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Doc: Is that all you got? Is that all you got? Come on!

Jessica: What did you do? Are you okay?

Ben: Just get out of here!

Jessica: Please tell me you didn't break your hand. Let me see it.

Ben: Don't touch me. I don't need anything from you.

Jessica: Except maybe a ride to the hospital. That hand needs to be looked at. Come on, I'll take you.

Ben: Like hell you will.

Jessica: Ben, please. You need to be examined.

Ben: I told you -- I don't need anything from you.

Jessica: Ben, I know I'm the last person you want to see right now, but that hand needs to be treated. I can see you're in pain.

Ben: You can see that, can you?

Jessica: You're a surgeon, for God's sake. Your hands are your livelihood. What were you thinking?

Doc: Just let her take you to the hospital.

Ben: You stay out of this! I'll take care of it myself.

Jessica: How? You can't drive. Just let us take you to the hospital, and I'll leave, okay?

Doc: I didn't want to fight him. I tried not to fight him.

Jennifer: Hi, Nikki?

Nikki: Hey.

Jennifer: Is something happening with my mother tonight?

Nikki: The charges are being filed. Aiding and abetting a fugitive, accessory to murder in Cabotís death. I might even throw in resisting arrest, okay? Hey, look, I'm sorry.

Jennifer: It's okay. Nikki, I know.

Nikki: Tom Hughes wants to throw the book at her.

Jennifer: Jordan will be glad to hear that.

Nikki: Puts you in the middle of things, doesn't it?

Jennifer: I'm not in the middle. I'm firmly on one side -- Jordanís. I think that I've finally realized that you can only expect the worst from my mother, and I'm just grateful that Jordan doesn't blame me for what she did.

Nikki: How could he?

Jennifer: I don't know that I could be so understanding. But somehow, in spite of everything, he still loves me.

Rosanna: You must think I'm crazy. Lying in the baby's crib.

Jordan: No.

Rosanna: I just wanted to be close to him.

Jordan: I know, I know. It's like in that nursery, Cabotís still here -- like everything we dreamt for him is still possible. Look, I know we were planning on heading to the Lakeview, but why don't you just close your eyes right here? You are so exhausted.

Rosanna: No, I canít. I can't sleep in this house.

Jordan: Yes, you can. I'll be sitting right here next to you until you do.

Lily: How was the memorial?

Emma: It was -- it was lovely. It was unbelievably sad. How's Natalie doing?

Lily: She's much better. Her fever is down. I think the antibiotics are kicking in.

Emma: Good. So, I think maybe I'll go up and check on the girls.

Lily: Oh, they're fine.

Emma: Well, maybe I'll feel a little finer, just looking at their sweet faces. Or at least maybe I'll feel a little better.

Lily: You okay?

Luke: I guess.

Lily: Sad, right?

Luke: Yeah. But Dad's speech was really good. Uncle Craig did good too.

Lily: Where's your dad? Did he stick around to clean up?

Luke: No. He took Molly home.

Molly: I don't know why my stupid car wouldn't start.

Holden: There's this mechanic I know. I'll give him a call in the morning, and he can come by and check it out.

Molly: You don't have to.

Holden: It's really not a problem.

Molly: Look, Holden, I really don't want any more favors from you.

Holden: Since when?

Molly: Since you decided to tell your wife what happened between us.

Holden: I had to tell Lily about the kiss. I had to be honest with her. I'm sorry if that bothers you, but --

Molly: But, but that doesn't matter, right?

Holden: I didn't mean to hurt you.

Molly: Well, you did. And I can't believe that you used a private moment between the two of us to make your wife stand up and take notice of you. Thanks for the ride.

Dusty: Hang on. Lucy, hang on.

Lucinda: Oh, I'm sorry, it's big Lucy. Well, were you planning on greeting my granddaughter like that?

Dusty: Gimme a minute. All right. You look great. What do you want?

Lucinda: Thank you. Well, I'll just make it short and sweet. Lucy insists that she's not going to be going to Williams next week as planned.

Dusty: Yeah, I know.

Lucinda: But she would go, if you would break it off.

Dusty: Well, you don't know that.

Lucinda: What I do know is I want you to end it. Tonight, if possible.

Dusty: No. Not a chance.

