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Alison: I mean it, Mom. Emily leaves or I do. Who's it going to be?

Susan: You're both my children.

Alison: Yeah?

Susan: Well, you both need to be here. I can't choose between you.

Alison: Okay, guess what? You already did.

Susan: No, wait, sweetie.

Alison: Goodbye!

Megan: There he is.

Rachel: How can he be as hot in clothes as he was when he was out of them?

Megan: Shh.

Rachel: Hey.

Aaron: Hey!

Rachel: Remember us?

Aaron: Oh yeah.

Rachel: We waited for you a while at that pond. Not long.

Megan: So, do you always take off when you hear church bells?

Aaron: Yeah, well that's when the vampire slayers come out with their garlic and stuff.

[Laughter] I actually had someplace to be that night.

Megan: Well, bring us some cosmos and we'll forget you left us standing in the mud.

Aaron: You're on.

Henry: She squashed my heart like a grape in a vat. There's nothing left, but skin and peel.

Mike: Sounds like some wine got made, at least.

Henry: That's not funny. Okay, fine. You scoff. You're the expert at love. This is all new to me.

Mike: Getting shot down?

Henry: This isn't some brush-off, mike. This isn't some slap in the face or even demanding cab fare home. Nikki ended it.

Mike: Ended what?

Henry: Us. We. Our fine romance. She just tossed it aside.

Mike: Henry, you and Nikki weren't dating.

Henry: Exactly. She crushed us before we even began. She -- we never had any time alone together. It was all just strip poker and concussions. Oh, she's coming this way.

Mike: You're okay.

Henry: Probably to rub salt in the open wounds.

Mike: Keep your chin up.

Nikki: Hi.

Mike: Hey, Nik.

Henry: Nicole -- good to see you again. Oh, look at the time. The Pacific Rim markets are still open. I have to make some phone calls. You two enjoy the evening.

Nikki: Ah, I'm afraid I hurt his feelings.

Mike: Henry always bounces back.

Nikki: Oh, I feel so rotten. I think I gave him the wrong impression.

Mike: Henry was born with the wrong impression. It wasn't your fault. Come on, from what he told me, it sounds like you did the best anyone could in this situation.

Nikki: I hope he still wants to be friends.

Mike: He's fun, when he's not annoying. Actually, he is a great guy. But, you know, hey, if he's not the one for you --

Nikki: No. He's definitely not the one.

Rosanna: Oh, hi, Holden.

Holden: Hi. Is my mother around?

Rosanna: No, actually, she asked me tell you, Iva called with a minor emergency. So, she went down to Washington for a few weeks to help her out.

Holden: Oh, well then I guess you're the one I need to see about this.

Rosanna: About what?

Holden: A job. For Will Munson.

Rosanna: Will? Isn't he hospitalized?

Holden: He's better. His doctors have decided to treat him as an outpatient, now.

Rosanna: Oh, great, so they're sending him home?

Holden: Yeah, but he's not going to be able to start school until next semester. So, he needs something to do. He's gonna be under my supervision --

Rosanna: So, you want him to have a job here?

Holden: Yeah, I think it might be good for him, and I could certainly use the help. So, as long as you don't object --

Rosanna: No, I do. I do. I don't want Will Munson anywhere near here.

[Crickets chirping]

[Will remembering]

Paul: It just doesn't matter if you're upset or angry or guilty or ashamed. The only thing that matters in life is what you do. Your conduct -- and if you, Will, start behaving like the great kid that I know you are, everything is gonna be okay.

Boy: This is no hero. This kid's picture was in the paper, remember?

Girl: Omi God, it's gargle guy, the mouthwash killer.

Boy #2: They let you out?

Jennifer: Okay, Iím here. What's so urgent?

Paul: B.R.O. I want out. I think we should all get out.

Jennifer: Paul, if we all go, there is no company.

Paul: Exactly. We need to break all financial and legal ties with Barbara. Right away.

Jennifer: Wait a minute. One of the reasons we starting working with Mom in the first place was to make sure that Will would be financially secure.

Paul: Yeah, well, we're gonna have to find another way to do that. Because Will's survival depends on him having no contact whatsoever with Barbara.

Jennifer: Paul -- has something happened?

