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Alison: You wish that you had

Alison: You wish that you had never gotten involved with me? Like never ever, ever?

Aaron: Like with the contest. Ali, you were the one that kept saying, "oh, we're gonna win this, we're invincible, we got it all." But when our big chance came, you bailed on me.

Alison: Excuse me for getting married! I thought you would understand!

Aaron: Understand what? That picking out cocktail napkins is more important than your commitment to your best friend? I don't get you anymore, Ali. I swear, I don't get the way you think.

Alison: I don't think! Everyone knows that! If I thought things through, then I would have booked the band months ago, I would have double-checked the spelling on everything, Chrisís Mom wouldn't hate me. The only reason that any of this is working out is because Chris has being so fabulous.

Aaron: Fabulous?! Let me tell you something about the guy you're about to marry. Okay, he isn't what you think he is.

Emily: I warned you. I begged you to let this go, but you wouldnít.

Chris: Look, Emily, I've tried, okay? And I can control a lot of things, but I can't control my feelings.

Emily: No, you don't understand -- you have no right to these feelings! I'm telling you right now, you keep doing this, you keep pressing me, I've got to tell my husband.

Chris: Look, I don't care, okay? All these threats -- I love you.

Lucy: This is it?

Dusty: What do you think? It's not Caesarís Palace, but it's a good start for a beginner, you know? Here, throw your best punch. Come on, watch your hand. Oh, no, you fight like a girl.

Lucy: Yeah, well, I think like one, too.

Dusty: Oh, yeah? What do girls think about?

Lucy: Practical things. Like why you would suddenly decide to partner up with someone like Dominic Ramsey?

Dusty: 'Cause he knows the fighting game and there's a lot of money in it.

Lucy: And you think that in one night, you'll earn enough money to get you out of Metro?

Dusty: Well, I got a good shot, you know? If I find the right guy to go up against his guy, might get out of the bar business, might get out of Metro. For good, you know? Have a real life.

Lucy: And if you can't? We'll use my trust fund, right?

Dusty: No. Not even an option.

Lucy: So if you don't find a fighter, we don't have a future? Is that what you're telling me?

Jack: How do you know me? Did we meet somewhere?

Wyoming: Whoa, whoa, curious. You're not with the feds, are you?

Julia: No, no, nothing like that. I'm a nurse. Jack's in my care because he had an accident that put him in the hospital. And ever since then, there are certain things about his past that he can't remember.

Wyoming: No worries. I got big blanks of my own.

Julia: So, if there's anything about his past that you guys could help him reconnect with --

Sky dog: What do you want to know?

Jack: Like how we met.

Sky dog: Never happened.

Jack: Then how?

Sky dog: It was your old lady we knew. Your wife was hitch-hiking, and we gave her a lift.

Carly: Are you saying Jack was alive when you stole his wallet?

Gordon: Unconscious but still breathing. Like I said, I don't roll dead guys.

Carly: Parker said that Jack was alive. And he was right, Hal! Our little boy was right!

Hal: Carly --

Carly: Please, take me to the river! Take me to the exact place that you found Jack, I need to see it!

Hal: We need to verify --

Carly: Parker has given me all the verification I need, Hal. And I am taking him there. I'm taking my little boy to where Jack was seen, and Parker's going to help us find out where he is now.

[Woman laughing]

Alison: You're not angry about Chris. This whole thing is about money.

Aaron: No, it's not. I just don't think you should marry the guy.

Alison: It's okay. Look, I wanted that money, too. We both did, but we didn't get it, so you have to deal with it. Just please don't make it seem this is out of concern for me.

Aaron: Who else would it be for, Ali? Why do you think I stuck by you through this whole contest, or kept looking for those stupid keys when you were out looking for bride's dresses?

Alison: For the same reason that you tried to make me look like some pottery genius person to score points with Chrisís parents -- because you're my best friend!

Aaron: Exactly. I'm your best friend, Alison. That's why I want you just to be happy.

