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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 8/4/04

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Casey: Whoa, Doc? This is awesome. You're my new golf instructor?

Margo: No, you are not teaching my son anything.

Doc: I beg your pardon?

Margo: You heard me. You stay away from my son, you stay away from my family.

Jessica: Excuse me, has Doc Reese arrived yet?

Bartender: Not that Iíve noticed.

Jessica: Well, when he gets here, would you give him a message for me? Would you tell him that I don't want any more phone calls, I don't want any more cryptic messages. My dealings with him are over.

Bartender: I'm sorry, I didn't get all of that.

Jessica: You know what, Iím sorry. I shouldn't lay this all on you. If you have a pen I could borrow, I will leave him a note myself.

Ben: Jessica?

Jessica: Hey, you two. I was just leaving -- what are you doing here?

Ben: Well, Curtis called, said to meet him here.

Curtis: Didn't you get my message?

Jessica: That was you? Well, the message said something about a surprise lunch at the Lakeview --

Curtis: From the other man who adores you? Who did you think it was?

Bartender: Did you finish your note to Doc Reese, ma'am?

Emily: Parker. Oh, welcome home, sweetie. You gave us all a big scare. I'm so glad you're okay.

Parker: Thanks. Can I go up to my room?

Carly: Hey, sure you can, sweetie. Do you want me to go with you?

Parker: No, it's okay.

Carly: How's Sage?

Emily: Oh, Carly, she is an angel. She's so little, I don't think she knows anything's wrong. The worst part of her day was knocking over her strained peaches. She's sleeping. So, what did the doctors say about Parker?

Hal: They ran some tests, watched him most of the night. Looks like he's going to be okay.

Carly: As okay as a boy can be after just losing a parent.

Emily: Is there anything I can do for you? Can I get you a bowl of cereal or a cup of tea? Anything?

Carly: I don't want anything but Jack. Can you do that? Can you bring him back? I'm sorry, excuse me. I've going to go check on Sage.

Craig: Where could she be? She was here a few minutes ago.

Lily: Don't jump to conclusions. Maybe she went for a swim.

Craig: With her purse?

Sierra: Mother's housekeeper just said that she saw Lucy tearing out of the driveway a few minutes ago.

Craig: Oh, so she went out on her own.

Sierra: Well, did the two of you have a fight?

Craig: No, she was gone when Lily and I got here. She probably went out for a drive.

Lily: Where? Where did she go?

Sierra: Well, I have a pretty good idea. You find Dusty Donovan, I'm sure you'll find Lucy.

Lucy: Dusty! Dusty, help me!

Wade: Ow! Oh!

Lucy: It's Wade!

Dusty: Lucy, hang on. Hang on, honey, I'm coming.

Nurse: Mr. Donovan, you really shouldn't be up.

Dusty: Listen, call security, right now. You tell them we got a problem in the garage.

Nurse: You're probably just --

Dusty: You don't think so? Listen, listen!

Wade: You sure you want your boyfriend to come down here? 'Cause if he shows up, Iím gonna finish what I started. And you can watch him bleed all over your $1,000 shoes. Good. No more fightin'? No more screamin'? Good girl.

Lucy: Don't hurt him. Please, don't hurt him.

Dusty: Get this off of my arm.

Nurse: I'm going to have to page your doctor.

Dusty: Come on. We don't have time! Damn. Lucy! Lucy!

Wade: We're going for a ride, princess.

Lucy: No, no, no, please! Please let me out of here! Help! Somebody help! Help me! Please help!

Dusty: Lucy! 177j -- yeah, I need the cops right away. Memorial Hospital, parking garage. There's been a kidnapping. Hurry up!

Casey: Mom, chill out.

Margo: So, what kind of sick game are you playing now, Doc, huh?

Doc: The only game I'm playing is the one Iím instructing. Golf. Hey, a man's gotta make a living somehow. And this is mine.

Margo: So you're not working at WOAK anymore?

Doc: No, I'm not. Thanks to your mother-in-law.

Casey: Grandma Kim fired you?

