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Alison: I swear, five minutes is all we need.

Mr. Frankfurter: I already told you, I'm closed.

Aaron: You see, the thing is --

Alison: I'm desperate for a good night's sleep.

Emily: Oh, God. Please, please don't let them in.

Mr. Frankfurter: That's the same thing the couple in the store told me. That they'd just be five minutes.

Emily: No, no, no.

Alison: You have customers in the store, and you won't let us in?

Emily: She's gonna talk her way in. I know she's gonna talk her way in! She can't find us like this! What are we gonna do?

Chris: No kidding.

Emily: Hide! Go, go!

Alison: I have to find out who beat us here.

Mr. Frankfurter: Hey! Hey, wait a minute!

Julia: What did you just call me?

Jack: My wife.

Julia: Listen, Jack, there's something that you need to know. The doctors feel it's very important that you access your memories on your own. So I'm really trying not to influence you.

Jack: No, I get that, I do. And I'm working on it. Look, I get a word or picture in my head, and I try to grab on to it, but it's like trying to catch tadpoles.

Julia: Did you use to catch tadpoles when you were a kid?

Jack: I -- I don't know.

Julia: Listen, don't push it, Jack. These things do take time. And sooner or later, you'll remember everything.

Jack: Good. Good, 'cause you know, I can deal with forgetting the childhood stuff, but not how we met, or when JJ was born.

Julia: Listen, Jack, I -- I gotta go, okay?

Jack: Julia -- hey! Just take me home! I'll start remembering stuff, I promise. You just gotta take me home!

Carly: Jack -- Parker and I are going to the bridge tonight. To the place where your car went into the river. He put a family picture in this bottle and he wrote a note on the back of it, asking you to come back. I know you can't, but if there's any way you can help him understand -- he's so young.

Mike: Where's Parker?

Carly: He's upstairs. I don't know, maybe you shouldn't take him.

Mike: 'Cause it's getting late?

Carly: No, no. Because, maybe once he gets there -- it'll be harder than he thinks.

Mike: So maybe you should go. It'll be a lot easier if you're with him.

Carly: Sage. I don't want to wake her.

Mike: I'll baby-sit.

Parker: Ready, Mike?

Carly: Actually, honey, I'm gonna go with you.

Parker: Just us?

Carly: Just you and me.

Jennifer: Is Lieutenant Munson here?

Cop #1: He's out, bringing in a suspect.

Jordan: A suspect in the kidnapping? My name is Jordan Sinclair. My son and his mother were abducted.

Cop: Sorry for what you're going through.

Jordan: Well, thanks, but could you just give me some information?

Cop: Wish I could, but it's against regulations.

Jennifer: Please, please -- I'm Jennifer Munson. I'm Lieutenant Munsonís daughter. I'll take full responsibility. Now this suspect they're bringing in -- can you at least tell us if he or she is going to be questioned in the kidnapping?

Cop: Yes.

Jordan: Who are they bringing in? Did they find Stenbeck?

Jennifer: Hey, I think I know who it is. And I wanted to prepare you, but I just couldn't be sure how to say it --

Jordan: Say what, Jen?

Barbara: I'm innocent, Hal.

Hal: All you're going to do is tell me what happened. I'll take it from there.

Barbara: You said this was gonna be a private interview.

Hal: It will be.

Jordan: You are a suspect in my son's kidnapping?

Hal: The two of you, out.

Jordan: No, no, I'm not going anywhere. You all knew about this? Jen, you knew that your mother was involved in this?

Jennifer: I had suspicions that I wanted to tell you about, but I wasn't sure.

Barbara: And you were right not to say anything, 'cause I wasn't involved, Jen. James did this. He kidnapped them.

Jennifer: All my mother did was help him escape.

Barbara: You set me up.

James: Come on, Paul, pick up the pace. Tempus fugit. That means "time flies." You thought I'd vanished?

Paul: Where are Rosanna and Cabot?

James: Here. Safe. For now.

Paul: Prove it.

James: Always suspicious. You are your mother's son. Rosanna! Rosanna, we've got company.

Rosanna: Paul! Is that you? Paul?

Paul: I'm here.

Rosanna: He has Cabot! Your father has Cabot!

Paul: I know, its okay. Listen to me -- everything is going to be okay. Where's the key? Give me the key.

James: Where are your manners?

Paul: Give me the key, please. What do you want me to do? What is it that you want from me?

