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[Doorbell rings]

Parker: Jack!

Carly: It isn't Jack, sweetheart.

Mike: I just wanted to see how you're doing.

Carly: The place is a mess.

Mike: Nice flowers.

Carly: People have been very kind.

Mike: I'm sorry. You think Parker would be up for tossing a baseball around?

Carly: I think he'd love it. I would love that. Parker, would you come down here, please?

Mike: How is he?

Carly: He's okay, as long as I don't tell him that Jack isn't coming back.

Parker: Yes, Mom?

Carly: Well, Mike here needs somebody to play catch with him.

Parker: I canít. I've got to look for Jack.

Carly: Sweetheart, we've been over this --

Parker: Its okay, Mom. I found his compass, and now I'm going to find him.

Carly: Jack. Jack?

Julia: Jack. Jack, you okay? Wake up. Jack?

Jack: Yeah. Someone was calling my name.

Julia: Me. I just came to check on you, make sure your temperature hasn't gone up.

Jack: What's that?

Julia: You've seen a thermometer before. I just have make sure you don't have a fever.

Jack: No, no, I don't have time.

Julia: Jack, Jack -- Jack, you're not ready to get out of bed yet.

Jack: I gotta go home.

Julia: Shh, shh, shh.

Aaron: This is so lame. I don't even know why we're here.

Alison: Because I already have two keys. And Kevin and his sidekick, Dean, are my only competition. I'm going to win this, Aaron, and then I'm going to hand Chris a huge check right before we get married.

Aaron: I'm sorry, Ali, I canít. I can't do this. I cannot do this. You can call Nancy.

Alison: Please. You have to. Well, Nancy hates hotdogs.

Aaron: Hotdogs? What does that have to do with it?

Alison: Well, today is the annual hotdog eating contest. And I don't even think that they'll let you into Mabelís unless -- unless you enter.

Aaron: No way. No way, I'm -- no.

Alison: Hello? The clues talked about "pigs in a blanket." The key has to be in there somewhere, Aaron. It has to.

Aaron: Or not. Ali, look -- "don't let sleeping dogs lie." Maybe we're not even talking about hotdogs. Maybe we're talking about real dogs.

Alison: Okay, if I was wrong, then what are all those people doing in here? I mean, they've been playing this game right along with us since day one. Or am I supposed to believe that they just suddenly got a craving for a chili dog?

Aaron: Okay. All right, okay, so maybe the key -- maybe the key is in there.

Alison: Of course it is. And if one of us has to slam down a bunch of hotdogs in order to find it, then we do what we have to do, right?

Emily: Oh, thank goodness you're still open.

Frankfurter: I was just about to close. But if you're interested in the best mattress money can buy --

Emily: Oh, that would be me. That's definitely me.

Frankfurter: All right. Then I'll show you our deluxe line here.

[Phone rings]

Emily: Okay, great.

Frankfurter: Oh, I've gotta take that in my office. But it won't take long. Why don't you just have a look around.

Emily: Thanks. Thank you very much. Okay, "tuck in, but don't let sleeping dogs lie. Jump right up and claim your prize."

Chris: Can I help you?

Emily: Oh. Chris, what are you doing here?

Chris: Well, I was thinking about Alison and how much she wants those keys, so -- I followed you over here.

Emily: I thought you said you didn't want to work with me. You know, we shouldn't be working together.

Chris: Well, I overreacted. It was just a kiss, right? I mean, you said so yourself.

Emily: Yeah, I know what I said, but I didn't get a chance to think it through. You know, and what happens if Aaron says something to Alison? Then what?

Chris: So, we'll tell her the truth, okay? That there's nothing going on between us. You love Hal, I love Alison, and we just made a stupid mistake.

Emily: Yeah, we did. It was a mistake.

Chris: Yes, and I don't want it to get in the way of us giving the keys to Alison. So, come on. What do you say? Still partners?

Emily: For Alison?

Chris: Absolutely.

Barbara: Yes, hello. This is Barbara Ryan. Would you please check on my son, Will Munson, to see if he's all right? Yes, I know I did, but if you wouldn't mind checking again, I would appreciate it. Yes, I'll hold. [Knock on door] What are you doing here?

