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Chris: Hey, you're up early.

Alison: Hey. I couldn't sleep anyway. There's still so much to do. Don't forget your tux.

Chris: What?

Alison: Today's the last day you have to get it fitted in time for the wedding. I already left a message with Tom and Casey, I just spoke to Emily and I just got off the phone with your dad.

Chris: Oh, Alison. You made a list?

Alison: Yeah and I'm going to use it. I refuse to make any more mistakes with our wedding, okay? So you get going. And I have to get back to item eight or we're in big trouble.

Chris: What's that?

Alison: The photographer. I know that I should've done it weeks ago, but I'm going to get it done right now.

Chris: I said I'd help with the photographer. And you waited for me, right? Alison, I'm sorry.

Alison: It's okay, it's no big deal.

Chris: No, no I should've been on this weeks ago. So you know what? Today, you and I are going to go out and find the best photographer.

Alison: What about work?

Chris: Its pictures of the most important day of our lives. Work can wait.

Aaron: The mistress of time -- the heir apparent sits on the throne -- I got it. The last key's in London. Book the flights.

Curtis: Come on, that's pathetic.

Aaron: What do you have?

Curtis: Nothing. I'm clueless. Clue-free.

Aaron: Mrs. Grimaldi! That was fast.

Lisa: Oh yeah, well, I can put the pedal to the metal if it's for a good cause. And Nancy Hughes says this is a good cause.

Curtis: All right.

Aaron: Nancy Hughes has helped a lot in "Six Keys to the Kingdom" contest. You guys really know your history.

Lisa: Well, I'm not sure it's going to help this time. I've been kicking it around in my head all the way over here. I am stumped.

Aaron: Okay, well let's take a seat. Let's relax.

Lisa: Oh, thank you.

Aaron: By the way, when you talked to Mrs. Hughes, did she mention at all that she had to talked to Ali this morning?

Lisa: No, she didn't mention it.

Aaron: I don't get it. I mean, Ali knows the last clue comes out today. She knows exactly what time the paper hits the stands.

Lisa: Well, honey, Alisonís wedding is just around the corner. Surely, she has other priorities. So what do you say we get down to business, huh?

Lucy: Dusty? Dusty? I know you're awake.

Dusty: Good morning, princess. Did you get a 1500 on your balance test too?

Lucy: No. But your breakfast is in serious danger if you don't let go now.

Dusty: You're right, you're right. We can manage breakfast without all that --

Lucy: Food?

Dusty: Yeah. And I don't fake anything, just so you know. I didn't want to ruin your little surprise here, which is very nice.

Lucy: I thought you needed it.

Dusty: Are you trying to keep my strength up?

Lucy: You didn't really sleep very well last night.

Dusty: Was I talking?

Lucy: No, you just, you just seemed to keep waking up and trying to fall back asleep. Hey, something wrong?

Dusty: No. Maybe. But I'm gonna make it right.

Lucy: What is it?

Dusty: I've made some decisions. And you need to hear what they are.

Carly: Bye, sweetie. See you after school. Are you really still out there? Or do I just want it so much?

Jack: Hey.

Julia: Hi.

Jack: Check that out.

Julia: Whoa, you've been busy.

Jack: Yeah, I'm going to post them all over town this morning. Maybe take one over to the local paper for their evening edition.

Julia: In a hurry?

Jack: You know it.

Julia: Um -- listen. I might have a quicker way. I don't know, it's probably a long shot, but it's worth a try.

Jack: What?

Julia: These are the clothes -- or what's left of them -- that you had on when they brought you in. I went by the hospital, picked them up.

Jack: They kept them?

Julia: Yeah, and you know what I found out is -- hang on.

Cop: Ms. Latrobe, there've been some developments.

Jack: What kind of developments?

Cop: You two better come down to the station.

Hal: Freddy, get this report to the DA and ask them where the charges are from the two B&Es from last night. And call the Commissioner, tell him I can brief him on the Bova report at noon. Okay?

Emily: Only if you're really, really fast at the tailorís.

Hal: Emily, hey. What are you doing here, hon?

Emily: You have a fitting at the tailor. Your tuxedo -- remember?

[Phone ringing in background]

Hal: Oh, now how could I space on a thing like that?

