little piece of arm candy that he hangs out with. Because something tells me that she talked him out of it.

Dominic: I hear the kid put on a real good show tonight. Want to tell me why you didn't sign him?

Lily: Your friend Dominic can see the future. He already knows who is gonna win that boxing match.

Lily: Dusty's fighter will not win.

Craig: What a surprise, the fight is fixed.

Lily: More like weighted, as I can see. They're stacking the odds in their favor. Apparently a lot of people are gonna win a lot of money.

Craig: Ah. And you got all this out of him in under an hour?

Lily: Any longer, he would have been drawing me diagrams.

Craig: Yeah, any artwork I would've broken that door down.

Lily: Oh, he's a pussycat. And I'm catnip. Oh, you have no idea how much power rose has over that guy.

Craig: Oh, I would believe that. I know her sister.

Lily: Oh, he didn't dish out anything I couldn't handle.

Craig: Well, I'm just glad it didn't come to any handling. Oh, but once again, you've gone above and beyond.

Lily: You know I love Lucy. I'd do anything for her. So when do I get to talk to Dominic again? Tomorrow, is that too soon?

Craig: Oh, no, I think once is enough for me. And if Holden ever found out --

Lily: Oh, come on. No, it's fine. It'll be our little secret.

Craig: All right, thank you, Lily.

Lily: Oh. Party pooper. That's all right, Rose. We'll get the scoop. Dominic won't know what hit him.

Nurse: Are you all right, Miss?

Rosanna: Oh, my cousin -- she hit me from behind.

Nurse: The other one I was telling you about.

Rosanna: She didn't mean it. She does crazy things sometimes when she doesn't take her pills.

Nurse: Did you lose consciousness?

Rosanna: I think so. Is that bad?

Nurse: Help me get her to an examination room?

Security guard: Sure thing.

Carly: Hello. Julia Larrabee -- I've got a name, and I've got an address. Rosanna? Rosanna?

Rosanna: Did you get it?

Carly: Let's go.

Nurse: You can't leave. You need x-rays, and your cousin clearly needs psychiatric attention.

Rosanna: We're feeling so much better now. Thank you.

Jack: So that's it?

Julia: I think so. I don't know, I'm gonna call Kayley. I'm gonna tell her to take the gerbils, whatever else she wants or needs and donate the rest to the Salvation Army.

Jack: Honey, are you okay about this? I mean, leaving so much behind?

Julia: It's not like it's the first time I've done it, Jack. I mean, J.J. and I -- we left El Paso with barely the shirts on our backs.

Jack: It's different now. You're not running away. No one's chasing you.

Julia: Still, it's not a bad feeling. It's like clearing out the clutter, you know? It's like starting fresh.

Jack: Yeah. Imagine amnesia, talk about starting fresh.

Julia: No, no, no, we're not taking that. That's trash.

Jack: Uh -- you gotta relax. Now I don't want to bug you, you sure you're okay?

Julia: I'm fine. I'm sorry. I guess I'm just -- I get nervous before I travel.

Jack: Yeah, honey, there's nothing that you can say that's gonna change how much I love you.

Julia: I love you, Jack. So much.

Jack: Then let's get it out in the open. If you're still scared about this pit bull Greta Williams -- or is it your ex you're scared of? Whatever it is, you need to tell me.

Julia: I'm not scared, exactly, I'm -- I'm stressed. I know that moving was my idea, but they say that it's the second most stressful thing a person can do in their life, next to losing a loved one.

Jack: And that's it?

Julia: And that and, you know, maybe running into Greta Williams at the hospital today. I'm afraid that -- I'm afraid that she's gonna call the police if we don't give her answers the she's looking for.

Jack: I meant what I said. No one's gonna come between us, I'll make sure of it. Including the authorities. And, hey, you're running with a rebel now. I got my fake I.D. and everything.

Julia: Jack, come on, don't joke.

Jack: Hey, I can joke because there's nothing in this world -- there's nothing this world can throw at us that we can't handle as long as we're together. Forget about Greta Williams, forget about Les swooping in trying to take J.J. It's not gonna happen.

Julia: How do you know?

Jack: Because I would die for you and J.J. That's how.

Julia: I love you so much, Jack. I didn't even know that they made men like you outside of fairy tales.

Jack: Hey, I'm not perfect, but I'm all yours.

Julia: I don't know what I'd do without you, baby.

Jack: Well, you're not getting rid of me. So what's it going to take -- what's it gonna take for you to trust that you're safe, to say this is forever.

Julia: Listen to me, okay? If I'm ever really selfish, you know, or greedy -- I want you to understand something. It's just because I love you so much. It's only because of that, Jack.

Jack: I love you, too, goofball.

Julia: Don't let me go, okay?

Dominic: Listen, bud said flat-out that this kid's the perfect guy for my boxer.

Dusty: Bud?

Dominic: And you let him go?

Dusty: Bud doesn't know what he's talking about. Aaron Snyder -- he's totally wrong for this, trust me.

Dominic: Yeah. Well, I hear he's perfect. He's got skills, he's got stamina and he's hungry. Make the deal.

Dusty: No. Can't happen.

Dominic: I don't believe in canít. Look, just sign this kid tonight or you can keep your bar, and you and your little girlfriend can rot in Oakdale for all I care. You understand me?

Lily: I miss you, Rose. It's fun pretending to be you. You're always in control, always knew what to say. Oh, I wish I could do it more often. Holden? What are you doing here?

Holden: I was just about to ask you the same thing.

Carly: This is it. This is Juliaís house. [Knock at the door] Oh, come on. Oh, come on. This can't be happening. She's gotta be here. [Knock at the door] Hello! Hello, is anybody in there? [Knock at the door] Jack? Jack? Jack Snyder, are you there? It's Carly, it's your wife. Please, please, somebody open the door. [Knock at the door] Jack, Jack, are you there? Jack, please?

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Rosanna: Carly, maybe I'll go around back, okay?

Dusty: You okay?

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