Margo: Good, good. I'm glad. So, what are hanging around Oakdale for? Why don't you just pack your bags and leave town?

Doc: When I leave Oakdale, it will be on my own terms. I'll try to reschedule you with another instructor. This arrangement's obviously not going to work out. Sorry about that, Casey.

Margo: So, should we reschedule?

Casey: Let's just go home.

Margo: Okay.

Jessica: Thank you, anyway. I've decided not to leave a note.

Ben: Why would you mistake Curtis' message for one from Doc Reese?

Jessica: Because, Doc has left me messages before.

Ben: But you're not his attorney anymore.

Jessica: No, but I thought he was trying to pull out the old charm, you know, to drag me back in. You know, Kim fired him from WOAK.

Ben: Really?

Curtis: Doc Reese got fired? Why?

Jessica: I have no idea, sweetheart. But, between Kimís phone call and the cryptic message, I just thought -- you know, let's just not talk about Doc. I'm glad the message was from my other favorite guy. So, what's going on?

Curtis: Let's sit down.

Ben: Uh-oh. I know that smile. You think you know something, don't you?

Curtis: I do. It wasn't rocket science. All of a sudden there's prenatal vitamins in the fridge, books about babies all over the place. How come you guys didn't tell me?

Jessica: Well, Curtis, it's early. It's the first trimester, so we just wanted to wait before we spread the good news.

Ben: Son, you have no idea how hard it's been to keep this under wraps. I've wanted to tell you for weeks.

Curtis: I think it's fantastic. And you two thought I was full of surprises.

Craig: Lullaby, its Daddy. Listen, please call us at your grandmother's house, all right? Your mother and Aunt Lily and I are all very concerned. Now, we know you're upset at having to go back to Montega, but, baby, this is all going to work out, okay? It's just too dangerous for you to be driving out there all alone. So please come back, okay? I love you.

Sierra: Well, she's still angry at me, so maybe your message will make her call back.

Lily: She's a levelheaded girl. She'll call.

Sierra: Well, Iím assuming that her level head will prevail. I need to go pack.

Craig: I'll call you if I hear anything.

(Craig and Lily leave the room.)

Lily: What's going on with you? You seem very panicked.

Craig: Well, she's out there all alone.

Lily: Are you afraid Alanís going to get her? Then we have to call the police.

Craig: No, not yet. It's probably nothing, okay? Let's go back to the house. She'll come back.

Dusty: Where the hell are you guys? I called ten minutes ago.

Nurse: That's him.

Guard: All right, pal, nice and easy.

Dusty: Stay right where you are. The cops are on their way. I'm not going anywhere until they get here. Munson, it's about time.

Nikki: What happened?

Dusty: Lucy got kidnapped again by Wade, all right? She was screaming on the phone, I came down here. I didn't get down here in time, now they're outta here!

Nikki: Is that hers?

Dusty: Yeah. I found it on the ground.

Guard: I understand this patient is under medication --

Dusty: Will you get these guys off my back?

Nikki: Hey, Mr. Donovan is a key witness in a police investigation, okay? Did you see the car?

Dusty: Yeah. 626 Mazda, gray, four door. I got a partial license plate number.

Nikki: Okay, all right. It's Nikki Munson. I need an APB on a white male, approximately 6'2", reddish-brown hair, blue eyes, 35ish, his name's Wade Larsen, could be using an alias. Driving a Mazda 626, four door. Partial plate number --

Dusty: 177j.

Nikki: Partial plate number 177J.

Dusty: She's supposed to have protection, 24/7. That's what her mother told me. Where is he?

Nikki: Look, CSI is on its way over to comb the place out, okay? Car may have left some tracks, giving us some information on where he's taking her. I'm going to head to the station, pick up the surveillance equipment. He could be calling with a ransom demand anytime.

Dusty: I'll meet you at Lucindaís.

Nikki: Okay.

Dusty: I got to talk to Sierra personally.

Nikki: Hey, are you up for this?

Dusty: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right now, I just got to get Lucy back.

Lucy: Let me out of here! Please! This can't be happening -- not again!

