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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 10/7/04

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Jennifer: Listen, plumbing isn't my thing, okay? All I know is the watchimacallit thing exploded. Well, how long before you can send somebody out?

Mike: Done.

Jennifer: Uh, sure, yeah, call me back. We might have it under control anyway. Thanks. You fixed it?

Mike: Yeah, I rigged it. But I think it'll hold until they can replace a part.

Jennifer: Well, pardon my ignorance, but when something explodes, isn't there usually, like, smoking rubble, flames, stuff like that?

Mike: You got lucky. It was a small explosion.

Jennifer: So we're safe until they can send somebody out?

Mike: Absolutely. So, why aren't you smiling?

Jennifer: Mike, I feel terrible -- you came over here and saved the day after I've been such a pain about all this stuff with Nikki.

Mike: You were just looking out for your sister.

Jennifer: Well, I think I might have overdone it. I mean, Nikki's love life is non of my business.

Mike: She's a big girl. She can look after herself.

Jennifer: Yeah, that might be in theory. But just in case you happen to run into her? Could you not mention you were here tonight?

Nikki: Where do you put it all?

Henry: It's my hollow leg. My keg leg. Hey, you're no slouch in the martini-draining department yourself there.

Nikki: I have an amazing tolerance for alcohol.

Henry: You got an amazing couple of things there. Yeah, sure -- observe the following, hmm? Wait, I got it, I got it, I got it -- I can do this. Don't let him see. Hold on. [Nikki laugh] Hold on, hold on. Don't laugh at me. Wait a second.

Nikki: Okay. That's nice. [Henry chocking] Are you okay?

Henry: Wait 'til you see what I do for an encore.

Dusty: You haven't been a pro for as long as I'd like, but I think you got what it takes.

Tony: Just put me in the ring, man. I'll show you what I'm made of.

Dusty: Get your gear on over there. Hey bud! Can I get a sparring partner? Let's keep our fingers crossed that this is our boy. 'Cause I gotta get Dominick off my back.

Lily: Forgive me for being late?

Craig: Oh, it was not a problem. Have a seat.

Lily: Oh, dear -- I've lost you before we've even had a cocktail. What's going on?

Craig: Oh -- I'm possessed by the spirit of Don Quixote.

Lily: You have an impossible dream?

Craig: I long to put my family back together.

Lily: You're talking about Lucy?

Craig: Yeah, well, Rosanna too. We were very happy, but maybe that's a lost cause.

Lily: Oh, come on. You're Craig! You're the anything goes type of guy! Always up for a challenge.

Craig: Well, I'm not going to recourt Rosanna the same time I'm trying to distract my daughter from Dusty Donovan and his underworld cronies.

Lily: Underworld cronies? Which ones?

Craig: You see that guy over there? With miss jungle-boogie?

Lily: Pardon?

Craig: Come on, you can't miss her -- she's bearing twins. Hmm?

Lily: Well, I hope the woman who's bearing twins is not the jealous type. Did you see what he just did to me?

Rosanna: Hi.

Carly: Hi.

Rosanna: So the woman from the water park was here? In the house?

Carly: Earlier today, yeah.

Rosanna: Wow, that's incredible! You see? You didn't stop hoping and something incredible happened -- what'd she say?

Carly: I wasn't here when she came by.

Rosanna: Are you sure it was her?

Carly: I showed the baby-sitter the sketch that the police artist drew, and she said it's the same woman.

Rosanna: Oh, great! So did you called her?

Carly: No! I can't call her, Rosanna, because she didn't leave her phone number

Rosanna: I hope she left her name --

Carly: No. No name, no number, no address, nothing. This woman, who possibly knows where Jack is, was here, in this house, today, and I am still no closer to finding him.

Jack: Leave? Hey, I was just getting used to St. Genevieve.

Julia: I know. And I know that it's a huge thing to ask, Jack --

Jack: But you want to move anyway? I mean, come on -- this is our home, right?

Julia: Right, but it will be home wherever we go, because it's you, and me, and J.J., and that what matters, right?

Jack: No, I get that. I do. What I don't get is why -- why you're acting like we're being chased out of town.