Cop: Lieutenant, call on line two.

Hal: Yeah, okay. Honey, I canít.

Emily: Can't?

Hal: No.

Emily: What are you talking about? This is Alisonís wedding. This is the last day you can get fitted for your tuxedo.

Hal: You can see I'm really busy here.

Emily: You're busy, I know. It's always busy, you're busy, everything else comes first, I get that. Look, I know it's a tuxedo, it's not a bug deal. But if it doesn't fit you --

Cop: Sorry, Lieutenant, it's an out-of-state call -- line two.

Hal: In a minute. Look, I tell you what. Why don't you go home, why don't you get my dress blues because they fit perfectly. Why don't you take them to the tailor and he can size the tuxedo from that. Okay? Okay hon, I got to take this. All right?

[Phone ringing in background] Lieutenant Munson.

Chief: Lieutenant, this is Chief Keegan. I run the police department down in Barstow. Yeah, we're down on the river, across the state line in Missouri.

Hal: I know where Barstow is, Chief. Can I help you?

Chief: I was hoping to help you. One of my uniforms brought in a guy who's acting like a cop. Says his name's Jack.

Carly: Oh, no, Hal, I canít. Not today, all right? I just don't have any fight left in me today. And I haven't mentioned Jack to Parker --

Hal: It's not about Parker. I got a call from the police chief in Missouri, down river. They have a guy at their station. It sounds like it could be Jack.

Carly: What?

Hal: They could have Jack. Where are the kids?

Carly: Parker's at school. Lily picked up Sage for a play date with Natalie.

Hal: Okay, let's go.

Margo: Hi, excuse me, I -- hey.

Tom: Hey.

Margo: I'm sorry to interrupt. I'm here to pick up Caseyís tux.

Tom: I guess you're not surprised to see me here at the last minute, huh?

Margo: Well, kind of par for the course.

Tailor: Is that all right?

Tom: You know, I was always kind of lousy at this stuff. Is this all right?

Margo: I think, you know maybe, maybe just half an inch in through here. Otherwise, you know, you'll get to the middle of the party and find an excuse to leave.

Tom: All right, thanks. Could you go and get that tuxedo that she came to pick up for Casey Hughes? Thank you.

Margo: So, it's gonna be a beautiful wedding.

Tom: Oh yeah, yeah.

Margo: Yeah, the groom's party is going to be dashing.

Tailor: Here it is. All ready.

Margo: Okay, thanks. Got to go.

Tom: Okay.

Casey: Hey, Dad.

Tom: Hey, Case.

Casey: And Mom?

Margo: That'd be me.

Casey: What are you doing here?

Margo: Picking up your tux.

Casey: Oh, man. You're getting my tux?

Margo: Yeah. Kind of made sense, 'cause I'm the one with the car.

Casey: I guess I forgot.

Margo: Yeah, the car that I had to get back to you in an hour because you had an absolutely drop-dead important appointment.

Casey: Well, you know, it was such a nice day out, I took my mountain bike anyway. Look, this whole transportation thing, it's really hard to keep straight. Why don't we all just go to the wedding together? You know, keep it simple.

Chris: Let me see. This one I would say maybe -- what do you think?

Alison: Can doctors get fired?

Chris: Alison, I already called work. I'm covered. Okay?

Alison: It's just so sweet of you to do this.

Chris: It's my wedding, too.

[Phone ringing]

Chris: Do you want to get that?

Alison: Oh, it's just Aaron. I'm going to call him later.

Chris: Okay, well these are the yeses and these are the maybes. How about this guy?

Alison: I don't know. How can you tell when it's total strangers?

Chris: You got a good point. I'll tell you what. We'll have each of these guys take our picture and then we'll pick the best one.

[Phone ringing]

Alison: We can do that?

Chris: Of course we can. It's our wedding. We call the shots.

Alison: I can be dressed in two seconds. This is gonna be so much fun.

Aaron: Ali, where are you? Come on, this is our last chance. Mrs. Grimaldi is here, helping us out. Okay, but you got to call me right now. I'm serious. Bye. How are you doing?

Lisa: Well, I'm fine. So you weren't able to reach Alison?