Lucy: How can you say that you love me and do that to me?

Craig: Do what?

Lucy: Don't touch me.

Craig: Why?

Lucy: I know, Daddy. I know you paid people to kidnap me!

Rosanna: When did you realize you first loved Cabot?

Jordan: Why do you want to know that?

Rosanna: I guess I never asked. I never asked you much of anything, did I?

Jordan: No. I guess it was the first day that we got back from Vegas. We were married, I still didn't know why, I didn't know that Cabot was my son. And you were manic about leaving me alone with him for even ten seconds. But you had to answer the door. And you were feeding him, so I figured, what the hell. How hard can it be? So I pick up the spoon and I manage to shovel some in -- and then Cabot looks at me and he blows this raspberry. Spits strained plums all over my shirt and my tie. And then, he picks up the bib thing that's sitting on the high chair and he hands it to me.

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: Remember that little stuffed rabbit that he used to carry around?

Jordan: Yeah.

Rosanna: I'm glad you're here.

Jordan: Me too.

Rosanna: I don't ever want to go back to that nursery ever again.

Jordan: You won't have to, Rosanna.

Jessica: Is it broken?

Bob: No, no. Ben was very lucky. There's a small tear in a muscle around his thumb. But no broken bones.

Jessica: Thank goodness for that.

Bob: Well, he won't be able to operate for a while. He'll have some pain. But it'll heal.

Jessica: Good. How is he otherwise?

Bob: Why don't you go in? I'm sure he'd rather tell you that himself.

Jessica: Here, let me. I wish you knew how much I grieve for what I did to you. Tell me what I can do, please. Just -- give me some way in, some way that I can help.

Ben: One thing I want from you, Jess.

Jessica: Name it. Just -- what?

Ben: I want you to tell me why. Why you did this to me again.

Lily: Luke said something about Holden taking Molly home?

Emma: Yes, she had car trouble.

Lily: Really? I'm sure that's what she said.

Emma: Oh, he's just dropping her off, Lily. I'm sure he can't wait to get home here to you and the children. It's been quite a long day.

Lily: Yes, it has. Emma, would you mind staying with the kids for a few minutes?

Emma: Of course not. Why?

Lily: I just want to go for a little car ride. Clear my head.

Emma: Don't you want to wait for Holden?

Lily: I won't be long.

Emma: All right.

Lucinda: Lucy's worked so hard for this opportunity. I don't want her to throw it away!

Dusty: I know! I told her the same thing. She doesn't want to listen. She's got her own ideas.

Lucinda: And you. You ought to be able to find somebody --

Dusty: I don't want to be the one to force her hand. Why do you people have so many opinions about what's right for Lucy? What about what Lucy thinks is right for Lucy? That's all that matters to me, Lucinda.

Lucinda: Okay, you tell me -- what exactly do you feel for my granddaughter?

Dusty: You want a drink? I'm dying for a drink.

Lucinda: You gotta have a drink to answer that question?

Dusty: I care about Lucy.

Lucinda: Is that it? Hey, I care about my newspaper, its deadlines. I care about my company, I care that my garden looks pretty. How dare you! How, if you care -- how dare you plan to throw her whole life topsy-turvy when you can't even say that you love her?

Craig: Lullaby, this isn't funny. Not after what we've been through this summer. Now, sure, I wanted you to go to Williams next week. But come on, I think it's pretty evident Alan Drake is the one who hired that man who came after you.

Lucy: It wasn't Alan, it was you.

Craig: Is this Dusty talking?

Lucy: It's me, Daddy. It's this.

Craig: What's that?

Lucy: It's a bank transfer. Confirmation that you wired $2 million into Wade Larsenís account.

Craig: That's impossible.

Lucy: It's dated three days before he grabbed me in the hospital parking lot. Three days before he buried me alive!

Craig: Whoever gave you that piece of paper is lying about something.

Lucy: Think Mom's lying? She gave you exactly $2 million right before this happened. The same day as this transfer!

Craig: This comes from Sierra?

Lucy: It doesn't matter where it comes from, this is what you did!

Craig: Now look, your mother, is a wonderful person. But right now she can't accept the fact that Alan --

Lucy: Stop!

Craig: That she brought somebody into our lives --

Lucy: Stop! Just tell the truth! That's all I want from you! Just once, tell me the truth!