Julia: We're not. Okay. But Greta Williams, the social worker, is going to be breathing down our neck, you know? If that's what you want --

[Phone ringing]

Jack: No, let the machine get it. It's Frank with my work schedule.

Julia: Okay, so maybe you should talk to him, Jack. If we're going to be moving --

Jack: No, wait a minute! Hold on a second. We got to talk about this! Think of J.J. The school year started like a month ago --

Millie: Hi, Julia, it's Millie from over at St. Genevieve's. Sorry, the personnel says you used up your sick days, so today's day off is without pay. Call me if you have any questions.

Jack: What is she talking about? You didn't go to work today?

Julia: No.

Jack: So where were you?

Mike: Why should I have to keep it a secret from Nikki that your boiler exploded?

Jennifer: Because we don't want her to explode.

Mike: And I should have to explain myself to her because?

Jennifer: Well, no, no, you donít. It's just that, you know -- I mean, she has a thing for you, you know that.

Mike: Okay, I'll talk to her and straighten it out. All right? And while I'm at it, I'll tell her what a good sister you've been.

Jennifer: Well, good luck with that one. She thinks I have ulterior motives.

Mike: Like?

Jennifer: Like wanting you for myself.

Mike: You'll let me know if it gets to the mud wrestling stage, though, right?

Jennifer: Oh, it must be hell being Mike Kasnoff -- women constantly throwing themselves at you.

Mike: Nobody's throwing themselves at me, except for maybe a telemarketer or two.

Jennifer: No, I'm serious. I mean, you know how women want you. I mean, look at you in those jeans.

Mike: What are you talking about? They're practically falling off.

Jennifer: Yeah, but in all the right places.

Mike: Well, a few more trips to the laundry and it will be the Salvation Army for these babies.

Jennifer: You're kidding? No, you're not going throw those away, are you?

Mike: They're ripped. If I keep wearing them, people are gonna start tossing coins into my coffee cup.

Jennifer: You are clueless. There's a huge market for ripped jeans right now. You could make a fortune in the fashion world.

Mike: Selling these? You're nuts.

Jennifer: Maybe. But maybe not. Don't move.

Jordan: So, how long has this little party been going on?

Nikki: Long enough for Henry not to feel a thing.

Henry: No pain, no gain.

Nikki: I think we're starting to attract a little attention.

Jordan: Starting? Nikki, the maitre'd is taking bets on who's going to pass out first. Guys --

Nikki: Henry will be fine once we get him outside for some fresh air.

Jordan: Okay, how are you planning on getting this six-foot windbag out of here all by yourself?

Henry: 6'2 1/2", macho man.

Nikki: The kindness of strangers.

Jordan: Okay,. Come on, big guy, let's go.

Henry: She loves me --

Jordan: Upsy-daisy.

Henry: She loves me some more.

Nikki: Where are we taking him?

Jordan: As far away from a bottle of gin as we can get him.

Henry: No karaoke.

Rosanna: So, this woman, the woman from the water park, she tracks you down here, and the babysitter tells her to go to Snyder pond --

Carly: Yeah. And that's the last anybody's seen of her. And why didn't she make it to the pond? What if something happened to her?

Rosanna: I don't know, I don't know. I think there is something going on here that we don't fully understand. Look, she tracked you down here, she's gonna come back. You have to believe that.

Carly: I'm all for divine intervention, Rosanna. But right now, I have a feeling that Jack's guardian angels are missing in action.

Rosanna: What are you doing?

Carly: I'm calling in the big guns. I'm going to find that woman if it is the last thing I ever do.

Julia: I went to the library.

Jack: The library?

[Julia remembering]

Julia: Do you remember seeing these people? I saw something there last time I went with J.J. And I made a mental note to go back and get it.

Jack: So, you skipped work to check out a book?

[Julia remembering]

Julia: Miss Snyder?

Babysitter: Oh, no, I'm the sitter. Carly's not here.

Julia: Not a book, no. A magazine. It was a magazine, and the lead story was the "top ten best places to live in America."

Jack: Really?

Julia: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Well, I tell you what, if St. Genevieve isn't on that list, it should be. 'Cause I think it's pretty great. I think it's a great place.

Julia: What's wrong with doing better?

[Jack sighs]

Jack: Are you serious about this? I mean, I -- you didn't have to lie about me going to the library instead of going to work. You know that.