Aaron: No, looks like we're on our own. How 'bout this right here, the mistress of time? Is that like a Greek goddess?

Lisa: I don't think it is. Though, I am truly not an authority on mythology.

Aaron: What about the throne part? It's not like we have royalty in Oakdale.

Lisa: She would, wouldn't she?

Curtis: What?

Lisa: This is it.

Aaron: The City Times?

Lisa: Yes, yes. "The mistress of time", Lucinda Walsh.

Curtis: All right.

Aaron: And "close to home" means the "City Times" building.

Lisa: Bingo.

Curtis: That place is huge, though.

Aaron: Can we narrow it down?

Lisa: Oh, I'm afraid you have to give me a minute. Yeah.

Curtis: All right. Well, you go ahead, stake out the place, and we'll call you.

Aaron: That's a good idea. This way I'll be ready to move. And you know what, if Kevin shows up, he's gonna have to get through me. Mrs. Grimaldi, thank you so much.

Lisa: My pleasure.

Aaron: Okay, and if Alison calls, send her over.

Lisa: Oh boy. Just leave it up to that old Lucy to make herself the clue in her own newspaper.

Beatrice: Please, that's valuable.

Man: Looks like a throne.

Lucinda: Beatrice, darling, who are these people? They can't be Rock the Vote because they're not coming till later this afternoon.

Beatrice: No, Ms. Walsh, the last key to the contest is hidden here.

Lucinda: Oh, my God. Here?

Man: Where? Where is it?

Lucinda: Whose lame-brained idea was this? People, I'm sorry! I have meetings today in this office all afternoon! Sisters, no, no.

Man: Let it go. I got it!

Lucinda: Okay, let's call security, Beatrice.

Dusty: I want your father out of our lives for good. You know? I don't want to walk in on some drama like the one he was trying to pull you into yesterday at Metro. My gosh.

Lucy: But I all ready told you, it's different now. I don't let him get to me anymore.

Dusty: I don't even know how you can see him every day. I canít.

Lucy: I don't want you turning your whole world upside down because of me.

Dusty: I'm not, sweetheart, I'm not. I want to get out of Metro for a lot of reasons.

Lucy: So you'd sell your share of Metro? I mean, it's an asset, right?

Dusty: Yeah, it's an asset, but it comes along with a load of debt. And I got to take care of that before I can do anything else. But I think I got a way.

Lucy: How?

Dusty: I got a business opportunity that's gonna take a lot of my time over the next few weeks.

Lucy: What? Why?

Dusty: It's okay. I got to work, I got to work, that's why. I'll be gone now and then, not for long.

Lucy: I don't like this opportunity.

Dusty: That's 'cause you don't know.

Lucy: I don't know because you don't tell me.

Dusty: That's 'cause I'm still working out the details.

Lucy: I'm great with details. Let me help.

Dusty: Oh, are you really?

Lucy: Yeah, I mean, it's not like I have a job. I have time.

Dusty: No, no, no, no. It's okay. Its okay, I'll handle it.

Lucy: Why are you being so vague? What are you getting involved in that I can't be a part of?

Margo: Case, don't put pressure on your father like that. I'm sure we'll all find our own way to the wedding.

Tom: Or we could just go together. I mean, if that's okay with you?

Margo: Yeah, yeah, sure, that'd be great.

Casey: Great. Awesome. So dude -- last clue, keys contest today. You gonna give me a hand or what?

Tom: As soon as I get out of the monkey suit -- dude. I'll call before the wedding, we'll make arrangements.

Margo: Okay. That was flat-out shameless.

Casey: But it worked. He said yes, Mom.

Margo: Did you know that your father had this appointment this morning?

Casey: Of course.

Margo: And so you arranged it that I would be here at exactly the same time.

Casey: This is why you're such a good detective.

Margo: No honey, you're just not a very bright boy. Look Casey, that's -- it's just -- that's not fair to me or your dad.

Casey: Yeah, but look what happened. You guys were like, smiling at each other.

Margo: Yes, yes we were. And things are better now.

Casey: And the wedding will be the best.

Margo: Don't push it. But thanks.

Security guard: People, this is a restricted area.

Man: Why'd you put it in your contest, man?

Twin #1: It's a scam to make sure nobody wins, right?

