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[Thunder & sawing noises]

Craig: Oh, Mr. Ramsey. Have a seat.

Dominic: All right, let's cut to the chase. What's this all about?

Craig: You have something against a friendly drink?

Dominic: We're not friends, Montgomery. I barely know you.

Craig: So what! What are you drinking?

Dominic: I'm not. So let's hear it. This club, you own a piece of, right? Is there any reason why I shouldn't buy out Donovanís share?

Craig: This isn't about metro.

Dominic: Then you need to tell me why Iím here.

Craig: You and Dusty Donovan seem to have a lot of irons in the fire. I get the feeling that buying him out of Metro is only part of the deal.

Dominic: I don't see what that has to do with you.

Craig: The girl he's been seeing is of considerable interest to me.

Dominic: Right. Your little girl. You know, I hate to break it to you, but she's not so little anymore. She's a fine-looking woman. Now, Donovan always did have an eye for grade a prime, if you don't mind me saying.

Craig: I do mind. And if you want to keep breathing, Mr. Ramsey, you keep your crass appraisal of my daughter to yourself.

Dusty: Yeah, somebody new to the scene, who's looking for experience. You find someone, you call me. You got the number, right? Thanks.

Lucy: You know, I know a great way to work off all that frustration.

Dusty: You're trying to kill me, right?

Lucy: No, come on, Don. Let's see what you've got.

Dusty: You come down here dressed like this and you want to spar with me?

Lucy: Unless you had something else in mind?

Aaron: Let me just say this one more time, because I don't think it sunk in the first. My answer is no.

Alison: Didn't you just hear anything I just said?

Aaron: Every word.

Alison: Okay, well maybe you're not getting the big picture here. My sister, who seduced my fiancť, has now decided to move back into my house under the same roof with my mom, who knew what was going on, and she didn't even have the decency to tell me. It's a big house full of liars and backstabbers. I'd rather eat worms than live there.

Aaron: Look, I understand that, Ali, but you're not staying with me.

Alison: Well, Aaron, I will pay my own way.

Aaron: No.

Alison: Come on, you can't say no to me.

Aaron: Is that written somewhere?

Alison: Yeah, yeah. It's written in the big book of friendship.

Aaron: Friendship? Well, I must have missed that chapter.

Alison: You promised me you would be there for me, no matter what. What happened?

Aaron: Call it a change of heart.

Announcer: The role of Hal Munson is now being played by Randolph Mantooth.

[Hal sighs]

Hal: Oh, hey, Carly. Come on in.

Carly: Thanks.

Hal: I'm sorry about the mess. I just got home. Can I get you anything?

Carly: No, no, thanks.

Hal: Everything okay? Parker's all right?

Carly: Yes, I just dropped him off at a birthday party. Massive amounts of ice cream, followed by a sleepover where no one sleeps.

Hal: Sounds like fun. Come on, sit down.

Carly: Thanks. So, listen, Hal, I just wanted you to know how grateful I am that Iíve had Parker with me so much lately. He's been a big help, you know? Keeping my mind off things.

Hal: Jack being missing has been hard on all of us. You know, it's easy to see how much you two need one another.

Carly: So, I hear that Will has been released.

Hal: Oh, I get it.

Carly: What? Get what?

Hal: You're here to make sure I keep Parker away from his unpredictable brother. You think he's dangerous. Well, Carly, before you actually start jumping to conclusions, why don't you ask me what his doctors --

Carly: Will you slow down, please? Hal, you're the one who's jumping to conclusions.

Hal: You're not here to put me on notice about Will?

Carly: No. No, I'm here because Parker can't wait to see his big brother and I was just wondering what time I can bring him by tomorrow.

Hal: Sorry. Thank you, Carly. Thank God somebody's happy to see that kid back at home.

Will: Hey, Paul. How'd you know we were here?

Paul: Hal called to tell me to ride by and pick you up. Rosanna, I didn't expect to see you here. That's icing on the cake. So, is it laundry day?