Hal: I have some bad news.

Barbara: About Will? Oh, God, I was so afraid of this. No.

Hal: Will's fine. This is -- why are you worried about Will?

Barbara: Because our son is locked up in a place where I can't even see him to see if he's all right.

Hal: Well, I spoke to his doctor this morning. Will's fine.

Barbara: Well, then what is it?

Hal: This is about Stenbeck.

Barbara: Yes, I heard that he was being transferred to a maximum security facility on the west coast.

Hal: Mm-hmm. Well, he escaped during the transfer.

Barbara: Escaped? How?

Hal: He faked a seizure and overpowered the troopers who were in charge of the transfer.

Barbara: Oh, that's terrible.

Hal: Yes, it is. And yet you don't seem that surprised. Why is that, Barbara?

Barbara: Well, it's not like he's never done anything like this before.

Hal: Mm-hmm. Well, if you know anything about how this happened, now would be a good time to mention it.

Barbara: Hal, what could I possibly know?

Hal: You can start by admitting that James has been in touch with you in the last 48 hours, Barbara, because I have the feeling that he has been.

Paul: Rosanna! Rosanna! Stop this thing, will ya? Stop this thing! They're gone!

Jordan: I know I saw Stenbeck. He was right over there.

Jennifer: I can't believe this is happening.

Paul: Jen, take a picture of everybody you see. And you call 911. I'm going to look for them.

Jordan: Even Stenbeck couldn't get a woman and a baby out of the park this quickly. Police, I need to report a kidnapping. My son, he's a 1-year-old, and his mother, Rosanna Cabot.

Rosanna: Its okay, sweetheart. Mommy's going to get you out of here, okay?

James: If you scream, it will be the last sound you ever make.

Rosanna: Please, I'll do whatever you want. Just don't hurt my baby.

James: Your baby? Oh, no, no, no, Rosanna, he's not your baby. He never was your baby. He's mine.

Aaron: Ali, listen, listen. Before we do anything crazy, just explain to me what this part means, okay? "Where fowl reigns supreme and lambs dare not roam and pigs in a blanket say take me home."

Alison: Okay, fowl -- that's like chickens and roosters and stuff, right? Okay, and "tuck in but don't let sleeping dogs lie."

Aaron: Ali?

Alison: Shh, I'm about to be brilliant. I got it. The key. The key's is in the buns.

Aaron: Excuse me?

Alison: "Tucked in," get it? The way that you tuck a hotdog inside the bread? I need to buy your buns.

Mc: I'm afraid the only way you're going to get your hands on my buns, young lady, is to enter the contest.

Alison: Okay, then sign him up. The name's Aaron Snyder.

Aaron: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What do you mean, "Aaron Snyder"? No, no. You want this that bad, you sign yourself up, okay?

Alison: Please? I canít. Aaron, I won't be able to fit inside my wedding dress.

Kevin: Hello, losers.

Aaron: Kevin and Dean.

Dean: How's your appetite? Kevin and I haven't had a bite to eat in 24 hours. We're real hungry, aren't we, Kev?

Kevin: Hungry enough to go the distance. Going to give us plenty of time to scope out the joint.

Alison: They already have five keys. Okay, then, I guess it's up to me. If Emily has to roll me down the aisle, I don't care.

Aaron: Okay, listen. If you're in -- if you're in, I'm in. We're going to stick together, and we're going to be sick together.

Alison: You -- you are awesome! It's like, Aaron, no matter what it is, no matter what you have to do, you never let me down. Thank you.

Mc: Sign up right here.

Carly: Where did you find this?

Parker: Jack was hiding it. He showed me, but you're not supposed to see it yet.

Carly: Jack got this fixed?

Parker: For your anniversary. It's a surprise.

Carly: Well, then I guess you'd better put it back where you found it, okay?

Parker: I will. After I find him.

Carly: Sweetie, that compass -- it can't find Jack.

Parker: Yes, it can. Jack said, "if you're lost, it can help you get home."