Nun: Is this a fraud, Mrs. Walsh?

Lucinda: Oh Sister, no, of course not!

Man: You maybe lookin' at one ugly lawsuit, lady.

Lucinda: Yeah? Really, what law school taught you that nugget of wisdom?

Man: Boalt Hall, Class of '88.

Lucinda: Then you ought to know that you cannot obtain my office with impunity. This is absurd.

Beatrice: I checked with legal. Fuzzface is right. If the key is in here and we bar people from looking for it, it could be construed as fraud. And the publicity would be horrible.

Lucinda: So I'm obligated to allow these --

Beatrice: Paying customers and loyal readers.

Lucinda: Oh, yes! All them to roam through the executive suite at will.

Beatrice: I'll check with legal and make sure they protect whatever they can.

Lucinda: Thank you, darling. People, I'm going into my office and I'm going to lock the door. Beatrice, bring me the severed head of the editor who dreamed of this. Oh, darling, darling really the hunting is much better outside. It'll work out, you'll find it.

Twin #1: But I --

Lucinda: Yes you will, you will. How did you do that? Come on, get out of here.

Twin #2: I have an idea. Did you bring the crowbar?

Lucinda: Beatrice! Call my masseur. I'm going to need him right after my meeting.

Twin #2: Kevin Canavan was seen on the first floor. Maybe we should try there.

Aaron: Mrs. Grimaldi? Hey, any luck with the rest of the clue?

Lisa: No, not yet. Are you there?

Aaron: Oh, yeah. Yeah I'm here. And there's a lot of people here. Including Kevin Canavan.

Lisa: Is that the boy who has also five keys?

Aaron: Yes, ma'am. So you understand the problem.

Lisa: I'm on it.

Aaron: It's starting to get nuts.

Beatrice: No! Please, I have to insist. Sue me, but don't mess with my files!

Man: Give me that! This is a contest!

Aaron: Did you hear that?

Lisa: Yeah, okay. Go. Go, go. And let me think.

Aaron: Come on, Ali. Where are you?

Chris: So which one?

Alison: You look great in all of them. You don't get to vote.

Chris: Oh, I don't get to say which one I like of you best?

Alison: Sure.

Chris: Okay, well you look great in all of them, too. But -- where is it? This guy, this guy, he got you.

Alison: Yeah?

Chris: Yeah, he got your spirit.

Alison: Done. I can't believe how easy this is when we both do it -- and fun.

Chris: That's how it should be. How it will be. No more distractions, I promise.

[Phone ringing]

Alison: Oh, it's Aaron. I better get this. Hello?

Aaron: Finally! Why didn't you answer my messages? Better yet, why didn't you show up at metro this morning?

Alison: What's going on?

Aaron: Did you just ask me what -- oh, you know what, not much, Ali.

Alison: Aaron?

Aaron: The clue, the clue! The last clue to the contest.

Alison: Oh my God, I totally forgot! Where are you?

Aaron: Look, the key is somewhere in the "City Times" office.

Alison: Are you sure?

Aaron: Uh, yeah. There right now watching two nuns dismantle a desk and a Billy Gibbons look-alike just threatened to sue Lucinda Walsh. Ali, it's a zoo.

Alison: So nobody's found it yet?

Aaron: No, nobody. Ali, but listen. Kevin is in the building.

Alison: No.

Aaron: But if you want any chance of getting that prize, you better get here fast.

Alison: I'm on my way. Don't let anybody get their hands on that key. Is it okay?

Chris: Sure.

Alison: Thank you for the perfect morning.

Hal: Where's your chief?

Barstow cop: He's inside.

Hal: You Chief Keevan?

Carly: Where's Jack?

Chief: You're Munson?

Hal: Yes.

Carly: Where's my husband? Do you have him?

Chief: You're Mrs. Snyder?

Carly: Yes, yes!

Hal: Yes, she is.

Carly: Yes, I'm Mrs. Jack Snyder! Do you have him?

Chief: Bring Jack Snyder out front. He's back in room two.

Carly: Oh my God, oh my God. He's here. They have him. How long has he been here?

Chief: Well, he just came in.

Carly: Is he all right? He's walking? Why is he here?

Chief: You can ask him that yourself.