Alison: Yeah, maybe you did, but it's not like that anymore.

Aaron: What are you talking about?

Alison: You changed since I got engaged to Chris.

Aaron: No, I didnít.

Alison: Come on, let's just get this out in the open 'cause I'm sick of not saying it.

Aaron: Saying what?

Alison: That you're jealous.

Aaron: Of what?

Alison: I don't know that Chris is a doctor?

Aaron: And I work at a bar?

Alison: You said it, not me.

Aaron: Okay, so now I'm jealous of Chrisís career? Oh, this is great, Ali. It's nice to know that you're listening to a word I'm saying.

Aaron: I have absolutely no business to be in your wedding. I'm sorry, not the way I feel about everything.

Alison: What are you saying?

Aaron: I'm saying, you need to find a new groomsman.

Alison: Aaron!

Aaron: Oh, Ali, about your marriage to Chris -- good luck. All right, 'cause you're going to need it.

Alison: Aaron! Aaron!

Chris: You can't slap it out of me, Emily. I love you and that's not going to stop.

Tailor: Well, are we ready?

Chris: Could you give us one more minute, please? Emily, we need to ask ourselves some tough questions. Like what would we do if our situations were different? You know, if we were single and free --

Emily: It's not different. Listen to me. It is the way it is. Chris, we are living on the same planet. One planet -- look out the window. We're not on a parallel universe, here. Stop playing games with me.

Chris: You think this is a game for me? You think that I'm enjoying this?

Emily: I don't know what to think, okay?

Chris: Emily, I am in hell, right now. Okay, I love Alison and I want to make her happy, but God please forgive me for saying this, but I love you, too.

Emily: Gosh, I didn't realize how selfish you were. The hell with what I'm feeling? It must be a real relief to get that off your chest.

Chris: Emily -- don't say that

Emily: I asked you to walk away. I begged you, but you wouldn't listen. You had to subject me to the truth, your truth. Thanks a lot because what am I supposed to do with it now, huh? You ever think of that?

Dusty: I'll find a fighter, don't worry about that.

Lucy: I'm not worried, I just want to know how this is all going to work.

Dusty: Well, the promotional work for boxing, it's not that interesting.

Lucy: Don't patronize me.

Dusty: How am I patronizing you? Let me handle the nuts and bolts of this thing, and when the time comes, you can sit ringside and bring your class to the place. You know.

Lucy: I want to contribute more than that. I wish you would just let me use my trust fund to get you out of Metro.

Dusty: No! No way. And that's the end of that subject.

Lucy: You tell me not to worry, and then leave out the details.

Dusty: I don't have any details. You know what I know. Dominic has a young fighter, itching to get in to the ring. He wants me to get an opponent. I get him one. I'll set this match up and I'll make enough money for us to set ourselves up anywhere, far away from Oakdale.

Lucy: What if the fight doesn't happen? What happens to us then?

Dusty: I'll figure it out. Have a little faith, okay?

Lucy: I don't think so.

Jack: Guys. Guys! You said I was married and you knew my wife, right?

Sky dog: Yeah, yeah. Me and Wyoming, we gave her a lift and she hung with us for a while. She talked about you non-stop.

Jack: Yeah, well how did you recognize me?

Sky dog: She carried pictures of you, man. She showed it to us all the time.

Wyoming: Like all the time. She never shut up about you.

Sky dog: We probably still have those pictures. Don't we, Wyoming?

Wyoming: Oh, we've got all her stuff.

Jack: Why do you have her stuff? Did something happen to her?

Sky dog: Maybe.

Wyoming: Don't make everything a mystery, man. She went into a mini-mart and we took off. Drove away and never looked back.

Julia: Why would you do that?

Sky dog: She was out there, man. I mean, freaky.

Jack: What do you mean?

Wyoming: You should have heard some of the stuff she told us. You remember those stories, sky dog?

Sky dog: Oh yeah, yeah. She was crazy about you, Jack. I mean crazy.