Will: Yeah, Rosanna found it in the reeds and I sort of snuck up behind her. She was about to scream bloody murder.

Paul: She screamed? Did you frighten her, Will?

Will: Well, I was joking.

Paul: Why is everything always a joke to you? Apologize.

Rosanna: It's okay. You don't have to apologize. It's fine. It was funny. Wasn't it, Will? It was funny.

Will: Yeah.

Rosanna: I'm just waiting to get him back.

Julia: J.J.'s underwear, ready to be packed.

Jack: Honey, he's going camping overnight. You've got enough underwear there for a semester overseas.

Julia: Yeah, well, he could get cold. He could get wet. Lots of things could happen.

Jack: He's a big kid. He can take care of himself for one night. And I got to tell you the truth -- I can't wait to take care of his mom. Think about it. The house to ourselves. That sweet sound of silence.

Julia: Music to my ears, baby.

Jack: Do you think it's too early for a second honeymoon?

Julia: No.

Jack: Never?

J.J.: Mom! My bottle with the message inside. It's gone. Somebody stole it.

Julia: J.J., I'm sorry. Honey, I didn't tell you. I accidentally broke your bottle and I had to throw it away.

J.J.: Aw, man. Come on, Mom. It was so cool. You don't find something like that every day.

Jack: Yeah, I know. It's the first message in a bottle I ever remember seeing.

J.J.: What did you do with the stuff inside?

[Julia remembering]

Julia: What's this? Um, you could hardly make out what it was. It was all wet and ratty.

J.J.: You could see there was a picture in there. And I saw writing on the back.

Jack: A picture somebody drew?

J.J.: No, a picture picture, from a camera.

Jack: Really, from a camera? So, who was in it, Julia? Did you solve the mystery of the magic bottle?

Alison: Aaron, what's wrong? Why are you being so cruel to me?

Aaron: I can't do this anymore.

Alison: You can't be my friend?

Aaron: Be your friend? It's not good enough. Okay, if I said it was, I'd be lying. Okay, you don't want me to push you, so I'm stepping back. Okay? But you know what I want. And if I can't have that, I'm not going to be that close buddy of yours that fixes things. And I sure as heck am not going be that shoulder to cry on when some jerk like Chris breaks your heart. Okay? I have a heart, too, and it's time I started living for me.

Will: What's wrong? What did I say?

Paul: Nothing.

Will: Yeah, right. That was enough to make you go nuts.

Paul: I overreacted.

Rosanna: That's an understatement.

Will: Look, Rosanna, if I did anything to scare you, Iím sorry.

Rosanna: No, you didn't. You don't have to apologize. It's your brother, here. He's the one who doesn't have a sense of humor.

Paul: She's right. I'm sorry, Will. I misread the situation and I overreacted. You know what, let's just pretend that I never opened up my big mouth, at all.

Rosanna: If only that were possible.

Paul: Okay, can we please start over? It's nice to see you.

Rosanna: Well, thanks.

Paul: So, what's new and exciting?

Will: Rosanna offered me a job.

Paul: Really? You're working at Cabot Motors, huh?

Rosanna: No, here at the farm. Emma's gone for a few weeks, so Iím keeping an eye on things.

Will: Yeah, Iím gonna be her right-hand guy, you know, helping out with the harvest and do whatever they do to hay. Stuff like that. Whatever she needs.

Paul: Well, I think that's a great opportunity.

Rosanna: Yeah, it is for Will. And not for anybody else.

Paul: Well, will you do me a favor? Run up to the house and get a bag so we can bring some of those apples home.

Will: Yeah, be right back.

Paul: Thanks.

Rosanna: You know, this is a working farm, okay? It's for profit. It's not for Emmaís amusement, or yours.

Paul: All right. So, how much money for a half-bushel of apples?

Rosanna: For you, laughing boy -- $50.

Paul: $50?

Rosanna: Yeah, keep it up and make it $100. Hey why not $200?

Paul: Okay, that's a nice profit. You have great apples.

Rosanna: What's so funny? Why are you smiling so much?

