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Ben: It's nice work on Mrs. Dobbs. Sorry about all the overtime you've had to pull covering my caseloads.

Dr. Ramirez: Not a problem. Just get better soon, all right? My wife already said that if I'm not careful, she's gonna run off with another man.

Ben: Well, wouldn't want to break up a happy marriage.

Dr. Ramirez: Oh, please, it'll never happen, man.

Ben: It can happen. You'd be surprised. Go down to the hospital pharmacy, and get this prescription filled for Henry Coleman.

Nikki: What about medication or anything like that?

Ben: What I did is I wrote down a couple of over-the-counter headache remedies. He won't need a prescription.

Jessica: Ben? Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.

Ben: You never mean for anything to happen, do you, Jess? It just happens out of your control.

Jessica: Here. Henry Coleman?

Ben: He's a patient.

Jessica: It's pain medication. What's going on?

Ben: He's a patient! It doesn't have anything to do with you. Nothing in my life has anything to do with you anymore.

Henry: Strong and yet soft.

Mike: Why, Henry, I didn't know you cared.

Henry: I'm talking to Nikki.

Nikki: How's the head, Coleman?

Henry: Oh, it's terrible. I think I might have to lay it in your lap.

Mike: All right.

Nikki: Dr. Harris said you needed to stay awake.

Henry: Dr. Harris went to Paris in a puddle of rain. Oh! I need a nap.

Mike: That's exactly what you don't need. Ben said no napping.

Henry: No, but I'm sleepy. Gin always makes me tired.

Nikki: You had a martini before we went wall climbing?

Henry: Only a couple.

Mike: No wonder you fell.

[Nikki sighs]

Nikki: I'll get the coffee.

Mike: Al right. I'll crank up some tunes.

[Rock music playing]

Henry: Hi yah!

Barbara: What are you doing here?

Hal: No. No, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be locked up on another floor. Oh, no. Oh, no, you donít.

Barbara: Let go of me. Let go of me, Hal. Let go of me!

Hal: Get security, Paul.

Paul: I'd love to. Security! Hey. My mother's Barbara Ryan. She's a patient here, and I was told that she would be kept far away from my brother, Will, who's also a patient here. But my mother just found a way into my brother's room.

Guard: Who's your brother's doctor?

Paul: Dr. Walters.

Guard: I'll have to bring her down here.

Paul: I'm coming with you.

Barbara: Would you let me go? I have a right to see my son.

Jennifer: You stay away from him.

Barbara: Will, tell them. Tell them that you feel safe with me --

Jennifer: Dad!

Barbara: -- That everything I do is for you.

Jennifer: Dad, get her out of here.

Hal: You're done with him, Barbara.

Barbara: Don't listen to their lies!

Hal: You don't get to hurt Will anymore.

Barbara: I would never hurt you. I love you! And don't worry about this, honey. Don't worry about this. I won't have any trouble for you.

Jennifer: Hey, are you okay?

Will: I should have expected this.

Jennifer: This is not your fault. Do you hear me? What Mom did just now is not your fault. Hey.

Julia: No. J.J., No, you cannot stay up and watch "The creature feature." You know you have nightmares from it. Yeah, listen, Buster Keaton, you need to go to bed. Okay? Okay, I will. I love you, too. Bye. J.J. says good night.

Jack: I could have gotten on the phone.

Julia: Yeah. You know what? It's way too late. It's past his bedtime. He wants to stay up and watch the show, "The creature feature." It's one of our local stations. They play these old scary movies --

Jack: Really? You know, I seem to remember, I like old, scary movies with popcorn.

Julia: I'll make you some. First, I have to go check the downspout. I don't want it to blow away from the house.

Jack: No, you donít. I fixed it, remember?

Julia: You did.

Jack: I did.

Julia: That's right. Do you think that maybe you were a handyman or --

Jack: I have no idea.

Julia: Repairman.

Jack: No, I don't know. I seem to be pretty good with my hands.

Julia: You're better than pretty good.

Jack: Yeah?

Julia: Yeah. I'm gonna go make the popcorn.

Jack: No, stay.

Julia: No, it'll just take a minute.