Jack: Can I see one of the pictures? Do you still have the pictures? Can you show them to me, please?

Wyoming: I don't know, man. It's been a while.

Jack: Listen you said you kept all of her stuff. So, one of them's gotta be in the van, right?

Wyoming: Probably, it might take us a while to find it, though.

Sky dog: Yeah, yeah. And me and Wyoming -- we's kind of in a hurry.

Jack: Would this help, Wyoming?

Wyoming: It just might. Let me see what I can do.

Jack: Thank you. Can you tell her name?

Sky dog: Yeah. It was Julia.

Hal: I won't let you take Parker on a mission like this.

Carly: If Jack was there recently, Parker might feel something or we might find a clue.

Hal: I won't let you make Parker responsible for finding Jack when the odds are that he'll fail. I won't do that to the kid.

Carly: Listen to yourself? If you're talking about odds, you're admitting there's a chance.

Hal: It's been weeks, Carly. Weeks since that drifter found that wallet.

Carly: And in the meantime, Jack could have walked away. He could have ended up at that water park, Hal.

Hal: Parker's already been devastated by this. I won't put him through more trauma.

Carly: I need help.

Hal: All right. Then I'll get the state police. We'll reopen the case, but my son stays out of it.

Carly: He's my son, too. And he happens to have a gift, at least where Jack is concerned.

Hal: All right. Well, I'll get divers on the spot where the drifter found him. I'll get divers. I'll get forensics --

Carly: We don't have time that! I don't have time for forensics or baggies of evidence. What I need, is for Parker to stand on that river bank. I need him to feel Jack and tell me which direction to go.

Hal: And what if our little boy, who has already been dealt the worst kind of blow by this, what if he fails to pick up the scent?

Carly: What if he doesn't fail? Please, give me this chance.

Chris: I wasn't trying to upset you.

Emily: I don't want to hear it from you, okay? Just --

Chris: What am I supposed to do?

Emily: Get married. Marry my baby sister.

Chris: I can't just ignore this.

Emily: Well, you'd better try because I'm not about to get sucked up in some star-crossed lovers routine. Nothing is ever going to come of us, so stop trying to take it to the next level. Please.

Chris: You have got me all wrong.

Emily: Do I? I think if I said I'd leave Hal if you'd dump Alison, you'd run so fast into the sunset.

Chris: Try me. Go ahead. Call my bluff.

Emily: Don't do this. Please, don't do this to me. Please, just leave me alone. Just --

Chris: I wasn't looking for this, either.

Alison: Someone better tell me what's going on.

Jack: What are you? A pro? You running some kind of con?

Sky dog: Watch your hands, man. You're as bad as your old lady. No wonder things didn't work out between the two of you.

Julia: What do you mean things didn't work out? What are you talking about?

Sky dog: Local hero here dumped his wife. Divorced her. Which is what probably sent her across the border to bananaville, man.

Julia: Jack, hey, is any of this ringing a bell, coming back?

Jack: I don't know.

Wyoming: Here she is in all her glory! Trust me, man, you're better off without her.

Jack: This is the woman I was married to?

Julia: That ring on your finger -- she put it there. Is any of this coming back now, Jack?

Jack: You guys have any idea where she might have gone?

Wyoming: No, we don't want to know.

Sky dog: She flew under the radar, man. On purpose.

Jack: Thanks.

Julia: Are you okay?

Jack: I don't know. Let's go home. Okay, let's just Ė

Gordon: He was right over there.

Hal: The guy you whose wallet you borrowed? All right, take him back to the station.

Small town cop: Let's go.

Carly: Jack. Please help us. Parker, come here, honey.

Parker: What do you want me to do?

Carly: Just be still. And listen. And if you sense anything, that's great. And if you don't, that's okay, too. What is it, sweetheart? Did you feel something?

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Parker: There's nothing here.

Carly: Just try again, all right! Don't give up yet, sweetheart.

