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Alison: Hey.

Aaron: Hey.

Alison: Are you still mad at me?

Aaron: What are you doing here?

Alison: Looking for my best friend. You seen him?

Aaron: Not lately.

Alison: Aaron, please donít. Look I know that it sounded like I didn't care about the keys contest and everything that you did for me, but -- that's not what I meant at all. I appreciate everything that you did. I mean, you worked your butt off. My wedding rehearsal is, like, any minute now, and -- come on, I can't imagine you not being there.

Aaron: I can't go.

Alison: You're that mad at me?

Aaron: No.

Alison: Well, then what? Can't you just pretend like you're not jealous of Chris for one --

Aaron: Jealous of Chris? You think I'm jealous of that --

Alison: That what?

Aaron: Forget it. Please, Ali, just forget it --

Alison: No, no, no, no. Tell me, why are you so down on Chris?

Aaron: I'm always down on --

Alison: No, no, this is different. Tell me.

Aaron: You want to know why I'm so down on Chris? You want to know? Chris Hughes is not good enough for you, okay? And he never will be.

Kim: Oh, good. There you are. Hi, darling. I hate to tell you this, but I just talked to your dad, and he has an emergency surgery, and he's not going to be able to make it this afternoon. But, of course, I guess it's not the end of the world, is it? We don't have that much to do, because you and Alison are the stars of the entire shebang.

Chris: That's right.

Kim: Do you have something on your mind?

Chris: Nothing. Everything.

Kim: Well, you want to tell me about it?

Chris: I want to thank you for all of the efforts you've made with Alison. You know, since we've gotten engaged.

Kim: Well, sweetheart, thank you very much, but -- I mean, it's really not an effort anymore, it really isnít.

Chris: Yeah, well, whatever you want to call it, it means a lot.

Kim: You know, son, I guess the bottom line is, I just want you to be happy. And to be perfectly honest, at the moment, you don't look a bit happy to me.

Chris: I am happy, Mother. I'm very happy. Why wouldn't I be?

Chris: I wish it could be different, but I know how I feel about you.

Emily: Chris, please. Don't --

Chris: Don't tell me it's just some kind of attraction, okay?

Emily: Please don't do this. Please don't say anything else.

Chris: I have to, Emily. I love you.

Lily: Emily. You must've been expecting me.

Emily: What?

Lily: I'm sure you're just as upset about this as I am.

Emily: Upset about what?

Lily: About Will!

Emily: What are you talking about? What about Will?

Lily: Once he gets out of that hospital, do you realize that --

Emily: Out of the hospital?

Lily: You didn't know that?

Emily: No. And I don't know where you're getting information, but there's not way Will is getting out of the hospital.

Lily: Emily, Emily, Emily -- Paul, Jennifer and Hal have a petition to get Will out of that state hospital under one condition. That he lives with Hal.

Emily: I don't believe this --

Lily: He didn't say anything to you about it?

Julia: Okay, thanks. I'll be in tomorrow. "Daddy never is far away."

Jack: It's me. Are you okay?

Carly: Jack?

Jack: I know who's there. Put him on the phone.

Sky dog: She's busy, man.

Jack: You touch one hair on her head, and I'll find you, I'll rip you apart, you go that?

Carly: What are you doing? No!

Rosanna: Carly? What's going on?

Carly: It was Jack on the phone! It was Jack! Jack!

Carly: Jack?

Parker: Was it him?

Carly: We got cut off, honey.

Parker: It was Jack? On the phone?

Carly: Yes. It's true, it was Jack, he spoke to me. Damn it! I have to get him back!

Jack: Hello? Hey!

J.J.: Is it Mom? What's wrong?

Jack: Come on, we gotta go. Come on.

Carly: Sweetie, can you get me the portable phone from the kitchen?

Rosanna: Carly, what are you doing?

Carly: Star 69. I'm gonna use star 69 and I can get the number Jack was calling from and I can call him back before it's to late.

Rosanna: Okay.

Carly: Sweetheart, I'll get it. I'll get it.

Parker: It was Jack.

Rosanna: Well, wouldn't that be wonderful.

Carly: Damn it! It's not working. Oh, I'm sorry, honey. Mommy's being a very, very bad example right now, isn't she? Are you okay? Did those guys scare you?