Jennifer: I hate that I got sucked in by my mom again. Thank God for Dad.

Nikki: I know. He's the only decent, dependable man left in this world.

Jennifer: Well, that's what I thought, too. And then I met Jordan.

Nikki: So there are two? Things are looking up. Shouldn't I be giving you the big sister lecture about married men?

Jennifer: Jordan is a recently annulled man. And he's been worth every sacrifice. Jordan's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Nikki: What?

Jennifer: I just hope that he's okay. Rosanna was so far gone. He stayed at the house because I think he was afraid to leave her alone. But I don't -- I don't know if he can help her, Nikki. I don't know if anyone can.

[Baby crying]

Rosanna: Cabot? Cabot! Mommy's here. Cabot! Cabot! Look at you. Cabot?

[Jordan crying]

Jordan: I'm sorry. I must have woke you up.

Rosanna: No, no you didnít.

Jordan: I was just cleaning up in here. You don't have to --

Rosanna: Shh. It's okay. Come here.

Jordan: He's gone. Our son is gone.

Holden I didn't think that you would embarrass me. I was afraid. I was afraid that -- I would be the one to -- I told Lily to keep myself from letting this go any further. I didn't want anything else to happen between us.

Molly: Holden --

Holden: I'm married. I love my kids. And I wanted you. I just didn't trust myself and I didn't want to hurt my family. I'm sorry. Molly? Are you gonna be okay?

Molly: Yeah, fine. I wouldn't care so much if you weren't so wonderful.

Holden: I need to go.

Molly: Home to your family. You're the best, Holden Snyder.

Holden: Good-bye.

Dusty: With all due respect, I was once good enough for your daughter.

Lucinda: Well, you were once many things, Dusty. A long time ago. And you loved Lily.

Dusty: Would you be happy if I said I love Lucy? Would that really make everything okay for you?

Lucinda: I didn't say that.

Dusty: No.

Lucinda: No.

Dusty: You didnít.

Lucinda: How could I possibly say that? You know, I don't know why you're so dense. I really donít. You know how it looks -- she's a child!

Dusty: She's young, but she's not kid. You know, she's lived more than most. And by the way, what this looks like to me? You got a problem with how it looks, right?

Lucinda: Dusty, I will always be grateful to you because you saved Lucyís life. And you behaved honorably. You behaved heroically, even. And what I'm asking now -- do it again.

Dusty: Lucinda, Lucy will always be safe with me.

Lucinda: You can't possibly say that. You cannot. Not with the life that you lead. But if -- if you care at all about Lucy, you can do what's best for her. That's all I have to say.

[Dusty sighs]

Craig: This is Dusty, isn't it? Isn't it? He forged something to try and turn you --

Lucy: Why would he tell me to call the bank and trace it if this is fake?

Craig: Because he knows you wouldn't take him up on it. That's who Dusty is! If Dusty had real proof, then Dusty would go to the police.

Lucy: The only reason the police aren't here right now is because I wanted to talk to you first.

Craig: Lullaby --

Lucy: Don't call me Lullaby! Don't call me sweetness, I grew up. It's time you did, too. Look me in the eye and tell me the truth. Swear to me you had nothing to do with my kidnapping. Swear on Bryantís grave!

Craig: Lullaby --

Lucy: You really did. You actually had me kidnapped?

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Lily: If you are going after my husband, you are in for the fight of your life.

Craig: Where are you going?

Lucy: I'm going to make sure you pay for what you've done.

Craig: Lucy! Lucy! You gotta listen to the whole thing here, okay? What finally happened was Dusty's fault.

Lucy: What?

Craig: He turned this into something it was never meant to --

Lucy: Now you're blaming Dusty?

Craig: He screwed everything up.

Lucy: "He screwed everything up." Like there's a plan. What did you do?

Craig: Well, you were panicked. You were acting rashly, you were running away. And these guys -- they were just gonna take you someplace, and then I was gonna come, and I was gonna take care of you, okay?

Lucy: It was just a going away present?

Craig: Because I want you to be able to face your problems, not run away. And I want you to know how much your father loves you. Okay?

Lucy: You can't be serious!