Julia: She's not here anymore. She's gone

Jack: No, no, but you are. You're here. Thank God. Thank God for that. Thank God for that.

Dusty: So, how long do I get the big freeze here?

Lucy: I guess that depends on how long you're planning on keeping me in the dark.

Dusty: What are you talking about? I've been so on the up and up with you, you know? Real equal partnership stuff.

Lucy: Then how come I don't have a say in our future?

Dusty: What do you want to know?

Lucy: Well, for starters -- why do you want to promote a fight when we have enough money to get you out of Metro?

Dusty: You have enough money. Your trust fund doesn't belong to me.

Lucy: So all the answers have to come from you?

Dusty: I don't want your parents thinking I'm after your money.

Lucy: I don't care what they think!

Dusty: I do. I love you. All right, maybe you're right. Who cares what they think. You know, I am doing this for us. I'm doing it for you. I don't want you to have any doubt while you're with me.

Lucy: Do you know how awful a trust fund can be?

Dusty: Uh --

Lucy: No, I'm serious. I mean, I know parents set it up for their children to make things easier, but it just feels like it --

Dusty: Feels like it what?

Lucy: It's like they think you'll fail without it. That's why I tried so hard in school. It was to show them and show myself that I didn't need their help in order to succeed.

Dusty: Of course, you donít. That should be obvious.

Lucy: Well, it should be, but it isnít. Not when every door is opened and every interview granted, just because of who your mother is and how much money you have. When I was kidnapped and I was trapped in that box, I realized that for my whole life, I've sort of been buried alive in stock portfolios and family connections. And I just -- I need to see what I'm made of before I lose my nerve.

Dusty: Okay.

Lucy: Okay?

Dusty: I'm gonna try and make money on this fight. If that doesn't pan out, then we'll use your trust fund to get out of Metro.

Lucy: I love you!

Dominic: Something to celebrate?

Dusty: She's really excited about the fight.

Dominic: Oh, well maybe she'd like to come along and meet the trainer.

Dusty: Would you like to come along?

Lucy: Yeah.

Dusty: Watch yourself.

Lucy: You know what? You go ahead. I'll catch up later.

Dusty: See ya later.

Alison: What's going on? Why is Emily crying?

Emily: Honey, there's something I haven't told you --

Chris: Hal is really stressed out and he hasn't been home much, lately. And I was getting fitted for my tux and you came in to --

Emily: To have Halís tux, his altered.

Chris: Right! Right, right. And we started talking and she's telling me how tough things have been at home. Her and Hal are just so stressed out about will and parker --

Alison: So, that's why you you're upset? Because you're worried about Halís kids?

Emily: Yeah. I guess I've been carrying around so much inside that the minute Chris showed an ounce of sympathy, the flood gates opened. You know how that is.

Alison: Wow. You really care a lot about them. Someday I want to be a Mom just like you. I mean, not anytime soon, you know?

Chris: Yeah. Oh, how's the contest? Did you get the sixth key?

Alison: No, that bonehead, Kevin did. That's why I came here. To tell you guys how sorry I am.

Emily: Sorry, what?

Alison: Well, for letting you guys down. You guys did so much to try to help me win. You know, all those secret meetings that you guys had, and searching in the dance studio and the mattress store -- and then when Chris and I had that fight and I asked you to smooth things over. I'll never forget what you guys did.

Chris: Ali, it was nothing.

Alison: Are you kidding? You guys, I know this sounds really corny, the way you guys made me feel, it's so much better that winning any prize.

Emily: Oh, honey -- I have to go. Excuse me.

Alison: Aren't you forgetting about Hal and his tux?

Emily: I'll deal with the tux later. Excuse me.

Alison: Something is bothering Emily, and it's way more than worrying about Halís kids. Oh, my God, I know what it is.

Tailor: This is not a social club, Dr. Hughes. We need to get this fitted. You are getting married in a few days, right?

Alison: I'm not so sure about that. Suddenly I have a really bad feeling about our wedding.

Parker: Jack's not here. Jack's not anywhere around this place.