Paul: Barbara showed up at the house last night.

Jennifer: What?

Paul: Yeah, it was a real scene. I mean, she's back inside now, completely locked down.

Jennifer: How -- how did she do that? And if she did it once, what's to keep her from doing it again?

Paul: Well, hopefully this new arrangement will be better. But Jennifer, we both know, there's only one thing that will truly stop Barbara.

Rick: Now, this will take away the pain.

Barbara: You really are the best doctor that Iíve had in here. You really care.

Rick: I do.

Barbara: Doctor, I was just thinking. You know, I know I don't have any drug allergies, but do you think maybe you should look at my chart to see what else they're giving me, so I don't have a bad reaction?

Rick: No, no, no. Relax, Barbara. There can only be one reaction.

Holden: Has Lily spoken to you?

Rosanna: No. Why would you say that?

Holden: She's not happy that Will is out of the hospital.

Rosanna: Well, I can imagine she would have a pretty personal stake in all this.

Holden: Yeah. But Will is a kid. And I believe he deserves another chance.

Rosanna: So in order to give that to him, you're willing to go against your wife's feelings?

Holden: I think that she's wrong. She's not seeing Will clearly. She refuses to read his doctor's report. He is better.

Rosanna: Well, that's good.

Holden: And I think that if you read the doctor's report, you might change your mind.

Rosanna: Look, I don't have any opinion about Will.

Holden: But you don't want him here.

Rosanna: Not because of Will himself. Because of Paul. Will starts working here, then Paulís going to have a very convenient excuse to start coming around.

Holden: Yeah. I heard the falling out you guys had after Cabot --

Rosanna: Died? Cabot died because I listened to Paul I shouldn't have. It's a bit more than a falling out.

Holden: I get that. If you want, I could tell Paul that he's not welcome here on the property while you're staying here.

Rosanna: No, that's not gonna work. I don't trust him. I'm sorry. Sorry about Will. Listen, I have some things I have to do, okay?

Holden: Are you okay?

Rosanna: Yeah, I'm fine. One day at a time, as they say.

Holden: I would really hate to see all this anger and rage get the best of you. Because I see it in Lily. And I definitely sensed it when you were just talking about Paul right now.

Rosanna: Well, anger is helping me.

Holden: It'll be better.

Rosanna: No, it won't. I'm never gonna get over Cabotís death. And I'm never gonna forgive Paul. Never.

Jennifer: Okay, so tell me exactly what happened with Mom last night.

Paul: Last night, Barbara shows up wearing a nurse's uniform --

Jennifer: What? Whoa, like the time that she busted into will's room?

Paul: Yeah, but that time she didn't have to chloroform one of the nurses. But, anyway, she shows up at Halís house, and this is what she's gotta say -- she wants to take Will back with her because Will's too sick to be out.

Jennifer: Oh. Oh, poor Will. He must've been freaked out.

Paul: He was freaked out, but he's dealing with it. He's got a whole new way of dealing with Barbara.

Jennifer: What do you mean?

Paul: I mean our little brother is developing survival skills. You know he set up that whole thing with up where we all ran into Barbara in his room? He gave Barbara the nurse's uniform and told her exactly what time to be there. Little did she know that when she got there, she was going to run smack into us?

Jennifer: You know, Mom told me that, but of course, I thought she was full of it. Wow. It's hard to imagine that Will would go to all that trouble just to set Mom up. But, hey, good for him.

Paul: That's what I said. Only he shouldn't have to go to such lengths for a little peace of mind. You know, we can help.

Jennifer: Paul, whatever we need to do, let's do it.

Paul: Great. We need to eliminate any reason at all that Barbara would communicate with will. We need to break all of our legal and financial ties with her. In other words, we need dissolve B.R.O. As soon as possible. Jennifer?

Jennifer: Let's -- hold off on that.

Nurse Thompson: There you are. In here, I found Decker.

Barbara: What on earth?

Nurse Thompson: My God, where did you get this? Rick? Dr. Decker? Get him out of here. Make sure the restraints are extra secure this time.

Barbara: What is going on? That man was gonna help me.

Nurse Thompson: Ms. Ryan, did he give you anything else?

Barbara: No.