Craig: You were never going to be in danger, not for one second! All right? And then Dusty jumped in, he grabbed you, and everything starts spinning out of control, okay? It was Dusty's grandstanding that put you in danger!

Lucy: You did this!

Craig: No!

Lucy: And then you blame it on Alan, and let him get killed!

Craig: No, Lucy, come on. Where are you going?

Lucy: I'm gonna make sure that you pay for what you've done.

Craig: Lucy! Lucy!

Jessica: I wish I there were some explanation, some clinical reason why, some real reason. But -- but there's nothing. Nothing that you did, nothing that you didn't give me. You are the best husband any woman could ever want, and I know that. I feel how much you love me every day.

Ben: And that's why you have sex with other men.

Jessica: Come on, don't be sarcastic.

Ben: I'm not. I'm just trying to figure this out. And what you just said makes no sense. You want to hear my theory? And I've been thinking about this a lot. Going back from the beginning. No matter how good things were between us, you always had to put somebody in the middle. First it was Bonnie, when she came back. And then Marshall. We got past that. We got married. And then you wanted to adopt Sarah. And Bonnie got out and took her away, and things were great for us. Nothing in the way. But then you decide you want a baby. No, not just want, you need a baby. You're obsessed with having it. And you grab onto Doc to make sure it happens, or in case it doesn't happen. I don't know, I don't know why. Whatever it is, whatever the reason, there's one thing I do know. I'll never be enough for you. You will always be looking for someone else. I can't live with that. So, thank you for bringing me to the hospital. But I don't want to see you anymore.

Jessica: Okay.

Doc: Jess, what happened at the gym -- I didn't start it, I swear.

Margo: What is this, now you don't want her to blame you?

Doc: Listen, Ben came at me, and I tried to duck out, but --

Jessica: Look, Doc, I don't care. I don't care about the fight. I don't blame you. It's done, okay? It's over. So just -- just leave us all alone for good.

Doc: Come on, you're just upset, that's all.

Jessica: Look at my face, Mr. Reese. We're done. Now please go.

Margo: How'd it go with Ben?

Jessica: That's over, too.

Margo: Oh, Jessica, I'm so sorry.

Jessica: So am I.

Molly: Lily. Look, I know why you're here, and I'm really not in the mood right now --

Lily: Well, that's too bad.

Molly: Okay. I know Holden told you what happened. But you have nothing to worry about.

Lily: Yes, I do.

Molly: It was just a kiss. It meant nothing.

Lily: It meant nothing to Holden. But that's all it takes to get you going, isn't it. How could you stand there and look at me in the face, giving me the whole "stand by your man" routine. All you wanted to do is sleep with my husband.

Molly: Lily, I am not trying to take Holden away from you. Nothing happened.

Lily: I can't believe you. Not anymore. And I'll tell you one thing -- if you plan on going after my husband, you're in for the fight of your life.

Molly: Do you know where Holden is right now?

Lily: I know where he was. He was here. With you. I saw you two together.

Molly: What you saw was Holden saying good-bye. He went home to you. To your family. That's it. He wasn't here ten minutes.

Lily: That's all the time you need.

Molly: Okay, can we keep this conversation out of the gutter.

Lily: I would love to. But I came looking for you, and that's the natural place to look.

Molly: You know what? You don't deserve Holden.

Lily: Is that what you tell yourself? Is that how you kill the last bit of conscience that you have left?

Molly: He is bending himself backwards to please you, and for what? This isn't about me, Lily. It's about Holden. He needed someone to be there for him, and you just --

Lily: Oh, I was there this morning. I heard the lecture. Remember? I was there, I believed it. Because stupidly, I thought you meant it. When the whole time, you were just trying to reel him in. You are nothing but a two-bit slut!

Ben: I can still cover my rounds.

Bob: Sure.

Ben: Back in the O.R. in a couple of days.

Bob: Well -- we'll see about that. Let's not to push this, you know? Just don't use your hand too much. Hurts, huh?

Ben: Hurts like crazy.

Bob: I'll give you something for the pain.

Ben: Thanks, Bob. I could use some help.

Jordan: I'm sorry. I won't let that won't happen again.

Rosanna: It's okay. You're sad. It's human. You grieve.

Jordan: No. Not like that. If you give in to pain like, then you never move. James ripped our hearts out, Rosanna. He wants to make us suffer. But he won't get that. Not from me.