Mike: Can I see that, buddy? This compass points to anything that's on the dial -- north, south, east and west. There's no picture of Jack on this dial. All right, it's a good compass, but it's not magic. It can't find a person.

Parker: You're wrong. I'm going to bring Jack home.

Carly: Honey, sweetie, it's not your job.

Parker: Yes, it is. Remember that time I was in the pond? I saw him. He said I had to look out for you and Sage.

Carly: I think what Jack meant was to help Mommy around the house. In fact, would you go upstairs right now and check on your sister? Will you see if she's awake? How am I going to get through to him?

Mike: He needs time.

Carly: What he needs is a body. Otherwise, this will not be real to him.

Mike: Just keep telling him. Sooner or later, he'll get it.

Carly: And his heart will break. A mother is not supposed to break her child's heart. She's supposed to heal it.

Jack: No, I've gotta go home.

Julia: You will.

Jack: Where are my clothes? I gotta get out of here!

Julia: Jack, very soon, you will. But not right away, okay? First, we need to find out where home is.

Jack: Tell me.

Julia: I can't, Jack. I'm sorry. I can't help you with that.

Jack: How am I ever going to know, then?

Julia: You're going to get in this bed, and you're going to rest, and you're going to get well. And little by little, everything is going to start coming back to you. Okay? Hey, are you ready to get back in this bed and make that happen for me? Are you? That's good. Pretty soon, you're going to remember more than just your name.

Jack: And your name.

Julia: And my name.

Jack: You know, I can't just keep lying here. I gotta do something, you know.

Julia: So, you're a man of action?

Jack: I don't know, but I -- and no more pain pills. They're not helping me remember anything. In fact, they're probably doing the opposite.

Julia: Okay. I'll ask the doctor to cut back on your medication, as long as you show that you can tolerate the pain on your own.

Jack: Promise? Good. I was afraid you were going to say no.

Julia: I want to help you, Jack. I want to do everything that I can to make you more comfortable. I really do. But you just -- you got to trust me, okay?

Jack: Julia, of course I trust you. Why wouldn't I? You're so good to me.

Barbara: How dare you suggest that I have been in touch with James after everything that man has done to this family?

Hal: Barbara, save the speech. This is me. Do you know anything about who might have helped James escape, or where he is headed?

Barbara: Of course not.

Hal: Then explain why, even though James is on the loose, you haven't posted a guard on Will. Explain why you're not rushing to that phone to warn Jennifer, or Paul. You're taking this news remarkably well, Barbara. Too well. [Cell phone ringing] He is going to hurt someone. Munson. I'll be right there. That was the station. Jordan Sinclair made a 911 call.

Barbara: What's happened?

Hal: Stenbeck has taken Rosanna and Cabot. Where, Barbara? Where has he taken them?

Barbara: I don't know. I don't know. I have no part in this, Hal. I swear I'm innocent.

Hal: Since when, Barbara? You know something, I can taste it, and I'm going to find out what it is.

Hal: I want every exit secured, every bag searched. Now Jordan says that Cabot has a birth mark on his left heel. I don't want any kid close to that age leaving this park until you've examined both feet. And no adult leaves without a valid I.D. Go. I've got choppers in the air, we've issued an Amber Alert, we've cordoned off the area.

Paul: You're not going to find them. James wouldn't have done anything like this unless he already had an escape route planned out.

Hal: Outside of Barbara, you know him best. You try and figure out his next move, Paul. I want every inch of this area secured. I want --

Jordan: This is your fault. You had to go up against James, and he retaliated. Well, if anything happens to my child or to Rosanna, I will make sure that you never forget it.

Rosanna: Look, if you let me keep my baby, I'll give you anything that you want. I'll do anything that you want, okay? Anything, please. Please.

James: You know, all you had to do was follow a few simple rules. That was all, just a few simple rules. But you're a headstrong woman, and that's what gets you into trouble. Now, come to your granddad.

Rosanna: No, no, no, please. Please. You're right. I disobeyed you. I did. I never should have listened to Paul.