Carly: Who's that?

Chief: Jack Snyder.

Carly: No -- no, it's not.

Cop: I'm sorry. We couldn't hold your ex-husband any longer.

Julia: I know the drill.

Jack: Wait, hold on a second. Can't she file a restraining order?

Cop: Well, that's what I'm here for. If you'll come to the station --

Julia: No, look, forget it. I know you mean well, it's the best you can offer, all that. But even with a restraining order, if he shows up again, the best you can do is what? Hold him a couple of days. That's not gonna stop Les Sweeney. It barely slows him down. Thank you. But no thank you.

Jack: You know what, let me handle this. I'll bring her down myself.

St. Genevieve cop: Thanks. I've alerted the patrol cars in the neighborhood, but --

Jack: I got it. Don't worry. Thank you. Something tells me you've been down this road a couple times.

Julia: I've signed so many restraining orders I could wallpaper the kitchen with 'em.

Jack: So what do you want to do?

Julia: I don't know. In the past, the only way to make it stop was, you know, disappearing. Now he's found us again --

Jack: No, no, that's not going to happen this time. Because I'm here and he's not going to harass you again.

Julia: You know what, it's not your problem.

Jack: It is my problem.

Julia: Jack, it's not your problem today. Okay? So, do you want to find out what I learned --

Jack: Julia, we can't ignore this. He's not gonna go away.

Julia: I know, we can't let it take over either, Jack. That's what I've learned. All right. You were wearing these when they found you.

Jack: I bought these. Can't say I'm in love with my taste but its sturdy enough I guess.

Julia: And not common. I took them to our local shoemaker. It turns out that they're made by a really small company out of Chicago. They only sell to a few places in the Midwest. Well, if we can find out where you bought them --

Jack: We might have something.

Julia: Yeah. What do you think?

Jack: I think we're going on a road trip.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Hal: Where'd you find this wallet?

Geller: Down by the river!

Hal: Was anybody around? Any sign of the owner?

Geller: No.

Carly: He's lying.

Carly: Are you sure this is the guy?

Chief: That's the man who said he was Jack Snyder.

Carly: Why? How could you say that? Why would you say that?

Hal: Carly.

Chief: He had I.D.

Hal: This guy had Jack's I.D.?

Carly: Let me, let me have it.

Chief: He had this on him when we arrested him.

Hal: May I?

Chief: Go ahead.

Hal: Who are you?

Geller: I'm Jack Snyder.

Hal: I'm Jack Snyderís lieutenant. This is Jack Snyderís wife. So let's start again. Who are you?

Geller: Geller. Gordon Geller.

Hal: Where'd you find this wallet?

Geller: On the ground.

Hal: Where?

Geller: Down by the river.

Hal: Was anybody around? Any sign of the owner?

Geller: No.

Carly: He's lying.

Chief: You lie to this lady, we're going to add to the pile of charges we all ready got on you, Geller.

Geller: He was laying on the riverbank, underneath the old railroad.

Chief: Under the tracks? The trestle down by exit 21.

Geller: Look, I hadn't eaten in four days, all right? I never would have rolled the guy otherwise.

Chief: Send a unit out to search under the railroad trestle.

Geller: It won't do you any good. I went back later. See, I had remorse for my actions and I went back and -- the guy was gone.

Jack: Well, here we are. I went online and got the address of the shoe company and the directions.

Julia: Okay, good. I called Kayley. She's gonna be here for JJ as soon as he gets out of school.

Jack: Good.

Julia: Ready to rock 'n roll?

Jack: If you are.

Julia: Sure, why not?

Jack: Why not? Because we might find out something really horrible about me?

Julia: Oh, don't start. You're not on that, "I'm a horrible guy, I'm an ax murderer" thing, right? 'Cause there's no way.

Jack: Yeah, I'm not the one who's worried. Sounds like you're worried.

Julia: Not a bit.

Jack: So you're back to the super good guy with a loving supermodel wife and kids at home, right? There's no way on that one, either.

Julia: Lot of room between the two of those, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, I could be rich.

Julia: Not with these shoes, you're not.

Jack: Whatever, we'll handle it. We will. This -- you and me -- doesn't go away. Come on. Come on!

Dusty: Thank you.