[Lucy remembering]

Dusty: And I'm sorry that I treated you like such a little spoiled brat. I thought you were a Daddy's girl. But, apparently, you're not. You're brave. You're a regular "Charlieís Angel" with a broom, and you're not so bad to hang out with, either.

Lucy: Okay, don't panic. Think this thing through. There she goes

Jessica: Curtis, they're adorable. Thank you. You're so thoughtful.

Curtis: I didn't mean to make you cry.

Jessica: No, sweetheart, it's not you.

Ben: It's a pregnancy thing. You see, everybody thinks there's a baby in there. But really it's full of tears. Cries at the drop of a hat.

Curtis: Do you know what you want? A boy or a girl?

Jessica: Well, actually, we hadn't really discussed it.

Ben: I guess I'd love to have a girl. But, you know, Jess probably wants a boy this time around.

Jessica: Not necessarily.

Curtis: You don't want a pointy-headed boy like Ben, do you? Nah, you want a beauty queen like you or Bonnie.

Ben: Hey, hey, watch it there. My head is perfect, thank you very much. Not a point on it.

Jessica: I just want a healthy baby. It doesn't matter to me whether it's a boy or a girl.

Ben: Right, as long as it has my rugged good looks.

Tom: Celebrating?

Ben: As a matter of fact, we are. Join us.

Hal: Yeah, Nik, have one of the guys create a timeline on Lucyís kidnapping. Give it full distribution. All right. Then call me after you're finished setting up the phone taps at Lucinda Walshís. Parker? Well, Parker's fine, considering. Honey, I don't know what I would have done without you. Yeah, bye.

Emily: Did I hear you right? Did you say that Lucy Montgomeryís been kidnapped again?

Hal: Looks like the real deal, this time.

Emily: I made you a cup of coffee with a little bit of cinnamon, just like you like it, sweetie.

Hal: No, thanks. I had about ten cups at the hospital.

Emily: Did you get anything to eat?

Hal: Food's the last thing on my mind right now.

Emily: I know this is awful for you --

Hal: Emily, honey, I know what you're trying to do, but I really don't feel like processing right now, okay?

Emily: Honey, just let me be here for --

Hal: Emily, please. I've got a major kidnapping case breaking, my son just got home from the hospital and my best friend's been killed!

Parker: I told you, Jack's not dead. I saw him. He said it wasn't our time to die yet.

Carly: Don't get upset, honey, its okay.

Parker: It's not okay. You guys keep saying he's dead and he's not. How come you won't believe me?

Sierra: Dusty, if Lucy is with you, or she contacts you, will you please have her call her family right away? Thank you.

Alan: They wouldn't have run off together, would they?

Sierra: Dusty and I had an agreement.

Craig: Well, that makes me feel so much better.

Sierra: I don't think that he would go back on his word, and he certainly wouldn't convince Lucy to stay in Oakdale for his own personal reasons. I'm certain of that.

Craig: Dusty Donovan is a known con --

Dusty: Where's your daughter?

Sierra: I was just trying to reach you.

Dusty: Where's Lucy, you piece of garbage? Where is she?

Alan: Take it easy.

Dusty: Where is she?

Alan: Take it easy.

Lucy: Come on. Come on, work!

Wade: Okay, last stop on this gravy train. Come on, get out.

Lucy: I can't. I have a cramp in my leg. Could you help me?

Wade: Sure. Soft, like a peach. You know, princess, we don't have to be on opposite sides, here. If you act right, you and me could have some fun. Ow!

Lucy: Don't call me princess.

Announcer: Coming up, on "As the World Turns" --

Casey: I know what it all means, Mom. You were having an affair with him and Dad found out --

Margo: I was not having an affair with Doc Reese!

Dusty: I will bring your girl back. And this time, I don't care whether her father has got to pay with his life, or not. He's going to pay.

Lucy: Help! No!

Lucy: No!

[Lucy screams] no!

Wade: You shouldn't have done that, princess.

Alan: Now, just back off --

Lily: Dusty, I want you out of here, or I'm calling the cops.

Dusty: The cops are on their way, don't worry.

Sierra: What is going on here?