Jack: So will this.

Parker: Aren't we going to finish the story for Sage?

Carly: Yeah. Yes, honey, we will. It's just that that story gave me an idea.

Parker: What?

Carly: You know how the prince had to go to all the different houses to find the girl who fit the slipper?

Parker: Yeah.

Carly: Well, that's what were going to do. We're going to go to all different houses to find Jack. But lucky for us, we have a way to cover a lot more ground than they did in the old days.

Parker: It's too late.

Carly: No, it isn't, honey. No, it's not too late. You want to know why? 'Cause I won't let it be.

Paul: Could you please explain something to me? Could you please explain to me how she got her hands on a nurse's outfit?

Barbara: Just let me go.

Dr. Walters: I'm sorry about this, Lieutenant.

Barbara: Who are you?

Dr. Walters: I'm the doctor handling your son's case, Ms. Ryan.

Hal: It's a good thing you're a doctor, because if you were a cop, I'd have your badge.

Paul: We were told that she would not go anywhere near Will.

Barbara: "She"? I am your mother, Paul.

Dr. Walters: Is Will okay?

Hal: How can he be okay? His mother just broke into his room.

Barbara: I have every right to see him.

Dr. Walters: I'll get to the bottom of this.

Barbara: Doctor, this is my fault. I was desperate to see my son, so I took a chance. But only because all of you have backed me into a corner. I had no choice.

Dr. Walters: Take her away.

Barbara: No, no, no, you won't keep me from will. You wonít. It's wrong. It's against nature.

Guard: Dr. Walters.

Dr. Walters: He'll need help subduing her.

Barbara: You won't keep me from Will, Hal! No one can! Not you! Not the courts! No one!

Paul: She's not kidding, Hal. As long as she's breathing, she's a threat to Will.

Hal: Well, then, we'll just have to find a way to put an end to that threat.

Paul: But how, Hal? How do we get rid of her?

Hal: By getting rid of Will. He can't be in the same building as Barbara. I want him out of this place. Now, even the courts have to see that has to happen.

Paul: Can we file a petition tonight?

Hal: Well, it's probably too late for that, but I'll be on it first thing in the morning.

Jennifer: Hey. Where's Mom?

Hal: Oh, Dr. Walters took her some place. Some place with a padlock, I hope.

Jennifer: If Mom wants to get to Will, she'll be able to do that. She's proven that already. He's not safe here.

Hal: Paul and I were just saying the same thing.

Paul: You know, I'm going to call Jessica. I mean, she's already up to speed. She knows that Mom's been committed. She knows what a threat she poses to Will.

Hal: Go for it.

Jennifer: Go for what?

Paul: Hal and I were just talking about getting Will out of here, as soon as possible.

Jennifer: That's great.

Hal: Well, it's just an idea, Jen. Getting a judge to sign on is going to be tough.

Jennifer: Well, what do you think our chances are?

Hal: Well, I would've said slim to none this afternoon.

Paul: Yeah, but now that Barbaraís proved that she's going to continue to go after Will, maybe the courts will be more lenient.

Dr. Walters: We're going to have to sedate your mother. She's having outbursts of violent behavior and can't be reasoned with at this point.

Jennifer: You know, could I talk to her first, please? I promise, I won't upset her.

Paul: Whoa, whoa. No, Jen, donít. She's just going to play on your sympathy, just like she always does.

Jennifer: Oh, don't worry, Paul. I'll never fall that "poor me" routine ever again.

Barbara: Jen. Help me. Please, help me.

Jessica: What happens to you will always be my business, Ben. No matter what my mistakes were, I will always care about you.

Ben: So, is that what you came to tell me? That you will always care about me?

Jessica: I brought your mail. Some of it is still coming to the house. The one on top is from your insurance company, so I thought you might need it.

Ben: I'll call the post office. I don't want to trouble you with anything anymore.

Jessica: It's not trouble. I mean, really, I don't mind.

Ben: Look, let me be clear. Next time you need to bring me something, leave it with my assistant.

Jessica: Ben, please. I mean, can't we -- can't we even just talk to each other anymore?