Parker: No, I'm okay. Just find Jack!

Carly: Yes. Yes, I'm trying, honey. We need Hal. Can you call Hal, please?

Rosanna: Uh, yes, but can you just take a second --

Carly: No! I don't have a second, here!

Rosanna: Who were the men who just ran out of here?

Carly: Those losers who called earlier. Remember? The guys with the weird names.

Rosanna: The ones who sounded like they were on drugs?

Carly: Yeah, that's them. Only they must know Jack. Because Jack knew that there was something wrong. He said he knew who was -- oh, my God! Oh, no, they're long gone. Call Hal!

Rosanna: All right, all right, I'm calling.

Carly: Did you happen to see the car?

Rosanna: Yes, I guess I did.

Carly: Could you describe it?

Rosanna: I think I could, yes.

Carly: Oh, sweetheart, you were right. You were right all along.

Parker: I know!

Carly: Yes, you did. You knew, the whole time didn't you, sweetie. Jack is alive. And he just called us!

Rosanna: Hal, hi. It's Rosanna. Listen we got a situation here --

Carly: Hal, we need you over here, right now. Jack just called. I really need you!

Emily: How did this happen? I mean, a doctor would have to approve this. What else do you know?

Lily: They think they cured him. Rose -- it hasn't even been a year since she died. How can you erase a lifetime of damage in just a few months?

Emily: He didnít know. He didnít understand what he was doing to Rose.

Lily: Is that supposed to make me feel better? That he's lethal without even knowing it?

Emily: Sorry. Lily, I can only imagine what you're feeling right now.

Lily: I thought you'd feel the same way. Rose was your friend. How about Will being here. With Daniel. And what about Parker when he comes to visit. Is that okay with you?

Emily: I gotta -- I gotta talk to Hal about all this.

Lily: Yes, you do, you do. Because the bottom line is, isn't family the most important thing?

Emily: Yeah. They're the only thing that matters. I'm learning that more and more every day.

Lily: Then you understand what I'm saying.

Emily: I'll do whatever it takes to protect my family, Lily.

Carly: And then they tore out of here. I tried to star 69 the number, but I couldn't get it.

Hal: All right, I got the picture. Now did anybody see the car?

Carly: Rosanna saw the car, didn't you?

Rosanna: Yes, yes it was a VW van, I think. Orange and brown.

Hal: All right, I'll put out an APB.

Carly: Good, because they might know where Jack is. Jack said he knew who was here. And why would he say that -- Hal, you don't think that those guys have Jack and maybe they're holding him hostage or something? Dammit! I should've paid them.

Hal: Carly.

Carly: They said that they would give me information for money.

Hal: Carly, take a deep breath.

Rosanna: Parker, you have a baseball game this afternoon, right? Why don't we go upstairs and get you dressed for that, huh?

Parker: But I wanna hear.

Rosanna: Look, I'm sure we'll tell you everything as soon as there's some real information.

Carly: Okay. Parker was down here the whole time. There was no way to protect him from hearing, he heard everything.

Hal: Yeah right, I get it. I just don't want him to hear this.

Carly: What?

Hal: Carly, this has all the signs of a setup gone wrong.

Carly: Hal, what do you mean?

Hal: These guys are here, they're trying to shake you down and then somebody named Jack miraculously calls right in the middle of it.

Carly: No, no, no you don't understand. It was Jack.

Hal: How do you know that, Carly?

Carly: Do you think I hear his voice in my head a hundred times a day? I know it like my own heartbeat, Hal. It was Jack.

Hal: You felt threatened, you felt threatened. You're going to want to hear that voice in your head, not somebody elseís.

Carly: We don't have time for this, Hal. Please get me the number that Jack was calling from.

[Family at rest stop where Jack called.]

Dad: I'll call the hotel and make sure we can get in there.

Mom: If not, we can grab an early lunch. Honey, stay here with Dad while I use the restroom. Don't wander off, you hear me?

Son: I hear.

Jack: Are you okay? Everything all right?

Julia: Yes, everything's fine, Jack. The police just left. They said that you called them.

Jack: Yeah, they could get here quicker than we could.

Julia: So why? Why would you call the police?

Jack: Hey buddy, you were gonna wait in the car, remember?

J.J.: Is everything okay, Mom?