Nurse Thompson: No pills, nothing to drink? It's important.

Barbara: No, no --

Nurse Thompson: Then you should be fine.

Barbara: Should be fine?

Nurse Thompson: I'm sorry this had to happen. I'll write a report and make sure the man can't get you again.

Barbara: Hold on, Nurse Ratchett. What just happened here?

Nurse Thompson: Nothing.

Barbara: Nothing? The man said he's a doctor, but he's not?

Nurse Thompson: I really can't discuss our other patients.

Barbara: You called him Doctor Decker.

Nurse Thompson: He was a doctor, once. And now he's a patient. Although he was never on staff at this hospital. We wouldn't tolerate it.

Barbara: He said he was in Oakdale. He looks vaguely familiar -- [Barbara gasps] that's Rick Decker? He married Susan Stewart. He's a serial killer.

Nurse Thompson: I can't discuss this.

Barbara: Oh, no, wait a second. I know all about this. He almost killed my uncle, Bob Hughes. And he's in here and Iím with him? A serial murderer?

Nurse Thompson: We only have one ward for our most violently disturbed patients.

Barbara: I am not violently disturbed.

Nurse Thompson: You chloroformed a nurse!

Barbara: Oh, please. I'm a pussycat compared to Dr. Decker. Now, I demand that you get me out of here.

Nurse Thompson: Take it up with your therapist.

Barbara: Oh, I will. But what are going to do about the mad doctor in the meantime?

Nurse Thompson: He'll be put back into restraints.

Barbara: And? No, no. You're joking, right? Do you have any idea how easy it is to get out of those things?

Nurse Thompson: You want to explain exactly how it's done?

Barbara: I have no idea, but I bet Dr. Decker does.

Nurse Thompson: Listen, Ms. Ryan, let us take care of the other patients.

Barbara: How can I? The lunatics are running the asylum. I have to protect myself.

Nurse Thompson: It's under control now. Please. The best thing you can do is focus in on your own recovery.

Barbara: I want to know what's in that syringe!

Emily: Alison, honey, just --

Alison: You gotta be kidding. Get out of the way.

Emily: It's not right for you to leave.

Alison: No, it's not. Would you please tell her to move?

Emily: No, just wait a minute. I will go. I will stay in a hotel with Daniel for a few days.

Alison: Oh, that is so big of you, Emily, really.

Emily: Alison, I'm trying.

Alison: You're trying? You messed around with my fiancť, and destroyed my wedding and humiliated me in front of the entire town and now you're all wounded 'cause I don't want to be in the next room with you? What the hell did you expect? How could you even think about coming here today? So either you get out and don't come back or you get out of my way!

Susan: Honey, that's enough.

Alison: No, I think -- I think that it's all settled. I think that she's gonna leave, right?

Susan: Emily is not going anywhere. I want her here. And I want you here. Because this is your home. You're safe here. And if you go charging out of here now, feeling the way you do --

Alison: Well, I can't be under the same roof with that slut.

Susan: Oh, you want to call her names? Okay. How many names have you been called in your life, and who stuck up for you? We did. Your sister and me. Especially Emily. Because we knew that when you made a mistake, that's all it was, just a mistake.

Alison: Well, Emily didn't accidentally make out with my fiancť.

Emily: No. No, I made a stupid, horrible, selfish choice. And I am sorry. And you have every right to be angry with me, Ali, so just get it out. At me. Call me names, anything.

Alison: And what is that? I'm going to process this with you? Yes, I made mistakes Mom, but I didn't do things to you or her.

Susan: No, you didn't.

Alison: Yeah, so don't act like this is the same as flunking a class, or something like that. Because I would never do something to hurt you.

Susan: You're right. This is different. You're probably better than me and your sister rolled into one. But we're all you've got. We're not the Waltons. You probably figured that out before you were six. We're the Stewart women, and we mess up. And when we mess up, it's usually big. The one thing that we have going for us is that we hang together. We forgive each other. That's saved me more times than I deserved. And it's pulled your sister through some bad times. Not like this. But don't run out on us now. Don't push us away, because the only thing worse than being stuck with us, is being all alone.