Carly: Maybe you're just trying too hard. Just relax, okay.

Parker: There's nothing here.

Carly: Just try again, all right? Don't give up yet, sweetheart.

Parker: I'm sorry, Mom.

Hal: Its okay, son? This isn't your fault. Let's go home.

Parker: But, Mom --

Hal: Your mom wants to go home, too. Don't you, Carly?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, yes. And your daddy's right. None of this is your fault.

Parker: But I want to try again.

Hal: Some other time. Okay, son.

Carly: Maybe some other time. Come on.

Jack: This -- if this woman were my wife, wouldn't there be something familiar about her?

Julia: Jack, remember when you woke up in the hospital and you saw my name on my nametag and you thought that you knew me? You thought that we had been married? I think that that's kind of proof. I think somewhere deep inside you, you knew that you had been married to a woman named Julia.

Jack: Okay, but if this Julia was as crazy as everyone says she was -- if I was trying to get away from her, why would I have a positive reaction to you?

Julia: I don't know. Maybe Sky Dog and Wyoming were wrong about that part. Maybe she wasn't crazy.

Jack: She doesn't look crazy.

Julia: Well, you don't look like you wanted to divorce her, either.

Jack: So, you think I'm still married?

Julia: I don't know. It's possible that you were married and got hurt and you don't remember --

Jack: But then -- I'll get to the bottom of this, I promise. And then we'll put it to rest, one way or the other.

Julia: I'm gonna go check on JJ, okay?

Jack: Julia --

[Jack remembering]

Julia: I love you!

Jack: I love you, too. I remember. She was my wife! I remember now.

Lucy: Okay, all right. I think I just heard that bag yell, "Uncle."

Aaron: What are you doing here? I thought you work out across town.

Lucy: I'm waiting on Dusty. He's in a meeting, arranging a boxing match. Are you okay?

Aaron: Tell me something. After everything I've gone through with Alison --

Lucy: What?

Aaron: Why did I let her back into my life?

Chris: Look, just one more minute, please. Ali, there's no reason to have a bad feeling about our wedding.

Alison: There's a ton of reasons. And that's why Emilyís so upset. Because she knows it.

Chris: No, she's just dealing with her own stuff.

Alison: Maybe, but then what's Aaronís excuse? I would like to know.

Chris: His excuse for what?

Alison: For backing out of being a groomsman.

Chris: Since when?

Alison: Since like an hour ago. He's mad at me for bailing on the keys to the kingdom contest, so he's bailing on the wedding.

Chris: He said that?

Alison: No. Actually, as a matter of a fact, he said that the contest has nothing to do with it.

Chris: So, what excuse did he give?

Alison: He doesn't think that I should get married.

Chris: To me? So, does it come as a total surprise that the guy hates my guts?

Alison: Well, I know that he's jealous, but to let us down like that after he promised -- it just freaked me out. And all these things happening at once -- it's just starting to feel like bad omens, you know?

Tailor: Dr. Hughes, I do have other customers.

Alison: Excuse me, we're having a family crisis, so if you could just please --

Chris: Look, Alison, Mr. Myers here has put up with enough delays, so --

Alison: I'm just saying --

Chris: Look, I have to finish my fitting. We'll talk about this later.

Alison: You know what's wrong, don't you? I am not going anywhere until you tell me what it is.

Emily: Hal.

Hal: Emily, what are you doing here, huh?

Emily: I missed you. Please tell me that you can take five minutes and come out with me.

Hal: Oh, hon, I canít. We got a developing lead on Jack's case. I gotta stay on it, hon. Are you okay?

Emily: No.

Hal: What's wrong?

Emily: It's this wedding and Chris and Alison. And everything's out of control. And I think it might be my fault.

Hal: Oh, hon, you've got a very young bride marrying a very busy doctor, two mothers-in-laws who hate each other's guts. Of course things are out of control, but it's not your fault.

Emily: That's not what I'm talking about, honey.