Julia: Everything is fine, J.J. Why? Hey, did you feed your gerbils today?

J.J.: Forgot.

Julia: Well you better go do it. It's a good thing you're home.

J.J.: Okay.

Julia: Hey, you haven't seen your dad around, have you?

J.J.: No.

Julia: You promise you'd tell me if you did?

J.J.: Yeah. Why? Was he here?

Julia: No, I'm just checking. Go feed your rodents.

J.J.: Okay. Jack, what happened to you?

Jack: I don't know. I feel like such a jerk. I though for sure you were in danger.

Julia: Why?

Jack: Because J.J. And I, we stopped at that rest stop, do you remember, where those two stoners recognized me? And all of the sudden, I heard, no I felt this strong sensation --

Julia: Like what?

Jack: Like someone I loved needed me. Because they were in trouble. None of this is making any sense. So I called you. I thought. And this nasty guy got on the phone and said "she's busy" and hung up.

Julia: And you thought it was Les?

Jack: Well of course I thought it was Les. But I must have misdialed. I was so sure you were in trouble.

Julia: You weren't totally wrong. I could be in big trouble. And so could J.J. look.

Margo: Hi.

Tom: Hey. Casey ready for rehearsal?

Margo: Casey, your dad's here! You know, you didn't have to knock. This is still your house. Well, I've got to finished getting dressed.

Tom: Yeah, you're in the kitchen.

Margo: Yeah, I know.

Tom: Oh, so you dress is the kitchen now?

Margo: Well, I need the roasting fork.

Tom: Okay --

Margo: To zip up my dress.

Tom: And how's that working for you?

Margo: It's great. It's just reaches right around and you hook it up and it goes right up.

Tom: Do I want to know how you figured this out?

Margo: No, I don't think you do but it really does work.

Tom: Tell you what. Forget the cooking utensils, come here.

Margo: Oh, thanks. Thanks.

Tom: You all ready said that.

Margo: Yeah, well I've developed a nasty stutter. I'm really glad you're here, Tom.

Kim: Christopher Hughes, I have known you your whole life. Now maybe you can fool everybody else but my mom radar is buzzing.

Chris: Mother, I hate to shoot down your theory, but everything is fine. Yes, I've been working a lot and the wedding stuff has been overwhelming at times but everything's fine.

Kim: What about where you're going to live. Have you found any place for you and Alison to live after you get married?

Chris: Yes, actually Dad hooked me up with a place right across from the hospital.

Kim: He did? Oh, that's terrific. I wonder why he didn't tell me.

Chris: Well, it's not a big secret. We haven't signed anything yet but we plan on moving in, in a couple of months.

Kim: A couple of months? You're going to live the first couple of months of your married life with Susan?

Susan: Why not?

Kim: Hello, Susan.

Susan: What's so appalling about Chris and Alison living with me after the wedding? We're not all hard to get along with, Kim.

Kim: That means that I am.

Susan: I was just wondering what you were implying, that's all.

Kim: Honey, I was trying to tell you that it's an unfair challenge for any couple to make a success of a new marriage when you add other people to the mix. It just adds some pressure, that's all.

Susan: I do not pressure Chris and Alison.

Kim: Susan --

Susan: Maybe that's hard for you to understand, I don't know.

Chris: Stop it, stop it, stop both of you! Okay, I have witnessed some stupid arguments between the two of you but by far this is the worst.

Kim: I'm sorry.

Susan: I am, too.

Chris: Good. Because Alison gets to have the perfect wedding. She gets to be happy. That's all that matters now.

Alison: You, you are so totally wrong. Chris has been so much better to me than I ever deserved. He has forgiven me for lying to him so many times, Aaron.

Aaron: Okay, so maybe Chris knows he's not so perfect. But Chris Hughes has no right to judge.

Alison: But he could, with his family and everything. But he has been so great with my mom and with Emily and with the two of them searching for keys together.

Aaron: Yeah those two have been quite a team, let me tell you.

Alison: What is that supposed to mean?

Aaron: I have to work, okay?

Alison: So that's it? You're just gonna blow me off, you're going to blow off my wedding? Forget all about me?

Aaron: I can't do that, okay Ali? But I can't be in your wedding, either.

Alison: Well have a nice life, Aaron.