Aaron: So listen, I can't sit with you guys right now. But I get off pretty soon. So if you guys want to hang out, or if you wanna, we can always go someplace else.

Megan: Like your place?

Aaron: My place. Tight space. Yeah, tight space. But, seriously, it's not that small.

Megan: What a shame.

Aaron: So, what do you guys say?

Bud: Hey, just the guy I wanted to talk to.

Aaron: Hey.

Bud: I'm the manager at the downtown gym -- name's Bud. Didn't I see you destroy my punching bag yesterday? Man, I thought I was gonna have to shell out for a new one. You were seriously into it, man.

Aaron: Yeah, well -- lot of stuff on my mind these days.

Bud: Yeah, I can see that. Don't let me interrupt.

Aaron: So, you guys wanna go to my place later?

Mike: I'm not saying Henry isn't hurt. The guy does have feelings. But --

Nikki: Thanks.

Mike: He's -- I don't know. He lets things go when he has to.

Nikki: That's a useful skill.

Mike: Yeah. Maybe I'll figure out how to do that one day.

Nikki: You mean Katie? I heard. How's that going?

Mike: Better every day.

Nikki: We should have dinner. And go over my apartment renovations.

Mike: Yeah, yeah. If you want to schedule a meeting or something.

Nikki: Let's go out. Relax, have fun.

Mike: Um, Nik, I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. I'm not seeing anyone.

Nikki: I just moved into town, okay? I have a new job. I'm not interested in anything heavy either. Just dinner. Okay? Tomorrow night?

Mike: Okay. All right, you're on. Tomorrow night.

[Crickets chirping]

[Rosanna gasps]

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Paul: I know that I can't undo all of Barbaraís influence. But at least now, I'm gonna make sure she stays gone.

Barbara: Did you really think you could try to kill me and get away with it?

Emily: Okay, I'm gonna make some phone calls.

Susan: You want to unpack that thing?

Alison: No.

Susan: Okay. I can make some dinner.

Alison: For the three of us? So we can sit around and pretend like there's nothing wrong?

Susan: We could have a food fight. Oh, come on. At least stay for dinner.

Alison: Well, I haven't eaten all day. So --

Susan: Oh, honey.

Alison: Mom, I get what you said, I do. And I'm trying to be the better person here, but every time I think, "okay, I can stay in the same house with Emily. It's just a week." All those feeling come back, and I can't handle that. I mean, it's huge, right?

Susan: Yes. Oh, yes.

Alison: So I'm not wrong, am I?

Susan: No, you're not wrong. It's big. And it's gonna take time. And I don't expect you to forgive Emily in a day. Or even a year. Hell, I'm still furious with her!

Alison: You are?

Susan: Of course. I've been a wreck ever since that rehearsal. I wanted to wring her neck then --

Alison: Wait a second. The rehearsal? You knew at the wedding rehearsal?

Susan: Not knew. Not exactly. I had suspicions. I had heard a couple comments that maybe --

Alison: Wait a second. Emily and Chris, they were saying stuff at the rehearsal in front of people?

Susan: Oh, no, no, no. Margo said --

Alison: Margo? Margo knew about Emily and Chris?

Susan: She had suspicions, like me.

Alison: Well, who else? Who else knew? Oh my God, was it the entire town? Everyone knew but me?

Susan: I don't think anybody really knew.

Alison: Well, if Margo knew, then Tom knew, right?

Susan: Tom? Maybe.

Alison: And you just -- you just let this go on. I can't believe this Mom. You just -- you didn't say anything to me? I even told you that Aaron said that Chris was fooling around, and you didn't say anything to me? You didn't speak up?

Susan: I did. I spoke to Emily.

Alison: Well, you didn't speak to me, Mom! This was my life. This was my wedding. God, do you people even see me?

Susan: I'm sorry!

Alison: No! Just get out of my way!

Susan: I'm sorry. I thought I was doing the right thing. Don't go like this, please don't! Stupid.

Aaron: Well?

Megan: We took a vote. And your place loses.

Aaron: Oh.

Rachel: But we have a place in Oakdale Towers. We share.

Aaron: Everything?

Megan: Full bar and Jacuzzi.

Aaron: Oh, I surrender. Can't compete with that.

Holden: Hey, buddy.