Lucy: So tell me.

Dusty: Tell you what?

Lucy: Don't even. You said that we would discuss this after breakfast. What is this mysterious venture that I can't be a part of?

Dusty: It's not that you can't be a part of it, it's that you wouldn't want to be a part of it. It's a boxing match. Okay? I'm helping someone promote a boxing match. Are you a fan of boxing?

Lucy: I do tae-bo.

Dusty: You do what?

Lucy: Tae-bo? You know, the kickboxing, boxing, aerobic. I take it at my gym. You can see my right cross right now. You want to see?

Dusty: Ooh, ooh! Lethal -- your little tae-bo at your designer, water cushy gym. You want to fight with us? You'd hang around with a lot of smelly guys with a lot of bad manners.

Lucy: Are you saying I'm not tough enough for the big boy gym?

Dusty: I don't know. Are you? You might be able to beat me into submission, you know. If you try hard enough. Come on, you little brat. You keep hitting me. What's your problem?

Lucy: Take me with you?

Lisa: That's it. That's it!

Curtis: Mrs. Grimaldi, you are a genius. All right, so you better get on the phone.

Lisa: Yeah. Okay.

Aaron: Hello?

Lisa: Aaron, I've got it.

Aaron: Hold on, I can't hear you, hold on.

Casey: Dad, there's this big photo display by the darkroom, and there's a picture of Queen Elizabeth on her throne.

Tom: That's worth a shot.

Nun #1: We're almost through, then it's your turn.

Man: That's not how it goes.

Nun #2: Oh, yes it -- how dare you.

Lucinda: What is going on? Sister, really. [Whistle] People, I am on the telephone.

Lisa: The heir to the throne is Lucinda Walshís children -- or her grandchildren. So look for pictures everywhere.

Aaron: Okay. Got it. Thank you! Finally.

Alison: I have been trying to get past --

Aaron: Okay, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. Listen, listen. Mrs. Grimaldi said that the key has to be behind a picture of Lucindaís kids or grandkids.

Alison: And the only place that would be -- her office!

Aaron: Her office. Let's go, let's go, let's go. Hurry, hurry, hurry! I can't hold them much longer.

Alison: Oh, there on the desk! We got it! We did it!

Chris: Dad, hey.

Bob: Hey.

Chris: Perfect timing.

Bob: Yeah, it is for me. I'm done. How you doing?

Chris: I'm good. I'm good. How do I look?

Bob: You look like you're a man ready to get married.

Chris: I am.

Bob: Are you sure?

Chris: Positive. Alison and I picked out a photographer this morning.

Bob: And everything else is --

Chris: Taken care of.

Bob: This other person that you told me about -- is she out of the picture completely?

Chris: Completely.

Bob: That's pretty sudden for something you seemed to have so much trouble with. Are you sure that you --

Tailor: Okay, Mr. Hughes, let's make sure that the groom is ready.

Chris: I am. 100%.

Bob: Well, I'll check with you later at the hospital.

Chris: Okay, sure, Dad.

Emily: I wasn't planning on coming, I'm sorry.

Chris: Hey, I didn't know you were --

Emily: I'm running an errand for Hal. I can wait outside.

Chris: No, no I'll wait in the dressing room.

Emily: Don't be silly, you're in the middle of a fitting. It's okay.

[Phone ringing]

Tailor: Listen, why don't you two work this out and I'll go answer the phone.

Emily: What? What, we were both being ridiculous.

Chris: Well, that too.

Emily: What else?

Chris: I don't know, you just show up and my heart starts racing 0 to 60 --

Emily: Chris. Please --

Chris: It happens to you too, I can tell.

Emily: Will you cut it out, please?

Chris: I'm sorry. Okay, it's just you asked. It's true. Just -- it surprises me every time.

Emily: Why don't you get your jacket on so you're ready when the tailor comes back?

Chris: Yeah. You know, Emily, ignoring this isn't going to make the problem go away.

Emily: There's no problem.

Chris: You and I are about to be related, okay? Family gatherings, holidays -- and every time I see you it's gonna feel like this. So, what are we going to do then?

[People yelling]

Casey: Oh man, did she find it?

Twin #1: This is it?

Twin #2: The key?