Curtis: I hope you don't think you're fooling anybody.

Aaron: What?

Curtis: This isn't about Chris and Alison. This is about you and Alison.

Aaron: No, it's Chris, okay. He's been --

Curtis: He's been what?

Aaron: He's not right for Ali. Okay? He's gonna break her heart and I'm not gonna watch it.

Curtis: So don't watch it, man. Stop it from going down. You gotta know you're in love with that girl.

Aaron: Yeah.

Curtis: So why haven't you told her?

Aaron: 'Cause she's not gonna want to hear it.

Curtis: Is that it? Or are you just afraid she'll shoot you down.

Aaron: Shoot me down? Curtis, she's engaged to another man. Forget shot down, I never took off.

Curtis: Because you never tried. How do you know it wouldn't be different if she knew how you felt?

Jack: This is why you asked J.J. about Les.

Julia: I found it in his backpack. I wouldn't put it past Les to follow him home from school or to catch him on the playground with his friends. But you know, J.J. would tell me.

Jack: Then what do you think happened?

Julia: J.J. left his backpack outside last night, by the fence. I think Les probably slipped in there for him to find later. He's sick. He's got his own special little mind games for somebody who's too small to fight back. I'm never going to get away from that man.

Jack: No, no you will. I will not let anything happen to you, Julia.

Julia: You know, I'm not sure that you can stop it. Guys like Les, they don't let up.

Jack: Yeah maybe not if I'm just some live-in, but maybe if I was something more official then he suddenly has to deal with the fact that I'm not going anywhere. Limits his options a little bit, don't you think?

Julia: Jack, I'm not some victim that you have to take care of. That is a stupid reason to get married.

Jack: I'll use any excuse at this point. Hey, I asked you because it's what I want. Forget about your ex.

Julia: Can you? Can you forget about yours?

Jack: I have, yes. There is nothing that I remember that I am proud of. There is nothing about my past that I want to go back to. We start fresh, you and me. Together. I love you. I love your son. I want to marry you. I want to marry you.

Julia: You said that we should think about it. I mean, we agreed --

Jack: Yeah, but why, but why? We don't know what's coming, nobody does. Right now is all we ever have. Marry me. Julia, marry me now.

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Aaron: You can't marry Chris. Not until you hear the truth, whether you want to or not.

Carly: This is it. I have Jack's number.

Jack: We're getting married.

Julia: How?

Jack: I think I have a way around the problem.

Tom: So I assume you can still get your shoes on without assistance, right?

Margo: Oh yeah, I can still reach my toes.

Tom: So what's the holdup with the boy?

Margo: The boy is a teenager. I don't know, he takes longer getting ready than I do. It's some elaborate hair gel ritual thing.

Tom: I'm going to hurry him up.

Margo: You know, honey, so long as we have a minute -- have you heard the news?

Tom: News?

Margo: Doc Reese left Oakdale. Kim told me.

Tom: Yeah, she told me, too. Something about a job in Texas.

Margo: Well, good. Texas can have him. I haven't run into him in weeks and I was just worried that you might because I know that, that would remind you.

Tom: No I made sure I didn't run into him.

Margo: Did that help you forget?

Tom: Margo, just --

Margo: Do you think anything will? It's just that, you know, when you left here you said that you needed to know that I still wanted you, that I would be willing to work like a dog to get you back just the way you did after Emily and I am. But I'm kind of at a loss here because I don't know how I can persuade you if I never get to see you.

Tom: Are we talking about me moving back in here?

Margo: I was just wondering if you would consider it? If you thought about maybe spending more time with Casey and me and with just me. Because Tom, there is so much to us that we can't just throw it away without fighting for it. Would you at least consider it?

Casey: Hey, Dad.

Tom: Hey, finally. Come on. We're going to be late.

Casey: Not if I drive.

Tom: Fat chance.

Casey: Dad, look, I hate to break it to you, but you're starting to drive like Grandma Lisa.

Tom: I don not run stop signs.

Casey: Yeah, but you go slower in all the wrong spots and --

Tom: Look who's the master now. Well tell you what, why don't we just let Mom drive? How about that? Want to come along with us?

Margo: I'd love that.

Hal: Honey, I know you've had a lot of things that have given you hope about Jack and that's what makes this so --

Carly: He's alive. He just called.