Julia: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't honest with you. It's just -- you know, I didn't want to say anything before I had more information.

[Julia remembering]

Babysitter: I know there's a pen here somewhere.

Julia: I have a pen.

Babysitter: Oh, for goodness sake. You know what? I know I've got a pen in my purse upstairs. I won't be a minute.

Jack: What's wrong?

Dusty: Get off the street, you're in the ring, Tony. What is that? Get off him!

Lucy: Where did you find this guy?

Dusty: I found Tony on the internet.

Lucy: You're very funny. What are his stats?

Dusty: His stats are 17 fights, 14 wins, 3 losses.

Lucy: Has he ever been K.O.'d? What?

Dusty: He's always up before the count of ten.

Lucy: According to Tony.

Dusty: Yeah. What's the matter, you don't trust boxers?

Lucy: Only yours.

Dusty: Ha, ha. That's cute.

Lucy: No, seriously, Dusty -- that guy would have said anything to get a shot in the ring with your guy.

Dusty: Not my guy, Dominicís guy. Stick and move, get off him!

Lucy: Whatever. The point is, we need someone who's good.

Dusty: Well, don't forget who's supposed to be the underdog.

Lucy: Tell me again this fight isn't fixed?

Dusty: It's not fixed. A little lopsided. What are you so worried about?

Lucy: I just don't want him to blow this for us, you know? We have a lot riding on this.

Dusty: Yeah, we get a one-way ticket out of town, that's what we get.

Lucy: Out of town and away from my father --

Dusty: Yeah, I'm countin' the days, right?

Lucy: Yeah -- I'm counting the days.

Lily: Is he still looking over here?

Craig: I think he's about leave silicone valley and invite you to a social club function.

Lily: Why me?

Craig: Have you looked in a mirror recently?

Lily: Oh, come on.

Craig: What?

Lily: Please. I'm married! I'm not sending out signals, am I?

Craig: So what? Relax, enjoy it. You'll get your trash hauled for free.

Lily: Is he in the mob?

Craig: Oh, I don't know. He's from Chicago, and he and Dusty Donovan are in -- business together.

Lily: What kind of business?

Craig: Boxing. And I bet you his comb that there's something more to it that just ain't legit.

Lily: What is Lucy doing? She should be worried about homecoming, not boxers and gambling. No wonder you're upset. What can I do to help you?

Craig: Well, you can stick around and help me think this through.

Lily: Okay. I got a sitter. Why not?

Craig: Want another drink?

Lily: Yes, I do. Why not? I've got to use the ladies room. I'll be right back.

Dominic: What's up with that broad, blowin' me off.

Woman: You know her?

Dominic: Why shouldn't I?

Woman: She looks kinda -- I don't know -- classy.

Dominic: She was never too good for me when she was hoofing down in Atlantic City. She was a lotta laughs. What I want to know is, what the hell is she doing here? Eat.

Hal: Rosanna, Carly -- what's wrong? Is something wrong with parker?

Carly: No, no, parker's fine. Hal, the woman from the water park -- she was here. She was looking for me. She said that she had information about Jack!

Hal: How did you even know it was her?

Carly: The babysitter I.D.ed her from the sketch.

Hal: How long ago was she here?

Carly: I don't know. An hour? Maybe two, I don't know.

Hal: Yeah, I want a uniform at 1213 Elm, Milltown. You're gonna pick -- yes, that's right, Jack Snyderís place. You're gonna pick up a forensic sketch, you're gonna reproduce it, and get it out to every precinct within a 100 mile radius. You got that? ASAP. Which sitter was it?

Carly: It's Tracy. She lives down the block.

Hal: Good. Get her over here, I want to talk to her.

Carly: Okay.

Jack: Are you okay? What's the matter?

Julia: Yeah, I just remembered that I left something at the library. I left a pen.

Jack: You know where you left it? Is it an expensive pen? J.J. Give it to you?

Julia: No, it's just a pen from the hospital.

Jack: Well, see, if you went to work today, you could have walked out with, like, 50 of them.

Julia: That's funny. It's the pen that I was using when I met you, so --

Jack: Oh, that's very sweet. Come here. [Julia laughs] I tell you what. I'll spring for a new pen, and we'll get it engraved, "St. Genevieve's best."