Hal: I know.

Emily: You do?

Hal: Listen Emily, if anybody's at fault here, it's me. I've been letting you deal with way too much on your own. And I hate it when my job takes over, but remember, Emily, I'd much rather be spending time with you. And we will. Soon.

Emily: No, don't walk away from me. Please, just don't leave me right now. I have been so lonely without you and, honestly, I didn't know how much until right this minute.

Hal: I miss you too, honey. And it'll change. Soon. I promise. I've gotta get on this, Emily. I've gotta stay on it.

Carly: Did you see Sage smile when she saw you? You know, the babysitter said that she stops crying whenever she sees your picture. That must be because you're such a good big brother.

Parker: If I really was good, I'd bring Jack home.

Carly: You happen to be my own personal superhero. If you're not careful, I'm gonna start making you wear a cape to school. Oh, Parker Munson, if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't even know that Jack's alive. So, we'll just keep looking, you and me, okay? Sweety, it's okay that you didn't feel anything at the river, today.

Parker: I did.

Carly: Why didn't you say anything?

Parker: Because it was bad. I felt Jack going away from me.

Carly: Oh.

Jack: I remember your face. I remember that -- I remember you were my wife. Why can't I remember anything else?

[Jack remembers]

[Julia singing] You don't frighten me you're already dead

Jack: You think getting rid of me is the end of your problems, Julia?

Julia: Anything else?

Jack: Don't do this.

Julia: I have to. And I want to. Thanks for everything, Jack. No, no, no, don't worry. You don't have to thank me, g-man. It was my pleasure.

Jack: Julia --

Julia: Bye-bye, Jack.

Jack: Julia. Please, Julia! Julia!

Jack: Oh, my God. Oh, my God! They were right. She was crazy.

Julia: What? Who, your wife?

Jack: She tried to kill me. She left me to drown.

Julia: Oh, my God.

Jack: G-man. She called me g-man.

Julia: It's okay. She's not here anymore. She's gone.

Jack: No, no, but you are. You're here. Thank God. Thank God for that.

Julia: Shh. It's okay.

Dusty: Dominic and I are going over to Metro. You want to come?

Lucy: You know, I think I'm gonna hang out here a little bit longer.

Dusty: Hey. Not bad. Talk to ya later.

Lucy: Aaron. Aaron, stop. Come on. You should answer your own question. Why do you think you let Alison back in to your life?

Aaron: You know, she's always getting in trouble. You know, begging me to bail her out or something, you know? And when she turns on the tears and I -- I don't know what, Lucy. I just cannot say no.

Lucy: Well, that's what drove me crazy about her. But I thought you finally figured her out.

Aaron: You know what? I thought I did. I thought I did. And the next thing I know, she's convincing me to be her teammate in some contest. You know Ali, it's all about her, it's all about her. It's just getting her hands on that prize money and getting her face in the paper. "All we need is one more key." And she doesn't even bother to pick up her cell phone.

Lucy: That sounds really weird. If she wanted to win so badly, why would she skip out on the last day, the most important day of the whole contest?

Aaron: See, now, it just wasn't convenient, you know? She had important things to do with Chris.

Lucy: Well, she is getting married to him. I mean, everybody knows there's about a thousand last-minute things that she had to do. She probably just got caught up with him about the wedding and -- well, I'm sure Chris is busy --

Aaron: Oh, the hell with Chris! Luce, I am just, I'm just sick and tired of Ali acting like he's prince charming!

Lucy: That's just because she loves him. I mean, every bride should think that way.

Aaron: Well, this is one bride that shouldnít.

Lucy: Wait, I'm -- I'm confused. I thought you were even in the wedding party.

Aaron: No way. No way. I quit. Okay? I'm not gonna go to that wedding and stand there and watch Chris say stuff that he, he has no right to say. Forget it. Forget it.

Lucy: What exactly are you accusing Chris of?

Aaron: Nothing. Nothing. He's just the wrong guy for her, okay?