Aaron: Oh. Can you guys excuse me for one second? Okay, great. What are you doing here?

Holden: I just thought I'd stop by, see how you're doing.

Aaron: Well, until two minutes ago, my future looked pretty bright.

Holden: Yeah? Which one?

Aaron: I have to choose one?

Holden: What about Alison?

Aaron: She's doing better.

Holden: What about all those feelings?

Aaron: We're friends. That's what she wants and, you know, that's what I want.

Holden: Really?

Aaron: Really.

Holden: So all those feelings -- they just evaporated?

Aaron: Dad, it's cool. I'm serious, it's cool. Look, she's checking her watch. Look, as much as I love to see you, if I don't get back to my business, you know what's gonna happen.

Holden: All right, all right. Don't be a stranger, okay?

Aaron: I'll stop by this weekend, I promise.

Rosanna: Will.

Will: It's just a wedding dress. I found it in the pond.

Rosanna: You found this in the pond?

Will: Yeah, it was underwater and I pulled it up, figuring it can't be good for the fish.

Rosanna: Right. That's strange. I wonder how it got in there.

Will: Let me help you with those.

Rosanna: Thanks. Well, welcome back. Right? You just got home. How does it feel?

Will: It's okay.

Rosanna: You don't sound so sure.

Will: It's good to be away from Mom. She ended up in the same hospital with me.

Rosanna: Oh, that's unfortunate. Well, it's nice you get some time off, right? You don't have to be back to school until January, right?

Will: Is it in like the newspaper or something?

Rosanna: No, Holden mentioned it.

Will: Oh. Yeah, I guess a some people just don't understand or just don't like me anymore. I can't really blame them. It's just --

Rosanna: What?

Will: Well, this whole year. I've just been trying to get through it, you know? Eyes front, keep marching. It's been really hard.

Rosanna: Right. Well, I know how that feels. This past year's been like that for me, too.

Jennifer: So I understand us wanting to keep Will in the clear. But I don't want to give up the company.

Paul: Since when are you in love with the rag trade? I just thought you were doing this for Barbara.

Jennifer: Well, at first, I was. But then, little by little, it grew on me. And now that Mom's not there sucking all the oxygen out of the room, I can see that I'm good at it, Paul. And I like it. I've even started sketching some of my own designs.

Paul: Well, that's great. You should start your own line of clothes.

Jennifer: How? If we dissolve B.R.O., Then --

Paul: You'll have enough money to start your own label. Completely on your own.

Jennifer: That would be amazing, but scary. I don't even know how to structure anything.

Paul: I'll structure the whole thing for you.

Jennifer: And then what?

Paul: And then -- who knows? We'll see.

Jennifer: God, I don't believe it. My own label. My own staff. Well, there's one executive I won't be calling on.

Paul: You sure about that?

Jennifer: I would be happy if I never saw Jordan again. I don't understand how you can forgive Rosanna. Just count me out of that.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Jen, I think it's a little different situation. Hello. Oh, yeah. I'll be there right away. I'm leaving now. See you. I gotta to go. But it's really nice, Jennifer, to see you so excited about something.

Jennifer: Oh, I am. My own company. Hey, thank you, Paul. Big brother to the world.

Paul: Maybe this time Iíll get it right.

Jennifer: Hey, it's not all up to you.

Paul: I know that can't undo all of Barbaraís influence, but at least now, I'm gonna make sure that she stays gone.

Barbara: Surprise. Thought I'd return the favor. Did you really think you could try to kill me and get away with it?

Mike: There he is. The man.

Henry: You think Nikki bought it? She didn't realize how devastated I am?

Mike: Not from anything you did or said.

Henry: Mike, this whole brave front thing is exhausting.

Mike: You'll feel better tomorrow.

Henry: Yeah. You're right. I will. By tomorrow, she'll realize what she's done. I suspect she'll have troubled dreams tonight, wake up with a vague sense of unease, and, as if something's missing. And by tomorrow night, she'll realize it's me.

Mike: And if not, there lots of other fish in the sea.

Henry: This is from a man who never goes trawling. You know, Mike, you should take your own advice, get back in the game.

Mike: I'm not. All right, look, there's something you should know right now, up front, before you get the wrong idea.