Julia: I don't want a new pen, Jack. I want a new life with you, somewhere that nobody from our past can swoop in on us.

Jack: Okay, I know we both have crazy exes, but I honestly believe that chapter is over, Julia. You've got to believe it, too.

Julia: Maybe. Maybe it is. But you remember when you said that you were done living like you were waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Jack: Yes, and I meant that.

Julia: Okay, well, that's how I feel all the time -- always. I'm anxious, Jack. I keep thinking that, you know, somebody's gonna come in and turn our lives upside-down.

Jack: Listen, the best thing that could have happened to us, believe it or not, was les walking into our wedding. I believe that, because he's not the husband anymore. He's not calling the shots, because now, I'm the husband.

Julia: What if he finds out that we got married under an assumed name, Jack, or that you used a fake I.D.? He could cause a lot of problems with J.J.

Jack: You are thinking of every possible worst-case scenario. No wonder you're so anxious.

Julia: I'm anxious because I have a lot to lose. I really do, Jack. I'm so afraid of that.

Jack: Listen, if you're worried about Greta Williams, I'm gonna handle Greta Williams.

Julia: Okay, well, she's already suspicious. She's already suspicious, and she's snooping around in our business, and it makes me feel like the walls are closing in on me. I need to get out of here as soon as possible.

Jack: Well, Julia, how -- how soon is soon? You got a son who's on a camping trip.

Julia: We'll pick him up on our way out of town.

Jack: So you want to go today?

Julia: I want to get out of here right away, Jack, while we still can.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Rosanna: That woman, whoever she is, came from wherever she did looking specifically for you. Now, that tells me she's trying to do the right thing.

Carly: Well, if she's trying so hard, where is she?

Julia: You're gonna love Louisville.

Jack: If you're there, I know I will.

Hal: Don't wait until after dinner break, don't call home. Get it out right now.

Cop: Yes, sir.

Hal: Okay. Tracy, what else do you remember about that woman?

Babysitter: I've told you everything. She was looking for Mrs. Snyder, but she thought Jack's wife was named Julia, and she said she had information about Mr. Snyder.

Carly: And you're sure that she didn't give a name?

Babysitter: No, no, I told you, and I forgot to ask. I mean, I figured she was coming down to the pond to look for you, she would tell you everything you needed to know then.

Hal: Well, what about her demeanor? Was she happy, was she sad? Was she nervous?

Babysitter: I don't know. She seemed normal. Look, I really need to be going if we're done here. I have a huge paper due.

Hal: Yeah, sure, go ahead.

Babysitter: I'm sorry if I messed up, Mrs. Snyder.

Carly: No, Tracy, you didn't mess up. Thanks for coming back. There has to be something.

Hal: I'm afraid if Tracy doesn't come up with some details she hasn't remembered, we don't have a lot to go on.

Carly: So I'm right back where I started from?

Hal: Not quite. Still, we've got the sketch. We're gonna post it. We'll let it get out there for awhile.

Carly: In the meantime, I wait, and I wait, and I wait!

Rosanna: Come on, you haven't given up on Jack --

Carly: Oh, please! Rosanna, if you tell me one more time not to give up hope --

Rosanna: This woman, whoever she is, came from wherever she did looking specifically for you. Now, that tells me she's trying to do the right thing.

Carly: Well, if she's trying so hard, where is she? Why did she give up?

Jack: Sit down, sit down. What is so horrible that is gonna happen that we can't take one more day to think this through?

Julia: I've thought about it.

Jack: Yeah, obviously, and you've worked yourself into a complete panic. Is it because you don't trust that I'm not gonna protect you?

Julia: No, I do, I do.

Jack: I just don't get why you would want to take J.J. out of school after -- he just started, honey. He's totally used to his teacher. I got this job because -- I owe Frank $1,500, darling. We haven't even talked about your job.

Julia: Okay, well, here's the thing that I wanted to tell you about my job. I have this friend that I went to school with. She's a really great girl, and she's a doctor in Louisville, Kentucky, at one of the best hospitals in the state. I asked her to put in a good word for me, and she said that I can start there at the nursing program as soon as we get there. So --

Jack: -- We can start a new life in Louisville, Kentucky. Is it on one of those top-ten lists of places to live? Because if it's not, what's the point?