Ben: Do you think I want to talk to you? Why in the world would I want to talk to you?

Jessica: So we can try and understand what happened.

Ben: So, you tell me. Tell me, why do you cheat on a man who loves you completely, who was always honest with you? You can't even understand it yourself.

Jessica: No, I canít. So I think maybe if we talk about it -- I mean, obviously, there was some underlying problem that I --

Ben: Well, the problem was you.

Jessica: Okay, it was me. And I am willing to work on it, I swear. I mean, I will do anything to give us another chance.

Ben: I don't want another chance. I don't even want to know you anymore.

Jessica: Ben, please, stop. Look, this isn't you. This angry, bitter man -- this isn't you.

Ben: No, that's where you're wrong. 'Cause this is all that's left.

Jessica: No.

Ben: Yes. You don't like the new Ben Harris? Too bad, you made him!

Julia: Do you know what I like?

Jack: I think I have an idea.

Julia: I like feeling safe, Jack. I see it in J.J., too. We're both breathing so much easier now that you're here.

Jack: That mean I can stick around for awhile?

Julia: You can stay as long as you want, kid. I hope you'll stay for a long time. You know?

Jack: What -- what are you doing? What's going on with you?

Julia: I don't know. I just -- I'm sorry, I keep bothering you with the same stupid questions.

Jack: No, don't apologize. Just tell me what you're thinking about.

Julia: I just don't want to open the door, Jack, and find the other Julia standing there, demanding her husband back.

Jack: Ex-husband. Ex-husband. And why would she want me back when she hated me enough to try to kill me? You have nothing to fear from that woman. So what else are you afraid of?

Julia: Maybe I'm afraid this isn't real.

Jack: Feel. It's real. I'm real. I'm here. And I'm here to stay.

Julia: Hey.

Jack: Hmm.

Julia: Promise me.

Jack: Oh, try getting rid of me. Julia, this place, it feels -- you and J.J., you feel like home.

Julia: Yeah?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Julia: What exactly does home feel like?

Jack: Oh, feels good. Perfect. I'm like that stray dog you fed scraps to. I know a good thing when I see one.

Julia: If you're a stray dog, then you better get off my couch.

Jack: Oh, never.

[Julia giggles]

Kim: Okay. Hi, darling.

Carly: Oh, thank you so much for doing this.

Kim: Oh, you're so welcome. You don't really need to thank me at all. Hi, Parker. If you think there's any chance at all that Jack is alive, I'd do anything in the world to help bring him home.

Carly: Did you talk to the other stations in the area?

Kim: I did. I did.

Carly: What did they say?

Kim: They said they're going to pick up our feed and broadcast live with us. That means that every station with 500-mile radius around here is going to carry your message.

Carly: That's wonderful. I just hope it works. You know, if the accident did affect Jack's memory, then hearing the name Jack Snyder isn't going to have any affect on him at all.

Kim: We don't need to rely on his name recognition. We can carry his picture. If anybody's seen him, they'll call immediately, I'm sure.

Carly: From your mouth to God's ears. And then we'll get in the car, and we'll bring jack home.

Kim: You bet. And that's exactly what we're all praying for.

Carly: Okay. Well, let's get a mic on me. It's time to find Jack.

Kim: Okay.

Hal: How are you feeling, son?

Will: Okay.

Hal: Will, this is me. You don't have to pretend. We both know that having your mother barge in here tonight was scary as hell. Now, you don't have to make excuses for her behavior, Will.

Will: I'm not, Dad. I swear.

Hal: Are you sure? 'Cause in the past, you always felt like you had to protect your mom.

Will: Well, being in here has taught me something.

Hal: What is that?

Will: She was supposed to protect me, you know? Not try to show me how bad her life was, not try to get me to fix it.

Hal: That's right.

Will: You know, she made me do a lot of bad things in life to prove how much I love her. I don't belong here, Dad. She does.

Jennifer: Is it really necessary for my mother to be restrained like this?

Guard: She wouldn't stop fighting me.

Dr. Walters: I'm sorry, but yes, it is necessary.

Barbara: Of course I fought. He wouldn't let me see my baby boy. Honey, tell Dr. Walters, that I'm not afraid to fight for my children.