James: No, Paul, that's right. Paul -- you came under Paulís influence, and that led you astray, you see. My big mistake, Rosanna, was I thought that you would be loyal to me. That's what I thought.

Rosanna: And I will be. I will, I promise. I should have listened to you, you're right. And I'll do whatever you ask me to do, I will. I promise.

James: You and Jordan both failed me.

Rosanna: Yes, we did. And if you let me keep Cabot, Jordan and I will do whatever you want for the rest of our lives, I promise you. We'll do anything. I'll give you anything, please.

James: Anything? Anything for the rest of your life?

Rosanna: Yes.

James: Now, how can I resist that? Okay. You can have your baby. You can have your baby -- if Paul helps.

Dr. Greenwood: How's our patient doing?

Julia: Jack is doing fine.

Dr. Greenwood: Jack, is it?

Jack: Yeah, I remembered my name -- at least, part of it.

Julia: Listen, before you start your examination, can I just talk to you for a second?

Dr. Greenwood: Sure. I'll be right with you, Jack.

Jack: Sure.

Dr. Greenwood: Is there a problem?

Julia: I -- yeah. I don't like lying to my patients. I'm trying to do what you say, but -- it's just getting, you know -- it's not right.

Dr. Greenwood: For some reason that man in there is making a connection with you. And because of that, he's building confidence in his ability to recover. Which, I believe, is one reason he's been able to remember his name.

JJ: Mom!

[Pager beeps]

Julia: No running, sweetie.

Dr. Greenwood: I have to go upstairs for a minute. Tell the patient I'll look in on him shortly.

Julia: Okay. Yes, doctor. Honey, what are you doing here?

JJ: My project is due tomorrow. We still need to glue pictures.

Julia: I know, I know, sweetheart. Listen, we'll do it as soon as I get home, okay? Go back and tell Mrs. Nolan I'll be there as soon as I can.

JJ: Can I wait for you here?

Julia: No, baby. Kids aren't allowed here unless they're visiting a patient, you know that. And I'm not a patient, am I?

JJ: When will you be finished?

Julia: I'm working late tonight. I have this really special case. This man, he really needs my help. So I'll be there as soon as I can, all right?

JJ: Okay.

Julia: JJ? Don't forget to take out the trash. Tomorrow is --

JJ: I know -- pick-up day.

Julia: That's right!

Jack: JJ? I know that name.

Mike: It's a beautiful compass. How'd it get broken?

Carly: There was a night, a long time ago, when I really needed him. It was right after Julia had been committed and Jack had gone to see her at the hospital. I hate admitting this, but it seemed like she had this extraordinary power over him. Like no matter what awful thing she did, he was hers. And I was hurt. And I wanted to hurt him, so -- I smashed it.

Mike: If Parker needs to follow that compass, maybe we should let him. 'Cause sometimes hope is the only thing that keeps people going.

Mc: "Lower GI" Simpson is slowing, ladies and gentlemen. Originally, a contender, but now a victim to the Wonka effect. Distracted by the delicious flavor of the hot dog. The hot dog teaches, my friends. Humility to the arrogant, wisdom to the humble.

Alison: I think I'm going to hurl.

Mc: It looks like Stewart maybe slowing, too. She may be weakening.

Aaron: Let's just check the buns.

Kevin: Hey, no fair -- they aren't eating the dogs.

Mc: They are adopting what is known as Tokyo-style eating, perfectly legal. Except for, they are not eating either hot dog or bun. Listen, if there is any impropriety over here, I'm going to kick you two out of the "International Federation of Competitive Eating."

Dean: Bring me another tray!

Mc: Kevin and Dean are picking up the pace. Clearly the ones to beat here today.

Alison: I think I'm going to die.

Aaron: Wait, I'll eat. Go look. Go find that key. It's probably hidden in a bun. Go, go, go.

Mc: Oh, Stewart is pushing back from the table.

Alison: You're a brick.

Aaron: Bring me another tray!

Mc: The "real-meal" Snyder is back in the game. Check it out!

Nancy: Alison. I was afraid you'd be here looking for the key. You're making a terrible mistake!