Julia: It'll probably be great. It will definitely be fine. And you know what? If it's not, we can pick up and go someplace else?

Jack: Turn J.J. into one of those kids that starts a new school every year just 'cause his parents can't find the perfect place to hang their hats?

Julia: Yeah, but Jack, come on! What is the bottom line? The bottom line is if we're happy, then he's gonna be happy. We can have a better life there.

Jack: I don't know.

Julia: Do this for me. Please? Do you know how long it's been since I haven't felt anxious. I hate living like this, constantly looking over my shoulder. I mean, I want -- I want to be calm. I want to be that person again for you and for J.J. Most importantly, honey, for myself. You know, this job, it's waiting for me. It's there, and I don't know if I'm ever gonna have an opportunity like this again.

Jack: All right. Fine, fine. We'll do it, we'll do it. You sold me.

Julia: Thank you for saying yes.

Jack: Congratulations on your new job. I don't know what I'm gonna do about the $1,500 though.

Julia: I have some money saved. I have a couple thousand dollars, and you're gonna pay Frank, write him a check. We can leave here free and clear that way.

Jack: It's just -- we're gonna replace this money though.

Julia: Okay, so we'll do that. Thank you.

Jack: Where are you going? Wait.

Julia: I -- I have a job to quit and a paycheck to pick up. You're gonna love Louisville.

Jack: If you're there, I know I will. I love you.

Julia: I love you.

Jack: I love you.

Julia: I love you.

Henry: Stay still, will you? I -- I've got a date to impress.

Nikki: We used to ice skate here in the winter. I wish we could freeze this pond over right now.

Jordan: Oh, why don't you give Jen a call? I'm sure she could get the job done in no time.

Nikki: You know, she wants to hate you, so she plays the ice queen.

Jordan: Oh, so you mean it's just an act?

Nikki: I've seen the way she looks at you when she thinks you're not looking. She's so not over you.

Jordan: So what should I do? Do I leave her alone until she's over being mad at me, or do I force her to deal with me and risk losing her for good?

Nikki: Let's look at this like a case, okay? What do you know? That she loves you, right?

Jordan: Right, right. But -- but she's too damn mad to give in. Da da da da da da da well, it looks like our party animal is trying to bust loose. Come on, partner. Let's take a little walk here, okay? Come on. Now breathe.

Mike: Whoa, take it easy. There's some things down there that I'm kind of attached to. Oh, I'm so fond of that paint stain, too. [Phone rings] Get that before I end up walking out of my briefs.

Jennifer: And let you escape in my creation? Never.

Mike: Gee, I hope you still respect me in the morning.

Julia: I'm sorry. I hate leaving you with such short notice, but I'm sure you have tons of applicants, right? And you can understand why I can't pass up an opportunity like this.

Millie: Oh, sounds like a dream job. Where did you say it was?

Julia: It's in Nashville.

Millie: And your husband doesn't mind packing up and moving all the way to Tennessee?

Greta: Does Jack have family down south?

Julia: I -- don't know. I mean, you know, what I mean is that he has a very large family, Jack, so they're kind of all spread out.

Greta: Well, they must have been overjoyed to hear he was alive and well. So tell me, where is he from originally?

Julia: Yeah, I don't understand why this is still your concern, Greta?

Greta: A little defensive, aren't you? It was a simple question.

Julia: Excuse me, I have so much to do before I go. I've got a million things.

Greta: You're running away, Julia.

Jennifer: Fabulous! Absolutely fabulous!

Mike: You trashed my jeans!

Jennifer: No -- well, you were gonna throw them in the trash anyway.

Mike: Yeah, but I feel naked now.

Jennifer: Well, that's the idea. You feel sexy, too, right?

Mike: More like chewed up and spit out.

Jennifer: I think you're hot, and I'm the designer.

Mike: This is a design?

Jennifer: Come on. You look how every guy secretly wants to look -- a little dangerous, a little street. The urban animal in his natural habitat.

Mike: This animal is feeling a bit of a draft. Are we almost done here?

Jennifer: Actually, no.

Mike: Whoa! What are you doing?