Paul: It's just really great to see you.

Carly: So, I take it Will's homecoming hasn't been universally embraced?

Hal: It's being universally talked about. They figure he's as bad as is his mother. And that's about all they expect from him. I just pray he can prove them wrong.

Carly: Oh, I'm sure he will. If I can change a few people's minds about me, I think Will can do it with his eyes closed.

Hal: So, how are things in Milltown? Anything new in Jack's search?

Carly: No, no, actually Iím giving up.

Hal: Carly, you actually think Jack is --

Carly: No. No, I'm giving up the search. I'm not giving up hope. It's just that I can't keep chasing every single lead. It's not good for Parker. It's not good for me.

Hal: I'm sure that was a tough decision.

Carly: Yes, it was. But I'm going to do something I haven't done in a very long time. I'm leaving it in God's hands. Well, God's and Jack's.

Julia: It was just a picture that somebody must have cut out of a magazine.

J.J.: What about the writing? There were words on it, right?

Julia: J.J., you know, if there were words on it, I must've missed them.

J.J.: You should've looked harder, Mom.

Julia: I know, babe. I'm sorry, okay. Listen, I promise you, it'll never happen again. I shouldn't have thrown it out without talking to you about it.

J.J.: Okay.

Julia: Okay? You still love me? You do? Come here. I love you.

Jack: Okay, buddy, why don't you go get the rest of your camping gear together? Okay?

J.J.: Okay.

Jack: You can't still be kicking yourself for throwing out that picture -- come on.

Julia: No, no, no. I just -- I always tell my son to respect other people's property.

Jack: Yeah, honey, it's no big deal. He'll forget about it in like ten minutes. All right? We'll never have to talk about it again. Come here. Come on, come on. There's the boy. There's the boy.

J.J.: Can you help me pack the rest of my junk?

Jack: Yes, yes. You need a flashlight. That is essential for everything, including late night trips to the outhouse and ghost stories around the campfire.

Julia: No ghost stories. No.

Jack: And don't forget to change your underwear like five times a day because that's how much your mother packed.

J.J.: Mom!

Julia: Oh, baby. What else you got there? Is that a compass?

[Jack remembering]

Carly: I took your advice. I found the compass. It led me right to you.

J.J.: Dad?

Julia: Hey, babe, are you okay? What's the matter? You were just totally not with us.

Alison: You're right.

Aaron: I am?

Alison: I'm an adult. And this is my problem to solve and I'm gonna fix it.

Aaron: I'm glad to hear it.

Alison: You're the most generous, true person that I know.

Aaron: Right. Okay, well, yeah, just the other day, you were the one --

Alison: No, just forget about that, okay? Just think of it as my own change of heart. You're sweet and honest, even if it means taking a 100% chance that Iíll hate you. And I respect that.

Aaron: That's just great. That's just what I wanted to hear.

Alison: No, you know what I mean.

Aaron: No, I don't, Ali. Why don't you just stop being polite and just say what's on your mind?

Alison: Well, now that I know how you feel about me, I would never want you to think that Iím using you, okay? It's just that you've always been the easiest person that I could turn to, no matter what stupid thing I did. You were the only person who understood and you accepted me. Whatever. It doesn't matter. You're a great person.

Aaron: No, I'm not.

Alison: Yeah, you are. And I really do hope that you take care of yourself. It's about time that I start doing the same. So, will you wish me luck?

Dominic: I don't get involved in these domestic disputes.

Craig: But you do promote boxing, am I right? And manage fighters?

Dominic: So? I mean, that's as legitimate as -- whatever it is you do.

Craig: Uh-huh. Then maybe you won't mind explaining what it is that you and dusty are mixed up in.

Dominic: I don't gotta explain anything to you.

Craig: You're aware of his past?

Dominic: Everybody's got a past.

Craig: You've known him a while?

Dominic: Yeah, we go back.

Craig: Then you know he can't be trusted.

Dominic: More than I trust you. Look, you got a beef with Dusty, you set it up with him.