Emily: Okay, hang on. No key.

Chris: Let me try. Nothing. Oh, wait -- wait a minute. You remember when we were down in the wine cellar? And how the bottle was pointing to where the key was hidden?

Emily: Yeah.

Chris: Come on.

Emily: Wait, wait -- "tuck in, tuck in and don't let sleeping dogs lie -- jump right up and claim your prize."

Chris: Come on!

Emily: All right. Tuck in. And jump right up --

Chris: See anything?

Emily: No. Like where to jump up? No. Nothing yet.

Barbara: I will not let you ruin my life again. Do you hear that James? I hate you. I hate you so much, James!

Jennifer: Mom? I thought I heard you talking to James.

Barbara: Jen? I don't appreciate you spying on me.

Jennifer: I wasn't spying. I just thought that someone should let you know that James escaped and Rosanna and Cabot have been abducted.

Barbara: I know. Your father came by and he told me. I am just devastated by this news.

Jennifer: What's in your hand?

Barbara: Oh, it's an interview I did, that's all. What are you doing?

Jennifer: More like what are you doing? Who's really on this tape?

Barbara: You sure you want to know?

Jennifer: Just tell me.

Barbara: James.

Jennifer: You didn't help him escape?

Barbara: If I hadn't, your little brother wouldn't see the sun rise tomorrow morning. And I'll tell you what, you listen to that. You listen. And you tell me what you would have done.

Rosanna: There's no reason to involve Paul in any of this.

James: Everything would have been just fine had Paul not tried to humiliate me. He's my own flesh and blood. And now, he must pay. Come to Grandpa.

Rosanna: He was just trying to protect the people that he loves. Right? I mean, you would do the same thing, wouldn't you?

James: You and Paul love each other?

Rosanna: Please don't be angry.

James: Angry? Angry, who's angry? Love is a great motivator. Yes, I couldn't be happier. You and Paul love each other, right? So why don't we just put Paulís love to the test.

Jordan: Rosanna and Cabot were taken because you insisted that you knew the best way to handle James!

Paul: You were in this too, Jordan! We all decided that we would stand up to our father. We weren't going to let him walk all over us and control our lives forever.

Jordan: Well, he won anyway, didn't he? He always finds a way!

Clown: Come get your balloons. Got all sorts of colors.

Jordan: What?

Clown: I got blue. Hey, little kid, want to get yourself one? Help! Help!

Paul: Where are they? Where's Rosanna? Where's Cabot?

Clown: Let me up, man! I've never heard of them!

Paul: Hal. It's James.

Hal: Get him up. Get him up! Does that look like James to you, Paul?

Clown: That's right. What are you, crazy? Oh, look. You're buying me more balloons, man.

Paul: Sorry. I'm sorry, I thought -- I thought you were somebody else.

James: Okay, come to Granddad. Come to your grandad.

Rosanna: No. No, don't take him, please.

James: Let me have this child. Hey, come to Granddad. You just compose yourself, Rosanna. Quiet, you're going to frighten this boy. Now you just compose yourself, hmm? Just fine. You say that Paul loves you? If Paul loves you, he'll come to your rescue. Right?

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Jack: So how's JJ?

Julia: He's fine.

Jack: Great. You know, next time he stops by, you should bring him in. I bet seeing his face will jog a lot of memories.

James: You want a balloon, Paul? Tell me. How goes the search?

Alison: Why do you think that we're making a mistake?

Nancy: I think it has nothing to do with hot dogs. It has to do with frankfurter's -- the mattress store.

Alison: Aaron, come on. We have to go, now.

Aaron: Go where?

Alison: The mattress store. Can you show us how to get there?

Nancy: Oh, no, I'm sorry, dear, but I promised to go line dancing. But here, I've given you the directions to try to get there.

Emily: The key. For Ali, remember?

Chris: Right.

Emily: Right. Look at that fixture. Is that -- oh, my God. That's the key. That's the key. I can get it.

Chris: Okay.

Emily: I can get it. Just hang on.

Chris: Are you sure?

Emily: Yeah. I'm totally sure. Wait -- oh!