Hal: You don't know that, Carly.

Carly: I do! I know what I heard, I know it was Jack and I know that every minute you waste arguing with me about it is a minute that we could --

Hal: All right, all right. I'll call the station, have somebody make a call and check it out.

Carly: No, no, no. Get the number for me.

Hal: No matter who makes the call, it's better if the police do it, Carly.

Carly: He called me, Hal. Jack called me. Wherever he is, for whatever reason, he hasn't called the police. Maybe he's in trouble, or he's confused, and if somebody else answers, if someone else talks to him maybe he'll get spooked.

[Cell phone rings]

Hal: Did you get the van?

Emily: What?

Hal: Oh Emily, I'm sorry. I thought it was the station.

Emily: Yeah, well you have been busy, haven't you, Hal? Listen, there are things in life that you have to discuss with your family. You can't just take off and make these major decisions without talking to your wife.

Hal: This isn't about us, Emily. I have to go.

Emily: Hal, we need to talk!

Hal: I'll see you at the rehearsal. I better get down to the station before I go to this rehearsal. That's if you and Parker are going to be okay.

Carly: Yeah, we're fine.

Hal: All right. I'll put a uniform on the road, just in case these guys decide to come back.

Carly: Good, that's great, thank you. But I really need you to get me that number.

Hal: I'll make the call, Carly. I'll have the telephone company call you as soon as they --

Carly: Thank you!

Hal: I just wish you wouldn't insist on breaking your own heart over and over.

Carly: It was Jack. I'll find him.

Hal: I wish you only knew how much I hoped that were true.

Carly: I do.

Hal: But in case this doesn't pan out, we have to find a way to help Parker cope with this.

Carly: Yes, yes we will. Just go, please go.

Hal: You'll get the call soon.

Rosanna: Hey.

Carly: How's Parker?

Rosanna: He's fine. He's upstairs getting ready for the baseball game. He made me promise to tell him if we heard anything about Jack.

Carly: Right, well Hal just promised to have the phone company call me with the number Jack was calling from.

Rosanna: Well, good.

Carly: What? You don't believe it was Jack either, do you?

Rosanna: Well no, no. It's not that.

Carly: Well then, what?

Rosanna: Well, if it was Jack, like you said, and he was trying to warn you --

Carly: Yeah?

Rosanna: Why didn't he try to call you back?

Jack: Julia? Huh, is that it?

Julia: Yes! Yes! I want to marry you. This minute would work for me.

Jack: Yes, me too. I have the afternoon off, how about you?

Julia: I'm so in love with you.

Jack: I didn't pressure you, did I? I mean I know I did, but I'm no-name loser, remember.

Julia: You're not, Jack. Oh, Jack.

Jack: I was only kidding about the loser part.

Julia: Yeah, but not about the name part. We can't get married.

Jack: Why not?

Julia: 'Cause you'd need some kind of an I.D. A social security card, driver's license, something. We don't even know your full name, and even if we did, and we tried to get those things --

Jack: Someone could find out about it, like my insane ex-wife.

Julia: If what you remember is right and she really tried to kill you --

Jack: She could come back and try to finish the job. Or worse, go after you and J.J. I'll never let that happen. I won't do anything to let her know I'm still alive.

Julia: Okay, so that's that. But that's okay. I mean, we don't need a piece of paper to be together, right? I'm fine with the way things are.

Jack: No, no we're getting married.

Julia: How?

Jack: I think I have a way around the problem.

Carly: I don't know why Jack didn't call back. Maybe he was hurt or something. Maybe those guys, those freaks, they had him and then they're keeping him. Maybe they got back to him fast enough and they wouldn't let him call back.

Rosanna: Was that how he sounded? Like he was under stress or confused?

Carly: He just sounded like Jack. Jack in cop mode. Rosanna, I only heard a few words. I can't dissect it until I know more.

Rosanna: Well, it just doesn't make sense. Does it?

Carly: Well, maybe his phone stopped working. You know if he was calling from a cell phone --

Rosanna: Okay, all right, just don't panic. All right, we just don't know yet.

Carly: Right. Hello? Yes, it is. Yes, I do. Thank you, thank you. This is it. I have Jack's number.

Jack: He's on his way.