Craig: Oh, I have. I will. Mr. Ramsey, my daughter means everything to me and I will do whatever I have to do to protect her.

Dominic: Knock yourself out. I got nothing to hide. Take it easy, huh.

Craig: Yeah, well, we'll see.

Lucy: Okay, no more phone calls. I'm taking you to dinner.

Dusty: Dressed like that?

Lucy: Well, it's all part of my plan to get you out of this gym and your mind back on me where it belongs.

Dusty: I wish I could right now. You know I wish I could.

Lucy: But?

Dusty: But I never thought it'd be so difficult to find this guy, Rafael, an opponent.

Lucy: Neither did I.

Dusty: Yeah. Well, once I find him, the hard part is over with. The fight goes down, I collect, and we're outta this town.

Lucy: Remind me again why this is the only way we can make money.

Dusty: It's not the only way. Stop saying that. It's the quickest way I know how to make a buck. And when I sell the shares -- when I sell my shares of Metro to Dominic, we're free from this place.

Lucy: Why can't we just come up with some other way to make the money and then leave?

Dusty: I can't, this is bigger than me and you, right now. You know, I got people counting on this fight. Careers are gonna be made here.

Lucy: What if you just told Dominic you couldn't find an opponent? I'm sure you could come up with some way to make him understand.

Dusty: I'm committed. I gave him my word. Walking away is not an option.

Lucy: What if I asked you to? Would you do that for me?

Rosanna: Look, for your information, I didn't hire Will as a way for you to just walk back into daily routine.

Paul: Right. Okay, I got that.

Rosanna: No, I don't think you got it. It was Holdenís idea. It was his suggestion.

Paul: Well, that's very nice of Holden. I would say it's very nice of you, too, but I don't want you to accuse me of being polite to you, so --

Rosanna: I knew that this was gonna happen. I knew that you were gonna think that if I hired Will, it was just some open invitation for you to just walk into my life.

Paul: Well, Freud does say that our subconscious actions --

Rosanna: I haven't forgotten.

Paul: I haven't forgotten, either.

Rosanna: You know, just because some time has passed, do you think that I am over what happened to Cabot? You think that you and I are just gonna start off where we left off? My child died. And I'm sorry, but for better or for worse, every time I look at you, I remember. I remember how everything could have been different.

Jack: Sorry, I zoned out there, didn't I? I remembered something, that's all.

Julia: What?

Jack: A buddy of mine from Costelloís, Rudy, he was going to drop off some sheet music for me. And the compass, oddly enough, reminded me that I gotta call and give him directions. That's it. Here --

J.J.: Thanks.

Julia: J.J., you have everything?

J.J.: I'm sure.

Jack: You know how you can tell? He can barely carry it, that's how. All right.

[Car horn beeps]

J.J.: That's them!

Jack: Hey! Don't forget your flash light.

Julia: What are you doing?

Jack: Hold up, hold up.

Julia: Give me a kiss, before you go. I love you.

J.J.: Bye.

Jack: All right, now get out of here, boy!

Julia: Be safe.

Jack: Get out.

Julia: No ghost stories.

Jack: And don't play in the poison ivy.

Julia: I love you.

J.J.: Bye.

Julia: Bye. It is so quiet here when he's gone. So, anything special you want for dinner because I was thinking about candlelight and maybe opening the bottle of champagne that Frank gave us for our wedding, and why don't you call your friend? What's his name? The guy -- Rudy? From Costelloís --

Jack: I'll get back to him sometime.

Julia: Okay.

Jack: I'm gonna go outside and get some fresh air.

Julia: Hey, Iím not trying to get in your space.

Jack: You silly? Absolutely not. What's up?

Julia: I don't know. That's kind of what I was wondering. I mean, something very clearly happened in there. You were with us one minute and then the next --

Jack: I remembered something. From before the accident.

Julia: What?

Jack: A woman's face.

Julia: Do you have any idea who she is?

Jack: Not a clue.

Julia: What did she look like?