Dusty: Does this look familiar to you?

Craig: How'd you get her phone? Where is she?

Dusty: Your buddy, Wade, just grabbed her again in the parking garage at the hospital.

Sierra: Oh, my God.

Craig: I don't know anybody named Wade.

Dusty: What?

Sierra: Just a second. Isn't that the man that you said you were tracking down in Nevada?

Dusty: The man this idiot hired to kidnap your girl. And he just grabbed her again, two minutes ago!

Craig: Then why do you have her phone, Dusty? You lying again?

Dusty: Get back on your bicycle.

Nikki: He's not lying. There's been signs of struggle at the scene. We found Lucyís purse. And it's been corroborated by hospital staff.

Sierra: Then it's real?

Alan: You think there'll be a ransom demand?

Nikki: We think so. We're closing in on him. He's within a mile radius of town.

Sierra: We should have got her out of here earlier.

Nikki: Look, I have to set up a phone tap in case he calls with a ransom.

Dusty: Forget about the taps. Why don't you ask the man who's responsible what he wants? What do you want, big man?

Craig: You want to come after me now, Dusty, in the middle of all this? Huh?

Dusty: How much is your daughter's life worth to you?

Craig: Hey, my daughter's life is at stake, here. Cut out the chest-thumping for just a moment, maybe we can make a plan to find her!

Curtis: That was Aaron. Somebody was a no-show over at Metro. They'll pay me double to cover.

Ben: Well, that's my son. Dedicated, hard-working.

Jessica: Yes.

Ben: Making his own money so he doesn't have to hit up his dad.

Curtis: That's why his dad's gonna to reward him with a new car, right?

Ben: I don't know.

Curtis: Congratulations, you two.

Jessica: Thank you, Curtis.

Curtis: See you later Mr. Hughes.

Ben: Thanks, son.

Tom: So, you're sure I'm not intruding on a celebration?

Ben: Hey, of course not. As a matter of fact, the truth is, Jessica has been found out. Trying to keep it secret, but it looks like it's time to let the world know our good news. Jessica's pregnant.

Hal: I'm sorry, son. I didn't mean to upset you. You know that Jack was one of my best pals, too, right?

Parker: Then how come you keep saying he's dead?

Hal: Because nobody, I mean, not even Jack, could have survived an accident like that one, Parker.

Parker: I told you I saw him!

Carly: We believe you, honey, we do. It's just, sometimes when we've been very, very sick, or we've been in a bad accident, our mind can play tricks on us. You fell asleep in the water, baby. Maybe what you saw was like a dream.

Parker: I saw Jack. And that girl, Nora, too. She wanted me to go into the light. Jack said it wasn't our time yet. I came back, and Jack did, too!

Carly: Parker -- Parker, please!

Hal: No -- let me.

Carly: His little heart is breaking. He just can't accept that Jack is gone. How am I going help him when I can barely grasp it myself?

Emily: He's a strong little boy, he is.

Carly: Yeah, you're right. So, I guess it's me, isn't it? I'm the one that's hanging on by a thread.

Emily: You listen to me. If that's all you can do, then that's what we will do. We will hold onto that thread with everything we've got. Okay?

Carly: I can't thank you enough for being here, Emily.

Emily: Where else would I be, Carly?

Carly: This is very old isn't it?

Emily: What is?

Carly: Keeping a vigil. I didn't grow up in a family that had a lot of rituals. We weren't all that religious, although I was sort of a rebel anyway. I didn't understand why some things were so important to people. But this? Being still, and thinking about Jack with a friend who knew him. Who knows how much I loved him. I understand it now. And I don't know what I'd do without you.

Emily: I'm glad my being here helps you in some way. We've been through a lot together, me and you. The last two musketeers.

Carly: Maybe Rose is up there kicking a high-step for Jack.

Emily: Here, sweetie, put this around you. Come here.

Carly: Thanks. I does give me the chills, Parker's twilight zone talk.

Emily: Yeah. What was that? A little girl and the light?

Carly: It wasn't just any little girl. It was Nora. He said so.