James: What I've always wanted from you, Paul. For you to be a man.

Alison: Where are they? Didn't you say that there was a couple in here?

Mr. Frankfurter: I don't know, they must have left

Aaron: What were they looking for?

Mr. Frankfurter: Well, my guess would be a mattress.

Alison: You remember what they look like? Was one of them short and the other tall and they're both, like, goofy?

Mr. Frankfurter: No! She was pretty -- a blonde. And he was a nice-looking young fellow. He had sandy hair, square jaw.

Aaron: I don't remember a couple like that anywhere else, do you?

Mr. Frankfurter: "Anywhere else"? Where? Are you comparison shopping? Because ask around, people. My prices are the best.

Alison: No, and I'm sure you have the best deals, and the best mattresses. If you could just give us a little while, so I can just find the perfect bed. That would be great.

Mr. Frankfurter: Please, do it tomorrow. My wife is waiting for dinner and if I don't close up and get home, she'll have my bags packed and waiting on the front steps.

Alison: Oh, so you're a happily married man? Oh, that's so sweet. Look, I'm about to get married, too. And that's why it's so important for me to find the perfect bed. Please. Please?

Mr. Frankfurter: You're lucky that business is slow. I'll tell you what -- I have some paperwork to do in my office. When I'm done, so are you.

Aaron: So, where do we look now? Where do we look?

Alison: I have no idea.

Aaron: This bed's messed up. You talking about that couple, right? Maybe they were looking for it under the sheets? Look, look.

Alison: Maybe they already found it! Oh, this is so not happening. Who is this mystery couple and why are they ruining my life?

Aaron: Okay, don't panic. It could be they were really looking to buy a mattress.

[Emily sneezes]

Dr. Greenwood: Is everything all right?

Julia: No, everything is not all right. I'm lying to my patient.

Dr. Greenwood: You're talking about Jack?

Julia: All the poor guy wants to do is go home. And for some reason, he's convinced that I'm the one who's gonna get him there.

Dr. Greenwood: He's longing for something familiar. It's a natural instinct.

Julia: No. He's convinced that I'm his wife. When he overheard me talking to JJ, he decided that JJ must be his son.

Dr. Greenwood: A little transference is only temporary.

Julia: I don't care what you call it. I can't keep letting the guy believe something that isn't true.

Dr. Greenwood: We have every reason to believe that when he does feel safe again, the part of the brain that's have been closed off will open up again, too.

Julia: Making him feel secure is one thing. Letting him believe that we're married --

Dr. Greenwood: All right, this approach may be unorthodox, but it's already resulted in Jack remembering his name and the fact that he's married. I'd say that's pretty good progress.

Julia: He seems to remember a whole lot about the law, too.

Dr. Greenwood: Really?

Julia: Mm-hmm. Greta Williams, the social worker, when she told Jack that she couldn't release him unless she had an address to send him to. He went after her. He actually knew more about his rights than she did.

Dr. Greenwood: That's an excellent sign. She's right, though. It wouldn't be safe for him to try to fend for himself without a support system in place. Anyone could take advantage of him.

Julia: I don't understand why a missing persons report hasn't been filed yet.

Dr. Greenwood: Maybe that's changed. I'll call Greta and find out the status.

Julia: He's wearing a wedding ring. Wouldn't his wife have reported him missing?

Dr. Greenwood: Unless she was glad he was gone.

Julia: What are you doing out of bed?

Jack: I gotta get home.

Julia: You will, Jack, I promise. But first, you need to lie back down. You feel a little bit hot. Come on, let me see if I'm right.

Jack: Of course you're right. No one knows me better than you.

Jordan: After everything I've done for you Barbara, how could you put my child at risk?

Barbara: He threatened my child! Do you understand that? He threatened to kill Will if I didn't follow his orders.

Jordan: Tell me where he is.

Hal: I'm not gonna say it again, Jordan. Let me do my job.

Jordan: You're gonna sacrifice my child in order to save yours?!

Barbara: I did what any mother would do.

Jordan: What are you charging her with, Hal?

Hal: Aiding and abetting.

Barbara: And I thought you would understand. Will is your son, too, and you know what? He's not out of danger. 'Cause James could still get to him, Hal.

Jordan: Why don't you just admit it, Barbara? Why don't you just admit that you helped my father escape?

Barbara: I'm not saying another word without my attorney.

James: I've waited for this moment all of my life.