Jennifer: Come on. Mike, please, I know you think that this is stupid, but there's actually something happening here.

Mike: Like what, blackmail?

Jennifer: I know what I can call it. "Street jeans -- the ultimate in low couture for the terminally hip."

Mike: Huh?

Jennifer: Come on, Mike. Move. Move! Move! Come on, think Vogue, Mike. Come on, think Vogue. Atta boy.

Nikki: How's Henry?

Jordan: He's better.

Nikki: Where is he?

Jordan: He's in the car.

Nikki: Doing what?

Jordan: Snoring. I said he was better, I didn't say he was conscious.

Nikki: I called Jen and left her a message for her to meet me over here.

Jordan: Why? Why did you do that? Shouldn't you have talked to me about that first?

Nikki: You know the way she looks at you? That's how you look at her.

Jordan: Right, except I still want to be with her and she basically wants me to drop dead.

Nikki: Well, there is that matter of you breaking her heart.

Jordan: So why did you call her?

Nikki: You don't stay mad at somebody you don't care about. On the emotional spectrum, anger is right up there next to passion.

Jordan: Really? They didn't teach us that at our lady of mercy. But I don't suppose you informed Jennifer that I was here when you invited her?

Nikki: I may have left that detail out. [Car horn honking] Sounds like Henryís risen from the martini dead.

Jordan: Hey, Henry! We're over here, buddy! Last one in's a rotten egg!

Craig: Ah.

Lily: I need that drink.

Craig: It's not going to make your boyfriend go away.

Lily: Did you see him stand up and greet me like that like he didn't even have a date with him? Men can be pigs.

Craig: Well, some pigs don't stop 'til they find a truffle, like this one. Well, if he tries anything, kick his bacon. I bet he sings soprano.

Lily: Craig. Oh, hello.

Craig: I believe we've met.

Dominic: Sorry, I got a bone to pick with the lady here.

Craig: Oh.

Dominic: Tell me something, what did I do? Why are you giving me the cold shoulder?

Dusty: All right, Tony, show me you're not a street punk. Give me a couple of rounds.

Bud: All right, gentlemen. To your corners. On my signal -- fight! Stick and move. What do you think?

Lucy: What do I know? I found my guys in the internet.

Dusty: You know what the problem with your guy is?

Lucy: He's good?

Dusty: He's too good. Who's the sparring partner?

Bud: Some new kid that's been hanging around the gym.


Jennifer: Oh, come on, Mike. We're almost down to the wire here. Make love to the camera.

Mike: Who are you?

Jennifer: Give me all you've got.

Mike: What have you done with Jennifer Munson?

Jennifer: I am Annie Liebovitz.

Mike: I don't know her.

Jennifer: Then just pretend that I'm your very first girlfriend.

Mike: My first girlfriend taught me to slow dance.

[Phone rings]

[Jennifer sighs]

Jennifer: Hello?

Nikki: Hey, it's me. Did you get my message?

Jennifer: No, no, I didnít. I didn't hear my phone ring.

Nikki: I'm at Snyder pond. Where are you?

Jennifer: B.R.O.

Nikki: Get your butt over here.

Mike: Hey, if that's the boiler guy, tell him I disconnected the --

Nikki: Do I hear Mike? Is he there with you?

Jennifer: Well, yes. But only because he -- Nikki? Nikki? She hung up on me.

Mike: Where is she?

Jennifer: At Snyder pond, but she heard your voice. She knows you're with me, and she is not a happy camper.

Nikki: We're outta here.

Jordan: Was that Jen? What did she say?

Henry: Geronimo!

Mike: We'll hop in the car, head over to Snyder pond and explain.

Jennifer: That won't be necessary. If I know my sister, she won't waste any time finding us.

Henry: To think I had you pegged for a gentleman. Have you had your quota of fun for the night or is there an encore?

Jordan: Henry, how was I supposed to know that you'd believe that we were skinny dipping in October?

Henry: A beautiful woman, two able-bodied men, a little splash, splash. Do the math, Sinclair.

Jordan: So -- so what was the phone call about?

Nikki: I'm doing my sister a favor by calling her to bump into you here, and who do I hear in the background? Mike. He's over at B.R.O. with my sister.