Julia: You really think this is gonna work?

Jack: Well I'll make sure it does. Listen I'm gonna wait outside. I don't want J.J. to hear. Okay?

Julia: Okay, okay Jack? Hey listen, even if this works, you know, you don't have to go through with it.

Jack: What?

Julia: You know, the whole marriage, forever thing.

Jack: Julia, I want to.

Julia: Okay, you should just really think about it, you know. Because unlike you, I do have an insane ex who knows where we live and who is not going to stop for any reason. He's gonna continue to make problems no matter what.

Jack: I'm not afraid of him.

Julia: I know, but you should really think about it, Jack. I mean, it's a lot to take on. Me, J.J., Les -- you sure that you want all that? I mean, think about it. Just --

Jack: Okay. All right. I only have one question.

Julia: Okay, good, you should ask.

Jack: Will you marry me?

Julia: You are very hard-headed.

Jack: I know, that's probably what kept me alive. That's probably what brought me to you. Hey, this is what I want. I'm sure. Are you sure?

Julia: Yeah.

Jack: Are you sure?

Julia: No, yes, I'm sure. I have tried to be noble, but this is as far as I go. From now on, completely selfish.

Jack: Good.

Julia: Hey, I love you, too. This is more, you are more than I ever dreamed of. Let's get married.

Jack: That is such a good idea. I wish I'd thought of it. I hope the plan works.

Reverend: If we could please get going, I have to preside over a funeral in town in less than hour.

Susan: What?

Reverend: I'm sorry, I couldn't plan on having a parishioner pass away.

Kim: Of course not. Do you want everybody to get in their places?

Susan: Well we can't do this without the bride.

Emily: Hi, I'm sorry. I apologize for being late.

Reverend: Oh, no you donít. You can't fool me again.

Kim: What?

Reverend: These two had me convinced that she was the bride once before.

Susan: How'd that happen?

Emily: It was a mistake. I came with Alison to meet the minister, I got here first.

Kim: Why did they think you were the bride?

Margo: Well you know what. You beat Alison here again, huh? Where is that girl?

Susan: She was on her way an hour ago. Chris, do you know where --

Chris: No, I haven't heard anything.

Reverend: We really do have to get started.

Emily: But I think Alison will be heartbroken if she --

Reverend: Well then you can fill her in when she gets here.

Emily: But she's gonna want --

Reverend: You are the matron of honor, right?

Emily: Yeah.

Reverend: So you've been through this before, you know how it's done. You can take your sister's place, then walk her through it later. Now if we could please just get into position.

Aaron: Ali!

Alison: Oh Aaron, thank you so much. This means so much to me.

Aaron: Wait! I'm not here for the rehearsal.

Alison: You mean you still won't --

Aaron: No, no.

Alison: I'm late.

Aaron: Not yet. Ali, please. Please, you can't marry Chris. Not until you hear the truth, whether you want to or not.

Reverend: Who's giving away the bride?

Susan: I am.

Chris: Reverend, maybe we should wait until Alison gets here.

Emily: Yeah, I think he's right. I think it's very important that Alisonís --

Chris: She would be sick if she missed this.

Reverend: Well, you can all do this again when she gets here. Casey here can stand in for me.

Casey: As long as I don't have to wear robes.

[Group laughs]

Reverend: Okay, Emily, please go back down the aisle. Now, you be the bride. You cross up to here.

Emily: Okay.

Reverend: Chris, once she hands off the bouquet, I'll ask who gives this woman.

Susan: I do.

Reverend: Then you take the bride's hand and give it to the groom.

Susan: Okay.

Reverend: I'll say my piece, we'll have the reading, then it's time for the vows. Now Chris, you and the bride face each other, and you take her hand in both of yours. Well take her hand, Chris.

Emily: I can't do this. I'm sorry. I can't do this. No, no no no no no no no no

Alison: If this truth is more bashing Chris for no reason, then you can forget it.

Aaron: No, that's not it.

Alison: Then what?

Hal: Hey, I'm sorry I'm late. Is Emily inside?

Alison: Yeah, she must be inside.

Hal: Thanks.

Alison: We're all supposed to be inside, okay? Will this take long?

Emily: Alison should be here for this.

Susan: We'll walk her though it when she gets here.

Emily: I got to get some air.