Paul: Why? So you can be in control? Fine. You're in control. Now just tell me what I have to do to get Rosanna and Cabot back.

[Baby crying]

James: Why is it that you're talking so much about control?

Rosanna: Paul! Do you hear that? Do what he says, just get Cabot!

Paul: Rosanna, listen to me. Everything's going to be fine. Everything's going to be okay, I promise you. All right. Obviously, this is some kind test, James. So just tell me what it is that I have to do to pass.

James: First, call me Dad. It's a little thing, but it means a lot.

Rosanna: Paul! He could be hurt! Please, just make sure he's all right!

Paul: Cabot's in there?

James: Yeah. My grandson's in there. He's just fine. But, we were having a father-son moment here. You shouldn't have changed the subject. Our father and son moment is long overdue. Now here I am, your father, and I have to find out from Rosanna that you two are in love.

Paul: Rosanna and I are not the issue here.

James: Don't be so sure about that.

Paul: No, this is about you and me.

James: No, it's also about Rosanna and Cabot. You made sure of that.

Paul: How? How can I possibly be to blame?

James: Because you destroyed years of orchestrated work. Because you wanted to lay claim to your brother's wife and your brother's son.

Paul: I didn't steal Rosanna from Jordan. Jordan never had Rosanna to begin with, okay? Jordan didn't ask Rosanna to marry him -- you arranged all of that.

James: Because I knew what was best. I wanted them to be a family, and if you hadn't interfered, the would have been a very happy family.

Paul: People can't be happy, Dad, until they are in control of their own dest -- God! That is the only thing in this world that I have ever wanted!

James: Well, now, isn't this very convenient, Paul? Because that's exactly what I've arranged for you. For you to me in control of your own fate. But beware son, beware. Fate can be very cruel.

Aaron: Come out, come out, whoever you are.

Chris: Hey, Alison.

Alison: Chris, what are you doing here?

Chris: Long, long, story.

Emily: Hey. Hey, guys. Hey, Aaron.

Alison: The guy who owns the place said there was a couple here, but you guys aren't a couple.

Emily: No, honey, obviously he was mistaken.

Chris: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Mistaken.

Aaron: Oh, yeah? Really. Then tell Ali how that happened, Chris. Go ahead. Tell her what you and Emily have really been up to.

Parker: This is the place?

Carly: Yes. This is where Jack's car went over.

Parker: That's a long way down. That water looks really dark, Mom.

Carly: Are you all right?

Parker: Kind of yes, kind of no -- remember that time I got lost?

Carly: At the mall.

Parker: I was so scared. I didn't know if you were going to find me.

Carly: Well, I did find you. The security guard and I found you, and then you and I got ourselves a big ice cream cone.

Parker: And that's why --

Carly: What? What is it, honey? You can tell me.

Parker: Jack is lost, and I don't want him to be scared. I want someone to find him and give him ice cream and take care of him until he can come home.

Carly: I want that, too.

Parker: Can we give him the picture and the note now?

Carly: Yeah, sure.

Parker: He'll find it. Right, Mom?

Carly: Well, I believe that no matter where Jack is, he will know that we sent this to him. And it will make him very happy. Hold my hand. Careful. You ready?

Parker: We love you, Jack.

Julia: Your fever's coming down. You feel better?

Jack: I'll feel better when I can start remembering a few minor details. Like how we met or where we got married or what it was like when our son was born. I can't stand this feeling of not having any control over my life. That's not me. Is it?

Julia: Nobody likes to feel out of control, Jack. But I don't want you to worry, because I'm here. I'm gonna take care you till you get your bearings.

Jack: you deserve better than this, Julia. I want to be the guy you married. I want you to be able to count on me again.

Julia: You get some sleep, okay? Lie down. Get some rest.

Jack: You'll be here when I wake up?

Julia: I'll be here.

Julia: I'm sorry. I tried it your way. I canít. I can't keep doing this. This is not fair to me. It's not fair to jack.

Dr. Greenwood: Okay, Julia, I understand. I'll get someone else to take over Jack's case.

Julia: The only thing is, I -- I promised him that I'd be here when he woke up.

Dr. Greenwood: I'll find an explanation for why you had to go. I was asking too much of you. Go home. Make a clean break.

James: Two tapes were delivered tonight. One to you and one to little Will's hospital. If you don't follow my instructions, then I can assure you, my friends at the hospital will follow theirs.