Jack: Blonde hair, cut to about here, five feet five, big blue eyes. I guess -- Julia. Hey, what is it? What'd I say? Did I put my foot in my mouth again, honey? What's wrong? You've gotta tell me.

Julia: Jack, I can't because you'll think Iím crazy, and then you'll leave, and Iíll never see you again.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Jack: When she popped into my head, it was like -- I don't know, the wind was knocked out of me.

Julia: It almost sounds like it could be love.

Paul: Come back to me. I love you.

Jack: You've gotta tell me what's going on. All right? There's nothing that you're gonna say that's gonna make me think you're crazy. You couldn't run me away with a stick if you tried. Got it? So, stop. Stop it. Why are you crying?

Julia: I just -- I love you so much. I don't know. I hate to see you tortured by these memories, or whatever --

Jack: I shouldn't have said anything. Why did I say --?

Julia: No, listen, I'm glad you did, because, Jack, I'm your wife, and I want to go through this with you --

Jack: Yeah, if we only knew what this is.

Julia: This blonde woman -- did she say anything to you? I mean, did she do anything?

Jack: She was holding a compass. That's what that compass thing was. She said she was using it to try to find me.

Julia: And you have no idea who she was?

Jack: Whoever she is, or was, or represents, she must've meant something -- been important.

Julia: How do you mean?

Jack: It's hard to say. But when she popped into my head, it was like -- I don't know, the wind was knocked out of me. I felt dizzy.

Julia: It almost sounds like it could be love.

[Phone ringing]

Carly: Do you mind?

Hal: No, go right ahead.

[Phone ringing]

Carly: Hello?

Sue: Carly? Hi, it's Sue, Trevorís mom.

Carly: Hi, how's the party going?

Sue: Oh, we're having a great time. But I'm afraid Parker isn't feeling well.

Carly: Oh, no. The poor little guy, he probably had too much ice cream. Tell him Iím on my way to pick him up. Okay, thanks.

Hal: Parker okay?

Carly: Yeah, it's just a little tummy ache, you know birthday parties. I'm sure he will feel better in the morning and then I'll bring him by, okay?

Hal: Okay.

Alison: How am I supposed to afford any of these places? I can't work at the hospital anymore, not with Chris there. I wonder if anybody needs a kidney. Oops.

Kid #1 he did it!

Kid #2 he did it!

Kid #3 he did it!

Diner waitress: That's it! I've had enough!

Diner manager: You can't leave me like this!

Diner waitress: Well, too bad. I quit.

Alison: I'll take the job!

Dusty: Hey, what's all this about? I thought you were cool with the idea. What's going on?

Lucy: I am. All right, I was. But every time I look at Dominic -- I don't trust him. Do you?

Dusty: You don't have to trust him.

Lucy: Right. Because I'm not involved. I'm just the girlfriend.

Dusty: Hey, hey, come on. Come on now. Don't be like that.

Lucy: Be like what? Act like I don't care, act like I don't have a brain --

Dusty: Can we talk about this stuff later?

Lucy: Count on it.

Lucy: Let me guess. Alison?

Paul: I can't live in a world without you.

Rosanna: And I can't live in a world without my son.

Paul: I wasn't going let you die!

Rosanna: And you had a choice.

Paul: All right, if you want me to apologize for saving your life, Iím not going to do that. You want me to explain it to you? I canít. You want me to justify it to you? I wonít. It was self-preservation. It was instinct. I need for you to live like I need air to breathe.

Rosanna: You call this living?

Paul: You're right. You're not.

[Paul sighs] you're not living you life now, Rosanna. You're hiding, and -- I understand that, but come back. You come back to me. I love you.

Rosanna: The woman that you loved doesn't exist anymore.

Paul: Okay, you hate me. And you need to do that right now. And I accept that. But underneath all of that anger and all of that sadness, I know that you remember how good we are. I know you still feel something for me. And I know that what you feel, you've never felt with anyone before.

Rosanna: What do you want from me?

Paul: I really want you to want your life back, Rosanna. I want you to want me in your life.