Lucy: They seem pretty happy.

Aaron: Yeah, well, look closer, Luce. Chris Hughes does not appreciate Alison. I mean, here he's got a girl who's nuts for him! And granted, Ali is a little goofy, but that's just Ali, you know? She's the most loyal -- she's the most loyal girl. And he makes her feel like she has to be someone else, you know, like some doctor's wife. Some perfect wife. Like his mother.

Lucy: Oh my God. This is so obvious, it's painful.

Aaron: What?

Lucy: You're in love with Alison Stewart.

Chris: I don't know what you're talking about, Alison. Okay? Nothing is wrong.

Alison: Come on. Emily is more upset than I've ever seen her. There's something going on. And you're both in on it.

Chris: Alison, come on, really. You -- you have the best imagination of anyone --

Alison: Is this about me?

Chris: No.

Alison: It is, isn't it?

Chris: That, that --

Alison: It is! You both think that this wedding is a mistake!

Chris: Alison, that's not what we were talking about, I swear.

Alison: You don't love me anymore?

Chris: Of course I do. Alison, my feelings for you have not changed one bit.

Alison: Well, then -- well, then what has changed? Up until a few days ago, everything was perfect and you were great about the wedding. And then today --

Chris: I'm sorry about today, if I made you nervous or uncomfortable.

Alison: Just, just please, just tell me that everything's going to be okay and that we're going to get married and that we're gonna live happily ever after.

Chris: Everything is gonna be okay. And you and I --

[Phone rings]

Alison: Sorry. I better get that. I do feel better. Hello?

Emily: Ali, it's me.

Alison: Emily. What -- why do you sound so sad? Are you okay?

Emily: Can you meet me at my house? I have to tell you something, honey. Something that can't wait.

Julia: Your wife tried to drown you? Is that the accident you think put you in the hospital?

Jack: I'm remembering things in fragments. But everything's starting to make sense. When I woke up in the hospital, I was panicked, right?

Julia: You thought you were in water.

Jack: Yeah. Now I know why. Somehow, Julia tied me up and put me in a car, pushed me in the water.

Julia: That's horrible, Jack. I can't believe that you trusted me. If I were you and I woke up and somebody had a nametag on that said "Julia," after what that woman did to you? How did you get yourself untied? How'd you get out of the car?

Jack: I have no idea.

Julia: Why do you think you're you still wearing that? Sky dog and Wyoming said that you divorced her.

Jack: They also said she was angry about it. Maybe she put the wedding ring back on and then she tried to kill me.

Julia: You mean like, "until death do us part"?

Jack: I don't know, Julia. Look, take this. Take this away from me.

Julia: Why? I don't want it.

Jack: No. I don't want to be a part of that anymore. After I know what happened, I don't want any part of what that represents. You and JJ, that's -- that's all that matters now.

JJ: Jack!

Jack: Hey! Come here, buddy. Come here. Come here. Come here.

Carly: Why do you think Jack is going away from you?

Parker: I don't know. It's just, when I wrote the note on the back of the picture and threw it in the river, I felt like Jack was so close. But now he's not.

Carly: But that doesn't mean that he's never coming back. Hey. What is it, honey? You can tell me, honey. What is that?

Parker: Nothing.

Carly: Come on. Oh, it's a little rash on your finger. It's kind of like you've been wearing a ring, but you don't wear rings, do you?

Parker: Jack gave me this.

Carly: Jack gave you a rash?

Parker: When he took off his ring, it gave me this rash.

Carly: But, Jack only wears one ring. He just wears his wedding band.

Parker: I'm sorry.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Jennifer: We can see Will?

Dr. Walters: Yes.

Paul: When?

Dr. Walters: Well, how about tonight?

Barbara: It's a nurse's uniform? You are brilliant!

Will: Actually, I'm really excited about this idea I'm having. So we can try it out tonight.

Aaron: Chris was kissing Emily.

Alison: Just tell me what's wrong.

Emily: I don't really know how.

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