Emily: Nora? Oh, my God, I didn't realize when he said it, isn't that -- you named your baby that you lost "Nora," right?

Carly: I didn't know he knew anything about that.

Emily: Where do you think he's getting it?

Carly: Been wracking my brain. Maybe when I was pregnant with Sage, he might have heard something, but why he would put her with Jack?

Emily: He's a bright kid with an active imagination. He loved Jack. He knows how much loved Nora, and she's gone. I don't know, maybe putting the two of them together now is his way of coping with it all.

Carly: The doctors said that his tests were normal. But the water was cold, and he was in it for a long time.

Emily: So, what are you worried about?

Carly: Maybe there was some damage they didn't catch? He was unconscious when I found him.

Emily: I didn't realize that.

Carly: Didn't Hal tell you?

Emily: Well, he told me that he'd fallen in, but he didn't go into any details.

Carly: Hey -- is everything okay?

Emily: I don't know.

Carly: Well, talk to me, please.

Emily: No, you know what, Carly, you have so much on your plate right now. I really don't want -- I'm sorry.

Carly: Hey, friendship goes both ways. It's obvious that you have something on your mind, and I don't mind listening.

Emily: I know, but it just doesn't feel right, Carly.

Carly: Why? No, it would be good for me. I would be really good for me to get my mind off my own problems for a little while, just a few minutes.

Emily: It's Hal. He's pushing me away again, you know. All I want, I just want to be there for him.

Carly: I'm sorry. I know he's really torn up about this.

Emily: I know, that's why I want to be there. I want him to need me.

Carly: Hal can be awfully private when it comes to what hurts, can't he? Maybe he's just dealing with it in his own way.

Emily: Yeah, I'll say. By turning into atlas. Carrying the whole world on his shoulders, handling everything by himself. Involving himself in everyone's life to the point of neglecting his own. You know, he did it with Barbara, he did it with Will, he's doing it with Nikki. And guess where I end up? On the sidelines, just watching. Just dying to hold him. I just want to love him again.

Carly: You are such a good person. And you have so much in you to share. And you've been tremendous with me and the kids, being here when we need you. I don't know what I would do without you.

Nikki: We've got to determine the number of lines and where the main feed is. I don't want to miss anything.

Cop: I'm on it. Anybody know the house?

Alan: I'll introduce you to Matthew. He'll show you around.

Nikki: We have phone taps in progress and an APB out on the car.

Sierra: How do you know the car?

Nikki: Dusty got a partial plate and a description of the vehicle as it was speeding out.

Sierra: Thank you.

Craig: I think I left my phone at the guest house. I don't want to miss a call.

Lily: Craig loves Lucy. He would do everything he could to keep her out of danger.

Dusty: There's nothing he wouldn't do to look good, but saving your daughter from a kidnap job that he arranged, I mean, that's going to extremes, don't you think?

Lily: Your accusations, well you are just taking focus off of the person who is really involved in all this.

Dusty: Do you know anything about this?

Lily: No. I know nothing. Nothing. I'm just telling you that Craig is not involved.

Dusty: You've got to be kidding me.

Sierra: You know, after Nevada I thought that I had a sense of the kind of man you are. But to come in here and make these unfounded allegations when you know they would break Lucyís heart, I thought --

Dusty: Why do you --

Sierra: I thought you genuinely cared about her.

Dusty: Of course I do. Why do you think I didn't tell her that I suspected her own father? I don't have proof yet. That's why. The minute she's back in this guy's orbit, she disappears. Go figure.

Sierra: Craig does not pose the danger here. You know, she was safe with us until she ran off to find you.

Dusty: I didn't invite her down there. Someone lured her down there.

Sierra: The things that you will say to justify your allegations.

Dusty: Somebody called from the hospital, pretending to be me, asking for her to come down there. Ask the hospital staff. Or have the cops track it if you don't believe me.

Sierra: I'll do that.

Dusty: Yeah. Hey, I give you my word. You trusted me. I'm gonna bring your girl back. And this time, I don't care whether her father has got to pay with his life or not. But, he's gonna pay. I'll make sure he pays.