Hal: See -- we can all understand why you would be frightened. Why you would think you had to do what James wanted? Just tell us what you did, Barbara. Did you help him escape?

Barbara: No. I swear on the lives of my children.

Jennifer: Oh, please. If you care so much about our lives, how about stop trying to destroy them?

Barbara: I have never tried to hurt you, Jen.

Hal: We're running out of time.

Barbara: Yes, you are. You should be out there looking for James, not grilling me.

Hal: Please, Barbara! Just give me something that points to where James is hiding.

Barbara: Talk to my lawyer, Hal.

Jordan: What makes your son's life more important than mine? You had no right -- none! --To put my child in danger.

Barbara: James isn't gonna kill Cabot. Is that what you think? He's not gonna do that. Cabot is his only grandchild.

Hal: He tried to kill Paul! How many times, I can't even remember. And Paul is his son!

Jennifer: Paul. You were asking where he was, and we still haven't heard from him. If anything happens to my brother, I will never forgive you.

Paul: You wanted me here. I'm here. Now give me the key.

James: What do I get in return? You never give me anything. Father's day comes and goes, not even a card. A little box of chocolates? Nothing. But Rosanna -- you'd give Rosanna the sun, the stars, the moon, if you could.

Paul: Absolutely. I love her.

James: You think I'm a monster, don't you? Isn't life kinda funny? Now you want the monster to show compassion.

Paul: All I'm saying to you is that if you're angry at me, fine. Take it out on me.

James: I intend to.

Paul: Great. Bring it on.

James: First of all, why aren't you more charitable with your brother? Jordan and Rosanna have a baby together. Let them enjoy their baby.

Paul: Jordan and Rosanna don't love each other.

James: They both love Cabot. They both love Cabot. They could take that love and bind their family together.

Paul: Rosanna loves me, Dad. We're gonna get married.

James: Married, good. First, you better rescue her. Get her out of there!

Paul: Rosanna? Rosanna, listen, everything's gonna be okay. Everything's gonna be fine, all right? I'm gonna get you out of here, okay? I promise you.

James: Easy, easy, easy, hero. Easy, we don't want to set the bomb off ahead of schedule.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Carly: How do you know for sure that Jack isn't out there somewhere? Lost and scared?

Holden: Carly, if Jack were lost, he would pick up a phone.

James: Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Rosanna: Paul? Are you still there? Answer me!

Paul: You -- you planted a bomb?

James: You thought all you had to do was open a couple of doors? You want to be a hero. Heroes risk their lives. Be a hero, Paul.

Paul: Where? Where did you plant your bomb?

James: Bomb? Where did I plant the bomb? Well, we ought to find it! It's set to go off any minute!

Paul: Give me the key. Give me the key to that door! Or so help me, you will die here with us.

James: Oh, well, see, I'm not afraid to die. Are you afraid to die? That's the question. Because you have two doors that are locked and no access to either one. So what are you going to do, Paul, hmm? What are you gonna do?

Mike: Just got Sage back to sleep.

Carly: Speaking of which -- if you go upstairs and brush your teeth right away, you'll have time for one chapter of "Encyclopedia Brown."

Parker: 'Night, Mom.

Carly: Good night, sweetie. I love you.

Parker: Me, too. See ya.

Mike: See ya, buddy. So how'd it go?

Carly: It was -- it was okay. Surprisingly okay. I think the way Parker's dealing with Jack's death, like there might be something to be hopeful about -- it's better than I thought.

Mike: Hope's a pretty powerful thing.

Carly: Thanks for your help tonight.

Mike: So, Parker accepts Jack's death at his own pace. He'll figure it out in time.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Did Sage take a bottle?

Mike: And a half.

Carly: Hi. Come in.

Holden: Hi, Carly. I'm sorry. I know it's late. Everything okay?

Carly: Oh, yeah. Mike came by to play catch with Parker, and he wound up baby-sitting Sage. Parker and I went to the bridge.

Holden: To say good-bye to Jack?

Carly: Not exactly. We had more of an informal ceremony.

Holden: I think that maybe it's time that we have a formal one, Carly. To recognize that Jack lived a great life -- and that the time has come to pay tribute to it.

Alison: What is Aaron talking about?

Aaron: Yeah, go on, tell her. Tell Ali how you and Emily have been sneaking around.

Chris: Okay, right, we have --

Alison: No, maybe you shouldn't tell me. I mean, I know that you guys have been up to something lately, and I haven't asked for any details.