Jennifer: First, I think we need to talk. Can we have a minute, please?

Dr. Walters: Only for a minute, because as I said, she needs sedation. We'll be right outside.

Barbara: Did you hear that? They just want to shut me up. That's what they do around here. That's how they treat you. They want to turn you into a vegetable, and they don't have to deal with you anymore. They want to throw you into a corner and let you wither up and die. Don't let them do that to me, please, Jen. Please, honey. Will has to see that I'm okay, otherwise he'll be worried sick. He needs me.

Jennifer: No, he doesn't, Mother. He has been making real progress.

Barbara: Yes, he has. Since I've been in here, I've been able to see him. I've been able to communicate with him.

Jennifer: What? You had no right, Mother. The court said --

Barbara: The courts can't tell me how to be a mother.

Jennifer: You destroyed Will's childhood, Mother. But then, that doesn't matter to you, does it? Nothing matters to you except getting your own way. That little visit in there with Will could have could have flipped him into a tailspin!

Barbara: No, honey, you're wrong. He was excited. He was happy to see me.

Jennifer: He was terrified!

Barbara: If he was terrified, why did he come to my room? Why did he bring me a nurse's uniform? Why did he tell me to meet him?

Jennifer: You really are insane.

Barbara: I'm as sane as you are. Now, get me out of this thing.

Jennifer: Are you kidding? I'm gonna order you one in every color. And when Dr. Walters comes in here to sedate you, I will personally make sure that she gives you plenty, Mom. Because you are never getting near my little brother again!

Barbara: Backstabber. You're just like Paul.

Jennifer: No. If I were just like Paul, then I would have seen the truth about you a long time ago.

Barbara: And here I thought you were the one person in the world I could always turn to.

Jennifer: I was. To my everlasting shame, I was! I stuck by you while I watched you ruin Paulís life, and then Will's, and then Rosannaís and Jordanís! Oakdale is littered with lives that you have wrecked!

Barbara: Don't you dare walk out on me!

Jennifer: Oh, I'm walking out this door and I will never turn back.

Barbara: Jen! Jen, don't walk out on -- Jen!

Jennifer: Go ahead, give it to her. Give her all of it, and then some.

Barbara: I'm still your mother!

Paul: Hey, Jen. You okay?

Jennifer: I will be, as soon as I get out of here.

Paul: Whoa, whoa. Where you going?

Barbara: I will always be your mother!

Jennifer: To get on with the rest of my life.

Jessica: Okay, you're angry, and you have every right to be. But it doesn't have to consume your life. I know the man you are deep down --

Ben: Don't even try to talk to me about my life. I already told you, my life has nothing to do with you.

Jessica: Okay, it's gonna take some time. Okay, if you need time, you need some space, I'll give you anything you want.

Ben: Really? 'Cause there's only one thing I want from you, Jessica. A divorce. [Cell phone rings] Go ahead, answer it. We're done.

Jessica: Hello?

Paul: Jess, its Paul. I need to see you, right now.

Jessica: I can't right now, Paul. This isn't a good time.

Paul: Yeah, look, I'm sorry, but -- I'm at the state hospital right now, and I have some serious concerns about will's safety, so meet me at Metro. Jessica, please, it's -- it's urgent.

Jessica: Okay, okay, I'll be there. God knows I'm not doing any good here.

Kim: Okay, troops, are we all set? Parker, you've got Jack's picture there?

Carly: Yes, hold that up, sweetie.

Kim: All right. And you're all set?

Carly: Uh-huh.

Kim: Just a few seconds from standby, all right?

Carly: Now don't forget to hold the picture up nice and straight, okay?

Parker: I wonít.

Carly: Yeah, I know, sweetheart. I just needed to say that. Okay, let's do this for Jack.

Kim: All righty. Stand by.

Julia: Wait a minute. I thought you wanted to watch "the creature feature."

Jack: I changed my mind. I don't want to here it, either. Come here.

Julia: Um --

Jack: What?

Julia: Okay, if we --

Jack: Yes?

Julia: J.J. and I, we just got to the point where we don't need anybody.