Chris: Oh. Oh.

James: Two tapes were delivered tonight. One to you, and one to little Will's hospital. If you don't follow my instructions, then I can assure you, my friends at the hospital will follow theirs.

Jennifer: When did you get this tape?

Barbara: Before James was transferred to Pelican Bay.

Jennifer: You helped James Stenbeck escape en route to prison, and now he's kidnapped Rosanna and her son.

Barbara: You heard what he said on that tape. Someone's son was going to pay for this, and it wasn't going to be mine, Jen! What are you doing? What are you doing?

Jennifer: I'm taking this to Dad.

Barbara: No, no, no, no. You canít. You can't do that. You know why? Because he won't understand that I was trying to protect Will. He'll blame this all on me.

Jennifer: Yes, he will. And you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

Jordan: How did James do it? Did you figure out how he got away?

Hal: I don't know.

Paul: He always gets away.

Jordan: Yeah? Well this time he was pushed, wasn't he? Huh? You had to be the big guy, huh? And now Rosanna and Cabot are going to pay the price!

Hal: Look, nobody's giving up yet, Jordan. The FBI's been called. I'm going to meet with them now. Why don't you just settle down, and hand out some more of these, okay?

Paul: You don't have a prayer of finding him them this way.

Jennifer: Dad? Dad, I have to talk to you.

Hal: All right. I'm in a hurry. Walk with me.

Paul: Oh, Dad. Why are you doing this to me?

James: Balloon? Balloon? You want a balloon, Paul? Tell me, how goes the search?

Carly: If I let Parker hope, he'll be devastated when Jack doesn't come back.

Mike: Parker's already devastated. Somewhere inside, he knows the truth. But it's just too much to face all at once. Look, I'll help you, you know, slow it down to a pace that he can handle. And then, when he finally accepts that Jack isn't coming back, you'll be there to help him heal.

Carly: Thank you. Hey, Parker? If you still want to look for Jack, you should come down.

Jack: Here's something interesting -- bed pan prices have remained stable over the last 15 years. Did you know that?

Julia: What are you reading? "Hospital suppliers monthly". Oh, I bet you can't wait to see the centerfold.

Jack: So how's JJ?

Julia: My son?

Jack: I heard you talking to him before.

Julia: He's fine.

Jack: Great. You know, the next time he stops by, you should bring him in. I'll bet seeing his face will jog a lot of memories. I hope so, or I'm not going to be much good to the two of you.

Greta: Greta Williams. I'm the social worker assigned to your case. I'd like to ask you a few questions.

Jack: Sure.

Greta: Could you give us a moment?

Julia: Um -- yeah, sure. Just don't let your dinner get cold. Okay?

Jack: Okay.

Greta: So I understand your head injury has left you with some cognitive issues.

Jack: Yeah, you could say that.

Greta: Well, why don't you tell me everything you remember about how you came to St. Genevieveís?

Jack: That would be nothing.

Greta: Well, it says here that a trucker dropped you off at the emergency room after finding you on the banks of a river several miles north of here. Your clothes were pretty much shredded, your I.D. was gone.

Jack: North of here, you said? Did you have a name? A town?

Greta: No indication in my notes.

Jack: Do you have any idea what I was doing near the river in the first place?

Greta: I'm afraid not. Look on the bright side. Your physical condition is improving rapidly.

Jack: Fantastic, then release me so I can find out what's north of here. I have this feeling that there's something I gotta do there.

Greta: Whoa. You're not going anywhere until we figure out where to send you.

Jack: Send me?

Greta: You don't know who you are or where you live. We can't be releasing patients onto the street.

Jack: You wouldn't be. No, when you release me, I'll be going home to my wife and son.

Emily: We can't stay like this, Chris. Okay, so here's what we're going to do. We're going to walk out that door over there and forget this ever happened. Okay?

Chris: Right. That's good.

Emily: Good.

Paul: Tell me that Rosanna and Cabot are safe.

James: All in due time, Paul. All in due time.

Paul: You have to let them go.