Rosanna: I want to go, Paul. Please, let me go.

Paul: You don't want to go.

Rosanna: Yes, I do.

Paul: No. Okay, fine, you want to go, go. Push me in the pond and go.

Rosanna: You're not actually going to stand here and do that arrogant male thing where you pretend to know how a women actually feels --

Paul: Okay, tell me that you feel nothing. Go ahead, tell me that you don't remember what we have. Tell me that there isn't a part of you that you that doesn't wonder what we still could have.

Rosanna: Not only are you arrogant -- you're wrong.

Will: Hey. I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

Paul: No. Not at all, Will

Rosanna: Uh, listen, I think you should just get home early.

Will: How do you like them apples?

Rosanna: You know, you don't want to be tired, you want to get a lot of rest for your next day's work, right?

Will: Yeah, well, I can stay longer though if you want me to.

Rosanna: No, no.

Paul: Yeah, come on. Don't leave on my account.

Rosanna: Its fine, really, you should go.

Will: Oh, okay. Well, do you want me to back here tomorrow morning?

Rosanna: Yeah, absolutely. Bright and early.

Will: Okay. Cool.

Paul: Then I guess our work here is done. For now.

Will: See you later, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Yeah, see you, Will.

Paul: Sweet dreams.

Lucy: I heard about the wedding. Sounds pretty awful. How's she doing?

Aaron: You know Alison.

Lucy: She's lucky she has you.

Aaron: She doesn't have me. I am not her baby-sitter, I am not her therapist, and I am not her nursemaid.

Lucy: I never -- I never said that you were.

Aaron: Do you believe that she actually wanted to move in with me?

Lucy: That would be a good thing, wouldn't it?

Aaron: No! No, she's running away from Emily, and Chris, and her own life. She doesn't want to be with me. She wants to hide. And I'm not spending the rest of my life making sure the world's a better place for Ali. If she's old enough to get married, then you know what? She's old enough to live her own life. And from this point on, that's Iím doin'. I'm living my life for Aaron.

Alison: I was born to wait tables. I'm fast on my feet, great in a crisis, and I never forget any order, and Iím good with everybody. Kids, even creeps. And I know that the customer is always right and I always give amazing service with a smile. See?

Diner manager: Okay, I get it. You want a job.

Alison: I need a job.

Kid #1 I want ice cream!

Kid #2 I want cake!

Alison: And you need me. So, what do you say?

Carly: Hey, buddy.

Sue: Hi, Carly. I'm glad you could make it.

Carly: What happened with Parker?

Sue: I wish I knew. One minute, he's having a great time with his friends, and all of a sudden, he just froze. Dropped his spoon, looked right through me, told me I had to call you. Not after the party, not in a few minutes, but now. So I called.

Carly: Thank you.

Sue: I hope everything's okay.

Carly: Yeah, me, too. Hey. It's all right, honey. I'll take you right home, and I'll get you something for your tummy.

Parker: I have to tell you something.

Carly: Anything. What is it?

Parker: It's private.

Carly: Oh?

Parker: Come on, let's go outside. It's important.

Jack: Listen to me, honey, listen. It was meant nothing, it was a flash of a memory. That's all it was. I don't even know what it means.

Julia: I'm fine.

Jack: No, you're not!

Julia: I am.

Jack: No! You know, here I am talking about some blonde, like she means something. Now you know who you're married to, an insensitive pig, I guess.

Julia: No, you're not!

Jack: You're constantly worried about this family that's going to show up and take me away, and here I am talking about some blonde, like she's rocking my world, which is not the case.

Julia: Look, Jack, we both -- we both know that eventually you might start putting the pieces of your memory back together, and that's good. I mean, you're having -- you're having images. That's a good thing, you know?

Jack: And it's such a good thing, right? And it's so good that's -- if it's so good, why are you so sad?

Julia: I'm not sad, Iím not really sad. I mean, how could I be sad? I have the man that I've waited my whole life for.

Jack: So, you always cry when you're ecstatic?