Emily: No, honey, it's nothing bad.

Alison: Then why were you guys hiding?

Emily: Because we wanted it to be a surprise.

Alison: Are you guys buying me a mattress?

Emily: No, no.

Chris: No, no, no. But I guess I'd better tell you what we are doing. Emily and I are partners in the "keys to the kingdom" contest.

Emily: And we wanted to collect all six keys and give them to you as a wedding present.

Aaron: Oh, come -- can you just tell her the truth, please?

Chris: Aaron, that is the truth. We already have two keys.

Emily: And we were about to find the third when we heard you and Aaron outside.

Alison: You know where the key is?

Emily: Yeah, we do. Should we show her? Okay, honey, turn around. Look up.

Alison: Oh, my gosh! Help me, help me! I got it, I got it! Oh, help me! I got it, I got it! Okay!

Emily: Be careful. Be careful.

[Alison screams]

Alison: The fifth key! I only need one more key, you guys! You guys are the best! I love you so much!

Alison: You are the best sister -- and you are the best fiancť.

Emily: I can't -- I can't -- I'm sorry. Well, I gotta go. Excuse me. I'll call you later, Ali.

Alison: When did Emily get so sentimental? Nothing used to get to her. Now she's like in tears over the littlest thing. I'm gonna go see if I can catch up with her. I'll call you. Thank you so much. Oh, bye, Aaron.

Aaron: You got away with it again.

Chris: With what?

Aaron: Lying to Alison.

Chris: What you don't get, Aaron, is that I love her.

Aaron: Then why the hell are you cheating on her, then?

Chris: What makes you think that I'm cheating on her?

Aaron: Because I saw you kissing Emily!

Chris: Look, things aren't always what they seem.

Aaron: Oh, you know, Chris, it's kinda hard to get this one wrong, buddy.

Chris: You remember the last time that you were so sure I was hurting Alison? You know, when I got arrested and almost wound up in jail? Do me a favor, Aaron -- back off. Hey, I promise to do right by Alison, and you promise to do right by us.

Aaron: Look, I just want what's best for Alison.

Chris: Look, I know you do. And I know that you don't think that it's me. But I want it to be.

Carly: It is too soon for a memorial service.

Mike: I agree.

Holden: No offense, Mike, but this is a family decision.

Mike: You're right. Do you want me to make sure Parker's getting ready for bed?

Carly: Yeah. There are a lot of reasons why it's not time to have a service.

Holden: Such as?

Carly: Parker's not ready. I'm not ready.

Holden: When will any of us be ready? But it has to happen.

Carly: Just not yet. I guess that I'm not ready to stop hoping.

Holden: I know that. I keep thinking that maybe Jack is gonna come home, too. But it's not gonna happen.

Carly: And how do you know that? How do you know for sure that jack isn't out there somewhere, lost and scared?

Holden: Carly, if jack were lost, he would pick up a phone. Or he'd walk into a police station. But he hasnít. And he's not going to.

Carly: All the same -- I can't say good-bye yet. I hope you understand that.

[Holden sighs]

Holden: I do. Every time somebody calls me and asks when the memorial service is going to be, I want to say, "Never. We're never going to have one because my cousin is coming home." But that's the reason why we have to have this service.

Carly: To stop hoping?

Holden: So we can start accepting. Lily, she never accepted Rose's death. It hurt her. It hurt our children. And Jack would not want me to let you live in some limbo, waiting for something that can't happen.

Carly: I won't wait forever. Just a little while longer.

Holden: I was there for Lily and the kids, and I will be there for you if I have to be. But I'm begging you not to go there. It's just not reality.

Carly: What is reality? Is it real that my husband's car went off a bridge, Holden? Is it real that my kid's childhood is all of a sudden gone? My children need more time.

Holden: Your children need you -- to let them know that even though Jack was killed, they're still safe. My mother, Lily and I, we're all gonna be there for you. We're gonna be there for the kids. But it's you that has to tell Parker and Sage that they still have someone they can count on.

Carly: Okay. Fine, do it. But don't ask me to speak.

Holden: Not unless you want to.

Carly: You. You do it. You stand up there, and you tell everybody who Jack Snyder was. And why we love him.

Holden: I will. And if you want any music or a poem or prayer read, you just let me know. I'll handle everything.

Mike: Going ahead with the memorial?

Carly: His family -- the cops on the force -- they need it.

Mike: And you don't?