Jack: Let me tell you something. When I left the hospital, I felt like I didn't need anybody either. And I found myself on that park bench, not being able to get you out of my head. Every time I closed my eyes, there you were. And I felt like finally somebody cared whether I lived or died.

Julia: I did care -- I do -- because from the minute I met you, I felt like we'd known each other before.

Jack: Don't you think that's because we were meant to be together? I do. I love you.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Carly: We miss you very, very much. So please come home to us. Come home to me, and to Parker and Sage. Come home to where you belong.

Carly: Good evening. My name is Carly Snyder. A couple of months ago, my husband, Detective Jack Snyder, was in an accident. His car went off a bridge on Route 17, just outside of Oakdale, Illinois. His body was never recovered, and now -- well, we think that he is still alive and may be suffering from amnesia. So, I'm begging you, please, pay more attention to strangers in your area. And if you see this man --


Carly: Jack Snyder is a beloved member of our community. And he may have been injured, he may need medical help. So, please, please, if you have seen him, call the number on your screen.

Wyoming: Dude! You ate all the guacamole.

Sky dog: Shh, quiet, quiet.

Carly: So it is only with your help that we can bring him home. That he can come home to his children who miss him terribly.

Wyoming: Whoa! That's chick's talking about Jack.

Carly: You don't have to give your name to anybody. So please, if you have any information at all --

Wyoming: You gonna call her? What for, man? It's not our problem.

Sky dog: The problem with you, Wyoming, is that you don't hear opportunity when it knocks. Knock, knock, knock.

Carly: Please know that we love you. We miss you very, very much. So please come home to us. Come home to me, and to Parker and Sage. Come home to where you belong.

Sound guy: And we're out.

Kim: Excellent.

Carly: Sweetheart, you held up that picture so nice and straight. Good job. Now would you do me one more favor?

Parker: Sure, Mom.

Carly: Can you run up and put it back on my nightstand? Thank you.

Kim: Oh, you did you such a good job, Parker. And so did you. You were wonderful. And you were very good, yes. Oh, precious girl. You were terrific. Yes. What a good girl your mommy is.

Carly: Thank you for this chance, Kim. And tell me something -- you've done this before, right?

Kim: Sadly, yes, I have.

Carly: And people do call, right? Someone out there will recognize Jack, and they'll pick up the phone, right? And I'll get my husband back, won't I?

Nikki: Coming. Hi, welcome to the -- swing low sweet chariot

Nikki: -- The nuthouse. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Jennifer: Oh, hey, donít. Its okay, it's okay. My skin's gotten pretty thick. Which is a good thing, after tonight.

Nikki: Pretty bad?

Jennifer: Awful. But in another way, incredibly good. Will is better than he's been in a long time, Nikki.

Nikki: That's wonderful.

Jennifer: Yeah. Paul and Dad are actually talking to the doctor about getting him released early.

Nikki: I didn't even know that was possible.

Jennifer: Well, it wasnít. Until Mom got past security tonight and stormed Will's room.

Nikki: No, she didnít.

Jennifer: Yeah, she did. Paul and Dad and I were standing in Will's room, and you should have seen the look on her face when she opened the door and saw us. They had to drag her away, Nikki. And they put her in a straitjacket.

Nikki: Oh, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Yeah. It's not your average family reunion.

Nikki: No, I'm sorry.

Jennifer: At least I have this to take my mind off -- what happened to you guys?

Henry: Mike -- Mike threw me into a freezing cold shower.

Mike: To keep you awake.

Nikki: Henry fell off a climbing wall and landed on his head.

Jennifer: Ow.

Henry: I got a boo-boo.

Nikki: Mike and I have selflessly devoted the past few hours to try to keep him awake per doctor's orders.

Jennifer: Well, I imagine the doctor would also say that it's not very smart to stand in wet clothing.

Mike: She's right. Come on.

Nikki: Wait, why the sudden modesty? We've already seen you in your unmentionables.

Jennifer: That's true.

Mike: If you hadn't cheated at cards, it would have never happened.

Henry: Is it naptime yet?

Mike: More coffee.