Susan: I'll come with you.

Emily: No, no I'm fine. Let me just have a minute, okay?

Hal: Emily, I'm sorry I'm -- what's wrong?

Emily: Nothing.

Hal: Emily, something's got you upset. What happened, did Kim and Susan go at it again?

Emily: No, it's nothing, Hal.

Hal: Emily, tell me what happened or I'll go in there and Margo will tell me what happened.

Emily: It's not in there, okay? It's nothing. You wouldn't even talk to me this afternoon. I tried to have a conversation with you.

Hal: Let's talk about it after --

Emily: No, now. I find out from someone who isn't you that you petitioned the court to have Will released to your care?

Hal: How did you know?

Emily: It doesn't matter.

Hal: Look, Emily, I was going to tell you tonight after the service --

Emily: Excuse me, excuse me, I'm sorry, you were going to tell me? You weren't going to ask me how I felt about having Will moving in with us and Daniel?

Hal: We really need to be inside. Let's discuss it after --

Emily: There's nothing to discuss. I can not have Will living in my house.

Susan: I'm sorry, I don't know what's gotten into my daughter.

Margo: Chris, what is going on?

Chris: Nothing.

Margo: That was not nothing. What is going on between you and Emily?

Chris: Nothing.

Margo: Would you stop saying that. You guys can't even hold hand without sparks flying. You're still gonna marry Alison?

Chris: Yes, I'm gonna marry Alison and I'm gonna make her happy.

Margo: Well, you are making a terrible mistake.

Susan: What do you mean, a terrible mistake?

Aaron: I didn't want to say anything. Okay, not about Chris, not about this whole thing, okay? But it just would not be right if I let it go.

Alison: Okay, well get to the point because I'm so late and everyone must be inside there, freaking out, thinking that I screwed up.

Aaron: Okay, you're going to screw up if you marry Chris. Listen Ali, he doesn't love you. I mean, he doesn't love you the way I do.

Alison: What?

Aaron: Alison, I love you.

Dad: Hello?

Carly: Jack?

Dad: No, isn't this the hotel?

Carly: No, no I'm looking for a man named Jack Snyder. I got a call from him from this number just an hour ago.

Dad: Sorry, there's no Jack at this number.

Carly: No wait!

Mom: Honey, throw that away. You don't know where it's been.

[Busy signal on phone]

J.J.: Hey. I lost my cap.

Julia: Your what?

J.J.: My cap, the one with the initials on it. I think I left it at the rest stop.

Julia: Okay, well we'll go back and get it. Or how about if we get you a new one?

J.J.: Where's Jack?

Julia: He's outside. He's talking to somebody about business.

J.J.: Are you sure?

Julia: Yes, I'm sure J.J. why?

J.J.: Jack was weird at the rest stop.

Julia: He was just worried about me. But everything's fine. Everything's fine.

J.J.: It was like he couldn't wait to get me back here. And maybe he wanted to drop me off and --

Julia: And leave? You thought Jack wanted to leave us?

J.J.: Maybe. Maybe he remembers where he lives now.

Julia: Well, J.J., Jack is not going to leave us. He did remember some thing about his life, but he decided that it was crummy stuff -- kind of like how we feel about Les, you know? So he decided he would rather stay with us, instead.

J.J.: So you mean we won?

Julia: Yes kiddo. That's right, we won, for once.

Frank: Hey, hey Jack.

Jack: Hey.

Frank: What's the big mystery?

Jack: I'm sorry to make you come all the way out here. I just thought it was safer talking here than at work.

Frank: Yeah, okay sure. What's up?

Jack: Look, Frank, I've worked at Costelloís long enough to know that you're connected, in the sense that you know the right people to help somebody out of a jam.

Frank: Wait, just hold it right there, Jack.

Jack: No listen, listen I don't want to get into your business. I got a problem and I need your help, that's it.

Frank: Okay. What's the problem?

Jack: I need someone who will give me a new life. Right away.

On the next "As the World Turns."

Alison: Whatever there is to talk about, we can talk about it after the wedding because I --

Aaron: No.

Carly: It was Jack. He was there. Now I just have to figure out where there is.

Julia: Where are you going?

Jack: I can't stick around here all day, woman. I got to find out what it's gonna take to make you my wife.

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