Henry: What?

Mike: I'm having dinner with Nikki tomorrow night. Henry --

Henry: Et tu, Kasnoff?

Emily: I heard the door slam.

Susan: That was Alison. Storming out.

Emily: I'm sorry.

Susan: I thought she was going to stay. I really did. I had her joking about dinner --

Emily: Okay, so, what happened?

Susan: I goofed. I said something that made her realize I knew about you and Chris before the wedding. And probably even Margo and Tom.

Emily: Oh.

Susan: Oh, I know. Now she feels even more humiliated. She thinks the whole town knows. She hates me for not warning her. It was not one of my better mother-daughter chats.

Emily: I'm real sorry.

Susan: I know.

Emily: About all of it.

Susan: I know.

Emily: Thank you for sticking up for me before. I mean, if it were me, I would've thrown me out.

Susan: Not with my track record, you wouldn't. I've always set such a shining example for you girls. I crawled into a bottle when you were a kid --

Emily: You crawled out, remember?

Susan: Not before the damage was --

Emily: Would you stop it?

Susan: Sorry.

Emily: That was years ago, mom.

Susan: Rick Decker wasn't years ago. How could your fully recovered, have-it-all-together Mom fall for a total psychopath. Nearly get you and your sister killed.

Emily: Will you stop it! Listen to me, you cannot drag up every mistake you ever made in your life. Especially Rick Decker. Yes, it was a horrible nightmare. But it was quick. And it's definitely over.

Rick: You're upset? I just to wanted to ease the suffering.

Barbara: By killing me?

Rick: It was most people's fondest wish. Deep down. To return to their ultimate home.

Barbara: I'd settle for my suite at the Lakeview.

Rick: I can see what you've lost. I can feel how unbearable it is. Your family -- they just think you're harsh or cruel. Crazy. I can see the wound. I know. I understand.

Barbara: I haven't had that in awhile.

Rick: It's the second hardest thing to come by in this world.

Barbara: And what's the hardest?

Rick: My wife. She pretended to understand. But, in the end, she was just dense. I thought, I thought I could try it with her. But, the daughters, they made it impossible.

Barbara: They were frightened. They didn't understand.

Rick: No. They think they know pain. They've never seen the abyss. I go there every day. That's why I could see it with my patients, sometimes, in the corner of their eyes. But always in their hands. I could see the abyss in a person's palm. And once I saw that I could end their suffering, that I had that power, all I wanted was to share that gift.

Barbara: Oh. I need some water. That man is truly insane. Oh, my. This could be very useful.

Emily: Here, give this to me. It's okay. It's okay. She'll come back home. She just needs to cool down.

Susan: Not this time. It's different. Did you check her dresser?

Emily: Yeah, and she did grab her little stash of cash. Any idea how much she had left?

Susan: Not very much. She'd spent a lot on the wedding. Presents --

Emily: Matron of honor's gift, yeah. Okay, so she's broke. This is good.

Susan: How do you figure that?

Emily: Well, she has no real girlfriends left since Katie left. And, she's low on cash. She has to come home. Where else can she possibly go?

Aaron: My work here is done. Let's go!

Alison: Hey, Aaron. Are you off work?

Aaron: What are you doing here?

Alison: I just needed to see you.

Aaron: Why?

Alison: I just do.

Megan: Aaron, what's the deal, are we going or what?

Aaron: Can I, uh, can we maybe pick this up some other time, hmm?

Rachel: Who knows?

Aaron: Okay, you just ruined my night.

Alison: I'm sorry.

Aaron: What is it, Alison?

Alison: It's my house. Emily showed up to live there.

Aaron: What? Hal threw Emily out?

Alison: No, no. It's not that. It's about will, and it's only for a week, but she and my mom are making it seem like everything is okay, and it's not, and I just -- I can't --

Aaron: Oh, man. I don't blame you.

Alison: So I just need a place to stay for a little while?

Aaron: No.

Jennifer: Uh-oh. Drinking alone?

Mike: Henry was here, he just left. Can I order you something?

Jennifer: Yeah, actually. I'm in the mood for champagne.

Mike: Something to celebrate?

Jennifer: Maybe.