Jennifer: I can make it.

Mike: Coffee beans are on the counter. Let's get you out of these clothes.

Henry: I am perfectly -- I can -- I can undress myself.

Mike: Okay, fine.

Nikki: Whoo.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Henry: You think that's something ladies? Ow! My head! You know what? Let me just -- let me just lay here for a second, and this thing will be a thing of the past, okay? Night, night.

Nikki: Henry, Henry, hey, wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

Henry: Mommy, is it time for school already?

Nikki: Okay, sonny boy. Back in the shower.

Jessica: If you're angry, you have every right to be. But it doesn't have to consume your life. I know that man you are --

Ben: Don't even try to talk to me about my life!

Paul: Hey, Jess, thanks for meeting me.

Jessica: I ordered a drink for you.

Paul: Thank God.

Jessica: So, what's the problem with Will?

Paul: Oh, Will's doing great. I just -- I want to make sure that it stays that way.

Jessica: So what is this threat to his safety?

Paul: My mother. She was institutionalized at the same facility. She tried to get to him tonight.

Jessica: Sorry to hear that.

Paul: You getting all this?

Jessica: Yeah, I heard you, Paul. I'll -- I'll start working on a transfer for Will tomorrow morning.

Paul: Well, Hal and I were hoping for better than a transfer. We were hoping that he might qualify for early release.

Jessica: Whatever you say.

Paul: Great. I really want to get him out, so that I can enroll him in lion tamer's school.

Jessica: One thing at a time.

Paul: Jess. You seem a little distracted. You okay?

Jessica: It's personal.

Paul: Well, I'm a person.

Jessica: You wouldn't be interested.

Paul: Try me.

Jessica: My marriage is over, and it's my fault.

Paul: I would think that ending a marriage would take two people.

Jessica: Not this time. I brought it on myself. I sabotaged my life and have no apparent reason why.

Paul: I'm sorry.

Jessica: I put everything on the line -- my friends, my family, my reputation. For what? I don't even know why I did it. It was like --

Paul: To satisfy some overwhelming need to give in to something that you didn't even know was there?

Jessica: Who are you, my diary?

Paul: No, I've -- I have been where I think you are. We share the same fatal flaw.

Jessica: Okay, then tell me how to fix it.

Paul: Well, the thing about this fatal flaw, counselor, is that you can't fix it. It destroys the life that you love and leaves you all alone.

Jack: Sorry I made you miss "the creature feature."

[Julia giggles]

Julia: I don't care anyway. It looks like the storm knocked the cable out.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, guess you're stuck with me.

Julia: Aw, shucks.

Julia: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Julia: Are you okay? Did you remember something?

Jack: No, I'm fine. No.

Julia: Are you sure?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, hey, the only thing that matters is tonight and tomorrow and all the days that follow.

Julia: You know, what? I can predict the future sometimes.

Jack: Is that right?

Julia: Mm-hmm. Do you want to know what I see in the future?

Jack: What do you see?

Julia: I see a beautiful woman -- that would be me.

Jack: Of course.

Julia: Making love to a very handsome, young man -- that would be you --

Jack: Thank you.

Julia: -- All night long.

Jack: Really?

Julia: Yeah. Can you help me out with that?

Jack: I think I can make that predication come true.

Sky dog: Busy.

Wyoming: So keep trying. We've got time.

Nikki: Towels.

Jennifer: I grabbed as many as I could find.

Mike: I'll get some dry clothes.

Jennifer: Here.

Henry: Hey, you're tickling me.

Nikki: Glad you came to help, sis?

Jennifer: Oh, yeah.

Mike: If I'm going to be Henryís baby-sitter much longer, I gotta go shopping. Here.

Nikki: Thanks. Help. Okay. Oh, gosh. I think he's falling asleep. And I don't know about getting this shirt on him.

Mike: Okay, come here. There you go. Huh? Look at that. Look at that. Nothing to it.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. If you'd have told me that I would have ended up having fun tonight, I wouldn't have believed you.

Nikki: Jen was at the state hospital.

Mike: Oh, yeah. I read about your mom's accident. I'm sorry.