Rosanna: But Cabot is dead. You can't pretend that he's not.

Jordan: I'm not pretending anything. Cabot was a beautiful child. He was a smart, funny, great kid. He loved his mother, and he made me happy. And that's how I'm gonna remember him. Not how we lost him. But who he was.

Rosanna: Yeah.

Jordan: Because nothing can kill that. Nothing. We'll keep him alive in here. We don't let Cabot die.

Craig: Lucy! Lucy? It's me, it's your father. Dusty, do you have Lucy in there? Lucy?

Lucy: Hi.

Nikki: Hi.

Lucy: I need to speak to someone.

Nikki: Okay. Why?

Lucy: I have -- I have new information about my kidnapping.

Nikki: Do you want to make a formal statement.

Lucy: I just need to talk to someone. On the record.

Nikki: Sure. Look, I'd like to have my dad in on this. Would you mind waiting in there? It'll just be a few minutes.

Lucy: Sure.

Nikki: All right.

Dusty: Hey.

Lucy: Hey. What are you doing here?

Dusty: I just wanted to make sure you're okay.

Lucy: I'm fine.

Dusty: How'd it go with your father?

Lucy: When I talked to him, he was saying all these crazy things. He --

[Lucy crying]

Dusty: Shh. It's okay. It's okay. Shh. Breathe. Just breathe. It's okay. Relax.

Lucy: He was saying that it was your fault, that you interrupted a perfectly safe kidnapping. And he actually believes that.

Dusty: Of course he does. He has to.

Lucy: I must be stupid. Because after everything that he did, I still felt sorry for him.

Dusty: Of course you do. He's your father. Of course you do. And you're such a good person.

Lucy: But I didn't budge. I stood up to him. And I told him he was going to pay. So I got in the car and I came over here, and -- the whole time I couldn't get the look on his face out of my mind. He still loves me, he does.

Dusty: Yes he does. Of course he does.

Lucy: And I started thinking what would happen if I told the police. It would tear my family apart. I would be sending him to prison. That's not right.

Dusty: It's not for me to say. I don't know.

Lucy: But you would do it.

Dusty: I don't know what I would do if I were in your shoes.

Lucy: I don't know, either. What do I do?

Dusty: I can't tell you, I don't know. But whatever you do, you know -- whatever you do, whether you give him to the cops or you walk out of here. Either way, I'm right here. Nothing's gonna change between us.

Holden: Where is everyone?

Emma: Well, the girls are asleep. Luke turned his light out, but I think he's still reading underneath the covers. And -- Lily went out.

Holden: Out? Where?

Emma: She didn't say. She asked about you taking Molly home, and then suddenly she decided to take a drive. Sweetheart, is there anything you want to talk about?

Holden: No.

Emma: Something feels very wrong here, Holden. You can feel it as soon as you walk in the door. Look, maybe you don't want to talk to me about it, but if I'm right and if you're marriage is in trouble, the two of you better do something about it. And quick.

Lily: I'm sick of your -- you're a professional victim. First you get Jake to fall for you while you're lying in a hospital bed. Then Mike pulls you out of a vodka bottle in New York. And now Holden, again. "Poor Molly. She needs us. She's so helpless." You're a perfect date.

Molly: This isn't about me. This is about your husband, who needs someone there supporting him. So, Lily, why don't you try to be a good little wife for once, and help him!

Lily: Stay away from Holden! I mean it! Stay away from him!

Nikki: I found my dad. He's on his way here.

Lucy: Can you -- call and tell him I've changed my mind?

Nikki: You sure?

Lucy: Yeah.

Nikki: Okay. I'll see if I can catch up with him.

Lucy: Okay?

Dusty: Okay. You ready to go?

Lucy: Yeah. I can't -- just what it would do to all of us -- I know he deserves it, but -- I'm sorry.

Dusty: You don't have to apologize. It's okay.

Lucy: Just take me home.

Dusty: Of course I will. Your grandma will be happy to see you.

Lucy: I -- I don't want to go back there. I want to go back with you. I want to be with you.

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Dusty: What are you doing?

Lucy: What do you think?

Barbara: Will? Hi honey, it's Mom. I need your help.

Jordan: If you ever need me, I'll be there.

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