Alison: "Too late, suckers"? Then who, who won?

Kevin: Hey, Alison. Flunked out again?

Nun #1: That was very unchristian.

Kevin: We won!

Aaron: Well, not if you haven't turned it in yet.

Twin #1: He's right!

Dean: Good move!

[People yelling]

Alison: We lost? I can't believe it.

Aaron: Yeah, well you better believe it. 'Cause you're the one who cost us that key.

Lucy: Come on, please.

Dusty: Why does it matter so much to you, anyway?

Lucy: Because I love you. I stayed here to be with you. There's no place that you want to go or anything that you want to do that I don't want to be a part of. That's not good enough for me. What?

Dusty: It's just you. You kill me.

Alison: This is all my fault?

Aaron: This was your idea, Ali. All of this, this was all for you. And today, when it counted, where were you?

Alison: Well, excuse me for getting married. I'm getting married in like a week! I have things to do.

Aaron: And so do I, but I still made it here.

Alison: Well, I couldn't have figured it out anyway.

Aaron: Yes, you could have. Okay, we both could have. That's the whole point of this. We work together.

Alison: Well, forgive me for having a life and a fiancť and --

Aaron: Oh, forget it.

Alison: I got here as soon as I could!

Aaron: I said, forget it! This whole thing, just forget it! It was a big mistake. You know, I wish I'd never gotten mixed up with you.

Emily: It won't always feel like this. We're being ridiculous, both of us.

Chris: You think?

Emily: I know. This will -- this will wear off. We'll keep seeing each other, nothing will happen, it'll get easier.

Chris: And you really believe that?

Emily: I do. Nothing will happen because we will not let it, period. Now I'm going to go outside. You finish up with your tuxedo.

Chris: No. No, no, Emily. I wish it could be different. But I know how I feel about you.

Emily: Chris, please don't --

Chris: But don't tell me that it's just some kind of attraction, okay?

Emily: Please don't do this. Please don't say anything else.

Chris: I have to, Emily. I love you.

Lucy: How does one boxing match earn you enough money to get out of Metro and start over?

Dusty: You got to be good at it.

Lucy: Is this dangerous?

Dusty: No, I'm not getting in the ring.

Lucy: I don't want you to get hurt.

Dusty: I won't get hurt.

Lucy: You know, you don't have to -- you don't have to do this. I mean, I have money.

Dusty: No.

Lucy: It's just sitting there --

Dusty: No, forget it. I'm not taking your money. I wouldn't do that. I'm not getting hurt. And there's a lot of money in boxing.

Lucy: One match?

Dusty: Yeah, one match. Advertising, promotional tie-ins -- yeah. There's nothing to worry about.

Carly: What do you mean? What do you mean he walked away?

Chief: Mrs. Snyder --

Geller: I wasn't there. Okay?

Hal: Are you sure you went back to the same place?

Geller: There's only that one trestle there.

Chief: He's right.

Carly: What happened to him?

Geller: Lady, I don't know.

Carly: You just left my Jack's body lying there in the mud.

Geller: Whoa. Hold on. All right? I never said nothing about a body. Okay? Maybe he washed back into the river. Or maybe he just got up and walked away.

Carly: Walked away?

Hal: Are you saying Jack was alive?

Julia: The restrooms are over there.

Jack: Yeah, thanks. There's gotta be a story with that one.

Julia: I'll bet one they can't remember.

Sky dog: Hey, whassup?

Jack: Not much. How you guys doing?

Sky dog: Maintaining. Hey, you haven't seen any vending machines -- whoa. Jack!

Jack: What?

Sky dog: Dude, check it. Man, it's Jack.

Jack: You know me?

Wyoming: Yeah. It's Jack.

Sky dog: Dude, I told you. It's Jack.

Wyoming: Righteous.

On the next "As the World Turns."

Alison: Someone better tell me what's going.

Jack: You said I was married and you knew my wife, right?

Sky dog: Yeah, yeah. Well, me and Wyoming, we gave her a lift.

Jack: Can you tell me her name?

Sky dog: It was Julia.

Lucy: We're gonna use my trust fund, right?

Dusty: Not even an option.

Lucy: So if you don't find a fighter, we don't have a future. Is that what you're telling me?

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