Jennifer: No, it's -- you know, at least something good might come out of it. Will might get to come home to us. And he'll still need psychiatric care, but at least he can do it as an out-patient.

Henry: I recently was released from a funny farm.

Nikki: Now, that's a surprise.

Henry: No, no, no. I had myself admitted so that I could help a friend escape.

Nikki: You helped a friend escape from the mental hospital?

Henry: That's right, I did. She wasn't really crazy, it was Katie Frasier. Mike, tell her about Katie.

Mike: It's a long story, but yeah, for the record, Henry was a real hero.

Henry: That's right. You never knew Katie, did you?

Mike: Okay, let me help you finish drying off.

Henry: Ow, ow!

Mike: Thanks, girls.

Jennifer: Right.

Nikki: Okay.

Henry: So, what do you think? Nikki likes me, right?

Mike: You're trying way too hard, man. All right, you just need to relax, be yourself. Only less yourself, if you know what I mean.

Nikki: Remember asking me if I was interested in mike? The answer is yes. Definitely yes.

Dr. Ramirez: Hey, Ben. Want to get a drink at Metro?

Ben: Uh -- thanks, I'm gonna pass. I have to review some charts before I go home, so --

Dr. Ramirez: All right, man. I'll see you later.

[Ben groans]

Jessica: No, no. I can't -- I won't accept that answer. There's no such thing as a fatal flaw.

Paul: How else do you explain some people making the same mistake over and over again?

Jessica: Well, I'll change. Once I understand why I hurt Ben, I will change. I will.

Paul: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.

Jessica: No, it's okay. I shouldn't be discussing personal things with a client. So, regarding Will, I will -- I'll get a statement from his psychiatrist detailing his progress, and we'll file a "friends of the court" petition.

Paul: Great. What's that?

Jessica: It's an affidavit I will give to the judge, signed by people from the community who support Will's release.

Paul: Great, I'll get signatures.

Jessica: Good, good. Then I will see you in the morning.

Paul: I got the drinks, remember?

Jessica: Thanks.

Paul: You okay?

Jessica: Yeah, I'm fine. I didn't even finish my second drink.

Paul: I'm talking about -- you're okay? I honestly didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

Jessica: The truth hurts, right? And you're right, I am alone. And that's exactly what I deserve to be. Good night, Paul.

Barbara: Don't worry, Will. I won't let them take you. And I won't tell anyone your secret. Paul and Jennifer never loved me the way you do. Thank God I still have you.

Hal: What are you thinking about, son?

Will: Mom. I hate being in the same place with her. You know, I'm so worry she's just going to keep showing up in here.

Hal: Hey, she's going to stay here. She's gonna stay locked up. But you -- will, we're trying to arrange for an early release.

Will: Really?

Hal: Well, it's -- it's just a possibility, but yeah, we are.

Will: Oh, Dad, please make it happen. I don't ever want to see Mom again.

Kim: Okay, right. Thank you, I'll pass it on. Okey-doke, I just finished talking to the studio.

Carly: And?

Kim: They've had over 300 phone calls.

Carly: Oh, that's wonderful.

Kim: But you've got to remember, sweetheart, a lot of these are gonna be a dead end.

Carly: But one of them won't be. One of those people is going to lead me to Jack.

Wyoming: Any luck getting in touch with Jack's old lady?

Sky dog: No, man, and the rain totally soaked the paper, man.

Wyoming: Don't tell me you lost the number.

Sky dog: Dude, it's not my fault. The paper just, like, dissolved.

Wyoming: Great. No paper, no number. Now, how are we supposed to tell the pretty blond lady that we found her husband?

Jack: Rain stopped.

Julia: I love the way the world looks after a storm. It's fresh, you know? Like it was just born.

Jack: Sounds like us. We've each had our own storms, now everything's new.

Julia: That's a beautiful thought.

Jack: You're beautiful. Julia?

Julia: Hmm?

Jack: Marry me.

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

J.J.: What's wrong?

Jack: Someone's in trouble.

Parker: It was Jack? On the phone?

Carly: Yes, it's true. It was Jack. He spoke to me. Damn it, I have to get him back!

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