Lily: That was unacceptable. That was absolutely unacceptable. To tear this woman's heart out when her daughter has been kidnapped? That's low. Even for you. It's okay.

[Lucy sobbing]

Lucy: Let me out! No!

Craig: Pick up! Come on Wade, pick up!

Lucy: Please let me out of here! Help! Why are you doing this?

Wade: Smile for Daddy.

Lucy: Please! No. No.

Margo: Hey, you know what? I'm going to the mall. Any takers? I think there's a sale at the sneaker store. I'm feeling generous.

Casey: No thanks.

Margo: So, dinner? Should I pick up dinner? I can stop at Mabelís and get some red hots?

Casey: I'm not hungry.

Margo: All right. I know that you're angry with me about what happened at the Country Club. I know that I embarrassed you when I blew up at Doc like that. But the guy is trouble and I don't want you around him.

Casey: You're such a hypocrite.

Margo: What?

Casey: You think I can't put it together? One minute Doc is here cooking dinner and sending you flowers. And the next, you and Dad are splitting up?

Margo: That meant nothing --

Casey: Then Grandma Kim fires him from the station and you're going ballistic 'cause he's gonna teach me golf. I know what it all means, Mom. You were having an affair with him and Dad found out.

Margo: I was not having an affair with Doc Reese!

Casey: You think all I care about is computers and video games and that Iím so caught up in it, I can't see what's going on in my own family. Well, you know what? I can. And I hate it!

Margo: Casey, Casey, wait. Stop, stop! Just stop.

Casey: For what? What, what?

Margo: Stand right here and talk to me!

Casey: What's gonna change?

Margo: It, it might. If we try.

Casey: What? Now 'cause I know what's going on, and you need to do some damage control?

Margo: No, Casey, because I love you. You're my kid. We've always talked things through.

Casey: I begged you to talk to me when Dad left. But no, you were too busy. You didn't care how I felt.

Margo: Where are you going?

Casey: To Grandma Lisaís hotel. I want to live with Dad.

Tom: A baby?

Ben: Our very own.

Tom: Well, I wish you both the very best.

Ben: Thanks.

Jessica: Thank you, Tom.

Tom: I think I'd better go check on my suite.

Ben: Your suite?

Tom: Yeah, I've checked into the hotel here.

Jessica: You have? For how long?

Tom: Indefinitely. I took a room last night. My mom promised to upgrade me to a suite today.

Ben: So, you and Margo are separated?

Tom: I'm afraid so, Ben.

Jessica: Tom, is there no way you guys can work this out?

Tom: I don't see how, Jess. You know, once a marriage vow is broken --

Jessica: But you know now that Margo didn't sleep with Doc.

Tom: Oh, it's the spirit of the law. Margo knew exactly what she was doing.

Jessica: But you've invested so many years in your marriage.

Tom: Years that should have meant so much more. You see, something just broke down and set us adrift. We stopped communicating. We lost a very special trust and I don't know if you can ever get that back.

Ben: I'm really sorry to hear this, man. Look, if there's anything that we can do? You know, you're welcome to come stay with us. You don't have to camp out here.

Tom: Generous and not necessary. So, listen, good luck.

Ben: All right.

Tom: You, too.

Jessica: Thank you, Tom.

Tom: See ya.

Ben: Easy. Oh, that's a shame. Hey, everything okay?

Jessica: My stomach just tightened a little. It's okay. I mean, I can't get over what Tom just told us. It's so awful.

Ben: Look, if you're having cramps maybe --

Jessica: No, no. Sweetheart, I'm fine. Really, I'm fine. It's happened before. Dr. Schiller says that it's normal. You know, it happens to everybody.

Ben: Right. I really hope Tom and Margo are able to work this out. It seemed like they were one of the strongest couples we know. They've been through so many difficulties already. Well, we will pray for their marriage. And hopefully they will get back on track and be happy, like us.

Jessica: We are happy, aren't we?

Ben: Yes. And when our baby comes, we'll be even happier.

Carly: It hurts right now. But like a very wise friend recently told me, you hang in there with everything you've got.