James: I don't have to do anything, Paul. No, no, no, no, no. No. Then you can't be the hero. And that's what you want to do, is be the hero, galloping on the white horse and save the day? Isn't that what you want to do? Well, I'm just kind of an over-indulgent father -- I want your dream to come true.

Paul: What's your game this time, Dad?

James: No, no game. No game. We're going to have a party. Out at the cabin. You know, the old place? We had great times there, didn't we, Paul? Great times until your mother came along and messed everything up.

Hal: Paul! I need you.

James: Yes, Paul. Rosanna needs you too. You're not going to let her down, are you? Rosanna needs you.

Paul: One second, Hal.

James: We'll all be waiting.

[Honks horn]

Paul: What do you want?

Hal: I'm going back to your mother's, Paul. Seems like Barbara helped James escape.

Paul: I'm not surprised. Fine. Go talk to her. And if she's involved in this, you lock her up for the rest of her stinking life.

Hal: I thought you might -- want to come with me.

Paul: No, thanks, Hal. I got something I gotta do.

Parker: This pen is definitely waterproof, right?

Mike: Definitely.

Carly: How's this?

Parker: That's great, Mom. It'll keep the note dry when I throw it off the bridge.

Carly: You're going to throw it into the river?

Parker: At the place where Jack's car went off the bridge. Then he'll find it. Do you think what I'm doing is silly?

Mike: Parker, if you believe in your heart we need to send Jack a message in a bottle, then that's what we're willing to do.

Parker: Good. I left a place for you to sign. Is it okay? It's perfect. It's perfect.

Greta: There's no mention of a wife and son in your chart.

Jack: Then the chart has got to be wrong, Greta. I have a family.

Greta: Your last name? Address?

Jack: Look, you have no legal grounds to keep me. I'm not a danger to myself or to anybody else, and unless you've got a court-ordered warrant for my arrest, you can't keep me. You've got to let me go.

Greta: I'm going to have to look into this.

Jack: You do that. But I know what I'm talking about.

Julia: I guess so. Are you a lawyer?

Jack: I have no idea. But you would know. After all, you're my wife.

Emily: Chris -- Chris, wait --

Chris: I don't care.

Emily: This is insane. We shouldn't do this.

Chris: Shh.

Alison: I promise I'll buy a mattress from you one day, Mr. Frankfurter.

Aaron: All we need is five minutes.

Chris: It's Alison.

Barbara: You're wrong.

Hal: Jen said that James sent you this tape, that you confessed to helping James escape in order to protect Will.

Barbara: I didn't say that, Hal.

Hal: Are you accusing Jen of lying?

Barbara: No, I'm just saying she misunderstood. Yes, James sent me that tape, but I didn't follow his orders. I didn't help him escape, you gotta believe me. I'm innocent, Hal.

Hal: We have a solid lead to the pilot who flew that chopper. We're going to find him. And when we do -- if he says that you hired him, you're going down, Barbara. That's a promise.

Cop: We've searched the grounds, the tunnels, every room. Nothing. There's no indication that Stenbeck was ever here.

Jordan: Thank you. Are we ever going to get a lead that we can use? Are we ever going to see them again, Jen?

Jennifer: I believe we are. Because of my dad. He's so smart, Jordan, and he doesn't give up. He will find Cabot and Rosanna and he will bring them home. Trust me.

Jordan: I do. I do.

Jennifer: I'm so sorry.

Jordan: For what?

Jennifer: Just -- everything.

Jordan: Jen, it's not your fault. It's Paulís. Where is he, anyway? It's like he disappeared, too.

James: Well, well, well -- the return of the prodigal son. To the house of his father.

Paul: Where's Cabot? Let me see Cabot.

Rosanna: Paul? Is that you?

James: Easy, easy, easy, son. I want you to appreciate what you're about to see. It's almost biblical. Old testament. Please.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Alison: I have to find out who beat us here.

Mr. Frankfurter: Hey!

Emily: Hide! Go!

Jack: I'll start remembering stuff, I promise! You just gotta take me home.

James: Easy. Easy, hero. Easy, we don't want to set the bomb off ahead of schedule.

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