Jordan: So?

Nikki: So you are so naive.

Henry: Stop! Stop them!

Jordan: Stop who?

Henry: The thieves who stole my clothes.

Dusty: Stick and move. Relax. Don't be so eager! Relax! Hold it!

Bud: Nah, he's done. Hey! Somebody help me get this turkey off the table.

Lucy: That guy wouldn't last one round. This is your idea of a worthy challenger?

Dusty: He's pathetic. You thinking what I'm thinking?

Lucy: The other guy?

Dusty: Hey, kid! Take your gear off, I wanna talk to you.

Dominic: I'm polite. I smile. I was even gonna introduce you to Kiki. But then you high-hat me like you never laid eyes on me.

Lily: I don't know you. Do I?

Dominic: I never pegged Rose d'angelo for a poser. The Rosie I knew would never turn her back on a friend, you know?

Lily: Oh -- you don't understand. I'm not --

Craig: She's not used to running into people she knows -- here in Oakdale. Are you, Rosie?

Jack: Yeah, come on in -- Frank, thanks again for everything. Especially for the loan.

Frank: Yeah. You know -- I still don't get why you gotta split town so soon, Jack. I mean, you were packing 'em in down at the club and everything -- don't you think, maybe I could talk you into staying a little bit?

Jack: No, Frank. I'm positive. I gotta do this, but thanks for taking a chance on a guy like me -- I appreciate it.

Frank: Yeah, what chance? You're the best piano man we've had down at the bar.

Jack: Well, thank you.

Blackmoor: Jack.

Jack: Yeah, come on in. Yeah, just give me a sec. Okay? Listen, again, I can't thank you enough --

Frank: Are you, uh -- are you in some kinda trouble, Jack? Listen, I know some guys down at the club --

Jack: No, I'm fine. Frank, I'm fine. Really. Now, come on, get out of here. I really appreciate it. Bye.

Blackmoor: One Kentucky driver's license, C.O.D.

Jack: Yes, of course. C.O.D.

Blackmoor: So how come you're pulling the stakes? I thought you liked it here.

Jack: I do, a lot.

Blackmoor: How come you're splittin' then?

Jack: Well, sometimes you just need to start fresh.

Greta: So you landed a job in Nashville.

Julia: Um-hmm. So you can see I'm not running away from anything.

Greta: You're aware that I visited Jack earlier today?

Julia: Yes, he mentioned it.

Greta: I gave him some forms to fill out. And now that he has his memory back, we need information for our records.

Julia: Well, I'm sure he'll get around to it.

Greta: Will he?

Julia: What are you getting at, Greta?

Greta: I don't think that man has any idea who he is. But you married him anyway. You had no business doing that, Julia. No, your husband needs therapy -- he has a right to know who he is and where he comes from. It's the only thing that will give him back his life.

Julia: He's got a life -- he has a life with me, okay?

Greta: I'm gonna report this.

Julia: Knock yourself out. Oh, my God.

Hal: This sketch is being posted everywhere within an 100-mile radius. It'll scare something up.

Carly: I hope you're right.

Hal: I'll call the minute I hear something.

Carly: Thanks.

Hal: Give Parker a hug.

Carly: Yes, I will.

Rosanna: Can I get you something to eat?

Carly: No. Please donít.

Rosanna: Maybe a little sandwich or something?

Carly: I'm sorry I snapped at you.

Rosanna: It's okay. I know.

Carly: I feel like Jack's close enough to touch -- I just don't know how to reach him.

Rosanna: Just keep calling him in your heart. You'll get a sign, I know you will --

Carly: Hey, sweetie.

Rosanna: Did you finish your movie?

Carly: Hey -- whatcha doin'? Parker? Parker, are you okay? "St. Genevieve hospital." That's funny, I emptied this trash just this morning. This wasn't in --

Rosanna: It has to be hers.

Carly: She left her pen, Rosanna. Jack's in St. Genevieve!

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Lucy: I forgot to mention -- Aaron is off-limits -- don't even think about it.

Julia: Hey, Frank. What brings you by?

Frank: This brings me by. You've got some explaining to do, my friend.

Carly: Do you recognize this woman?

Nurse: Sure, that's Julia.

Carly: Julia?

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