Julia: I don't know. I've never been ecstatic before. Let me tell you something about me. When I was a little girl, I loved fairy tales. I loved reading them to J.J. When he was a little boy because, I really loved telling him all about Prince Charming, who'd ride into town and -- save the day, you know? Put the witch in the oven, and bring the giant down, or kill the big bad wolf. And -- in my life, Jack, I usually end up with the troll under the bridge. But you are -- you're my Prince Charming, you're my happily ever after, you're my fairy tale, and you make me feel so happy and so safe.

Jack: And loved?

Julia: And so loved, so loved. No matter what happens, I will always be grateful to you for that.

Jack: Well that's a good thing. Because you're gonna have a whole lifetime to show me just how grateful.

Julia: Do we really get a whole lifetime? You and me and J.J.?

Jack: Are you kidding me? I'll tell you what, I'm thinking about adding another little Jackson to the mix. J.J. would be a great big brother. What do you think?

Julia: I think that's a beautiful idea.

Jack: Good. We're gonna make that fairy tale come true then, but you've gotta better come up with a better way than tears to show me how happy you are. All right?

Julia: Let me, um -- let me go inside and make your dinner. You stay out here, okay? And enjoy the air.

Jack: Yeah, it's nice, huh?

Julia: Yeah, it's -- I love this time of year, you know? Because -- people always associate it with death and dying, and the end of, you know, sort of a life-cycle. I always think of it as the beginning.

Jack: You're really okay?

Julia: Yeah. I'll call you when your dinner's ready, okay?

Jack: Okay.

Diner manager: The waitress job is yours if you can --

Alison: You won't regret this.

Diner manager: Start right away, and work the graveyard shift.

Alison: Okay, deal. Where's my apron? Hi, my name's Alison, I'll be your waitress, just tell me what you need.

Kid #1: I told you a need a clean spoon!

[Kids yelling]

Bud: Hey, lookin' good, kid. Lookin' good. Hey remember me from Metro? I'm the manager here.

Aaron: Hey. Bud, right?

Bud: Yeah, right. Listen, I thought you should know -- that guy over there -- he's looking for a fighter.

Aaron: You know, I'm just hitting the bag, man, I'm not like a pro.

Bud: Hey, don't sell yourself short. They're talking about big bucks. I think you should check it out.

Dominic: So, you're finding my pigeon or what?

Dusty: I'm working on it.

Dominic: Work faster. Your buddy, Montgomeryís sniffing around, he's asking questions.

Dusty: What'd you say to him?

Dominic: What do you think?

Dusty: I think he's an idiot.

Dominic: Yeah, well, he spoke real highly about you, too.

Dusty: He's trouble, stay away from him.

Dominic: Yeah, he loves the fact that you're shackin' up with his daughter.

Lucy: Hey, you ready?

Dusty: Yeah. Let's go. Stay away from him.

Dominic: Yeah. I gotcha.

Rosanna: What Iím saying is, uh -- I didn't expect to feel this way. I wasn't even sure that I wanted to, but -- I can't help it. I love you.

Carly: What is it, Parker? Is it your tummy? Is it your head?

Parker: I'm not sick.

Carly: Did something happen at the party? Well, are you going to tell me, or do I have to guess?

Parker: I had a feeling. Not a sick feeling. A feeling about Jack.

Carly: What about Jack?

Parker: He's back, Mom. I feel him stronger than ever.

Julia: Deshields Photography Studio. Oakdale. Okay. Hello, Millie? Yeah, it's Julia. I'm fine. Listen, I know it's really short notice and everything, but I need to ask a favor -- I need -- I need to take the day off tomorrow? No, everything's fine. Everything's fine. I just -- I have a personal matter that I need to -- I need to clear up.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Aaron: You're not staying in your car!

Alison: Well, Iím not staying at the Lakeview, not on 30 bucks.

Aaron: Then stay with me.

Parker: Mom's getting rid of Jack.

Jack: Who are you?

Julia: I just got to do this on my own.

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