Mike: Business or pleasure?

Jennifer: Hopefully, both. Sorry, I don't mean to be mysterious. It's just a work thing that Paul and I are talking about, and it hasn't happened yet, so I don't want to jinx it.

Mike: Fair enough. Why don't I track down that champagne for you?

Jennifer: Oh, wait. You want to tell me what's wrong?

Mike: What makes you think something's wrong?

Jennifer: Well, I came in here, and you were nursing that beer, and you were kind of brooding. You don't strike me as the guy who does a lot of that.

Mike: I was just thinking about something Henry said. I kind of ticked him off tonight.

Jennifer: Oh, Henry idolizes you. I can't imagine you doing anything to tick him off.

Mike: I told him I was having dinner with you sister.

Jennifer: You and Nikki? You're going on a date?

Mike: No, it's not a date. It's a dinner.

Jennifer: But it's just the two of you?

Mike: Yeah.

Jennifer: Well, Mike, that's a date.

Mike: Excuse me, were you there? Did you hear what she said? What I said? Why is it that you and Henry can define this when you weren't within two miles of the conversation.

Jennifer: Hey, hey, you don't need to bite my head off.

Mike: I'm sorry, you know, I'm getting a little sick of people making assumptions. All right, do you want to know what really happened?

Jennifer: Would you like to tell me?

Mike: I made it very clear to her. I said, listen, I don't want to a relationship, she said she didn't, either. "I don't want anything heavy" -- those were her exact words.

Jennifer: Okay.

Mike: Okay what?

Jennifer: Nothing.

Mike: Don't say nothing when it's obviously something.

Jennifer: Women don't always say exactly what they mean, that's all.

Mike: It's dinner, Jen. Two friends. You know, a little veal scaloppini, maybe. Couple drinks, couple of laughs, hey, had a good time, I'll see you later. That's not a date.

Jennifer: Fine. Just make sure that she knows that.

Rick: I didn't think you'd be back.

Barbara: I got a drink of water.

Rick: No, you didnít.

Barbara: No, I didn't. You gave me a lot to think about.

Rick: That's why most people don't look. It's upsetting to see the whole picture.

Barbara: But, Iíve looked. I've owned real estate in your abyss for most of my life.

Rick: I'm sorry.

Barbara: I'm not. I'm alive. And that's what I want. And I will suffer any amount of pain, and any kind of disappointment from those I love. Because as long as I can feel, I have a chance. I want to live, doctor. No matter what. Don't forget that.

Rick: I didn't mean -- I wonít. I'm sorry.

Barbara: I forgive you. That's the hardest thing, isn't it?

Rick: You know.

Barbara: Many things. We can be a great help to each other, my friend.

Rosanna: I think that's it.

Will: Now, all we have to do is file a missing dress report. [Rosanna chuckles] it's really nice out here.

Rosanna: Yeah, it is. It's helped me a lot. It's that kind of place.

Will: Yeah, Dad wanted me to come out here, and I wasn't too thrilled about it at first. But, now I get it.

Rosanna: So do you want to work out here? Holden mentioned that you might be interested.

Will: Yeah. Did he ask Emma?

Rosanna: No, Emmaís out of town visiting Iva. But I said that it would probably be all right. I mean, unless you want an excuse to get out of it.

Will: No, this'll be great. Thank you.

Rosanna: You're welcome.

Will: There's something else I want to thank you for.

Rosanna: What's that?

Will: The way you helped Paul. They put me in the hospital so fast, I couldn't call or write notes or anything and, I know that while I was still not talking about it, everybody thought Paul killed Rose. Except you. You stuck up for him. Helped him out with bail money.

Rosanna: Will --

Will: And Iím really glad, 'cause I know how much he likes you. And he's such a great guy, Rosanna. He's the best.

Rosanna: Things are different. There's things that you should know --

Paul: Rosanna.

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Rosanna: What do you want from me?

Paul: More than I want you to want your life back, Rosanna, I want you to want me in your life.

Dusty: I'm committed. I give you my word. Walking out is not an option.

Lucy: And what if I asked you to? Would you do that for me?

Jack: I remembered something. From before the accident.

Julia: What?

Jack: A woman's face.

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