Emily: Thanks.

Carly: Jack and I had more bad times than you could possibly imagine. But somehow we always found our way back to each other.

Emily: How, Carly?

Carly: Did I ever tell you he gave me a compass once? To remind me that we were each other's true north. We got lost, but something always made us find each other again. No matter what hell Jack and I put each other through, I would give anything to do it all over again, if I could just have him back.

Emily: I know, sweetie. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you sad. I know you're mourning your husband and Iím sitting here whining in your ear.

Carly: No, you're not. You just want to be there for the man you love. You want him to see you. To see that you care for him.

Emily: I know, is that selfish of me?

Carly: No, it's human. I just don't want to see you get so caught up in what you're not getting, that you take what you have for granted.

Emily: You are so lucky that you and Jack loved each other so much.

Carly: Maybe I should take my own advice. Just appreciate the blessing that Jack was. But you know what? I want more.

Emily: I know.

Carly: Jack and I had more love in our time together than most people get in an entire lifetime. But, God help me, I want more! I need more. I need more time with him. I need more nights in his arms. This just isn't fair to me!

Emily: I know, honey, I know. None of it's fair.

Carly: Is he okay?

Hal: I managed to calm him down. But he's gonna have a hell of a time letting go of this.

Carly: I don't know what to do.

Hal: Try not to worry about it. Take care of yourself for a while. I'll see if I can't help Parker find a way to let go.

Alan: The police have set up taps all over the house.

Nikki: Anyplace else he'd be likely to contact you?

Sierra: I can ask my mother allow you to tap the lines at the City Times.

Nikki: Good idea. The clock is ticking. We need to cover every base we can. Okay?

Lily: Nikki, can I talk to you for a second? Excuse me. What do you mean, the clock is ticking?

Nikki: Look, the first forty-eight hours is the most crucial in recovering a kidnap victim.

Lily: Yeah, I know. I know all about that, believe me. You have to make sure that you look at everything.

Nikki: I thought I was.

Lily: It kills me to say this, but I think you should look into my sister's new husband, Alan Drake.

Nikki: Why?

Lily: You should get a search warrant. Check out everything, especially the guest house.

Nikki: And ignore that there's no probable cause?

Lily: Just say you got an anonymous tip that there's something there. Would you do that for me?

Nikki: Okay.

Wade: Yeah, Montgomery.

Craig: Do you have my daughter?

Wade: Hello, to you too.

Craig: Do you have my little girl?

Wade: She's not so little, you know?

Craig: Wade.

Wade: Now see? I gave you a chance to do things right and you blew it, didn't you?

Craig: I guess you're right, Wade. I should have listened to you.

Wade: Bet I got your attention now.

Craig: Now listen, Wade. I can get you whatever you want. But you gotta give me a little time here.

Wade: Time's up, Monty.

Craig: No, wait, Wade. I can come through for you.

Wade: How? You're broke.

Craig: Well, now look, Wade. I'll go to the police, see, and take the rap so you don't have to.

Wade: Oh, I won't have to. 'Cause any way you slice it, Iím getting my money. And then, when this is all over, I'm gonna tell everyone how you were the big rat behind this whole deal.

Craig: Wait. Wade!

Dusty: You screwed up big time on this one. You got greedy and sloppy. Now you're getting caught.

Craig: Not now, Dusty. I have to find my daughter. Okay? Excuse me.

Dusty: Oh, oh, oh. Whoa. Looks like you really don't know where she is this time. How's that make you feel? Scared? Sick? Guilty?

Craig: Hey, go to hell.

Dusty: I'll see you there first.

Lucy: Please! Let me out! No! Help! Please!

[Wade laughs] no! No! Nooooooo!

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Jordan: I can't have him growing up the way that I did. Alone in some orphanage.

Rosanna: Then help me. We're just gonna consummate our marriage.

Chris: Maybe it just seems like Iím making the biggest mistake of my life.

Lucy: Help! No! No!

Dusty: I'll find you. I swear I'll find you. I promise you.

Alan: I'll make you pay, Craig. I swear I will.

Craig: Donít. Put it down.

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