Carly: Parker and Sage and I will be there. But we will be waiting for Jack to walk through the door and bring us home.

[Phone rings]

Julia: Hello? Julia, this is Dr. Greenwood. Have you heard from our head trauma patient?

Julia: Jack?

Dr. Greenwood: Yes.

Julia: No, not a word. Why?

Dr. Greenwood: Well, he seems to have checked out of the hospital.

Julia: But he's not ready. Where would he go?

Dr. Greenwood: That's the question. Call me if you hear from him. Please.

Julia: Be careful, Jack, wherever you are.

Jordan: So you're just gonna sit there, continue to lie, even though Paul might be in danger? He is your son just as much as Will is. What kind of mother are you?

Barbara: I'm sure that Paul is out there searching for Rosanna and Cabot as we speak.

Hal: Half the cops on the force are searching for Rosanna and Cabot. And the other half are out searching for the pilot.

Jordan: What pilot?

Hal: The one who flew James' escape helicopter. You'd better start talking, Barbara.

Jennifer: That pilot could have taken James anywhere in the world. Why did they come back to Oakdale?

Jordan: For Rosanna and Cabot.

Hal: No. This whole thing is about Paul. Rosanna and Cabot are just the bait to reel him in!

Jennifer: Oh, my God! Dad, do something!

Hal: All right. Everybody, listen up. I want an APB out on Paul Ryan. Immediately.

[Baby crying]

Paul: What did I do? What do I have to do?

James: Please, Paul, stop begging. It's bad for your hero image.

Paul: Please -- please, the key. Please, let me get Rosanna and Cabot out of here, please.

James: You thought all you'd have to do is open a couple of doors? A monkey can do that, Paul. Why don't you think of something big? Something grand, something dramatic for once in your life?

Rosanna: Paul, what's going on?

Paul: I'll be right there.

James: Maybe. Maybe not.

Rosanna: Paul, just forget about me. Get Cabot and get out of here! Call the police!

James: Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Paul: How much time do I have?

James: Time enough to save just one. Huh? So, who's it going to be, Paul? The love of your life? Or the love of her life? 'Cause in a couple of minutes, one of them's going to be a goner.

[Baby crying]


Carly: You miss your daddy, sweetheart? So do I. Hey, what are you doing awake?

Parker: What if Jack can't find his way home in the dark?

Carly: Oh, sweetie, come here. You have your compass? Yeah? Do you think it would help if we put one of our Christmas candles in the window? Then that's what we'll do. Okay?

Carly: You ready?

Parker: We love you, Jack.

Carly: Jack, where are you?

JJ: I got the checkers set up.

Julia: Okay. I'll be right there.

JJ: Are you all right?

Julia: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just watching the storm. It's supposed to be a big one.

Alison: You guys are the best! I love you so much!

Hal: Now, I want you to think of a place that might have some significance in Paulís life. Because that's probably where he lured your son.

Barbara: Stop trying to frighten me, all right? Paul can take care of himself. He'll be fine.

Hal: Because you're going to help him. You've always been there for Paul when he needed you, Barbara. Don't stop now, not when he needs you so much.

Barbara: I don't know this. I'm not sure, but -- James has a cabin. In Luthers Corners.

Hal: Bring up Stenbeck's file. Every available unit close in on Luthers Corners. Where are you going?

Jordan: To save my son.

Jennifer: I'm coming with you.

Barbara: No! Jennifer, it's too dangerous.

Hal: How do you know that, Barbara? You pray I get there in time.

Paul: None of these keys work.

James: It's there, it's there. Your hands are shaking. Take a deep breath.

Rosanna: Paul!

Paul: Yeah, I'm coming.

Rosanna: No! No, get Cabot. Get Cabot first!

James: Would you look at the time? Bye-bye.

Rosanna: What are you doing? No, get Cabot! Get Cabot out of here! I heard him. Where's the baby? I heard him. He's in the other room. I heard him crying!

Paul: Listen to me -- everything's gonna be all right.

Rosanna: He's in there. Get the baby! Get the baby! Get the baby! Get the baby!

Paul: I'm getting Cabot. Stay here!


On the next "As the World Turns" --

Jack: Why won't you be honest with me, Julia? Why won't you admit you're my wife?

Sierra: Right before Wade Larsen kidnapped Lucy, I gave Craig $2,000,000. I would hate to think that I helped finance my own daughter's kidnapping.

Rosanna: Where's Cabot? Where's my baby?

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